Big Bash League Points Table


How does BBL points table work?

The Perth Scorchers finished top of the 2022/23 Big Bash Ladder and went on to celebrate their fifth title with success over the Brisbane Heat in the BBL|12 The Final. The KFC Big Bash Ladder – also known as the BBL Points Table – is the official list of rankings for the eight BBL teams contesting the annual summer cricket tournament in Australia during December – February.

The Twenty20 round-robin formatted domestic cricket comp is one of the most popular down under every year and the BBL ladder determines which of the teams in the league continue through to the finals and fight for the championship title. The ladder lists the Big Bash League teams in order from 1 – 8 and is updated round-by-round after the BBL results for the week.

Those highest on the table have the most wins, each win earning a team two competition points, while those at the bottom of the BBL rankings have suffered the most losses during the series. The BBL Ladder shows the cricket standings on the eight Big Bash teams over the season. Photo Credit: BBL. Checking the Big Bash League standings throughout the season shows how your team is tracking towards the Big Bash Finals and the ladder also impacts the BBL betting markets,

The Big Bash ladder lists the ranking order, BBL teams, games played, wins, losses, draws, the net run rate (NET RR) and total competition points. There is also a ‘Minor-Premiership’ title up for grabs in the BBL each season won by the team sitting top of the Big Bash ladder at the end of the group round that runs over eight weeks.

The Perth Scorchers are the only team to have finished on top of the BBL ladder three times: 2011-12, 2016-17 and 2017-18. Perth are also one of only two teams to finish top of the table and also win the Big Bash Final in a single season with their 2016-17 success along with the Sydney Sixers in 2020-21.

Which is the strongest team in Big Bash League?

Big Bash League

Countries Australia
Number of teams 8
Current champion Perth Scorchers (5th title)
Most successful Perth Scorchers (5 titles)
Most runs Chris Lynn (3421)

Is the Big Bash League successful?

Big Bash League is the most successful Tournament in the World after IPL. Big Bash League has produced many Talents for Australia. Its been one of the Best Quality Cricket League after IPL. Why do some Indian cricket fans find Big Bash better than IPL?

What is the lowest score in BBL 2023 scorecard?

BBL 2022/23: Sydney Thunder all-out for just 15, register lowest-ever score in Men’s T20 cricket.

Do players get paid for BBL?

What are the draft salary bands? –

Platinum $110k $420k*
Gold $90k $300K
Silver $65k $200k
Bronze $40k $100k

For the BBL’s Platinum players, their salary will fluctuate depending on their availability. Players with full availability with receive the full $420,000. If they play 10 matches, that is reduced to $400,000, and down to $380,000 for nine matches. Platinum selections that play up to eight matches will earn $360k.

Cash for all tiers is significantly increased for this season following a cash injection under this year’s new Memorandum of Understanding between Cricket Australia and the players’ union, the Australian Cricketers’ Association. The BBL’s maximum Platinum salary is an uplift of 23.5 per cent from last year’s inaugural draft, while gold tier salaries have risen 15 per cent and the silver tier up 14 per cent.

Only the bronze band has remained the same as last season. Under the MOU the ‘total payment pool’ for WBBL clubs has this year doubled to more than $732,000 per team, while the BBL clubs have seen their player payment pool skyrocket to $3m each.

Is Big Bash bigger than IPL?

5 Ways In Which BBL Is Different From IPL The Big Bash League (BBL) and the (IPL) are two of the most popular and lucrative Twenty20 cricket leagues in the world. Both leagues have their own unique characteristics and features that set them apart from one another. Here are five ways in which the BBL is different from the : Length of the tournament: One of the biggest differences between the BBL and the IPL is the length of the tournament. The BBL takes place over a period of eight weeks, while the IPL takes place over a period of two months. This means that the BBL is a shorter and more condensed tournament, which allows for a faster-paced and more action-packed competition. Big Bash League Points Table Number of teams: Another key difference between the BBL and the IPL is the number of teams that participate in the tournament. The BBL has eight teams, while the IPL has eight teams. This means that the BBL has a smaller and more exclusive group of teams, which allows for a higher level of competition and a more intense rivalry between the teams.

