Why Kota Is Famous For Education?


About Kota Kota, the city is situated on the bank of Chambal River and is the 3rd most populous city of the state of Rajasthan. Kota is known for its perfect blend of Education with culture, where lacs of students in the age group 11 to 18 years are being polished through systematic coaching for IIT JEE (Advanced), JEE (Main), NEET-UG, KVPY, NTSE and National and International Olympiads (Classes 6 to 12).
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What is so special about Kota?

THE LAND OF THE CHAMBAL Situated on the banks of the Chambal River, the city of Kota is famous for its distinctive style of paintings, palaces, museums, and places of worship. The city is known for gold jewellery, Doria sarees, silk sarees and the famous Kota stone.
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Who made Kota famous for education?

He allure of an IIT education has made boomtowns of places. Some, like Kota in Rajasthan, have virtually become ‘ coaching factories’ churning out hundreds of successful IIT applicants every year. – Why Kota Is Famous For Education : He allure of an IIT education has made boomtowns of places. Some, like Kota in Rajasthan, have virtually become ‘ coaching factories’ churning out hundreds of successful IIT applicants every year.Kota draws thousands of students from all over the country who enroll in institutes to prepare for IIT-JEE.

  1. Your ticket to your dream IIT” reads the logo of one of the leading coaching institutes in Kota.
  2. An IIT aspirant who comes to town is told not to worry about Class XII board exams conducted by the CBSE.
  3. Coaching institutes tell students that they will be admitted in local secondary school they have tie- ups with, where attending classes is optional.Such elaborate arrangements allow a student to focus full- time on IIT- JEE preparation.Getting admission in these institutes, however, is not necessarily a cakewalk.

An entrance test is conducted, which enables institutes to take in the cream of the students so that their success rate remains high.Regular tests are also held after the commencement of the classes for the new academic year. A candidate is expected to obtain maximum attendance during the course period.Kota’s rise as an IIT coaching hub began in 1985 when V.K.

Bansal, an engineer employed with the citybased J.K. Synthetics Ltd since 1971, set up Bansal Classes that subsequently became Bansal Classes Private Limited.Bansal began giving tuitions to Class VII students in 1981 and subsequently took on Class X and XII students.The turning point came in 1985, when his first student cleared the IIT- JEE examination.He set up Bansal Classes, and in 1991, he took voluntary retirement when it dawned on him that he had laid his hands on something big.The Bansal empire now has branches in 16 cities countrywide.However, in Kota itself, where the Bansal story began, some faculty broke away to set up their own coaching institutes.

All these institutes do business running into crores.Each student who enrolls has to pay around Rs 80,000 per annum besides making private arrangements for lodging as the institutes don’t have offer boarding facilities.The institutes have thereby spawned big business for locals.People rent out a portion of their houses to these students who shack up in groups of two- three in a room.City restaurants, too, are happy having assured customers whose number runs into thousands on a regular basis.U NION human resource development ( HRD) minister Kapil Sibal’s alleged proposal – to raise the IIT eligibility bar to 80- 85 per cent in Class XII from 60 per cent as of now – could ring the death knell for Kota’s institutes.But students preparing for IIT at these institutes asserted that things would remain the same until the HRD ministry or the CBSE redesigns the curriculum to align it closer to that of the IITJEE syllabus.

For as long as the two syllabi remained mutually exclusive, the ” coaching factories” would continue to thrive. Courtesy:

Published On: Oct 21, 2009 : How Kota became coaching factory for cracking IIT
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Is Kota best for education?

Popularly referred to as ‘the Education Hub’ of Rajasthan, Kota has gained the trust of everyone when it comes to delivering the best education. It’s no surprise that education forms an integral part of Kota’s economy.
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Is Kota is really education hub?

Hemant Kumar Bhadoriya (name changed) was travelling in a chauffeur-driven sports utility vehicle on a Saturday afternoon in Kota, seemingly headed to Jaipur, where people typically go on weekend getaways. Unlike the others, though, Bhadoriya was not out on a leisure drive.

Neither was he actually going to Jaipur. He was, in fact, just sitting in the car and talking about money. Crores of rupees. Bhadoriya is not a lawyer or an investment banker. Neither does he deal in illegal activities. He is a maths teacher at Kota’s top coaching centre and was negotiating with a potential employer, one of the country’s biggest edtech companies.

The edtech startup had offered him a 40 percent hike on his existing salary of Rs 1.65 crore. “At first, I was shocked and a bit sceptical when I heard about the offer as every day we have been reading about how hundreds of employees were getting laid off by startups,” said Bhadoriya, 46.

But then it was for their offline classes and I have been teaching all my life at offline classes here at Kota. So I said let’s take a chance. To be honest, the hike I was offered was very attractive.” Bhadoriya’s story rings a bell with many educators from Kota who have been offered hefty hikes over the past few months by new-age edtech companies that have opened offline coaching centres in the city.

The aggressive poaching at Kota for offline classes is taking place as online edtech companies lay off hundreds of educators elsewhere in the country, indicating that demand for offline education is rising again, especially in education hubs like Kota.

