How To Look Slim In Saree?


How To Look Slim In Saree
2. Fabric Magic – How To Look Slim In Saree Let the apt fabrics play their magic on your figure. You certainly wouldn’t want to look like a lady trapped in a balloon! Materials like Organza, Organdy, heavy Banarasi Sarees, starched cotton sarees, lycra, and jacquard sarees are out of the question.

  1. The Double-Edged Sword’ – Blindly picking sarees in thinner, flimsier fabrics can back-fire.
  2. Many recommend wearing fluid fabrics for a slimming effect.
  3. But these materials tend to be transparent, clingy, and, many times, slippery.
  4. Fabrics like chiffon and net usually stick to the body and make you feel more conscious of your figure.

Slippery ones (like satin and many other synthetic sarees) will not drape/ pleat or stay well. Pure Georgette and Crepe Silk are your best friends, and so are soft silks and fluid cotton blends.

Which style of saree make you look slim?

How to drape a saree to look slim- Fashion tips & tricks! – How To Look Slim In Saree We all know, draping a saree is not easy. And wearing it with poise is even more difficult. Here are some things to keep in mind and some saree draping styles to look slim. To rock a saree style to look slim, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to choose the right fabric.

  1. Do not go for fabrics that are difficult to manage.
  2. The next very intelligent thing to do is to tuck the saree neatly and properly at the waist so that it doesn’t add up any volume at that part.
  3. Also, do not go for too many pleats.
  4. Pleats sure do look good, but it also adds up a lot of unwanted volume to your look.

To achieve a slim and a tall look, drape your saree tightly all over. Moreover, keep the palla of your saree open and let it fall. When you let the palla fall from your shoulders, it hides all the unnecessary bulges and gives an elegant appearance. You can also go for an all-black look, which never goes out of style.

How can I hide my belly fat with saree?

Pinning Style – To hide belly fat, pins are a must in your wardrobe. Pin the pleats to your saree pallu at the side and the front side of the blouse which keeps the pleats secure, in place. But pleat them from underneath as this is a secret only we must know. One more style is that you pin the bigger pleats on your shoulder.

Which saree is best for chubby girls?

Opting for a Georgette or Chiffon Saree for casual office wear is preferable as the lightweight fabric makes it easy to wear all day, moreover, the sheen in a Georgette Saree adds a touch of glam as you wear it. Cotton Silk Sarees are also a good choice for

What color saree makes you look slim?

1. Create the right look – How To Look Slim In Saree Sarees can immensely enhance your look, provided you choose the ones that complement your frame well. So plan and create a look while focusing on every minute detail. Softness & Demure Charm: Since looking (and feeling) svelte is on the agenda you must opt for a subtle look, the one that will NOT draw unnecessary attention to your problem spots.

So it’s time to keep loudness away, at least for the occasion, and let your sublime feminity shine on. The Color Palette: Dark tones over light ones is a well-written wardrobe rule for the ones wanting to appear thin. Monotone sarees in wine purple, black, navy blue, chocolate brown, dusky pink, and even Viva Magenta- the Pantone Color of 2023, are the trendiest options you can pick this season.

If you’re keen on more than color, then make sure your outfit doesn’t have an overdose of whites and neons. Metallic details: Splendid and glorious as they are, you still must not indulge in too much metal detail. Go for deep, dull gold over light golden and silver.

Can I wear shapewear in saree?

Yes, it indeed is good to wear saree shapewear. Make sure you go for the perfect fit and colour, and you will be ready to flaunt your beautiful curves in your favorite ethnic wear.

Does shapewear make you look thinner in saree?

What is a Saree Shapewear? – A saree shapewear is strategically designed to compliment your figure under sarees and give you a mermaid-like shape. Learning how to wear a saree might be difficult but wearing a saree shapewear isn’t. The skirt-like design makes it is very easy to wear, making you look slimmer and toned.

Does saree make you look fat or slim?

1. Choose the Right Fabric – Whether you look slim or fat in a saree depends a lot on the choice of saree fabric that you choose, hence you need to be very careful before picking up your saree. If you are a bit chubby then choose light weight saree fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe etc.

