What Does Istg Mean On Snapchat?


What Does Istg Mean On Snapchat

What does ist mean in text?

I’m So Tired (Beatles song) IST.

How do you respond to ISTG?

What Does ISTG Mean in Texts or on Social Media?

  • ISTG means “I swear to God” in text messages and on social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Use ISTG to show you’re not joking about something, or to express annoyance or frustration with something (or someone).
  • Try substituting similar slang terms like OMG (“Oh my God”), ONG (“on God”), or FR (“for real”) for ISTG.
  1. ISTG stands for “I swear to God” in texts and on social media apps. This is a casual phrase that many people use both online and in real life (imagine someone exclaiming “I swear to God!” when they’re frustrated or emphasizing a point). Even though the phrase includes “God,” its meaning and uses aren’t considered religious. ISTG is sometimes typed out as “I s2g” or just “s2g.”
    • “If he doesn’t answer my next call then we’re breaking up istg!”
    • “Istg Ms. Hearney gives more homework than any other teacher.”
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  1. 1 Use ISTG to show you’re serious or not joking about something. Include ISTG at the beginning or the end of a sentence where you’re telling someone something shocking or surprising. This shows that you’re being serious about whatever your news is (which can be hard to tell over text sometimes).
    • “ISTG I just passed four cars full of clowns on the highway just now lol”
    • “Everything at Starbucks is half off today istg!!”
  2. 2 Show that you’re annoyed or exasperated with ISTG. Add ISTG to a text or post describing something that genuinely irritates you, similar to how you might exclaim “I swear to God!” out loud when something negative catches you off guard. It shows that you’re truly annoyed or upset with something (or someone) and possibly looking to vent to a trusty pal.
    • “It is too dang hot outside istg! 🥵”
    • “Why can’t I go on ONE vacation without getting sick!? ISTG!”
  3. 3 Send ISTG to emphasize a point or amplify a promise to someone. When you need someone to believe what you’re saying or that you’ll follow through on a promise, use ISTG to get your point across. Use it when you’re guaranteeing you’ll do something positive (“I’ll be at your party, istg!”) or when you may have to or negative consequence (“Istg you’ll be grounded if you aren’t home by curfew”).
    • “I promise I’ll get there extra early to help set up, ISTG!”
    • “istg if you all don’t start taking this vacation planning seriously, I’m out!”
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  1. 1 Believe someone when they text something surprising followed by ISTG. If they included ISTG in their message, it may mean they thought you wouldn’t believe their news without it (especially if they’re relaying something silly or out of the ordinary). So, take them at their word and reply with something that acknowledges the unbelievable or surprising nature of their story like “That’s crazy!” or “Wow, no way!”
    • Them: “I just found out I’m Valedictorian of my class istg!” You: “Omg no way! Congrats!! 🥳”
    • Them: “ISTG I saw my ex like 3 different times today, it was weird” You: “Ugh really? That’s crazy, I’m sorry you had to bump into them so much!”
  2. 2 Empathize with someone who’s using ISTG in frustration. If a friend or family member is stressed out and messaging you, or a reassuring compliment to lift their spirits and help them get through their issue. Alternatively, try or sending a fun meme or GIF to make them chuckle and feel better (if a joke is appropriate for the situation).
    • Them: “Istg I have too much to get done before tomorrow! 😞” You: “You’re such a hard worker, I know you’ll get it all done!”
    • Them: “Ugh the line for the new rollercoaster is like an hour long! ISTG!” You: “Deep breaths! Save that adrenaline for the ride!”
  3. 3 Acknowledge someone’s promises or boundaries when they use ISTG. If the sender uses ISTG to emphasize that they’re being honest about following through on a promise or consequence, believe them and let them know you understand. Use a lighthearted tone if they’re talking about something positive (like a promising to help with a party), or a heavier tone for more consequential topics (like breaking up or canceling an event).
    • Them: “Istg I’ll actually be able to come to book club this month!” You: “Yay! Looking forward to seeing you there!”
    • Them: “I can’t keep lying to mom and dad for you, istg” You: “Okay okay, I’ll tell them the truth next time I’m home.”
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  1. 1 Use OMG (“Oh my God”) to express surprise or frustration. Like ISTG, OMG isn’t really a religious phrase when it’s used in everyday conversation. Use it in place of ISTG when you’re surprised or annoyed by something, or send it by itself as a standalone interjection. OMG is one of the most common and recognizable slang acronyms.
    • “This is so annoying, omg!”
    • “Omg I just found out Greg got fired!”
  2. 2 Try ONG (“on God”) or FR (“for real”) to show you’re being serious. Swap in either of these acronyms for ISTG when you want to emphasize that you’re not joking about something. Typically, you’ll see these at the end of a sentence rather than the beginning. Like ISTG and OMG, doesn’t carry a religious meaning.
    • “I’m gonna get out of this town one day ong”
    • “I’m so over this calculus class fr”
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What does ISTG DTM mean in text?

