Commonwealth Games Point Table


Who is winning in the Commonwealth Games 22?

Medal Standings

pos team total
1 Australia 178
2 England 176
3 Canada 92
4 India 61

Who will win most medals at Commonwealth Games?

As the Birmingham 2022 edition of the Commonwealth Games came to a close on Monday 8 August, looks at those nations and territories who have picked up the most medals of all time in the multisport event. (2022 Getty Images) In the 64 Commonwealth Games editions that have taken place since the inaugural multisport event in Ontario, Canada, in 1930, there have been a total of 11,138 medals won. Of those, 3,609 are golds, 3,603 silver and 3,926 bronze. Swimmer Emma McKeon became the most decorated athlete in Commonwealth Games history winning eight medals at Birmingham 2022 to take the Aussie’s all-time total to 20.

Another swimmer, South Africa’s Chad Le Clos, had the chance to join McKeon but two fourth places were unable to take him beyond equalling the previous best medallists, with sport shooters Phillip Adams and Mick Gault on 18. Following their win at Birmingham 2022, Australia have now topped the medal table at 12 Games, England seven, and Canada one.

The last time a Great British nation hosted the event on home soil, at Glasgow 2014, England unseated the Aussies from top spot for the first time since 1994, but couldn’t do it this time around in Birmingham. The athletes from down under achieved 67 gold, 57 silver, and 54 bronze in the English West Midlands.

England came second with 57 gold, 66 silver and 53 bronze, while Canada finished in third place with 26 gold, 32 silver, and 35 bronze. So here’s the latest update on the nations and territories that top the table of all-time Commonwealth Games medallists. The rankings below were compiled after the final day of the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham, UK, and are ranked by number of gold medals won.

What to watch next: European Championships in Munich, Germany, starting Thursday 11 August

Why China is not a part of Commonwealth Games?

Why China is not part of the Commonwealth Games? As China was never a part of the British Colonization thus it is not a Commonwealth of Nations.

How many countries are in the Common Wealth Games?

The Commonwealth Sport Movement The Commonwealth is an association of sovereign nations which support each other and work together towards international goals. There are 52 member countries, spanning across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific – all of which have equal say, regardless of size or economic stature.

This ensures even the smallest member countries have a voice in shaping the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Games is open to eligible competitors of the Commonwealth Games Association of all Commonwealth countries, colonies and dependent or associated territories of a Commonwealth country. Although there are 52 Commonwealth nations, the Commonwealth Games Movement recognises 72 nations and territories.

Each of these nations/territories has a Commonwealth Games Association. Each of these Commonwealth Games Associations have exclusive authority to send athletes to participate in the Commonwealth Games. Sport underpins the unique connections and friendships which bring together a third of the world’s population as citizens of the nations and territories of the Commonwealth.

For more than eight decades the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has taken a global leadership role in uniting the Commonwealth’s athletes, citizens and communities through the transformative and connecting power of sport. Inspired by the diversity and dynamism of the Commonwealth itself and its enduring commitment to human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

Among the CGF membership are some of the world’s largest and smallest countries, from India, with over 1.2 billion people to Niue with a population of 1,600. More than 60% of the Commonwealth citizens are under 30. Today, the Commonwealth Games Federation is far more than the curator of a great Games.

  • As a cornerstone of the Commonwealth itself, our dynamic sporting movement – driven by its values of Humanity, Equality and Destiny – has a key role to play in an energised, engaged and active Commonwealth of Nations and Territories.
  • And with new members joining, a hugely successful Gold Coast 2018, preparations for Birmingham 2022 well underway, the Commonwealth is entering an era of renewed relevance.
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Every organisation and individual that works with us and supports us in our mission is part of the Commonwealth Sports Movement. : The Commonwealth Sport Movement

Has the Commonwealth Games been a success?

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games contributed at least £870million* to the UK economy, a new interim study reveals. The independent interim evaluation report found that the West Midlands economy received a significant boost, with over half the economic impact generated (£453.7 million**) benefiting businesses and communities across the region.

  1. A record 1.5 million tickets were sold for Birmingham 2022, the largest multi-sport event hosted in England in the last 10 years.
  2. Held between 28 July and 8 August 2022, the Games brought together 6,600 athletes and team officials from across 72 Commonwealth nations and territories.
  3. Sports Minister Stuart Andrew said: “Birmingham 2022 was tremendously successful in boosting the local economy and bringing people together.

