How Many Education Boards Are There In India?


How Many Education Boards Are There In India
Being a multicultural nation with 29 states, 7 union territories and 23 legally acknowledged languages, India has its unique education system with a wide range of education boards at the national and state level. Presently, the four primary education boards in India are the CISCE, IB, CBSE, and the State Board respectively.

  1. However, Educational boards in India are very modern and quite insightful when it comes to fulfilling quality education for students.
  2. Many innovative and modern education boards also have become popular in India during the last few years.
  3. In this blog, we will take you through the different Education Boards in India.

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How many national education boards are there in India?

National Level boards in India – There are primarily three national boards in India namely CBSE, CISCE, and NIOS. Each national-level board encompasses some unique characteristics. Read more about the boards below.
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Which Indian Education Board is best?

Which Board Is Good For The Overall Development? – Looking at the differences as mentioned above, between ICSE and CBSE Boards, the mystery of choosing an education board can be easily solved. While ICSE can help your child in the development of his core personality traits, hone his skills, CBSE can help achieve his career goals.

Parents also need to consider other factors when choosing a school by looking at the differences between CBSE and ICSE education boards. These include schools that promote online learning, reading, performing arts, sports, and a relevant curriculum that can help attain your child his learning objectives.

Parents also need to take a calculated move and focus on the quality of education imparted when choosing an education board. All things considered, both the boards have their pros and cons. Dissecting both the boards, based on their advantages and disadvantages, will help students and parents alike to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right education board for your child.

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Which board is toughest in India?

Competitive Edge – When it comes to getting the competitive edge while appearing for any national-level entrance exams such as JEE or NEET, CBSE has all the favors. Why? The CBSE board follows NCERT books recommended in these types of competitive examinations to prepare better.
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Which board is most tough?

FAQs on ICSE vs CBSE – Q.1: Is ICSE recognised in foreign countries? Ans: The ICSE certificate of passing, which is issued after completing the Grade 10 exam, is Nationally and globally recognized. If your child plans on going abroad to pursue higher studies, ICSE will be of help.Q.2: Is the CBSE board tough? Ans: The CBSE Board Exams are not challenging.

However, students should conceptualise the syllabus and concepts to score well in the board exams.Q.3: Is ICSE more difficult than CBSE? Ans: ICSE Syllabus is considered more difficult than CBSE as the ICSE syllabus has more internal assessments and concepts that are asked during practical exams. ICSE Board courses are detailed and well-researched.Q.4: Which board is best for the future? Ans: Both ICSE and CBSE have recognised boards in India.

ICSE is an Indian private board designed as a more affordable alternative to international schools with an international curriculum. In contrast, CBSE is a centralized board that has a curriculum accepted for every type of student.Q.5: Which board is toughest in India? Ans : ICSE is one of the toughest boards managed by CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination).
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Which board is most famous?

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) – CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education is considered to be among the most prominent and perhaps most widely acknowledged Education Boards in India. CBSE has accomplished this since it applies to implementing conventional teaching structures for most schools in the nation.

  • This is also the national level board followed by several private as well as public schools across the country.
  • The Board administers exams for both private and regular students.
  • Candidates seeking to follow distance learning can register for admissions and apply for assessments.
  • After grade 10, CBSE provides its students with a range of subjects in the areas of science, commerce, and humanities.

Upon graduating in class 12, students can apply to multiple universities for higher education, Features of CBSE Board

  1. CBSE Board is typically perceived to be more difficult than State Boards or the other Education Boards in India due to the grading system
  2. Primary students (grades 1–5) study vocabulary and social progress.
  3. Grade 6–10 high school students pursue science, mathematics, English, and supplementary languages.
  4. Art, dance as well as other activities are all part of the course.
  5. Conducts two exams—the Grade 10 All India Secondary School Examination and the Grade 12 All India Senior School Certificate Examination.
  6. Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCE) from Grade 6 to 10 also has commenced. The goal is to assess students during the entire year instead of a standard examination after each year.
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Favored By

  • Applicants for medical or engineering examinations, such as the AIEEE
  • Parents of students whose jobs need them to travel across India because it’s likely to change different schools
  • Students who wish to study overseas in CBSE schools. Teaching methods can vary between countries.
  • Parents who wish to have a common ground in terms of expenses between state boards and IB/ICSE

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Is CBSE better or ICSE?

