Today Kabaddi Match Points Table 2022


Who is the top 5 raider in kabaddi league 2022?


Rank Player Team
1 Arjun Deshwal Jaipur Pink Panthers
2 Bharat Bengaluru Bulls
3 Naveen Kumar Dabang Delhi
4 Maninder Singh Bengal Warriors

Who is the fastest to reach 900 raid points in PKL?

Top 5 debutants with most raid points in vivo Pro Kabaddi history vivo Pro Kabaddi has been a platform for budding kabaddi players to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves in the sport. In the nine seasons of the league so far, multiple kabaddi stars have entered the limelight and outshined the rest with their top-notch skills and brilliance on the mat.

  • In this article, we take a look at the top 5 kabaddi stars who took the mat by storm in their debut season of vivo Pro Kabaddi.
  • Narender, Tamil Thalaivas (Season 9) Tamil Thalaivas made it to the vivo Pro Kabaddi Playoffs for the first time in Season 9, thanks to their power-packed raider named Narender.

The young raider took the league by storm in the previous season, scoring 243 raid points and 15 Super 10s on debut. The calm and composed Narender delivered in the absence of Hi-Flyer Pawan Sehrawat, as the latter got ruled out of Season 9 due to an injury in Thalaivas’ very first match.

  • Narender’s brilliant performances helped him bag the New Young Player award in Season 9, as he holds the record for the most raid points by any debutant in vivo PKL history.
  • Siddharth Desai, U Mumba (Season 6) Baahubali Siddharth Desai made his debut in the sixth edition of vivo Pro Kabaddi with U Mumba.

Scoring 15 raid points in his debut match against Puneri Paltan, Desai made a sensational impact on the mat and helped U Mumba qualify for the vivo Pro Kabaddi Playoffs with 218 raid points in just 21 matches at an average of 10.38 raid points per match in Season 6.

Desai joined Telugu Titans in Season 7 and has been a mainstay in the team’s offence since then, with over 600 raid points in his career. Parteek Dahiya, Gujarat Giants (Season 9) Gujarat Giants found a gem in Parteek Dahiya in vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 9, as the youngster scored the most raid points in a single season by a debuting Gujarat Giants’ raider.

With 178 raid points in 19 appearances, Dahiya stepped up in crunch situations for the team and led the command for his team with his eye-catching hand touches and escapes. Naveen Kumar, Dabang Delhi K.C. (Season 6) Naveen Kumar started his vivo Pro Kabaddi journey in Season 6 with Dabang Delhi K.C., and there has been no looking back for him ever since.

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Having burst onto the vivo Pro Kabaddi circuit in Season 6 when he scored 172 raid points for Dabang Delhi K.C., the youngster’s arrival has helped Dabang Delhi K.C. in qualifying in every season they’ve played since Season 6. The Naveen Express, who is the fastest raider to score 900 raid points, led Dabang Delhi K.C.

to their maiden title back in Season 8. The raider also holds the record for the most consecutive Super 10s (28) by any raider in vivo PKL history. Aslam Inamdar, Puneri Paltan (Season 8) Aslam Inamdar burst onto the scene in vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 8 as Puneri Paltan’s go-to man in the offence.

The left raider collected 169 raid points in Season 8 including five Super 10s. His top-flight raids and swiftness on the mat helped him bolster the team’s offensive unit as Puneri Paltan managed to enter the Playoffs. Aslam continued to assert his dominance in Season 9 as well, playing a pivotal role in leading the team to the Final of Season 9.

The raider also etched his name in the record books in the same edition, scoring the most bonus points (12) in a single match of vivo Pro Kabaddi. : Top 5 debutants with most raid points in vivo Pro Kabaddi history

How does PKL points table work?

PKL points system: Know how it works is a one-of-a-kind franchise league that had revolutionalized Kabaddi in the country. The Mashal Sports initiative which began in 2014 has taken the game to new heights of professionalism. Let us take a deep dive into how the points system in the PKL works.

  1. Points system for scoring: Here is how the points system in the Pro Kabaddi League works: When a player takes out another player or put out an opponent player, the team receives one point.
  2. The team gets two extra points if they All-out the opponent team.
  3. Each team is awarded an extra point for every bonus point they win.
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The defending team gets an additional bonus point when they catch the raider when there are only three or fewer defenders. A total of 2 points are awarded in such an instance. Today Kabaddi Match Points Table 2022 How Bonus Point is awarded? One Bonus Point is awarded to the raider when he crosses the bonus line. If the raider is caught after he had crossed the bonus line, a bonus point is awarded to the defender as well. Note that the bonus line is applicable if there are a minimum of six defenders on the court.

When the raider crosses the bonus line and then puts out one or more defenders, he will get the number of points along with the bonus point for crossing the bonus line. Notably, the raider is not awarded any bonus points if he crosses the line after a touch or struggle. He must look to put out the opponent rather than a touch.

There is a different point system in works for the team points and how teams are awarded for a win. How many points are awarded for a win? If you win along with the bonus point, the number of points awarded for a win is different. Each team will be awarded five points for a win.

The losing team will be awarded one point if they lose by three or fewer points. Based on the number of points, the knockout stages are decided. The Team Rankings: The team rankings are one of the main rules you should know. The rankings in are determined by the points obtained by the team in the league matches.

The team rankings will depend on how well the team perform in the match. In case, if you tie with another team at the same points, your position in the points table is decided based on the factors that had decided your points. If two teams have the same points, how the ranking is decided? If two or more teams have the same points, the team’s position in the points table is decided by a different procedure.

Usually, the points table consists of technical contents like Score points, total points, and the score conceded. The team with the higher score difference are placed at a higher ranking position in the points table. What happens in case of a tie? If you win by a huge margin, you go up the ladder in the points table but what if you end in a tie? Well, in that case, both teams involved in a game that ends as a tie receive 3 points each.

Notably, a team that loses the match by 7 or fewer points gets just 1 point for the game. A team that loses the match by 7 or more points gets no points for the game. Based on these factors, the teams for the knockouts are selected. The top six teams will make it to the knockouts.

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What is season 9 points table?


Position Team Points
1 Jaipur Pink Panthers (Q) 69
2 Puneri Paltan (Q) 69
3 U.P. Yoddhas 65
4 Bengaluru Bulls 63