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Is there an app that tells you train times?

Moovit is the world’s #1 urban mobility app. All local transit options in one app: buses, trains, subway, bikes, scooters, Uber, Lyft, and more. Plan, pay, and ride. Moovit is one app for all your urban mobility and transit rides. Transportation is an integral part of urban living.

  • Whether you ride the train, subway, bus, light rail, ferry or metro, use dockless scooters, bikes, ride-sharing like Uber or Lyft, getting the best urban mobility information is critical.
  • Enter Moovit! Moovit provides riders with a one-stop-shop journey experience to help them get from point A to B in the easiest and most efficient way.

Get train and bus times, maps, and real-time arrival information with ease so that you can plan your trip with confidence. Pay and validate your rides. Find critical alerts and service disruptions for your favorite lines. Get step-by-step directions of optimal route bus, train, metro, bike, scooter or a combination of them.

  1. Moovit guides more than 930 million users in over 3400 cities throughout the world.
  2. Commuters will find updated bus and train times, transit maps, and, where available, real-time line arrivals.
  3. Locate nearby bus stops and train stations, travel with on-the-go live navigation guidance, receive get-off alerts when approaching your destination to ensure a smooth ride.

That’s why Moovit has been named one of the best apps of the year in 2017 by the App Store. Moovit is your personal assistant for all your transit rides! ► Real-time arrivals. View real-time arrival information, which is taken directly from GPS devices positioned on buses and trains.

Avoid wasting time guessing train times or bus times. ► Digital payment. Purchase bus & train tickets and validate your digital pass with a tap (select cities). ► Real time alerts. Know about issues ahead of time by receiving service alerts such as emergency or unexpected disruptions, delays, traffic jams, new construction, and more so that you can plan ahead if your bus time or train time changed.

► Live Directions. Get step-by-step bus directions and other transit directions with live guidance from A-to-B: Know how long you need to walk to your station, view your line’s arrival time, receive get-off alerts as you approach your destination, and more.

Visualize Your Stop. Use augmented reality to locate your bus or train stop with “Way Finder”. ► User reports. Moovit’s users report issues found with stations, line service, and schedules so that we can inform all nearby riders about what’s going on in their area. ► Favorite lines, stations, and places.

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Get easy access to lines, stations, and places you ride and visit all the time. Plus, get real-time updates if/when there are changes to your favorite lines in case your bus time or train time is impacted! ► Bike routes. Get bike routes in addition to the bus, subway, train, or metro trip plans.

  • If you ride bikes (yours or shared) we can plan a route that includes the train or bus.
  • Moovit will help you plan a trip that meets your transit-needs.
  • Bike docking stations are updated in real-time.
  • Bike trip plans are only available in supported metro areas.
  • Maps view.
  • Interested in seeing the whole picture? View all stations, routes, and lines on the subway or bus map.

Additionally, maps are available in PDF for when you’re offline, or underground on the subway. Moovit is the #1 urban mobility app in the world. We’re proud to collaborate with public transit agencies across the United States, including: MTA NJ Transit MBTA SEPTA LA Metro SFMTA Muni BART Caltrain CTA Metra WMATA MTA Maryland TriMet Sound Transit SARTA PARTA You only need one app on your phone to navigate nearby buses and transit in the U.S.

  1. And across 112 other countries and in 45 languages.
  2. If you’d like to know bus times and train times all around the world or if you need to find out when the last bus leaves a certain bus stop Moovit has you covered.
  3. You ride, we guide! Contact us: * * * Terms of Use Sep 11, 2023 Version 5.127.0 Know how accurate the arrival times presented in the app are, using a 3-colour Arrival Time Accuracy guide: Green: Arrival time is accurate.

Yellow: Arrival time is fairly accurate. Red: Arrival time may not be accurate. Users will also be able to see if their line is out of route, indicated by a red mark with an exclamation point. Users will be able to check the accuracy level of their next arrival times from any screen in the app.

How can I track my train time?

Q. How do I check the ETA of a train? – A: To check the estimated time of arrival (ETA), use the ixigo trains app. Go to ‘Running Status’ on the homescreen, and simply enter the five-digit train number or the name of the train. Then, select the date of journey from the source station. This will display the arrival and departure time of your train for your boarding station.

