What Are Tater Tots?


What Are Tater Tots

What are tater tots made from?

What are tater tots? – Made from grated potatoes, spiced and seasoned, then, deep-fried in oil to form the crispy crust. They are versatile as you can pair them with just about anything, and they are just good as a snack on their own.

  • Tater tots versus potato croquettes: Both dishes are made from mashed potatoes all right. But the croquettes have cheese and are breaded with flour and egg before deep-frying.
  • Tater tots versus hash browns: They are very similar, yes! Their only difference is the shape – hash browns are flat while tots are cylindrical.
  • Tater tots versus fries: You can find them in the same aisle in the grocery stores, but these two are not so similar. The tots have a lot of spices and seasonings in them, mashed and then, formed. But the fries are cut-up spuds that are usually salted before serving. So, basically, they are not the same.

What are tater tots called in the UK?

what are tater tots? – If you live anywhere apart from the US, you may have no idea what a tater tot is. They are grated potato formed into small cylinders. Although ‘tater tot’ is a registered trademark for one specific company, it is used as a generic term.

Here in the UK you won’t find ‘tater tots’ in the supermarkets. However you will find hash browns which are basically tater tots formed into a larger, usually triangle shape. In recent years, supermarkets have started stocking mini hash browns. These are almost identical to tater tots and perfect for this recipe.

So here is my Loaded Tater Tot recipe using British ingredients you’ll find in the UK. They’re too tasty for only people in the US to make them! What Are Tater Tots

Are tater tots healthy?

Tater tots are probably one of the most satisfying ways to eat potatoes. Sadly though, the bite-sized cousin of the French fry isn’t exactly in the running for top health foods. A nine-piece serving of tots packs upwards of 160 calories. And odds are good you might eat way more than that in one sitting.

Are tater tots french fries?

You might think tater tots would taste like fries, but fries are just chunks of potatoes that are fried. Tots are potatoes chopped up into tiny bits, then mixed with seasonings and binder (corn flour, I think), so they taste slightly different, as well as having a different consistency.

Are tater tots healthier than fries?

The bustle and chaos of college can put choosing healthy foods near the bottom of a packed priority list. An easy way to eat better is to make smart decisions, even if you’re choosing between late night favorites. Choose by the numbers and you’re sure to pick the champion of these indulgences — perhaps the heavy-weight champion.

  1. BACON vs SAUSAGE Bacon is deemed a breakfast essential by most.
  2. Three slices (about 19 grams) have about 100 calories, 8 grams of fat and over 400 milligrams of sodium.
  3. A link of pork sausage (about 13 grams), however, has only 44 calories, 4 grams of fat and about 100 milligrams of sodium.
  4. Despite the fact that this is less sausage than bacon, the significant increase in fat, calories and sodium in bacon makes it the less healthy choice.

To be even healthier, opt for a turkey or chicken sausage instead of pork. WINNER: SAUSAGE BURGERS vs HOT DOGS Springtime equals cookouts, and cookouts equal burgers and dogs. A standard McDonald’s hamburger (100 grams of food) has 252 calories, 9 grams of fat and almost 500 grams of sodium.

  1. However, burgers are a good source of protein, iron, and zinc, and most people just eat one at a time.
  2. On the other hand, a hot dog in a bun (98 grams of food) is loaded with almost 700 milligrams of sodium, as well as almost 15 grams of fat and 240 calories.
  3. Hot dogs are normally made with processed meat and chemicals that are much worse for you than the pure ground beef of hamburgers.

(Plus you might eat more than one.) WINNER: BURGERS Fries vs Tater Tots A small serving (71 grams) of fast food French fries, for example, has 230 calories and 11 grams of fat. You’ll also be consuming about 160 milligrams of sodium. A serving of tater tots (86 grams) has 160 calories and 8 grams of fat, but packs a whopping 420 milligrams of sodium.

Why are tater tots not vegan?

So Are Tots Vegan? – With the lack of animal products not bearing any weight on making a decent batch of tots, tater tots are usually vegan, Overall, as long as you pay close attention to the oil that the tots are fried in and the seasonings, most tater tots fit vegan criteria.

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Are there tater tots in Europe?

Europe – In the United Kingdom, Ross Frozen Foods once produced “Oven Crunchies” which are no longer available, although generic versions remain widely available., McCain Foods currently produce “Hash Brown Potato Bites” that are similar to classic tater tots.

Why are tater tots American?

Tater Tots, fresh out of the oven. It’s hard to imagine growing up in America without Tater Tots. They are one of the most popular kiddie foods, right up there with chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. The funny thing is the only reason Tater Tots exist is that their creators needed something to do with leftover food waste.

