What Time Does Trafford Centre Close?


What Time Does Trafford Centre Close
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What time does everything shut in Trafford Centre?

Centre opening times

Monday 10am – 10pm
Tuesday 10am – 10pm
Wednesday 10am – 10pm
Thursday 10am – 10pm
Friday 10am – 10pm

What time does Trafford close on Monday?

Opening Times

Monday 10am till 10pm
Thursday 10am till 10pm
Friday 10am till 10pm
Saturday 10am till 9pm
Sunday 12pm till 6pm

What time does Trafford Centre open in the morning?

Open all year Opening Times: Monday – Friday 10am-10pm. Saturday 10am-8pm. Sunday 12noon-6pm (some stores open at 11am)

What time does Manchester Center close?

Centre Opening Times

Sunday 11.30am – 5.30pm
Wednesday 9.00am – 8.00pm
Thursday 9.00am – 8.00pm
Friday 9.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday 9.00am – 8.00pm

Is Trafford Centre worth going?

If you’re on a city break to Manchester and the weather’s being a bit British, escape the elements at the Trafford Centre. This indoor shopping mall is seriously huge, with over 280 stores selling designer clobber and high street faves.

How early should I go to Old Trafford?

Manchester United takes the safety of our supporters extremely seriously, and we are constantly reviewing our safety and security procedures to help ensure the safety of all supporters, visitors and staff at Old Trafford. Matchday Screening Procedures At the Turnstile Screening procedures that involve the use of walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, visual search, and physical search are in place for all supporters who enter the stadium.

Please be patient while our staff are carrying out the necessary security checks. We have measures and processes in place to keep queuing time to a minimum and ensure supporters can gain access to the stadium before kick-off. In order to allow sufficient time to undergo and the screening process we recommend that you get to your turnstile entrance at least one hour before the start of the match (turnstiles are open 2 hours before kick-off).

Bag Searches We have restrictions on the size of bags allowed onto the stadium footprint. Any bags larger than the permitted size.20cm x 15cm x 5cm (8″ x 6″ x 2″), will not be allowed onto the stadium footprint and must be deposited at a bag drop and collected at the conclusion of the fixture.

There is a charge for this with all profits going to the Manchester United Foundation. Exceptions to the bag policy will only be made for bags containing essential medical provisions/equipment or baby changing items that require larger bags. Further information on bag screening and our full list of prohibited items can be found here,

Please do not be alarmed by the extra security measures, they are to ensure that Old Trafford is a safe environment. FAQs What dimension of bag is acceptable? The largest bag size permitted in the stadium is 20cm x 15cm x 5cm / 8″ x 6″ x 2″. Unless it is: – A Megastore carrier bag containing items purchased from the Megastore only – To carry essential medical or childcare items which you may require during the match.

  1. My health condition requires me to bring specific food and drink with me.
  2. Is that allowed? Yes.
  3. As long you require the food and / or drink with you for medical reasons, it will be allowed into the stadium.
  4. Please bring it in as small a bag as possible so that it is quick and easy to search at the turnstile.

Is there a limit to how many carrier bags I can bring from the Megastore? There is no limit, provided they all fit under your own seat and contain only items purchased in the Megastore on the day of the match you are attending. Can I bring a clear carrier bag of my own? Yes, as long as it fits through a slot the size of 20cm x 15cm x 5cm / 8″ x 6″ x 2″.

  1. Can I bring baby changing equipment with me? Yes, essential childcare items required during the game will be allowed into the stadium.
  2. Please bring them in as small a bag as possible so that it is quick and easy to search at the turnstile.
  3. What if my programme doesn’t fit in my pocket and it’s raining? We will provide a Megastore bag for your programme if required.
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What items are we not allowed to bring into the stadium? A full list of prohibited items can be found at manutd.com/prohibiteditems, What if I buy a combined programme and magazine in a sealed bag? These are allowed into the stadium. Please keep them sealed and don’t store anything else in the plastic bag so that they don’t need searching at the turnstiles.

