Lonavala To Pune Local Time Table 2022


What is the timing of local Lonavala to Pune?

Lonavala to Pune Local Train Timetable:

Station Name 1st Local 6th Local
Dapodi 00:37 09:19
Khadki 00:42 09:23
Shivajinagar 00:47 09:28
Pune 01:05 09:40

How long is the train from Lonavala to Pune?

It takes around 1hr 5min to reach Pune.22944 INDB DAUND EXP leaves Lonavala LNL at 07:45:00 and reaches Pune PUNE at 08:50:00. The price of INDB DAUND EXP ticket is 55 INR. The train operates on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Is local train available for Pune to Lonavala?

Pune – Lonavala Local 01566 Schedule, Routes & Time Table – Train no.01566 Pune – Lonavala Local is one of the major trains on this route for travellers. It starts from Pune Jn station and ends at Lonavala. Due to its 17 stoppage stations, the total time taken by this train is around 1hr 20min.

Stn Code Stn Name Arrives Departs Stop time Distance Platform Route Day Avg delay
PUNE Pune Jn starts 15:00 6 1 1 On Time
SVJR Shivajinagar 15:04 15:05 1min 2 km 1 1 1 2min
KK Khadki 15:09 15:10 1min 6 km 2 1 1 4min
DAPD Dapodi 15:12 15:13 1min 8 km 2 1 1 5min
KSWD Kasar Wadi 15:16 15:17 1min 12 km 2 1 1 4min
PMP Pimpri 15:19 15:20 1min 14 km 2 1 1 4min
CCH Chinchvad 15:23 15:24 1min 16 km 3 1 1 5min
AKRD Akurdi 15:27 15:28 1min 20 km 2 1 1 4min
DEHR Dehu Road 15:32 15:33 1min 25 km 3 1 1 6min
BGWI Begdaewadi 15:36 15:37 1min 28 km 1 1 1 5min
GRWD Ghorawadi 15:39 15:40 1min 31 km 2 1 1 5min
TGN Talegaon 15:44 15:45 1min 34 km 2 1 1 8min
VDN Vadgaon 15:49 15:50 1min 38 km 2 1 1 7min
KNHE Kanhe 15:53 15:54 1min 43 km 2 1 1 7min
KMST Kamshet 15:58 15:59 1min 48 km 2 1 1 9min
MVL Malavli 16:05 16:06 1min 56 km 2 1 1 9min
LNL Lonavala 16:20 ends 64 km 3 1 1 7min

What is the local train number of Lonavala Pune?

99805 LONAVALA – PUNE Local Time Table – FAQ. A) LONAVALA – PUNE Local (99805) is one of the Indian Railways’ most popular trains.

How to plan Lonavala from Pune?

3 ways to reach Lonavala The cheapest way to reach from Pune to Lonavala is train to Lonavala and takes 53m. The fastest way to reach from Pune to Lonavala is bus to Lonavala and takes 30m. The recommended way to reach from Pune to Lonavala is train to Lonavala and takes 53m. Train numbers 01020, 01140, 01302 etc.

Which local station is closest to Lonavala?

Nearest Railway Stations to Lonavala Maharashtra India

Station Train Frequency Distance
(LNL) LONAVALA 346 1.01 Kms
(KAD)KHANDALA 77 4.18 Kms
(KJT)KARJAT 262 20.44 Kms
(CHOK)CHAUK 14 25.19 Kms

How much distance from Pune to Lonavala by cab?

The distance between Pune to Lonavala by car is around 68 km.

How far is Lonavala to Pune?

The Distance between Lonavala to Pune by road is 65KM. The aerial distance from Lonavala to Pune is 54KM.

Can I purchase local train ticket online?

Railway Ticket Booking: Book Unreserved Train & Platform Tickets Online Through THIS App Indian Railway Online Ticket Booking: Trains are considered to be the lifeline of the Indian transport system. Even today, the majority of people in India use trains to travel long distances.

