How Does Ignou Distance Education Work?


How Does Ignou Distance Education Work
Indira Gandhi National Open University is the largest distance University holding the maximum number of students in the whole world. The headquarter of IGNOU is located in New Delhi. IGNOU Distance education is a place where the student will find diverse kind of students relating to different backdrops and age-groups because of its an Open University.

  • There is a Regional Centre in each State & study Centres in almost of the cities.
  • When a student is registered in IGNOU Distance education, the student picks a Regional Centre and a Study Centre according to their choice.
  • The books will be obtained from the selected study centre.
  • A student can take admission in IGNOU distance Education in any one of the sessions that is July and January.

The details of any course, eligibility criteria & fee details can be found on the official website of IGNOU. The student taking admission in July session then he/she should visit the study centre in August & ask for the books in Office. Study Centre will provide the books to the student.

  1. The session begins in August last week or September 1st week (for July session).
  2. In the case of the January session, the books can be collected in February & classes will begin most apparently in March 1st week.
  3. The students necessitate preparing assignments that will be submitted & assessed in the study centre only.

Then carry weightage of 25%. The exam routines are published on the website a few months before the exams.70% attendance in practical classes is compulsory.
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How is distance education conducted in IGNOU?

IGNOU is an educational institute where any of the students can take admission for their further studies. Candidates can take admission in IGNOU anywhere from India or from the selected overseas centers around the world. Now distance learning has much demand from candidates because they want to get an education without affecting their working life.

  1. Distance Learning is now a trending method in the education system which is now spreading to every corner of the World.
  2. Open Learning is an online method of study in which student has no need to visit any center for a new application and to complete their study.
  3. There may be some cases in which candidates need to visit their center which includes document verification, practicals, projects, and assignment submission.

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Why Do I Choose IGNOU Distance Learning? In the present time, some of the students have to work with their studies because of family dependency on them or others. It was very difficult to attend regular classes which are mandatory in the regular mode of study.

  • In most of the cases, candidates are getting the lower marks and grades in their examination because of the regular programme so in that situation distance education comes with the best solution.
  • In the distance mode, candidates have no need to attend compulsory lectures and there is no pressure for attendance.

They can complete their programme without disturbing their working life. Candidates can give a great performance in their exam, get good marks and it becomes helpful for a bright career. Introduction of IGNOU Distance Education IGNOU has started distance learning since 2003 and it is now trending across the country.

The university offered a lot of programmes throughout the open distance mode so the candidate can take IGNOU Admission in their selected programme very easily. Now, more and more courses added in distance learning with the objective to expand education to everyone and everywhere. You can get admission in any of the program offered by IGNOU and available in the list of IGNOU Courses.

Candidates can admit in any of the below degree and certificate programs with the distance education system. Most of all courses offered as a distance program for which you can find the list from below.

Master degree Bachelor degree Post Graduation Diploma Post Graduation Certificate Diploma Certificate Ph.D. (Doctoral) M Phil Non Credit Courses and more

IGNOU Online Learning The open distance learning system is easy to follow and candidates can learn online through video conferencing, web conferencing, live streaming, educational television and more option available for online learning. You can connect with your faculty teachers by online communication method, discuss queries with them and more can be done.

  • Candidates can complete their program without the need of physical presence at any institutes so it is much benefit to all peoples.
  • There is a lot of IGNOU Study Material that is now available for all distance learning students so that they can access it and download it for their studies free of cost.

Because of online system, students can learn from anywhere and anytime they want. The candidate has no need to visit the university and center for any query because you will get everything online except a few things. Online learning is a modern method that transforms the traditional educational system to distance education (also called independent learning).

IGNOU Study Material IGNOU Prospectus 2022 IGNOU Exam Centre List

Go with IGNOU Open Learning with the Right Program Start your learning now by choosing the best and right program for your career which gives you a lot of opportunities in your future. The right program means selecting only that course in which you have an interest and you want to be an expert in that field or subject and that will give you the great opportunities after completing the particular program.
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Is IGNOU good for distance education?

Is IGNOU Degree Valuable? When a student plans for further studies from a distance learning education, it is not the course that creates confusion, but the credibility of degree does. Likewise, if your next target is studying in IGNOU, then we are certain, hundreds of questions might be trotting in your mind.

Say, will I be able to get a government job with a degree from IGNOU? Will IGNOU degree be able to lift my career? Will I get equal job opportunities with an IGNOU degree or not? Many more queries will be roaring around, but the moral of the entire scenario connects with one string – Is IGNOU Degree Valuable ? The answer to this question is YES, so, don’t go on the journey of stress, and instead, focus on the education program you have chosen from IGNOU.

Even from the earlier days, passed out of students from IGNOU has lured several jobs and is now working with top-notch companies. The same outline is being repeated even now. From teachers to businessmen, IGNOU has showered prestigious positions all over the world with its magnificent students.

Also Check: Is IGNOU tough than a Regular College? During Covid-19 pandemic in India, many of the student are now choosing IGNOU university for their further studies for its distance learning because students did not have to be physically present at IGNOU centre as they can join IGNOU online classes on various IGNOU channels and can prepare with the help of IGNOU Online Books.

Furthermore, the university also send their markshet and certificate to their home without personally submitting the application to IGNOU. You Can Also Read:

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Is IGNOU a Government University? To understand whether IGNOU is a government university or not, we need to go through some in-depth information. The name IGNOU is defined as Indira Gandhi National Open University that came into the formation under the Parliament Act 1985.

The motive behind the establishment of IGNOU is to impart high-level education to the deserving candidates from society. Its concept of teaching revolves around Open Distance Learning mode, also known as ODL, enabling the students to nurture their career with the best of efficacy. There is no doubt of IGNOU being a government university, as it is proven with its formation.

Plus, the mandate behind its creation is another rationale to demonstrate its integrity. Also Check: Is IGNOU Degree the same as Regular Degree? When summarised in a few sentences, IGNOU has come into existence not only to provide higher education to each and every segment of the society but to impart innovatively and need-based educational programs.

  1. Where the fee structure and timing of the educational system are elevating, IGNOU has turned the table with affordability and flexibility programs giving valid degrees that can be accessible all over the globe.
  2. How Can I get IGNOU Degree? Attainment of IGNOU degree will pose you to discharge some of the most elastic criteria along with credibility to exert a pull on your dream jobs.
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Now, we will talk about what all you have to do in order to get a degree from this distance learning university. First Step – Decide on the course you are willing to take admission in IGNOU. After that, search for the eligibility criteria and requirements from the official website of IGNOU.

Once you are done will this task, jump on with the second one immediately. Also Check: IGNOU Admission 2022 (Check Last Date) Second Step – The filling of the admission form of IGNOU courses starts from here. It depends on you as to how do you want to submit the application form as both online and offline process is open.

Third Step – If all the measures are performed cautiously, you will surely get your seat, so pay the fees in one time or installment. Fourth Step – At this time, your focus should be on completing the course without getting into any kind of a mess. Depending on the course type, the duration will matter and seamlessly one fine day; you will reach the point of examinations.

IGNOU Study Materials (Free) IGNOU Question Papers (Previous)

Final Step – The instance you have scored well in the examinations and have passed in all, you can obtain the mark sheet from IGNOU’s website. Remember, this mark sheet will be provisional. To get hold of the main degree, you are supposed to wait for few months for the IGNOU Convocation,

Otherwise, it will be sent to your postal address. These were the five kind steps, via which you can easily grip a degree from IGNOU University without much ado. Is IGNOU Degree Valid in Overseas or Foreign Countries? As per the conversation we were having with reference to “Whether IGNOU is a government university or not,” it will suffice this answer.

The degree from IGNOU University is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign countries with ease. The robust reason behind IGNOU is a recognized university under UGC and is governmental too. Adding further, the degree from this university is approved by DEC and AICTE as well.

  1. Therefore, academically, no one will raise a question on this prospect.
  2. No matter which degree you are holding in your hand, say under graduation, graduation, post-graduation, Ph.D., etc., step up and live your dreams in any part of the world with IGNOU degrees.
  3. Also Read: Scope after Graduation from IGNOU? Is IGNOU Degree Valid to Join Employment Programs? The stature of a student only on the basis that his or her degree was obtained through a distance learning university was a question in the court in the year 2014.

The High Court of Allahabad passed the judgment in favor of the validity of IGNOU, stating; no such candidate can be restricted from employment on the specified condition. Doing this will upset the mandate of the Parliament Act under which IGNOU was actually formed.

Hence, you are free to apply for any jobs in India and abroad, relying on your IGNOU degree. Explain further, the degree from IGNOU is equal to any accredited university in India. It connotes, you have the ultimate liberty in your hands. Also, we shall not wipe off the other reasons for which you should consider studying in IGNOU.

Until now, we were having a chat on the validity of the IGNOU degree, and you must have received it under the context. Even if you plan to sit and compare the credibility of IGNOU degree with the any other accredited university of India, nothing will fall short.

Apart from this, IGNOU has been serving the country since long and now have opened arms globally. It plays its part in being a trusted education provider by helping the students in fulfilling their career dreams sitting in any corner. Plus, the study effectiveness, need-based programs, technological advancements, global tie-ups, availability of world-class course materials, etc.

have made it the largest open university. Today, IGNOU proudly teach over 3 million students, which is enough to accept the integrity of its educational programs.
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What is the difference between distance and online learning in IGNOU?

Definition – As per the University Grants Commission (Open and Distance Learning Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations, 2020 – “Online Mode” means a mode of providing flexible learning opportunities by overcoming separation of teacher and learner using the internet, e-Learning Materials and full-fledged programme delivery through the internet using technology assisted mechanisms and resources.

“Open and Distance Learning Mode” means a mode of providing flexible learning opportunities by overcoming separation of teacher and learner using a variety of media, including print, electronic, online and occasional interactive face-to-face meetings with the learners or Learner Support Services to deliver teaching-learning experiences, including practical or work experiences.

You may like: The role of online degree programmes Distance learning Distance learning also known as a correspondence course is a type of education that does not require an individual to be physically present at the learning center (school, college, etc).

In this mode, the students receive their course materials and other resources by email or post. This type of learning places a heavy emphasis on independent study, with little teacher interaction. Students are expected to use the course materials to complete the curriculum on their own. Teachers and students rarely interact at places called study centers.

But it is important to follow the deadlines for exams and project submissions. There are some distance learning courses that demand a student’s actual presence in the classroom at certain times, such when attending workshops. These programmes, which combine regular classroom instruction with distant learning, are also known as hybrid, blended, or correspondence courses.

Online learning When it comes to education, online learning offers the student greater flexibility. The students are free to choose when and where they want to learn.This programme is designed for students who want to complete their education totally online without having to visit a traditional campus setting.

With the development of technology, students now have a wide range of alternatives, ranging from online master’s degree programmes to undergraduate degree programmes. Today, many reputable colleges offer some of the top online MBA programmes. Compared to distant learning, online learning is far more interactive.

  1. In this form of learning, students get access to a vast e-learning content and online lectures (live and recorded).
  2. Many discussions take place between teachers and students through an online digital platform.
  3. Online education has become incredibly popular after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.
  4. This medium has been widely adopted because schools and universities have no other method to educate students.

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Is IGNOU better than regular college degree?

Is IGNOU Degree equivalent to Regular Degree? There remains a constant debate in India about whether IGNOU is the same as the regular degree or not. While there are several distant learning platforms available today, IGNOU is considered one of the pioneers.

  • One of the basic reasons is that IGNOU is taken the same as any regular degree by all universities, institutes, and even companies.
  • But there are also many ways in which the university is different from a regular degree but that does not reduce its recognition that stands equal to the regular degrees.

Also Check: Is IGNOU tough than a Regular Degree? How IGNOU and a Regular Degree is not the same? If you are pursuing a regular degree, there are so many things that you need to take care of and one such thing is your attendance. In most cases, you will have to achieve more than 75% attendance to appear for the examinations.

  • IGNOU does not offer such conditions for students.
  • The University conducts classes on weekends or even during the holidays but it is not mandatory for the students to attend these classes.
  • Also Read: Is IGNOU Degree Valuable? Another major difference is the fee structure.
  • Different colleges may charge different fee structures for the same course.

But the ultimate fact is that, whatever college you pick, the fee structure for the course in IGNOU still remains lower. Also Check: IGNOU Courses with Fees Structure How is IGNOU Degree the same as a Regular Degree? While there are several ways in which IGNOU differs from a regular degree, there are even more ways that make IGNOU similar to a regular degree.


IGNOU is approved by the two important boards of India and these are AICTE and UGC. This makes the degrees under IGNOU as valid as regular degrees from any other university. Also Read: Is there any Scope after Graduate from IGNOU?

Court Judgment:

The Allahabad Court has passed a judgment in 2014 in favor of IGNOU stating that students who acquire degrees from IGNOU will be eligible for job applications in India as well as foreign countries.

UGC Announcement:

Recently, the University Grants Commission, UGC has also made a major announcement regarding all the distance-learning universities in India. According to a recent notification, all the online courses and distance learning degrees will be held equivalent to regular degrees now.

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Assignments and Projects:

Similar to any regular college, students in IGNOU also have to submit assignments and projects apart from appearing in exams. The students need to get passing percentages in IGNOU Assignments and projects that will be calculated along with the exam score to announce whether they have passed or failed. Also Read: IGNOU Assignment 2022-23

Job Placements:

It is true that earlier, IGNOU only offered education in distance learning to its students and there was no facility for job placements. But the story is different after the year 2005. IGNOU launched its Campus Placement Cell in 2005 through which the university conducts job fairs and job placements for its students.

The campus interviewing happens several times a year and students can take advantage of it to secure a good job in some of the best companies across the country. Thus, job placement is not just a thing of the regular degree colleges now. Also Read: IGNOU Placements 2022-23 Though IGNOU offers all the facilities and features of a distance learning platform to its students, the university also has a reputation that is no lesser than the regular degree universities.

Whether it is in terms of accreditation or other features such as job placements, an IGNOU degree is the same as a regular degree.
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Do students fail in IGNOU exam?

Passing Marks in IGNOU – Many of the candidates are confusing about minimum or passing marks in IGNOU to get qualify for the selected programme. After taking admission from IGNOU, every student wants to clarify about required marks to pass in the theory as well as the practical paper of term-end examination. You Might Like To Read:

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We just want to clarify about passing marks which does not mean that you just prepared to get minimum marks in the exam so study hard to get maximum marks in IGNOU Term End Exam. The passing marks vary in theory papers as well as assignments and its also different for Master Degree courses and all other courses offered by IGNOU.

Here we have made it simpler to know the exact marks you need to complete your programme from IGNOU. What are the Passing Marks for IGNOU Assignments? If you want to pass out in the IGNOU Assignments then the candidate must have 40 marks out of total 100 marks. The required marks will be the same for all academic courses of IGNOU.

If the candidate failed to get minimum marks in IGNOU Assignment then they need to submit the particular assignment again to IGNOU. Also Read: IGNOU Assignment 2022 (Questions) IGNOU Passing Marks for Term End Exam (TEE)

If you want to pass out in the theory or practical papers of Master Degree Programme then you must have a minimum 40 marks out of 100 marks to get quality. For Bachelors degree and all other programmes, the required passing mark is 40 (Increased from Earlier 35) out of 100 in TEE.

Also Read: IGNOU Improvement Exam 2022 Other Passing Marks in IGNOU If the question paper is of 70 marks then candidates have to achieve a minimum 25 marks out of the total in the examination. If papers have a total 50 marks then candidates have to get minimum 20 marks to pass-out in the bachelor degree exam and minimum 20 marks to pass-out in master degree exam.
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Can I complete IGNOU degree in 1 year?

Online graduation Courses provided from UGC-DEB Approved Universities : – You need to make your decision wisely by choosing courses of Graduation in One Year from UGC recognized university, Although, you can Complete graduation in one year from IGNOU easily. Besides this, there are many disciplines in BA and other honours courses that are available which depend on one’s choice. It would be great for students if they complete their graduation without thinking much because this is the minimum education required everywhere nowadays. After completing graduation, a student can have many more choices to decide on his/her career. There is always a way to earn more once you graduate and do your post-graduate degree for promotion in your career ahead. Apply Now for Distance Education BA Bcom BBA BCA BSC IT MA Mcom MBA MCA MSC Courses.

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Does IGNOU provide regular classes?

Planning on pursuing an IGNOU course? Check out the list of online, regular and distance courses offered by IGNOU in various streams. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers students a diverse range of courses from various streams including Humanities, Commerce, Science, IT & Software, Travel & Tourism, Management, Education, Languages, Mass Communication, Health & Nutrition, Arts (Fine/Performing/Visual) and so on.

  • Students can either opt for a regular course, an online course or even a distance course.
  • IGNOU offers over 200 programmes which consist of various undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, diploma and PG diploma courses.
  • If you are working and want to pursue an IGNOU online course, there are a variety of courses to choose from.

Do not want to pursue a regular course but a certificate course, IGNOU provides such programmes. All programmes and courses offered by IGNOU are known for their credibility and quality. Be it B.Ed or Masters in Anthropology to Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law, IGNOU offers students a diverse range of courses to select from.

  1. If you have completed your graduation and do not look to pursue a full-time mater’s programme, you can choose to pursue a IGNOU diploma course at UG or PG level.
  2. You can also opt for short-term certificate and advance certificate courses.
  3. However, before applying, you need to meet the eligibility criteria as set by the university.

All programmes and courses offered by IGNOU have different eligibility criteria. For some IGNOU courses, candidates also need to appear for entrance exams such as IGNOU OPENMAT and IGNOU B.Ed Entrance Test, Also Read : IGNOU Entrance Exams The eligibility criteria for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses offered at IGNOU are as follows:

Bachelor’s Programmes: The candidate must have passed 10+2 from a recognised board and should have secured a minimum of 45-55 per cent, depending on the programme applying for admission Master’s Programmes: The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university and should have secured a minimum of 50-55 per cent in their graduation, depending on the programme applying for admission

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Is IGNOU very tough?

If you want to answer this question without beating around the bush, then we say that it is ‘not’ tough to pass IGNOU exams. We can’t deny that it is a little challenging to pass the IGNOU exam, but still, it is not an impossible thing. Since IGNOU does a strict evaluation, many students get this question, whether it is hard to get through this examination.
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Why is IGNOU so famous?

What is IGNOU? – Indira Gandhi National Open University is the world-famous university for offering various distance and online courses to students. This university is designed to give each area of the economy a great education at a reasonable price. The university was founded in the year of 1985.

  1. IGNOU is one of India’s oldest and best universities.
  2. The UGC and NAAC have an A-grade recognition.
  3. AICTE also approved the accreditation of the university and it was recognised internationally.
  4. In several areas, IGNOU offers genuine courses and specialisations.
  5. There are 21 schools with a good faculty for all pupils and the university is prevalent in around 67 regional areas.

In the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and qualification levels, the university provides a range of courses. Around 677 courses in different specialities are available at IGNOU.
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Is IGNOU exam semester wise?

How to Study for IGNOU Exam? – Every student has a question that how to prepare for an upcoming IGNOU Examination. Generally, IGNOU is conducting Term-end Examinations twice in a year; June and December. Thousands of students are attending their examinations at every session of IGNOU TEE.

  • Around 650+ IGNOU Exam Centres are allotted for students to appear in every term end exam session.
  • If you are a student of IGNOU University and worried about How to Pass IGNOU Exams, then there is no need to worry because your solution is available here.
  • You can follow our given instructions below to get good marks in your upcoming examination.

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Steps for Getting Good Marks & Grades in IGNOU Exam We make a list of useful topics so that you can understand everything in a better manner so do not skip any topic for good performance in the term-end examination. Choose the Right Exam Centre First of all, choose the examination center which is strict and there is no copy case found in that center in the past.

IGNOU Exam Centre selection also affects your marking in some cases. Do select only the nearest examination centre while filling the exam form because you won’t need to waste your time in reaching to the centre. Also Check: IGNOU Exam Centre List The habit of Preparation of Time Table for study Make a schedule for every subject (day by day).

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Do not read every subject in one day or at the same time instead of making a daily schedule for each subject so that you can focus on all subjects equally. Also Read: IGNOU Exam Time Table Dec 2022 Must Read Section in the Books Read Complete Overview of your Study Materials (Block).

You just need to read each sentence completely without any mistakes and without skipping any point. There is no need to remember every point but if you read properly then you will be remembered everything which helps you in your exam while attending to the questions. Download – IGNOU Study Material & Books Make a Habit to Solve Assignments Download IGNOU Assignment of the current year or current semester.

Try to solve each and every assignment given in the paper with the help of study materials. (Note: Please do not copy the answer from online references. Just get help from references but write in your own language ). Also Check: IGNOU Latest Assignment Dec 2022 Tips for Additional Marking in IGNOU The best way to get additional marks is to download IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers.

  • Students can solve 2 to 5 years or semester question papers on their own to get good marks in the upcoming Term End Exam.
  • Download – IGNOU Previous Question Papers How to Write Answer in IGNOU Exams? Many of the students are asking us what and how many words were needed to write for each question.
  • The simple answer to the question is that the length of the answer depends on the details available for a particular question and the marking of the asked question.

We always advise our students that do not write an essay for each question in their answer script but yes, some of the questions have a requirement of a good length of the answer. Write all your answers point wise which is helpful for the evaluator to read the answer and you may be able to get good marks for good writing.
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Is IGNOU marking negative?

IGNOU OPENMAT exam pattern comprises information on topics to be prepared, exam mode, test language, type of questions, marks allotted to each question or section, etc. This year, IGNOU OPENMAT will be held in the CBT or Computer Based Test mode in more than 100 cities in India. The question paper shall contain 200 questions, which have to be attempted in 180 minutes. IGNOU OPENMAT is a national-level entrance exam, which is held twice every year (in July and January) for the admission of eligible candidates to IGNOU’s MBA/PGDM programmes. This year IGNOU OPENMAT exam date 2022 will not be conducted. Buddy4Study has compiled all the information on the updated IGNOU OPENMAT exam pattern in this article. IGNOU OPENMAT Status and Updates –

  • GNOU has decided not to conduct the OPENMAT aptitude entrance examination for the year 2022. The OPENMAT entrance examination has been exempted for July 2022 and January 2022 sessions. Students interested can directly apply for the MBA courses through the online registration link before the due date.
  • Fresh admission for IGNOU OPENMAT 2022 July session started on 30th May 2022 and is currently ongoing. The last date to apply for the IGNOU OPENMAT admission 2022 is 31st July 2022.
  • The assignment submission deadline for IGNOU June TEE 2022 has been extended until 30th June 2022.

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How much marks do we get in IGNOU assignment?

What is the weightage of Assignments to Pass the Exams? Assignments have 30% weightage in each IGNOU program, so candidates can’t ignore them. They have to write the best assignment solution to get higher marks in the result, and it also increases your performance report in your grade card.
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How are classes conducted in distance education?

Examinations for distance learning courses are usually conducted through regional test centres. However, as COVID-19 has prevented distance learning universities to conduct exams through the usual process, UGC has suggested 3 new models for student evaluation. How Does Ignou Distance Education Work Distance Learning is being perceived as a viable alternative nowadays when colleges have been forced to close their campuses and online classroom study has become an option. However, there is a severe lack of infrastructure, information and understanding of distance learning courses.

The students on one hand do not have a complete picture of how Distance Education works and the educational institutions are also figuring out various important aspects about delivering courses via distance mode. Distance Learning / Correspondence is the mode of study in which a student is not required to visit their college or institute.

Students attend classes online or study via materials delivered to their homes via post. However, one area in which courses delivered via distance mode are problematic is the conduct of exams. In this article, we take a look at the detailed examination process of distance learning courses in India.
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Are IGNOU exam conducted online or offline?

IGNOU Exam Form 2022 – Latest Update – The submission of IGNOU Exam Form for Dec 2022 is now officially started by the university. It was delayed due to the re-schedule of TEE June 2022 that is finally scheduled to held in the month of July to September 2022.

The students are requested to check for the official dates for submission of IGNOU Examination form for Dec 2022. IGNOU University invites exam form submissions by two methods. Online as well as Offline (Limited). In the Online method, candidates have to fill and submit their application form through online mode.

IGNOU| My experience with IGNOU | Reality of distance learning | College Vidya | Online education

Online procedure is fast and reliable which can be completed in a few minutes from anywhere. Candidates have to pay their IGNOU Exam Fee also through online mode. In Offline mode, candidates have to first download an examination form from our page and then they have to submit their exam form to the concerned regional centre.

Name of Exam IGNOU Term End Examination
Method of Submission Online
TEE Month & Year December 2022
Applicable For Theory & Practical Subjects
Current Status of Submission Officially Started
Official IGNOU Exam Form Portal

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How distance education is delivered?

Characteristics of distance learning – Various terms have been used to describe the phenomenon of distance learning. Strictly speaking, distance learning (the student’s activity) and distance teaching (the teacher’s activity) together make up distance education.

Common variations include e-learning or online learning, used when the Internet is the medium; virtual learning, which usually refers to courses taken outside a classroom by primary- or secondary-school pupils (and also typically using the Internet); correspondence education, the long-standing method in which individual instruction is conducted by mail; and open learning, the system common in Europe for learning through the “open” university ( see below ).

Four characteristics distinguish distance learning. First, distance learning is by definition carried out through institutions; it is not self-study or a nonacademic learning environment, The institutions may or may not offer traditional classroom-based instruction as well, but they are eligible for accreditation by the same agencies as those employing traditional methods.

Second, geographic separation is inherent in distance learning, and time may also separate students and teachers. Accessibility and convenience are important advantages of this mode of education. Well-designed programs can also bridge intellectual, cultural, and social differences between students. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content.

Subscribe Now Third, interactive telecommunications connect individuals within a learning group and with the teacher. Most often, electronic communications, such as e-mail, are used, but traditional forms of communication, such as the postal system, may also play a role.

  • Whatever the medium, interaction is essential to distance education, as it is to any education.
  • The connections of learners, teachers, and instructional resources become less dependent on physical proximity as communications systems become more sophisticated and widely available; consequently, the Internet, mobile phones, and e-mail have contributed to the rapid growth in distance learning.

Finally, distance education, like any education, establishes a learning group, sometimes called a learning community, which is composed of students, a teacher, and instructional resources—i.e., the books, audio, video, and graphic displays that allow the student to access the content of instruction.
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Is IGNOU exam will be online or offline?

IGNOU Exam Highlights 2022 – Have a look at the highlights of the IGNOU TEE exam below.

Overview Details
Examination Name Indira Gandhi National Open University Term End Examination
Commonly Known As IGNOU TEE
Conducting body Indira Gandhi National Open University
Level of Examination University level
Courses UG, PG, PG Diploma, PG Certificate, Diploma, Certificate
Mode of Exam Offline
Mode of Application Online
Exam fees INR 200 per course
No. of Exam Centres 600+
Exam Helpdesk No. 011-29572209
Official Website

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