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What fabrics make you look slimmer?

Think About Fabric – Getty While shopping, consider materials. Cotton, denim, silk, or wool gabardine are generally on the slimmer side and won’t add any extra volume. Wide wale corduroy, on the other hand, along with crushed velvet, leather, suede, mohair, angora, taffeta, boucle, and flannel, tend to be a bit bulkier.

What is the perfect body for wearing saree?

3. Saree For Hourglass Shaped Body – How To Look Slim In Saree Indian women with an hourglass body have proportionate bust and hips with a defined waist. They are the voluptuous type with natural curves, and sarees are their best friend. They can pull off chiffon, net, and georgette fabric sarees. These fabrics complement your natural curves, highlighting them.

Which cloth is best for chubby person?

Download Article Download Article Dressing to impress can boost your confidence and help you look your best. Your body is beautiful, so don’t be afraid to show it off! You can dress well at any size by choosing clothes that flatter your figure and accentuate your best features. Additionally, you might play around with color and prints to enhance your look. Then, complete your outfit with the right accessories.

  1. 1 Choose pieces that draw the eye to your best features. Look in the mirror and decide which parts of your body you want to enhance. Then, choose items that show off your assets. This will draw people’s eyes to what makes you
    • For instance, you might love your legs. To show them off, you might wear dresses or long, slim pants.
    • Similarly, you might be proud of your curves, You could wear tops, blazers, or dresses that cinch in at your waist. Alternatively, you might use a belt to tighten your clothes at your waist.
  2. 2 Wear fitted clothing to flatter your figure. You might think that baggy clothes hide your extra weight. However, baggy clothes often add extra pounds and also make you appear less self-assured. Instead, pick clothes that are the correct size and fit you well.
    • Look for shirts that have darting or shape to them so they skim your body.
    • For pants, choose a straight-leg, bootcut, or tailored look. However, avoid a relaxed fit or trouser pant.
    • For skirts or dresses, look for pencil, a-line, or fit-and-flare options. Avoid shapeless skirts that hide your figure.


  3. 3 Cinch the smallest part of your waist to create an hourglass look. Use a tape measure to find the smallest part of your waist. Then, use a belt to tighten your clothes over this part of your waist. This will draw the eye to the smallest part of your body and will enhance your curves.
    • For instance, you might put a wide belt over a button-up shirt to create a cute work look. Alternatively, you might use a 1 in (2.5 cm) belt to create a waist on a baggy dress.
  4. 4 Layer a jacket, cardigan, or vest over your outfit to upgrade your style. Layering your clothes can make you look more stylish and put-together, as long as your pieces are fitted. Pick layers that fit the season and occasion. Here are some ideas:
    • In spring, wear light cardigans, a wind breaker, or a thin blazer. During summer, stick to vests or 3/4-length sleeved cardigans. In fall, pick cardigans, sweaters, light jackets, or blazers. In winter, pick a stylish overcoat, a jacket, or a blazer.
    • At work, use blazers and cardigans to upgrade your style.
    • On the weekend, throw on a light jacket, a vest, or a cardigan.
    • For a causal look, pick a denim or leather jacket.
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  1. 1 Use bright colors to draw attention. Bright colors attract the eye, so you can use them to show off your best features. Additionally, bright colors can make you look confident, Wear bright colors when you want to make a splash. Alternatively, wear bright pieces on the parts of your body you want people to notice first.
    • For instance, you might wear a bright top with dark pants if you’re proud of your upper body.
    • Similarly, you might wear a bright belt to draw attention to a narrow waist.
    • If you love your legs, you might wear bright colored pants or tights.
  2. 2 Wear dark colors to minimize areas you want to slim out. You’ve probably heard that dark colors make you look smaller, and it’s true. Use dark colors like black and navy blue to create a slimmer look. Go for all over dark color or wear a dark color to minimize part of your body.
    • For example, you might wear a dark suit or sheath dress to create a slimmer profile at work.
    • Alternatively, wear dark pants if you want to minimize your lower body or a dark top if you want to slim out your upper body.
  3. 3 Pick a small print to slim your body. Prints are a fun way to express your style. Generally, smaller prints look more flattering than larger prints. Look for prints that have a small repeating pattern to create your best look.
    • For instance, small all-over polka dots will usually look better than large polka dots.
    • Try on prints to see how they look on you. You may find that some larger prints still look great!
  4. 4 Wear narrow horizontal stripes to make you look taller. While you might be afraid that horizontal stripes will make you look fatter, they can actually make you look longer and leaner. Pick tops or dresses that have thin horizontal stripes to make you look your best.
    • A shirt or blazer with horizontal stripes can slim out your upper body. Similarly, a dress, especially a long dress, will make you look taller and slimmer.
  5. 5 Play around with trends that you like. Being overweight doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing in the latest trends. Incorporate trends into your wardrobe when you like them. Try on trendy pieces to see how they look on you. Only buy pieces that make you look and feel your best.
    • For example, don’t be afraid to wear a crop top if you think they’re cute. Look for a crop top in your size. Then, pair it with a cute bottom, like high-waisted shorts or a fit-and-flare skirt.
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  1. 1 Wear statement jewelry rather than small pieces. You don’t need to wear jewelry to dress well, but it can be a great way to accessorize your outfit. Larger pieces of jewelry will stand out on a curvier body. Look for larger necklaces and bracelets that express your sense of style.
    • For instance, you might wear a thick chain, chunky beads, or a collar necklace. Similarly, you could pick thick bangle bracelets.
  2. 2 Accentuate your waist with a belt. Both thick and thin belts can look great on a curvy figure. Wear your belts at the smallest part of your waist to show off your body. Pick belts that match the style you’re going for.
    • For instance, you might wear a plain leather belt for a professional look. To add more flair to your outfit, you might choose a snakeskin print or a glittery belt. If you want to create an edgy look, pick a studded or rhinestone belt.

