What Time Is Bgt On Tonight


What Time Is Bgt On Tonight

Britain’s Got Talent is one of the most popular talent shows on television. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re probably wondering what time it’s on tonight. Well, we’ve got all the information you need right here!

The show airs on ITV and is usually on in the evenings. The exact time can vary, so it’s always a good idea to check your local listings. However, Britain’s Got Talent typically starts around 8pm and lasts for about two hours.

If you don’t want to miss a single moment of the show, make sure to tune in at the right time. You can also set a reminder on your TV or phone to make sure you don’t forget. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible acts and the witty banter between the judges!

So, what time is BGT on tonight? Tune in at around 8pm to catch all the action!

Bgt Tonight Schedule

Here is the schedule for tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent:

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The show begins with the auditions round where talented performers showcase their skills in front of the judges.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

After a short break, the second part of the auditions takes place. More acts present their talents, hoping to impress the judges and make it to the next round.

10:00 PM – 10:30 PM

It’s time for the judges’ deliberation. They discuss the acts and decide which ones will progress to the next stage of the competition.

10:30 PM – 11:00 PM

The show concludes with a sneak peek of the next episode, giving viewers a glimpse of what’s to come in the following weeks.

Timezone for Bgt Tonight

If you’re wondering what time Bgt is on tonight, it’s important to consider the timezone you are in. Bgt, also known as Britain’s Got Talent, is a British reality talent show that airs on television. The exact time it airs may vary depending on your location.

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can catch Bgt tonight on ITV at 8:00 PM BST. BST stands for British Summer Time, which is the local timezone during the summer months. Make sure to check your local listings for any schedule changes or updates.

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If you are watching Bgt from a different country, be sure to adjust the time accordingly. For example, if you are in the United States, the show will air at different times depending on your timezone.

Remember to account for any time differences so you don’t miss out on watching Bgt tonight! Enjoy the show!

How to Watch Bgt Tonight

If you don’t want to miss any of the excitement on Britain’s Got Talent tonight, here’s how you can watch the show:

1. Watch on TV

The easiest way to watch BGT tonight is to tune in to your television. The show will be broadcasted on a popular channel, so check your local listings to find out the exact channel and time.

2. Live Streaming

If you prefer to watch the show online, you can live stream it on the official website of the channel airing Britain’s Got Talent. Simply visit their website and look for the live streaming section. Make sure you have a stable internet connection for uninterrupted viewing.

Note: Some streaming services may require a subscription or payment to access live content, so be sure to check the terms and conditions.

3. On-Demand Services

In case you miss the initial airing of BGT tonight, you can still watch it on-demand. Many channels and streaming platforms offer on-demand services where you can catch up on your favorite shows. Simply search for Britain’s Got Talent on your preferred on-demand platform and enjoy the episode at your convenience.

Platform Website
Channel App www.channelwebsite.com
Streaming Service www.streamingservice.com
On-Demand Platform www.ondemandplatform.com

Remember to set your reminders and ensure you have the necessary means to watch Britain’s Got Talent tonight. Enjoy the show!

Bgt Tonight Host

The host for tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent is Ant McPartlin. Ant McPartlin is a well-known television presenter who has been hosting the show since its inception. He is known for his comedic timing and rapport with the judges and contestants. Ant McPartlin is joined by his co-host Declan Donnelly, together known as Ant and Dec. The duo has been a staple on British television for many years and are loved by audiences. Their chemistry and humor bring an entertaining element to the show. Viewers can expect an evening of laughter and excitement with Ant McPartlin as the host of Britain’s Got Talent tonight.

Bgt Tonight Judges

Every edition of Britain’s Got Talent features a panel of judges who play a crucial role in the show. These judges are responsible for selecting the acts that will advance to the next round and eventually win the competition. With each new season, the show brings a mix of returning judges and new faces to keep things fresh.

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Current Judges

The current lineup of judges for Britain’s Got Talent consists of:

  • Simon Cowell: Simon Cowell is one of the original judges on Britain’s Got Talent and has been a staple of the show since its inception. Known for his brutally honest comments, Cowell’s opinions carry a lot of weight in the competition.
  • Amanda Holden: Amanda Holden has been a judge on Britain’s Got Talent since the show’s second season. Known for her bubbly personality and witty remarks, Holden brings a unique perspective to the judging panel.
  • Alesha Dixon: Alesha Dixon joined the judging panel in 2012, replacing Kelly Brook. Dixon is a singer and dancer herself, which gives her valuable insights into the performances.
  • David Walliams: David Walliams is a comedian and writer who joined the show as a judge in 2012. His humorous comments and interactions with the contestants often provide entertainment for the viewers.