Venue and weather: The BBL is played in Australia, where the weather is significantly different from that in India. The BBL takes place during the Australian summer, which means that the games are played in hot and sunny conditions. The IPL, on the other hand, takes place in India, where the weather can be quite unpredictable and varies greatly from one region to another.

This means that the teams in the IPL have to adapt to different conditions and pitches throughout the tournament. Player recruitment: The BBL and the IPL have different rules and regulations when it comes to player recruitment. The BBL has a salary cap in place, which means that teams have a limited amount of money to spend on players. This leads to a more even distribution of talent among the teams.

On the other hand, the IPL has no salary cap, which means that teams can spend as much money as they want on players. This leads to a more uneven distribution of talent among the teams and can create a gap between the rich and poor teams. Broadcasting and viewership: The BBL and the IPL also differ in terms of their broadcasting and viewership.

The BBL is broadcast in Australia and a few other countries, while the IPL is broadcast in India and many other countries around the world. This means that the IPL has a much larger audience and reach than the BBL, which can lead to more revenue and sponsorship opportunities for the teams and the league.

In conclusion, while both the BBL and the IPL are Twenty20 cricket leagues, they have their own unique characteristics that set them apart. The BBL is shorter, has a smaller number of teams, is played in Australia, has a salary cap and has a smaller viewership than the IPL. The IPL is longer, has more teams, is played in India, has no salary cap, and has a much larger viewership than the BBL.

Both leagues have their own appeal and attract different audiences, but both are incredibly popular and successful in their own right. : 5 Ways In Which BBL Is Different From IPL

How many foreign players are allowed in BBL?

All you need to know about the Big Bash League’s new overseas player draft, including how it works and which clubs are in the running for the coveted first pick What is the Overseas Player Draft? New this year, the Overseas Player Draft will see the BBL clubs take turns to pick from a pool of available international players to play for the club in BBL|12.

In the previous 11 seasons of the KFC Big Bash League, clubs would negotiate directly with the international players and their agents themselves. Now, all overseas men’s players who want to feature in the tournament will nominate for the draft and be allocated into certain salary bands (more on that below).

Clubs will then take turns (the order of the draft is explained below as well) to pick which overseas players they want in their squad for this season. When is the draft? The BBL|12 Draft will be held on Saturday, August 28 after the first Dettol ODI between Australia and Zimbabwe in Townsville and will be broadcast on Foxtel and Kayo Sports.

The draft will be hosted by Fox Cricket’s Adam Gilchrist, Michael Hussey, Darren Lehmann, Kath Loughnan and Mark Howard. will also have you covered with all the latest news and updates ahead of the event. Why is it happening? The No.1 objective of the BBL Draft is to recruit the best available international T20 players into the competition.

The Big Bash has copped regular criticism over the past few seasons about its inability to attract global cricket’s biggest names due to competing T20 leagues and international scheduling in the December-January window. BBL officials believe directing overseas players to a draft pool is a way to get the world’s best talent to Big Bash clubs.

  • So how does the draft work? The draft will consist of four rounds with each club required to make a minimum of two picks, but a maximum of three.
  • At the end of the second round, the draft will follow a snake format, meaning the club that picked last in round two will get the first pick of round three.

Image Id: EBAF6365108243E3A4632C5A3D9C024D Image Caption: The draft consists of four rounds and will follow a snake format from round two Four rounds but only two or three picks? Each team can field a maximum of three overseas players in their XI for Big Bash matches, so therefore clubs are only permitted to make three selections in the draft.

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Clubs may pass in certain rounds but must have made at least one pick by the end of round two and two picks by the end of round three. There is no minimum requirement for the number of overseas players in a BBL club’s XI, but with the League’s objective to get the world’s best T20 players into the tournament they have mandated that each club must pick at least two players in the draft.

Who has the No.1 pick? Melbourne Renegades! Two weighted lotteries were held at Cricket Australia headquarters in Melbourne on July 20 to determine the order of the BBL|12 Draft, with the Renegades clinching the coveted first pick ahead of Melbourne Stars and Brisbane Heat.

  1. Sydney Sixers secured the fourth pick after being drawn out first in the second lottery, followed by Adelaide Strikers, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Thunder and Hobart Hurricanes, who were the unlucky club to be drawn last despite having the best chance of acquiring the pick No.4.
  2. Image Id: F5DC060753F548749A2E52E2BF0EF6A3 Image Caption: The order for the BBL|12 Draft has been determined The draft order was determined by a weighted lottery system.

