What We Do In The Shadows Cast?


What We Do In The Shadows Cast

Was What We Do in the Shadows Cancelled?

What We Do In The Shadows Cast We don’t need to worry about these vampires being cancelled for the moment. The What We Do in the Shadows series has already been renewed for a sixth season, If the ratings are too low for FX, could that be the end of the show? Stay tuned, A horror-comedy mockumentary series, the What We Do in the Shadows TV show stars Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, Matt Berry, Mark Proksch, Harvey Guillén, and Kristen Schaal.

Based on the feature film by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, this TV series follows the nightly exploits of a group of vampire roommates — Nandor (Novak), Nadja (Demetriou), Laszlo (Berry), and Colin Robinson (Proksch) — as they navigate the modern world of Staten Island with the help of their human familiar, Guillermo (Guillén), and their vampire bureaucrat acquaintance, The Guide (Schaal).

In season five, Nandor feels Guillermo slipping away as he seems to be spending much more time with Laszlo. Meanwhile, Lazlo’s skills as a gentleman scientist are put to the test as he tries to solve the mystery of the strange and very secret changes Guillermo is experiencing.

  • Nadja, suffering the effects of a previously undiagnosed supernatural hex, reconnects with her family (or at least, a family) from the Old Country, Colin pursues the path of so many energy vampires before him by running for political office.
  • The Guide tries to figure out where she fits in as the relative newcomer to this tightly-knit group who’ve known each other for centuries,

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances of survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available. Note: If you’re not seeing the updated chart, please try reloading the page or view it here,

  • For comparisons: Season four of What We Do in the Shadows on FX averaged a 0.12 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 356,000 viewers.
  • Note: These are the final national ratings, including all live+same day viewing and DVR playback (through 3:00 AM).
  • Early fast affiliate ratings (estimates) are indicated with an “*”.

While these numbers don’t include further delayed or streaming viewing, they are a very good indicator of how a show is performing, especially when compared to others on the same channel. There can be other economic factors involved in a show’s fate, but typically the higher-rated series are renewed and the lower-rated ones are cancelled.

Is What We Do in the Shadows all scripted?

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Showrunners Reveal How They Blend Comedy and Horror in the Emmy-Nominated Sitcom FX’s might be the bloodiest sitcom on television. A trio of ancient vampires — Nandor the Relentless (Kayvan Novak), Laszlo Cravensworth (Matt Berry) and his wife, Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) — bunk together in a spooky Staten Island manse with an annoying pedant who feeds off others’ energy (Colin Robinson, the energy vampire played by Mark Proksch) and their human familiar (Harvey Guillén as Guillermo de la Cruz).

  • The vampires have lived here for more than a century, yet the bumblers have yet to fulfill the mission they set out to achieve upon their arrival from the Old World: to take over America and turn its citizens into bloodsuckers.
  • Showrunners Paul Simms and Stefani Robinson spoke to THR about the Emmy-nominated third season of the comedy series and how they balance humor with vampire frights.

What were the stories you were most excited to dive into for season three? PAUL SIMMS For me, the biggest excitement was having Laszlo and Colin Robinson become buddies. In a perverse way, the excitement was waiting for the internet to go, “This makes no sense! They’ve obviously run out of ideas.

There’s no reason why the meanest, most sarcastic, irascible vampire would be friends with the most annoying one.” And we were satisfied to see people on the internet saying that, knowing the whole way that we had a secret reason why Laszlo was trying to show Colin a few good months — knowing that Colin was about to die.

It’s just also funny seeing those two together, because they hadn’t done much together for that very reason: Laszlo would have such a short fuse with Colin. STEFANI ROBINSON Diving more into Nandor’s backstory and psyche and actually giving him a more fleshed-out arc was something we were looking forward to.

It’s hard, when you have a show with so many characters, to give them all equal attention. It was actually really exciting to give Kayvan the actor more opportunities to figure out who this character was. SIMMS That story was very heavy — he has an existential crisis about his place in the universe — and came out of the silliest thing possible, which was him getting into The Big Bang Theory slot machine and then realizing that was a TV show, but the theory of the universe’s origins.

Depending on how you describe it, it’s either heavy drama or the silliest thing ever. How does something like that originate? Is it just a pitch that snowballs into a bigger story? ROBINSON We just come up with a bunch of silly ideas and stories that don’t necessarily feel like they’re a bigger thing.

  • Sometimes you feel like they have an opportunity to be a bigger thing, but it’s really just things that seem funny and interesting to us, things that make us laugh.
  • Once we actually start shaping the season and figuring out what stories we want to tell, those pitches emerge victorious, in the way that we can build a more emotional arc around them.

SIMMS It’s a constant challenge. These characters have lived for hundreds of years — they don’t need to do anything. The hardest part is finding jeopardy and things that they want. They’ve had, basically, zero goals for 200 years. ROBINSON It would be an easier show to write if they started out as a vampires on day one. What We Do In The Shadows Cast Paul Simms (L) and Stefani Robinson Robby Klein/Getty Images And yet they are all emotionally on the same level despite their different ages. ROBINSON In a philosophical way, maybe we’re making a commentary on the nature of being human. Do we ever really change? If we were all given the opportunity to live for thousands of years, would we ever be enlightened and smarter and more adjusted? Or would we just be who we are in cycles over and over and over again? SIMMS They’ve changed much more over these three seasons than I thought they would.

