Pune Mumbai Train Time Table


Which is the fastest express from Pune to Mumbai?

Of all the trains between Pune and Mumbai, Indrayani EXP is the fastest train covering a distance of 139 kms in 02 hours and 15 mins.

How much is a train ticket from Pune to Mumbai?

The journey from Pune to Mumbai by train is 119.4 km and takes 2 h 20 min. There are 34 connections per day, with the first departure at 01:25 and the last at 00:50. It is possible to travel from Pune to Mumbai by train for as little as ₹81.73 or as much as ₹1,178.53. The best price for this journey is ₹81.73.

How much is express ticket from Mumbai to Pune?

For Indrayani SF Express, the average fare rate for general class is Rs.85, for 2nd sitting is Rs.105, and for AC chair car is Rs.375.

Is it possible to travel daily Pune to Mumbai?

By Train – You can also cover Pune to Mumbai distance by train. There are about 85 trains that run between these two cities, of which 24 trains are available daily. The fastest train is the new MUMBAI CST –PUNE INTERCITY EXP (12127/12128). For Pune to Mumai train booking, you can visit the Indian Railways website or check any online travel portal to get the best deals.

Traveling from Pune to Mumbai via train can ideally take three to four hours, depending on the train you take. For the most updated Pune to Mumbai train timings, always check the latest timetables of IRCTC, before booking. Book a Innova Car Rental in Pune with Savaari to ensure a stress-free and wonderful trip to Mumbai from Pune.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city without the hassle of navigating on your own.

Can I travel to Mumbai from Pune by train?

The Distance From Pune To Mumbai CSMT Is 190 Kms By Train. The Fastest Train On This Route Is 12128 Intercity Express Which Takes 3 Hours And 10 Minutes To Connect Both The Places. But On An Average, Other Trains Take 3 Hours 40 Minutes To 4 Hours 30 Minutes!

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Which is faster rapid express or express?

Are there different types of trains in Japan? – Japan has five main different types of trains – local, rapid, express, limited express and bullet, The speed and amount of station stops depend on the type of train. Faster trains can be more expensive. You can also choose between normal carriages and ‘green’ carriages, the equivalent of first-class.

  1. Local trains are the slowest type of trains in Japan, they’re cheap and stop at every station.
  2. Rapid trains are cheap, but slightly faster than local trains, and stop at slightly fewer stations.
  3. Express trains are faster than rapid, but slower than limited express.
  4. They’re all run by JR.
  5. Limited Express (or Special Express) trains only stop at major or popular stations, and are the fastest train apart from bullet trains or shinkansen.

You’ll need to pay a surcharge to travel on Limited Express trains. Shinkansen are the ultra-fast bullet trains in Japan and use separate tracks to the other four train types. There are nine shinkansen train lines in Japan – all run by JR Group – connecting major cities.

What is the name of Mumbai to Pune Express Highway?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway
Mumbai–Pune Expressway
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap Mumbai-Pune Expressway in red
Route information
Maintained by Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC)
Length 94.5 km (58.7 mi)
Existed April 2002–present
Major junctions
West end Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
Sion Panvel Expressway near Panvel NH 548 in Kalamboli NH 48 in Kalamboli NH 48 in Ravet
East end Ravet, Pune
Country India
States Maharashtra
Major cities Kalamboli, Panvel, Khalapur Khandala, Lonavala, Talegaon Dabhade
Highway system

Roads in India

  • Expressways
  • National
  • State
  • Asian

The Mumbai–Pune Expressway (officially Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway ) is India’s first 6- lane wide concrete, access-controlled tolled expressway. It spans a distance of 94.5 km connecting Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra state and the financial capital of India, with Pune, the cultural and educational capital of Maharashtra.

  • The expressway, which was fully operationalized in 2002, introduced new levels of speed and safety in automobile transportation to Indian roads.
  • It is one of India’s busiest roads.
  • The expressway starts at Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai and ends at Kiwale in Pune.
  • It cleaves through the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges through passes and tunnels,

It has five interchanges : Kon (Shedung), Chowk, Khalapur, Kusgaon and Talegaon. The expressway has two carriageways, each with three concrete lanes, separated by a central divider and a tarmac or concrete shoulder on either side. Pedestrians, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, bullock carts and tractors are not permitted, although tractor-trailers (semi-trailer rigs) are permitted.

  • Vehicles are also prohibited from halting on the expressway.
  • The expressway handles about 43,000 PCUs daily, and is designed to handle up to 1,00,000 PCUs.
  • The expressway has reduced the travel time from Kalamboli in Mumbai to Kiwale in Pune to about two hours.
  • It has largely supplemented the Mumbai-Pune section of NH 48 which had become extremely congested and accident-prone.
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The expressway is not part of NHAI highway network NH 48 and has been built, operated and maintained wholly by the Government of Maharashtra via Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation, NH 48 is another separate older national highway, The NH 48 merges with this expressway for a short distance near Khandala,

How to go Mumbai from Pune in cheapest way?

