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Who is the topper of Karnataka PUC 2022?

Karnataka 2nd PUC Toppers 2022

Rank Name College

Which is No 1 PU college in Karnataka?

Deeksha PU College Bangalore – The Deeksha Pre University college Bangalore is located on Kanakapura Road Bangalore. It was founded in 1998 and is regarded as one of the top PU colleges in Karnataka. The facilities and academic excellence make the college one of the best colleges for Pre-University education in Karnataka.

  • The college is known for preparing students for the top competitive examinations along with the Pre University board examinations.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Classrooms – The classrooms are small in order to facilitate maximum interaction between students and teachers.
  • All the classrooms are tech-enabled.

Each classroom is fitted with audiovisual aids for the benefit of students and encourages augmented learning. Laboratories – The Science Laboratories are well equipped with all modern facilities. The labs are under the direct care of experts and teachers.

Students are supervised at all times in the laboratories. Canteen – the Deeksha campus has an in-house canteen which serves the best and most hygienic food and snacks to students and faculty. Transport – Deeksha has its own network of buses to make travelling to and from the college easier for its students.

Sports – The college has sports facilities within its campus. Students are encouraged to take part in physical sports activities like basketball within the campus Academic Details: Deeksha is a pioneer when it comes to providing competitive examination and Pre university board examination training.

dSTA- Something to Think About- are short inspirational videos that are played at the beginning of the day. OD- open door program allows students to communicate with councillors and mentors for academic or non-academic concerns dLife- a program to inculcate life skills amongst students dICE- cultural programs online dTIE- a program by alumni’s of the college to motivate young students

Is Karnataka PUC easier than CBSE?

Home QnA Home Which board is harder? CBSE 11th and 12th or PUC 11th and 12th?

Answer (1) Hi Aradhna, The Department of Pre-University Education is the state government education board of Karnataka (PUC board). And CBSE (Central board for secondary education) is a nation level board. PUC board has comparatively easy syllabus than CBSE syllabus and only focuses on core subjects.

Which is the most famous school in Karnataka?

Answer: The best day-cum-board school in Karnataka is Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

Which is the largest university in Karnataka?

Academics – Karnatak University is spread over 888 acres with faculties of Arts, Commerce, Education, Law, Management, Science and Technology and Social Sciences. The university has over 47 Postgraduate Departments, 224 faculty staff and 4500 students and offers over 42 Doctoral programmes.

Which board is harder in India?

Why ICSE is considered one of the toughest boards in India – ICSE board is considered one of the toughest boards in India due to various reasons, including:

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Comprehensive and detailed syllabus: The ICSE syllabus is designed to be in-depth and comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics in each subject. It includes a vast amount of information and requires students to have a deep understanding of the concepts. Emphasis on application-based learning: The ICSE board focuses on application-based learning rather than rote memorization of facts. Students are encouraged to develop analytical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, which requires them to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. English language proficiency: The ICSE board places a strong emphasis on English language proficiency, with English being the medium of instruction. Students are required to have excellent reading, writing, and communication skills in English, which can be challenging for non-native speakers. Extensive range of subjects: The ICSE board offers a wide range of subjects, including compulsory subjects like English, mathematics, science, and social sciences, and elective subjects like computer science, economics, environmental science, and more. This requires students to manage their time effectively and study multiple subjects simultaneously. Detailed evaluation system: The ICSE board evaluates students based on their performance in both internal assessments and external board exams. The internal assessments require students to complete various assignments, projects, and practical work, while the external board exams are conducted at the end of the academic year. This comprehensive evaluation system can be challenging for students who struggle to maintain consistent performance throughout the year.

In summary, the ICSE board is considered one of the toughest boards in India due to its in-depth syllabus, emphasis on application-based learning, English language proficiency, extensive range of subjects, and detailed evaluation system. Check the latest updates below-

Which city is better for education in Karnataka?

Of course Mangalore is known as education hub of karnataka. Best of best engineering, medical and pre University are in mangalore. NIT surathkal is no.1 engg college in karnataka and in India too.

Which district in Karnataka has good education?

