How To Do B Tech In Distance Education?


How To Do B Tech In Distance Education
B.Tech Distance Education Entrance Examination – Btech distance education eligibility factor is very flexible and non-astringent as the regular B.Tech. The candidate must have passed 10+2 from a science background with Physics Chemistry and Maths as compulsory subjects.

Different colleges have different criteria on the percentage of marks required but generally, it is 50%, Candidates who have completed a diploma from a recognized college are eligible for going for Btech distance education. There is no such entrance exam that is conducted to enroll in Btech distance education programs.

The Btech distance education program is of 4 years and is required to be completed in the stipulated timeline.
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How to do B Tech correspondence?

B.Tech Distance Education | B.Tech Distance Learning Program Bachelor of Technology or B. Tech. in Distance Education is a 4 years professional engineering undergraduate course. Students pursuing the B.Tech in Distance education course will gain detailed engineering knowledge on the application of theories and practical experience through projects, assignments, internships, etc.

  • There are different streams of B.Tech in Distance education course such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, information technology, electronics & telecommunication engineering, etc.
  • Pursuing B.Tech through distance learning is a great way to obtain a degree in technology or engineering from any part of the world.

CIIS is one of the best distance education institute which offers B.Tech through distance learning. Students who have successfully completed their 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry from a recognized Board are eligible to apply for the B.Tech course.

  1. Students who have successfully completed a three year polytechnic diploma course from any state technical board or equivalent after completing their 10th standard can apply for direct entry to the second year of B.Tech Distance Education Program.
  2. Students who have completed 3 years of B.Sc.
  3. In any Stream having Mathematics as their major subject are also eligible to take admission directly to the third semester of B.Tech Distance Education Program.

Students enrolled for the B.Tech Distance Education program are required to complete their full course within 8 years from the session of enrolment. Students who have taken direct admission in the third semester, will be required to complete the programme within Six Years from the session of enrolment.

  1. Internal assessment will be conducted based on assignments and they will have a weightage of 25%
  2. Examination will be conducted at the end of every term and they will have a weightage of 75%
  3. Each examination paper will be of 100 marks
  4. 40% is the Minimum passing criteria
  • Research and Development (R&D): Research and development is about designing, improving and creating products and services. Some public sectors provide good earning opportunity. One of the most prestigious sector to work for mechanical engineers.
  • Manufacturing & Constructions: Mechanical engineering plays a significant role in the manufacturing, designing and building something indigenously.
  • Design: Design engineering is grounded on CAD tool. This is the most encouraging sector for mechanical engineers currently.
  • Installation: The most fundamental job for mechanical engineers. Installation of machines need to be carried out under the observation of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance job involves preservation of machines and civil equipment, it is conducted using a wide variety of different tools of mechanical engineering.
  • Analysis and Testing: The latest trending job along with designing, Analysis and testing involves experimenting with the end products. Quality assurance is an integral part of it.
  • Power plants
  • Cement Industries
  • Civil Constructions and Industries
  • Automobiles Industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Nuclear Industries
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Communication Companies
  • Thermal Power Industries
  • Power generation Industries
  • Education Sector and Many more

: B.Tech Distance Education | B.Tech Distance Learning Program
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Can I do B Tech in Open University?

The admission to the IGNOU Distance BTech will be taken without any entrance exam. Only those candidates are eligible for the course who have completed their graduation with a BTech degree. The duration of the course is 2 years that can be completed in 5 years.
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Can I complete my BTech in 2 years?

can I complete in 3 years? and If I complete then can I apply for Hello, BTech is commonly a 4 year programme with one year of industrial internship and a 4th year capstone design project. The MTech programme is a two year programme. The core of these degrees is the study and practical application of technologies in various fields of study.

It cannot be completed in three years. But if you have done diploma and then take admission in BTech second year then it would be three years but this would be long route for you. There is only one example where BTech is completed in three years

Three meritorious students of IIT-Kanpur have set a record by finishing their programme in just three and a half years instead of four. This is probably the first instance where students have completed their course before the stipulated duration. From the upcoming academic year, IIT Bombay students can finish their B. Tech programme in just three and a half years of time, instead of the usual four years, by taking up additional credits.

