What To Do In Southampton?


What To Do In Southampton

Is Southampton worth visiting?

Attractions in Southampton –

  • Step back in time and take a guided walk of the city’s old walls with or the Southampton Tourist Guides to really appreciate the city, and head to the refurbished timber-framed in the Old Town, with over 800 years of history.
  • Don’t miss the fabulous new which houses a permanent exhibition of Southampton’s Titanic story, as the famous ship left Southampton Docks for the start of its ill-fated voyage.
  • And a short drive away, depicts the history of aviation in the Solent area and tells the story of the legendary Spitfire designed in Southampton.
  • Southampton’s cultural offerings include the magnificent award-winning City Art Gallery and Southampton Guildhall, as well as a superb choice of fine theatres, galleries and international events such as the annual Boat Show.
  • With the magnificent, Southampton has added to its extensive portfolio a state of the art shopping facility with almost a hundred shops, whilst close by are three further excellent shopping centres as well as the traditional specialist shops making Southampton one of the top shopping destination in the South of England.
  • Southampton’s exciting nightlife is renowned in the region with its historic pubs, funky bars and music venues.

What is Southampton England known for?

Southampton has its own distinctive character with a rich maritime heritage and a focus on water sports, sailing and ocean racing, as well as being one of the most important ports in the UK. Southampton is also the major port for cruise ships and was one of the 4 shortlisted locations for the 2025 UK City of Culture.

Is there a hop on hop off bus in Southampton?

Visit the prehistoric stone circle known as Stonehenge and also enjoy a visit to the delightful town of Salisbury on this private tour from Southampton! Take part in this guided tour and discover the secrets of the Titanic in Southampton!

Is Southampton a walkable city?

Getting Around | Transport in Southampton COVID-19 Notice: As a result of COVID-19, transport providers may be operating reduced services. In terms of operators serving Southampton, please see go to our dedicated page What To Do In Southampton Southampton is an accessible city for pedestrians, with the majority of it being flat, particularly around the city centre. Download the walking map and plan your walk around the city. There are various suggested walking routes and maps available to download from.

Here, you can also find details of the public rights of way and various walking groups that take place in and around the city. My Journey has teamed up with the Go Jauntly walking app to help you find inspiring local walking routes and challenges. Look out for the GO! Southampton Rangers who welcome visitors at Southampton Central railway station and from the shuttle busses that go from the cruise terminals.

They are on hand to offer directions and hand out maps plus to answer any questions you have about the city. What To Do In Southampton Southampton is a bike-friendly city with plenty on offer for cyclists. Find out more about cycle routes, bike doctor repairs and servicing as well as bike training courses on the website. My Journey is working with Love to Ride to help more people discover the benefits of cycling in and around Southampton.

Love to Ride is a global web and app based platform that supports people to cycle through a range of rewards based challenges across the year. Southampton City Council is committed to transforming the cycling experience in the city. In 2017, the council launched a ten year strategy which responds to calls for more cycleways, safer roads, less traffic and better awareness to support more people to cycle.

The strategy has already delivered a number of significant improvements to cycling infrastructure across the city. Click to find out more about ongoing projects and what’s coming up. What To Do In Southampton Southampton City Council has partnered with Voi on a new e-scooter pilot scheme. E-scooters offer a convenient, accessible mode of transport, taking pressure off public transport whilst social distancing is still in place and giving people the option of leaving their cars behind for shorter journeys in the city. What To Do In Southampton – The Quayconnect bus service operates every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes during the evening commuter hours) between Southampton’s Central railway station (South Side) and Red Funnel’s ferry terminals at Town Quay via the WestQuay shopping centre and Asda/The Marlands. What To Do In Southampton There are taxi ranks located at Southampton Central railway station, Southampton Airport Parkway station, near Westquay Shopping Centre and the High Street. Some local taxi companies include: Southampton is very accessible by road, with major links in from the M3 and M27 motorways.

