How To Connect Printer To Mobile?


How To Connect Printer To Mobile
If you are using Bluetooth – You need to pair your phone with the printer.

  1. Turn on the bluetooth on your phone and printer.
  2. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  3. Tap on your printer. You should now be paired.

Can I connect my printer to my phone WiFi?

Mac –

Make sure the printer driver and the P-touch Utility are installed on your computer.


  • Connect the printer and computer with a USB cable, and start the P-touch Utility. For more information about the P-touch Utility, see the FAQ: “Using the P-touch Utility (for Mac OSX)”,
  • In the tab, set to,
  • Start your mobile application, and then tap the Settings icon. (Mobile Cable Label Tool users must also tap -,)
  • Select the printer listed under,
  • You can now print from your mobile device wirelessly.
  • Why is my printer not connecting to my smartphone?

    Restart your printer, router, and mobile device – Restart all devices to clear network and hardware error states.

    1. Turn off the printer, and then turn it on again.
    2. Disconnect the power cable from the router, wait ten seconds, reconnect the cable, and then wait for the internet connection to complete.
    3. Turn off your phone or tablet, and then turn it on again.
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    How do I connect my phone to my printer via Bluetooth?

    Connecting the Printer to Your iOS Device – You can connect the label printer to your iOS device using Bluetooth.

    Turn on your mobile device. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. Wait while your device scans for the printer. The printer is displayed under Devices when the printer is found. Tap the printer.

    Pairing is complete when the Bluetooth light on the printer is lit (not flashing).

    Why can’t I connect my printer to Wi-Fi?

    Restart All Your Devices – A restart helps fix any software glitches that could cause your wireless printer and connected devices not to work properly together. The wireless printer, router, computer/other device, wireless access point and modem all rely on your home or office network in order to connect to the internet.

    Why are my devices not finding my printer?

    The Printer is Off or Not Connected – How To Connect Printer To Mobile Image Source: It’s often the simplest solutions that we overlook. Before you start pulling your hair out, see if the printer is connected to an electrical outlet. This is indicated by a green light on your printer. If the printer is locally shared, you will be able to see the printer connected on the computer task bar.

    Restart the printer and try again. Unplug the printer from an outlet. You can plug it back in again to see if it works this time. Check if the printer is properly set up or connected to your computer’s system.

    How do I know if my printer is AirPrint enabled?

    Does Apple Say Your Printer Is AirPrint Enabled? – How To Connect Printer To Mobile The easiest way to see if your printer has AirPrint installed on it is to check with Apple. Apple makes this easy by having an Apple Support webpage that lists all current AirPrint devices. Check out Apple’s list here to see if your printer has AirPrint.

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    Can printers print via Bluetooth?

    Q #4) Can you print through Bluetooth? Answer: One of the most common methods for printing your file is to opt for the Bluetooth medium. However, you may not be able to print through this Bluetooth mode directly. The only option you can get is to pair it up with your mobile or android devices through Bluetooth.

    Can I use Bluetooth to connect printer?

    Printers with built-in Bluetooth – Some HP printers have a built-in Bluetooth radio that supports pairing with a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to enable wireless printing.

    1. Turn on the Bluetooth radio on the printer. Depending on the model, press the Bluetooth button, or navigate to the Setup or Network menu to access Bluetooth settings.
    2. Open the Bluetooth settings on the computer or mobile device, and then confirm the feature is turned on.
    3. Select your printer from the list of found devices, or follow any steps to add the printer as a new device.
    4. Open the item you want to print, open the Print menu, and then select your printer to print.

    HP printers with built-in Bluetooth:

    • Officejet 100 Mobile printer (L411)
    • Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One printer (L511a)
    • Photosmart A646 Compact Photo printer
    • Photosmart C8180, C8183, C8188 printers
    • Photosmart Premium All-in-One printers (C309)

    Can I print using Bluetooth?

    Printing with Bluetooth Communication ( Android only) – If using an Android smartphone, you can print with Bluetooth communication after completing pairing.

    1. Tap Photo Print or Document Print,
    2. Select image or document you want to print.
    3. Specify number of copies, paper size, and other settings as needed.
    4. Tap Print,
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    Printing is performed with Bluetooth communication when ( Bluetooth mark) is displayed in Print,

    Why is my iPhone not connecting to my printer?

    Turn Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Off And Back On Turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and back on can sometimes fix a minor software glitch preventing your iPhone from connecting to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices. First, open Settings and tap Wi-Fi. To turn Wi-Fi off, tap the switch next to Wi-Fi at the top of the screen.