How Does Mississippi Rank In Education?


How Does Mississippi Rank In Education
Read our methodology to see how the scores and rankings were calculated. Mississippi Rankings.

Higher Education #37
Pre-K – 12 #43

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Why is Mississippi ranked so low in education?

It’s bleak future for Mississippi schools, a recent report says, unless something changes. Segregated school systems and chronic underfunding have tied the state to the bottom of educational rankings for decades. If policies don’t change, the report suggests Mississippi will continue to circle the drain in the one area it needs the most improvement: Giving residents access to fair and quality education.

The Jesuit Social Research Institute of Loyola University New Orleans, a social welfare advocacy group, recently presented a report called the ” State of Working Mississippi 2016 ” at a Biloxi seminar. The institute used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Education, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Economic Policy Institute to illustrate how the state still lacks resources and funding in education.

Not everyone in Mississippi has access to quality education, which means they have fewer job opportunities, said Jeanie Donovan, economic policy specialist with the institute. Where they do have access, underfunding continues to prevent school districts from raising standards.

“Mississippi often ranks at the bottom when compared to other states. Low rankings aren’t just numbers,” Donovan said. “They represent a daily struggle. There’s a lack of educational opportunity for a significant number of households.” Not unexpectedly, the report addressed the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, which has been underfunded according to its own formula every year but two since its creation in 1997.

According to the formula, Coast schools will have been underfunded by more than $250 million over the last eight years. Statewide, the number balloons to $1.2 billion in the same time frame. “I think what we’ve seen is everything starts with education,” said Jeremy Eisler, a senior education staff attorney for the Mississippi Center for Justice.

“And yet in a state where we’ve established a mandatory education funding formula, we’re $1.2 billion behind. This year, the Legislature again has refused to fully fund it. Without adequate education and health, no one in this state has what it needs.” Eisler filed legal documents with the state Supreme Court arguing for the full funding of MAEP.

Top Ten Universities in Mississippi USA New Ranking

Voters failed to pass Initiative 42 last year, which would have required education to be funded according to the MAEP formula.
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How good is education in Mississippi?

4 Interesting Facts about Education in Mississippi Mississippi is my home state, and an interesting state at that. Some time ago I wrote an article, and I wrote it because of some startling realities about education in this state. I brought up that 24% of people in the state are estimated to live below the poverty line, and that many of Mississippi’s poorest residents are children of color — many of them are black children.

Public education in Mississippi is ranked last in the nation year after year, Public education in Mississippi ranked last, yet again, on Education Week’s Quality Counts report, The state received an “F” grade for academic achievement, and a “D” for the chance of success for students.

There is no easy fix for this. Even academic programs targeted for at-risk students can only go so far. With a poverty rate of 24 percent in the state, the problems that impact student success in classrooms extend far beyond it. To really see a difference in student outcomes, the state needs economic initiatives that boost the life quality of residents and give more opportunities to students once they are done with school.

Mississippi is short on education funding—by $1.5 billion, Durant Public School teachers in Mississippi spend their evenings on the Internet, browsing for math and other problems to give their students because the school doesn’t have up-to-date textbooks.

School leaders say that new books aren’t in the budget, nor are reading coaches to help improve the districts academic rating of “D.” To save money, teachers and their assistants have already been reduced and administrators took pay cuts. The troubles in Durant, located about 60 miles north of Jackson, illustrate a picture of the state as a whole.

; the cuts in the state are the deepest in the country. State funding was originally cut as tax revenues plunged during the recession. According to early estimates, the state could fall $280 million short again in 2016. Durant has 588 students in grades K-12. The teacher turnover rate is high, and when new teachers are hired they tend to be recent graduates who are inexpensive to bring on board.

Sanders-Tate, the superintendent in Durant, dreams of raising the schools rating from a “D” to “A,” but knows it’s a challenge. “When you don’t have what you need, you’ve got to make do,” Sanders-Tate said. “I’m tired of making do for the kids when they deserve the best like everyone else.”

Mississippi has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation, with 50 births for every 1,000 young women between 15 and 19 years old. Despite this, attempts to educate young people in the state about safe sex practices have been met with hostility.

Alarmed by the high rates of teen pregnancy, and high number (76 percent) of high school students who report being sexually active by age 17 in the state, members of the business community lobbied the state to make sexual education courses mandatory in public schools.

Those lobbying won a partial victory — but actual implementation of the rule has been slowed down in the religious and conservative state. The Los Angeles Times reports that mother Marie Barnard was pleased when Mississippi made sex education mandatory after many decades of disallowing it. She was less than pleased, however, when she found out one of the “lessons” involved students passing around an unwrapped piece of chocolate candy and observing how “dirty” it became with more contact.