If you don’t have access to your own vehicle, there is a pay as you go motoring scheme with the, allowing members to only pay for the time they need. For visitors with disabilities, the scheme in Castle Way can provide battery-operated wheelchairs/scooters, or manual wheelchairs to anyone with limited mobility.

Equally, a Shopmobility service operates from, My Journey has partnered with Liftshare to help local people save money and do their bit for the environment. Liftshare is a free secure website where you can register your journey and search for other drivers making the same journey as you.

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Southampton has 42 car parks, including surface car parks around the city centre and covered car parks within the city’s main shopping area such as WestQuay shopping centre’s facility of 4,000 parking spaces, Western Esplanade’s two car park areas and The Marlands shopping centre.There may be height, weight or length of stay restrictions and differing parking charges.The has detailed information on each of the car parks including postcode, opening times and charges as well as information about on-street parking across the city.In addition to this, there is a and plenty of surface car parks at, owned by MDL.

: Getting Around | Transport in Southampton

Why is Southampton so famous?

Southampton: A City Full of Undiscovered Heritage – What To Do In Southampton While it’s true that Southampton had some Roman and Saxon inhabitants, the city first came to be an important port when the Normans arrived in 1066, serving as the main connection to their lands in Normandy and the South of France. The Bargate in the centre of the High Street was built as the main entrance to the medieval walled town circa 1180 AD.

And has been judged as “probably the finest, and certainly the most complex, town gateway in Britain”. It has had many uses, including holding the city’s original Guildhall, where merchants gathered for hundreds of years; during World War II it was used as an air-raid shelter helping the residents survive the bombings.

Much of the medieval city walls also still survive, together with the vaults where the merchants stored their wine. What To Do In Southampton In 1620 the group now known as the Pilgrims chartered the Mayflower, to sail to the New World to escape religious oppression in England. They sailed with another smaller boat, the Speedwell, which was originally built in Southampton, but this was abandoned in Plymouth because it leaked so badly. What To Do In Southampton The port has always been used to embark soldiers. Henry V marched his troops through the Westgate (pictured here) to sail for France and the battle of Agincourt. Much later, soldiers left to fight in World War 1, and in the Normandy Invasions of World War II. These included many American and Commonwealth troops. What To Do In Southampton From the middle of the 1800’s, Southampton has been famous for being a liner port. In 1912, the world’s most famous liner, The Titanic, embarked from here on its fateful maiden voyage, carrying seven hundred Southampton residents in her crew, over five hundred of whom would never return. What To Do In Southampton Southampton was also the home of some of the first flying boats, and it is thought that the term ‘air port’ was first used in reference to Southampton in this role. Local resident RJ Mitchell designed and built the Spitfire in Woolston, east of the Itchen River, and it had its maiden flight from what is now Southampton airport. What To Do In Southampton Famous Sotonians include Jane Austen, the renowned novelist, who lived in the Old Town of Southampton from 1807 to 1809. It’s even rumoured that Southampton Water is the site where King Canute tried to hold back the tides – and there’s a plaque to “prove” it! (All of the above content has been kindly provided by See Southampton ) Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on all things Southampton ! Submitting your information. Thank you! You will receive an email to confirm your subscription.

What day is Southampton market?

Southampton City Centre Market Hello and a warm welcome to Southampton City Centre’s Market website. We are open each Friday and Saturday from early Spring to October.

​ We are open Fridays 9am – 5:00pm & Saturdays 9am – 5:30pm. We always have on offer a beautiful selection of local traders, offering high-quality goods to tasty street food. If you would like to join us as either a casual trader or a permanent trader ​ We are also starting up pop up events and much more and even now have a dining area where you can sit and eat your food purchased from our lovely food traders.

We are located in front of the historic Bargate right next to the beautiful medieval lions. You can find a map to us by clicking our find us tab above. or you can, : Southampton City Centre Market

Is Southampton good for shopping?

The exceptional array of shops in Southampton make it the number one shopping destination in Hampshire, with two indoor shopping centres, a wide range of markets and plenty of independent retailers all housed within the city centre.

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Does Southampton have a beach?