Picks 1, 2 and 3 went to the clubs that missed the finals last year (Melbourne Renegades, Brisbane Heat and Melbourne Stars) and picks 4-8 went to the five finalists from BBL|11 (Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, Adelaide Strikers, Sydney Thunder and Hobart Hurricanes).

  1. The Renegades, who finished bottom of BBL|11, had a 50 per cent chance of getting the first pick, the Heat 33 per cent and the Stars 17 per cent.
  2. The Hurricanes, who finished fifth, then had a 33 per cent chance of securing the fourth pick, the Thunder 27 per cent, the Strikers 20 per cent, the Sixers 13 per cent and the Scorchers 7 per cent.

Image Id: 42AD395286EC44F08C10F834CC382BD6 Image Caption: The draft order will be determined by a weighted lottery system Explain the different player bands? There are three tiers which overseas players can nominate themselves for – gold, silver and bronze.

Players may choose to be available only for gold selection, or for gold and silver, or for all three tiers. BBL officials will then elevate a certain number of players, who they determine are the most lucrative draft prospects, to platinum status. Only platinum players are eligible to be selected in the first round (picks 1-8).

In the second round only gold and platinum level players can be selected, in the third round only gold and silver can be picked and in the final round only players from silver and bronze can be selected. Can clubs retain players from last season? Fear not Adelaide Strikers fans, each club is entitled to one retention pick.

To be eligible for retention, an overseas player must have been named in the XI or as an X-factor for at least one game last season during BBL|11. If a player entitled to be retained by a club is selected by another club before they have had their pick in that round, then the first club can use their retention pick to draft that player.

However, if the club entitled to a retention pick has already made a selection in the same round, they are not allowed to use their retention pick. A movie in my mind: Rashid’s magic hat-trick For example, if Rashid is picked by a club before the Strikers have selected in that round, the Strikers will be able to retain him, and the initial club will get to pick again.

However, if the Strikers don’t select Rashid with their pick, a club that is picking after them could take him and the Strikers would not be able to use their retention option. How much will overseas players be paid? Cricket Australia has not publicly confirmed the exact salary amounts for each tier, but it has been widely reported that platinum level selections will earn A$340,000 for their BBL stint, with a portion of that to be paid by CA.

Bronze selections, the lowest salary band, will still earn a six-figure sum. Can clubs trade picks? No, this is currently not part of the draft model. Can Australian players enter the draft? Will there be a draft for local players? No, existing contracting rules still apply for domestic players.

  1. Many players have also previously signed multi-year deals, which would make it extremely difficult to hold a draft for local players.
  2. The next challenge for the League is to get Australia’s all-format stars into the competition with the likes of David Warner, Steve Smith, Pat Cummins.
  3. Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood currently without BBL deals.

Cricket Australia is working with the International Cricket Council to keep the January window post the Sydney Test free of international series for the national side in the next men’s Future Tours Programme, which begins after next year’s ODI World Cup.

When do player nominations open? They are open now! Players can nominate from today, June 22. The League will then release a public list of the overseas players who have nominated for the draft and what salary band they have nominated for. Image Id: 220F223FCB1F43A3B14AE9729A128EC3 Image Caption: Former West Indies captain Kieron Pollard will be a lucrative draft prospect if he nominates // Getty Have any players nominated already? Trent Woodhill, the BBL’s Player Acquisition consultant has been liaising with player managers across the globe and League officials say they are confident there is substantial interest in the Draft, but no nominations have been announced yet.

The League will announce marquee nominations as the occur up until the draft. Will drafted players be available for the entire season? No, not necessarily. Due to competing T20 leagues across the globe and the scheduling of bi-lateral international series, it’s again anticipated overseas players will filter in and out of the Big Bash when their schedules allow.

But players are required to state their availability when nominating for the draft and their availability may differ across each of the salary bands they nominate for. Obviously, if a player is available for the entire tournament, the more enticing a draft prospect they become. BBL officials believe it’s better to have the world’s best T20 talent play at least part of the tournament than not at all.

Given that players must nominate their availability before the draft, they will still get the entire salary amount allocated to their selected tier even if they won’t play the entire tournament – how clubs weigh up player availability will be an intriguing subplot to the draft process.

