What Is An Eternity Ring?


What Is An Eternity Ring

What is the purpose of a eternity ring?

Eternity Rings: Their Meaning and History | Monica Vinader What Is An Eternity Ring Eternity rings have been a traditional anniversary gift for decades. They are the definition of elegance, signifying eternal love between two people. But where did eternity rings originate from? What started the tradition? Read on to discover more about the meaning and history behind the eternity rings which we’ve all grown to love. What Is An Eternity Ring What Is An Eternity Ring WHAT IS AN ETERNITY RING? An symbolises never-ending love between two people. In terms of design, an eternity ring typically consists of a continuous band of cut, Although there’s no set rule as to when someone should receive an eternity ring, they tend to mark a particular milestone in a couple’s life.

Usually, a couple will exchange eternity rings once they’ve reached their ten year anniversary or longer. WHAT DOES AN ETERNITY RING SYMBOLISE? As mentioned previously, eternity rings are a symbol of eternal love – a promise of lifelong commitment. But it doesn’t stop there. These also symbolise the circle of life.

They are commonly given to a partner after the birth of a child; marking another journey of eternal love. What Is An Eternity Ring What Is An Eternity Ring IS AN ETERNITY RING THE SAME AS A PROMISE RING? As mentioned previously, eternity rings are a symbol of eternal love – a promise of lifelong commitment.1.2. Engagement Ring 3. Wedding Ring 4. Eternity Ring Both eternity and promise rings are symbols of eternal love and commitment, but the latter is usually given on special occasions, such as anniversaries or to mark a special event (for example – the birth of a child).

Promise rings, on the other hand, are usually given before marriage commitments have been made. They are a sign of mutual love and respect for one another; a sign of what’s to come. Although promise rings and eternity rings are given at different stages in life, the designs aren’t too dissimilar. Both feature a continuous thin band of, resembling the neverending love between each other.

The only difference between the appearance in both is that promise rings may hold a feature gemstone, in oppose to the linear design of an eternity ring. THE HISTORY OF THE ETERNITY RING While the popularity of eternity rings is growing each year, their origin can be traced back to around 4,000 years ago.

Ancient Egyptians used them as tokens of both eternal love and life. The original eternity rings were very similar to the ones we receive today. Some ancient designs also featured a snake devouring its own tail, symbolising the circle of life and death. Lost in the shadow of times for centuries, eternity rings regained their popularity in the 60s, thanks to diamond merchants.

It all started with an agreement between merchants and the Soviet Union to purchase uncut diamonds from Russia. Since those diamonds were small, diamond merchants came up with the idea of mounting them in gold or platinum bands as and advertised them as gifts for husbands to give to their wives. What Is An Eternity Ring What Is An Eternity Ring POPULAR ETERNITY RING STYLES Eternity rings come in ‘half’ or ‘full-eternity’ styles. The type you choose will entirely depend on your budget and preferred design. Half-eternity rings are often cheaper than full-eternity rings, as they only have stones set on the upper side of the ring.

  1. Full-eternity rings feature a continuous circle of diamonds, instead.
  2. Take a look at for an example of a full-eternity ring.
  3. MONICA VINADER ETERNITY RINGS At Monica Vinader, we offer a large selection of eternity rings designed to be worn alone or stacked with any ring style.
  4. Our collection includes rings made from various precious metals, including,, and eternity rings.

Experience has taught us that most ladies prefer to wear their eternity ring to complement their, For this reason, we focused on designing skinny eternity rings that celebrate elegance. For those who prefer originality, however, we also propose a range of teardrop-shaped eternity rings.

When should an eternity ring be given?

What is an eternity ring – An eternity ring is a piece of jewellery, usually a band, that symbolises everlasting love. Also known as an “Infinity Ring,” eternity rings have been popular since the Victorian era and often feature gemstones that encircle the band. The setting of an eternity ring is a continuous line of gemstones that are prong-set and appear to be connected, which symbolises eternity.

  1. This type of ring is typically given to celebrate an anniversary, a wedding, or the birth of a child.
  2. The metals most commonly used for eternity rings are gold or platinum and often the stones are diamonds or coloured gems such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.
  3. Eternity rings are often given in the same metal and stone as the original wedding band, although the style of the eternity ring may be quite different.