    Tip: If you have a thick middle, your belt may look best worn around your hips.

  3. 3 Choose a larger handbag to balance out your body. A smaller handbag might make you look heavier than you are. On the other hand, a larger bag is more flattering to a fuller figure. When you’re shopping for bags, check yourself out in the mirror to see what you look like holding the bag. Make sure it looks proportional to your body.
    • For instance, you might pick a large hobo bag or a tote.
    • On the other hand, avoid carrying a clutch or wristlet that might look too small for you.
  4. 4 Wear a long scarf to lengthen your body. A scarf is a great accessory that can fit any style. Pick long scarves that hang down your body because they draw the eye down your figure. This makes you look long and lean.
    • For instance, wear a thin, lightweight scarf with a pants suit at work.
    • On the weekend, look for a colorful cotton scarf you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt or a plain day dress.
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  • Don’t worry about the size on your clothing label. Just pick pieces that look and feel great on you.
  • Be confident! Tell yourself that you look great, and your confidence will make you more attractive.
  • Keep in mind that everyone has things they like and don’t like about their body. Don’t get hung up on what you perceive as a flaw. Instead, focus on your best features.

Advertisement Article Summary X If you’re overweight and you want to build a strong wardrobe, use light colors to draw people’s eyes to areas you like while camouflaging your least favorite attributes with dark colors. Stick to small prints, since large prints can make you look bigger, and choose diagonal and vertical stripes over unflattering horizontal stripes.

How to wear saree to look hot?

2. Select the Saree with the correct color – How To Look Slim In Saree Mismatching things never enhances your appearance but puts disgrace on your personality. Hence, it is recommendable to choose the accurate color when choosing the best saree. The saree color adds glitter to your complexion, and you look smart too. If you want to look hot, you should consider the fancier colors like neon, blue, fuchsia, and yellow.

Which saree make you look younger?

Saree is the most elegant quintessential traditional wear for Indian women. Every woman can look good in this wonderful garment, provided she chooses it well. Each and every fabric, colour, material and design have certain characteristics to play as per your body type.

  • Here are some tips that will help you zero in on a saree, which will compliment your body type, complexion and personality.
  • Identify one of the following 5 types that matches you most.
  • They have been categorised, as identified by the fashion experts to match and enhance the grace of every woman irrespective of their body types, styles and personalities.

