Kabaddi Points Table 2022


Who scored most raid points in kabaddi Season 7?


Rank Players Raid Points
Pawan Kumar Sehrawat 359
Naveen Kumar 319
Pardeep Narwal 317
4 Siddharth Sirish Desai 220

Who has scored the most raid points in a match in Pro Kabaddi?

1. Pawan Sehrawat (39 points) – In Season 7, Bengaluru Bulls’ Pawan Sehrawat scored 39 points against Haryana Steelers to break Pardeep Narwal’s record of the greatest number of raid points (34) in a single Pro Kabaddi League match. Pawan scripted history by single-handedly scoring all of Bengaluru Bulls’ raid points during their 59-36 victory over Haryana Steelers.

  1. The ‘Hi-Flyer’ just needed 38 raids to achieve the historic feat and was tackled only once in the entire match.
  2. He gathered 34 touchpoints, five bonus points and had just one unsuccessful raid.
  3. The historic record of Pawan Sehrawat still tops the list and no one has broken it to date.
  4. He is still playing for Bengaluru Bulls and currently leading the side in Season 8.

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Who is Raider in kabaddi?

Standard style – A kabaddi court at the 2006 Asian Games In the international team version of kabaddi, two teams of seven members each occupy opposite halves of a court of 10 by 13 metres (33 ft × 43 ft) in case of men and 8 by 12 metres (26 ft × 39 ft) in case of women.

Each has five supplementary players held in reserve for substitution. The game is played with 20-minute halves with a 5-minute half time break in which the teams exchange sides. During each play, known as a “raid”, a player from the attacking side, known as the “raider”, runs into the opposing team’s side of the court and attempts to tag as many of the seven defending players as possible.

The raider must cross the baulk line into the defending team’s territory, and then return to their half of the field without being tackled. (If an attacker touches a defender and hasn’t yet reached the baulk line, they do not need to reach the baulk line to score points and may return to their half of the court.) While raiding, the raider must loudly chant kabaddi, confirming to referees that their raid is done on a single breath without inhaling.

  • Each raid has a 30-second time limit.
  • A point is scored for each defender tagged; tags can be made with the raider’s hand or foot.
  • If the raider steps beyond the bonus line marked in the defending team’s territory when there are five or more players, they earn an additional point known as a bonus point.
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If the raider is successfully stopped (tackled), the opposite team earns a point instead. All players tagged are taken out of the game, but one is “revived” for each point a team scores from a subsequent tag or tackle. Bonus points do not revive players.

Who can qualify in PKL?

Season 7 – The 2019 season is the seventh edition of the Pro Kabaddi League, and it features 12 teams. Auctions for the new season were held in Mumbai on 8 and 9 April. The franchises splashed out over 50 crores to acquire 200 players. Siddharth Sirish Desai became the most expensive buy of the season after Telugu Titans got the winning bid of him at ₹1.45 crore.

  • The most expensive foreign player of this season was Iranian Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh who was bought by Bengal Warriors for ₹77.75 lakh.
  • As termed by the organisers ‘Most Toughest Season’, the zonal system present in the previous season is removed, and each team will play against all the other teams twice.

Top 6 teams will qualify for the playoffs. The top two teams will automatically make the semi-finals while the remaining four will battle it out in eliminators. Dabang Delhi and Bengal Warriors emerged as the winners in the semi-finals and qualified to the final for the first time.

  1. In the final, Bengal Warriors outplayed Dabang Delhi by a margin of 39–34 and clinched their maiden Pro Kabaddi League title.
  2. The season witnessed several records.
  3. Pardeep Narwal became the first ever player to reach 1000 points in the Pro Kabaddi League.
  4. Naveen Kumar scored 21 consecutive Super 10s and overall 22.
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While Pawan Sehrawat registered most individual points in a match (39) against Haryana Steelers. In this season, for the first time three raiders crossed the 300-raid points mark. Among the defenders, Neeraj Kumar of Patna Pirates scored most tackle points (11) in a match and equalled the record of Mohit Chillar (11).

What is kabaddi called in English?

Kabaddi in British English (kəˈbʌdɪ, kəˈbɑːdɪ ) noun. a game played between two teams of seven players, in which individuals take turns to chase and try to touch members of the opposing team without being captured by them. Collins English Dictionary.