The rings first became popular as wedding bands during the Victorian era and are still given as gifts to mark special occasions such as anniversaries and births. An eternity ring is a type of jewellery that symbolises eternal love and commitment. It is a band of precious metal, usually, gold or platinum, with a continuous line of identically cut stones, usually diamonds set around the entire circumference of the band.

The setting is usually a full, half, or three-quarter circle, with the diamonds running all the way around, although some eternity rings may feature alternating gemstones. These rings are traditionally given to a partner after a milestone anniversary such as the 25th or 50th, or to celebrate the birth of a child, but can be given at any point to show your love and commitment.

Moreover, an eternity ring is a symbol of eternity, love, and commitment usually gifted on special anniversaries. It is an endlessly circled band of precious metal that may contain small diamonds or gemstones around the entire band. This type of ring has been used as a way to express one’s eternal love since ancient times, and although they have been popular since the 19th century, they are still exchanged today as a token or gesture of everlasting devotion.

What finger is eternity ring on?

Getting engaged and getting married are two of the most momentous occasions in anyone’s life — so much so that the special event is marked with the gift of an elegant ring. Once you introduce an eternity ring into the picture, it can be a little confusing to know how you’re meant to wear all three of your precious rings so they look their best. The engagement ring is usually worn on a women’s fourth finger on the left hand (the ring finger). On the wedding day, some brides choose to move the ring to the fourth finger of the right hand to make the wedding ring ceremony go more smoothly. After the wedding day, the engagement ring is usually moved back to the ring finger on the left hand, where it sits on top of the wedding ring. Wearing a wedding ring is a little more straightforward than an engagement ring. This ring is always worn on the ring finger on the left hand on both men and women. Because many women want to wear their engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger, we create bespoke wed-fit rings, There’s no set way to wear an eternity ring, so it’s really up to you. One of the most common ways is to wear it on the ring finger on your left hand, sitting on top of both the wedding ring and engagement ring. This can look truly stunning if all your rings work well together.

  • Another common way of wearing all three rings together is to place the wedding ring on the ring finger on the left hand, followed by the eternity ring and then the engagement ring.
  • Since wedding bands and eternity rings usually look similar they pair wonderfully.
  • Depending on the thickness of the bands, wearing all three rings together can be cumbersome and feel a little awkward.

If this is the case, most women choose to move their eternity ring to the fourth finger on their right hand, keeping the wedding ring and engagement ring on their left hand. It’s your choice However you choose to wear your engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring is entirely up to you.

Which finger do you wear an eternity ring on if not married?

Our Stunning Range of Eternity Rings –


Since many women see an eternity ring as symbolising the continuing love that a man has for his wife, you can see why eternity rings are always sought-after by women of all ages. Eternity rings have always been a display of continued health, wealth, and happiness that couples want to share together for decades to come.

Many questions arise when couples are talking about exchanging eternity rings. One of those questions may be on which finger is an eternity ring worn. Many will say that eternity rings evolved from wedding rings and are therefore worn on the ring finger. This is normally the third finger of the left hand.

The truth of the matter, however, is that it can be worn on any finger you want. A lot of women decide to wear their new eternity ring alongside their engagement ring and wedding band if they have a set that matches. You want to make sure that you are comfortable with wearing the jewellery and that it doesn’t overpower the other pieces of jewellery you are wearing.

Another popular choice for many women is to wear their eternity ring with only their engagement ring leaving behind their wedding band in a safe location at their home. This is because usually the eternity ring band is the most expensive and carefully thought out piece of jewellery that many women own.

Click here to view our extensive range of beautiful eternity rings.

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Why are eternity rings so expensive?

Cons of Eternity Bands –

Costly: Eternity rings are more expensive than half or three-quarter diamond bands because they require more gemstones. They are also more challenging to make sense of equal-sized stones that must be used and they must precisely fit the wearer’s finger. These elements frequently increase the price of eternity rings. Creating an eternity ring requires more time than making a simple metal band. This makes eternity bands a pricey ring setting, especially when combined with the price of diamonds or gemstones. Contrast this 1.75mm wide prong set eternity band with this 2mm wide wedding band made of 14k white gold. The cost of the eternity ring exceeds ten times that of the traditional band. The additional effort and expertise of the jewelers are seen in the cost. Eternity wedding bands are typically far more expensive than other wedding bands with fewer or no diamonds because of the number of diamonds on the band.

