Up Board Time Table


What is the shift timing for UP Board exam?

The date sheet contains important details including exam dates, time and important instructions. UP board exams will be held in two shifts – morning shift (8:00 AM to 11:15 AM) and evening shift (2 PM to 5:15 PM).3 hours will be provided for writing the answers and 15 minutes are for reading the question paper.

How do you calculate up board?

How to calculate UP Board Grade Point Average using percentage? – To calculate Grade Points, students must use the following formula: CGPA Formula = Total of grade points obtained in subjects / Total number of subjects. Candidate can calculate grade points for each theory subject using the table given below:

Range of Marks Grade Allotted Grade points
91-100 A1 10
81-90 A2 9
71-80 B1 8
61-70 B2 7
51-60 C1 6
41-50 C2 5
33-40 D 4
21-32 E1
Less than 21 E2


  • After calculating grade point of each subject, add all the grade points.
  • Divide the grade points with the total number of subjects and the final value obtained by calculation will UP Board GPA.
  • For example, Students must get at least grade point D in order to pass the UP Board Exam. Refer to the table for clarity on how to calculate grade point average:

    Subject Grades Grade Points
    English B1 8
    Hindi B2 7
    Maths C1 6
    Science B2 7
    Social Science B2 7
    Total of Grade points 35

    GPA= Total of Grade points/ Total no. of Subjects(Here 5) GPA = 35/ 5 =7 Here Overall GPA is 7 and Grade Point is B2.

    What is the timing of UP high school exam?

    UP Board Exam Date Sheet 2024 Class 10 –

    Exam Date Morning Shift (8 am to 11: 15 pm) Afternoon Shift (2 pm to 5:15 pm)
    February 2024 Hindi, Primary Hindi
    February 2024 Pali, Arbi, Farsi Music
    February 2024 Home Science
    February 2024 Maths Computer
    February 2024 Sanskrit, Music instrumental
    February 2024 Commerce Sewing
    February 2024 Agriculture Human science/ Retail trading/ Security/ Automobiles/ IT/ ITES
    February 2024 Drawing/ Ranjan arts
    February 2024 Science
    March 2024 English
    March 2024 Gujarati/ Urdu/ Punjabi/ Bengali/ Marathi/ Assamese/ Oriya/ Kannada/ Kashmiri/ Sindhi/ Telugu/ Tamil/ Malayalam/ Nepali
    March 2024 Social Science

    What is the month of up board exam?

    UP Board 10th 12th Exam Dates OUT PDF – UPMSP or UP Board is again starting the board session for the upcoming academic year. Generally, the board exams are held in the month of March or April for the students.

    Particulars Date
    Timetable release date 10 th January 2024
    Admit card release date 14 th February 2024
    Class 10 th exam date February to 3 rd March 2024
    Class 12 th exam date 16 th February to 4 th March 2024

    The regular school-going students will get the exam timetable and other information from their respective schools. Those who are in private can check out the details from this section.

    What are the best hours to take exam?

    Scientists Reveal The Best Time Of Day To Take An Exam Every hour after 8 a.m. that an exam is taken is equivalent to 10 missed days of school, a new study finds. Does your mind feel more “fresh” in the morning? That’s because early in the day, you’re at the height of your cognitive abilities.

    • And new research shows that’s also when you’re likely to perform best on an exam.
    • While afternoon exams may give students more time to cram (and sleep), researchers found that exams taken later in the day tended to yield lower scores.
    • The analysis revealed that for every hour after 8 a.m.
    • The exam was scheduled, the students’ test scores on average declined around 1 percent — a drop roughly equivalent to missing 10 days of school.
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    The students who were already performing poorly in school were most affected by varying start times. The researchers concluded that students perform better in the morning since they are not tired from attending class and doing school-related tasks, as they tend to be later in the day, Dr. : Scientists Reveal The Best Time Of Day To Take An Exam

    What is the highest percentage in UP Board?

    UP Board 10th Topper 2023: Priyanshi Soni tops exam with 98.33%

    How many students pass UP Board?

    As many as 89.78 per cent students have been announced pass in UP board Class 10 result 2023. In Class 12th result of UP board, the overall pass percentage is 75.52 per cent.

    What is the timing of up school in 2023?

    Lucknow: School Timings For Classes 1 To 8 Revised Amid Soaring Heat In the wake of soaring summer temperature, school timings for Classes 1 to 8 have been revised in UP’s capital city Lucknow. As per the revised timings, Lucknow schools will be operating from 07:30 AM to 12:30 PM for classes 1 to 8.

    • The Lucknow district administration has directed the revised school timings to be enforced from July 26, 2023 till further notice.
    • All schools in the district have been asked to strictly adhere to the revised timings.
    • Notably, the unfavourable weather fury this year with the onslaught of different seasons have forced closure of educational institutions like schools and colleges in several parts of the country.