The message does not provide an educated view on sex, or show respect to young people who have been sexually active, she said. The candy example is just one way the noble goal to educate Mississippi’s youth about responsible sexual activity has gone awry.

  1. Part of the enacted law requires parents to sign a permission slip allowing their children to take sex ed courses in the first place.
  2. There are also issues of enforcement and the exact curriculum being taught.
  3. Individual districts, for example, can choose to implement abstinence-only sex education classes.
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So it seems the battle for a sexually-informed generation in Mississippi wages on, even in public school classrooms.

Mississippi received a grade of “B” for its early childhood programs, compared to a national average of “D+.” There is a silver lining to every cloud. Despite being one of the worst-performing states in many categories of education, Mississippi ranks second nationally when it comes to Head Start enrollment (third nationally when it comes to Kindergarten enrollment and access to full-day Kindergarten programs). Getting kids signed up for early childhood programs is just the start of course. These children need to learn enough while in those classrooms, but getting them started as early as possible is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to the future academic success of students in the state.

It is also one of the relatively few states in America that is pushing for mandatory Kindergarten. Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes, a Democrat from Gulfport, authored of “KIDS Act” that would change the mandatory school age for children in the state from 6 to 5 years old, in essence making Kindergarten mandatory for children in the state.

So how does Mississippi stack up against other states when it comes to the Kindergarten issue? There are only 15 states and the District of Columbia that require Kindergarten by law, and there are actually six states that do not even require public schools to offer Kindergarten. Despite the bad rap Mississippi often gets when it comes to student achievement numbers, the state does pretty well on Kindergarten access and has nationally high numbers for attendance.

So adding in a Kindergarten requirement would not make a huge difference in the amount of kids who attended, but will just be more of a formality. All this said, where Mississippi could really use the legislative boost is when it comes to pre-K education — an area where strides are being made.

  1. The Mississippi Department of Education reports that two-thirds of all the kids who entered Mississippi public Kindergarten in the fall of 2014 did not have the base-level skills required for adequate learning.
  2. In my opinion, the age of 5 is too old for mandatory education in the state, but it will probably be a few more decades before Mississippi, or any other state, requires it any younger.

Hopefully this latest proposal will pass with no problems to show that state leaders are unified when it comes to early childhood education initiatives in Mississippi. My home state of Mississippi needs to make some big changes as soon as possible. I want nothing more for the state to have sufficient money to put towards improving education, and to see the ratings improve drastically.
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Is Mississippi 50th in education?

Mississippi Ranks 35th in the Nation for K-12 Achievement in Quality Counts National Report NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: September 16, 2021 JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi ranks 35th in the nation for K-12 achievement in 2021, climbing from 50th in 2013, according to the latest,

The report examines achievement in school systems from prekindergarten through grade 12 and socioeconomic factors leading to success in adulthood. Mississippi earned an overall grade of C-minus (70.8 out of 100 points), close to the nation’s overall grade of C (76.2 out of 100 points). The report highlighted by more than four points between 2003 and 2019: Illinois (-6.9), Mississippi (-5.4), Nevada (-4.8) and Florida (-4.4).

“Student achievement has been steadily climbing in Mississippi because teachers, school leaders and families have raised expectations for what our students can accomplish,” said Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education. “Other states now look to Mississippi to learn how to improve outcomes for students.” For the past three years, Mississippi ranked No.2 for improvement among all states and the District of Columbia.

From 2020 to 2021, Mississippi gained 0.3 points on the Quality Counts scale, and only four states improved their score by one point or more: Kentucky (+1.7) Washington (+1.1), District of Columbia (+1.0) and Georgia (+1.0). Mississippi’s most improved ranking was based on the state’s gains on the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

Mississippi achieved the No.1 spot in the nation for gains on the NAEP, known as the Nation’s Report Card. NAEP measures student proficiency in 4th and 8th grade reading and mathematics. Mississippi was the only state in the nation to show significant increases in three of the four NAEP subjects.

Media Contact: Jean Cook, APR Director of Communication 601-359-3515

: Mississippi Ranks 35th in the Nation for K-12 Achievement in Quality Counts National Report
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Is Mississippi a good place to live?