ANOTHER HAT-TRICK! Rauf lights up the MCG Are there replacement players? A club is permitted to have up to seven overseas players on their list for the season. If a club makes three draft picks, they can sign up to four players as international replacement players at the conclusion of the draft if that club’s selected players are only available for a portion of BBL|12.

Five replacement players can be signed if the club only makes two draft picks. Overseas players must have nominated for the draft to be eligible as replacement players. Any changes to a replacement player’s availability and salary band that was nominated before the draft must be approved by the BBL Technical Committee.

  • Can overseas players be drafted for more than one season? No, overseas players will only be retained on a one-year contract.
  • They will need to nominate for the draft again if they want to return in BBL|13.
  • Clubs would then have the choice of drafting a player for a second season using a retention pick if that player took the field during the previous season.

Image Id: D2957229C916441798F746A2E348D0A6 Image Caption: Global T20 superstar Andre Russell has featured in four BBL seasons If a player who nominates themselves for gold tier selection only and is overlooked, can they then nominate for silver or bronze? No, as players who nominate for a higher salary band can still be taken later in the draft.

For example, a player who nominates for gold tier selection can be picked until round three of the draft and a player who nominates for silver can also be taken in round four. However, this process does not work in reverse – a player who is taken in round two must be paid at the gold tier salary even if they are also eligible for bronze tier selection.

Players are recommended to nominate for all three bands if their availability differs for each as they are unable to change or add a nomination band after the nomination end date and during the draft. Why not do an auction like the Indian Premier League? BBL clubs have a salary cap of around $1.9m for their squad of 18 players, of which a portion of the cap is reserved for international players.

Which league is bigger IPL or Big Bash?

Cricket is a sport that is enjoyed and followed by millions of fans all over the world. In recent years, two major T20 leagues have emerged as the most popular and lucrative cricket tournaments – the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Big Bash League (BBL).

But do you think Big Bash League is bigger than IPL? Big Bash League is not bigger than IPL. It receives much lesser viewership than the mighty Indian Premier League. Besides, the winning amount and player’s salary on BBL is also quite lower than IPL, especially in the 2023 cricket season. While both these popular cricket tournaments are similar in format, there are some key differences between the two.

And in this blog, we will explore whether Big Bash is bigger than the IPL and analyze the various factors that contribute to its popularity.

How popular is Big Bash League?

‘Best season to date’: Big Bash viewership soars amid bumper ratings Scorches stars dominate team of the BBL | 00:47 Staff Writers from Fox Sports February 2nd, 2023 7:15 am

  • This summer’s Big Bash League has been hailed as the “best season to date” after viewership numbers soared to record heights across the Foxtel Group.
  • According to new figures, the average audience is up 33 per cent year on year – even with two matches still to come.
  • An average audience of 248,000 tuned in across Foxtel, Foxtel Now, Foxtel Go and Kayo Sports, while streaming numbers set new highs with a 52 per cent viewership increase.
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Watch BBL12. Every game live and ad-break free during play on Kayo. New to Kayo? The decision to bring Australian Test stars Steve Smith and David Warner proved a success with the Sydney Smash the highest rating match of the tournament. In a match where Smith helped blast his side to victory over Warner’s Thunder with a brilliant unbeaten 125 off just 66 balls, a whopping 377,000 people tuned in (average audience).

  1. The second highest rating match was the fiery Melbourne derby between the Renegades and Stars with an average audience of 353,000, while the blockbuster between the Sixers and Perth Scorchers averaged 336,000.
  2. The Fox Cricket team has included a number of fan favourites like Adam Gilchrist, Isa Guha, Mark Waugh, Brett Lee and Brad Haddin, while tapping into the knowledge of stars Glenn Maxwell, David Warner, Aaron Finch, Mitch Marsh and many more.
  3. “This has been the best BBL season to date and a lot of credit goes to our hardworking commentators and Fox Cricket production team who continue to innovate and lead the way in sports broadcasting,” Fox Cricket general manager Matt Weiss said.

