Xor Gate Truth Table


Xor Gate Truth Table

What is the truth table of XOR gate?

Difference between XOR and XNOR –

XOR gate XNOR gate
It is known as odd detector It is known as even detector
It starts operating when one of the inputs are different It starts operating when both of the inputs are same
It is also known as the exclusive OR gate It is also known as inclusive OR gate
In the truth table, XOR gives a logical value of 1 when both the inputs are different. In the truth table, XNOR gives a logical value of 1 when both the inputs are the same.
In the symbolic representation of the XOR gate, there is no circle in front of the circuit symbol. In the symbolic representation of the XNOR gate, there is a circle in front of the circuit symbol to indicate inversion or XOR gate.

What is XOR in terms of basic gates?

What is a XOR Gate? – The XOR (Exclusive-OR) Gate is a type of derived logic gate. The XOR gate is a logic gate that has two inputs and one output. The XOR gate produces a HIGH (Logic 1) output when one and only one of its two inputs are HIGH (Logic 1). Hence, the XOR gate produces an output HIGH only when its inputs are not equal. Therefore, the XOR gate is also known as “anti-coincidence gate” or “inequality detector”, The output of the XOR gate is the modulo sum of its inputs, i.e., $$\mathrm +\bar B}$$ Where, A and B are the two input variables to the XOR gate, Y is the output variable of the XOR gate.

Is XOR is a basic gate?

Application of XOR gate – XOR gates are used in circuits that perform arithmetic operations and calculations, especially in half-adders and adders. The ability of the XOR gate to compare two logic levels and give an output dependent upon the input condition is very useful in many computational circuits.

What is the formula for XOR gate?

The XOR operation of inputs A and B is A ⊕ B ; therefore, XNOR operation those inputs will be (A + B) ̅. That means the output of the XOR gate is inverted in the XNOR gate. In the XOR gate operation, the output is only 1 when only one input is 1.

How many gates are there in XOR?

next → ← prev The XOR gate stands for the Exclusive-OR gate. This gate is a special type of gate used in different types of computational circuits. Apart from the AND, OR, NOT, NAND, and NOR gate, there are two special gates, i.e., Ex-OR and Ex-NOR. These gates are not basic gates in their own and are constructed by combining with other logic gates.

  1. Their Boolean output function is significant enough to be considered as a complete logic gate.
  2. The XOR and XNOR gates are the hybrids gates.
  3. The 2-input OR gate is also known as the Inclusive-OR gate because when both inputs A and B are set to 1, the output comes out 1(high).
  4. In the Ex-OR function, the logic output “1” is obtained only when either A=”1″ or B=”1″ but not both together at the same time.
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Simply, the output of the XOR gate is high(1) only when both the inputs are different from each other. The plus(+) sign within the circle is used as the Boolean expression of the XOR gate. So, the symbol of the XOR gate is ⨁. This Ex-OR symbol also defines the “direct sum of sub-objects” expression.

Can XOR have 3 inputs?

Yes. The generalized definition of an XOR gate is that it’s a gate which will produce a logic ‘1’ output if there are an odd number of ‘1’ bits among its inputs. Following that definition, you can define XOR gates having any number of inputs.

Why is XOR not universal?

You can’t create an AND gate (or an OR gate for that matter) with XOR alone, hence it is not a universal set. XOR with AND is a universal set though – which means you can create any Boolean expression with this set.

What is the opposite of XOR gate?

XNOR gate Digital logic gate

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XNOR gate
Input Output
1 0
1 0
1 1 1

The XNOR gate (sometimes ENOR, EXNOR, NXOR, XAND and pronounced as Exclusive NOR ) is a digital whose function is the of the Exclusive OR () gate. It is equivalent to the logical connective ( ↔ ) from, also known as the material biconditional. The two-input version implements, behaving according to the truth table to the right, and hence the gate is sometimes called an “equivalence gate”. A high output (1) results if both of the inputs to the gate are the same. If one but not both inputs are high (1), a low output (0) results. The used to represent the XNOR operation is S = A ⊙ B, The algebraic expressions ( A + B ¯ ) ⋅ ( A ¯ + B ) })\cdot ( }+B)} and A ⋅ B + A ¯ ⋅ B ¯ }\cdot }} both represent the XNOR gate with inputs A and B,

What is the XOR value?

XOR or eXclusive OR is a logical operation that compares the input values (bits) and generates the output value (bit). The exclusive OR logic is very simple. If the input values are the same, the output is 0 (or false). If the input values are different, the result is 1 (or true).

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A ⋅ B ‾ + A ‾ ⋅ B = Y A \cdot \overline + \overline \cdot B = Y ; or A ⊕ B = Y A\oplus B = Y

To implement a binary XOR operation in electronic circuits, we use XOR gates. In the next section, we will see what an XOR gate is.

Can XOR have 4 inputs?

Different types of XOR Gates – There are several types of XOR gates, including the standard 2-input XOR gate, as well as gates with more than two inputs.