Posted in Mississippi November 11, 2022 Mississippi is a wonderful place to live. The state is filled with amazing cities that have topped national lists for things like livability, safety, job growth, and more. So, we decided to use these rankings and come up with a list of our own. How Does Mississippi Rank In Education Named one of the “Coolest Small Towns in America” by Budget and Travel Magazine, Bay St. Louis has it all – oceanfront views, a small-town vibe, and a hip Old Town area filled with great restaurants, galleries, and more. And as if it couldn’t get any better, the art scene is really flourishing thanks to the city’s monthly “Second Saturday Artwalk.” The one-day fest is filled with art shows, live entertainment, and local cuisine. How Does Mississippi Rank In Education U.S. News Best High Schools rankings for 2015 awarded 93 Mississippi schools bronze medals; however, there was one school in the state that stood out above the rest and earned a silver medal – Pass Christian High School, which is part of the Pass Christian School District.

  1. Nationally recognized due to students’ high levels of achievement, this school district has achieved a number of noteworthy accolades.
  2. Three of the district’s four schools have been recognized as No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Schools by the U.S.
  3. Department of Education, the district has earned the highest academic performance rating, an “A,” for five years in a row, and the Mississippi Department of Education has recognized the district for Outstanding Achievement and as an Exemplar for the Betterment of Education in all Schools Across the State of Mississippi.

If you’re planning on raising a family, Pass Christian is one of the best cities in Mississippi to do it! Pass Christian, MS, USA 3. Best Place to Raise a Family: Long Beach How Does Mississippi Rank In Education This coastal community is made up of the stuff families dream about. Aside from its gorgeous seaside location, Long Beach has an extremely low crime rate, great quality of life, and schooling advantages. The city’s awesome attributes have earned it a number of accolades, including a spot on Movoto’s list of the “10 Best Places to Live in Mississippi” and being named the best beach town for young families. How Does Mississippi Rank In Education At one time, Madison, Mississippi was simply a small farming community but not anymore. As of today, the city is home to more than 25,000 residents and encourages continued growth by providing abundant resources for new business owners. Even with its considerable growth and close proximity to Jackson, Madison still maintains a small-town vibe which is evident in the city’s low crime rate – a statistic that can be attributed to a vigilant police force and the variety of safety programs that have been introduced.

  1. In addition to being loved by its residents, the town has been nationally recognized by a number of publications such as Family Circle, Southern Living Magazine, and U.S.
  2. News, earning top rankings in categories such as the most livable city in the state, the best town for families, one of the best places to retire, and one of the best places to live in Mississippi.
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Madison, MS 39110, USA 5. Best Mid-Sized City: Oxford How Does Mississippi Rank In Education Named by Forbes as “one of the fastest growing small towns,” Oxford’s population hovers around 26,000 residents, which shouldn’t come as a surprise with all the city has to offer. Often referred to as the “Cultural Mecca of the South,” Oxford is a place with a lot going on when it comes to the arts.

The creative melting pot of the city has a robust literary history, a thriving and diverse music scene, and a ton of museums and galleries. Aside from the arts, Oxford also offers award-winning restaurants, diverse shopping, and is, of course, home to the University of Mississippi, which earned Oxford the number six spot on USA Today’s list of the best college towns in the country.

Oxford, MS 38655, USA 6. Safest City: Petal How Does Mississippi Rank In Education Nicknamed “The Friendly City,” it should come as no surprise that Petal is one of the safest places in Mississippi. Part of the Hattiesburg Metropolitan Area, Petal offers access to the amenities of a bigger city all while maintaining its small-town appeal. How Does Mississippi Rank In Education It turns out this small town in Mississippi is just as beautiful as the name suggests. It was originally established as a private resort community with the promise of being a safe, family-friendly place for people to both vacation and live year-round.

  1. It wasn’t even until 1996 that Snow Lake Shores was incorporated as a town.
  2. Today, the current population is only about 300; however, that number normally triples during the summer months as seasonal residents and vacationers come to the community – and with such amazing scenery, who could blame them? Snow Lake Shores, MS 38603, USA 8.

Best Place to Retire: Hattiesburg How Does Mississippi Rank In Education Home to the University of Southern Mississippi, “retirement community” isn’t normally the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Hattiesburg. The city has topped numerous “best places to retire” lists and is a Certified Retirement Community, which means it has met rigorous standards for healthcare facilities, housing, cultural opportunities, and a welcoming committee.

  • Affordability and a close proximity to numerous doctor’s offices also make Hattiesburg a great place for retirees.
  • Whether you’re old or young, the Hattiesburg Zoo will bring out your inner kid, and is just one of the many reasons Hattiesburg is one of the best cities in Mississippi.
  • Hattiesburg, MS, USA 9.

Best Seaside Town: Ocean Springs How Does Mississippi Rank In Education Appropriately named a “Dream Town” by Coastal Living, Ocean Springs has a lot to offer. The “gem of the Gulf Coast” is the perfect mashup of independent shops, art galleries, and culinary treasures, most of which are located in a quaint historic district.