  • I mean, particularly Nandor and Guillermo’s relationship.
  • Guillermo is a peon, but Nandor has grown to have some affection for him — but he doesn’t want to admit that he needs Guillermo.
  • Guillermo has gone from being very obsequious to realizing that he has much more power than he thinks he does.
  • That’s also the fun of the current season, having Colin Robinson become a blank slate all of a sudden.

Were there any creatures you were excited to introduce in season three? And how do you decide on the rules for each supernatural being? SIMMS The rules come out of a lot of arguments in the writers room that end up with us going, “What are we arguing about? This is all fake!” From the beginning, there were two things that Jemaine learned on the movie that really helped.

One was always stick to the documentary and never break that rule, no matter how tempted you are. Second, establish some vampire rules and stick with them. The biggest new character was The Sire, the original vampire, which our creature creators. Some internet reviewer was like, “That was obviously CGI.” Are you kidding? The one thing that was not CGI? That entire character was fun.

We always talk about the show being funny, but we also want parts to be scary and action-packed. How do you balance the humor and the horror? ROBINSON I remember being frustrated with True Blood, which I loved. The characters started off the series super strong; they’re killing everybody and the vampires are these all-powerful immortals. What We Do In The Shadows Cast Harvey Guillén as Guillermo, Kayvan Novak as Nandor. Courtesy of Russ Martin/FX This is your second Emmy nomination for comedy series. But your ensemble has been snubbed for the second time. SIMMS It’s baffling to me, because they are just so good. We tightly script the show and use a lot of improv — and it’s real improv, not a writer offscreen feeding new jokes to the actors.

  • People who are being more dramatic within comedic structures tend to get noticed more.
  • I don’t want to sound like sour grapes.
  • Maybe if there were a category for best ensemble, we’d get it.
  • ROBINSON There’s maybe the assumption that because someone’s funny they’re not artful, that it’s almost easy to be broad and put on a funny voice.

Our cast are world-class actors. There’s improvisation, sure, but even how they carry themselves, listening to one another, understanding their lines, asking questions. The technicality that they bring to their performances is some of the most masterful things I’ve seen.

What happened to Jenna in What We Do in the Shadows?

Human Life – Jenna was a college student attending the Staten Island Community College. She was a keen LARPer and roleplayed as an elf character named “Jenelf”. She shared a dorm room with Shanice, a fellow LARPer, and had a long-distance boyfriend (whom she communicated with via webcam) though they never met in person.

Because of her interest in LARPing, Guillermo believed that Jenna and her fellow LARPers were virgins (an assumption which turned out to be correct). He lured Jenna and her friend Jonathan to the house of his master, Nandor, so that they could be used as food to celebrate a visit from Baron Afanas,

However, before they could be eaten they were found by Colin Robinson, who drained both of them of their energy and left their blood unsuitable for feeding. As the Baron had gone back into a slumber, they were allowed to leave alive. Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja later eavesdrop on a LARPers meeting, with the intention of feeding on some of the attendees, however they are so depressed by the sights that they see that they elect simply to leave.

What movie is What We Do in the Shadows based on?

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Is Guillermo in Season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows?

What’s Going on With Guillermo in “What We Do in the Shadows”? Content warning: The following story contains spoilers for “What We Do in the Shadows.” At the end of “What We Do in the Shadows” season four, Guillermo () makes the drastic decision to ask Derek (Chris Sandiford) to turn him into a vampire.

Fed up after years of his master, Nandor (Kayvan Novak), ignoring his pleas, decides to get it done himself. But at the beginning of — which premiered its first two episodes on July 13 — we find out Guillermo’s turning didn’t work. Or it did work, but only a little bit. At the start of the season, it’s been 16 days and the typical vampire powers haven’t fully come in for him, which is highly irregular.

Guillermo can still eat food (though he does crave very rare meat) and go out in the sun. He can’t, however, turn into a vampire bat and fly away. Guillermo also learns that having a vampire who’s not your master “turn” you is a massive slight to Nandor, which he didn’t know.

  1. Laszlo (Matt Berry) calls it the “greatest humiliation” a familiar can inflict on his master, and Nandor says that if Guillermo did it, he would kill him and then himself.
  2. Guillermo’s in a tough spot, as he also can’t have Nandor bite him and pretend that Nandor turned him.
  3. Why? Apparently, getting bitten twice makes a vampire explode.

In the third episode, which aired on July 20, Laszlo helps Guillermo investigate the weirdness of his transformation. He has small, fleshy bat wings on his back, but he’s not any faster and unaffected by garlic. He does have some telekinetic powers and lifts a glass with his mind.

We also learn of a stereotype that if you spill rice, a vampire must count it all. Laszlo and Nandor do just that, but Guillermo doesn’t share their compulsion. Laszlo also discovers Guillermo’s sweat is the key to his ability to go safely in the sun, though they can’t agree if that makes him a day-walking vampire like or not.

Laszlo decides that Guillermo’s transformation has been “stymied.” Later in the season, he uses Guillermo’s blood to make animal-Guillermo hybrids (which are seriously creepy), but the secret to what’s keeping Guillermo from fully transforming remains a mystery.