Black Is Evergreen: Black colour is preferred by most designers and women to gorgeous and slimmer look in any event, while lighter shades make your body curves more prominent. Georgette Dupian Material: The embroidered Dupian Silk fabrics draped in an amazing way bring out the women’s charm in a most beautiful way, add new charisma to your style and fashion.

  1. Make a Combination With Two Tone Colour: The contrast of one dark and one light colour is like a breath of life into your aspiration.
  2. Once you identify the range of contrast looks best in your body, repeat the style in what you wear.
  3. Rich Palu Silk Sarees: They are excellent to hide the heavier parts of your body because people are inclined to look at the designed Palu or crafted loose ends of your sarees.

Art Silk Sarees to Match Every Ocassion: Silk is considered as the Queen of textiles and rightly so. Pure Silk Sarees are perfect for any occasion and most age groups. Wearing pure silk sarees on festivals and occasions has been the first choice of many.

Which saree blouse makes you look thin?

Opt For Longer Sleeves – If you are on the heavier side, make sure you opt for long blouse sleeves rather than opting for sleeveless or cap style sleeves which bring all the attention to your arms. If you don’t wish to go for a full length, you can opt for 3/4th style sleeves which make your arms appear thinner.

Should you wear bra in saree?

Which Type of Bra Is Best For A Saree? – The right bra is as important as the right blouse whenever you consider wearing a saree. Remember a bad bra can break the look completely no matter how expensive your saree is or how designer you blouse it. Today, when you have so trendy blouses available in the market, your regular bra might not do well with them.

Can I sit on floor in saree shapewear?

Question 4: Can we sit down with saree shapewear? – Answer: You can easily sit on a chair. But sitting on the floor might be challenging for many saree shapewear. There is shapewear available, wearing which you will be able to sit on the floor. But it is not very comfortable. Avoiding that would be better.

Does saree make you look fat or slim?

1. Choose the Right Fabric – Whether you look slim or fat in a saree depends a lot on the choice of saree fabric that you choose, hence you need to be very careful before picking up your saree. If you are a bit chubby then choose light weight saree fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe etc.

Does saree shapewear make you look thinner?

Saree is one wonderful ethnic outfit that truly accentuates a women’s figure. However, women always wish to look a size slimmer and those traditional cotton petticoats end up making us look bigger. The question arises on how to look slimmer in sarees. Well, a saree shapewear can take care of that. Okay if you wondering what a saree shapewear is here’s the answer: A saree shapewear is strategically designed to compliment your figure under sarees and give you a mermaid-like shape. This skirt-like design makes it very easy to wear and makes you look slimmer and toned. One has to simply slip into it and woo! you look completely flawless. This is the easiest way to look slim in a saree. Compared to the old petticoat, the saree shapewear is completely seamless, pleat-free, and has no drawstrings. This figure-hugging underskirt gives you that desirable mermaid-like shape. Your regular petticoat strings bunch-up at your tummy and ruin your shape.

  • There is no chance of that happening with this saree shapewear as it is designed with a thick seamless waistband instead of strings.
  • This waistband keeps your tummy area looking flawless and holds your saree in place for long hours without chafing.
  • Gained a few pounds? Worried about how you may look in a saree? Don’t worry as this saree shapewear has got your back.

You can now go down a few inches with the Saree Shapewear within minutes. This amazing piece of fabric tucks in your tummy and perks up your rear. Most of the women avoid wearing sarees because petticoats are a pain to wear as it has drawstrings and so it becomes hard to move around.

  • The Saree Shapewear fixes all that.
  • It is super comfortable to wear as it is made from soft fabric and its side slit design makes it easy to move around.
  • And the elastic waistband causes no pain at all! And with a saree shapewear you don’t have to run to the tailor to get the perfect fit.
  • Slim or curvy, the saree shapewear will fit all sizes.

Ladies, the Saree Shapewear is clearly better than the plain old petticoat. Upgrade to this amazing saree shapewear and enjoy your parties in a saree without any hassle.

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