What Time Is Strictly On Tonight


What Time Is Strictly On Tonight

This article provides information on the schedule and broadcasting details of the popular TV show “Strictly Come Dancing”. If you’re a fan of dance and entertainment, this is a must-read!

Strictly Come Dancing, also known as Strictly, is a British television show that features celebrities paired with professional dancers as they compete in various ballroom dance styles. The show has gained a massive following over the years and has become a staple in the entertainment industry.

The show typically airs on Saturday nights on BBC One and has a primetime slot, making it a perfect choice for a cozy night in. The show’s format includes a live audience and a panel of judges who provide feedback and scores for each performance.

Strictly Come Dancing features a variety of dance styles, including the waltz, tango, salsa, and many more. Each week, the couples perform routines to impress both the judges and the viewers at home. The show is known for its dazzling costumes, breathtaking choreography, and memorable performances.

So, if you’re wondering what time Strictly Come Dancing is on tonight, make sure to tune in to BBC One at the scheduled time. Get ready to be entertained by the impressive dance moves, the passionate performances, and the nail-biting moments that make Strictly one of the most beloved shows on television.

Showtime and Channel

Strictly Come Dancing is on tonight at the following times:


The show airs at 7:15 PM on BBC One.


If you are in the United States, you can catch Strictly Come Dancing at 8:00 PM EST on BBC America.


For viewers in Australia, the show will be broadcast at 7:30 PM on Channel Seven.


In India, the show can be watched at 9:00 PM on Colors Infinity.

Contestants and Dance Styles

Strictly Come Dancing features a diverse cast of celebrities who are paired up with professional dancers. Each week, the contestants perform different dance styles to impress the judges and the audience.

The dance styles featured on the show include ballroom dances such as the waltz, foxtrot, tango, and quickstep. There are also Latin American dances like the cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, and jive.

Throughout the competition, the celebrities and their partners work tirelessly to perfect their routines and showcase their skills on the dancefloor. The show often introduces unique and creative dances, which challenge the contestants to step out of their comfort zones and explore new styles.

Each week, the contestants are allocated a different dance style, and they must adapt their performances accordingly. This allows the audience to see the celebrities tackle a variety of dances and witness their progress as the competition unfolds.

Whether it’s the elegance of the waltz, the passion of the tango, or the energy of the jive, there’s always something exciting to look forward to on Strictly Come Dancing.

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Judging Panel and Score System

The judging panel of the show “Strictly Come Dancing” consists of renowned dance professionals and celebrities who have a background in dance. They are responsible for evaluating and providing feedback on the performances of the celebrity contestants. The judging panel plays a crucial role in determining the scores and ultimately deciding who progresses in the competition.

The current judging panel includes:

1. Shirley Ballas

Shirley Ballas is the head judge of “Strictly Come Dancing”. With her impressive dancing career and extensive knowledge of various dance styles, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the panel.

2. Bruno Tonioli

Bruno Tonioli is a flamboyant and animated Italian choreographer, known for his enthusiastic judging style. His vibrant personality and vast experience in the dance industry make him a popular choice among viewers.

3. Craig Revel Horwood

Craig Revel Horwood is known for his often blunt and critical remarks, earning him the reputation of being the show’s “Mr. Nasty”. However, his years of experience as a professional dancer and choreographer make his opinion highly valued.

4. Motsi Mabuse

Motsi Mabuse is a former professional dancer and the sister of Oti Mabuse, who won the show as a professional dancer in 2019. With her dancing background, Motsi brings a unique perspective to the judging panel.

The judges use a score system to rate the performances. Each judge assigns a score from 1 to 10, with a maximum possible score of 40 for each couple. The scores are then combined with the public votes to determine the bottom two couples who have to compete in the dance-off. The judging panel’s scores carry significant weight in the decision-making process, but the public’s votes also play a crucial role in determining the final outcome of the competition.

Throughout the season, the judges provide constructive criticism and guidance to the celebrity contestants, helping them improve their dance skills and performances. The judging panel’s expertise and feedback contribute to the overall excitement and drama of the show.

Previous Winners and Memorable Moments

Strictly Come Dancing has seen many talented celebrities take home the coveted Glitterball Trophy over the years. Here are some of the previous winners who have left a lasting impression on the show:

2019: Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher, best known for his role on the soap opera Emmerdale, wowed the judges and viewers with his incredible dancing skills. Despite having no previous dance experience, Kelvin consistently delivered memorable performances and eventually won the competition alongside his professional partner Oti Mabuse.

2018: Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley, a documentary filmmaker and journalist, surprised everyone with her natural talent on the dance floor. Known for her hard work and determination, she formed a winning partnership with professional dancer Kevin Clifton and became the champion of Strictly Come Dancing in 2018.

Memorable Moments

Strictly Come Dancing has provided us with countless memorable moments throughout its history. From dazzling performances to unexpected eliminations, the show always keeps viewers on their toes. One such moment was when Ed Balls, former Member of Parliament, performed an unforgettable salsa routine that divided the judges and left audiences in awe. Another unforgettable moment was when Aston Merrygold, a member of the boyband JLS, found himself in the bottom two and shockingly eliminated from the competition, despite being a frontrunner throughout the season.

These are just a few examples of the incredible talent and unforgettable moments that Strictly Come Dancing has brought to our screens. With each new season, we eagerly anticipate the next batch of celebrities and professionals who will compete for the Glitterball Trophy.

Hosts and Presenters

Strictly Come Dancing is hosted by Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman. Tess Daly has been the main host of the show since it first aired in 2004. She is known for her engaging and professional presenting style. Claudia Winkleman joined the show as co-host in 2014, bringing her own unique charm and energy to the show.