  • In episode six, “Urgent Care,” which premiered Aug.10, a vampire doctor informs Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) that Guillermo’s blood signals that he’s turned, but he’s still in very early stages.
  • And by the end of episode eight, which aired Aug.25, basically all the vampires know about Guillermo’s secret — except for Nandor.

So why isn’t Guillermo a full vampire yet? Viewers learned in previous seasons that Guillermo is a descendant of the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing, which explains why he’s such a wonderful vampire killer (or defender when the coven needs him to be).

Is it possible there’s something in Guillermo’s DNA that keeps him from fully transforming? Could he just be an undead vampire killer now with some weird quirks (like no desire for blood)? It definitely seems possible. Other fans have speculated Guillermo is a Dhampir, a mythical creature that is the child of a vampire and a human.

Getting bitten only brought out some of the vampire characteristics that were in him all along. The vampires also seem to believe that if a vampire dies, the vampires they created also die. Could killing Derek un-turn Guillermo, making him human again? Some fans have also speculated that the test Guillermo, Derek, and the Baron (Doug Jones) perform that shows that getting bitten twice makes you explode didn’t control for enough variables, and Guillermo would actually be fine if he was bit again.

  1. There’s also the chance that Guillermo’s transformation isn’t working correctly because he didn’t have his master do it for him.
  2. Maybe his transformation will finish when he finally does tell Nandor the truth — even if it breaks their relationship forever.
  3. Or there could be another loophole; Guillermo has said many times that he’s not Nandor’s familiar anymore, he’s his bodyguard, and maybe if Nandor accepts that, he won’t be so mad.

The season finale will probably let us know just what’s going on with Guillermo’s vampirism, and we’ll see if he can make it out of the situation alive (or, rather, undead). The final two episodes of “What We Do in the Shadows” season five premiere on Thursday, Aug.31, on FX and stream the next day on Hulu.

Why does Taika Waititi speak german?

What We Do In The Shadows is a film Empire has not been shy about endorsing. So on top of our exclusive deleted scene in honour of the UK Blu-ray release, here’s our exclusive interview with the directors of the much-loved vampire mockumentary, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, first heard on the Empire Podcast back in November 2014, What We Do In The Shadows Cast How much fun was it to create a bathroom that’s littered with blood? Taika: We almost didn’t use that set! We had it built and then covered in blood, but in the edit there was a good chance we weren’t going to use it. Did someone have to blast a squeezy bottle full of blood up and down the walls? **Taika: **Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jemaine: But that fun was had by someone else, alas. The production guys get all the best jobs. Taika: And the worst. ( Laughs ) First in, last out. It took us nine years to make this movie, by the way. In 2005 we thought of the idea, and I don’t know when we first started writing anything – probably about four years later.

We did the short straight away when we had the idea, though. Jemaine: We’re very motivated. But yeah, as for the short, we just got some cameras, went to a costume shop and made a little short that was about half an hour long. And probably quite embarrassing, to be honest: I haven’t seen it since then.

You didn’t go back to it after you started the actual film production? Jemaine: No, I don’t think it would have been a good idea. Taika: The “ghost cup” joke – that was probably one of the best things that was in that short film that made it into the feature film. ( Laughs ) So it won’t be a DVD extra then? **Both: **It will be! Jemaine: But we still won’t watch it.

**Taika: **I’m not getting that DVD for ourselves though. Jemaine: We’re just gonna put it out. It’s up to you if you watch it. **Taika: **We’ve been collecting all the stuff that can go on the DVD. I think it’s gonna be about six discs. ( Ed’s note: It’s actually one Blu-ray, with two hours of bonus features ) Is it true there were 125 hours of footage you had to cut down to 87 minutes? Taika: It’s true. What We Do In The Shadows Cast Are you believers then in the rule that comedy films shouldn’t be over 90 minutes? Jemaine: I believe it. Though you say we’re 87 minutes, we’re 85 minutes actually. Oh really? Taika: Yeah, the credits were really long in that first version there’s an extra joke in the new version and it’s two minutes shorter.

  • Laughs ) **Jemaine: **Shorter but funnier.
  • You also use the word ‘flatting’, which is a very New Zealand word.
  • Taika: **You say flat sharing, right? Jemaine: You can shorten it if you want.
  • Laughs ) Does flatting mean something else here? It’s probably doing some kind of drug.
  • Taika: **‘We were flatting off our faces last night!’ **Jemaine: **I can imagine someone lying down on their face, very very high.

**Taika: **‘We’re flatted!’ **Jemaine (in British accent): **‘You got flatted last night!’ There’s also a world of werewolves in What We Do In The Shadows. Is there any chance there’ll be a short with them? **Jemaine: **A short is a good idea. **Taika: **We do want to do that, a short called What We Do In The Moonlight.

We’d be following the werewolves around, watching how their wives chain them up at night. You know, on those special occasions. **Jemaine: **That’s not a metaphor though. The vampires also have some amazing insults for the vampires. What was left on the cutting room floor? **Jemaine: **Those scenes were pretty long – they went on,

Basically for those of you who don’t know, the whole film’s improvised, so those scenes with the werewolves went on for about ten minutes longer than they should have. And it took hours and hours just to shoot everything because we do 15 takes or something. What We Do In The Shadows Cast How did you choose which vampire rules to follow in your mythology? **Jemaine: **We stuck with the Bram Stoker rules. Taika: Well, I think that era was where the rules came from, that they can transform into bats and so on. **Jemaine: **I haven’t even read Dracula, I’ve just seen the movie.