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Hope this helps!!! : can I complete in 3 years? and If I complete then can I apply for
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Can I study BTech online?

Learners who want to acquire an engineering degree but can’t attend daily classes to do so. Here are three top vendors that provide B Tech online courses: IGNOU: The IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) provides a B Tech curriculum that can be completed remotely.
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Is distance BTech valid?

No, a Btech through distance education is declared invalid by the Supreme Court and AICTE in India. So you cannot do Btech through distance education which approved in job.
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Is part time BTech valid?

B Tech for Part-Time is an undergraduate engineering course of 4 years of duration. B Tech part-time is an AICTE approved course and valid in every sense.
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Can I do engineering from home?

Engineering is one of the most preferred study disciplines among students globally. As per the AICTE statistics for the year 2021-22, there are around 6000 engineering colleges in India with an annual enrollment of around 24 lakh students. Engineering as a discipline consists of many sub-branches like Aerospace, Aeronautical, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical among others.
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Can I do BTech at the age of 30?

There is no upper age limit set for doing B. tech in engineering colleges as such but the older you are,the more difficult it gets.
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Can I do engineering after 40 years?

Niel Age by itself should not be prevent you from studying engineering. The challenge will be your science and math preparation and your ability to learn. If you are truly interested in pursuing a career as an engineer now that you are leaving the military take the time to have a detailed assessment of your educational foundation.

  • This can be done by talking to a counselor at a near by community college to see what you need to do to determine your readiness to enter an engineering program.
  • The military may even have some programs to help you with these evaluations.
  • If you find yourself to be lacking in some of the necessary math or science skill consider starting in an Engineering Technology program and then working towards eventually getting your Engineering Degree.

What ever happens I wish you luck. Niel Leon Community Developer – 12 years ago Source: David When I was taking Engineering at University there was several people over 35 in my starting year. One I believe was 45 (I never saw anyone take as many classes as him). Your Age should not deter you from taking Engineering but be aware there will be many challenges if you have not keep up your Math and Science skills as usually the course structures assumes you have the basic knowledge of them. Michael Age does not matter at all. I know this for a fact because I just earned my engineering degree and I’m pushing 40. In fact, I’m even considering about going back to college and earn my Master’s Degree despite being in my mid-40’s when I finally do earn my degree. AKJohn I’m also a retired military member in school. I was enrolled in an engineering technology field (geomatics-surveying) and left it because it was too superficial at the math and science level. Now I’m attempting a B.S. in math, with a minor in physics.

I regret not completing a computer science degree or entering into an electrical engineering program myself. I strongly recommend talking to practicing engineers in your age group to find out about what is actually required and what careers feel like. I’d also stop by the closest university school or college of engineering to talk to some faculty members.

As an experienced military officer, you will have many advantages (and credibility) that, in my opinion, will trump any age issues. I think this would be most true in civil engineering. There are, as you’ve no doubt found, many books and videos concerning the “so you want to be an engineer” question.

Although there is a math and science grind to survive, it seems to me that most engineers in practice use established math and science practices than actually “do” math and science, again, this might be more true in Civil Engineering. The point of engineering education seemed to be to find those who were able to deal with large volumes of technical material and use it to create solutions, all inside a constrained time and resource budget.

Most of all, this must happen in a collaborative environment. This is introduced and reinforced throughout the engineering education process, because it seemed the engineering students operated under academic loads that individuals alone could not handle.

The math, physics, and maybe the chemistry will be trying. At a minimum, I very seriously recommend getting a handle on these subjects before attending engineering classes: College Algebra, Trigonometry, and two semesters of algebra and trig-based Physics (mechanics, electricity, magnetism). If you can fit Calc I in beforehand you’ll have an advantage.

A book like Morris Klin 12 years ago Source:
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What is the maximum age to complete BTech?

There is no age limit. But the mandatory thing is you should have 10+2 qualified with above 50% marks.
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Can I do BTech in one year?

Complete Your B.Tech in One Year & Save your Gap Years. Now Save your Gap Years & Get B.Tech Degree in One Year through fast track mode in India. Now those Students can save their time of 2 or 3 Years who have discontinued their study after 12th or Graduation.