Put your gems at risk: You run a greater chance of losing jewels since there are diamonds all the way around. The diamonds’ grip can occasionally get looser because the prongs are simply worn out. Sometimes one of the gems may fall out. Due to the necessity of using twice as many stones, full-band eternity rings are more expensive than their half-band counterpart. A full-band ring is more challenging to manufacture than a half-band, and finding stones of the same size might be challenging as well.

Uncomfortable: They could make you feel uneasy. Prong-style eternity wedding rings can irritate the second and fourth fingers since they frequently scrape against them. Eternity wedding bands also frequently have a broader profile, which makes them feel unnatural and uncomfortable on your finger. Your second and fourth fingers frequently chafe with full eternity bands with prongs. This might be inconvenient and render them useless for various daily chores. Additionally, they frequently have more mass, which can make them difficult to wear regularly. Thicker Bands are uncomfortable. It’s possible that the thickness against your bones feels uncomfortable since it rings your finger. Your fingers and palm immediately feel the pressure of that thickness. They are wise! Normal bands feel considerably nicer against the skin because they are thinner and have a tapered bottom and sides. Any eternity ring is not as comfortable as this one. Sizing : Because eternity rings need such expert craftsmanship to construct, they are challenging (and perhaps impossible) to adjust, especially if you need to make them larger. Stones are positioned around eternity rings. Eternity rings cannot be resized since doing so necessitates cutting the band and either adding or removing some metal. No exposed metal is present for construction. Accurate sizing is essential due to the skill required to create a full band eternity ring. This also means that because there is no “wiggle room” on the ring, resizing is either very difficult or impossible. The inability to resize complete eternity bands is one of its principal drawbacks. This could develop into a problem later on because finger sizes alter over time. To get around this, you might select a half-eternity ring. Repairs: Eternity bands may require more upkeep than other rings due to the presence of stones on the underside of the band, which normally experiences the most wear and tear. The bottom of rings often ages more quickly. The precious metal in half-band eternity rings bears the majority of the wear. A full band ring exposes the stones to increased wear and tear, which may necessitate more upkeep. It is a known fact that your ring will cost you more to repair the more prongs and diamonds it has. The price difference between 20 prongs and 100 prongs is significant. Additionally, as the stones on the bottom deteriorate, you’ll need to have them checked, adjusted, fixed, and changed regularly. Everything adds up. Thicker Bands: The bands on these rings are uniform in thickness all the way around. The depth of the diamonds will also affect that thickness, which will be decided by the carat weight you select. A much thicker ring is required for really large carat weights.

Not Resizable: They cannot be measured in terms of size. That’s accurate. The ring cannot be sized to fit your finger because it lacks an end and a sizing bar. Such rings must be ordered specifically in the appropriate size (which could take up to 6 weeks). Eternity rings might not be available in all sizes (such as 1/4 sizes). Additionally, if you eat too much chocolate and your ring stops fitting, say ten years from now, it cannot be sized. They are impossible to size. You would need to purchase a new ring. If you purchase an eternity band, please pray that you never gain or lose weight. Spending More: More work, more diamond matching, and more gold are needed to make rings with this many diamonds. What’s worse about this is that you’re only paying for half of what you’re getting. The sides and bottom of the ring are hidden by your fingers. You are thereby paying for something invisible. In addition, all of the diamonds also shrunk in size. A 1.00-carat eternity ring looks completely different from a 1.00-carat diamond band. The other has significantly larger stones whereas the first has tiny, little diamonds in it. Hard to clean: Dirt will inevitably accumulate in the numerous nooks, crannies, and grooves that make up an eternity ring, making it difficult to clean. It can be challenging and time-consuming to clean an eternity ring. But a lot of that depends on the kind of setting. For instance, eternity rings with bezel settings are significantly simpler to clean than those with micro-pave. Diamonds can become dislodged: As the prong tips deteriorate on eternity rings with prong settings, the diamond can become loose or dislodged. Bring your ring to your jeweler for a routine inspection to make sure all the diamonds are firmly set. It might clash: It can look out of place if your engagement ring is a complete eternity band and your half eternity ring is set in a half eternity band. The wedding band and engagement ring will only partially match. In the same way, a half eternity wedding ring that only partially matches an engagement ring with a simple band may appear weird.