    While several parts of the country have been reeling with severe rainfall, increasing water levels in several rivers, resulting in flood-like situations, the closure of schools in Lucknow due to heat reminds of the severe heat wave that swept across several parts of the country.

    • Earlier in April this year, the Uttar Pradesh government extended the summer vacation for schools in the state till June 26.
    • Previously, UP schools were scheduled to reopen from June 15.
    • Similarly, due to rising mercury levels and strong heatwave, schools in several parts of Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow, Prayagraj, Ghaziabad, and others were either closed or revised to safeguard school going children from harsh heatstroke.

    Followed by the heatwave thought, the unprecedented monsoon rains have rocked several parts of the country, especially in the northern regions. WIth incessant rainfalls and cloudbursts raining havoc in Himachal Pradesh, the state government directed shutting down of schools in several districts of the state.

    In the wake of roads and markets being washed away by flood waters disrupting movement and connectivity within the state, the HPPSC (Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission) cancelled the HPPSC Prelims Exam which was scheduled to be held on July 23 to August 20. Similarly, heavy rainfalls and flood-like situations in Delhi-NCR, schools in Delhi and its surrounding areas like Ghaziabad and Noida also had to be closed earlier this month.

    Education Loan Information: : Lucknow: School Timings For Classes 1 To 8 Revised Amid Soaring Heat

    How many years of high school are there in UP Board?

    Historical Over View: The Board was set up in the year 1921 at Prayagraj by an act of United Provinces Legislative Council. It conducted its first examination in 1923. This Board is one in India which, from the very start, had adopted 10+2 system of examination.

    1. The first public examination after 10 years education is High School Examination and after the 10+2 stage, there is Intermediate Examination.
    2. Prior to 1923, University of Prayagraj was the examining body of these two examinations.
    3. At present the Board is the biggest examining body in the World.
    4. In view of the ever multiplying load of work in successive years, the Board had been experiencing considerable difficulty in controlling and conducting its activities centrally from Prayagraj.

    As such four Regional Offices of the Board were established at Meerut(1973), Varanasi(1978), Bareilly(1981) and Prayagraj(1987) under the control of Regional Secretaries; the head office still being at Prayagraj with Secretary as the over all executive head.

    To grant recognition to aspiring school. To prescribe courses and text books for High school and Intermediate level. To conduct High school and Intermediate Examination. To provide equivalence to the examinations conducted by other Boards.

    Number of Schools: In Uttar Pradesh a few secondary schools are being governed by the Indian Council of School Education ( I.C.S.E.) and Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), but most of the Secondary schools seek recognition of the U.P. Board.

    1. At present there are more than 22,000 secondary schools recognized by the U.P.
    2. Board of High School and Intermediate Education.
    3. Administrative Setup: The Director of Education of the State is Ex-Officio Chairman of the Board.
    4. The Secretary of the Board is appointed by the State Government and there are eight other Ex-officio members.
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    Following are the main sub-committees of the Board :

    Curriculum committee Examination Committee Result Committee Recognition Committee Finance Committee

    Moreover, there are 40 Subjects Committees.

    Which class is board in UP?

    UP Board 10th Class TimeTable – Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) will tentatively release the UP Board Class 10 Exam Timetable for 2024 in March 2024. The UP Board Class 10 exams will be conducted from March to April 2024. Check the subject-wise UP Board timetable for Class 10 in the following table:

    Exam Date Subjects (Morning Shift) 08:00 am – 11:15 am Subjects (Afternoon Shift) 2:00 pm – 5:15 pm
    March 2024 Hindi, Primary Hindi
    March 2024 Pali, Arbi, Farsi Music
    March 2024 Home Science
    March 2024 Drawing/ Ranjan arts Computer
    March 2024 Sanskrit, Music instrumental
    March 2024 Commerce Sewing
    March 2024 Agriculture Human science/ Retail trading/ Security/ Automobiles/ IT/ ITES
    April 2024 Science
    April 2024 English – New Syllabus, English – Old syllabus
    April 2024 Social Science
    April 2024 Gujarati/ Urdu/ Punjabi/ Bengali/ Marathi/ Assamese/ Oriya/ Kannada/ Kashmiri/ Sindhi/ Telugu/ Tamil/ Malayalam/ Nepali
    April 2024 Maths

    Is pre board exam compulsory in UP Board?

    This story is from February 9, 2022 The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) has made the pre-board exams mandatory for classes 10 and 12. As per the latest information available, the UP Board has directed all schools affiliated with it to conduct the Intermediate and High School pre-board exams on the same pattern as the final board exams to help students familiarise themselves with the exam pattern.