With the changing times, Railway has undergone some significant changes. There was a time when people had to stand in long queues for railway tickets. However, gradually with digitalisation people are now able to book tickets right from their homes through IRCTC’s website. Now Railways have also started online booking of unreserved and platform tickets.

You can keep yourself safe from huge crowds during the covid-19 pandemic as you can now also book unreserved tickets and platform tickets online. In order to facilitate passengers during covid restrictions period, and so as to ease the working of the staff and prevent the spread of infection, Railways launched a special app.

  1. This way you can easily book unreserved and platform tickets.
  2. So let’s know about how to book tickets- Here Are Rules For Booking Tickets Online Through UTS App – You can book platform tickets and general tickets through the UTS app by Railways.- You can do the online ticket booking through your mobile.- You can book an unreserved ticket from a distance of a minimum of 20 meters from the railway line.- You can’t book after boarding the train through this app.- To ensure that it is not misused Railways have done geo fencing.- You can book platform tickets at a distance of 20 meters at the railway station.

– The highlight of this ticket is that it is not permitted to cancel this paperless ticket. : Railway Ticket Booking: Book Unreserved Train & Platform Tickets Online Through THIS App

Does Vistadome stop at Lonavala?

Vistadome Coach Experience from Mumbai to Lonavala Vistadome experience has been on my list of to do’s for a while. So when I realised that this is something that can happen on a trip to Lonavala, from Mumbai I was super excited! Indian Railways have Vistadome coaches on a few trains between Mumbai and Pune and the good part is that they stop in Lonavala! If you want to see the complete Mumbai to Lonavala Vistadome experience then watch the video below!

  • A Vistadome coach feels like one of those Euro rail experiences – the way the train is designed is on the same lines and hence they run on all scenic routes.
  • Vistadome Coach from Mumbai to Lonavala
  • The Vistadome coach is attached to Deccan Express 11007 and departs from Mumbai CSMT station at 7 am and reaches Lonavala by 9:30 am
  • *this train goes all the way till Pune
  • How to Book
  • Login to IRCTC app or website and enter your journey details, to book the Vistadome coach, select the EC or Executive Chair Car option.
  • Cost
  • 760 for a one way journey (Mumbai to Lonavala)
  • Vistadome Coach from Lonavala to Mumbai
  • Choose Deccan Express 11008, departs from Lonavala station at 16:30 hours and reached Mumbai by 19:00 hours.
  • *train starts from Pune
  • Photo tips

The coach is usually at the end of the train and has a viewing deck. So if you are a photo enthusiast, you might hang out there a lot! The interiors, seats with large windows too make for great pictures, especially when theres a beautiful sight outside.

  1. Features
  2. Separate Luggage compartment
  3. Recliner seats
  4. Hidden side table
  5. 2 washrooms
  6. Mirrors with lights
  7. Food

Lonavala To Pune Local Time Table 2022 Vistadome The food in this is not complimentary and obtained on a chargeable basis. Bread – cutlet, Omelette, tea, coffee, Poha, Upma are available as per normal train journeys. Don’t miss Vada Pav which is available at Karjat station.

  • Here are things to do on a day trip to Lonavala
  • Visit Buvachi Misal, Behind Fariya Resort, Parshwapuram, Lonavala
  • Buvachi Misal, one of the most famous Misal Pav places in Maharashtra.

Plain Misal costs Rs.70 and you can choose from a variety of options like cheese or paneer misal. You can also decide the spice level of your misal. Click here for a sneak peek inside the Kitchen of Buvachi Misal where the magic happens. How to get there Let Google Maps guide you! If you are going by train then after getting down at Lonavala station, take a rickshaw,

Takes about 10 to 15 minutes and would cost you between Rs.100-200. Lonavala Lake View point This is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala during monsoon. It is very accessible by road and has a stunning view in every direction. One side has the huge green mountains and the other side has the calm and serene Lonavala lake.

If you go here when it’s raining, you are very likely to see many waterfalls on the Mountains.