Can you wear eternity ring instead of wedding ring?

What Is An Eternity Ring Our iconic engagement ring paired with our grain-set eternity wedding band – The short answer is: Yes. By definition, the is a design characterised by diamonds or any other type of precious gemstone set across the entire band, their endlessness symbolic of eternal love.

  1. Traditionally, eternity rings are gifted from spouse to spouse post-marriage, usually as a means of celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary.
  2. Though this is the conventional expectation of an eternity ring, essentially all we’re dealing with here are bands encrusted with sparkling stones.
  3. If bling’s your thing, there’s no reason that an eternity design couldn’t fulfil the wedding band role! Experience has also taught us that eternity-cum-wedding rings reside in a sweet spot between ‘unconventional’ and ‘suitable’.

Though not necessarily a customary wedding band design, the eternity ring is a timeless blueprint that ages well and tends to be a hit with older and more traditional members of the family.

What are the rules for eternity rings?

WHEN DO YOU GIVE AN ETERNITY RING? – Eternity rings are usually given to commemorate a special milestone in a relationship: a special wedding anniversary, the birth of a new baby. You may want to stick to the traditional anniversary calendar and buy an eternity ring to mark specific years in your marriage.

While we won’t advocate giving your loved one a sheet of paper on your first anniversary, we’re more than happy to promise that your loved one will adore a ruby eternity ring on your 40th anniversary, a sapphire eternity ring on your 45th anniversary, an emerald eternity ring on your 55th anniversary and a diamond eternity ring on your 60th wedding anniversary.

But, you don’t need to wait. Today, eternity rings are often given as a gift to mark your first year of marriage and it’s perfectly acceptable to give a coloured gemstone eternity ring outside of these traditional anniversary years. While eternity rings are a symbol of enduring love, they are also a symbol of the continuing cycle of life.

This is why they are often presented to a mother on the birth of her first child. In particular, a diamond eternity ring is often given to a new mum. After all, she really does deserve it! And then there is the ultimate reason for giving your loved one an eternity ring: to tell her you love her and you’ll love her forever.

An eternity ring is quite simply a wonderful reminder of a loving relationship and a symbol of everlasting commitment. There is no better reason for giving an eternity ring than to say “I love you”. You can’t get more romantic than that! SHOP ALL ETERNITY RINGS 

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What do 3 rings symbolize?

Ring 3: The Anniversary or Push Ring – For most, the rings stop at the wedding band, but a third ring trend is quickly catching on. The engagement ring represents the promise to get married, the wedding band represents the actual union and the third ring represents another large milestone for couples.

  • The third ring is given after one of two events: an anniversary or the birth of a couple’s first child.
  • Some men choose to give their wives another ring to mark an anniversary.
  • This is usually an important one like the first, five-year or 10-year anniversary.
  • The third ring may also be given to mark the last big stage of a couple’s life together, which is the birth of a child.

This is usually referred to as a push ring. Just like a wedding band should match the engagement ring, the anniversary or push ring should match the first two. Tungsten rings make a great choice here, too, and you can even customize them with an engraving to commemorate the moment.

When should my husband buy me an eternity ring?

The Right Time to Buy an Eternity Ring Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022 There is often a debate about when to purchase an eternity ring for your partner, and this may discourage many men from buying a ring in case they are giving it to their soul mate at the wrong time.

  1. Marlows The Diamond Jewellery Specialist Here at Marlows we are a diamond and jewellery specialist, so you can rest assured that you can trust our advice when it comes to eternity rings, diamond and loose diamonds.
  2. We are committed to providing our customers with the most informative information to help them make an informed decision regarding their jewellery purchase.

There are No Rules When it comes to eternity rings, there are no rules. While many people believe that you should buy an eternity ring on the birth of your first child or on your fortieth wedding anniversary, you can opt to purchase a ring at any point in your relationship.

How many years is an eternity ring?

However, a more modern approach would deem the 10th anniversary of marriage the appropriate time to give an eternity ring to your spouse, or, in more modern cases, even on the anniversary of the first year of marriage.

