How Are You Doing Today Reply?


How Are You Doing Today Reply
The correct response is ‘ Fine, and you? ‘ That’s it. Fine and you. Or some variation, like ‘Good, how about yourself?’ Or ‘Doing fine, and you?’

How to reply to how are things doing?

How to Respond to “How’s It Going:” 30+ Great Responses

  • Keep your reply short and simple if you don’t know the person well or don’t want to chat.
  • Ask them how their day is going to flip the topic of conversation back to them if you’re not sure what to say.
  • Give your response a bit of flair by putting a positive twist on a sucky situation or bringing up a current event.
  1. Give a positive response if you’re feeling great. You can’t go wrong with a simple yet truthful reply, especially if the day’s been amazing! Let a friend or stranger know that things are going well for a quick but polite response. You might also say:
    • “Great!”
    • “Brilliant!”
    • “I feel blessed!”
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  1. Let them know you’re having a rough day. Unfortunately, not all days can be full of sunshine and rainbows. If you’re feeling a bit blah, consider shrugging and giving one of these quick responses:
    • “So-so.”
    • “Eh, not the best day.”
    • “I’ve been better.”
  1. Put a positive spin on a bad day to spark a conversation. This is a great response when you’re blue and want to chat but don’t know if the asker is up for it. It sets up a follow-up question or gives plenty of space to end a polite greeting.
    • “Not awesome, but the day’s still young.”
    • “I’m alive, so that’s good.”
    • “Some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re the windshield. Today, I’m the bug 😅”
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  1. Follow up with a quick reply with the same question. This is the perfect response for someone you don’t know well but want to know a bit better, such as a Tinder match or colleague. Briefly state how you’re doing, and then ask how they are.
    • “I’m okay. How about you?”
    • “I’m well! How have you been?”
    • “Alright, I supposed. How’s it going with you?”
  1. Let them know how glad you are that they asked. Whether you’re chatting with a loved one or a stranger, share just how much their question means to you. You can fill them in on the details or keep things simple with a “good” and “thanks.”
    • “That’s so nice of you to ask! I’m doing alright.”
    • “It’s been pretty busy here. Thank you for asking.”
    • “How sweet of you 🥺 I’ve been okay, but I could use someone to talk to.”
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  1. Ask a specific follow-up question if you know them. If you know something important that’s going on in the asker’s life, ask them about it to keep the conversation going, especially if you don’t want to go into the nitty-gritty of your life. Your open-ended question may look something like:
    • “Pretty good. What about you? How’d that inspection go?”
    • “It’s going well! But you must tell me about your date with David! 👀”
    • “I’m doing okay. How was dinner with dad?”
  1. Allude to something anyone can relate to. How you’re doing can sometimes be summed up in a single thought. Be a little creative in your response and show off your personality (especially if you’re chatting with a dating app match) with a statement like:
    • “The sun’s shining, so it can’t be too bad.”
    • “67 days till Christmas!!! That’s where my mind is at 😂”
    • “I had pasta for lunch, and that was the highlight of my week 🙃”
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  1. Bring up something you did together. If you know this person well and did something together recently, use this time to follow up. This is a great way to keep the conversation rolling and reminisce on the fun times you had.
    • “My ears are still buzzing from the concert, bro!”
    • “Thinking about how I’ll get to snuggle you again in another week ❤️”
    • “Eating your delicious pumpkin pie! How is it so creamy?”
  1. Tell your crush or partner how much you miss them. If their “How’s it going?” makes you long for their company, don’t be afraid to say so! Let your romantic interest or dating app match know that thinking and hearing from them makes your day that much better.
    • “The rain sure is gloomy, but your text brightened my day 🥰”
    • “Just wishing teleportation existed so I could see you this very second.”
    • “It’s going well, but not as well as it could be with you in my arms 😉”
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  1. Turn the question around if you don’t feel like answering. There’s never an obligation to talk about your personal life, especially when it comes to people you don’t really know. If you’d rather not talk about how you’re doing, try flipping the question back to them. The more specific you are, the longer the conversation can stay on them.
    • “Tell me about your date!”
    • “How did the meeting go? Are they giving us more hours?”
    • “Did you make that casserole again last night? I’ve wanted to try it since you first brought it for lunch.”
  1. Bring up a current event for a witty but smart response. This is an excellent way to spark a conversation with a friend, stranger, or dating app match. Not only does it show you’re caught up on the news, but it also shows off your wit. Try getting a conversation started with:
    • “Well, Alabama lost to Tennessee, so it’s a pretty sad day.”
    • “In general or in the White House?”
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How to ask how was work today?

“Whom did you work with today?” – If the person you’re talking to works somewhere with a wide and rotating cast of characters, asking whom they worked with that day is a good way to open up a better, fuller conversation. Some of those coworkers will indeed be characters, a few will be favorites and one might even turn out to be a work nemesis.