  1. How to get there
  2. 12-15 minutes by rickshaw from Buvachi Misal costs around Rs.200
  3. 5 minutes by rickshaw from Lonavala station.
  4. Must try here
  5. There are tiny food stalls selling Bhutta, kanda bhaji, Aloo Bhajji, Maggi which are like standard Lonavala snacks. But I’d suggest you try the corn Bhajji, something different but so tasty
  6. Costs around Rs.80/- per plate

This place is quite close to the station but less crowded and you might go past it while traveling to the other points. I’d highly recommend stopping here and getting some absolutely Instagrammable clicks! Mapro Gardens, Old Mumbai Pune Highway Lonavala To Pune Local Time Table 2022 Vistadome This is a huge store where you can buy all mapro goodies. Behind it is a lovely waterfall and a pond with lotuses, this sight will take you straight to Mahabaleshwar. There are sampling counters in the store, you can buy syrups, squashes, jellies, jams and different types of cookies.

  • Must try here
  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Mangoes and Cream
  • Grilled Sandwich
  • Pizza
  • If you have a sweet tooth, this place is made just for you!
  • Check out this mapro store in my video and make sure you go there next time you are in Lonavala.
  • Cooper’s Fudge, near Laal taki Ryewoods

This is one of the oldest fudge shops in Lonavala, and they just opened a new branch. They have mango fudge, strawberry fudge, and different chikkis.

  1. How to get here
  2. 11 minutes from Mapro gardens by rickshaw
  3. 5 minutes from Lonavala station by rickshaw
  4. Must try here
  5. Chocolate walnut fudge Rs.1600/- per kg
  6. There’s a cafe opening upstairs and the location is so beautiful, it’s a must-visit!
  7. Rupam chikki, Next to Lonavala Station

Lonavala and chikki are two inseparable words. Rupam chikki has been selling the best chikki since 1975. From crunchy to melt-in-the-mouth, they have got all kinds of chikkis.

  • How to get here
  • 5 minutes rickshaw ride from Cooper’s Branch 2
  • 2 minute walk from Lonavala Station
  • Must try here
  • Malai crush Peanut chikki
  • Kaju crush Peanut chikki
  • Potato wafers
  • There are many chikki shops in Lonavala, but the chikki here is worth a try!

Lonavala has some of the prettiest points so close from the station and very accessible by road. If you ever want a break from your schedule or you are planning a one day weekend trip, this is your itinerary. Share this link with your friends and family and watch more on the link below Know about an amazing tiger safari experience in Ranthambore : Vistadome Coach Experience from Mumbai to Lonavala

Which platform is Lonavala to Pune local?

1: What is the train number of Lonavala Pune Local? A: Lonavala Pune Local Train Number is 99803.2: What is the Schedule of Lonavala Pune Local? A: Lonavala Pune Local train runs from Lonavala to Pune Junction. It departs from Lonavala at 06:35 and reaches Pune Junction at 07:55,3: What is the platform number of Lonavala Pune Local or on which platform the train usually arrives? A: Train 99803 arrives on platform number 3 at Lonavala and at platform number 6 at,Pune Junction 4: What is the travel route and time of Lonavala Pune Local? A: Lonavala Pune Local took 1h 20m to cover total distance of 64 km between Lonavala and Pune Junction.

The average speed of Lonavala Pune Local is 48 km/hr with a peak speed of NA 5: How many total halts Lonavala Pune Local has on its journey? A: Lonavala Pune Local took total 15 halts to cover its journey.6: From where Lonavala Pune Local starts and at which time? Or What is the source station of Lonavala Pune Local? A: Lonavala Pune Local starts from Lonavala at 06:35 at Platform number 3.7: What is the last station of Lonavala Pune Local and when the train reaches to its destination? A: Its reaches Pune Junction at 07:55 which is the last station of its journey.

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How many stations are there between Lonavala and Pune?