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Candidates can complete their B.Tech in One Year through One sitting Degree, We (Apex) offer Graduation program through University which approved by UGC using credit transfer method. This option can be utilize by students who have failed or discontinued from any other university, approved by UGC. About B.Tech in One Year :- In India, the Bachelor of Technology “B.Tech” degree is a professional degree awarded after completion of 4 years program (Eight Semester of classroom study which include practical, projects & Seminars).

This course is usually offered by an institute of science and technology or any Govt., Private & Deemed University (University of High performance U/S 3 of the UGC Act). Area of Specialization of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in One Year

♦ B.Tech in Civil Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Automobile Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Micro Electronics Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Computer Science (CS) / Information Technology
♦ B.Tech in Chemical Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Agriculture Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Ceramic Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Energy Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Environmental Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Industrial Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Marine Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Nuclear Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Physics Engineering
♦ B.Tech in Telecommunication Engineering ♦ B.Tech in Textile Engineering

Eligibility Criteria of B.Tech in One Year :- If a student looking for admission into a course of B.Tech in One Year must have passed the Senior Secondary School (with science stream) examination conducted by a Recognized Board or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto, as per the standard / eligibility criteria laid down by the Institute/University.

  1. Objective :- A directly enrolled student will be awarded B.Tech Degree after successful completion of the course.
  2. After completing this course a candidate can get the jobs in any government as well as private sector.
  3. Good News for Students, Private & Govt.
  4. Employee, Golden chance for those who have discontinued or failed during their B.Tech can now complete their BTech in One Year which will help for their Promotions, Employment & Higher Studies.

Need of B.Tech in One Year :- 1. This course helps those candidates who discontinued or failed their studies after 10+2 (12th) or Graduation. Now they can complete B.Tech in one year if they have gap years.2. Students can do B.Tech in one year who failed in 1st Year, 2nd year or 3rd year of Degree.3.

  • Students can also do migration from any UGC recognized University through Lateral Entry.4.
  • Students who got Govt.
  • Job in their early age can also do B.Tech in one year degree Program and get Single Sitting BTech Degree.
  • Advantages of B.Tech in One Year :- ♦ UGC, DEC, AICTE, MHRD & Government Approved University.

♦ Easy Syllabus, Free Study Material, Low Fees. ♦ 100% Results approved for all Embassies & Strong Placement Cell. ♦ Third Party & Physical Documents Verification. Frequently Ask Questions :- How You Can get instant Degree to complete B.Tech in One Year or BTech in One Sitting? Example: A students who wants to complete his BTech in one year and passed 12th Class in year 2009 and now wants to continue his education from recognized University and through Lateral Entry he can complete his Bachelor Degree in one year,

Students have to give all three years exam this year to get instant Degree of B.Tech., or whatever the course would be. Students have to submit his last Qualification’s Mark sheet and Certificates and registered from anywhere in India through APEX, as APEX offers one year education from recognized University.

After getting mark sheet, Students can also verify their registration details Online in the University Website. What other courses can do through fast track mode? You can do following courses through fast track mode: M.Tech, B.Tech in One Year (single sitting), B.Com, M.Com in one year, BNYS, MPT in one Year, B.Tech, M.Tech in one year, Diploma Engineering in single sitting, MPT, BPT, BCA, MCA in one year, etc.

  • And Many More Other Course Available.
  • What is One Sitting Degree? Who have discontinued the I & II year (even fail or pass) of the courses from the colleges of this University or from any other university are considered for admissions respectively to the II & III year in University.
  • The courses in the same of some other branch or other faculty.

This exemption is subject to the conditions that they have to appear for the examinations conducted by the University and have to pass all the subject of the entire course. They have to pay the fee for the whole course. For any other course inquiry feel free to call our Career Advisor and We will help you to guide in your Career.
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Can I study BTech free?

How can I study btech for free in India? Dear Oishi, The Ministry of Finance funds a scholarship program for talented Engineering and Medical Candidates. There is an entrance examination called AISEE which funds the professional programmes for both Engineering and Medical Students for their higher studies.

Candidates who qualify in this exam get their tution fees funded by the Ministry of Finance. Now there will be miscellaneous fees once you join any college, That will have to be borne by you. There are also State wise scholarship programmes that you can check the eligibility and avail of. So, in short there are possibilities that you can study B.Tech in India for free.