Can a single woman wear an eternity ring?

Do you have to be married to get an eternity ring? – Perhaps we already spilled the beans on this one, but the fact is that eternity rings and bands are no longer bought only for weddings or engagements. While eternity wedding rings are extremely popular, they are nowadays worn on a variety of occasions, and are often bought just for the high aesthetic value of each piece. What Is An Eternity Ring

Are eternity rings uncomfortable?

The Pros & Cons of a Full Band Eternity Ring So, you want to express your eternal love to your partner but you’re not sure how! Well, an eternity ring might be just the thing for you. As its name suggests, an eternity ring is a symbol that you will be together forever. What Is An Eternity Ring Eternity rings can also be given to mark a significant anniversary or as part of the bridal set. Why and when you choose to present an eternity ring to your significant other is very much your choice. What is not in doubt is that giving it makes any occasion that bit more special.

These days, half band eternity rings are also available due to practicality and affordability. So, here we’re going to look at the pros and cons of buying a full eternity band to help you decide which is best for you: What Is An Eternity Ring PROS:

Sparkle – Eternity rings traditionally contain diamonds and the more there are, the more it will capture and reflect light to create fire and brilliance. While colored gemstones may not reflect the light in the same way, the complete ring of color boasts a similar aesthetic.

Neutralize Spinning – Rings spin – there’s no way around it. When a traditional engagement ring or half band eternity does so, the stone(s) can become lost under your fingers. With a full eternity band, no matter how the ring moves, you’ll always be sporting those precious stones. Symbolism – If the symbolism of an eternity ring is important to your partner, a full band eternity ring may be your best choice.

Some wearers feel that only the full eternity band is the true symbol of everlasting love that an eternity ring is designed to be. Occasion wear – A full band eternity ring can be a great piece to have in your jewelry arsenal even if you don’t wear it every day. What Is An Eternity Ring CONS: Cost – Full band eternity rings are more expensive than their half band alternative as they require twice as many stones. Obtaining stones of equal size can also be tricky and a full band ring is more difficult to make than a half band. The jewelers’ additional time and skill is also reflected in the cost.

Sizing – The skill involved in creating a full band eternity ring means precision is key to getting the size perfect. This also means that resizing ranges between very difficult and impossible as there is no ‘wiggle room’ on the ring. Repairs – Rings typically suffer more wear on their underside. With half band eternity rings, the brunt of the wear is borne by the precious metal.

With a full band ring, the stones are subject to greater wear so they can require more maintenance. Discomfort – Full eternity bands with prongs often rub on your second and fourth fingers. This can be annoying and can make them impractical for some daily tasks. What Is An Eternity Ring It’s important to think about when, where and how often an eternity ring will be worn before investing in one. If your partner will want to wear it every day as part of her trinity of rings, a half band might be more suitable. Budget and maintenance costs should also play a part in your decision.

Is it weird to wear a ring on your wedding finger if your not married?

Is It Ok To Wear A Ring If You Are Not Married? What Is An Eternity Ring Wearing a ring on the wedding finger is generally not recommended if you are unmarried, as it can be misleading and may send the wrong message. Wearing a ring on your wedding finger if you are not married is a personal choice, and there are no hard and fast rules against it.

  • However, in many cultures and societies, wearing a ring on the wedding finger can symbolize commitment or intention to get married.
  • It may be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others.
  • In some cases, wearing a ring on the wedding finger can also be considered bad luck or inappropriate, mainly if the ring is an engagement-style ring traditionally worn by those engaged to be married.

: Is It Ok To Wear A Ring If You Are Not Married?

Is it bad luck to wear a wedding ring if you are not married?

Is It Bad Luck To Wear Wedding Bands Before Marriage? – Is it really bad luck to wear a wedding ring before marriage? Putting your wedding ring on the same finger as your engagement ring finger surely can’t lead to issues down the road, right? Well, it largely depends on your personal beliefs and customs.

  1. Some people may believe that it is bad luck to wear a wedding ring before marriage.
  2. Wearing your special ring too early might set off bad vibes.
  3. It’s like seeing the bride before the ceremony on your big day.
  4. Some people think wearing their wedding band before their marriage might also jinx them.
  5. These are just common superstitions.