Host of stars missing for Heat | 00:55 “It’s been a huge summer of cricket and we’re not done yet. The remaining two BBL finals are going to be absolute blockbusters and then we have every ball live of the Australian Men’s tour of India plus a Women’s T20 World Cup to defend in South Africa.” More than 950,000 fans have flocked to BBL matches this season with a further 50,000 expected at Optus Stadium on Saturday to see the Scorchers take on the winner of Sydney Sixers v Brisbane Heat which will be decided tonight at the SCG.

Have the strikers won the BBL?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Adelaide Strikers

Captain Travis Head
Coach Jason Gillespie
Team information
City Adelaide
Colours Blue
Founded 2011
Home ground Adelaide Oval
Capacity 53,583 (3,500 standing on hill)
BBL wins 1 ( 2017-18 )
Official website Official Website
T20 kit
Current Season As of 30 December 2022

The Adelaide Strikers are an Australian professional Twenty20 franchise cricket team based in Adelaide, South Australia that compete in the Big Bash League (BBL). Their home ground is the Adelaide Oval, and they play in a cornflower blue uniform. The Strikers were formed in 2011 to play in the BBL, succeeding the Southern Redbacks, who played in the now-defunct KFC Twenty20 Big Bash competition.

Their sole victory in the BBL came in 2017–18, Over their 11-year history in the BBL, they have had many effective and popular players on their team, from all-rounders such as Johan Botha, Michael Neser, Kieron Pollard, Ryan ten Doeschate and Chris Jordan, to high-scoring batsmen Travis Head, Colin Ingram, Mahela Jayawardene, Jonathan Wells, Michael Klinger and Jake Weatherald, to effective bowlers Ben Laughlin, Billy Stanlake, Rashid Khan, Peter Siddle, Adil Rashid and Kane Richardson, and finally keepers Alex Carey and Tim Ludeman,

The Strikers are currently coached by former Australian cricketer Jason Gillespie and captained by Head. Carey is the current vice-captain.

Who is the owner of the Big Bash team?

BBL 2022-23 Melbourne Stars Squad : – Melbourne Stars squad:

Adam Zampa (c), Trent Boult (OS), Joe Burns, Hilton Cartwright, Joe Clarke (OS), Brody Couch, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Sam Elliott, Liam Hatcher, Clint Hinchliffe, Campbell Kellaway, Nick Larkin, Cameron McClure, Tom O’Connell, Marcus Stoinis, Beau Webster, Luke Wood (OS).

What is the lowest ever T20 score in big bash?

Sydney Thunder created an unwanted record as they were bowled out on merely 15 in a Big Bash League match against Adelaide Strikers on Friday. – In an absolutely bizarre game at the Big Bash League, Sydney Thunder were bowled out on merely 15, registering the lowest ever score in T20 history. Big Bash League Points Table Still from Sydney Thunder’s match against Adelaide Strikers(BBL) Henry Thornton registered incredible figures of 5/3 in the game, while Wes Agar picked up four wickets, conceding six runs. The Sydney Thunder were bowled out in merely 5.5 overs, losing the game by 124 runs. Here’s the list of lowest ever T20 scores:

15 – Sydney Thunder v Adelaide Strikers21 – Turkey v Czech Republic26 – Lesotho v Uganda28 – Turkey v Luxembourg

Justifiably, this is also the lowest team total in the Big Bash League; the unwanted record was previously held by Melbourne Renegades (57). Opting to bat, Adelaide Strikers had put up 139/9 in 20 overs, with Chris Lynn top-scoring with 36 off 27 deliveries.

Fazalhaq Farooqi registered impressive figures of 3/20 and Sydney Thunder headed into the break as a happy side. However, it was an absolutely shocking performance from the bat for the Thunders, who couldn’t even survive the powerplay before being bowled out on a paltry 15. Gilkes was dismissed on the third ball of the innings and Rilee Russouw (3) departed in the next over; Jason Sangha (0) and Hales (0), too, were dismissed without troubling the scorers.

By the end of the fourth over, Thunder had lost six and it only went worse for the side, as the next over yielded two more wickets with the side at 10/8. Doggett smashed the only four of the Thunder innings before being dismissed for the final wicket.

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Which BBL team only scored 15 runs?

15 all out: Sydney Thunder break all kinds of records in Big Bash debacle. Thunder have usurped Turkey as the holders of the lowest score in men’s T20 history Big Bash League Points Table

Sydney: Adelaide Strikers 139-9, Sydney Thunder 15 (fifteen) – Adelaide Strikers win by 124 runs Sydney Thunder made men’s T20 history as they recorded the lowest score in the format’s history.