Highest Literate Districts

District Per
Dakshina Kannada 88.57%
Bangalore 87.67%
Udupi 86.24%
Uttara Kannada 84.06%

Which is the best city to study in Karnataka?

There are other cities also apart from Bengaluru and Mysuru which are very much developed. Mangaluru is very much developed. Arguably even more than Mysuru. The city has excellent infrastructure, superb transportation system, efficient education and healthcare facilities.

Which is No 1 university in Bangalore?

Latest Notification

# Colleges
#1 IIM Bangalore Bangalore, Karnataka Apply Now Compare Brochure
PGP-PPM CAT 2022 Cutoff : 99
#2 NLSIU Bangalore Bangalore, Karnataka Apply Now Compare Brochure
L.L.M. Business Law CLAT-PG 2023 Cutoff : 105

Which college has no uniform in Bangalore?

Kristu Jayanti does not have any uniform or dress code for its students. Students are expected to wear decent clothes of their preference and be within the culture of the campus. However, on some special occasions like Inauguration, Depth. fest, etc. as and when guided by the Kristu Jayanti management students are required to wear completely formal clothes.

Boys: Full sleeve shirts, formal trousers, tie, shoesGirls: Churidhar with shawl

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday students are expected to be in formal

Boys: Shirts, non-jean trousers, neat footwearGirls: Alwar with a shawl/close shirts and trousers

Students are Strictly advised

What are the 6 private universities in Karnataka?

Private Universities List

Sl. No University Web Address
3 Presidency University www.presidencyuniversity.in
4 CMR University www.cmr.edu.in
5 PES University www.pes.edu
6 MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences www.msruas.ac.in

Which is the first private university in Karnataka?

History and governance – Alliance University has a history of over 25 years within the educational sector. It is the first private university in both Karnataka and South India. Originally established in 1995 as Alliance Business Academy, the institution later transformed into Alliance Business School in 2005.

Through the enactment of the Karnataka State Act No.34 in 2010, Alliance University attained the status of a university. The university is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi. The growth and development of the university has been supported by Alliance Business School Pvt. Ltd.

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In March 2021, a new leadership team was appointed, including the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, and Vice Chancellor. Alliance University Emblem

Who is the state topper in Karnataka?

Karnataka SSLC 2022 Toppers List – A total of 145 students achieved a perfect 100 percentile in Karnataka SSLC 2022 exams. The following table lists the names of these toppers:

S.No Name of Topper Name of District
1 Amit Madar Vijayapura
2 Bhumika BR Tumkur
3 Praveen Neeralagi Haveri
4 Sahan Mahantesh Rayar Belagavi
5 Aishwarya Laxman Kanase Vijayapura
6 Akruthi SS Chikkamagaluru
7 Arjun E Naik Hassan
8 Chirag Mahesh Naik Sirsi
9 Eaktha M G Mysore
10 Gayathri Udupi
11 Nisha Udupi
12 Pragathi H N Hassan
13 Puneeth Naika Udupi
14 Roshan Mangaluru
15 Sathvik H S Mangaluru
16 Shambhu Shivanand Khanai Chikkodi
17 Shivaleela Shivalingappa Durge Vijayapura
18 Sinchana K M Chitradurga
19 Swati Goudappa Maled Vijayapura
20 Vaishnavi Shetty Udupi
21 Yashwitha TS Hassan
22 Kannikaparameshwari Ramachandra Hedge Sirsi
23 Madhu Basavaraj Shetasanadi Haveri
24 Swati Suresh Tolagi Belagavi
25 Varsha Anil Patel Chikkodi
26 Adithya A S Bengaluru South
27 Charukeerthy K Mysore
28 Mahalakshmi C Hassan
29 Sujay B Mangaluru
30 Indira Arun Nyamagoudar Mangaluru
31 Irayya Shrishail Shegunasimath Mangaluru
32 Kalmeshwar Pundalik Naik Mangaluru
33 Shreya R Shetty Mangaluru
34 Sudesh Dattatray Killedar Mangaluru
35 Abhay Sharma K Mangaluru
36 Abhijhna B Bengaluru South
37 Abhijna R Mangaluru
38 Abhishek Gowda K Hassan
39 Adarsh Basavaraj Halbhavi Belagavi
40 Adithi B S Mysore
41 Akshatha Udupi
42 Amogh N Koushik Belagavi
43 Amrutha B Bellari
44 Amulya M S Kolar
45 Anagha M Murthy Bengaluru North
46 Ananya H N Shivamogga
47 Annesha N Bharadwaj Bengaluru North
48 Annapoorna H V Chikkamagaluru
49 Apporva H S Mandya
50 Athmeeya M Kashyap Mangaluru
51 Avani K Bengaluru South
52 B Jayasri Bengaluru North
53 Bhookmika B K Hassan
54 Bhumika C R Shivamogga
55 Bhuvan Kunchum R Chitradurga
56 C S Kavana Bellari
57 Chaithanya J Bengaluru Rural
58 Chandu S Bengaluru North
59 Charitha M Gowda Chikkamagaluru
60 Deeksha Pandurang Naik Uttara Kannada
61 Devika G Mysore
62 Dhanyashree Mangaluru
63 Disha B M Mysore
64 G Harshitha Chikkaballapur
65 Gagan K M Mandya
66 Gana C Shekar Bengaluru North
67 Harshitha H C Hassan
68 Harshitha M Bengaluru South
69 Hemanth S Gowda Bengaluru North
70 Inchara L Hassan
71 Jayathi B Gowda Chikkaballapur
72 Jnanavi H D Chikkamagaluru
73 Kalyan M M Hassan
74 Karnika A Kolar
75 Kartik Bhat Uttara Kannada
76 Lavanya H N Bengaluru North
77 Likitha H D Hassan
78 Lisa HC Chikkaballapur
79 Madhura A Hassan
80 Madhushree Mangaluru
81 Manjunatha B Bengaluru North
82 Meghna Vishnu Bhat Uttara Kannada
83 Mohammed Ashiq S Bengaluru North
84 Mohith H Hassan
85 Monish Gowda N D Bengaluru South
86 Namrath G P Madhugiri
87 Nithya R Bengaluru North
88 Niveditha H Y Hassan
89 Panchami C Shivamogga
90 Panchami R Shivamogga
91 Panika Y K Kolar
92 Prajna H R Shivamogga
93 Prakruthi P Bengaluru North
94 Pranathi Murthy Bengaluru North
95 Pratheeksha Dayananda Shivamogga
96 Preetam Ravalappa Panasudakar Bengaluru North
97 Preethi S Chikkaballapur
98 Prerana B Shivamogga
99 Prerana M Salunke Bengaluru North
100 Puneetha B B Hassan
101 Purvika S Hassan
102 Raksha B M Chitradurga
103 Rakshit Suresh Chiniwar Vijayapura
104 Rakshitha S N Shivamogga
105 Rohini Goudar Belagavi
106 Rutu Amol Talathi Bengaluru South
107 S B Vidyashree Bellari
108 Sakshi Patil Bengaluru North
109 Sameeksha S Shivamogga
110 Samskriti P Kumar Hassan
111 Sanjana C A Chitradurga
112 Sanjana Praveen Bengaluru North
113 Shama S Shetty Chikkamagaluru
114 Sharmeen M Shaikh Sirsi
115 Shivanand Basagoud Patil Dharwad
116 Shravani G R Bengaluru North
117 Shreeja Hebbar Mangaluru
118 Shreekant Belle Kalaburgi
119 Shreya C J Hassan
120 Shreya Desai Vijayapura
121 Shreya R Bengaluru North
122 Spoorthy G C Hassan
123 Sri Lakshmi M Kolar
124 Srushti J Shivamogga
125 Srushti Mahesh Pattar Chikkodi
126 Srushti V R Chitradurga
127 Sucharitha R Chikkamagaluru
128 Supriya K S Tumkur
129 Suraj Gowda M N Mandya
130 Sushmita Bidar
131 Swasthi Mangaluru
132 Tasneed Firdose Hunshal Hassan
133 Tejashwini Chavan Kolar
134 Thrupthi K C Chikkaballapur
135 Tushar Keshav Shanbhag Sirsi
136 V Akshatha Kamath Mangaluru
137 Vasavi S Puranik Bengaluru South
138 Veeksha V Shetty Mangaluru
139 Vikas K R Shivamogga
140 Vishnu Priya R Bengaluru North
141 Vivekanad Mahantesh Honnali Chikkodi
142 Vyankatesh Yohesh Dongare Belagavi
143 Yallaling Basappa Sulibhavi Vijayapura
144 Yashaswi Urs M Mysore
145 Yukhta B Chitradurga

In the year 2022, around 730880 students cleared the exam, of which 358602 students were males and 372279 students were females. Further, the overall passing percentage was recorded as 85.63%.