Beaches The beaches in Southampton are great spots to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, watch the boats come in and out of the port or look out onto the neighbouring Isle of Wight. Our guide highlights three beaches for you to check out during your stay. South of the city centre is the suburb of Weston, and Weston Shore, This shingle beach is a perfect viewing spot if you want to watch the ships come and go, and it draws a big crowd whenever a ship makes its maiden voyage out of Southampton. Calshot Beach is another shingle beach situated in the west corner of Southampton Water on the opposite side from Weston Shore.

  • It is ideally located to watch the boats come in and out of the dock, and if the conditions are right, you may even see people windsurfing just off the shore.
  • It has a delightful row of colourful beach houses, and is also on the site of Calshot Castle, a former artillery fort, built during Henry VIII’s reign as a defence of the Southampton sea passage.

In modern times, it was used as an RAF and Navy base. A few miles down from Calshot is Lepe Beach, It has a mixture of sand and shingle, and looks out onto the nearby Isle of Wight. The beach itself forms part of Lepe Country Park, which is listed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

How long is Southampton to London?

The distance between Southampton and the centre of London is around 80 miles (130km). The fast direct trains between London’s Waterloo Station and Southampton have a journey time of around 1 hour 20 minutes.

Can you pay cash on Southampton buses?

Unilink offer a wide range of travel options to make your bus journey in and around Southampton as convenient as possible. We charge simple, flat-rate bus fares, no matter how far you travel with us. –

Adult single Child single U1N single
£2.70 £1.80 £3

If you need to use the bus more than once in the day, a Southampton zone dayrider will be the cheaper travel option:

Adult dayrider Child dayrider
£4.00 £3.40

All of our bus tickets are available to buy using cash or contactless, or on the app! Note: Dayrider bus tickets and period passes are not valid on the U1N.

Why is first bus leaving Southampton?

First Bus closed its City Reds operation in Southampton after service on Saturday 18 February, with Bluestar stepping in to provide replacement services in what the Go South Coast subsidiary has heralded as a “new era” for the city. When in November 2022 First announced its decision to leave Southampton, it said that its business there had “not been sustainable for some time.” First added that the city’s bus market is competitive and that revenue could not sustain the number of buses operating within it.

The final City Reds buses to return to the Empress Road depot were escorted by a Leyland Titan PD2 that was new to predecessor Southampton City Transport in 1963 and which is part of the Southampton and District Transport Heritage Trust (SDTHT) collection. SDTHT staged a running day on 18 February to mark the end of the former municipal operation, which can trace its history to 1879.

It was purchased by First in 1997. The event was staged with the cooperation of First, Bluestar and Southampton City Council. Following First Bus’s announcement of the closure of City Reds, Bluestar wasted no time in signalling its intention to pick up the slack.

  • It has introduced six new services and recruited over 140 staff members,
  • Speaking soon after the transition, Go South Coast Managing Director Andrew Wickham said that he is “in awe” of the team that has delivered it.
  • Mr Wickham adds that initial customer reaction to the expanded Bluestar operation has been good.

The operator staged a launch of the new routes on 21 February, with guests including Southampton City Council leader Cllr Satvir Kaur and The Right Worshipful Lord Mayor of Southampton, Cllr Jacqui Rayment. Bluestar adds that bus users in one part of Southampton – members of the Harefield Bus Campaign – threw a party in celebration of the change of operator, adding that they also decorated bus stops in the area.

General Manager Richard Tyldesley says that the business “will continue to consult with people across the city to ensure that they can enjoy comprehensive and improved services across Southampton over the coming months and years.” Bluestar has drafted in buses from elsewhere within both Go South Coast and the wider Go-Ahead Group to deliver the expanded services.

Soon after closure of City Reds was announced, First confirmed that the vehicles used there would move to other operating companies. The first of those have already entered service elsewhere.

What is the most beautiful street in Southampton?

As far back as the 1500s, Southampton’s High Street was recognized as one of England’s cleanest and most beautiful. It was originally known as English Street in medieval times. English Street got its name since it was the artery between three English-speaking parishes in the community.