My health condition means I need to bring equipment with me that won’t fit in the small bag size? If you have a health condition that requires you to bring equipment with you into the stadium then you are allowed to do so. For small items like medication, inhalers, epi-pens and blood sugar testing kits please bring these in as small a bag as possible so it is quick and easy to search at the turnstile.

For any larger items like crutches, please email details to [email protected] with details of the items and your entrance number so that we can ensure that security are aware in advance of the need to bring the items in. All items will be searched on entry to the stadium.

Can we have separate queues for people with and without bags to make getting in quicker? No. The small size of bag allowed will take an equivalent time to search as items from pockets and so this would not make entry into the stadium quicker. It would also make the queues more complicated to organise which would potentially slow down entry for significant numbers of supporters.

I identify as a female, can I join a queue with a male security officer conducting screening? Our security officers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority and you can join a queue with either a male or female security officer. We do have identified turnstiles that will always be staffed by a female security officer if you would prefer the screening process to be carried out by a female security officer.

All screening is voluntary, but entry will be refused to those who refuse to be searched. I identify as a male, can I join a queue with a female security officer conducting screening? We do have identified turnstiles that will always be staffed by a female security officer and we would ask where possible that these are kept free for female spectators to use.

Other turnstiles will have a mixture of male and female security officers carrying out the screening process, that can include both physical and/or visual search, and male spectators can be screened by female security officers. All screening is voluntary, but entry will be refused to those who refuse to be searched.

Has the Trafford Centre closed down?

The Trafford Centre Is Closing Down After 25 Years To Be Transformed Into New Apartments Credit: The Trafford Centre DISCLAIMER: This article was published for April Fool’s Day (April 1). The Trafford Centre has long been a go-to shopping destination for many Mancs as well as for visitors from afar, however the venue has announced that it will be closing its doors later this year.

Opening back in 1998, the UK’s third largest retail space is expected to be demolished and then transformed into a cluster of brand new apartment blocks, which will be built in phases. Plans, which are yet to be unveiled, are being designed by architects BSDesigns and will see the largest of the apartment blocks situated where the Great Hall currently is.

The designs consist of four apartment blocks ranging from 18 to 22 floors, with a mix of two-bedroom, one-bedroom apartments and studios. Designers hope to retain some of the elements of the Trafford Centre such as the floor tiles, pillars, chandeliers and fountains, which will mainly feature in the reception areas and some studio apartments. What Time Does Trafford Centre Close Credit: Trafford Centre Leading the redevelopment of the Trafford Centre are developers A.P & Fool, headed up by director Joseph King, who said: “At first it might seem like a blow for the people of Manchester to lose their favourite shopping centre, however, this is an opportunity to make way for more housing in the Trafford area.

“We can’t wait to get started on this exciting project and we’re making it our mission to retain as many of the elements we know and love about the Trafford Centre within these brand new apartments. We plan to name each apartment block after all the areas in the Manchester shopping centre such as The Orient, Regent Crescent, Peel Avenue and Barton Arcade, to offer a bit of nostalgia to our future residents.” Plans are currently being reviewed by the local council, however, if approved developers expect the first phase to be complete by the end of 2024,

Reckon they’ll bring back the pool? 😅 DISCLAIMER: This article has been published for April Fool’s Day (April 1) and the news of the Trafford Centre closing down is false. : The Trafford Centre Is Closing Down After 25 Years To Be Transformed Into New Apartments

What is the biggest shopping centre in the UK?

1. Westfield London (235,900 m²) – Located in Shepherd’s Bush, Westfield London is a pioneering shopping and leisure destination with more than 250 luxury, premium and high street retailers from more than 15 countries. As well as being the UK’s largest shopping centre, it is home to an array of arts and educational events beneath a spectacular glass roof. What Time Does Trafford Centre Close

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How big is Trafford Centre?

Trafford Centre

Trafford Centre with Trafford Palazzo to top left
Total retail floor area Retail: 185,000 m 2 Leisure: 16,258 m 2 Dining: 13,935 m 2 Total: 207,000 m 2 (2,230,000 sq ft)
No. of floors 3
Parking 11,500
Website traffordcentre.co.uk

Is the fair on at Trafford Centre?