How is your work response?

‘Great!’ ‘I’m doing really well, thank you,’ or ‘Fantastic!’ are all good ways to answer. They will tell the other person that you are enthusiastic and ready to work.

How do you ask for today’s day?

“What day is it today?” or “What day is today?” Hi Gabriel, “What day is it today?” vs. “What day is today?” So, when inquiring about the day, both of these phrases are correct grammatically speaking. In the case of the first phrase, the word “today” is acting as an adverb modifying the entire sentence.

  1. In the second phrase, the word “today” is acting as a predicative nominative and renaming the noun “day.” A rewording of the sentences into declarative sentences can bring this into sharp focus.
  2. In the case of the declarative sentence, the word “what” has been excluded because we are no longer asking a question.

“What day is it today?” – “It is _day today.” “What day is today?” – “Today is _day.” Filling in the blanks of the two declarative sentences is easy. “It is Monday today, not Tuesday.” “Today is Monday, not Tuesday.” Simply put, when you make the statement “It is Monday today.” or ask the question “What day is it today?”, you are using the word “today” as an adverb of time to describe when the action of the sentence occurs.

On the other hand, when you make the statement “Today is Monday.” or ask the question “What day is today?”, you are using the word “today” as a noun that renames the noun day. So, as we’ve said, both are grammatically correct. Given that, which one should you use? The answer to that is fairly simple. Whichever one you prefer! If you wish to know which one Americans would choose, the best answer we can give whichever is shorter.

Americans are renowned for their efficiency! Regards, Lisa : “What day is it today?” or “What day is today?”

How to flirt via text?

2. Try to avoid coming on too strongly – Flirting over text always involves treading a fine line. Subtlety is key here so try not to get too carried away when crafting your message. That doesn’t mean you can’t be confident with what you say but try to avoid going overboard with it.

How are you doing instead?

1. How’s it going? – Think of how’s it going? as translating to how is life going? Like how are you?, people who use this phrase as a greeting usually expect a short answer. This alternative tends to be used in informal situations. Common response: Everything’s going well, thank you.

  1. How are things going for you? When someone uses what’s new? they’re asking for any quick life updates you’d like to share, if any.
  2. You can either reply with a typical answer or add a brief update.
  3. Use this alternative with friends, colleagues, and other people you have met before.
  4. Common response: Not much, just the usual.

You? or I just bought a house. What’s new with you? This is a very popular phrase you can use in place of how are you? However, keep in mind that this phrase is typically not used in formal settings. An even more formal and colloquial way of saying what’s up is sup? Common response: Nothing much.

You? How have you been? can work in formal and informal situations. Use this alternative when you’re greeting someone you’ve already met, but haven’t seen in quite some time. Common response: I’ve been well. How about you? This informal alternative to how are you? is a great way to greet someone you already know.

Like how are you, native English speakers usually don’t elaborate on what’s really going on in their life. Common response: Nothing much or not much. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people actually do want to start a conversation. How are you? is not the best greeting to use if that’s what you’re seeking.

What is a good reply to how is everything?

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hi,everyone! what is the possible answers of “how is everyting?” or “how are things?” thank you weiqun ding. Joined Sep 21, 2003 Member Type Other


weiqun ding said: hi,everyone! what is the possible answers of “how is everyting?” or “how are things?” thank you weiqun ding. Fine, thanks, Excellent, Terrific, Great, Good, Not bad, So so, OK, Not great, Not so good, Terrible, Don’t ask. The last one means, things are not good, so don’t ask me-unless that is you really want to know and then I’ll tell you my troubles. All the best, Joined Sep 12, 2004 Member Type Student or Learner Native Language Chinese Home Country China Current Location China


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How are you doing or how are things going?

How Are You Doing? – While “How are you?” asks for a statement of a person’s condition, “How are you doing?” asks for a more detailed answer, This is a more casual form of greeting that can also mean “How’s it going?”, “How’s your day been so far?” – aimed to find out how things are in general or whether everything is fine.

  1. Thus, while “How are you?” can be considered a bland greeting for someone you haven’t seen for a while, “How are you doing?” spoken in full (as opposed to being shortened to “Howyadoin?”) may be an actual inquiry – for example, when you’re meeting with an old friend.
  2. The latter usually occurs when there is some expectation that the subject might not be doing well.

In practice, this means that the word “doing” in the question marks the greeting as very informal, even conversational, and the greeter as a peer – a close colleague, a friend, or maybe a family member. When messaging someone, you can even spell it as “How ya doin’?” – but note that this is pretty informal.

How are you doing with this puzzle? How are you doing with the new baby? I’ve heard about the diagnosis. How are you doing? Congratulations on a new job position! How are you doing?

How Are You Doing Today Reply