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) –

Pros All subjects are given equal importance Certified around the globe Helps in students opting for foreign universities More flexibility in choosing subjects Cons Difficulty level is high Students feel pressurized due to extensive subjects Grading system is strict

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Which is harder ICSE or CBSE?

2. Level of Ease –

CBSE Syllabus is way easier, well structured, and compact than the ICSE curriculum.ICSE follows a designated higher English language level than the other boards, whereas CBSE does not follow a particular English language preference.The higher level of English language for the ICSE curriculum assists students in performing better in exams like TOEFL.

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Which education board is best in world?

Top 20 Countries with the Best Higher Education System in the World – Education is of paramount importance to an individual as well as society. No matter which region or country we are living in, we must preserve our education system so that it helps us in preserving our knowledge.

  • Education System Education helps an individual to grab a basic understanding of civilization and their role as a civilian.
  • But as the geographical region differ, the education system in different countries differs.
  • Get Best FREE GK Apps (Check it Now) Therefore, in this article, we will get a brief glimpse of 20 such different education systems of the present world and their ranking through a yearly poll.

Note: The list is prepared by considering some factors like developed education system for the public, quality of basic and higher education and rate of students attending university.   Below is a list of 20 education systems in the world. The list of 20 Education Systems 1. How Many Education Boards Are There In India The title is yet to be official; however, according to a survey made recently, Finland has the world’s best education system. The country has been in the limelight since the year 2000 and successfully made into the year 2018. How Many Education Boards Are There In India In fact, when five new parameters were added in the year 2017 for the categorization of best education systems worldwide, Finland managed to perform well and gave a strong competition to South Korea and Japan. The country ranked higher on indicators, like;

Teachers to student ratio Number of passing students in primary schools Number of passing students in secondary schools

Power Ranking score: 114 Why does Finland rank as the Top Education System in the World?

Finland offers free education to citizens with no dead ends. The country has been a top performer on every program for International Student Assessment Survey. Finland follows American education research and philosophers.(Ex: John Dewey), and are inspired by them

The education system of Finland is celebrated in great esteem and is considered as one of the best education systems in the world. For years, this country outperformed the United States in science, math, and reading. What are the Major Principles outlaying Finland’s Education System? There are a couple of facts behind this:

They have shorter school days(190 days per year) There are certain core principles underlying the education system of Finland Students are free to choose their educative path

Let’s see how the Education System works in Finland Finland’s early education system is laid around the concept of learning through play. Until the age of 6, students aren’t required to attend schools, They provide basic education when the child turns 7.

For the next nine years, they follow a single structure education. They take special steps to revise and revamp their curriculum to meet the needs of each individual. The Finnish National Agency for Education promotes self-evaluation for both teachers and schools to help them improve them. Also, Finland does not incorporate national standardized testing but they do evaluations for testing learning outcomes.

One of the other striking features is the free meals. The upper secondary education is split into two- General and Vocational, In general education, students have all the freedom to choose their study schedules and in the end, they need to attend a matriculation exam.

  1. And these scores are counted for their college applications.
  2. Vocational education is job focused whereas school learning and apprenticeships go hand in hand.
  3. Students achieve competence-based qualifications after this.
  4. Higher secondary education is also completely free,
  5. Students need to pay only for their books, transportation, and other school supplies.

The colleges of Finland are divided into two- Universities and Universities of applied sciences. The Universities in Finland, focus on applied sciences, whereas, the Universities of applied sciences stress on practical applications, How is Finland able to provide universal and comprehensive education to all citizens? The Finnish people value education and put their time to build a system that adheres to the best education research.2. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Like Finland, Japan has also maintained its second position for three years, Despite such tough competition by South Korea and other countries, it has been bragging the second position without fail. The main indicator contributing to its success has been – development of an understanding of students between the age of 5 to 14. Power Ranking score: 104 3. South Korea How Many Education Boards Are There In India South Korea has been a three-time winner of poll (World’s 20 education systems), and it has successfully earned the third position every time. It has given a strong competition to Japan for the second position. After Japan, only South Korea has worked well in the sector of bringing immense development in students in the age of 5 to 14 years.

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Fall in test scores of high school students (calculated annually) Fall in test scores of graduation students (calculated annually)

Power Ranking score: 101 4. Denmark How Many Education Boards Are There In India Denmark has never been a celebrated country for its ranking in the poll yet it has been known for its developed education system among elites. Earlier, Denmark was on position 8, but due to passing the five newly included indicators, it has taken a giant leap from 8 th position to 4 th, How Many Education Boards Are There In India No matter Russia has gained the 5 th position, yet it should be applauded for being in the top 5 countries with the world’s best education system. Russia’s education system is known for preparing students’ workspace ready. It also has a good teacher-to-student ratio, How Many Education Boards Are There In India Norway was in the 16 th position in the earlier quarter. However, with certain changes in its education system, it has jumped ten positions and successfully landed in the 6 th position. If we talk about its teacher-to-student ratio than it is ‘1 teacher to 10 students approximately.’ It has competed well with Russia and Japan in terms of teacher-to-student ratio. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Although this country would have been a great competitor to all the five-pointers in the list, yet current clashes between government and teachers have made it fall back on the 7 th position, The United Kingdom could get better if the government prudently handles the current situations like giving better wages to teachers, enhanced classroom support to students, and rendering each class with modern educational facilities. How Many Education Boards Are There In India No matter Israel is kept on 8 th position in terms of the education system, it ranks second in terms of the better upbringing of kids and a developed childhood, If we compare the development with yesteryears, people can gather immense changes and betterment. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Like its other Nordic mates, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, Sweden has really performed well to keep the pace. Its progress in the field of education has been impressive from 2015 to 2018. In terms of increased enrolment of students age between 15 to 18, it has ranked third among the countries. How Many Education Boards Are There In India If we take account of the last year’s poll of the world’s top 20, then Hong Kong was in 14 th position. It has really worked hard on prime indicators and managed to reach the top 10. The indicator that helped Hong Kong lift its position is – higher enrolment rate of primary age students, How Many Education Boards Are There In India Unfortunately, Netherland has lost one spot and dropped from 10 th position to 11 th, The reason behind its negative acceleration is decreased international test scores in subjects like science, Maths, and reading. If the country works on this indicator along with others, then it could possibly regain its former position. Power Ranking score: 67 12. Belgium How Many Education Boards Are There In India With the most complex education system, including three different communities like Flemish, German and French, Belgium shines on 11 th position. During annual surveys, it secured a 4 th and 9 th position for teacher-to-student ratio and 5 th position for increased enrolment of students’ primary and secondary age in school, How Many Education Boards Are There In India 13. Germany How Many Education Boards Are There In India Germany is known for its social and economic justice worldwide. The country has worked hard to reach the top 10 but couldn’t due to a lack of improvement in a few indicators in the last two years. Currently, the country is fighting to retain a position in the top 10 but it couldn’t until it brings desired changes in the education system. Power Ranking score: 63 14. China How Many Education Boards Are There In India No doubt china’s employment rate is pretty high, but still, this factor could not make the country bag a secured position in the list of top 10 this year. It was in position 9 in the year 2016, but it failed to repeat the same in 2017. Since then, China is improving its education system to get it a position among top 10 countrieṣ. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Known as the world’s best test-taking country, Singapore had ranked highest in primary and secondary international tests in subjects like Maths, science, and reading in the year 2016. Later, the score somewhere settled and made the country struggle to get the highest position back.

  • They failed to achieve two indicators, enrolment of students of primary and secondary ages, and international test scores in maths, science and reading.
  • A good investment in the education sector could make this country shine again and grab a position among the top 10.
  • Power Ranking score: 57 Also Read: 151 Widely Accepted Methods in Teaching 16.

