Mumbai To Pune Train Time Table


How much time to Mumbai to Pune by train?

Daily Trains from Mumbai to Pune UDYAN EXPRESS (11301) departs daily from Mumbai at 08:10 and arrives at Pune at 11:45, covering the entire distance in 3 hrs 30 mins. CSMT MS SF MAIL (22157) departs daily from Mumbai at 22:55 and arrives at Pune at 02:55, covering the entire distance in 3 hrs 55 mins.

How much is Vistadome ticket from Mumbai to Pune?

Deccan Express Vistadome Coach Booking – You have 2 ways for Vistadome coach booking in Deccan Express. First, you can book vista dome coach direct from IRCTC official website, If you do not have IRCTC ID, then you can take the help of a travel agent.

How much car fare from Mumbai to Pune?

Mumbai to Pune Cab Fare For a one-way trip, the Mumbai to Pune taxi fare starts from INR 2176. The charges to book outstation cab may differ depending on the date and time of your journey and the type of car you are choosing to travel from Mumbai to Pune. You can also book a Pune to Mumbai cab on MakeMyTrip.

Which railway station is between Mumbai to Pune?

Deccan Express -11007 ( Mumbai Cst to Pune Junction )

No. Station name (code) Distance travelled
1 Mumbai Cst (CSTM) 0 km
2 Dadar (DR) 9 km
3 Thane (TNA) 34 km
4 Kalyan Junction (KYN) 54 km

What is the fine for Mumbai Pune Express Highway?

NAVI MUMBAI: The Raigad Highway Safety Patrol team of Palaspe unit, which has jurisdiction of 33 km from Kalamboli to Khalapur toll plaza on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, has sent e-challans to a total of 2.55 lakh motorists for traffic violations from January 2021 till December 2021.

The maximum traffic violations are overspeeding beyond the permissible limit of 100kmph on the e-way, by a total of 1.72 lakh motorists. The remaining traffic violations cases of 83,315 are for lane cutting, driving without seatbelt, talking on mobile while driving, etc. Subhash Pujari, assistant police inspector of HSP Palaspe unit informed that the offenders served e-challans have paid the penalty online and by cash at the traffic units.

The total penalty collected is Rs 22.02 crores. From December this year, the penalty for overspeeding has been increased from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 for first time offenders. Comparatively, the e-challans served from January till December last year were only 74,683, including 7,423 cases of over speeding.

  • The total penalty recovered by sending e-challans to the traffic offenders was Rs 1.37 crores.
  • The decline in cases last year is being attributed to Covid lockdown restrictions, when vehicular movement was comparatively less.
  • In 2020, the fatal accidents were 37 from January till December, compared to 34 fatal accidents this year.
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API Pujari added, “As per the notification of Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the maximum speed for 4 lane and above divided carriageway (roads with median strips/dividers) is 100 kmph. Hence, the Mumbai-Pune expressway falls under this category.

But, As per the notification, no cognizance is taken for speed limit violation under Section 183 of the Motor vehicles Act,1988, if the vehicle speed detected is within 5 per cent of the maximum speed. Hence, on the expressway, the vehicles are allowed to ply till a maximum 105 kmph and penalty is not imposed on such vehicles.

But, beyond that speed limit, the vehicle interceptor detects overspeeding and the vehicle’s details are captured for sending e-challan to the registered mobile number of the offender motorist.” He added, “Also, two CCTV cameras have been installed at two specific undisclosed locations on the expressway between Kalamboli and Khalapur.

Which expressway in India has highest speed limit?

Home Auto News Speed Limits On Expressways, National Highways Set To Go Up, Hints Nitin Gadkari Speed limits on expressways and national highways in India could go be increased in coming days. Speaking at an event on Thursday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that newly laid network of high-speed expressways and highways are equipped to handle more speeds than what is currently prescribed. Mumbai To Pune Train Time Table A view of the newly-inaugurated Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, where speed limit for cars has been capped at 120 kmph. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that speed limits on expressways and national highways are likely to increase soon. (PTI) Currently, some of the expressways in India allow speed limits of up to 120 kmph for light vehicles like cars.

  1. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and the Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressways are some of the places where cars are allowed to hit 120 kmph.
  2. Most others, including national highways have a speed limit of 100 kmph or lower.
  3. The current speed limit was set by the Centre in 2018 through a notification.
  4. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), which Gadkari heads, is responsible to set speed limits.
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The effort to increase speed limit is part of its process to improve safety and efficiency of India’s massive road network. However, the Centre needs to have all the states on board to implement the new speed limits. The states, for their part, are empowered to take a final call on speed limit on section of expressway or highway passing through its border.

According to Gadkari, new speed limits will be formulated based on the type of roads. It could vary depending on whether it’s an access control highways, 8-lane, 6-lane, 4-lane or 2-lane highway. Gadkari said the Centre is ready to discuss the matter with respective states before finalising new speed limits.

He said, “Now the situation is such that the highways are good, but the speed limits have not changed. I am calling the transport ministers of states. We will prepare new speed limit norms, and you (people) will soon get relief,” he said. Also read: Volkswagen Virtus owner flouts speed limit, hits 200 kmph on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Gadkari’s remark comes at a time when overspeeding has been the biggest killer on Indian roads.

Despite security arrangements like CCTVs and speed cameras in place, commuters are often seen flouting speed limits on expressways and highways. According to a report released by the ministry, over two-third of road accident victims who died in 2021 were involved in cases of overspeeding. The report stated that there were nearly three lakh road accidents that took place in 2021 due to overspeeding, in which more than 1.07 lakh people died.

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In 2019, the year before Covid restrictions kicked in, around 71 per cent of the 4.49 lakh road accidents in the country were due to overspeeding. First Published Date: 03 Mar 2023, 08:41 AM IST

How much time it takes to travel from Mumbai to Pune by Hyperloop?

Where else is the possibility of Hyperloop being explored? – Presently, nine companies are working on the Hyperloop technology. They have also announced the construction of test tracks and intercity transport system in different parts across the world.

Among these nine companies is also India-based DGWHyperloop India. So far, the leading projects are the Pune-Mumbai Hyperloop, Hyperloop between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Hyperloop connecting Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, a Hyperloop track connecting St Louis, Kansas City and Columbia in Missouri and another Indian Hyperloop between Amravati and Vijayawada.

However, with the progress on all of these being slow, it could take some time before passengers travelling between Pune and Mumbai get a respite in travel time. : Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop travel in 25 minutes! How the concept of 1,220 kmph technology came about; top facts