99817 – Lonavala Pune Local

Classes: SL, 1A, EC, EA, 2A, 3A, 3E, CC, FC, 2S
Travel Distance: 63 KM
Number of Stops: 17
States Crossed 1
Loco Reversal:

ul> Pune Jn (PUNE) to Lonavala (LNL) route Info for Pune Lonavala Local

Search more trains plying between Lonavala (LNL) & Pune Jn (PUNE) with updated schedule and route info.

(99817) The Lonavala Pune Local train runs between Lonavala (LNL) to Pune Jn (PUNE). The 99817 Lonavala Pune Local train leaves Lonavala at 15:40 hours and reaches PUNE station at 17:05 hours on the 1st day of departure. The Lonavala Pune Local train covers a total distance of 63 kilometers.

  1. The average speed of the Lonavala Pune Local train is 44.96 Kmph.
  2. 99817) The Lonavala Pune Local train also has return services with train No.99818 which departs from PUNE at 13:00 hours and arrives LNL at 14:20 hours.
  3. The Lonavala Pune Local (99817) passes through 17 popular railway stations to reach Pune Jn (PUNE).

The entire train journey takes 1h 25m in total. The train offers travellers multiple class coaches to select train seats/berths from – the classes are CLASS – Sleeper(SL), First AC(1A), Executive Class(EC), Eexecutive Anubhuti(EA), Second AC(2A), Third AC(3A), 3 AC Economy(3E), AC Chair Car(CC), First Class(FC), Second Seating(2S).

  • Due to the current times amid the pandemic, the final chart preparation of the Lonavala Pune Local train is prepared 3-4 hours before the real train departure time.Q.
  • What is the total distance covered by (99817) Lonavala Pune Local train? A.
  • The total distance covered by Lonavala Pune Local train is 63 kilometers.Q.

Does (99817) Lonavala Pune Local train have a reversal train service? A. Yes! Train no.99818 Pune Lonavala Local Pune Jn station to Lonavala runs on a daily basis.Q. Lonavala Pune Local train takes how much time to reach Pune Jn? A. The Lonavala Pune Local train takes up to 1 days to reach the Pune Jn destination.

How many stations from Lonavala to Pune?

Home Train Lonavala Pune Local

This article contains information about Lonavala Pune Local train route, Lonavala Pune Local train time table, Lonavala Pune Local train schedule, Lonavala Pune Local coach position, 99827 train route, 99827 train time table, 99827 train schedule, 99827 coach position, 99827 Stations, 99827 platform number, 99827 train platform.

Also you will know train route from Lonavala to Pune, train schedule from Lonavala to Pune, train time table from Lonavala to Pune. Lonavala Pune Local Train Number 99827 from Lonavala to Pune Junction is a EMU – Pune train belonging to Indian Railways in CR/Central Zone. It has started services from NA.

It has 15 halts.18 intermediate Stations between Lonavala and Pune Junction Covering a total distance of 64 km in 1h 20m time. The Departure time of Lonavala Pune Local from Lonavala is 20:40 and arrival time at Pune Junction is 22:00, It usually comes on Platform Number 3 at Lonavala station and Platform Number 6 at Pune Junction.

