What Channel Is Man City On?


What Channel Is Man City On

What channel is Man City game in?

Man City’s TV schedule includes Premier League matches on Sky Sports, TNT Sports and Amazon Prime Video, FA Cup matches on the BBC and ITV, Carabao Cup games on Sky Sports and their UEFA Champions League matches on TNT Sports.

What channel is Man City v Sevilla on?

When is Manchester City v Sevilla? – The 2023 UEFA Super Cup between Manchester City and Sevilla kicks off at 20:00 UK time on Wednesday, August 16, with coverage starting at 19:00 on TNT Sports 1 and Watch Man City train ahead of UEFA Super Cup against Sevilla

What channel is Sky Sports?

Last reviewed: 05/09/2023 A list of Sky satellite (Sky Q or Sky+HD) channel numbers for viewers in the UK. HD channels will automatically appear first in the Electronic Programme Guide, with SD versions appearing between channel 800-899. Variations are noted in the comments.) Different channel numbers apply for Sky Glass & Sky Stream users,

Number Channel Name Variations / Comments
101 BBC One
102 BBC Two
103 ITV1 STV in Central and Northern Scotland, UTV in Northern Ireland. HD except Channel Islands and Border Scotland.
104 Channel 4 S4C (Wales)
105 Channel 5
106 Sky Showcase
107 Sky Witness
108 Sky Atlantic Channel 4 (Wales)
109 alibi Sky Atlantic (Wales)
110 GOLD alibi (Wales)
111 Dave Gold (Wales)
112 Comedy Central Dave (Wales)
113 Sky Max Comedy Central (Wales)
114 Sky Comedy Sky Max (Wales)
115 BBC Three HD (England/NI) Sky Comedy (Wales); BBC Scotland (Scotland);
116 BBC Four
117 BBC Three (England, outside of London) London Live (London); BBC Alba HD (Scotland)
118 ITV2
119 ITV3
120 ITV4
121 Sky Documentaries BBC Three (Scotland)
122 Sky Crime Sky Documentaries (Scotland)
123 Sky History Sky Crime (Scotland)
124 Sky Nature Sky History (Scotland)
125 Discovery Sky Nature (Scotland)
126 MTV Discovery (Scotland)
127 Comedy Central Xtra MTV (Scotland)
128 5STAR Comedy Central Xtra (Scotland)
129 Nat Geo 5STAR (Scotland)
130 Sky Arts Nat Geo (Scotland)
131 ITVBe Sky Arts (Scotland)
132 W ITVBe (Scotland)
133 TLC W (Scotland)
134 S4C (Eng, NI, CI, IoM) TLC (Scotland)
135 E4 S4C (Scotland)
136 More4 E4 (Scotland)
137 4seven More4 (Scotland)
138 E4 Extra 4seven (Scotland)
139 Sky Sci-Fi E4 Extra (Scotland)
140 Food Network Sky Sci-Fi (Scotland)
141 5 USA Food Network (Scotland)
142 Really
143 Drama
145 Challenge
146 CBS Reality
147 Reality Xtra
148 Legend
149 Quest Red
151 Pick
152 Sky Replay
154 ID
156 Crime+Investigation
157 GREAT! tv
158 HGTV
159 E!
161 Discovery Turbo RTÉ One in Northern Ireland
162 Animal Planet RTÉ 2 in Northern Ireland
163 Sky History 2 TG4 in Northern Ireland
165 Nat Geo Wild
166 Eden
167 Disc. Science
168 Sky History 2 (Northern Ireland only)
169 BBC Alba HD 5USA (Scotland)
170 Together
172 DMAX
174 PBS America
176 ITV1 HD In the Border Scotland region.
177 Discovery History
178 Animal Planet (Northern Ireland)
179 Court TV
180 EarthX TV HD only.
181 Channel 7
182 Travelxp
183 That’s TV (UK)
184 Discovery Turbo (Northern Ireland)
185 NTD
186 Ayozat
187 BBC Scotland (not Scotland)
200-299 +1 CHANNELS 100 places above the parent channel
203 ITV1+1 Not in the STV region.
204 Channel 4+1
205 Channel 5+1
206 Sky Showcase+1
207 Sky Witness+1
208 Sky Atlantic+1
209 alibi+1 Wales: Sky Atlantic+1
210 GOLD+1 Wales: alibi+1
211 Dave ja vu Wales: GOLD+1
212 Comedy Central +1 Wales: Dave Ja Vu
213 Wales: Comedy Central+1
218 ITV2+1
219 ITV3+1
220 ITV4+1
222 Sky Crime+1 Not Scotland
223 Sky History+1 Scotland: Sky Crime+1
224 Scotland: Sky History+1
225 Discovery+1 Not Scotland
226 Scotland: Discovery+1
228 5STAR+1 Not Scotland
229 Nat Geo+1 Scotland: 5STAR+1
230 Scotland: Nat Geo+1
232 W+1 Not Scotland
233 TLC+1 Scotland: W+1
234 Scotland: TLC+1
235 E4+1 Not Scotland
236 More4+1 Scotland: E4+1
237 Scotland: More4+1
240 Food Network+1 Not Scotland
241 5USA+1 Scotland: Food Network+1
243 Drama+1
244 QUEST+1
246 CBS Reality+1
