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How do I check my train time?

How to check Train Time Table – Thinking about how to check train table and how it could help in saving your valuable time? Planning rail trips and explore all across the country? It is advisable to always go through the Indian Railways time table and accordingly after digging up your research and getting all the information related to trains, the number of trains running on that route, arrival time, departure time, days in which they run and more, plan your rail trips.

  • You can go and check out the time table at the official site of IRCTC as well as many other platforms like TravelKhana.
  • If your concern is how to check train table, it is very easy, just login the IRCTC website, open up the time table of Indian Railways, fill up the train name or number and once clicked, it will give you all the details related to that specific train.

Train table helps to let you know everything including arrival time, departure time, total distance that needs to be travelled, total time taken by the train in covering the journey, and more. Before planning anything, seeing the train table helps in getting so many benefits like get updated of the timings of the train, overall route that it will follow, train schedule, seat availability in them and more with ease.

Why is train running late?

Want to Grab Information and Updates About Train Delay Status? – The network of Indian Railways is always been counted among one of the largest rail networks worldwide. Operated and supervised by the Government of India, Railway Ministry, more than 23 million passengers travel via trains on daily basis.

The department started its operations way back in 1853 and since then, undoubtedly it has come long way since then. The common concern that remained is actually the delay process and trains due to different reasons altogether get delayed so and then. The reasons behind the delay of trains could be bad climatic conditions, fault in the system of train, mechanical failure, landslides, floods, fog, story weather, tracks overheating, yearly maintenance, trees fallen on tracks and more.

Well, with technology things and processes have improvised and enhanced. Certainly, when trains get delayed, it wastes your valuable time and that time could be utilized in meeting some other important chore. To know about the delay in train status, there are approaches that could be utilized like phone enquiry, SMS based enquiry about trains delayed status, online enquiry about trains.

NTES is a very famous site through which train’s delay status and exact running status could be known and figured out.139 is the toll free number and by connecting it on 139, all the details could be fetched without any problem so know of the details in advance and in case, there is a delay in train’s running, make that time utilization in some other work and enjoy the journey.

Indian Railways is one of the biggest rail networks in the world. It is a public enterprise operated by the Ministry of railways, Government of India and carries over 23 million passengers’ daily, covering 7172 stations. The first railway line was set up in 1853 between Bombay and Thane and was nationalised in 1951.

It operates suburban as well as long distance trains on three gauge systems: narrow, broad and metre gauge. It serves 29 states and 7 Union Territories and also provides restricted international services to Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. One of the common problems of the Indian Railways is the delay process.

Many trains run late due to a variety of reasons. One of the main causes is inclement weather like fog, rain, floods, landslides, overheating of tracks, wind and stormy weather, etc. For instance, heavy rain can ruin ballasts or the rocks that hold the tracks.

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Other reasons for train delay are mechanical failure, fallen trees on tracks, yearly maintenance, etc. Tracks covered by broken trees necessitate the coming of railroad crews in high rail vehicles (which run on both rail and road) in order to clear tracks. Yearly maintenance, replacements and track upgrades help to keep railroads in fit condition.

However, these factors cause trains to run late. When trains are delayed, it wastes your precious time as you wait for the train at the station. The Indian Railways has made efforts to set up systems whereby you can track the current position of a train and its distance from previous and next stations.

Phone enquiry: Manual enquiry numbers 131/132, 136 (IVRS) about late running trains and 137 (IVRS) PNR status have all been merged into one phone line 139. The number 139 provides the following 24×7 services: PNR enquiry, all India position of current train running status, fare enquiry, availability of berths, etc. Indian railway delay status can be tracked efficiently and information about running status of special trains will also be provided.139 is a completely free service from the Indian Railways and works across the whole of India (towns and villages). All you need is to call 139 from MTNL and BSNL landlines or mobile services such as Idea, Garuda, Spice, Vodaphone, etc.

SMS based enquiry about trains: Many mobile phone service providers offer SMS service on train delay information, All you need to do is send an SMS to 57886 through your phone. Check PNR status, train alert, train status, train schedule, train information, train timetable, etc. Example, write IRTrain send SMS to 57886 for complete information on train schedule and status. Also, you can send an SMS to139 through the following request, An example: if you are in New Delhi (011 STD code), and you want to know where exactly the train of your interest (number 10151) is located and when it will arrive at the station, just send SMS-, Online enquiry about trains: With the boom on internet, more travellers have started using the India railways website – to find train status and www.indian to check reservations. A new site has been created by the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) of the Indian railways. This site has been applauded for being efficient and technologically advanced, as well as user-friendly and simple.

User need not know train number or code rather has to only enter the station name and the system will flash names of all trains, which are scheduled to run, currently in transit or left the station. If user clicks on trains in transit, the site will reveal where exactly the train is located and whether it is on time or running late.