Everyone loves Kota Kota, a city with a population of over 1 million in eastern Rajasthan about 500 km south of New Delhi, is known for tuition centres notoriously called ‘coaching factories’ that churn out hundreds of successful aspirants for the Indian Institutes of Technology every year. These education centres provide direct or indirect livelihood to over 200,000 people in the city.

Kota has about 3,500 hostels and 22,000 paying guest accommodation centres where students stay, according to people from the city who spoke to Moneycontrol, The story of Kota was intriguing enough to entice Netflix in 2019, just before the pandemic, to do a show that captures the ‘24/7 pressure cooker situation’ of the city.

  • One of the show’s producers described Kota as a city where the people talk only about studies.
  • Ota’s economics and emotions are only about studies,” said Shreyash Pandey, associate producer of the show called Kota Factory,
  • It all started in the mid-1980s, when engineers of Kota started their own tuition centres.

Subsequently, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a few students cleared the IIT entrance examinations, which motivated many educators to expand their coaching classes. The Bansals of Bansal Classes and the Maheshwaris of Allen Career Institute were among the first to broaden the scope of their coaching centres.

Moneycontrol reported how the four Maheshwari brothers built Allen Career Institute from a grand total of eight students studying at their home 34 years ago to an institution that has hundreds of IITians on its rolls. The company recently raised $600 million (about Rs 4,500 crore) from James Murdoch’s Bodhi Tree Systems, and also made forays into online teaching,

According to a report by India Today, the turning point for Kota’s coaching classes was when the first student from the city cleared the IIT entrance exam in 1985. Many educators who taught at these coaching institutes then started their own tuition centres.

In the following years, the coaching centres went on to do crores of rupees of business and the city started creating opportunities for educators worth millions of dollars. On an average, a student in Kota pays up to Rs 2.5 lakh. About 150,000 students are admitted to the Kota coaching centres annually.

Going by these estiamates, the coaching centers of Kota have a market size of as much as $500 million or about Rs 3,800 crore. Kota’s tuition centres were among the first in the country to set up special arrangements for IIT aspirants, tying up with local secondary schools for class 12 board exams.

The students were told to concentrate more on the IIT entrance exam and not to worry about attending class 12 lectures. The model was then adopted by many coaching institutes in the country. The pandemic The pandemic changed everything for Kota. The city that once bustled with young IIT and medical college aspirants now had empty streets.

Educators, coaching centre owners, and students, among others, were staring at absolute uncertainty after the government announced a nationwide lockdown in March 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19. “Right from small eateries to paying guest accommodation centres, it felt as though everyone was jobless suddenly.

The coaching institutes, which were full of thousands of students, were looking like graveyards and we really didn’t know what to do next,” said an educator working with the management of a top institute in Kota. “We had thousands, maybe lakhs, of livelihoods at stake and the shift to online education was looking real.” All the coaching institutes scrambled to find solutions.

“But everyone knew that once the pandemic receded, the people would come back to offline education and Kota would again become hot as it has always been because of the weather and the competition,” the educator added. The educator has a point. Kota seems to have become ‘hot’ again because of competition.

  1. But this time, the competition between education companies is more fierce than the rivalry among students as edtech startups aggressively look to poach educators like Bhadoriya.
  2. Coaching centres have become more like poaching centres,” said another educator based in Kota, requesting anonymity.
  3. And not just teachers, even students are being poached by offering them more lectures and content for cheaper packages.

This has just started. We will see the edtech companies and the traditional coaching classes doing various things to attract students and educators.” The educator’s comments come after Unacademy and PhysicsWallah, two well-funded online education unicorns, opened physical tuition centres in Kota.

  • While it is a shift in strategy for both companies that were built on the model of online teaching, they expect offline and hybrid models to help them grow faster.
  • For Unacademy, growth in the medical and IIT entrance exam preparation segment wouldn’t have been possible without going offline,” said one person familiar with the startup’s plans, requesting anonymity.

“The team discussed it internally and thought making offline forays would be right at this time and Kota was the place to be for this as it is such an important hub for test preparations.” Market share fears The entry of the new-age edtech companies has threatened the dominance of incumbent coaching centres of Kota, which are concerned about losing market share.

“What they (traditional coaching institutes) fear is that companies like Unacademy, which have millions of dollars in their bank, will disrupt Kota totally with cheaper packages, better educators and most importantly, with hundred times better tech infrastructure,” said a former professor of IIT who has taught in Kota.

Most coaching centres in Kota conduct no-frills classes, offering nothing more than star educators to lure students. According to the educators Moneycontrol spoke to, the content provided in these classes is very good and comprehensive but it’s not digital.

  • The pandemic made digital learning a habit for most and students may not be comfortable with books again, educators said.
  • I can just do a CTRL+F on digital content and go to the chapter that I am looking for,” said a student.
  • It just becomes easier to skim through it on a laptop or mobile instead of going through hundreds of pages.
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It also saves time.” Many coaching centres in the city also do not have biometric attendance, smart boards, projectors and other digital infrastructure facilities that edtech companies provide. One educator said students aged 14-17 find these things attractive and thus they may choose to go to these classes.