The cheapest way to get from Pune to Mumbai is to bus which costs ₹320 – ₹420 and takes 4h 29m. What is the fastest way to get from Pune to Mumbai? The quickest way to get from Pune to Mumbai is to taxi which costs ₹3,300 – ₹4,000 and takes 2h 6m.

Which train ticket is costly in India?

Maharajas’ Express is the most expensive train in India. Each train has 43 cabins. The Maharajas’ Express has four types of accommodation – deluxe cabin (20), junior suite (18), suite (4) and presidential suite (1). Named Navratana, the presidential suite has two bedrooms and two washrooms.

What is the cost of Vande Bharat Express in Pune?

Mumbai-Pune Vande Bharat Express: Fare – The chair car fare for the Mumbai- Pune route will be Rs 560 without catering and Rs 1,135 for AC chair car. The price of tickets for Solapur will be Rs 965 and 1,970 respectively.

What is Pune famous for?

Culture & Heritage Pune Mumbai Train Time Table Pune exemplifies an indigenous Marathi culture and ethos, in which education, arts and crafts, and theatres are given due prominence. It is the birthplace of the poet-saint Tukaram (in Dehu) and Jnaneshvara (in Alandi), the author of the well-known commentary ‘Jnaneshwari’,on the “Bhagavad Gita”.

  • It is the home of great freedom fighters like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Agarkar and Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
  • Jayant Narlikar, the famous contemporary scientist, is from Pune.
  • Pune is the seat of North Indian Classical music.
  • Annually, in the month of December, it hosts a three nightlong cultural program of vocal and instrumental classical music, called “Savai-Gandharva”.Pune has been an example for the blending of the culture and heritage with modernisation and its side effects.

Pune is the cultural capital of the Maharashtra.

What is the ticket price of Vande Bharat Express?

Q6. What is the ticket price of Vande Bharat Express? – The ticket price of Vande Bharat Express ranges between ₹1,052 for General and ₹1,262 for a Tatkal ticket in Economy Class (CC Chair) and ₹1,869 for General and ₹2,299 for a Tatkal ticket in Premium Class (Executive Chair).

What is the cost of Rajdhani Express?

Fare for AC 3 tier is ₹ 2,725, ₹ 3,825 for AC tier 2 and ₹ 4,730 for AC tier 1.

Is Vistadome train running from Pune to Mumbai?

Pune – Mumbai Deccan Express : Vistadome Coach – Train Nos.01007/01008 CSMT-Pune-CSMT Deccan Express Special Train with Vistadome Coach The Mumbai – Pune Deccan Express is having to halt at Dadar, Thane, Kalyan, Neral, Lonavala, Talegaon, Khadki, and Shivaji Nagar Railway Stations.

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The first run of the Mumbai – Pune Deccan Express special with a Vistadome coach was flagged off on Saturday i.e 26.06.2021 from CSMT. The train now runs with LHB-type coaches. There are 44 seats in the Vistadome coach. A Panoramic View of the Western Ghats: Wide window panes & glass rooftops of the first ever Vistadome Coach in Pune-Mumbai Deccan Express provide passengers with a unhindered, unique and unforgettable travel experience.

Come, experience the Western Ghats as never before! pic.twitter.com/vr2coDAq7h — Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) June 26, 2021

Where Vistadome train stops from Pune to Mumbai?

The Journey in Vistadome – The Deccan express is a seater train and has both AC and non-AC coaches but there’s only one Vistadome coach. The coach is often touted to give 360 degree views but I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It has huge windows and sky lights, and the and that does make the experience quite immersive.

Deccan Express special will leave Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus at seven in the morning daily and reach Pune at 11.05 am, same day. On the return leg, the 01008 Deccan Express special will leave Pune at 3.15 pm daily and arrive at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus at 7.05 pm same day. The train stops at a few stations only which include Shivaji Nagar, Khadki, Talegaon, Lonavala, Neral, Kalyan, Thane and Dadar.

You can get down at any of these and get chai or vada-pav like we did. For this journey, I travelled from Pune – the cultural capital of Maharashtra to Mumbai – the financial capital of India. We still have Covid restrictions here and the Pune station was practically empty both outside and inside – I was taking a train from here after years and an empty station like this was quite a shock.

  1. The station now also has an escalator which makes the journey much smoother between platforms.
  2. Like many others, I had reached the station before time so took a seat and waited patiently for the train doors to open.
  3. The four hour journey was truly amazing, and that’s probably the reason why most people travel in this train.

Especially during monsoon, this route truly comes alive. I was not disappointed even one bit during this trip (despite the fact that the engine blocked the main window). You can watch the video to see the stunning views from the train. Vistadome does make a significant difference in how we see the world outside from a train journey in India.

Which class is Vistadome coach Mumbai to pune?

The executive class in Deccan Express is for Vistadome Coaches.