It isn’t bad luck to wear your wedding band early. If your relationship falls apart because you decided to wear your ring too early, then you had bigger problems to begin with. We’ve had countless customers wearing their wedding bands before their official wedding day.

And guess what? We strongly encourage future customers to do the same for a wide range of reasons. Wearing your ring before your marriage is actually a good idea. The best thing about wearing your ring before marriage is it can help make sure that you ordered the right size. The last thing you want to do is exchange vows and rings, say I do, and then for your ring to be too tight or loose.

Another great reason to wear your wedding band before marriage is to make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions to the material in question.

What is the difference between eternity ring and wedding ring?

What’s the Difference? – Typically, the difference between eternity rings and wedding rings is the presence of diamonds. Most wedding bands are plain metal, made to match whichever metal features in your engagement ring, Eternity rings, however, feature a ring of diamonds that encompasses the entire circumference of the band. What Is An Eternity Ring

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Can I wear my eternity ring everyday?

How to Wear an Eternity Ring? – One of the main reasons why eternity rings are so popular in the UK is that they can be worn in a variety of ways to suit any look or occasion. Eternity rings are timeless pieces of jewellery that exude elegance and sophistication, so when it comes to wearing them, there are endless possibilities! The most traditional way to wear an eternity ring is as a single piece on your ring finger. What Is An Eternity Ring Raina Round Eternity Ring in White Gold If you want to be more creative, you can also wear an eternity ring on any finger you think suits best. Also, eternal rings can be worn with wedding or engagement bands on the ring finger. Our Diana Ring in 18K White Gold is a great match for an engagement ring. What Is An Eternity Ring For those looking to make more of a statement with their eternity ring, you could opt for stacking multiple rings together on one finger. Stackable eternity rings come in many different designs and styles so you can really have fun playing around with different textures and metals to create unique looks that show off your personal style.

How much should I spend on an eternity ring?

4. How much should you spend on an eternity ring – It is generally recommended that you spend around two to three months’ salary on an eternity ring. This will ensure that you get a ring that is of high quality and that will last for many years.

What is the difference between eternity and infinity ring?

FAQs – Eternity rings and infinity rings both symbolize undying love. However, the difference lies in their design. An eternity ring has diamonds all the way around the band in an endless circle, while an infinity ring incorporates the infinity symbol into the ring design.

  • Tradition dictates that the wedding ring is worn first on the left hand’s ring finger, so it’s closer to the heart.
  • The engagement ring follows this, then the eternity ring on the top.
  • An eternity ring is a ring that has diamonds all the way around the band in an endless circle.
  • Often given in addition to an engagement or a wedding band to symbolize never-ending love and commitment, it can also be gifted to commemorate an important anniversary.

This would depend on the style of the eternity ring or infinity ring you choose. The price of both styles depends on the total weight of diamonds set within it (or CTTW) and whether you opt for a center stone. An infinity ring symbolizes a love that is infinite and lasts forever.

What does 7 diamonds in a ring mean?

3, 5, and 7-stone rings – Some of the more popular Anniversary Rings right now include the 3, 5, and 7-stone rings.3-stones represent the past, present, and future of your relationship.5-stones are said to symbolize the five traits great relationships hold: Love, trust, communication, commitment, and empathy.7-stone rings can represent seven years together, the luck of the number 7, or the continuing love that encircles you both.

What is the eternity ring for 10 years?

Home Jacobs Academy Anniversary Gemstones Guide Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is the perfect symbol to mark a decade together. An eternity ring is a full circle of diamonds around a band, a half eternity will have 50% coverage around your band. Ideally worn with an engagement ring and wedding ring, an eternity ring completes a bridal set perfectly.

    Can I wear my eternity ring everyday?

    How to Wear an Eternity Ring? – One of the main reasons why eternity rings are so popular in the UK is that they can be worn in a variety of ways to suit any look or occasion. Eternity rings are timeless pieces of jewellery that exude elegance and sophistication, so when it comes to wearing them, there are endless possibilities! The most traditional way to wear an eternity ring is as a single piece on your ring finger. What Is An Eternity Ring Raina Round Eternity Ring in White Gold If you want to be more creative, you can also wear an eternity ring on any finger you think suits best. Also, eternal rings can be worn with wedding or engagement bands on the ring finger. Our Diana Ring in 18K White Gold is a great match for an engagement ring. What Is An Eternity Ring For those looking to make more of a statement with their eternity ring, you could opt for stacking multiple rings together on one finger. Stackable eternity rings come in many different designs and styles so you can really have fun playing around with different textures and metals to create unique looks that show off your personal style.