# Code Station Name Arrives Departs PF Halt Day# Km Speed Elev Zone Address
1 LNL Lonavala 20:40 3 1 0.0 72 623m CR Lonavala 410401, Maharashtra
2 MVL Malavli 20:46 20:47 2 1m 1 7.2 88 616m CR Malavli 410405, Maharashtra
3 KMST Kamshet 20:53 20:54 1m 1 15.9 91 614m CR Dist. Pune 410405, Maharashtra
4 KNHE Kanhe 20:57 20:58 1m 1 20.5 101 627m CR Kanhe, Maharashtra
5 VDN Vadgaon 21:01 21:02 1m 1 25.5 60 623m CR Vadgaon, Maharashtra
6 TGN Talegaon 21:06 21:07 1m 1 29.6 61 621m CR Talegaon Dabhade 410501, Maharashtra
7 GRWD Ghorawadi 21:10 21:11 1m 1 32.6 90 596m CR Ghorawadi, Maharashtra
8 BGWI Begdewadi 21:13 21:14 1m 1 35.6 72 594m CR Talegaon, Maharashtra
9 DEHR Dehu Road 21:17 21:18 1m 1 39.2 74 611m CR Dehu 412101, Maharashtra
10 AKRD Akurdi 21:22 21:23 1 1m 1 44.2 64 585m CR Pune 411035, Maharashtra
11 CCH Chinchwad 21:26 21:27 2 1m 1 47.3 45 574m CR Pune 411033, Maharashtra
12 PMP Pimpri 21:30 21:31 1 1m 1 49.6 78 569m CR Pune 411018, Maharashtra
13 KSWD Kasarwadi 21:33 21:34 1 1m 1 52.2 67 558m CR Pune 411034, Maharashtra
14 DAPD Dapodi 21:37 21:38 1m 1 55.5 43 559m CR Pune 411012, Maharashtra
15 KK Khadki 21:41 21:42 1 1m 1 57.7 54 563m CR Pune 411003, Maharashtra
16 SVJR Shivajinagar 21:46 21:47 2 1m 1 61.2 11 552m CR Pune 411005, Maharashtra
17 PUNE Pune Junction 22:00 6 1 63.7 556m CR Pune 411001, Maharashtra

Lonavala Pune Local Train Number 99827 runs in Lonavala to Pune Route. Above is the complete details about 99827 Arrival Departure Timing, Schedule, Route, Status and Time Table. Lonavala Pune Local Stations, Lonavala Pune Local platform number, Lonavala Pune Local train platform, train route map, train route information, train route status, train route and time, train stops.

Which is the best time in Lonavala?

The best time to visit Lonavala is during the winter season in the months of October to February. Tourists can experience a plethora of outdoor activities. This is also the ideal time to visit Lonavala as the weather is cool and dry. During these months, the temperature ranges from 19 ? to 22 ?.

  • Lonavala sees the highest number of travelers during the winter season not only because of the pleasant weather but also the treks and camps that take place during this time.
  • Lonavala is a beautiful hill station in Pune dotted with waterfalls, lush green surroundings, and amazing tourist places.
  • Especially after the rains, Lonavala looks fresh and clean from July to September.

Lonavala sees summers in the months of March to June and the weather is hot and humid. Go through our detailed guide and find out the best time to visit Lonavala, October-February (11°C – 25 °C) The best time to go to Lonavala is considered to be from October to February, as the weather is great which is perfectly apt for adventure activities such as trekking and hiking.

These are the months of winter which are perfect to explore the beautiful hill station of Lonavala. During these months the place looks clean and fresh due to the recent showers. Also, the dams and waterfalls are full during these months and one can enjoy sightseeing in Lonavala. July-September (24°C – 29°C) Lonavala faces heavy rainfall from July to September and these months fall under the monsoon season.

During these months the place sees a decrease in the number of tourists. It becomes difficult to enjoy any adventure activities or outdoor activities during these months as the rains are almost non-stop. If you are a person who doesn’t mind rains and enjoys the monsoon season the best time to visit Lonavala for you can be from July to September.

How much does Lonavala trip cost?

Popular Lonavala Packages

Packages Price Quotes
Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala ₹ 15,600* Hotels, Car, Sightseeing, Meals
Mumbai, Lonavala, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar ₹ 21,550* Hotels, Sightseeing, Meals
Lonavala ₹ 7,590* Hotels, Car, Sightseeing, Meals
Mumbai, Lonavala ₹ 16,400* Hotels, Car, Sightseeing, Meals

Does Ola run in Lonavala?

How to Reach Lonavala by Road – Bus – There are 199 buses plying between Mumbai and Lonavala daily. Out of these, some are sleeper buses, some are AC buses and some are non-AC buses. The duration and frequency are exceptionally good. There are 17 operators that operate buses between the two cities.

Usually, the bus ride to Lonavala is less than 3 hours at a comfortable pace. Some of the popular operators are Neeta Tours and Travels, Purple Tours and Travels, Gujarat Travels and Datta Krupa Travels. The state-run buses called the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) are regularly used by passengers and are very efficient and comfortable.