What Does Dtm Mean In Texting? What is the meaning of dtm? DTM is an acronym which stands for “doing too much or dead to me.” An acronym according to Google dictionary, “is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.” You would use this phrase for texting purposes only and not in a formal setting such as an academic paper, etc.

What does FRFR stand for?

‘Frfr’ is an internet acronym standing for ‘ for real for real.’ The phrase is often used to emphasize the sincerity or truthfulness of a statement or claim.

What does NGL mean in Roblox?

‘Ngl’ means ‘ not gonna lie,’ according to Cambridge Dictionary.

What does ISTG mean in Instagram?

‘ISTG’ stands for ‘ I swear to God,’ an acronym usually used to express the seriousness of a situation or assure you’re not joking when sharing a surprising fact.

What does GMT mean texting?

Does GMT mean getting me tight? – A Guide to Cool Teen Slang Photo-Illustration: Owen Franken/Corbis Teens are an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a Forever21 crop top that, like a Snapchat, disappears in ten seconds. And in t he grand tradition of “basic” and “bae,” teens are forever enterprising when it comes to the slang of other groups and using it to suit their own needs.

To better communicate with the teens in our lives, we talked to Chloe, a 14-year-old Brooklynite, who explained what slang is in, and what’s out, in an attempt to help you parse what the youths are even saying to you: The Cool (or in Chloe’s words, The Dope, The Awesome, The Lit, The Legit ) Gucci — Say good-bye to remarking, “That’s cool” and say hello to “That’s gucci.” Urban Dictionary “gucci” back to ‘08, but it’s still a relatively niche term.

It means “good” or “cool.” As in: “I’ll be there in 10,” Jaden texted me. “Gucci,” I replied. Ode or OD — In late ‘00s, OD (pronounced oh-dee) used to mean really or very, derived from the acronym for overdose. Now it retains the same meaning, but the spelling has changed to ode, Deadass — Seriously.

As in: “That’s deadass a great Vine.” Smacked — Stoned, like really stoned. GMT — Teens don’t fuck with no Greenwich Mean Time; teens don’t fuck with time zones, period. Instead, GMT stands for “Gets Me Tight,” which brings us to tight, which is New York–specific slang that means angry. As in : “It gets me tight when by boyfriend doesn’t like my Instagram posts.” Cyph — Hey, parents! Watch out.

If you hear your child talking about cyphing it means they are smoking pot. Hmm, that’s pretty cool slang. Might start using that one. Nope out — When asked what nope out meant, Chloe said, “to dub someone’s shit.” Uhh, what’s that? “To curve someone,” Chloe responded.

  1. Other slang to watch out for: Bae.
  2. It’s so outdated, so 2013,” added Chloe.
  3. And what should you call your bae now that it’s officially out? “I’d probably just refer to them by name,” Chloe said.
  4. Or use the word boyfriend.” So old-school! Also, it’s only acceptable to use on fleek and turnt ironically, Chloe advised.

Only when you’re making fun of people who use it seriously. The Classics So what commonplace slang is still acceptable to use? Chloe reports that basic, lit, and fam are all “on trend” and totally okay to use. Hopefully, this guide will help you better communicate with the teens in your life.

What does IST mean for kids?

The Suffixes -ist and -est The suffix -ist changes nouns, verbs, and adjectives into nouns, with the meaning ‘ one that works with, is connected with, or believes in ‘ the thing referred to in the stem.

What does Idgaf stand for?

IDGAF is an acronym for ‘ I don’t give a fuck ‘. It may refer to: ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’, also known as ‘IDGAF’, a song by 2Pac. ‘IDGAF’ (song), by Dua Lipa on her eponymous 2017 album.

What does KKKK mean in Whatsapp?

It’s the (Brazilian) Portuguese equivalent to LOL or ‘Hahahahahaha’ KKKKK is pronounced Kakakakaka but the Brazilian K is almost a soft K, so it sounds like hahahahaha.

What does JJJ mean in texting?

Meaning. JJJ. Just Jared Jr. (

What does 18 mean on TikTok?

TikTok announces 18+ live streams for content that needs to be ‘limited to adults’

What does ISTG mean on the internet?

ISTG stands for I Swear To God. ISTG is an internet slang initialism that conveys earnestness, annoyance, or surprise.

How do you use ISTG?

ISTG means ‘I swear to God.’ Kids often use this to express frustration or exasperation. For example, they might say ‘ISTG this homework sucks.’

What is the form of ISTG?

ISTG stands for: I Swear To God.