Taika: I bought it for you, for your birthday, the book. **Jemaine: **Well, I know who wrote it. Taika: Er, no ‘cause sometimes you say Stroker. ( Laughs ) Jemaine: Bam Stroker! I wanna sort this out the Bram Stroker ( Laughs ) Oh crap! ( Laughs ) I mean in the Bram Stoker version, does he not die in the sunlight? He doesn’t die in the sunlight, but he can go out in the daylight in a weaker form.

Jemaine: Is he allergic to crucifixes? Yes. **Jemaine: **Garlic? Garlic is bad. Holy water is bad. Jemaine: And stake through the heart? Stake through the heart is definitely bad. But he can transform into dogs and so on. Taika: We’ve gone for the movie-Dracula Dracula.

There’s a scene where two characters turn into bats and have a ‘Bat fight’ – was this a case of jumping up off the ground and then fixing it all in post? **Taika: **That’s exactly what happened. Our special effects people are very good. I mean, Wellington’s full of people who do special effects and they just tell us, ‘No, you’ll be fine, you just jump, you’ll be fine – we’ll fix it.

There’s no problem.’ They’re used to saying that to Peter Jackson. Jemaine: ‘Oh yeah we’ll fix it Peter, we’ll fix everything.’ How did Peter Jackson help with the production? Jemaine: He was a great help and he lent us a lot of gear. The exterior of the house was his old office, a big scary house.

  • Did he demand some sort of quid pro quo in return? Taika: I don’t think we could help much on The Hobbit.
  • If he was interested, we would gladly offer.
  • Yeah I think he’s pretty sorted out.
  • Jemaine: I think he should have a cameo in What We Do In The Moonlight.
  • Taika: **He would actually love to do that.

He loves dressing up as zombies and things like that. He dressed up as a weird evil clown for Comic-Con. Jemaine: That’s cool. Taika: But we all could, couldn’t we? We could dress up as a clown and go but it wouldn’t make much of a difference. **Jemaine: **I heard a story – not sure if it’s true, though – that Johnny Depp was at Comic-Con once and wanted to go walking around the floor. What We Do In The Shadows Cast Could you tell us more about the origins of Stu? **Jemaine: **When we made our short film, Stu was Taika’s flat mate. **Taika: **Flat sharing mate, please. Jemaine: Yes, flat sharing mate. Taika: Flat sharer. ( Laughs ) Brits say “flatter”. Jemaine: ( Laughs ) Okay, he was Taika’s flatter, and we were shooting some scenes with the vampires and we said, ‘Stu, you should, do you wanna come along?’ And he really is like he is in the movie, a very helpful guy.

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Taika: **He held gear and carried backpacks full of stuff while we were doing it. **Jemaine: **Then we said, ‘Do you wanna be in the scene just sitting with us?’ Then we just liked the way he stood out from the rest of the vampires. So normal. So very normal. And I think he’s a bit of a star back home now.

Really? **Jemaine: **Yeah. He was in IT before he did the movie and now he’s back in IT. But he’s just the most famous IT guy in New Zealand. You’ve been going round a lot of festivals recently, have you been enjoying it? Jemaine: We went to Transylvania a few weeks ago, that was great.

  • There was a very small, very fun festival.
  • Taika: We actually pleaded with them to let us come to that festival.
  • They’d heard of Jemaine but they had no idea about our film.
  • They probably thought it was a joke.
  • Jemaine: But they were clapping along to the soundtrack and we all had a good time.
  • Where did you find Viago’s voice, Taika? **Taika: **He’s partly this guy I once met when I was travelling: a German guy who just had a very high-pitched voice.

**Jemaine: **What was his name? Don’t worry, he’s not gonna hear this. Taika: Phillip. He called himself Mr Happy. Jemaine: It’s getting more specific now. Taika: He’s a really cool guy. He came to stay in New Zealand once as well. You speak German in the movie Taika, did you learn it for the film? **Taika: **I spent a lot of time in Germany back in the ‘90s and so I know only a few phrases.

  • Jemaine: **The scene where Viago speaks German with his old servant is the only scene that isn’t improvised because Taika had to memorise it.
  • Taika: **I had to do what a lot of actors do, which is memorise some lines. **Wow.
  • Taika: **Six or seven lines.
  • Interesting.
  • Taika: What you do is you read the script, then read it again and again until it’s committed to memory, and then when the cameras are on, you gotta turn it on.

Jemaine: And then you’ve got to say the words. Taika: Yeah. You gotta get at it from inside of your brain, the memory part of your brain, and get it out of your mouth. **Jemaine: **That’s something I can do, you know. **Taika: **And the way that it’s edited cuts all around the bits where I’m looking off from the webcam I’m facing to a big bit of paper right next to it, with those lines on it. What We Do In The Shadows Cast There are a lot of vampires in films and on TV now, was that a worry over the long production period? Jemaine: When we first suggested the idea we were like, ‘Ah vampires? That’s pretty ‘70s!’ And after a while we were like, ‘Ah vampires are cool now’ and then ‘Ah vampires, yeah!’ Then people started rolling their eyes when you mentioned what you were doing.