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The judges for Strictly Come Dancing are Craig Revel Horwood, Shirley Ballas, Motsi Mabuse, and Bruno Tonioli. Craig Revel Horwood is known for his honest and often harsh criticisms, while Shirley Ballas is the head judge and brings her years of experience as a professional dancer to the panel. Motsi Mabuse joined the show in 2019 and added a fresh perspective as a professional dancer and sister of Oti Mabuse, a former Strictly Come Dancing champion. Bruno Tonioli is a flamboyant and theatrical judge who always adds a touch of showmanship to the panel.

Behind the Scenes: Rehearsals and Costume Design

Behind the glitz and glamour of Strictly Come Dancing lies a world of hard work and creativity in the form of rehearsals and costume design. This behind-the-scenes process gives us a glimpse into the dedication and talent required to put on a show of this caliber.

Rehearsals are a fundamental part of the Strictly experience, and they play a crucial role in helping the celebrities and their professional partners perfect their dance routines. Hours of practice are dedicated to mastering the intricate steps and movements that will be showcased on live television. In the rehearsal studio, dancers and choreographers work closely together to create stunning performances that captivate the audience.

Costume design is another essential aspect of Strictly Come Dancing. The elaborate and dazzling outfits worn by the dancers are carefully crafted to enhance the overall visual appeal of the performances. Designers work closely with the celebrities and professional dancers to create unique costumes that not only fit their individual styles but also reflect the theme and mood of each dance. The process involves selecting fabrics, embellishments, and accessories that will make the dancers shine on the dancefloor.

Behind the scenes, the costume department buzzes with activity as designers, seamstresses, and stylists work tirelessly to bring their creations to life. Attention to detail is paramount, as every sequin, feather, and stitch must be meticulously placed to ensure that the costumes are both visually stunning and functional for the dancers.

The dedication and creativity of the Strictly Come Dancing team shine through in the final product. Behind the scenes, countless hours of preparation and hard work culminate in the breathtaking performances we see on television. The rehearsals and costume design play a vital role in making Strictly Come Dancing the beloved and iconic show that it is.

Strictly Come Dancing Tour

The Strictly Come Dancing Tour is an annual event that takes place after the television series of Strictly Come Dancing. The tour gives fans the opportunity to see their favorite celebrities and professional dancers perform live on stage across various cities in the UK.

The tour showcases the best performances from the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing, with the celebrity contestants and their professional partners recreating their most memorable routines. The audience gets to witness the incredible dancing and experience the electric atmosphere that Strictly Come Dancing is known for.

The tour also features special performances from the professional dancers, who showcase their extraordinary skill and talent in solo and group routines. The performances are accompanied by live music from a band and sung by professional vocalists.

Tour Dates

The Strictly Come Dancing Tour usually takes place in January and February, immediately following the television series’ finale. The tour visits various cities in the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

Each city typically hosts multiple shows, allowing fans from different regions to enjoy the live experience of the show. The tour dates and venues are announced in advance, and tickets can be purchased through official channels.

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Behind the Scenes

The Strictly Come Dancing Tour offers fans a unique behind-the-scenes experience. Alongside the live performances, the tour also includes exclusive video footage, interviews, and interactive segments with the celebrities and professional dancers.

Fans can witness the camaraderie among the cast and crew, as well as gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of being part of the Strictly Come Dancing experience. The behind-the-scenes elements make the tour a must-see event for any Strictly Come Dancing fan.

Note: The tour schedule and details may vary each year, so it is recommended to check the official Strictly Come Dancing website or official social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

Fan Community and Social Media Hashtags

Fan Community and Social Media Hashtags

Strictly Come Dancing has a dedicated and passionate fan community who love to discuss and share their thoughts about the show on social media. If you want to connect with other fans and stay updated on all things Strictly, here are some popular hashtags to use:

#Strictly: This is the main hashtag used by fans to talk about the show. Use it to join conversations, share your favorite moments, and discuss the latest performances.

#StrictlyComeDancing: Another widely used hashtag, this one is often used by fans to share their excitement about the show, as well as to post behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

#Team[Name]: Each dance couple on the show has their own dedicated fanbase, who come up with creative team names and hashtags to show their support. For example, if you’re a fan of the couple featuring Joe and Amy, you can use the hashtag #TeamJoeAmy.

#StrictlySpoiler: This hashtag is used by fans who just can’t wait for the show to air and want to find out the results before they are officially announced. Be careful with this one, though, as it may contain spoilers!

These hashtags are a great way to connect with other fans, find entertaining content, and participate in online discussions. So don’t be shy – join the Strictly fan community on social media and share your love for the show!


What time does Strictly Come Dancing come on tonight?

Tonight’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing airs at 7:40 PM.

What channel is Strictly Come Dancing on?

Strictly Come Dancing is broadcasted on BBC One.

Is there a schedule for this season of Strictly Come Dancing?

Yes, there is a schedule for the current season of Strictly Come Dancing. It can be found on the official BBC website or in TV listings.

Are there any special guests on tonight’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing?

Yes, there will be special guests on tonight’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing. The official lineup of guests can be found on the BBC website.

Can I watch Strictly Come Dancing online?

Yes, you can watch Strictly Come Dancing online through the BBC iPlayer. The episodes are usually available to stream shortly after they air on television.

What time does “Strictly Come Dancing” start tonight?

The exact start time for “Strictly Come Dancing” tonight varies depending on the location and the broadcaster. You can check the TV listings or the official schedule of the broadcasting channel to find out the specific time for your area.

What channel is “Strictly Come Dancing” on tonight?

“Strictly Come Dancing” is aired on different channels in different countries. In the UK, it is usually broadcasted on BBC One. However, in other countries, it might be broadcasted on different networks. You can check your local TV listings to find out the channel on which “Strictly Come Dancing” is airing tonight in your area.