When Will Summer Daze Fun Fair Be Open At The Trafford Centre? – Credit Trafford Centre The Summer Daze event will run from 22nd July to 3rd September 2023. It will be open from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm. You will need to book at a set hourly entry time.

Is Trafford Centre better than Arndale?

There is a huge difference between the two – Trafford Centre is one of the largest and best (perhaps even the best) shopping malls in the UK – and is so much more than simply ‘shops’. Trafford Centre stays open through evenings until very late for its shops, cinemas, restaurants and other activities.

Which is bigger Arndale and Trafford Centre?

17. Re: Trafford Center Vs Arndale? 9 years ago I lived in Manchester for many years and always preferred the Arndale, The problem with Trafford Centre (TC) is the shops are smaller and you can easily scoot round the whole lot in a morning. The restaurants at TC are mainly themed places and are food court style.

  1. It has no Manchester character and gives a very isolated feeling.
  2. Over the years the Arndale has expanded and extended and has become larger than the Trafford centre.
  3. Some of the shops are massive (Next, Topshop) it has a link bridge to Selfridges and some escalators that bring you right onto the high street (Market Street) if you want to extend your trip further.

The arndale has other smaller shopping centres very close by, including the Triangle. You can also visit an amazing shopping experience at Aflecks Palace, only 2 minutes walk from the Arndale centre. It also has a big indoor market selling everything from fresh fish, meat and veg to Haridressing, nail salons, ice cream parlours and sweet shops.

Is Manchester good for shopping?

Manchester is a hub of culture, entertainment, sport, and tourism – and its great shopping scene follows suit. Some neighbourhoods are known for specific goods, such as jewellery, local art, antiques, and vinyl records.

What time Primark shut Manchester?

Dates and Opening Times

Open 1 Jan 2023 – 31 Dec 2023
Day Times
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 21:00
Saturday 08:00 – 20:00
Sunday 11:00 – 17:00

Is Trafford Centre bigger than Metro?

What is the largest shopping centre in UK and how does Highcross rank?

  • Online shopping may be a thing in 2017, but we still can’t get enough of our shopping centres.
  • Flashy, American-style malls can be found up and down our country, offering more shops than the seasoned splurger could tackle in one afternoon.
  • So out of all of them – where is the biggest place to get your shop on in the UK?

What Time Does Trafford Centre Close where is the biggest place to get your shop on in the UK? (Image: Getty) is Intu Metrocentre in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, with a whopping 190,000 square metres. This is closely followed by Trafford Centre in Manchester with 180,900 square metres, and Westfield Stratford City in London with 175,000 square metres.

And if you’re wondering where Leicester’s Highcross ranks, we’ve got the answer – and it’s, er, 16th. With 110,000 square metres, Highcross is smaller than the major shopping centres in Sheffield, Liverpool, and Newcastle. What Time Does Trafford Centre Close Birmingham’s Bullring came 12th

  1. However, Highcross is the biggest shopping centre in the East Midlands, beating Derby’s Intu at 17th, and Nottingham’s Victoria Centre at 27th.
  2. Across the rest of the Midlands, nearby Birmingham’s Bullring comes in at 12th, with 127,100 square metres.
  3. And surprisingly, Dudley could be a good choice for a shopping trip – with Intu Merry Hill coming in 7th with a sizeable 148,645 square metres.

Want to see which other shopping centres made the top 20? Scroll down to find out.

What should I wear to the Trafford Centre?

The intu Trafford Centre visitor code of conduct in full: –

“Please always keep an eye on any children in your care. Intimidating behaviour of any kind towards other visitors, our staff or our retailers is not acceptable. Please make sure any clothing with a hood attached is worn down. Animals are not allowed, unless they’re assistance dogs. We don’t allow shopping trolleys on the malls other than in selected areas. No dropping litter, except in the bins. No leafleting, canvassing, conducting third party interviews or surveys unless we give the thumbs up first. Selling goods without our go-ahead is not allowed anywhere in the mall, car parks or associated areas. Nor do we permit busking in the mall, car parks and associated areas unless agreed in advance by Centre Management. Climbing or sitting on any balustrade, barrier, fence or railings is also off limits, as we’d hate anything to get broken, especially you. No ball games, even if you are Lionel Messi. Cycling, roller-blades, micro-scooters, skateboards and Heeley’s are a no-no.

