What To Do In Isle Of Wight?


What To Do In Isle Of Wight
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What is the Isle of Wight best known for?

5 Things The Isle of Wight is Famous For The Isle of Wight has been known as a holiday destination since the Victorian era. It is the second-most populous and largest island in England. It is known for its beautiful scenery, especially on the coast, and mild climate.

What celebrities live on the Isle of Wight?

Sherlock, The Imitation Game, and Doctor Strange are all credits of world-famous Benedict Cumberbatch, who as widely reported several years ago was married on the Island, before making it his family home in 2018.

Which part of Isle of Wight is best?

Conclusion – ​ For young children or nostalgic adults I would recommend Sandown or Shanklin (option 1). If you are looking for somewhere peaceful and romantic for quiet walks then the South Wight or West Wight are perfect (options 2 or 3). If you would rather be a bit closer to civilisation and nightlife then Newport / Cowes / Ryde are your best bet (option 4).

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Why should I visit the Isle of Wight?

The Isle of Wight is one of the jewels in England’s crown. With fabulous coastal views, sand and surf beaches, Downs and woodland, there really is something for everyone on the Island, And it couldn’t be easier to get here either. So, let us help you to plan your Isle of Wight holiday.

Which is the prettiest part of the Isle of Wight?

Central villages – Between the towns of Shanklin and Newport sits Godshill – one of the prettiest villages on the Isle of Wight. Awash with thatched cottages, traditional tearooms and a medieval church, a visit to Godshill is like stepping back in time.

  • Don’t leave without sampling the local produce, including cider, pickles, mustard and biscuits! Situated three miles southeast of Newport lies the ancient civil parish of Arreton.
  • Surrounded by acres of rolling countryside, this peaceful village is steeped in history, offering visitors a glimpse into its rich past.

It’s also home to Arreton Barns – the Island’s largest arts and crafts centre, where you can watch local artisans and craftspeople create bespoke trinkets and souvenirs for you to take home. Step back in time with a visit to Carisbrooke – a medieval village on the southwestern outskirts of Newport.