2 Se 20 Table


What times table has 20 in it?

The Table Of 20 Is Just The 2 Times Table With A 0 At The End : Here is an easy way to look at the 20 times table. The 20 multiplication table is just the 2 times table with a zero at the end.

What two numbers equal 20?

Pair Factors of 20

Positive Factor of 20 Positive Pair Factors of 20
1 × 20 (1, 20)
2 × 10 (2, 10)
4 × 5 (4, 5)

What is the meaning of table of 2?

Multiplication Table of 2 Table of 2 is the 2 times multiplication table that includes the multiples of number 2.2 times table represents the repeated addition of whole number 2 when multiplied by any number. For example, when 2 is multiplied by 3, then 2 is added to itself, three times, such that 2 x 3 = 2+2+2 = 6.

Hence, when 2 is multiplied by different numbers, then the resulting values are different. We can get table 2 by multiplying it with consecutive positive integers. Table of 2 is provided below so that students can do the fast calculation. This helps them to save a lot of time in the time-based competitive examination.

We have provided here the multiplication table of 2 up to 20 times in different formats to help students in memorising this table.

How do you explain a table of 2?

Tips To Learn And Memorise Multiplication The Table Of 2 For Kids – Are you confused about how to teach your child the table of 2? Here’s the trick to learn the table of 2, which might help your child memorise the table easily. Here you go:

  • Hang a chart: The best possible way is to hang a table chart in the room. Ask your child to recite or read aloud as many times as possible. Like how the kids memorise poems, they will know the tables on the tips of their tongues if they practice.
  • Skip Counting: Ask them to skip count by 2 to get the next answer. In skip counting by 2, we add the number 2 for each answer. So, 2+2=4, then, 4+2=6, then, 6+2=8, and so on.
  • Even number concept: The table of 2 contains all the even numbers in sequence like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and so on.
  • Repetitive Addition: Teach them the repetitive addition technique. Write and explain like, 2 x 6 means adding the number ‘2′ six times. Like (2+2+2+2+2+2) = 2 x 6 = 12.
  • Doubling Concept: Table 2 is just adding the next number. Make the child understand that twice a number is just adding the number to itself. For example: 1×2=2 can be understood as (1+1)=2 2×2=4 can be understood as (2+2)=4 3×2=6 can be understood as (3+3)=6 4×2=8 can be understood as (4+4)=8 5×2=10 can be understood as (5+5)=10, and so on.
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What is a 2 by 3 table?

4.4 a 2×3 table You see here a 2 x 3 table, a table with two rows and three columns. The borders do not count in the format of a table.

Gender First Second Third Total
Male 400
Female 200
Total 130 120 350 600

It concerns data about a ship in which 600 passengers travel. The variables are gender and class. In the past, a classification in three classes was normal. Nowadays the classes are called: first, business and economy class. You cannot complete this table with one known cell frequency. Two of these are necessary. A 2×3 table has two so-called “degrees of freedom”.

4.4a Calculate the table with the expected frequencies (the perfect table).


Class Gender First Second Third Total Male 70 80 250 400 Female 60 40 100 200 Total 130 120 350 600

This is the sample table with the observed cell frequencies.

4.4b Calculate the chi square.


4.4c View diagrams from this table.


4.4d Is there coherence between gender and class ? Please give reasons for your answer.