249 Quest Red+1
254 ID+1
256 Crime+Investigation +1
257 GREAT! tv+1
258 HGTV+1
261 Disc. Turbo+1 (In Northern Ireland on 284)
262 Animal Planet+1 (In Northern Ireland on 278)
266 Eden+1
267 Discovery Sci+1
269 Scotland: 5USA+1
272 DMAX+1
277 Discovery History+1
278 Animal Planet+1 (In Northern Ireland)
284 Discovery Turbo+1 (In Northern Ireland)
300-349 MOVIES Sky Cinema channels often temporarily rebrand to mark special seasons of movies. Their standard names are listed here.
301 Sky Cinema Premiere
302 Sky Cinema Select
303 Sky Cinema Hits
304 Sky Cinema Sci-Fi/Horror
305 Sky Cinema Animation
306 Sky Cinema Family
307 Sky Cinema Action
308 Sky Cinema Comedy HD only
309 Sky Cinema Thriller HD only
310 Sky Cinema Drama HD only
311 Sky Cinema Greats
313 Film4
314 Film4+1
317 Horror Xtra
318 Horror Xtra+1
319 GREAT! romance GREAT! christmas
320 GREAT! romance+1 GREAT! xmas+1
321 GREAT! movies
322 GREAT! movies+1
323 GREAT! movies action
324 GREAT! movies action+1
325 Movies24
326 Movies24+
328 TalkingPictures
350-399 MUSIC
352 MTV 90s
353 MTV 80s
354 4Music
355 The Box
356 KISS
357 Magic
358 Kerrang!
360 Trace Vault
361 NOW 70s
362 NOW 80s
364 Clubland TV
365 That’s 60s
366 That’s 70s
367 That’s 80s
368 That’s 90s
400-499 SPORT Sky Sports channels often temporarily rebrand to cover certain sports events. Their standard names are listed here.
401 Sky Sports Main Event
402 Sky Sports Premier League
403 Sky Sports Football
404 Sky Sports Cricket
405 Sky Sports Golf
406 Sky Sports F1
407 Sky Sports Action Sky Sports NFL (part-time)
408 Sky Sports Arena
409 Sky Sports News
410 TNT Sports 1
411 TNT Sports 2
412 Viaplay Sports 1 HD only
413 Eurosport 1
414 Eurosport 2
415 Sky Sports Racing
416 Sky Sports Mix
417 TNT Sports 3
418 MUTV
419 Viaplay Sports 2 HD only
420 Viaplay Xtra HD HD only
421 TNT Sports 4
424 Racing TV
427 Sporty Stuff TV HD HD only
429 DAZN 1 HD HD only
490 TNT Sports Box Office part-time
491 Sky Sports Box Office SD part-time
492 Sky Sports Box Office HD part-time
493 TNT Sports Ultimate (UHD) part-time
494 TNT Sports Box Office 2 part-time
495 DAZN PPV part-time
500-579 NEWS
501 Sky News
502 Bloomberg
504 BBC Parliament
505 CNBC
506 CNN
507 NHK World HD only
508 Euronews
509 NDTV 24×7
510 FRANCE 24
511 Al Jazeera English HD only
512 GB News HD only
513 TRT World
515 Channels 24
516 Arise News
518 Arirang TV
519 WION HD only
520 TVC News
521 NBC News Now HD only
522 TalkTV HD only
523 India Today
580-599 RELIGION
580 GOD Channel
581 revelation
582 TBN UK
584 Inspiration TV
585 LoveWorld
586 EWTN Catholic
587 Word Network
588 Faith World TV
590 Faith UK
591 Good News TV
592 Dunamis TV
593 SonLife
594 New Media HD
600-659 CHILDREN
601 Cartoon Network
602 Cartoon Network +1 (CN+1)
603 Boomerang
604 Nickelodeon
605 Nicktoons
606 Nick Jr.
607 CBBC
608 CBeebies
609 Sky Kids
610 Cartoonito
611 Boomerang+1
613 Nick Jr. Too (replaced by Nick Jr. Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol at times)
614 POP
615 Tiny Pop
616 Nickelodeon+1
618 Tiny Pop+1
619 POP+1
620 POP Max
621 POP Max+1
622 Nick Jr+1
624 RTÉjr Northern Ireland only
626 Baby TV
640 Cartoon Network SD version
641 Boomerang SD version
642 Nickelodeon SD version
643 CBBC SD version
644 CBeebies SD version
645 Nick Jr. SD version
660-699 SHOPPING
660 QVC HD only
661 JML Direct
662 TJC
663 QVC Beauty
664 QVC Style HD only
665 Gems TV
666 High Street TV 1
667 High Street TV 2
668 TJC Beauty
669 Best Direct
670 Gemporia Craft
671 QVC Extra
672 High Street TV 3
673 Create & Craft HD
674 HobbyMaker Gemporia Craft
675 High Street TV 4
676 TV Warehouse
678 Direct Store TV
680 Craft Extra
681 Cruise1st.tv
701 B4U Movies
702 B4U Music
704 Utsav Bharat
705 Utsav Plus
707 Zee Cinema
709 Zee TV
711 MATV National
712 Foodxp
713 Colors Rishtey
714 Colors Cineplex
716 Siraj TV
717 Utsav Gold
720 SONY MAX 2
724 Aastha
725 Sanskar
731 MTA1 World HD only
732 HUM Masala
733 Hidayat TV
734 GEO News
735 PTV Global
736 New Vision TV