And eventually it was late enough that people were ready to make fun of vampires. **Taika: **I was just worried that someone would do this idea first. **Jemaine: **Well, someone did. There was a Belgian film in 2010 called Vampires, which is a documentary about vampires. **Taika: **So someone did it! ( Laughs ) There’s a Lost Boys reference in What We Do In The Shadows, so the vampires in the movie clearly watch vampire movies.

**Taika: **Yeah, they have to watch an edited version with all the crucifixes taken out. They have one of their minions go through it on VHS tape. They take out the end where the vampire dies usually, too. Jemaine: By the way, one of our first comments, when we got our first review online, mentioned the character Deacon – played by play Jonathan Burgh – not wanting to do the dishes and the first comment was: ‘Oh I flat with Jonny in real life he also doesn’t do the dishes.’ ( Laughs ) An article online mentions that you were in a gang called The Vampires when you were younger, Jemaine.

Jemaine: That’s right, yeah. You read about my gang? Interesting. So I started a gang Taika: How did you get this information? **Jemaine: Have **you been looking at my police records? Anyway, we had bicycles, and I had a chopper. Do you know what a chopper is? It has three gears, you know? A chopper? **Taika: **Small wheel at the front? **Jemaine: **But what’s important is that no-one else had one because it was a ‘70s bike and it was the mid-‘80s.

And they were like ‘Woah, what’s that? It’s got gears!’ ‘Yeah, I’ve got three speeds, I can go extra fast.’ They all had BMXs and we’d ride around, and at my insistence and we had plastic vampire teeth. As for the people that didn’t have them, well, I would use my own pocket money to get them plastic teeth and we’d grab our teeth and ride around shouting ‘I want to drink your blood!’ to little girls.

Taika: You were little. **Jemaine: **Yeah we were little as well. **Taika: **Just to clear that up. (Laughs) Jemaine: I think we sort of ruled our block. **Taika: **You ruled the monster themed gang world! When did the gang break up? What happened? Taika: The police busted you guys up didn’t they? ( Laughs ) Spread you guys out, sent a few of you to juvi? **Jemaine: **The police didn’t really bother us.

I think they were afraid. What We Do In The Shadows Cast Was it easy to persuade Rhys Derby to be head werewolf? **Taika: **I just said ‘Do you wanna be a werewolf?’ and he said ‘Okay’. **Jemaine: **No, that wasn’t like that, ‘cause I spent time telling him the character ‘could be pretty cool, he’s quite manly – it’s quite a manly part!’ I remember saying at one point.

  • And he says ‘Oh yeah.’ Who came up with ‘Werewolves, not swearwolves?’ Jemaine: You.
  • Taika: I think I wrote that in the script, yep.
  • We also gave them a list of insults they could call us as we’re walking past.
  • So we didn’t really give them the script, we just gave them a list of things they could say and then they could throw their own as well.

Often they’d be the only ones we’d end up using. And the sandwich / virgin line, who came up with that? **Jemaine: **That line, that was in the script as well, wasn’t it? I said it, but I felt so gross about it that I didn’t want it in the movie – but Taika and the editor convinced me that it was a winner.

  1. It was a year-long editing process.
  2. How did you get through that? **Jemaine: **Well, there are two of us and we had three editors.
  3. Taika: There’s just so much footage to watch Jemaine: So we’d do a month, then take a week out when the other person was working.
  4. Taika: **Like students would do, in a student film.

We wanted to finish it, we wanted to work on it when we could and then go out and earn money. Come back and sit in a dark room, take over from the other one. Go ‘Thank God you’re here!’ Then shoot little bits here and there, you know, when you’re years older.

  • Was it a tough shoot? Jemaine: Yeah, we had frustrating moments.
  • We had some frustration, didn’t we? The lighting guy would always put lots of light coming through our windows and it would look like sunlight.
  • Oh there’s too much light, but we need to see your faces.’ **Taika: **Then there were some of the big days when we had lots of extras and stuff, and we were in such a rush.

When the vampires go out on the town, there are moments when slurs are shouted at your characters, ‘Homo’ and that sort of thing. Is that based on truth? How did you do that? Taika: Actually the first one we did in 2005, it did happen. It was a rugby night, so some people – mostly men, some women – shouted homophobic slurs constantly and in the shot we recorded we just edited and used them all together. What We Do In The Shadows Cast People have been comparing this film to Spinal Tap, how does that make you feel? **Taika: **Fine. Totally okay with that. **Jemaine: **I don’t mind that, I like that. It makes me feel amazing. **Taika: **You feel wonderful. Honoured, I mean. I’ve watched that film a lot,

  • Jemaine: **I’m glad they compare it favourably rather than ‘They copied from Spinal Tap.’ Perhaps we should wrap this up but Nazis.
  • Taika: They’re bad.
  • They’re bad people.
  • What do you wanna know? You wanna know about joining them? **Jemaine: **If they talk to you, just say no.
  • Laughs ) If only we’d been around in the ’40s to say this, ‘Just say no.

Don’t join the Nazis.’ One of the vampires in this, sort of accidentally became involved in the Nazi party. Was that a joke that anybody queried? Taika: Yes. We said we’d see how this feels in America and it kind of didn’t feel very good. We experimented with taking it out and it was still funny, but we found we had nothing to replace it with.