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What Time Does Trafford Centre Close

No swearing, shouting or use of other unpleasant language. As your mum might say, “It’s not nice and it’s not clever”, and she’d be right. No inappropriate use of customer lifts and escalators. To make sure our guests are not always tripping over film crews, we do no allow commercial filming or photography unless it’s agreed by Centre Management first. Just pop by and have a chat to sort it out. If you’re taking shots of yourself, friends or family then snap away. No throwing any object within the Centre (unless it’s a smile). Please no running on the malls. Shirts/tops and footwear must be worn at all times, except in the changing rooms of course. Crash helmets should be removed upon entering the Centre, even if you’re having a really bad hair day.

And finally.

There is a strict no smoking policy, and alcohol is only to be consumed on licensed premises. Electronic cigarettes are also not permitted. Any act of vandalism towards property belonging to us or our retailers will be dealt with accordingly and the local police informed.”

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Is the Trafford Centre the biggest in Europe?

The Largest Shopping Malls in Europe – Among the top 15 largest malls in Europe, five malls have their locations in the United Kingdom namely Trafford Center, Bluewater, Avenham Center, Westfield Stratford City, and Liverpool One. The largest mall in the UK by square footage is Trafford Center which is 207,000 square meters.

  • It is located in Manchester-England.
  • Intu Properties are the owners of the mall, and its market value as at 2017 is 2,312 billion sterling pounds.
  • Trafford Center contains 280 stores and services located on three floors.
  • According to the Intu CEO David Fischel, people spent about 55 million pounds per minute in the mall’s shopping centers in 2015.

Besides the United Kingdom, Russia has three malls listed on the top 15 European malls list. The malls located in Russia include Aviapark, MEDA Belaya Dacha, and MEGA Khimki. All of the three malls have their location in Moscow which is Russia’s cosmopolitan capital.

Aviapark is the largest mall in Russia as well as the European continent. One of the most popular sights at the mall is its aquarium which is home to close to 2,500 specimens of fish. The mall covers an area of 230,000 square miles. It has shopping centers and entertainment centers among other services.

Regarding Croatia, there are two great malls among the top 15 in Europe called Westgate Shopping City and Arena Centar. Both of them have their locations at Zagreb which is the capital city of Croatia. Westgate Shopping City is the largest in Croatia covering an area of 226,000 square meters.

What time does the Trafford Centre Fair open?

Lose Yourself in Summer

    • Whether it’s fashion, food or fun, lose yourself at Trafford Centre this summer, where endless adventures and unforgettable moments await!
    • Get ready for a summer packed full of dazzling entertainment and family fun.
    • Watch this space for the latest announcements!

    22 July – 3 September Our summer event is coming back – bigger and better than ever with, funfair, outdoor food & entertainment, a beach and two splash parks! Summer Daze tickets cost £3 per person if booked in advance (+30p booking fee) and £4 on the door. Ride tokens must be purchased separately. Open from 11am – 8pm. What Time Does Trafford Centre Close What Time Does Trafford Centre Close 19th July – 27th August Lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours, neon floor and funky tunes as you zoom around the rink under the sparkling disco ball! Led by The StarWash crew of cool cats under a giant sparkling mirror ball bringing the D.I.S.C.O. vibes, this is more than just a roller rink, it’s an immersive experience where skaters can ‘get down’ both on and off the rink.

    What time do teams arrive at Old Trafford?

    I have a mate who’s a season ticket holder and he tells me that it’s roughly 1 and a half to 2 hours before kickoff. To see them arrive you would have to be at the south-west corner of the ground – near to the footbridge that goes over the railway.

    What time can you park at the Trafford Centre?

    Attraction representative TheTraffordCentre1 Manchester, United Kingdom Helpful answer 4 Votes Not as helpful Hi there, there are no time restrictions for how long you use our car park- you are welcome to leave it with us over night However, please be aware you leave your car at your own risk. If you have anymore queries please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0161 749 1720. over a year ago Problem with this answer?