737 Islam Channel
738 GEO TV
739 Noor TV
743 92 News
744 Islam TV
745 Ahlebait TV
746 Madani Chnl
749 Takbeer TV
752 British Muslim
754 Dunya News
755 Islam Ch Urdu
757 Eman Channel
758 ARY Digital
759 Samaa TV
760 Siraj TV
761 QTV
767 Brit Asia TV
768 Sikh Channel
769 Sangat
770 Akaal Channel
772 Kanshi TV
774 Pitaara
775 PBC
779 ATN
780 NTV
781 TV One
782 iON TV
783 Deen TV
784 Islam Bangla
786 Abu Dhabi TV
787 Ahlulbayt TV
788 Sky News Arabia
789 ImamHussain3
791 PCNE Chinese HD only
794 Colors Gujarati
800-899 SD SWAP Standard definition versions of channels with an HD version. (Excludes children’s SD/HD swaps)
801 BBC One Nightlight No regional programmes
802 BBC Two
803 ITV / STV / UTV
804 Channel 4
805 Channel 5
806 Sky One
807 Sky Witness
808 Sky Atlantic
809 alibi
810 GOLD
811 Dave
812 Comedy Central
813 Sky Max
814 Sky Comedy
815 BBC Four
816 ITV2
817 ITV3
818 ITV4
819 Sky Documentaries
820 Sky Crime
821 Sky History
822 Sky Nature
823 Discovery
824 MTV
825 National Geographic
826 Sky Arts
827 W
828 TLC
829 S4C
830 E4
831 More4
834 Quest
835 E!
836 SyFy
837 Crime+Investigation
840 Sky History 2
841 Nat Geo Wild
843 Smithsonian Channel
844 BBC Scotland
845 BBC Three
846 Yesterday
848 Sky Cinema Premiere
849 Sky Cinema Greats
850 Sky Cinema Family
851 Sky Cinema Action
855 Film4
858 Sky Sports Main Event
859 Sky Sports Main Event UHD/HD swap.
860 Sky Sports Premier League
861 Sky Sports Football
862 Sky Sports Cricket
863 Sky Sports Golf
864 Sky Sports F1
865 Sky Sports Action
866 Sky Sports Arena
867 Sky Sports News
868 Eurosport 1
869 Eurosport 2
870 BT Sport 1
871 BT Sport 2
873 Sky Sports Mix
874 BT Sport 3
876 BT Sport ESPN
877 Racing TV
881 Sky News
882 BBC News
883 CNBC
884 CNN
886 TRT World
890 TJC
892 Sony TV Asia
893 Utsav Plus
894 Colors
895 Sony Max
896 Utsav Gold
898 Zee TV
900-929 ADULT
900 TVX
901 Adult Channel
902 Xpanded TV
903 Babes & Brazzers
904 Babenation
905 Get Lucky TV
906 XXX Public Pickups
907 TVX 40+
908 XXX Girl Girl
909 XXX College
950 Sky Intro Buffer channel between adult and non-adult services
951-980 REGIONAL VARIATIONS and BBC RED BUTTON Viewers living in the region / nation will see their version in their normal position on channels 101-103.
951 BBC One London HD
952 BBC One NE & Cumbria HD
953 BBC One North West HD
954 BBC One Yorkshire HD
955 BBC One E Yorks & Lincs HD
956 BBC One West Mids HD
957 BBC One East Mids HD
958 BBC One East HD
959 BBC One South East HD
960 BBC One West HD
961 BBC One South HD
962 BBC One South West HD
963 BBC One Channel Islands HD
964 BBC One Scotland HD
965 BBC One Wales HD
966 BBC One NI HD
967 BBC Two HD NI/Wales
968 BBC Two Wales HD Eng/Sco/NI
969 BBC Two NI HD Eng/Sco/Wal
970 BBC RB 1 HD (Red Button)
971 BBC RB 1 SD
973 ITV1+1 in some regions
990-999 OTHER
996 Channel Line-up
998 Sky Intro
999 Sky
0101 BBC Radio 1
0102 BBC Radio 2
0103 BBC Radio 3
0104 BBC Radio 4
0105 BBC Radio 5 Live
0106 Classic FM
0107 Absolute Radio
0108 TalkSport
0109 Capital
0110 Planet Rock
0111 Heart
0112 Heart 80s
0113 Radio X
0114 Capital Xtra
0115 BBC World Service
0116 BBC Radio Scotland
0117 BBC Radio Wales
0118 BBC Radio Ulster
0119 BBC Asian Network
0120 BBC Radio 6 Music
0121 Gold
0122 WRN Europe
0123 LBC
0124 Smooth Radio
0125 Panjab Radio
0126 BBC Radio 4 Extra
0127 BBC Radio 1Xtra
0128 TWR
0129 BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal
0130 BBC Radio 4 LW
0131 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
0132 Heart Extra
0133 Sukh Sagar
0135 variations: BBC Radio London (London); BBC Radio Foyle (NI); BBC Radio Cymru (Wales)
0136 variations: BBC Radio Cymru (Eng, Sco, NI); BBC Radio Cymru 2 (Wales)
0137 RTÉ Radio 1
0138 RTÉ 2fm
0139 RTÉ Lyric
0140 RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta
0141 Kiss
0142 Magic
0143 Hits Radio
0144 Absolute 80s
0145 Absolute 90s
0146 Jazz FM
0148 Absolute Classic Rock
0149 BFBS Forces Radio
0150 Virgin Radio
0151 Greatest Hits Radio
0152 Heart 90s

