Periodic Table Practice Problems


Periodic Table Practice Problems

How do you practice the periodic table?

Practice Makes Perfect – Print multiple copies of the blank periodic table to practice filling in the symbols or names of the elements. It’s easiest to learn the element symbols that go with the names, write in the symbols, and then add the names. Start small, with one or two rows or columns at a time.

How can I read the periodic table quickly?

On the periodic table, elements are listed in order of increasing atomic number. Elements in the same row are in the same period. This means they have similar physical properties, such as how well they bend or conduct electricity. Elements in the same column are in the same group.

Is there a 119th element?

Ununennium: description Your user agent does not support the HTML5 Audio element. – Ununennium, also known as element 119 (or eka-francium), is the as yet unknown chemical element with atomic number 119 and symbol Uue. Ununennium and Uue are the temporary systematic IUPAC name and symbol, until a permanent name is decided upon.

In the periodic table of the elements, it is expected to be an s-block element, an alkali metal, and the first element in the eighth period. Ununennium is the first element that has not yet been synthesized. To date, all attempts to synthesize this element have been unsuccessful. Its position as the seventh alkali metal suggests that it would have similar properties to the alkali metals, lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, and francium; however, relativistic effects may cause some of its properties to differ from those expected from a straight application of periodic trends.

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For example, ununennium is expected to be less reactive than caesium and francium and be closer in behavior to potassium or rubidium, and while it should show the characteristic +1 oxidation state of the alkali metals, it is also predicted to show the +3 oxidation state unknown in any other alkali metal.

How can I master the periodic table?

1 – Repetition – Do you remember as kids, how we memorize the alphabet or numbers? We keep on repeating them, starting from the letter A, starting from the number 1. Students can pair the repetition study technique with reading it out loud. A study by the University of Waterloo found that reading information out loud helps with long-term memory and improves memory over time.

Should I memorize the periodic table?

Finding patterns and origin –

Keep in mind the Latin names – The Latin names are difficult to keep in mind and thus can be made as milestones that you would remember at any point in time. Keep in mind the difference between the names You can use flashcards to memorize the periodic table.

Memorizing the periodic table is important because it is organized and gives a lot of information about elements. Also, it makes students understand how elements relate to one another.

It is used to predict the properties of every element. Groups and periods give information about the elements sharing similar characteristics. The periodic table provides significant information which can be used in,

These were some tricks and tips that can be used to remember and understand the Periodic table. To learn more about the Periodic Table and the various elements in it visit us at or download our BYJU’S – The Learning App.

Which two elements valency is zero?

Helium, Neon, Radon and Argon have zero valency because they have their outer shell completely filled and are chemically inert gas. Was this answer helpful?

How can I memorize 30 elements easily?

Tricks to Remember the First 30 Elements in Periodic Table Periodic Table Practice Problems