MSTRC has 18515 buses, which ferry 6.7 million passengers daily. These buses have routes to towns and cities within Maharashtra as well as to its adjoining states. You can also book tickets online for all the buses. These buses have different ranges and the prices alter accordingly.

Car – The drive to Lonavala is very scenic. From Mumbai, you will have to take the Mumbai- Pune Express Highway and exit at Khandala to get into Lonavala. This is India’s first six-lane concrete, high speed, access controlled tolled expressway. The road is very well maintained and allows passengers to glide through seamlessly.

There is a nominal toll but it completely worth the money. During the monsoon, due to heavy rains, there have been landslides at the Khandala and Adoshi tunnels on the Expressway. Two-and three-wheelers are not allowed on the expressway. For two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and for those who wish to avoid the toll, the other option is to use the old Mumbai-Pune Road NH4.

From Pune too, you can also take the NH4 or NH4 and Mumbai Express Highway combination. Taxi – Private and shared Taxis are available to reach Lonavala from Mumbai and Pune. Prices vary depending on whether you choose, an SUV, sedan or hatchback. Many cab operators like Ola and Uber can also be booked to get to Lonavala.

Ola and Uber can now bring in passengers from different cities to Lonavala, however, they cannot pick the outstation passengers from the city itself. If Ola and Uber were to operate in the market it would mean that local taxi operators would have to compete with those who come from Pune and Mumbai.

Which hill station is closest to Lonavala?

11. Toranmal – Toranmal | Among the Best Hill Stations near Pune within 500 km Nestled in the Satpura Range, Toranmal is a popular hill station near Pune. It is popular for its Gorakhnath Temple, which is flocked by thousands of devotees from all parts of the country.

If you are an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, then you must visit this place during the festival of Mahashivratri to be a part of the grand fair that takes place during it. And, just in case you have been wondering whether Toranmal has something for nature lovers too, the answer is, “Yes.” The place is famous for its lakes: Yashwant Lake and Lotus Lake.

The Lotus Lake is covered with Lotus flowers for most part of the year. The water from this lake runs down a cliff, falling into Sita Khai, to form a beautiful waterfall. Some other points of interest in Toranmal include Coffee Garden, Aawashbari Point, Sunset Point and Check Dam.

Distance from Pune : Around 471 km via NH 60

What is the time of Darshan Express in Pune?

Delhi to Miraj Jn DARSHAN EXP 12494 train schedule cloud_download

Station Arrive Depart Halt
Pune Jn ( PUNE ) 18:30 18:40 10 min
Jejuri ( JJR ) 19:48 19:50 2 min
Satara ( STR ) 21:42 21:45 3 min
Karad ( KRD ) 22:37 22:40 3 min

How far is Lonavala to Pune?

The Distance between Lonavala to Pune by road is 65KM. The aerial distance from Lonavala to Pune is 54KM.

Is local transport available in Lonavala?

Best way to travel in Lonavala | Lonavala Transport Lonavala To Pune Local Time Table 2022 Lonavala is frequently visited by many people from all over the country and also from the people of Mumbai especially during weekends. Just because of the small size of the town, to travel within the Lonavala is quite easy and accessible. Many options are available in the city for local transportation like taxis, auto-rickshaws, buses and rented cycles.

  1. Taxis Taxis are the most common and easily available mode of transport in Lonavala.
  2. They can be seen at anywhere like you can get them from outside railway station or bus stand.
  3. But, these taxis are not metered, so keep in mind to fix the fare before hiring the taxi with a good bargaining.
  4. Auto Rickshaw Auto Rickshaws are also one of the main modes of transport in Lonavala and are also not metered.

So, try to confirm the fares from local people before hiring any auto for getting to any place in Lonavala. Rented bicycles If you like to travel in the Lonavala, enjoying the green surroundings, then you should go for the rented bicycles for travelling around the city.