They were bowled out for just 15 in just 35 deliveries. Henry Thornton ended with figures of 5 for 3, Wes Agar took 4 for 6. Neither Rashid Khan nor Peter Siddle even bowled for Adelaide Strikers. Wicketkeeper Harry Nielsen claimed five catches. Brendan Doggett top-scored: he made four.

Both openers went for ducks – two of five in an extraordinary scorecard. Thunder, coached by Trevor Bayliss, who won the 2019 World Cup with England, have usurped Turkey as the holders of the lowest score in men’s T20 history. Turkey were bowled out for 21 by the Czech Republic in 2019, but they have now been freed from the ignominy of that unwanted record.

The previous Big Bash record was 57, held by Melbourne Renegades, and the previous record for the lowest score in a men’s non-international T20 match was set 13 years ago in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy by Tripura, who made 30 – twice Sydney’s final total. Big Bash League Points Table Adelaide Strikers could not believe what was happening (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) The only boundary in the 31-minute-long innings was inside-edged by Doggett past his leg-stump for four. Two wickets fell in each of the second, third, fifth and six overs, with Doggett the last man out, slicing to backward point to spark wild celebrations.

  • Even in the backyard, they are (my best figures),” said Thornton, whose figures came on his birthday.
  • He is averaging 2.55 so far in this year’s tournament, with a four-wicket haul and a five-wicket haul in two games.
  • I can’t really believe it.
  • They just nicked everything and we caught it.
  • It was an amazing performance and they’re a really good team, so for us to do that is incredible.

We wanted 150 at the innings break. Honestly, we just couldn’t believe it. We were running around, just like: ‘What is going on?'” Thunder were only defending 140 after being restricted by Sydney’s attack but won by 124 runs. They face one another again on Tuesday.

What is the lowest defend in BBL history?

Six Lowest Totals Defended by Teams in BBL –

117/7 (20) Perth Scorchers 111/8 (20) Melbourne Renegades Perth 2013/14
120/9 (20) Hobart Hurricanes 118/8 (20) Brisbane Heat Launceston 2022/23
122/10 (18) Hobart Hurricanes 114/10 (19.2) Melbourne Renegades Hobart 2022/23
129/9 (20) Hobart Hurricanes 104/10 (18.5) Sydney Sixers Alice Springs 2019/20
129/7 (20) Brisbane Heat 97/10 (18.2) Adelaide Strikers Adelaide 2013/14
132/7 (20) Sydney Sixers 99/9 (20) Melbourne Renegades Melbourne (Docklands) 2018/19

Is BBL considered fake?

A BBL always looks fake – MYTH – Many people think that a full BBL surgery will give a fake looking result. It is true that some BBL results look around and fake, it doesn’t mean that it has to. There are many techniques that can be used in order to provide a natural looking result.

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How much is a big bash contract?

Players wages in BBL and WBBL soar as T20 competitions explode around the world Big Bash teams will be able to sign two Cricket Australia contracted players on a “Marquee Supplementary List” and play them whenever they are available, with payment relief under the $3m salary cap as part of new rules for this season.

  • Top WBBL players, including overseas stars, will also have the potential to earn $120,000, with the average retainer doubled to more than $54,000.
  • Amid the cash bonanza, the moves to get CA contracted players involved loom as potentially the most important and the increased salary cap as well as the new “Marquee supplementary list”, outside the squad of 18, have been included as mechanisms to make that happen.
  • While the overseas player draft will return, and “platinum” level players will earn at least $420,000, clubs will be given payment relief to sign those CA contracted players not aligned with clubs, like captain Pat Cummins, to make them part of the competition despite varying levels of availability.
  • Last summer, David Warner ended a 10-year BBL absence when he signed a two-year deal with the Sydney Thunder under a special arrangement with CA, while Steve Smith followed and signed with the Sydney Sixers on a deal reportedly worth in excess of $250,000 for just four games.

