What Challenge Did Archie Battersbee Do?


What Challenge Did Archie Battersbee Do

What is the Archie Battersbee challenge?

Archie Battersbee’s mother tells inquest she doesn’t know if he did TikTok ‘ blackout challenge ‘ and believes the 12-year-old died after ‘accidentally falling from a bannister’

What activity was Archie Battersbee doing?

No evidence Archie Battersbee took part in TikTok challenge, coroner says

  • There is no evidence on Archie Battersbee’s phone to suggest that he had taken part in a TikTok challenge before he died, a coroner has said.
  • The 12-year-old was found unconscious with a ligature over his head at his home in April and died five months later when his life support was switched off after a legal battle between his parents and doctors.
  • His mother, Hollie Dance, said she believed he may have taken part in an online “blackout” challenge.
  • Archie had been “using and accessing TikTok” on the day he was discovered unconscious, an inquest review hearing was told on Tuesday.
  • “There are no photographs or videos on the download that suggest Archie was taking part in any online challenge,” Lincoln Brookes, a senior coroner, told the inquest in Essex.
  • “There’s no evidence at this stage to substantiate the concern, the fear of Ms Dance, about the choking challenge or the blackout challenge, whether on TikTok or frankly on any other platform or provider.”
  • Most of his search content was around “MMA fighters, boxing or music videos”, he said.

What Challenge Did Archie Battersbee Do Image: Pic: Hollie Dance What Challenge Did Archie Battersbee Do

  1. Police asked for ‘full forensic download’
  2. The hearing was told that the police commissioned a “full forensic download” of the boy’s phone.
  3. Officers took evidence from it on 7 April and then again on 13 June, the hearing in Chelmsford was told.
  4. They found “a series of messages which reflected Archie’s mood”, Essex Police Detective Inspector Sarah Weeks said.
  5. “It’s low mood we’re looking at here, very low mood.”

What Challenge Did Archie Battersbee Do Image: Hollie Dance and other family members outside the Royal London hospital where Archie was treated

  • Archie was found unconscious at his home in Southend, Essex, on 7 April.
  • Before his death, Archie’s parents, Ms Dance and Paul Battersbee, failed in their bid to overturn a High Court ruling that doctors could lawfully switch off his life support.
  • They were being supported by Christian campaigners who were also linked to the cases of and,

What Challenge Did Archie Battersbee Do Image: Mourners release purple balloons at Archie’s funeral

  1. Ms Dance later, a campaign for the parents of sick children to get more support and choice in the treatment of their child.
  2. She said she believed turning off Archie’s life support was not in his best interest, despite doctors’ reports he was brain stem dead.
  3. After the hearing, Ms Dance appeared tearful and said she did not wish to comment further.
  4. The full inquest, set for 7 February, will cover Archie’s medical cause of death and his “state of mind and his intentions on April 7 2022”.
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: No evidence Archie Battersbee took part in TikTok challenge, coroner says

What was the accident that happened to Archie Battersbee?

Archie Battersbee died as result of prank or experiment gone wrong, coroner rules died as a result of an accident during a “prank or experiment that went wrong”, a coroner has ruled. The 12-year-old’s life support was withdrawn last August, months after he was found unconscious with a ligature around his neck at home in,, on 7 April.

  • At an inquest into his death in Chelmsford,, senior coroner Lincoln Brookes described the schoolboy as a “complex” child.
  • Recording a conclusion of accidental death, he said that Archie “hadn’t intended to harm himself but had done so inadvertently during a prank or experiment that went wrong”.
  • Mr Brookes said he was satisfied that Archie “put his head in a noose or put a cord round his neck”.
  • “I think he did so without necessarily a good reason: 12-year-old boys don’t always have reasons,” Mr Brookes said.
  • “I think it may just be a case of curiosity – what does it feel like?”
  • He said that “something very similar happened the night before”, when Archie’s sister saw him putting a cord around his head to try to pull a door closed.
  • “This was an accident that went wrong, either a prank to shock his mum as she came out of the bedroom to find him doing something shocking or reckless, or just experimenting to see what it was like to do this,” Mr Brookes said.

Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30-day free trial “It probably went wrong very quickly and very badly.” He said it was “possible” that Archie had been taking part in an online challenge but he had not seen evidence of this.

Archie Battersbee’s mother and father, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee outside the Royal Courts of Justice He said he had considered a conclusion of suicide but ruled this out, adding: “It seems to me that while there were periods of low mood and very low mood during the previous 12 months, in the days preceding his death I haven’t received any evidence of that.” “He was full of energy, he was very physical, he was at times very bored,” said Mr Brookes.