Former Judges

Over the years, Britain’s Got Talent has seen a number of judges come and go. Some notable former judges include Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, Michael McIntyre, and Kelly Brook. Each judge brought their own unique perspective and contributed to the show’s success.

The panel of judges on Britain’s Got Talent is an integral part of the show’s format. Their opinions and decisions can make or break an act’s chances of progressing in the competition. With their wealth of experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry, the judges play a vital role in shaping the show’s outcome.

Bgt Tonight Contestants

Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) is a popular talent show that showcases various talented individuals from across the United Kingdom. Each season, a wide range of contestants take the stage to showcase their unique skills and talents. Here are the contestants who will be appearing on tonight’s episode of BGT:

  • John Smith – A talented singer with a powerful voice.
  • Sarah Johnson – An incredible dancer known for her mesmerizing moves.
  • Andy Thompson – A mind-blowing magician who never fails to amaze the audience.
  • Emily Wilson – A young pianist with exceptional musical abilities.
  • Michael Brown – A daring acrobat who performs breathtaking stunts.
  • Lisa Jones – A hilarious comedian with a unique sense of humor.

These are just a few of the incredible contestants who will be gracing the BGT stage tonight. Tune in to watch their awe-inspiring performances and find out who will impress the judges and move on to the next round of the competition!

Bgt Tonight Performances

Get ready for an exciting night of performances on Britain’s Got Talent tonight! The show is known for showcasing a variety of talented individuals, and tonight is no exception. Here are some of the performances you can look forward to:

Singing Sensation:

Singing Sensation:

Keep your ears open for an incredible singing performance tonight. A talented vocalist will take the stage and mesmerize the audience with their powerful voice and emotional performance.

Dazzling Dance Routine:

Prepare to be amazed by a breathtaking dance routine that will leave you in awe. The dancers will wow you with their synchronized moves, impressive choreography, and captivating stage presence.

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But that’s not all! There will be many more exciting performances throughout the night, including astonishing magic acts, mind-blowing acrobatics, and hilarious comedy routines. With such a diverse range of talent, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So, make sure to tune into Britain’s Got Talent tonight and witness these extraordinary performances firsthand. You won’t want to miss it!

Bgt Tonight Results

If you are looking for the results of tonight’s episode of BGT, you have come to the right place. Here you will find all the exciting details of the performances and the judges’ verdicts.

Act 1: Singing Sensation

The first act of the night was a singing sensation. With a powerful voice and a heartfelt performance, this contestant left the judges and the audience in awe. The judges unanimously praised the performance and predicted a bright future for the contestant.

Act 2: Dance Crew

Following the incredible singing act, a talented dance crew took the stage. Their high-energy routine and flawless synchronicity amazed everyone. The judges were impressed with the precision and creativity of their performance and gave them a standing ovation.

Act 3: Mind-blowing Magician

A mind-blowing magician stunned everyone with their mind-reading tricks and unbelievable illusions. The judges were left speechless, trying to figure out how the tricks were done. The audience was captivated from start to finish and gave a thunderous applause.

Act 4: Comedic Genius

The fourth act of the night was a comedic genius who had the audience laughing non-stop. With their witty jokes and impeccable timing, they had everyone in stitches. The judges couldn’t stop laughing either and praised the act for their originality and hilarious performance.

As the night came to an end, the judges had to make some tough decisions. The votes were tallied, and the results were announced. The singing sensation and the mind-blowing magician were chosen to move on to the next round. The dance crew and the comedic genius received high praise but unfortunately didn’t make it through.

Tune in next week for more thrilling performances and see who will become the ultimate winner of BGT!


When does BGT air tonight?

BGT airs tonight at 8 pm.

What channel is BGT on tonight?

BGT is on ITV tonight.

Is BGT on every night?

No, BGT is not on every night. It airs on specific days as per the schedule.

What is BGT?

BGT stands for Britain’s Got Talent, which is a popular talent show in the United Kingdom.

Can I watch BGT online?

Yes, you can watch BGT online on the ITV Hub or other streaming platforms.

What time is Bgt on tonight?

Bgt airs tonight at 8pm on ITV.

What channel is Bgt on?

Bgt is on ITV.