When Was Bombay Education Society Established?


When Was Bombay Education Society Established
BES was established in 1815, by Arch Deacon George Barnes; Sir Evan Nepean, governor of Mumbai, was its first president. The society operates two schools: Christ Church School at Byculla in Mumbai and Barnes School at Deolali, Maharashtra.
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Who started first school in Mumbai?

Mumbai’s oldest girls school turns 150 When Was Bombay Education Society Established At a time when most schools are opting for non-state boards and turning towards co-education, one of the city’s oldest girls state board school will enter into the 150th year of its inception in September 2012. The Alexandra Girls English Institution, Fort, is all set to celebrate its sesquicentennial year through a series of programmes so that the next generation of students can remember them.

Founded by social reformer, Manockjee Cursetjee in 1836, it is one of the first educational institutions started in the city to raise the social status of women. Interestingly, around 1863, Cursetjee started teaching 13 girls in the English medium at his residence ‘Villa Byculla’. Later, the school, then called ‘Alexandra Native Girls’ English Institution’, shifted to Waudby Road, now called Hazarimal Somani Marg.

The school had on its board of directors, stalwarts of Indian society such as Sir Phirozeshah Mehta and alumni such as Madame Bhikaijee Cama. The school also has one of oldest Parent Teachers Association (PTA) in the city. While many schools are drawing flak for not having a PTA, this school’s PTA has completed 56 years.

  1. The Ex-student’s Association is on the verge of celebrating its Platinum Jubilee.
  2. Principal Freny Mehta, said, “In 150 years, the school has achieved many milestones and the legacy continues.
  3. Alexandra’s 150 is a celebration of the continuing tradition of teaching young girls how to be critical thinkers and compassionate individuals.
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We have achieved a lot but there are still many miles to go.” On the occasion of its 150 years, the school management will introduce ‘Smart Class Technology’ for all the classes from I to X, apart from organising a series of events involving city schools.

  1. To share our school’s values and culture, we will invite the participation of schools across the city in competitions ranging from academics to creative fields,” she added.
  2. As per the founder’s wish, even today, value-education is provided with the object of developing the overall personality its students.

The school also allows its premises to be used by NGOs working for the under-privileged. “We collect goods and cash every year for the Junior Red Cross and the Army to inculcate the habit of giving and sharing among our students,” Mehta said. : Mumbai’s oldest girls school turns 150
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Who established Bombay Native education Society in 1822?

Mountstuart Elphinstone Mountstuart Elphinstone was Govenor of Bombay for nine years form the year 1819 to 1827. He was the person who was concern about people’s sentiment where he knew that people were tired of oppression and misgovernance. So he was determined to give people a fair governance and yet didn’t want to feel that a foreign government is ruling them.

To increase the trust of people in judicial system, he introduced policies through which educated Indians involved in civil administration.On August 21, 1822 Elphinstone established the Native School Book and School Society with the help of some eminent Indians such as Framji Cowasji, Jagannath Shankarseth, Jamshetji Jejeebhoy and others.In recognition of his valuable services to people of Bombay, the Elphinstone College was opened in 1860 which is the oldest institution in Mumbai.

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What was founded in Bombay in 1840?

The Bank of Bombay, chartered in 1840, one of the three Presidency Banks of India, played a prominent role in fostering this speculation.
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Which is the 1st school in India?

1. St. George’s Anglo – Indian Higher Secondary School –

Overview: St. George’s Anglo – Indian Higher Secondary School is not only the oldest school in India but also one of the oldest schools in the world. Started way back in the year 1715 as the Military Male Orphan Asylum, this school is situated at Shenoy Nagar area of Chennai. St. George’s Anglo – Indian Higher Sec. School is affiliated to the Anglo Indian Board for Secondary Education and it has a beautiful campus of over 21 acres in size.

Year of Establishment: 1715 Board of Affiliation:Anglo Indian Board for Secondary Education Classes Offered: Kindergarten (KG) to class 12 th Medium of Study: English Address:738, EVR Salai, Shenoy Nagar Chennai, 600030 Tamil Nadu, India Phone Number: 044 26640768 Email Address: NA Website: NA

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Which school is oldest in Mumbai?

The Cathedral & John Connon School is a co-educational private school founded in 1860 and located in Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
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Who introduced Bombay Plan?

Who started the Bombay Plan? Explore at BYJU’S IAS J.R.D Tata and G.D.Birla were the two industrialists primarily responsible for the initiation of the plan. Apart from them, Kasturbhai Lalbhai, Sir Sriram, Sir Ardeshir Dalal, A.D Shroff, and Dr John Matthai were the other important signatories of the Bombay Plan, which was initiated titled as A Brief Memorandum Outlining a Plan of Economic Development for India, : Who started the Bombay Plan? Explore at BYJU’S IAS
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