  1. The Tater Tot is the brainchild of two Mormon brothers, F.
  2. Nephi and Golden Grigg, who started a factory on the Oregon-Idaho border that they appropriately named Ore-Ida.
  3. The brothers started the factory in 1951 after being convinced that frozen foods were the next big thing.
  4. According to Eater, between 1945 and 1946, Americans bought 800 million pounds of frozen food.

The brothers soon became the country’s top producers of frozen corn, but their cash cow was frozen french fries. The problem with french fries was that separating the part of the potato used for the fry from the rest of the scraps took a lot of work. But that was fixed after a door-to-door salesman sold them on using a prune sorter. What Are Tater Tots Ore-Ida founder Nephi Grigg. via Mormon Wiki Not wanting to waste all the leftover potatoes, the brothers fed the scraps to their cattle but had to stop when all the starch made the livestock too big. The brothers decided they could try to sell the potato scraps by pressing them into a new shape. What Are Tater Tots An Ore-Ida Tater Tots truck. via Wikimedia Commons Tater Tots arrived in supermarkets in 1956, but they weren’t very popular initially because customers assumed they were worthless because of the low price. After Ore-Ida raised the price, the perceived value of the Tot rose and they were a hit.

  • Initially, the brothers thought that people would fry Tater Tots in oil, but soon learned that they tasted just as good coming out of the oven.
  • Ore-Ida trademarked the name Tater Tots, so other companies sell them under another name, such as Tater Treats and Tater Puffs.
  • By 1964, Ore-Ida was making $31 million annually, but after complaints of nepotism within the company, the Grigg brothers sold it to Heinz for $30 million the following year.

These days, Tater Tots aren’t just for kids. They’ve become a popular dish in upscale restaurants, whether fancied up as Duck Poutine Tots at Sandpiper at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, Tuna & Tots at Cabra in Los Angeles, or as Kaluga Caviar and Tots at Ernest in San Francisco.

Why are tater tots so good?

Often seen as a staple of American comfort food, tater tots are a much-loved food. Tater tots deliciously offer the best of both worlds with a crispy, deep-fried exterior and a creamy center. However, the tater tot has not always been the wildly popular menu item they are today.

Why do tater tots taste different than fries?

You might think tater tots would taste like fries, but fries are just chunks of potatoes that are fried. Tots are potatoes chopped up into tiny bits, then mixed with seasonings and binder (corn flour, I think), so they taste slightly different, as well as having a different consistency.

Can you eat raw tater tots?

FAQs – What do undercooked potatoes taste like? Undercooked potatoes can taste raw, starchy, and tough. They can also have a chalky or mealy texture that is unappetizing. The flavor may need to be fully developed, and the potato may not have reached its desired softness and tenderness.

  • Can you eat potatoes that are pink inside? No, it is not safe to eat potatoes that are pink inside, as the pink color is caused by a buildup of solanine, a naturally occurring toxin in potatoes.
  • Eating undercooked or raw potatoes can lead to digestive issues and severe health problems if consumed in large quantities.

It is recommended to cook potatoes thoroughly before consuming them.

Do tater tots taste good?

The Winning Tater Tot—A Surprise! – When I tell you my friends took their judging duties incredibly seriously, I mean they took this incredibly seriously, They were picking up tots and inspecting them closely to determine crispness. They were comparing notes on how onion-y one tot was compared to another.

  • Nothing brings a group together like the shared goal of judging something.
  • Simply Recipes / Mark Beahm So I wasn’t surprised when they came up with a nearly unanimous answer about which brand reigned supreme, but what did surprise me was that the winner was none other than Target brand tater tots.
  • I didn’t think a store house brand would win out a well-known brand like Ore Ida or even Trader Joe’s.) Yes, you read that right.

TARGET’S MARKET PANTRY TATER TOTS. I added them to the lineup purely because I was at Target getting Ore Ida tots, and yet they blew every other brand out of the water according to my party guests. Here are some of the taste testers’ thoughts: “They weren’t too greasy, the potatoes were well diced, and were the crispiest of the bunch.” “Target’s tater tots were crunchy and creamy, a solid 4 out of 5.” In a close second were the Ore Ida Golden Tater Tots, which were “crunchier, saltier, greasier, but paler in color,” according to one tester.

Each guest was in agreement that the ShopRite brand tots deserved a special mention because they were the only ones with an added onion flavoring. “It gave them a nice punch,” commented one tester. Tater tots are a crowd-favorite snack, and in my opinion, one of the top ways to enjoy the universally beloved potato.

And if you can’t decide which tater tots to buy for a tasty snack or a weeknight dinner side dish, take it from 15 of my friends and me; Target tater tots are the very best of the best.

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Does Mcdonalds sell tater tots?