    Can anyone wear an eternity ring?

    Who Can Wear an Eternity Ring? What is an Eternity Ring? The most basic form of an eternity ring is a ring with a single row of diamonds around its band. Some eternity rings have multiple rows of diamonds, while others only have half a row – known as half eternity rings.

    More recently, eternity rings have also been made with other gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Eternity rings were widely popularised in the Western world by the famous diamond merchants. They needed a way to market smaller diamonds to people in a time where large diamond solitaire rings were the champions of engagement rings.

    Who Wears an Eternity Ring? The famous diamond merchant De Beers, found their way into peoples’ pockets with eternity rings by marketing them to married couples. With the tag line ‘ she married you for richer or poorer, show her how it’s going’, De Beers were a shoo-in for success.

    1. For this reason, eternity rings are traditionally given to married women on a significant wedding anniversary.
    2. The shortest answer to the question ‘who can wear an eternity ring’ therefore is: married women.
    3. In the fifty or sixty years since the inception of eternity rings, they are given to a wider selection of people for a wider selection of reasons.

    So, let’s check them out. Today, some people are choosing eternity rings as a wedding band, preferring to keep the diamond theme from their engagement rings going rather than wear a plain band. Eternity rings make for nice wedding bands, as you can tailor the size and quantity of the featuring diamonds to suit your needs and preferences.

    1. Other people receive eternity rings from loved ones other than their spouse.
    2. The symbolism of the eternity ring is traditionally that it represents a never-ending bond between two people, and so it’s not uncommon for people to gift eternity rings to their children or for best friends to give them to one another.

    It is becoming increasingly popular for men to wear as well, whether they’re wearing them as wedding bands or just as fashion statements. Perhaps this is the perfect gift to give to a special man in your life, whether it’s your son, your father, your brother, or your best friend.

    Men’s eternity rings frequently have multiple rows of diamonds, making the ring thicker and more ‘masculine’ in appearance. Significant birthdays like 18ths, 21sts, 30ths, and 50ths are all occasions for an eternity ring as well. Whether it’s to symbolise someone’s entry into adulthood or celebrate their life’s achievements, eternity rings can be applicable to most gift-giving events.

    Should You Gift an Eternity Ring? The key to answering this question is to know what your intended recipient likes. If it’s their birthday and you want to treat them to something special, you can find eternity rings made with their birthstone, allowing for something less expensive and more relevant than diamonds.

    Furthermore, you can also opt for a half eternity ring if you’re looking to save on the cost of the ring. If it’s a special birthday, an anniversary, or the celebration of a significant achievement, perhaps a vintage or antique eternity ring is the right choice for you. These eternity rings cost much less than their modern counterparts, and if you do your research, you can find a ring that’s celebrating the same birthday as the recipient! Overall, it’s clear to say that anyone can wear an eternity ring, although there are more typical expectations for when people should wear one.

    If you’re looking for a little bit of glamour, or you want to give someone something really special, an eternity ring is a really good choice for a memorable gift that can be used for years to come. : Who Can Wear an Eternity Ring?

    What does an infinity ring symbolize?

    What are Infinity Rings? – An infinity ring has a similar significance: It symbolizes love that goes on and on forever. But instead of a perpetual circle of diamonds, the infinity ring’s design incorporates the infinity sign, or figure 8, to signify that infinite relationship.

    1. The infinity sign can be incorporated into an infinity ring in a number of different ways: Some infinity rings have infinity symbols at the top of the ring, where a center diamond would go.
    2. Others replicate the infinity symbol in the band, and some people refer to bands that even slightly mimic this shape (with a twisting pattern) as infinity rings.

    At With Clarity, our infinity rings incorporate the infinity symbol into the band, though there’s variation in the arc of the curves and how much accent diamonds are used. The Infinity Winding Engagement Ring, for example, uses pave stones almost all the way around the ring, and the symbol is smaller and tighter.