2-Input XOR Gate 3-Input XOR Gate: This type of XOR gate has three inputs and one output. The output is high if an odd number of inputs are high, and low if an even number of inputs are high. 4-Input XOR Gate: This type of XOR gate has four inputs and one output. The output is high if an odd number of inputs are high, and low if an even number of inputs are high. e X clusive- N ot-OR ( XNOR Gate ): This gate is sometimes referred to as the “equivalence” gate because its output is high if both inputs are the same (either both high or both low), and low if the inputs are different (one high and one low).

Xor Gate Truth Table Let’s get into the advantages and disadvantages of using XOR Gates.

Why is XOR exclusive?

What Does Exclusive Or Mean? – Exclusive or (XOR, EOR or EXOR) is a logical operator which results true when either of the operands are true (one is true and the other one is false) but both are not true and both are not false. In logical condition making, the simple “or” is a bit ambiguous when both operands are true.

How fast is an XOR gate?

The all-optical XOR gate is logically designed for various input data with a continuous-wave (CW) laser in the RSOA-MZI structure. It is also designed to perform various arithmetic and logical operation. The operating speed of all- optical XOR gate is 300 Gbps.

How to create XOR?

Alternatives – XOR gate circuit using three mixed gates If a specific type of gate is not available, a circuit that implements the same function can be constructed from other available gates. A circuit implementing an XOR function can be trivially constructed from an XNOR gate followed by a NOT gate, If we consider the expression, we can construct an XOR gate circuit directly using AND, OR and NOT gates, However, this approach requires five gates of three different kinds. As alternative, if different gates are available we can apply Boolean algebra to transform as stated above, and apply de Morgan’s Law to the last term to get which can be implemented using only three gates as shown on the right. intuitively, XOR is equivalent to OR except for when both A and B are high. So the AND of the OR with then NAND that gives a low only when both A and B are high is equivalent to the XOR.

An XOR gate circuit can be made from four NAND gates, In fact, both NAND and NOR gates are so-called “universal gates” and any logical function can be constructed from either NAND logic or NOR logic alone. If the four NAND gates are replaced by NOR gates, this results in an XNOR gate, which can be converted to an XOR gate by inverting the output or one of the inputs (e.g.

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with a fifth NOR gate ).

Desired gate NAND construction NOR construction

An alternative arrangement is of five NOR gates in a topology that emphasizes the construction of the function from, noting from de Morgan’s Law that a NOR gate is an inverted-input AND gate, Another alternative arrangement is of five NAND gates in a topology that emphasizes the construction of the function from, noting from de Morgan’s Law that a NAND gate is an inverted-input OR gate,

Desired gate NAND construction NOR construction

For the NAND constructions, the upper arrangement requires fewer gates. For the NOR constructions, the lower arrangement offers the advantage of a shorter propagation delay (the time delay between an input changing and the output changing).

What is the maximum XOR code?

When XOR value is maximum? For a given number N, the maximum possible XOR value is 2^log2(N) + 1. That is the value when all bits of N are turned to 1.

What is the logic symbol for XOR gate?

Symbol of XOR Gate – There exist three schematic symbols for XOR gates. They can be given the traditional ANSI, DIN, and IEC symbols. In a few cases, the DIN symbol is used with ‘⊕’ instead of ‘#.’ (Image will be uploaded soon) The logic symbols (⊕, Jpq, and v) can be used to represent an XOR operation in algebraic expressions.

What is XNOR gate with its truth table?

Exclusive-NOR gate: Definition, Symbol and Boolean expression of Exclusive-NOR gate, Diagram Table of Content: Download the Complete Guide to NEET UG Prep Exclusive-NOR gate or XNOR gate is formed by combining the Exclusive-OR gate (XOR gate) and the NOT gate.

On analysing the XNOR truth table, we understand that the output is similar to the standard NOR gate except that the output of the XNOR gate is high when both inputs are high. The output of EX-NOR gate is 1 when both the inputs are 1 (high) and if both the inputs are 0 (low). If either one of the input is 1 (high) the output will be 0 (low).

In other words, both the inputs should be in the same logic level for the output to be 1. A simple NOR gate symbol can be denoted by a standard OR gate with an inversion bubble connected. The logic symbol of an Exclusive-NOR gate is an XOR gate (Exclusive-OR gate) with the “inversion bubble” or the circle in front.

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img class=’aligncenter wp-image-189362 size-full’ src=’https://www.saradaschool.in/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/kishajokaejaevaexe.png’ alt=’Xor Gate Truth Table’ /> One easier way of constructing the XNOR gate is from using a single gate like the AND gate. Xor Gate Truth Table Some of the application of XNOR gate is in

Encryption and arithmetic circuits Error-detecting circuits to find odd parity and even parity in digital data transmission.

How many XOR gates does the 7486 have?

This device contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic exclusive-OR function.