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All Saints, St. Lawrence, and Holy Rood were all connected through here. Logically, French Street linked the French-speaking sections of town, including St. Michael and St. John. Unfortunately, German bombing campaigns during World War II devastated many parts of the city, including High Street. What was left after the war was a shadow of the historical glory that once stood here.

Even though many buildings were destroyed, the modern buildings stand on medieval cellars and vaults. Many bank buildings did survive the war, most of which were from the late 19th century. You can still see the National Westminster Bank, Midland Bank, and Barclay’s Bank.

Do I need a car in Southampton?

A HAMPSHIRE city is one of the least car-dependent cities in the country, according to a survey. Southampton is one of the best places to live and work for public transport users, the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) survey found. The survey comes comes after a year of battles for drivers, with traffic bringing road users to a standstill in the city centre when cruise ships arrived, and road works blocking main roads.

But Southampton is ninth out of 29 in the list of car-dependent cities and towns. The city was successful in the rating process, which looked at accessibility and planning, buses and trains quality and uptake, cycling and walking alternatives and driving and car use. The survey also revealed that London is at the top as the least car-dependent location and Peterborough is the hardest place to live without a car.

A spokesperson for CBT said: ”There is a lot that the government can do to make our cities less car dependent. What emerges strongly from the research is that local control often goes hand in hand with smarter policies and better targeted investments.

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Is Southampton a party town?

The nightlife in Southampton includes a lively network of pubs, bars, and clubs for those seeking to extend their day’s experience with more dining, dancing, and drinking.

How much does it cost to get from Southampton to London?

Travel Information between Southampton and London

Distance 69 miles (111 km)
Available travel modes Bus or train
Ticket price range $15 – $55
Fastest mode Bus $15 (€13) 2 h 20 min
Popular travel companies National Express

What celebrities support Southampton?

Who does Rishi Sunak support? – The current Prime Minister of the UK was also born in Southampton and was recently seen in the home end for their game against Fulham. Chris Packham Packham is a life-long Saints fan, born in Southampton he is a naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author, best known for his television work.

His work includes the CBBC children’s nature series The Really Wild Show, whilst he also went onto present the BBC nature series Springwatch, including Autumnwatch, and Winterwatch. Ed Chamberlain Ed Chamberlain is a Saints supporter who is a former bookmaker and journalist, who appeared on Sky Sports from 1999 for many years.

He then became the main presenter of ITV’s Horse Racing coverage when it moved to the channel in 2017.

Is Southampton a small town?

Southampton is a small, rural town of approximately 6,200 people in Western Massachusetts. Located in Hampshire County, just west of the Connecticut River Valley. Southampton is about 100 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts and 250 miles from New York City.

Is Southampton a good away day?

Would you recommend this away day to other fans? – Southampton is highly recommended for an away trip. Stewarding and Policing low key but friendly which is rare to see as an away fan.

Which is better to visit Southampton or Portsmouth?

Customers have made the rankings in a list of the best large cities in the country for a short holiday getaway. Portsmouth is 10th on the list, one place above Brighton and Hove (11th) and way ahead of Southampton (20th).

Is Southampton a nice area?

Last Updated January 2023 – Southampton is regularly named as one of the best places to live, especially for those looking for the city life, with easy access to countryside. Southampton is a port city, located in Hampshire on England’s South Coast region, and is the closest city to the New Forest National Park.

It is rich in culture and activities, with excellent transport links and connections to the rest of the country. Southampton has around 326 acres of fields, wetlands and wildlife located in Southampton Common alone, making it one of the greenest cities in the UK. With its universities, hospitals, theatres, music and arts venues, revamped marina, and port; Southampton has become a developing cultural hub with great connections by land, sea, and air.

It has become a favourite place for students, young professionals, families, retirees and sailing and cruise lovers. What To Do In Southampton

Is Southampton a good holiday destination?

Southampton does not have a lot of tourist attractions but is a good base for visiting other areas and has a good variety of shopping and nightlife. The trains from Birmingham also stop at Winchester which is a smaller city with more tourist attractions within walking distance.