This report shows that new jobs and investments are just the beginning of the story, with the Games paving the way for future events in the region. “The Games put the West Midlands on the global stage, and provided the region with world-class facilities.

  1. Thanks to Birmingham 2022, the city now has the industry know-how and venues to host the European Athletics Championships in 2026.
  2. Diversity and inclusion was at the heart of the ‘Friendly Games’, with the first fully integrated pride programme, more medals for women than men and the biggest para-sport programme in Commonwealth Games history.” Since Birmingham was awarded the Games in 2017, the event has created roughly 15,410 years of employment in the UK.

Over summer 2022, this equated to more than 9,000* full time equivalent jobs. Birmingham 2022 also delivered 5,188 weeks of apprenticeships, 2,000 work experience placements and training for 14,075 members of the Commonwealth Collective of volunteers who contributed 1.25 million hours of their time.

  • The interim report sets out benefits the Games has had on local businesses and volunteers.
  • Almost three quarters of local businesses surveyed said they had secured new investments thanks to Games contracts.
  • And Commonwealth Collective volunteers said participating in the Games had increased feelings of inclusion, pride and wellbeing.

Cllr Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “As this report makes clear, the Birmingham Commonwealth Games provided a huge and timely boost for Birmingham, the West Midlands and the United Kingdom. “The Games were just the start of Birmingham’s Golden Decade of Opportunity, providing a springboard for further success, and these findings underline why the bold decision by the council to lead the bid for the Games was the right one.

  • Birmingham 2022 was always about much more than 11 days of sport and our focus is now firmly upon realising the long-term legacy that being the Proud Host City will enable.
  • The council will continue working with partners to ensure that the people and communities of Birmingham and the wider region continue to be Commonwealth Games winners for years to come.” Sir John Crabtree, outgoing Chair of Birmingham 2022, said: “One of the key parts of our Birmingham 2022 mission was to help the region to grow and succeed, an ambition which took on even greater significance following the impact of the global pandemic.

This report, which outlines a beneficial boost for the West Midlands economy, is evidence that the Games successfully achieved this aim, and this is further demonstrated by the figures for employment, with approximately 7,440 net full-time equivalent jobs supported at the peak of the Games.

“It has been an incredible honour to lead the organisation of such an important event for the West Midlands and, as the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee nears the end of its journey, we would like to thank all of our partners for their support and contributions which helped to make the Games so successful and secured such a sizeable economic impact for the host city and region.” Geoff Thompson, outgoing Deputy Chair of Birmingham 2022, said: “This report clearly highlights once again the value of staging major sports events.

This part of the country now has a fantastic opportunity to build on the success of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, especially as taking centre stage during the summer really helped to further raise the global profile of Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond – socially, culturally and economically.

  • In particular the sport and physical activity opportunities for young people and communities will continue to see an equitable, diverse and inclusive legacy realised for all.” The Games also had an impact on the region’s global reputation, pride in the West Midlands and community cohesion.
  • Based on interviews with locals, the Games has provided a focal point for residents to come together and feel part of the events, as well as encouraging West Midlands residents to visit areas they would not otherwise have visited.
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Birmingham 2022 events had an estimated total global TV viewership of 834.9 million, over 215 million digital views, 141 million interactions on social media and generated significant positive media coverage. Thanks to the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham and the West Midlands have benefited from a new aquatics centre in Sandwell, the redevelopment of Alexander Stadium and wider regeneration projects in Perry Barr including a brand new train station.

  • Paul Blanchard, CEO, Commonwealth Games England said: “It’s fantastic to see the impact Birmingham 2022 has had on the West Midlands and the nation.
  • We saw the excitement the Games brought to the athletes with some hugely memorable moments and the millions of spectators who engaged.
  • Now, to see the lasting impact is great, particularly the development into sport facilities and equipment in the region to inspire the next generation of English talent.” The Games was delivered within a budget of £778 million and the UK government has announced that it will invest over £60 million of unspent contingency funding from this core budget in the West Midlands to further enhance the legacy of the Games.

The UK government is working with local authorities to ensure the funding is invested in increasing access to sport and culture, boosting the region’s expertise in hosting major events and driving inward investment and tourism.

Why aren t usa in the Commonwealth Games?

The USA regularly tops the medal charts at the Olympics and have produced some global sporting superstars; think athletic giants like Michael Phelps, Serena Williams and Simone Biles. So why don’t we see the Stars and Stripes while hearing the Star Spangled Banner at the Commonwealth Games ? Especially when Canada, a North American country, will be competing at the games this summer.

