Student's Details
- Name of the Pupil, Date of birth, Name of Father and the Mother should be entered as in the Birth Certificate of the student.
- Discrepancy if any, in the entry, the application will be rejected.

1.   Name of the Pupil   :   Initial   Name  
2.   Gender   :  
3.   Date of Birth   :   (dd-mm-yyyy)  ( Click here for Age Limit Details )
4.   Original Birth Certificate   :   To be submitted at the time of admission for verification.
5.   Class to which Admission is sought for   :  
    Class of studying in the current academic year: 
6.   Second Language
( Applicable for classes LKG-X)
7.   Residential Address   :  
        Door No.   :  
        Street   :  
        Area   :  
        Locality   :  
        City   :  
        Pincode   :  
        Landmark   :  
Are you planning to shift the Residence near to the School?
Father's Details
Mother's Details
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