What Are Tater Tots McDonald’s Australia McDonald’s is introducing tater tots to its menu — officially named Hash Brown Bites — and of course, they’re not available in the United Sates. The Hash Brown Bites are at McDonald’s Australia, and they’re described as “crunchy and golden on the outside and steaming, fluffy potato on the inside.” ~FlUfFy PoTaTo~. McDonald’s Australia The HBB’s are being introduced with the McDonald’s Australia Summer Side Box — a lunch menu item designed for, you guessed it, sharing. The box includes 18 Hash Brown Bites, eight Chicken McNuggets, 12 Chicken McBites, and three dipping sauces. What Are Tater Tots Deputy Editor I like pink, iced coffee, and long walks through the candle section. When I’m not lighting up my favorite scents (probably while testing out new skincare), you can find me writing and editing all of the lifestyle things at Seventeen,

Are potato nuggets the same as tater tots?

  • Notes –
    • Shake Often (every 2-3 minutes)
    • No Oil necessary
    • Cook from Frozen

    Potato Nuggets come under different names such as Potato Gems, Potato Royals, Tator Tots, Potato Rounds, Potato Puffs among others, but are all essentially the same thing. This recipe is based on the McCain Frozen Potato Nuggets but the time and temperature should be similar for other varieties as well. Submitted by Bree, Thanks Bree

    Is tater tots hash browns?

    Hashed browns are shoestring potatoes that have been fried in a skillet or on a griddle. Tater tots are croquettes that were specifically designed to use up potato fragments left over from industrial processing. A tot is a diced potato reformed into a shape. A hash brown is diced potato.

    Are Doritos healthier than potato chips?

    Tortilla Chips vs. Potato Chips: Which Is the Lesser of Two Evils? Media Platforms Design Team In Clean Eating Dreamland, every snack spread you encounter is stocked with fresh crudité and organic mixed nuts. Here in reality, of course, the options aren’t so abundant. We’ve all sidled up to the party snack table that’s got nothing but jumbo bags of potato chips and corn chips—essentially, two different kinds of high-calorie, fat-soaked carb slabs.

    That rumble in your stomach isn’t going to take care of itself, though, so which do you choose? It’s time for a food face-off. MORE: Potato chips get a bad start with 15 more calories per serving than tortilla chips. Both chips have little to offer when it comes to protein and fiber—so that’s a draw. But fats make things interesting: While tortilla chips have less saturated fat than potato chips, they also have almost 10 times the trans fat.

    Sure, a serving only has 0.2 grams of trans fat, but those little amounts add up quickly when the WHO daily recommended limit is only 2 g per day. Next: Vitamins and minerals. Neither chip has much, but potato chips edge out tortillas with 8% of your daily value for calcium and 7% of your daily value for sodium.

    How many calories is 10 tater tots?

    Frozen – Great Value

    Nutrition Facts
    For a Serving Size of 10 pieces (84g)
    How many calories are in Tater Tots? Amount of calories in Tater Tots: Calories 160 Calories from Fat 72 (45%)
    % Daily Value *
    How much fat is in Tater Tots? Amount of fat in Tater Tots: Total Fat 8g

    Why are McDonald’s fries not vegan?

    Unfortunately for vegan American McDonald’s fans, the fries there aren’t plant-based. This is because one of the ingredients is ‘natural beef flavoring,’ which contains milk. ‘When our suppliers partially fry our cut potatoes, they use an oil blend that contains beef flavoring,’ the McDonald’s website states.

    Why are McDonald’s fries vegan?

    All McDonald’s use vegetable fat for cooking (not animal-based), but the type varies in different countries. The UK outlets use rapeseed and sunflower oil, making them vegan, while canola, soybean, and corn are used in the US.

    Why are McDonald’s hash browns not vegan?

    Since we started VeggL and began producing vegan guides for popular chain restaurants across the US, two of the questions that we have received the most both pertain to McDonald’s. Everyone asks if the fries are vegan (not in the US they’re not) and the question we’re going to discuss here: Are McDonald’s Hash Browns Vegan? The short answer here is, no, McDonald’s Hash Browns are not vegan.

    Is tater tots a potato?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tater tots

    Course Entrée or side dish, sometimes as part of a main course
    Place of origin United States
    Region or state Ontario, Oregon
    Created by
    Serving temperature Hot
    Main ingredients Potato
    Variations Veggie tots
    Food energy (per serving) (serving size: 86 g) 160 kcal
    • Cookbook: Tater tots
    • Media: Tater tots

    Tater tots are grated potatoes formed into small cylinders and deep-fried, often served as a side dish, The name “tater tot” is a registered trademark of the American frozen food company Ore-Ida, but is often used as a generic term, “Tater” is short for potato, Ore-Ida also market a coin-shaped version called “Crispy Crowns”.

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    Why are tater tots unhealthy?