Who got highest marks in Karnataka?

SSLC Topper List 2023: Who Tops the Karnataka Class 10th Result – KSEAB announced the result and the class 10th toppers list together. These four students scored 625/625. Check below the list of toppers:

Names District Name Score
Bhoomika Pai Bengaluru 625
Yashas Gowda Chikkabalapur 625
Anupama Hireholi Belagavi 625
Bhimangouda Patil Vijayapura 625

How many students failed in 2nd PUC 2022 in Karnataka?

THE TIMES OF INDIA | Sep 12, 2022, 13:05:34 IST Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary Result 2022 LIVE Updates: Department of Pre University Education, Government of Karnataka on Monday announced the 2nd PUC Supplementary Result 2022. Out of total 1,85,415 registered candidates 1,75,905 students appeared for all subject 65,233 passed 9,510 remained absent.

  1. The pass percentage was recorded at 37.08 per cent.
  2. Students, who appeared for the examination, can check and download their results online on the official website – karresults.nic.in.
  3. Stay with the TOI for the latest updates on Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary Result 2022.
  4. Read Less 2nd PUC Result 2022: Certificates in Digital format After completion of the Revaluation and re-totalling process, the students can download their pass certificates in Digital format also from Digilocker Website; the detailed procedure is published on – the department website https://pue.karnataka.gov.in.

There is no fee for retotaling. Retotaling results will be hosted in the department website – https://pue.karnataka.gov.in II PU Result 2022: There is no need to apply for retotaling if applied for revaluation. The Revaluation and Re-totaling results will be announced in the department Website https://pue.karnataka.gov.in.

  • Arnataka II PU Result 2022: The decision taken by the committee of re-valuators will be the final and there is no provision for any appeals in this regard.
  • If a student scores more than the prescribed marks or scores less than the prescribed marks (+/-6%), the modified marks will be announced in the department website.

In any case the previously scored marks cannot be restored. For revaluation of papers, a candidate is required to pay Rs.1,670/- per subject. Students can download the scanned copy of answer scripts only through the official website – https://pue.karnataka.gov.in from September 21 to 24, 2022 by paying fee of Rs.530/- per subject.

  1. Students can apply for scanned copy of answer scripts, revaluation and re-totalling through online starting from today to September 15, 2022.
  2. Total 1,75,905 students appeared for all subject registered Total 1,85,415 students registered for examination The Valuation was held in 10 camps in Bengaluru city from September 1 to 8, 2022 and 6,927 valuators participated in the valuation work.

The II PUC August 2022 Supplementary Examination was held from August 12 to 25, 2022 in 307 Examination Centers. Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary Result 2022 declared: Link active now, check here Out of total 1,85,415 registered candidates 1,75,905 students appeared for all subject 65,233 passed 9,510 remained absent.

The pass percentage was recorded at 37.08 per cent. II PU Result for supplementary exam to be declared shortly, direct link Credentials required to check Karnataka class 12th supplementary result Candidates can check their results online on the officieal website using their roll number, hall ticket number, date of birth and other credentials.

Karnataka Second PUC supplementary result 2022: Important websites pue.karnataka.gov.in pue.kar.nic.in, karresults.nic.in To pass Karnataka 2nd PUC supplementary examination, candidates will have to score 35 percent marks in aggregate. Candidates scoring less than this will be declared fail.

What is the pass percentage for Karnataka PUC Results 2022?

Karnataka 2nd PUC result 2023: Check last 5 years’ pass percentage

Year Overall pass percentage
2022 66.88%
2021 100%
2020 61.73%
2019 61.73%