  • It will also show how far it is from thr previous station and also from the next station.
  • Live online status of trains will be obtained on Google maps by the website.
  • Using a rail radar system, all trains are tracked in real time.
  • Late running trains are indicated in red colour on the map.
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Trains on time are indicated by blue colour. Indian Railway train delay status can be tracked by the site like its service for indicating fog delayed live status of trains. The service provided to track trains is called as Spot your train. To track your train, enter train name or number, journey station and journey date, and you will get the following feedback: queried station, current position, expected departure, last updated station.

  1. For trains rescheduled, enter train number and start date and you will get a list of trains rescheduled, train name, train number, train type, destination and source.
  2. The time of delay (rescheduled time) is also provided.
  3. The website also provides information on trains cancelled and trains diverted.
  4. You don’t need to be online to make use of this website.

It is compatible with most of the smart phones, and thus, you can track your train on your Smartphone.

IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Transport Corporation): Even this site provides a service of tracking trains and delays in trains. Log on to Feed in destination (from and to) and it shows all trains on that route. Select a particular train and get details on current position and delay in trains. It indicates the station crossed previously and the next station to cross as well as timings for the same.

These are some of the government-provided services to keep track of Indian Railway train delay status. For further train delay information in Ind ia, there are private agencies like, etc also.

How can I check my train time by SMS?

Rail Information on SMS: – SMS RAIL TO 139 Now you have the Power of RAIL ENQUIRY on SMS 139 you avail the folllowing services.

  1. PNR Enquiry
  2. Train Arrival/Departure Enuiry
  3. Accommodation Availability
  4. Fare Enquiry
  5. Train Time Table Enuiry
  6. Train Name/Number

This Service is currently available on Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Loop, MTNL, MTS, Reliance, Tata, Uninor, Vodafone Operators. Now 139 Service is also available at USSD for Reliance and Uninor users. Just Dial *139#. Launching soon on other Operators also.

How can I check my passenger train online?

1) How to Check Trains between Stations Online? You can check train between stations online through the RailMitra website or app. Navigate to the ‘Trains B/W Stations’ section on RailMitra and enter the ‘From Station’, ‘To Station’ and Journey Date. It will render a table with a list of trains between two stations.

Where is my train search online?

Check Where is Your Train – When travelling on trains, do you ask yourself this question: Where is my train online now? Now with ixigo, it is really easy for a person to find the answer to where is my train online now, What you need to do is to go to our train app, tap on the ‘Running status’ and enter your IRCTC train name or train number.

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How many hours train late?

No cancellation charge or clerkage shall be levied and full fare shall be refundable to all passengers holding Reserved, RAC, and Waitlisted tickets, if the journey is not undertaken due to late running of the train by more than 3 hours of the scheduled departure of the train from the journey commencing station

Why trains are slower now?

Why we slow trains down – We know it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear but there are some reasons why we might have to put speed restrictions in place.

If it’s very hot – railway tracks can heat up to 50 degrees and risk buckling – which is unsafe for trains to pass over. By slowing trains down, they exert lower forces on the track, reducing the chance of this happening. Sagging overhead wires – the heat can cause overhead wires to sag, so trains have to be slowed down so they don’t damage them. Extreme cold – we use speed restrictions to reduce the risks of trains missing their stop or passing signals (for example due to ice on the tracks ), risking passenger safety. Worn-out track – just like road surfaces, track gets worn from constant use every day. Track that is too worn risks failing under the stress of trains passing over it, so services can sometimes be slowed down until we can renew the tracks, For example, a rail may break – which we can clamp as a temporary repair, but we have to slow trains down to make sure it doesn’t break further, and you can complete your journey safely. A few more reasons for unplanned slow downs – vegetation obstructing signals, earth moving near or under the track, or bridge defects all require trains to slow down.

Can I track any train?

RailMitra helps locate the exact position of any train through the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) platform. NTES provides easy functionality to check train running status online.

Is Real Time Trains accurate?

Why did Realtime Trains show incorrect information? – We make a ‘best effort’ attempt to show information as accurately as possible. Sometimes, the data we receive isn’t completely accurate. We try and correct information if we think it is incorrect but this isn’t always possible.

How do real trains work?

How does an electric train work? – Many trains operate solely on electrical power. They get the electricity from a third rail, or electrical line, which is present along the track. Transformers transfer the voltage from the lines, and the electrical current enables the motors on the wheels to move. Electrical locomotives are usually used on subways and many other commuter rail systems.

What is PNR in train?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10-digit number that provides information regarding the details of travel printed on the train ticket for an Indian Railways train.

What is train tracking app?

Q) What is the source for Live Train Status for RailYatri? – A) In general, RailYatri is a full-stack information and booking platform. Specifically, on running train status, RailYatri has the most frequent and real-time updates of train location. RailYatri collects train location data in a crowd-sourced manner from the GPS or Cell-Tower network of mobile phones of its users.