Is Newcastle Man City on Sky?

Guardiola and Haaland play down argument – Leading 2-0 at half-time in their Premier League opener against Burnley – with both goals coming from Erling Haaland – you perhaps wouldn’t have expected Pep Guardiola to pick out his star striker for a talking-to as the players walked off for the interval.

  • But that is what happened, as Guardiola expanded on afterwards.
  • He wants all the time ball to him, ball to him,” Guardiola said of Haaland.
  • He’s man-to-man, he scores one-to-one, give me the ball away and I’m going to do it.
  • But when you have two or three minutes left and Kovacic goes in behind and loses the ball, and Rodri loses the ball, Erling wanted that ball but Bernardo was right not to give it to him.

“It’s a connection to do what you have to do, but it’s not truly any problem at all, he scored two goals and I’m sure he’s happy.” Haaland, for his part, admitted he “loved” it. “I was a bit mad on Bernardo Silva because he didn’t play me the ball, but then he explained why he didn’t,” the Norwegian said.

  • And I agree with him.
  • It’s passion.
  • It’s good.
  • He’s direct and honest.
  • I like that.
  • Look at Pep.
  • How many trophies has he been winning the last years? And last year with the treble? And the first game of the season at half-time we’re leading 2-0 and he’s doing this to me.
  • To be honest, I love it.” presents the premium live sports rights previously carried by BT Sport including the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, Gallagher Premiership Rugby, Heineken Champions Cup, EPCR Challenge Cup, MotoGP, Cricket, UFC, Boxing and WWE.

The streaming home for TNT Sports in the UK is, where fans can enjoy a subscription that includes TNT Sports, Eurosport and entertainment in one destination. You can also watch TNT Sports through BT, EE, Sky, and Virgin Media : How to watch Manchester City v Newcastle United Premier League match on TNT Sports, live stream and TV details – Eurosport

Is Man City v Everton on Sky Sports?