At night the city comes alive thanks to a number of venues that feature live music on an almost nightly basis. And for those looking for some rest and relaxation, Ocean Springs has got you covered in that aspect as well. The city is practically surrounded by the Gulf Islands National Seashore and is filled with cozy cottages, perfect for a much-needed beach getaway.

Ocean Springs, MS 39564, USA 10. Best Place for Business and Careers: Jackson How Does Mississippi Rank In Education The state capital has nabbed spots on a number of Forbes’ lists for qualities such as a favorable cost of doing business, excellent job growth, and was most recently included in the list of the “Best Places for Business and Careers” – a nationwide ranking of 200 cities.

In addition to being a great place for business, Jackson, Mississippi has a cost of living that is 2.4% below the national average, earning it the 3rd spot on Forbes’ list of the best “Bang For Your Buck” cities. With an unemployment rate lower than the national average and the rate of job growth expected to increase substantially within the next year, Jackson definitely has a lot to offer to career-minded individuals.

Jackson, MS, USA Did your hometown make the list? Let us know in the comments below! There are so many wonderful cities and small towns in Mississippi that are worthy of a day trip. Check out our previous article where we take you on a road trip through some of Mississippi’s best small towns. The OIYS Visitor Center
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What is the best state to live in usa 2022?

Is your state among the best to live in this year? WalletHub has an answer. Researchers at the personal finance publication ranked the 50 states based on scores in five categories: affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety.

  • Massachusetts topped 2022’s list, touting a score of 62.65 out of 100.
  • New Jersey came in second, dropping from the top spot last year.
  • New York, Idaho and Virginia fill out the rest of the top five states to live in, in that order.
  • Virginia is the only new addition to the top five, bumping Minnesota off the list.

Several Southern states – Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas, among others – rounded out the bottom of WalletHub’s rankings. You’ll be surprised by No.1: These metros had the highest inflation in the US Oops: Copy-paste error results in Nevada homebuyer getting 87 properties for the price of one home
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Is it smart to move to Mississippi?

Are you mulling over moving to Mississippi? If you’ll like to live in a state where you can enjoy the best of both worlds; rural life and access to big city amenities, moving to Mississippi is right for you. Mississippi offers lots of entertainment options along with renowned restaurants, easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables and you’ll get the chance to live among some of the friendliest people in the country.

The state’s low cost of living, low cost of education, and low housing costs make it one of the best places for anyone seeking to enjoy big city life while living rurally. All of that makes moving to Mississippi such a great idea. If you’re considering moving to Mississippi and wondering if the state is right for you or not, this guide contains all the key details you need to know about the state to make the right decision.

Let’s jump right in!

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    What is the racial makeup of Mississippi?


    White alone, percent  58.8%
    Black or African American alone, percent(a)  38.0%
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)  0.6%
    Asian alone, percent(a)  1.1%

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    Where does Mississippi rank in education 2022?

    Heritage Foundation ranks Mississippi 6th overall in nation for education freedom, 1st in regulatory freedom The Heritage Foundation released its 2022 edition of the to serve as a guide for assessing education freedom in each state. The report card measures four broad categories: School Choice, Transparency, Regulatory Freedom, and Spending.

    • The categories encompass more than two dozen discrete factors.
    • This report card sets a high bar for achieving and maintaining education freedom in the states,” the Heritage Foundation said.
    • Our goal is that this annual ranking of states will not only inform parents and policymakers of what their states do well and where they need improvement, but that it will spur necessary and lasting reform.” In the 2022 edition of the Education Freedom Report Card, Mississippi is ranked 6th in the nation for education freedom.

    “The report card is in, and the grade is an A+!” Governor Reeves tweeted on Friday. “On top of all-time high graduation rates that are above the national average, Mississippi is 6th in the nation for education freedom according to Heritage.”

    • The report card is in, and the grade is an A+!
    • On top of all-time high graduation rates that are above the national average, Mississippi is 6th in the nation for education freedom according to
    • — Governor Tate Reeves (@tatereeves)

    Mississippi ranked at the top of the list – first overall among the states – in regulatory freedom. A solid 40 percent of teachers in the state found their way to the classroom through alternative teacher certification options, and Mississippi allows full reciprocity of teacher licensure.

    • Heritage reported that no school districts in the Magnolia State employ a “chief diversity officer,” and Mississippi does not use Common Core–aligned tests.
    • Mississippi can maintain its high regulatory ranking score by continuing to foster alternative pathways to the classroom for aspiring teachers, or by eliminating teacher certification requirements altogether,” the report stated.