  1. Jemaine: **We found it funny, but then a lot of people didn’t find it funny.
  2. I don’t know people aren’t doing Nazis anymore.
  3. They’re all sensitive about Nazis now like you can’t even make fun of them anymore.
  4. Can’t wait for your other spin-off short, What We Do Jemaine: With The Führer? **Taika: **Remember kids – just say no.

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What nationality is Nandor What We Do in the Shadows?

Human life. Nandor was born in 1262 in Al Qolnidar, in what is now southern Iran. He rose to power as the nation’s Supreme Viceroy in 1279.

Does Matt Berry improvise?

One Of Matt Berry’s Best Recurring Gags On What We Do In The Shadows Was Improvised. If you’ve watched the FX series ‘What We Do in the Shadows,’ you already know about the brilliant improv and comic timing of comedic genius Matt Berry, along with the rest of the cast.

What is Lazlo’s special power?

5 Lazlo Cravensworth (Matt Berry) – What We Do In The Shadows Cast Seduced and turned vampire by his beloved wife Nadja, Lazlo is a sexually-adventurous and aloof undead who enjoys his passions far more than he concerns himself with the advancement of vampire-kind. Although he is more than capable of assimilating completely into a human community, he instead chooses to return home to his wife and roommates simply because he enjoys their company.

Why did Beanie Feldstein leave What We Do in the Shadows?

Now, part of that had to do with scheduling, as it was reported that Feldstein had a role in Season 2, but she had filming commitments that wouldn’t allow her to return.

Is Al Quolanudar a real place?

‘What We Do in the Shadows’: Season 4’s Impractical Jokers Cameo, Explained Editor’s note: The below article contains spoilers for Season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows. There is a house full of vampires on Staten Island. And we, as viewers, are eternally grateful that there is a crew capturing their exploits for the mockumentary,

The show features Nandor ( Kayvan Novak ), of Al-Quolanudar (not a real place) in Southern Iran during the Ottoman Empire, Laszlo ( Matt Berry ) a snooty British nobleman who once confessed to being Jack the Ripper, and Nadja ( Natasia Demetriou ), a Romani from Ancient Greece. Together the three live in harmony (for the most part) along with energy vampire Colin Robinson ( Mark Proksch ) who as the name suggests, sucks the energy out of the room in a heartbeat.

However, it’s Nandor’s familiar aka human caretaker, Guillermo ( Harvey Guillén ) who really runs the household with the overly optimistic promise that one day Nandor will turn him into a vampire himself. The show is currently in its fourth season on FX and has already been renewed for Seasons 5 and 6.

A hit with both audiences and critics alike, the show comes from the minds of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, who starred in the film of the same title in 2014. In Episode 4, titled “Private School,” one of Staten Island’s finest made a cameo in a spectacular scene in one of the season’s best episodes thus far.

The TV show is a New York institution and boy, are they proud to be from Staten Island. Sal Vulcano, along with his buddies James Murray, Joe Gatto, and Brian Quinn, has been doing the show since 2011, but the foursome has been together since high school in the early 1990s.

  1. It’s a show about middle-aged guys who love nothing more than to humiliate each other.
  2. Think Jackass, but way, way dumber.) The group also star in the show The Misery Index, a game show that premiered in 2019 hosted by Jameela Jamil,
  3. In Jokers, Vulcano is notorious for being the one who is the butt of the joke most of the time, as he somehow always finds himself being the only one paying the price of humiliation as his friends gaze upon him laughing riotously.

For that fact alone, his showing up in the vampires’ mansion was the definition of a perfect cameo. Image via FX In the episode, the vampires have decided to enroll Colin in school and Sean ( Anthony Atamanuik ) invites his former Headmaster Warren ( Peter Francis James ) to come to the mansion to meet Colin and his parents. When Headmaster Warren mentions that one of his student’s parents is a famous actor that you would definitely recognize from Law & Order, Nadja realizes that if Colin Robinson’s parents were famous, they’d definitely get in.

But where to get a celebrity on Staten Island on short notice? Nandor leaves to find somebody, and we are left to wonder who it would be. Would it be Pete Davidson, Method Man, or any other member of the Wu-Tang Clan who happened to be around. Nope, Nandor went to the one and only Sal Vulcano, playing into the inside joke that if you have to go get someone on Staten Island to punish, Sal Vulcano is your guy.

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When Sal arrives, Laszlo introduces him as “that guy from Incomprehensible Jesters,” which is close enough in Laszlo’s book. It seems as though Sal was convinced to show up at the mansion to be part of a practical joke, and he seems to be down for anything as long as he gets paid.

  1. Sal immediately snaps into his role pretending to be Colin Robinson’s dad.
  2. As with many of the jokes on his show, he just goes with the flow and takes his cues off the others.
  3. If there is one thing Sal is good at it is not asking questions until everything completely goes off the rails.
  4. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Nandor immediately went to him to begin with.

However, as predicted, the “joke” goes awry, and Sal pays the price — although instead of just being the butt of the joke this time, Laszlo grows tired of him and snaps his neck, promising to drain him later. His corpse appears again towards the end of the episode, which his Jokers friends will surely tell him was his best acting to date.

  • So even though Sal is dead in the world of What We Do, do we ever really see the last of anyone on that show? Would anyone be surprised if he popped up again? But perhaps it’s the funniest joke yet that Sal would get punked by a bunch of ancient vampires.
  • Sal wouldn’t be the first random celebrity that has graced the vampires’ mansion.