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For more information, please visit their official page at; Dear Aspirant, You can not study for a professional course for free in any university or college. You can get colleges with low fees like 20k per annum in colleges like SIT pithoragarh, TFW.

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: How can I study btech for free in India?
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Can I do BTech without going to college?

If you don’t want to go to a college to complete your B. tech degree, you can attain a B. tech degree online from your home. There are many distance education colleges or institutes that offer online B.
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Why is distance BTech not valid?

​ Supreme Court Decision on Distance B Tech – The honorable Supreme court ruled an important decision regarding the validity of Distance B Tech, Supreme Court has ruled that Distance B Tech is invalid and holds no value. This was in the consideration of the fact that BTech needs both theoretical and Practical Knowledge.

As many of the universities are providing B Tech from distance mode which is not valid, the Supreme court came up with the judgment that none of the universities can offer BTech courses without the affiliation of AICTE. All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) is an educational body that provides affiliation to all the universities offering a technical course that needs face to face classes and more practical knowledge.

The Future Of B Tech Is Here ? It works on the basis of the quality of the curriculum they are providing and the laboratories to be used for the technical courses. So as per the need for technical courses, AICTE and UGC clearly mentioned that distance BTech is an invalid course,
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Is Ignou BTech valid?

Yes, IGNOU is recognized and approved by the UGC-DEB. ⭐ What is the fee structure for B. Tech.
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What is the minimum qualification for BTech?

B.Tech Eligibility – Eligibility Criteria To apply for BTech IT, the applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Candidates must pass their 10+2 or equivalent exam with a minimum of 50 percent marks from a recognized institution.
  • They must have majored in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in high school.
  • The pupils must pass the entrance exam cut-off.
  • Candidates seeking Lateral Entry into BTech. IT programs must first finish a diploma program from a recognized institution.

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What if I fail in BTech 1st year?

i fail in B Tech first year should i get admission in mechanical engineering for first year If you have failed in your 1st year, then you can reappear for the examination in terms of supplementary examination. So you didn’t need to change your college.

  1. Now if you want to change your stream or if you are eager to change your college then yeah! you can change it but for that you have to reappear for the entrances again and having the valid score can only provide you admission to the courses.
  2. To know more about ME as a career visit the link below: I hope this answer helps.

All the very best for your future endeavors! : i fail in B Tech first year should i get admission in mechanical engineering for first year
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Which branch is easiest in BTech?

which course is easily In Hello Aspirant If you are not interested, then there are all the branches are tough. But if, you are interested then there are all the branches are easy. But it is believed that CSE branch is the easiest thing to do, because it does not contain like material science, thermal science design of machine, and other such topics.These are considered difficult topics.
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Can I study B Tech in correspondence?

No, a Btech through distance education is declared invalid by the Supreme Court and AICTE in India. So you cannot do Btech through distance education which approved in job.
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Can I do correspondence in engineering?

Tech in distance mode. There are over 120 engineering colleges in India that offer Distance / Correspondence BTech courses, out of these 33% of colleges are private, a few are government and the rest are public-private colleges.
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Are correspondence degree valid?

Online degree on par with regular degree September 09, 2022 10:41 pm | Updated September 10, 2022 01:48 pm IST – NEW DELHI READ LATER Picture for representation. | Photo Credit: Freepik

The degrees obtained through distance and online learning from recognised institutions would be treated on par with those offered through conventional mode, according to the University Grants Commission (UGC).”The degrees at the undergraduate and the postgraduate level in conformity with the UGC notification on the Specification of Degrees, 2014 and, the post graduate diplomas awarded through Open and Distance learning or Online mode by Higher Educational Institutions, shall be treated as equivalent to the corresponding degrees and post graduate diploma offered through conventional mode,” UGC Secretary Rajnish Jain said.The decision was taken as per the Regulation 22 of the UGC (Open and Distance learning Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations.

: Online degree on par with regular degree
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Can we do Bachelor of degree in correspondence?

Bachelor of Arts or BA Distance Education is a 3 to 6 years Undergraduate degree course. It is a distance correspondence course aimed to provide knowledge on various subjects for students and professionals who find it difficult to study a regular course because of time and financial constraints.
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