    As for school choice, Mississippi ranked 13th overall. Heritage said Mississippi does well in allowing parents to choose among private and district schools but could do more to expand education choice. Mississippi offers K–12 education savings accounts that parents can use to customize the education of their eligible children, and generally respects the autonomy of homeschooling families.

    1. “Mississippi could improve its ranking by expanding eligibility for, and boosting participation in, its existing private-school-choice program, making it easier for more charter schools to open and operate, and giving families more choices among traditional public schools,” Heritage noted.
    2. In the categories of transparency and spending, Mississippi ranked 30th and 23rd, respectively.
    3. You can read the report,

    : Heritage Foundation ranks Mississippi 6th overall in nation for education freedom, 1st in regulatory freedom
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    Which U.S. city is most educated?

    200 most educated cities in America – Here is how every city captured in our study ranks in the four categories of data that best helped us evaluate.

    Overall MSA Attainment Education and Poverty School Quality Education and Employment
    1 San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA 4 34 4 115
    2 Boulder, CO 1 111 16 38
    3 San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA 7 87 4 100
    4 Fort Collins, CO 5 62 36 66
    5 Ann Arbor, MI 2 146 3 149
    6 Austin-Round Rock, TX 16 77 22 40
    7 Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA 15 57 20 98
    8 Charlottesville, VA 19 112 13 93
    9 Raleigh, NC 8 28 47 48
    10 Rochester, MN 24 3 47 2
    11 Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA 21 128 4 127
    12 Cedar Rapids, IA 52 4 19 5

    Show All Rows
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    What’s the unhealthiest state in America?

    1. Mississippi. Mississippi has consistently been the country’s most unhealthy state for several years. While Mississippi has a low drug death rate and low prevalence of excessive drinking, it falls behind in many other categories.
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    What is the least educated city in America?

    California, Texas are home to least educated cities in US, report finds (Gray News) – From the tech world to the medical field, cities are looking into attracting highly educated workers, especially since the start of the pandemic, to help fuel economic growth.

    , a personal finance website, reports higher levels of education tend to lead to higher salaries, and those graduates want to live somewhere where they will get a good return on their educational investment. The finance website recently shared a on the most and least educated cities in the U.S. to determine where the educated Americans are putting their degrees to work.

    WalletHub reports it compared the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas across 11 key metrics with data ranging from the share of adults aged 25 and older with at least a bachelor’s degree to the quality of the public school system. According to the report, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the most educated city in the U.S. How Does Mississippi Rank In Education WalletHub released a report ranking current education levels found in U.S. cities. (WalletHub) Other key findings in the report were as follows:

    The Ann Arbor metro area has the highest share of bachelor’s degree holders aged 25 and older, 56.7%, which is 3.9 times higher than in Visalia, the metro area with the lowest at 14.6%. Anchorage, Alaska, metro area has the highest gender education gap, with the share of female bachelor’s degree holders aged 25 and older at 22.78%, compared with 18.24% for their male counterparts, a difference of 4.54% favoring women. For comparison, the national average for women with the same attributes is 20.6%, and it is 19.79% for their male counterparts.

    The entire report can be viewed, Copyright 2022 Gray Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved. : California, Texas are home to least educated cities in US, report finds
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    Which state is 50th in education 2022?

    The Best and Worst States for Education 2022 Education matters more now than ever before, according to findings from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The rapid rate of modern advancements in technology continues to erase low-skilled jobs, and the children who receive poor education today will suffer the socioeconomic consequences tomorrow.

    For more than 76 million students enrolled in schools throughout the U.S., education extends beyond learning – it represents employment opportunities, financial stability, and economic independence. But which states are preparing the next generation of leaders for success, and which states are trailing behind? drew upon key metrics related to performance, safety, community, investment, class size, and attendance for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    Read on to find out how your state stacks up.
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    What state is ranked 51 in education?

    The 22nd annual edition of Quality Counts continues Education Week’s long-standing tradition of grading the states on their performance. A state’s overall grade is the average of its scores on the three separate indices tracked by the report.
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    Who is 50th in education?

    1. Massachusetts – Sean Pavone/Shutterstock Massachusetts was ranked 1st for pre-k to 12th grade and 29th for higher education.87.5% of children in the state graduate from high school, well above the national average, while National Assessment of Educational Progress math test scores are 5% higher than the national average. Read next Features Education state rankings More.
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    Which states rank highest in education?

    School Systems Index

    Overall Rank State Total Score
    1 Massachusetts 86.12
    2 New Jersey 85.51
    3 Connecticut 81.44
    4 New York 77.38

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