As the show has gained more and more of a cult following, some famous guest stars have begun to pop in from time to time including Vanessa Bayer, Haley Joel Osment, Dave Bautista, Mark Hamill, Craig Robinson, Benedict Wong, and David Cros s just to name a few.

Scott Bakula ‘s cameo in Season 3, when Nadja called him to apologize for mistaking him for Dracula, was pretty unforgettable. But we would be remiss to not mention the greatest cameo sequence in the show’s history. In Season 1, the vampires are put on trial to defend themselves in front of an international vampire tribunal that includes Paul Reubens, Tilda Swinton, Wesley Snipes, Evan Rachel Wood, and Waititi and Clement themselves.

There are allusions to The Lost Boys as well as Interview with the Vampire as well. This epic episode set the precedent for just how successful this show would be with acquiring guest stars. We’re still early into Season 4, and Fred Armisen has already popped up in a guest role.

  1. The aforementioned have certainly had more significant roles as full guest stars, but with Sal’s cameo, we get to see just how rooted the vampires, especially Nandor, have become in Staten Island culture.
  2. Not only did they know who would be available and down to play in their game, they also knew Vulcano would be impressive to other Staten Island natives.

There is no doubt that Nandor’s instinct was that parading one of the Impractical Jokers in front of the headmaster would for sure guarantee a space for Colin Robinson at the school. Sal’s demise was swift, but one can only hope that Gatto, Murray or Quinn will come around looking for their pal.

Do I need to watch the movie first What We Do in the Shadows?

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ avoids the worst pitfall of fantasy TV shows What We Do in the Shadows has officially been renewed for on FX. And while the magic of that original written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi translates beautifully to the small screen, I’m here to tell you there’s no need to watch first before diving into the excellent series.

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ is very funny. FX I didn’t see the film before watching the show. I just never got around to it. (Perhaps it was the at the time.) Then, along came quarantine binging, so I dove right into the pilot episode with very little information or backstory beyond the basic premise. And,

What We Do in the Shadows follows three vampires — Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), and Laszlo (Matt Berry) — living in modern-day Staten Island. They pay rent, bicker about house rules, and they occasionally feed on humans at night. Their housemates include Guillermo (Harvey Guillén as Nandor’s vampire familiar) and Colin (Mark Proksch as an energy-sucking creature who looks like the average human in comparison to his traditional vampiric cohorts).

Like the movie, the show is a mockumentary, so the characters speak straight to the camera about their lives. The mark of any good adaptation is knowingly introducing its world to an audience unfamiliar with the source material without straying too far from what made What We Do in the Shadows stand out in the first place.

The TV show is funny, the characters memorable, and my new passion for the series isn’t at all hampered by my lack of film knowledge. Guillermo desperately wants to be a vampire. FX What We Do in the Shadows’ pilot cleverly sets up the show, introduces the characters in comical fashion, and unveils the overall plot for the season.

It’s absurd and brilliant and fun. Nadja shouts “Bat!” before turning into one and flying away. Guillermo desperately wants to become a vampire and Nandor can’t take the hint. The vampires don’t sparkle in the sun, they just die. The series is spectacularly engaging and wildly funny. All that said, this isn’t suggesting that viewers who haven’t seen the movie should avoid watching it now, but the series stands on its own merits.

If nothing else, watching What We Do in the Shadows on FX has made me want to watch the original film even more. What We Do in the Shadows Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX. : ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ avoids the worst pitfall of fantasy TV shows

Is Dracula in What We Do in the Shadows?

Visually, Each Vampire In What We Do In The Shadows Has A Cinematic Parallel – What We Do In The Shadows Cast Dracula is the main inspiration for many of the characters. Vladislav’s look and mannerisms are based off Gary Oldman’s 1992 portrayal in Bram Stoker’s Dracula while Deacon’s are closer to Bela Lugosi’s iconic depiction of the vampire in 1931. Petyr, with his pale skin and pointy ears, is a clear reference to Nosferatu, an unauthorized German adaptation of Dracula that hit the screens in 1922 and has since established a legacy in its own rite,

  1. Viago in his classically elegant clothes conjures Louis de Pointe du Lac, played by Brad Pitt in 1994’s Interview With a Vampire, while Nick with his more modern outfits hints at Twilight ‘s Edward Cullen.
  2. While the characters in What We Do In The Shadows have a clear basis in existing tropes and archetypes, they’ve taken on a life of their own thanks to a combination of strong acting and writing.

In fact, several are so beloved by fans and creators alike, they have ended up reprising their role in the movie’s popular spin-off television show. Next: What We Do In The Shadows Renewed For Season 2 At FX

Is Guillermo in love with Nando?

What We Do In The Shadows Team Says Nandor And Guillermo Aren’t Getting Together Anytime Soon, Sorry – /Film “What We Do In The Shadows” isn’t exactly known for will-they-won’t-they dynamics: the bawdy FX comedy features a cast of sexually fluid vampires who seem refreshingly open to any and all sorts of relationship configurations.

Yet that orgiastic attitude doesn’t seem to extend to one person: Guillermo (Harvey Guillen), Nandor the Relentless’ (Kayvan Novak) put-upon human familiar. The comparatively reserved vampire hunter and household servant seems to have eyes only for his boss, leading shipper fans to dub the pair “Nandermo.” At a press conference today ahead of the series’ upcoming, the show’s cast and crew fielded questions about Nandor and Guillermo’s relationship, which seemed to be getting a little less hypothetical by the end of last season.