    Crispy, salty, greasy tater tots may be a cafeteria favorite, but they aren’t necessarily healthy. Even if you bake them from frozen rather than frying them, they’ve already had a significant amount of fat added during processing.

    What makes tater tots stick together?

    Re-Fried – I reached for a bag of frozen Perfect Thin & Crisp French Fries that I always have sitting in my freezer and tossed them in the food processor to go for a spin. To the crunched-up fries, I added my starch and other seasonings. Serious Eats/J.

    • Enji Lopez-Alt The results were spot-on: crisp, moist, and fluffy.
    • Serious Eats/J.
    • Enji Lopez-Alt Why is it that the frozen fries worked perfectly, but the bits of Ore-Ida potatoes turned to mush? Then it hit me: when I was rinsing off those potatoes, I wasn’t just rinsing away starch and flavorings.

    I was also rinsing away oil—a whole lot of it. I’d assumed that the oil content of the Tater Tots came 100% from the deep-frying process (they are par-fried before being frozen and bagged), but the fact that my oil-coated French fries worked out so well indicated that there was most likely oil inside the Tots as well.

    • Anyone who’s tried my French fry recipe, knows that it’s long-winded and finicky, to say the least (much like my articles).
    • Was there really no way to make great Tater Tots without first having to make great fries? What role was the oil playing anyway? Well, here’s the thing.
    • We know that what keeps the Tater Tots stuck together is a combination of two pretty sticky things: moist starches and proteins.

    The more they come in contact with each other, the stickier they become, and the tighter/gummier the Tater Tots will be. Oil can lubricate individual pieces of potato and starch, preventing them from rubbing up against each other too hard. Oil is like a chastity belt for starches that just really wanna get it on.

    In this respect, Tater Tots in many ways are like a pie crust. In order to get a pie crust that’s both flaky and tender, you need to get the right balance of moistened flour proteins to give it structure, while at the same time adding enough fat (in the form of butter, lard, or shortening) to prevent the flour proteins from turning into one giant, stiff, leathery sheet.

    Knowing this, I tried another simple test: I cut a couple potatoes into rough chunks and lowered them into a wokful of hot oil, cooking them just until they were softened through and a very pale golden brown. I let these potatoes cool, then pulsed them a few times in the food processor to get the slivers I needed.

    • After adding in my starch, salt, and sugar, I re-fried them.
    • Serious Eats/J.
    • Enji Lopez-Alt Total success! In your face, Ore-Ida! Thus far, I’d managed to pull together a near-identical homemade version of a packaged Tater Tot.
    • What’s the problem with that? Well, why on earth would anybody bother peeling, frying, chopping, shaping and re-frying their own Tots when you can easily buy a package of frozen ones that are just as good? One word: Bacon.

    Two words: Bacon and cheddar. And chives. Three words. Bacon, cheddar, and chives. And pepperoni. Amongst the ingredients that can be added to homemade Tater Tots are such diverse elements as. ah, forget it. One different word: Customization. As soon as we saw SE member Cassaendra’s photo of the Sweet Potato Tots from Original Steak & Hoagies on her Flickr account, we got the flavor wheels turning here at the office, coming up with Pepperoni Pizza Tots, Twice Baked Potater-Tots (with sour cream for dipping!), Spanish Chorizo Tater-Tots ( nobody expects the Spanish Tater Tots!), Sweet PoTater Tots (with a touch of honey!), and Buffalo Tater Tots, amongst others.

    Once the basic technique is down, it’s really easy to add in whatever flavorings you’d like (and of course, we’d love to hear your best ideas). Serious Eats/J. Kenji Lopez-Alt The only thing you have to be careful of is this: Serious Eats/J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Add too many flavorings, and your Tots won’t hold together when you fry them, which’ll not only mess up your snack, it’ll also send annoying bits of potato swimming around the oil, which will then have to be filtered before you can start over.

    And don’t overprocess. Two things you have to be careful about. When processing the potatoes, do not overprocess them, or they will turn to glue, quite literally. Pulse them just enough to break them down. If a few large pieces of potatoes remain, no problem—break them up with your fingers in the bowl.

    • Overprocessing will release a ton of starch, and all the oil in the world ain’t going to help.
    • I did find that if you accidentally overprocess, you can actually add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon or so of baking powder to the mix and it’ll help keep things a little lighter.
    • That’s last-ditch effort problem-solving though.

    Better not to get yourself into that mess in the first place.

    Are tater tots gluten free?

    The Bottom Line – Tater tots are made from potatoes, oil, salt, and not much else. However, most store-bought brands of tater tots are not certified gluten-free, which means that they could be subject to cross-contamination during manufacturing. Ore-Ida potatoes are the exception: rest assured that they are definitely gluten-free! When you order tater tots from fast food or a sit-down restaurant, be picky about the process.