“He liked to shock those around him, perhaps even more so those he cared about. He liked to trick, he liked sometimes to carry out acts, or some might describe them as stunts, that would alarm people.” He said that Archie had shared with peers in Whatsapp groups “and did a couple of times express to his mother, that he was very low and questioning whether it was all worth it”.

  1. A tearful Ms Dance told of finding her son unresponsive by their staircase before running outside and screaming for help.
  2. She said: “I was crying hysterically, I was saying ‘please don’t leave mummy, I love you little man’.
  3. “I repeated that over and over, I just didn’t want him to leave me.”
  4. Asked by Mr Brookes how she thinks her son died, Ms Dance replied: “I think he climbed on the bannister and probably fell, causing serious injury to his neck, resulting in unconsciousness.”
  5. She said she believed her son’s death was an accident.
  6. Detective Sergeant Tiffany Gore said that Archie had written in Whatsapp messages about being depressed and having thoughts of self-harm.
  7. In one, the youngster wrote: “That’s why I’m so depressed all the time and I don’t cut my wrists but I have tried and thought about killing myself.”
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Detective Inspector Sarah Weeks said: “On the day of the incident Archie was looking forward to his first MMA fight and had chosen the music for his entrance.” She said he had been playing with his pet rabbit and looking to buy a coat. He liked to shock those around him, perhaps even more so those he cared about Essex senior coroner Lincoln Brookes Ms Weeks said Archie was found in an “unusual position on the stairs” and it may not be possible to establish what motivated Archie to place the cord round his neck.

Earlier, Ms Gore told the hearing that officers found a voice note from four days before he died on Archie’s phone. In the audio, a young male voice said: “Oi Archie, do you know why you’re angry? Because your mum wanted you to be an abortion.” Ms Gore said police recovered 695 images and 282 videos from Archie’s phone.

She said that none showed Archie with anything around his head or neck or participating in any challenges.

  • Archie’s older half-sister Lauren Summers said that the day before the incident, Archie was playing, trying to pull a door closed with a cord attached to the top of his head.
  • Ms Dance said Archie was the “apple of my eye”, “well loved” and “protected”.
  • Doctors treating Archie at the in Whitechapel, east, thought he was brain-stem dead and said continued life-support treatment was not in his best interests – a decision his parents,

: Archie Battersbee died as result of prank or experiment gone wrong, coroner rules

Was Archie Battersbee in pain?

In Archie’s best interests – The judge listened to evidence from several medical experts testifying to the devastating nature of his brain damage. She concluded that if he were alive, it would be in Archie’s best interests to stop the life support machines that are supporting him.

Although he is no longer capable of feeling pain (or indeed anything), she found that his body was suffering physical harm from the treatments he was needing to receive, that “”, and that the burdens outweighed the benefits of continued treatment. The courts have reached similar conclusions in other cases.

The legal dispute over Archie’s care might continue for some time yet. However, just as there is no realistic prospect that he will recover, there is no likelihood that the appeal courts will reach a different decision. The conclusion for Archie, sadly, appears foregone.

What did Archie Battersbee MRI show?

The MR angiography performed on Archie showed the absence of blood circulation to the brain inside the skull ‘.69. Dr E, the independent Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care who had been brought in to conduct the brain stem test and who saw the MRI scan of 15th April 2022 said it was a devastating scan.

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What attacked Archie in the woods?

The ‘Riverdale’ crew turned back time, became superheroes, and fought gangs. And yet, nothing will top this moment. What Challenge Did Archie Battersbee Do Custom Image by Annamaria Ward Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the series finale of Riverdale. After 7 Seasons, Riverdale has ended. And in true Riverdale fashion, it did so with many ridiculous (though somehow still charming) moments.

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What is the blackout challenge?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Blackout challenge is an internet challenge based around a choking game, intending to restrict breathing for a set duration of time. It gained widespread notoriety on TikTok in 2021, primarily among children,

What was the blackout game?

What is it? – The blackout challenge is a choking game that involves intentionally trying to choke oneself or another to obtain a brief euphoric state or “high.” Death or serious injury can result if strangulation is prolonged. Those doing the challenge do it privately or broadcast their attempt to friends or followers. The CDC also found that most deaths occurred when a child engaged in the choking game alone and that most parents were unaware of the game before their child’s death.

What was the blackout challenge on TikTok?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Blackout challenge is an internet challenge based around a choking game, intending to restrict breathing for a set duration of time. It gained widespread notoriety on TikTok in 2021, primarily among children,