Here’s the good news: it sounds like Guillermo may be getting a love interest this season. Here’s the less good news, at least for fans of the pairing: it may not be his beloved master. “A whole year has gone by since we last saw Guillermo in a coffin,” Guillen reveals, referencing the character’s trip abroad to London with Nadja (Natasia Demetriou).

  • Being away from the group, Guillermo realizes a lot of things about himself and realizes a lot of things that he’s been missing in life, in general.
  • So are both after love.” The actor says that the vampiric master and his erstwhile servant still have a love that’s “really great and deep, but not always in a relationship form.” Series EP and writer Paul Simms put it even more concretely, saying that “both Nandor and Guillermo find love this season.” At the press event, Simms responded to a question about the pair by saying, “I don’t know if we’re teasing any Guillermo-Nandor thing.” He says that the pair love each other in “a multilevel way,” but also that the season opens with Nandor deciding to take a wife.

He also characterizes season four Guillermo as “so fed up with the situation that he has one foot out the door,” a feeling that’s complicated when Nandor asks him to be his best man. Since the series time jump makes it possible for writers to fast-track Guillermo’s time in London and Nandor’s pursuit of a wife, it’s very possible that the new episodes will still make room for some of the offbeat romantic tension fans love to see from the pair.

  • Still, it sounds like if there is hope for this couple, it’ll be a bit of, as Nandor seems like he’s going to be pretty tied up in his new romantic entanglement.
  • Novak reveals that Nandor picks his new wife very quickly, and is a bit of a perfectionist in the relationship.
  • The actor says that Nandor can’t help but want “to change her a little bit, almost to the point of changing her too much to like the same things that he likes.” “What We Do In The Shadows” season four premieres on July 12, 2022 on FX.

: What We Do In The Shadows Team Says Nandor And Guillermo Aren’t Getting Together Anytime Soon, Sorry – /Film

Why does nandor look different in season 4?

Consequences – Laszlo and Nadja inform everyone that the headmaster suffered a stroke from the hypnosis they put him through repeatedly during the meeting, so they’re opting to go with Plan B — which is simply enrolling the Boy into every children’s sports league in the community.

  1. The sports leagues keep him busy and he’s too tired for pranks when he gets home.
  2. Nandor comes clean about his face work, saying he did it for his undead fiancé Marwa but he went too far and his face has seen better days.
  3. He uses a wish for the Djinn to return his face to the way it was before the first wish.

Laszlo tells Nandor he needs to lay off the plastic surgery. Our coverage for season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows, including recaps for each episode, can be found here, Episodes air weekly on Tuesdays on FX and are available to stream on Hulu. Nerds and Beyond is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Is Nadja Greek or Romani?

Career – Demetriou’s debut show, You’ll Never Have All of Me, won the Skinny Debutant Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, She was a longtime member of sketch comedy troupe Oyster Eyes and has written for Anna & Katy and The Midnight Beast,

  1. Demetriou made her TV debut in 2013.
  2. In 2015, she was in the comedy sketch show pilot of People Time on BBC Three with Ellie White, alongside her brother Jamie Demetriou, with Claudia O’Doherty, Liam Williams, Alistair Roberts and Daran Johnson.
  3. In 2018 she played sister to her real life brother Jamie Demetriou’s Stath in Channel 4 sitcom, Stath Lets Flats, about a family-run estate agents, which was written and created by her brother.

On 11 May 2020, a special “lockdown” mini-episode was released online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, At the 2020 BAFTA awards Stath Lets Flats won three awards: Best Male Actor in a comedy, Best Writer of a Comedy, and Best Scripted Comedy. In 2019, Demetriou also starred in and wrote the highly acclaimed BBC Three comedy sketch show Ellie & Natasia, a show inspired by social anxiety and being a woman in today’s society, with Ellie White,

In March 2020, it was reported that BBC commissioned a six-episode series, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2019, Demetriou has starred as Nadja, a Greek Romani vampire, in the critically acclaimed FX horror comedy series What We Do in the Shadows, The series was created by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, based upon their 2014 film of the same name,

The mockumentary follows three vampires (Laszlo, Nadja, and Nandor) living in a house in Staten Island and trying to cope with modern-day New York City, along with an energy vampire (Colin) and Nandor’s human familiar (Guillermo). The show co-stars Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Harvey Guillén and Mark Proksch,

The second season of ten episodes debuted in April 2020. Starting 18 May 2020, Demetriou and Vic Reeves co-hosted Netflix ‘s unscripted reality competition show The Big Flower Fight, The eight-part series sees 10 pairs of contestants in a knockout competition featuring huge flower installations with the winner going on to design an installation to be displayed in London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew,

In 2021, Demetriou was a series regular on the second series of This Time with Alan Partridge, portraying a flirtatious makeup artist named Tiff.

Who is Nandor first wife?

Early Life – Marwa was married to Nandor prior to him becoming a vampire. After he was turned, he abandoned her along with his other wives, and she eventually grew old and died without seeing him again. It is unknown whether she mothered any of his children.

What race is Nandor?

Nandor (Middle-earth), a division of the Elves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium.