What Is The Aim Of Physical Education Mcq Answer?


What Is The Aim Of Physical Education Mcq Answer
Detailed Solution The primary aim of physical education is the physical fitness of the individual.
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What is the aim of physical education?

Position Physical Education is “education through the physical”. It aims to develop students’ physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, and their ability to use these to perform in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle.

It also develops students’ confidence and generic skills, especially those of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation. These, together with the nurturing of positive values and attitudes in PE, provide a good foundation for students’ lifelong and life-wide learning.

Direction Curriculum development is an on-going improvement process. In the PE KLA, we would

build on strengths to inspire curriculum changes in the light of the new educational trend;

cultivate in students generic skills, positive values and attitudes, in addition to physical competence, for lifelong and life-wide learning; and

encourage schools to make flexible use of time, space, resources and facilities available to enrich their school-based curriculum.

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What is the aim of physical education Mcq Brainly?

Expert-Verified Answer Aim of physical education is wholesome development of individual Option b is correct.
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What is the answer of physical education?

Expert-Verified Answer Physical education is the education that aims in bringing improvement in human performance with the help of physical activities. It is also considered as movement education, as life begins with movement only.
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What is the aim of physical education class 6?

What is the aim of Physical Education? – The main aim of physical education is to spread awareness about the physical body. It enhances the knowledge of a student regarding physical safety. Physical Education is made compulsory in few schools so that students realize the importance of physical body.
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What is the aim of physical education class 7?

In physical education, the final aim is to make every human being physically, mentally and emotionally fit and also to provide each kind of opportunity to them, so that they can develop such personal and social qualities which will help them to live happily with others and shape themselves as true citizens of the
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What is physical education full?

: instruction in the development and care of the body ranging from simple calisthenic exercises to a course of study providing training in hygiene, gymnastics, and the performance and management of athletic games
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What is the aim of physical education class 10 ICSE?

To develop knowledge and understanding of the requirements for healthy living, nutrition, exercise and relaxation.
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What is the aim of physical education class 7?

What Is The Aim Of Physical Education? – Physical education is an extensive and all-encompassing term. This is because it can be used in many different ways. In this article, we will talk about the aims of physical education and its importance. The aim of physical education is to make sure that students are physically fit and healthy and mentally and emotionally healthy.

  1. The aim of physical education is to train, develop, and enhance the individual’s physical, mental, psychological, and social attributes by his/her own potential.
  2. Some primary aims of physical education are – 1.
  3. To help children develop a healthy attitude towards their body and their need for exercise.2.

To develop coordination, balance, strength, speed, agility, endurance, stamina, and flexibility.3. To develop the child’s ability to perform various activities safely and effectively.4. To increase the child’s awareness of his/her own physical limitations and the capabilities of others.5.

  1. To help children achieve a wholesome, balanced lifestyle and good habits.6.
  2. To encourage children to participate in physical activity.7.
  3. To have a good appetite and healthy nutrition.8.
  4. To develop a positive attitude towards physical activity.9.
  5. To develop the child’s self-image.10.
  6. To encourage the child to work and play with others.11.

To help the child learn to use tools and equipment safely and effectively.12. To develop the child’s sense of responsibility towards the environment.13. To teach children to use physical fitness and conditioning in their daily activities.14. To improve the child’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety.15.
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