David Warner played for the Thunder after a 10-year BBL absence. Picture: Matt King/Getty Images Source: Getty Images

  1. Beyond that pair, spinner Nathan Lyon has regularly turned out for the Sixers when available, while Test batters Marnus Labuschagne and Usman Khawaja have played for the Brisbane Heat, with Travis Head and Alex Carey also playing for the Adelaide Strikers.
  2. But Cummins has not been seen in the BBL for five years, and the new rules could make it more possible for him and others like Mitchell Starc to play a minimum amount of games when the international schedule allows.
  3. There is however, still no mandate for CA contracted players to join a BBL team.
  4. “How clubs use the new mechanism, we’ll have to wait and see,” Big Bash boss Alastair Dobson said on Wednesday declaring the new contracting rules were designed to keep the BBL competitive globally.
  5. “A key focus has been to further optimise the ability and opportunity for BBL teams to sign Australian contracted players onto their lists.
  6. “The variable availability of these players from season to season due to national commitments has often made it challenging for clubs to contract these players given impacts on salary caps and squad lists.
  7. “These challenges have been addressed through specific mechanisms available to clubs and we hope to see many of Australia’s top talent play in the Big Bash.”
  8. Contracts for CA players on the supplementary list would be at a fixed rate and should they play, those payments would come out of future salary cap payments, which will work on a rolling three-year average.

Steve Smith was a big hit when he returned to the Sixers. Picture: Steve Bell/Getty Images Source: Getty Images

  • As part of the uplift in payments, BBL lists must include a minimum of six players, but not limited to six signed to retainers of $200,000 or above and WBBL lists a minimum of five players earning $50,000 or more.
  • The WBBL will also hold its first draft, seizing on the success of the inaugural Women’s Premier League in India where Australian all-rounder Ash Gardner was picked up for $554,000.
  • While the WBBL salaries won’t meet those lofty prices, with the salary cap set at $732,624, players will be able to earn six figures, just for the tournament, for the first time.
  • Dates for the draft, and players to be included, will be confirmed at a later date.
  • – Total Payment Pools rise to $3 million in BBL and $732,624 in WBBL
  • – Both BBL and WBBL to hold overseas player auctions
  • – BBL clubs able to sign Cricket Australia players on “Marquee Supplementary List” outside of squad of 18, and will be given salary cap relief should those players play
  • – BBL clubs must pay top six players a combined $1.7 million
  • – BBL clubs must pay a minimum of six players a minimum of $200,000
  • – WBBL clubs must pay a minimum of five players a minimum of $50,000

Pat Cummins last played in the Big Bash in 2019. Source: AAP

  1. Overseas player draft salary bands:
  2. Platinum (BBL and WBBL wages)
  3. $420k and $110k
  4. Gold
  5. $300k and $90k
  6. Silver
  7. $200k and $65k
  8. Bronze
  9. $100k and $40k

: Players wages in BBL and WBBL soar as T20 competitions explode around the world

How much big bash players earn?

Player Wages In Australia’s Big Bash League Soar Amid Explosion Of T20 Cricket Competitions Globally Players will receive more money in the Big Bash League (Photo by Matt King – CA/Cricket Australia, via Getty Images) Cricket Australia via Getty Images With lucrative rival T20 leagues emerging around the world, Australia’s Big Bash League has been injected with significant cash in a bid to ward off competitors and lure top overseas talent while retaining local stars.

Cricket Australia announced the BBL’s salary cap would rise from $1.25 million (AU $1.9 million) to $1.98 million. Top overseas players signed in the draft have had an increase of 23.5 per cent to $277,000 although still falls short of newly formed leagues in South Africa and the UAE which started in January.

During the recently completed BBL season, a slew of overseas players packed their bags mid-season for the and South Africa with both start-ups offering top players around $400,000 per season. But the tournament’s 12th edition – which had been deemed as pivotal after several down seasons exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic – overcame the loss of those international drawcards because of the presence of a number of high-profile Australian players who rarely get the chance to play in the BBL.

  • Veteran David Warner, who before late last season hadn’t played in the BBL for 10 years, reportedly was paid around AU $80,000 ($55,000) per game.
  • Star batter Steve Smith was similarly well remunerated and seemingly worth every dollar after he stole the show with to light a fuse under a suddenly rejuvenated BBL.