The answer is simply that the states, barring Canada, are not a part of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is a group of 54 independent nations previously under The British Empire, these include Australia, Barbados and Sri Lanka. However a wave of change occurred when India chose to break away from the UK’s grip and become an independent country, however they still wanted to remain part of the Commonwealth.

To compromise on this request King George VI was named head of the Commonwealth as part of the 1949 London Declaration, with HM The Queen now holding the title. Commonwealth Games Point Table Hometown Heroes from across the West Midlands carry the flags of the Commonwealth countries at the launch of the Queen’s Baton Relay for Birmingham 2022 Read more: Met Office issues extreme heat warning as UK set to roast in record temperatures This was the beginning of a modern Commonwealth where members were ‘free and equal’ in pursuing goals such as peace, gender equality and human rights.

Membership however is completely voluntary and countries can still join, the latest being Rwanda in 2009. So where does America fit into this? The superpower became independent from the UK in 1776 where 13 American colonies broke away from the then King’s rule. Although some members of US congress were eager to re-join their British rulers, the decision was final, America wanted out and officially became a republic.

Since the USA practically battled against a foreign ruling monarch, their re-entry into the Commonwealth was unlikely, since all Commonwealth nations must recognise Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of the Commonwealth. Until then we can always enjoy America’s triumphs in the Olympics, but for now, the land of the free will not be hosting or appearing at the Commonwealth Games.

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Why is America not in Commonwealth Games?

America was never part of the former British Empire! Membership of the Commonwealth Games – is limited to those countries that are (or were) colonies of the UK.

Are there 53 or 54 countries in the Commonwealth?

View and download a map of the 56 Commonwealth member countries.

What is the most watched sport in the Commonwealth Games?

Athletics, swimming and cycling most popular Commonwealth Games sports New research from the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) shows 9.37 million Australians aged 15+ participate in at least one of the 22 sports that will feature at Birmingham. Athletics (including running and jogging) takes top spot among Australians 15+ with 3.48 million participants, followed by swimming with 3.23 million participants and cycling with 2.56 million participants.

These top three are consistent across gender, age, location and those who speak a language other than English at home (LOTE). The findings are revealed in the ASC’s national AusPlay report ‘’ which also looks at how participation has changed since the last Games in 2018. Basketball, cricket, mountain biking and bowls are also popular among men.

For women, netball is ranked fourth, followed by basketball, boxing and volleyball. ASC CEO Kieren Perkins OAM said Australians were also inspired to try new sports following the 2018 Gold Coast Games. “Mountain biking has increased in popularity since the 2018 Games with participant numbers more than doubling across all age groups.

We’ve also seen more people in the 15-34 age group take up badminton and table tennis, while weightlifting is more popular among those aged 15-34 and 35-54.” The number of participants in basketball, mountain biking and weightlifting has more than doubled among the LOTE community (those who speak a language other than English at home).

Since 2018, the number of participants in cycling, swimming and weightlifting who live with a disability has also increased significantly. When it comes to children (aged 0-14), 1.34 million girls participate in a Commonwealth Games sport while the figure is slightly smaller for boys at 1.26 million.

Swimming is the most popular sport for children across all age groups followed by basketball, cricket and athletics for males, and gymnastics, netball and basketball for women.”It’s clear Australians love their sport and the upcoming Games provides another great opportunity to be inspired by our athletes competing on the world stage and to get involved in sport,” Mr Perkins said.Sports like boxing, netball and table tennis have also become more popular in capital cities while bowls has more players from regional areas.With the 2026 Commonwealth Games being hosted across four regional Victorian cities, Mr Perkins hopes it might inspire more Australians to try a new sport or get involved in the Games through volunteering.AusPlay provides the sport sector with vital insights into the sport and physical activity behaviours of adults and children and critical evidence to inform strategies to grow participation.

: Athletics, swimming and cycling most popular Commonwealth Games sports

Which person has been to the most Commonwealth Games?

This is a list of the athletes that have made most appearances at the Commonwealth Games, Northern Irish shooter David Calvert made his record tenth Commonwealth Games appearance at the 2014 edition. Welsh lawn bowler Rob Weale, winner of the 2010 men’s singles, has competed in eight games.

What are the main countries in the Commonwealth Games?

The 6 nations out of 71 legible countries that have not missed a Commonwealth game since 1930 are Wales, Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.