    The UPMSP 10th, 12th board exam dates 2022 will be confirmed by the board soon. The UP Board Inter, High School date sheet 2022 is expected to be released in the first week of March. The UP Board Exam 2022 admit cards will be issued after the board releases the UP Board Exam Datesheet 2022, This year, over 52 lakh students have registered for the UP Board Exams 2022,

    Out of the total registered students, about 28 lakh have registered for UPMSP 10th board exams, and around 24 lakh are set to appear for UPMSP 12th board exams. The students are advised to keep checking the official website of the Board – upmsp.edu.in – to get the latest update on the details related to the UP Board Exams 2022.

    Should I study at night or the morning of the exam?

    If you are a student, studying is part and parcel of your life. It takes patience and practice to establish the best time for you to study. For some people, mornings are better 1 for studying, while for others, evening or night time enables to focus better on their studies.

    • According to the science of “good timing” – also known as chronobiology 2 – peak performance is hardwired into our DNA.
    • Our biological clock, which is an inner clock embedded inside our brain since young, actually helps us decide when is our perfect timing for studying.
    • Although new discoveries prove that timing may not be everything, it is important if you want to create and perform at your best consistently.

    That said, science has indicated that learning is most effective between 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm, when the brain is in an acquisition mode. On the other hand, the least effective learning time is between 4 am and 7 am. While there is really no one best time of the day to study, let’s take a look at the benefits of studying in the morning versus the other times of the day.

    • Studying i n the Morning Most people would think that morning is the best time to study, as our brains tend to be the sharpest in the morning after a refreshing night’s sleep and breakfast.
    • The natural light available is also good for your eyes and keep you alert.
    • This period is great for opening a textbook to learn a new theory, or just reviewing your lecturer’s notes from the previous day because mornings generally give you a better recollection ability.

    Studying i n the Afternoon In the afternoon, students’ brains are good at integrating new information with what they already know. During this time of day, students are able to create connections and make the information they have learned more meaningful.

    Mornings and afternoons are better for studying also because if you get stuck midway through your study, you can always call your peers or teachers to clarify quickly, as it is the time when people are most active, or even visit the library for more information. Studying a t Night For some students, they have more energy later in the day.

    Hence, the evening or night time is a more effective time for them to read and study. Studying at this time also helps to improve your concentration and creativity as there are fewer distractions, and with everyone in bed, there is definitely peace and quiet.

    Sleeping after studying is also said to consolidate information and improve recall. One thing to note though, do make sure you are still getting an average of 8 to 9 hours of sleep nightly. Interestingly, some research has suggested that studying at your most tired time can help your brain retain higher concentrations of new skills, such as speaking a foreign language,

    This apparently even has a name to it: sleep-learning 3, Because during slow-wave sleep, the memory-consolidation process does its best work and your brain could be receiving the restoration and reactivation that it needs during its time of rest. This means that studying before bedtime can help your brain learn new things, even in your sleep.

    • How to find your best time to study? That said, different timings work for different students and you can find your best time of the day to study if you consider the following factors 4,
    • Firstly, when are you most alert? Think about that, but different qualities of memories and alertness seem to be better at different times of the day for different people.

    For example, you can have a better visual memory in the morning, but your critical thinking ability peaks in the afternoon. Secondly, if your optimal time is prone to distractions, such as dinner time, which might disrupt your routine, It is best to find another timing.

    • Lastly, make sure you select a time that you can stick to consistently, at least for a few days every week because consistency helps ensure you study daily and improves the quality of your study time.
    • Just like each student has a unique learning style, different students may learn better at different times of the day.

    But if you study at the same time every day, you will condition your mind and body gradually and soon, you will be in your best frame of mind for study. Once you know what works best for yourself, you can start your studying routine more effectively and efficiently.

    How many hours a week should I study?

    How much time should you be studying per week? Research suggests that students should spend approximately 2-3 hours, per credit hour, studying in order to be successful in their courses. STEM classes often require 3-4 hours, per credit hour, of studying to be successful.

    Think about how you normally study. Where do you study? What time of the day do you prefer to study? Consider using the Intense Study Session/Pomodoro Technique, Take a break every 40-45 minutes, walk around your room, or stretch to help keep you motivated. Do you review the lecture material immediately after class? Doing this give the best chance for retaining the information and understanding the material.

    How many hours a day should I study?

    So you have a free day and you are prepared to study a lot. But you probably have heard that studying too much is not effective and could be harmful to your health. So how do you reach the Goldilocks Zone – what is the optimal amount of hours that you can study in one day? Although studies are still inconclusive on the topic, based on our research most students can study about 7 or 6 hours per day and still stay effective.

    What is the equation for board?

    The formula is: T x W x L = Board ft.3. LINEAL MEASURE – is the total length in feet of a board, regardless of its thickness or width, i.e. a 2 x 14 one foot long is one lineal foot.