Steve Smith was a drawcard of the BBL (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images) Getty Images It was such a roaring success that tournament officials had to shake up the BBL’s contracting system. Accordingly, the eight BBL teams will be able to sign two CA contracted players on a “Marquee Supplementary List” and play them whenever they are available.

  • Previously, BBL teams had understandably been reluctant to use roster spots on national players whose availability was likely restricted due to international commitments.
  • It heightens the prospect of more marquee Australian players ending long BBL droughts such as national Test and ODI skipper Pat Cummins and quick Mitchell Starc.
  • “With top international players able to earn more in the Big Bash Leagues than ever before, there’s no doubt clubs will have a high-calibre group of players to choose from,” BBL chief Alistair Dobson said.

“A key focus has been to further optimise the ability and opportunity for BBL teams to sign Australian contracted players onto their lists. These challenges have been addressed through specific mechanisms available to clubs and we hope to see many of Australia’s top talent play in the Big Bash.” Due to Australia’s home international fixtures clashing with the BBL, it still seems unlikely their top players will be able to play in the local competition regularly.

  1. Other countries – most notably India whose players are not allowed to compete in any other T20 leagues bar their own – make sure they have dedicated windows for their franchise leagues, but Australia is unlikely to go down that route any time soon given cricket’s crammed calendar.
  2. But inserting more money into the BBL in a bid to ward off shiny new leagues might just prop its standing as the summer’s hottest ticket after a negative perception had developed in recent years.
  3. The Women’s BBL also received a pay boost with the top players now receiving around $66,000 (AU $100,000) and the pioneering competition will hold a draft for the first time.
  4. It’s hot on the heels of the successful launch of the historic, where top players earned $400,000 for the three-week event.
  5. A number of star Australian players competed with the respective leagues not in direct competition on the calendar.

: Player Wages In Australia’s Big Bash League Soar Amid Explosion Of T20 Cricket Competitions Globally

Is NBA bigger than IPL?

Each IPL match’s broadcast value is $13.4 million (Rs.107.5 crore). This is the more than the value per match of the English Premier League, which stands at $11 million, and the American baseball league MLB which stands at $11 million, and the NBA, which has a per match broadcast value of $9 million.

Which is bigger IPL or EPL?

TV viewership – A research found that 3.2 billion people have watched the 2018-19 season of the English Premier League. By comparison, IPL 2021 was able to attract a viewership of around 380 million. It may seem that IPL is way behind EPL, but one must take into consideration the duration of the two leagues. EPL runs for 9 months, whereas IPL is a two-month-long affair.

What is the highest run chase in BBL?

Adelaide Strikers had earlier produced an astonishing bowling performance in December to dismiss Sydney Thunder for 15, a record-low total in a professional T20 match. (FILE PHOTO) | Photo Credit: CAMERON SPENCER Adelaide Strikers had earlier produced an astonishing bowling performance in December to dismiss Sydney Thunder for 15, a record-low total in a professional T20 match. (FILE PHOTO) | Photo Credit: CAMERON SPENCER The Adelaide Strikers completed the highest successful run chase in Big Bash League (BBL) history when they chased down a mammoth target of 230 to beat the Hobart Hurricanes by seven wickets in Adelaide on Thursday.

  • An unbeaten century from stand-in skipper Matt Short (100) and a half-century from Chris Lynn (64) allowed the hosts to reach the total with three balls to spare.
  • This is not the first record broken by the Adelaide Strikers in the BBL this season.
  • It produced an astonishing bowling performance in December to dismiss Sydney Thunder for 15, a record-low total in a professional T20 match.

When asked what his mindset was before the Adelaide Strikers’ innings, Short said, “we’ve broken records before. Why not try and do it again?” The Adelaide Strikers is fourth in the BBL standings, while the Hobart Hurricanes is sixth.

Who has the highest partnership in the Big Bash?

Records in Big Bash League

Wkt Runs Partners
1st 207 MP Stoinis, HWR Cartwright
2nd 167* JM Vince, JR Philippe
3rd 155* SPD Smith, MC Henriques
4th 151 JM Clarke, HWR Cartwright

What is the biggest chase down in BBL history?

Highest Total Chased in BBL

Team Target Season
Adelaide Strikers 230 2022-23
Hobart Hurricanes 223/8 2016–17
Hobart Hurricanes 210/7 2013–14
Hobart Hurricanes 209/4 2014–15