  • If we are talking about the first 30 elements then the starts with Hydrogen and ends at Zinc that is an element with atomic number 30.
  • Let’s go by the first 10
  • So, the first 10 elements are
  1. Hydrogen (H)
  2. Helium (He)
  3. Lithium (Li)
  4. Beryllium (Be)
  5. Boron (B)
  6. Carbon (C)
  7. Nitrogen (N)
  8. Oxygen (O)
  9. Fluorine (F)
  10. Neon (Ne)
  1. These elements can be remembered by this line:
  2. Harley Health Like Beautiful Body of Cheetah Name Opposite Falcon Nest.
  3. As H stands for Harley,
  4. He stands for Health,
  5. Li stands for like,
  6. Be stands for Beautiful,
  7. B stands for Body,
  8. C stands for cheetah,
  9. N stands for name,
  10. O stands for opposite,
  11. F stands for falcon,
  12. Ne stands for nest.
  13. The next 10 elements are
  1. Sodium (Na)
  2. Magnesium (Mg)
  3. Aluminum – (Al)
  4. Silicon (Si)
  5. Phosphorus (P)
  6. Sulfur (S)
  7. Chlorine (Cl)
  8. Argon (Ar)
  9. Potassium (K)
  10. 20.Calcium (Ca)
  • These elements can be remembered by this line
  • Nation Mgell Always Sign Patrol Safety Clause Agreement King of Canada
  • Na stands for nation,
  • Mg stands for mgell,
  • Al stands for always,
  • Si stands for sign,
  • P stands for patrol,
  • S stands for safety,
  • Cl stands for clause,
  • Ag stands for agreement,
  • K stands for King,
  • Ca stands for Canada.
  • The next 10 elements are
  1. Scandium (Sc)
  2. Titanium (Ti)
  3. Vanadium (V)
  4. Chromium (Cr)
  5. Manganese (Mn)
  6. Iron (Fe)
  7. Cobalt (Co)
  8. Nickel (Ni)
  9. Copper (Cu)
  10. Zinc (Zn)
  1. These elements can be remembered by this line
  2. Scent, Tie, Vase, Crystal, Mango Fetch the Cobra Night by Current Zendaya
  3. Sc stands for Scent,
  4. Ti stands for Tie,
  5. V stands for Vase,
  6. Cr stands for Crystal,
  7. M stands for Mango,
  8. Fe stands for Fetch,
  9. Co stands for Cobra,
  10. Ni stands for Night,
  11. Cu stands for Current,
  12. Zn stands for Zendaya.
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Atomic No. Name of Element Valency Charge Lewis Symbol
1 Hydrogen 1 +1
2 Helium 0 0
3 Lithium 1 +1
4 Beryllium 2 +2
5 Boron 3 -3, +3
6 Carbon 4 +4
7 Nitrogen 3 -3
8 Oxygen 2 -2
9 Fluorine 1 -1
10 Neon 0 0
11 Sodium 1 +1
12 Magnesium 2 +2
13 Aluminum 3 +3
14 Silicon 4 +4, -4
15 Phosphorus 3 +5, +3, -3
16 Sulphur 2 -2, +2, +4, +6
17 Chlorine 1 -1
18 Argon 0 0
19 Potassium 1 +1
20 Calcium 2 +2
21 Scandium 3 +3
22 Titanium 4 +4, +3
23 Vanadium 5,4 +2, +3, +4, +5
24 Chromium 2 +2, +3, +6
25 Manganese 7,4,2 +2, +4, +7
26 Iron 2,3 +2, +3
27 Cobalt 3,2 +2, +3
28 Nickel 2 +2
29 Copper 2,1 +1, +2
30 Zinc 2 +2


: Tricks to Remember the First 30 Elements in Periodic Table

What is the short trick for the periodic table?

s-block Periodic Table Elements – If the periodic table were a city, the s-block would be a small neighborhood filled with similar houses and properties. The s-block is located to the far left and consists of two groups. Group 1 is known as Alkali Metals,

  • It includes Lithium (Li), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Rubidium (Ru), Caesium (Cs), and Francium (Fr).
  • To memorize this group, we use a sentence – H igh lyNa ive K ids R u b C at’ s F u r H a LiNa K Rb Cs ey Fr yad Group 2 is known as Alkaline Earth Metals,
  • It includes Beryllium (Be), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Strontium (Sr), Barium (Br), and Radium (Ra).

Mnemonic for Group 2: Be ta M an g e Ca r S coote r B aap R one se Ra azi Be ta M an g e (Mg) Ca r S cote r ( Sr ) B ap Ra zi ( Ra ) Be ena (and) M e g hna Ca me S t r aight Ba ck Ra pidly Read the basic concept of periodic table for detailed information of each element & its classification.

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How long does it take to learn the periodic table?

Memorization Can Be Boring and Repetitive – Now you could use songs or acronyms to memorize the periodic table and a lot of people try. There are even people who’ve succeeded, but the thing is – it took them a crazy long time with a LOT of repetition and pain.

Is it hard to learn the periodic table?

1. It’s difficult to Memorize Elements – The periodic table consists of 18 groups with a total of 118 elements. When students first look at the table, they may think that they need to memorize the whole table. But necessarily, they don’t need to do it. However, they should be familiar with the main 8 groups and their elements. Even memorizing those 30 to 40 elements is tough for students.