How to download train schedule?

Visit the RailMitra website or download the RailMitra app from the Play Store. Navigate to the ‘Train Schedule’ option. Enter Train Number or Train Name in the ‘Train Schedule’ box and select the desired train from the autosuggest options. Hit the ‘Check Train Schedule’ button.

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Is redRail app safe?

Train Ticket Booking on redRail – While many sites allow you to book trains online, it is crucial to choose a reliable one. is an authorised partner of IRCTC, and therefore, all information available is authentic. When you book through redRail, the site will ensure that all IRCTC guidelines are followed.

Round-the-clock Customer Support

The redRail support staff are available 24/7 to assist customers with any queries. You can contact the support team if you have any problems with the booking, cancellation, or anything else. Cancellation of your train ticket is easy through redRail. All you need to do is log in to your account and select the booking from “My Bookings”.

Select the Class for Seats

Like the IRCTC site, redRail allows you to select the class of seats during train ticket booking. You can even decide what berth you would like to receive if your ticket is confirmed. Selection of class for seats is easy and quick through redRail. redRail provides numerous payment options.

Why use Trainline?

Europe’s rail network is extensive, well connected and modern. No matter what country you travel in, rest assured that you’ll get reliable services, comfortable seats and plenty of storage space for your suitcases full of souvenirs. In Europe, each country has its own rail network, they are all interconnected and it is possible to travel cross-country as well as on national routes.

However, it is not possible to book one train ticket for several countries from one train operator – that’s where Trainline comes in! Trainline combines offers, ticket information and timetables for most European rail companies. This makes booking a train ticket for your whole journey as easy as pie.

You don’t even have to worry about what train operator you’re travelling with – simply book, turn up at the station and go.

Can we get the passenger list of a train?

From the PNR you can get the seat number, destination, date of journey and no. of passengers travelling on the same PNR. With the seat number which you got from PNR status, you can go and see the name, age, gender from the train chart list.

Can we track live train?

Live Train Status – Live train status of Indian Railways can be easily checked online using Confirmtkt Train running status or Spot your train service. Train current running status live information that can be tracked are – Train current location, last departed station, delay of train, expected arrival or departure time at a station.

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Which is the number 1 railway app?

4. IRCTC Connect – The IRCTC Connect is a mobile application created by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the online ticketing division of the Indian Railways. The app is designed to provide a range of services to Indian Railways passengers, making it one of the best railway apps in India.

book meals and order food on the train train schedules seat availability fares View train routes and maps

What is 2A in train?

2A- Second Class AC Sleeper Class – The 2A compartment is the Second Class AC, simply 2A, AC 2 -Tier sleeper etc. Regardless of what people call this compartment, on the train, it will always be mentioned as 2A. It is the same while booking through IRCTC as well.

  • It is called the Second Class AC because it is the second-best luxurious coach and has only 2-tiers of berths on either side, as opposed to the usual 3 tiers that you see in the regular sleeper class.
  • This AC compartment will also have additional berths on the passageway, making it a total of 6 berths or seats in a single bay or section.

There will be 42 or 54 seats inside the 2A compartment. The actual number may vary, depending on the express train and its route.

How to download train seating chart?

How to Discover Vacant Train Seats Using the IRCTC Website – If you’re eager to find vacant seats on a train through the IRCTC website, follow these straightforward steps: Step 1: Begin by visiting the IRCTC website. On the main page, positioned just above the “Book Ticket” box, you’ll spot a conspicuous option named “Charts/Vacancy.” Step 2: Click on this option, and it will promptly launch a new tab labeled “Reservation Chart.” Step 3: In this new tab, provide the required details.

  1. Enter the Train Name or Number in the first box and specify your Boarding Station in the second box.
  2. Step 4: After entering the necessary information, click on “Get Train Chart Now.” This action will generate the Reservation Chart, providing you with comprehensive information about vacant seats.
  3. Now, you can easily identify available seats across different classes and coaches, including berth-wise details.

If you try this workaround, let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below.

How to convert train ticket to PDF?

On click of PRINT ERS, the ticket to be saved is displayed. Enter valid name for the ticket and click on save, the booked ticket will be saved as pdf file. On launch of the saved pdf file, the user can preview or print the ETicket.