Everton v City: Kick-off time, team news and TV info And the clash with the Toffees is available to watch in the UK on Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Ultra HD.

Is Sky Sports free on Sky?

Introduction – Sky Sports is a paid-for TV package comprising 11 channels devoted purely to sport; from football and cricket to Formula 1 and horse racing. It is available on a long contract as part of a TV subscription bundle, or as a monthly add-on that you can cancel when you wish.

Sky Sports is available as part of a Sky TV subscription, and also with a number of other TV providers, including BT and Virgin Media. You can also watch it via NOW TV – Sky’s little sibling streaming service – on a monthly or daily subscription. As well as watching Sky Sports directly on your TV, you can watch it via the Sky Sports app or the Sky Go app on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or games console.

If you want to watch on a Mac or a PC, you will need to download the Sky Sports desktop video player. The Sky Sports app comes free with any Sky Sports subscription, and also provides live scores, news feeds and fixture results, as well as the option to watch your Sky Sports subscription live both at home or when you are out.

Sky Glass + Entertainment + Sports + Netflix

150+ channels

£14,00 per month (usually £65,00 ) Get Deal this deal is an Online exclusive Sky Stream + Sports + Netflix

150+ channels

Get Deal this deal is an Online exclusive Sky Stream + Entertainment + Sports + Netflix + Superfast

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Compare Sky Sports packages

What channel is BBC Sport?

Tennis – BBC Sport currently holds the rights to broadcast the and the live on its television platforms. The Wimbledon contract has been held by the BBC since 1927 and the current contract lasts until 2024 making it the longest such contract in the world.

  1. The BBC produce over 900 hours of footage that is distributed to broadcasters in 159 countries.
  2. BBC Wimbledon coverage is presented by former British number one and 1976 French Open Champion alongside a whole host of former ex-professional players including,,,, and,
  3. Matches are broadcast live on BBC One, BBC Two, the Red Button, or Online via the BBC Sport website.

Highlights are also shown on the long-running, presented by, who replaced in 2015. The same year, the programme was renamed “Wimbledon 2day”, with a new lighthearted magazine format, but after only one year, the format was abandoned for 2016. Following the trial which commenced with, the BBC broadcast all matches from the in 4K UHD via iPlayer.

For the most recent tournament in 2021, the commentators included, Chris Bradnam, James Burridge,,,, Katherine Downes,,,, Nick Lester,,, Ronald McIntosh,, Pete Odgers,, Simon Reed, and Andy Stevenson. Co-commentators included, Tracy Austin,, Boris Becker, Pat Cash,,,, Tim Henman,,,, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova,,,, and,

,, John Inverdale and Simon Mundie were the reporters. Regular tournament weather updates are provided by, The BBC also broadcasts two traditional Grass warm up events in the fortnight before the Wimbledon Championships. First is the from, which takes place two weeks before Wimbledon.

The BBC has covered the tournament since 1979 and has a contract in place until 2024. The following week is the event from, Both events are primarily shown on BBC Two. The BBC holds rights to show daily TV highlights from the Australian Open. Coverage is presented by Sue Barker with commentary from Andrew Castle and John Lloyd.

The BBC has exclusive free to air TV rights for 8 singles matches from the ATP World Tour Finals which includes the semi-final and the final. The BBC covered the event originally between 2009 and 2011, followed by an extension for 2012 and 2013. This was extended again in 2013 through to 2015.

It was extended again in 2016 for another 2 years before another deal was announced in 2017 and will run until 2020, with Sky Sports, showing one afternoon match per day including one semi-final and the final which are usually shown on BBC Two. BBC Radio covers the four Grand Slam tournaments – the,, and – on and,

For most recent Wimbledon tournament in 2021, and hosted full coverage on Radio 5 Live, with expert analysis from Marion Bartoli,,,, Chanda Rubin, Annabel Croft, Miles Maclagan, and, The team of commentators is led by the BBC’s tennis correspondent,, along with Gigi Salmon, David Law,,, Iain Carter, Alison Mitchell and Sara Orchard.

How can I watch Sky Sports?

Watch Sky Sports. This content is available on our Sky Sports Mobile, Sky Go or Now TV app.

What TNT stand for?

TNT is a powerful explosive substance. TNT is an abbreviation for ` trinitrotoluene. ‘

Is ESPN a sports channel?

What’s ESPN? ESPN is a basic cable network dedicated to all things sports.

Is Man City vs Fulham on TV?

The clash won’t be broadcast live in the UK, but you can keep across all of the action via the official Man City app, as well as the key moments on Twitter: @ManCity.