Portugal How Many Education Boards Are There In India Portugal has always shown a pendulum movement between below average, average, and good. In 2018, the country was predicted to secure a position in the top 20, but it failed. However, this year, the country not only entered the top-20 list, it even secured the 16 th position which is comparably good. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Last year, Hungary secured the 20 th position, but this year, it managed to jump three ranks up, If Hungary maintains its highest teachers-to-students ratio in secondary school, there are chances that it could finish in the top 15. The only indicator, Hungary is unable to fulfill, is higher graduation rates. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Out of Northern Europe, Estonia is an 8 th country to grab a rank. In 2018, it failed to grab even a position in the top 20 whereas, this year, it managed to get the 18 th position. If the country works a little on indicators like higher enrolment rates of primary and secondary school students and higher international test scores, it could grab a better position this year. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Having the high est enrolment rate of early childhood made France stay in the top 20 last year. If it works hard and continues to invest wisely in the education system, it could retain its position successfully in top 20. As the present government is taking extra care and investing in the educational system, it could secure a position in the top 10 by the year 2020. How Many Education Boards Are There In India Because of the transition in the State’s government, it has to stay put at the 20 th position. In the last year, it had secured 7 th position but catastrophically failed to maintain it in this year. The indicators are suggesting that the United States will either get its position back or jump a position backward. Power Ranking score: 47 How Many Education Boards Are There In India You should definitely go to our well-researched Educational app directory, where you can discover all of the educationally relevant applications now available for iOS and Android devices in one spot, eliminating the need to browse for them in many locations. How Many Education Boards Are There In India
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Which is the easiest syllabus in India?

Pros: CBSE is a national level Education Board that is recognised by the Indian government. Most of the competitive exams like JEE, NEET are based on the syllabus of the CBSE Board. The CBSE Board syllabus is far easier compared to ICSE.
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Which board is best for future in India?

Difference between CBSE and ICSE – Previously, in this blog, we’ve already discussed h ow many boards are there in India, Among all the boards available CBSE and ICSE are the two most popular ones. Parents are often confused between these two boards. Education is a key to shaping the future and career of a child.


The main difference between CBSE and ICSE board is its syllabus. The focus of the CBSE board is toward science and mathematics whereas the ICSE board gives more importance to other subjects majorly to language subjects. So, it is found that ICSE students’ future is in humanities and language subjects more in comparison to the CBSE students.

Then comes the structure of the syllabus in which the CBSE board prefers a precise and easy syllabus that tells about the subject matter in a simple way. The ICSE board’s syllabus is detailed and comprehensive. While comparing CBSE or ICSE, which is better for the future, the teaching style also has a certain significance.

ICSE follows a methodology-based teaching style and CBSE follows a simple theoretical-based teaching style.

Competitive Edge

In respect of competition when it is compared to CBSE or ICSE, which is better for the future, it is usually found that for national level entrance exams, CBSE is the best. The national level examinations like IIT JEE, NEET, etc. have syllabus similar to the CBSE.

Medium of Instruction

One of the biggest factors that cause the difference between CBSE and ICSE boards is the medium of instruction. Usually, the ICSE board prefers the English language as a medium of instruction. The students with an ICSE board background find TOEFL, IELTS, and other such international exams quite easy and are able to score higher.


Those who want to find ICSE or CBSE which is better for foreign countries must know that ICSE board is more acceptable in foreign lands. CBSE board is also widely accepted but students with ICSE boards get more preference in foreign schools and universities. If you want to send your child abroad for education then the ICSE board should be preferred.

Easy transfers of schools

Many parents are in professions that involve transfers from one location to another. If you are such a parent and want to find CBSE or ICSE which is better for the future then opt for the CBSE board. Across the country CBSE is followed by the majority of schools and they allow easy admissions to the students coming from CBSE schools of other cities.


In a comparison of these two boards and finding out CBSE or ICSE which is better for the future, the grading system has to be considered. These days CBSE evaluates the students through an alphabetical grading system whereas the ICSE board offers scores to the students. You may like: What Are the Best Career Options After 12th? Everything Unlocked How Many Education Boards Are There In India
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How many national boards are there?

The National Boards’ role – The National Boards are responsible for setting the standards that all registered health practitioners in the 16 registered health professions must meet. The 15 National Boards are the:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Chiropractic Board of Australia Dental Board of Australia Medical Board of Australia Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Occupational Therapy Board of Australia Optometry Board of Australia Osteopathy Board of Australia Paramedicine Board of Australia Pharmacy Board of Australia Physiotherapy Board of Australia Podiatry Board of Australia Psychology Board of Australia.

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How many boards are there in India List?

Explore all Education Boards In India only at BYJU’s India is a diverse culture, with 29 states and 7 union territory, and 23 officially recognized languages. Today, there are officially four primary boards of education present in India, namely CISCE, IB, CBSE and the State boards.
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