  1. I genuinely believe that companies like PhysicsWallah and Unacademy will attract more students, at least in the near-term, simply because their classes will look a lot more ‘cooler’ and this was missing in Kota.
  2. Other coaching classes, which have money in the bank, might add these things, but it will take time because they have never done it,” the professor said.

According to the professor, it won’t be easy for existing coaching centres to retain their market share. Allen vs Unacademy The fear of losing market share and the aggressive poaching have led to a full-blown rivalry between new-age edtech companies and incumbent coaching classes.

  • One such rivalry is Allen vs Unacademy.
  • Unacademy, which opened its first offline centre in Kota in mid-June, is looking to open another centre in the city and claims demand for its classes is strong.
  • However, Unacademy’s journey in Kota hasn’t been smooth, according to people aware of the matter, who said it faced multiple issues, including direct and indirect threats allegedly from some people at Allen Career Institute after the SoftBank-backed unicorn poached 30-40 educators from Allen.

Brajesh Maheshwari, one of the four founders of Allen, warned educators who left recently that they would be blacklisted. In an internal video shared with educators on June 10, Maheshwari said ” Aaj se sharafat ki duniya khatam, jaisi duniya waise hum, ” which translates to: from today, the world of decency ends, we will behave the way the world behaves.

  • Brajesh Maheshwari’s video warning educators.
  • A day later, a few hours before the launch of Unacademy’s offline tuition centre in Kota, the startup sought police protection for its employees and educators who were paranoid about Maheshwari’s alleged threats, according to people aware of the matter.
  • The educators especially were worried because of the reputation of the Maheshwaris.

Rajesh Maheshwari, the oldest of the brothers, claimed in a YouTube video a few years ago to be the ‘don’ of the coaching industry. “If you wear an Unacademy t-shirt in Kota, you will see people following you,” said one person involved with Unacademy’s management team at Kota.

“Obviously, there are no cases where someone actually hurt any of our educators. But the constant following, especially to hotels, restaurants and in some cases, to their houses, has created fear among the educators.” Virtual threats Some threats were virtual. The names of educators poached from Allen by Unacademy were made public via YouTube videos and some were circulated privately through messaging applications in Kota.

The videos mentioned how in the past, teachers who left Allen couldn’t survive in Kota without Allen as Kota enjoyed a monopoly in the IIT entrance exam category. One video that went viral on YouTube had an anecdote about an educator who left Allen a few years ago to start his own centre in Kota and was supposedly killed by his landlord after failing to pay the rent.

Allen’s faculty left Allen and join Unacademy “These are all tactics to just remotely threaten educators as Allen is scared about losing its monopoly in Kota,” said another person working with Unacademy’s management in Kota. “But to be honest, we all are a bit concerned and we have taken steps to allay the fears of the educators and some of our employees.” According to this person, Unacademy opened bank accounts for its educators in nearby cities, and not in Kota, after many of them asked the company to do so amid alleged threats from Allen.

Unacademy executives who visited Kota for the launch of the offline centre stayed at educators’ houses after they noticed they were being followed to their hotels. Allen then allegedly sent ‘bouncers’ near these educators’ houses. “Random people were roaming around educators’ houses suddenly and then someone complained about it on WhatsApp initially and then the police came,” said one person.

  • Under pressure Many educators who decided to join Unacademy were made to wait for four-five hours during their exit interviews at Allen.
  • They were then asked to call Unacademy and reject its offer, which also put pressure on them, the people claimed.
  • Moreover, Allen’s ‘unofficial people’ were present at the hotel where Unacademy had scheduled educator recruitment interviews.

“The same people were sitting in the same cafeteria every day where Unacademy was conducting interviews,” said one person. “Were they doing anything? No. But it was just a way of putting pressure on the educators to show them that Allen is watching them.” The person added that some negotiations with educators thus happened in cars on highways as educators were scared about people following them.

On an average, Allen’s educators across streams get Rs 1.15 crore a year. Unacademy offered a 35-40 percent hike to the educators, according to people aware of the matter. Just before the official launch of Unacademy’s coaching centre, the company had scheduled an event for the educators to pose in Unacademy t-shirts.

But the event, which was planned at a public ground, was cancelled because the educators were scared, according to one person. Unacademy executives who travelled to Kota for due diligence were also bothered by the local police, people aware of the matter alleged.

Their cars were stopped and everything from their bags to the car tyres were checked by the police who said they had been tipped off about people carrying huge amounts of cash and certain illegal material. Allen declined to comment on the matter. Unacademy did not respond to an email query from Moneycontrol,

Beyond Kota The focus on offline coaching centres isn’t limited to Kota. As the pandemic recedes, demand for online learning offered by startups has also eased, prompting their ventures into offline coaching. “It’s not only in Kota – there are at least four to five such hubs in India.

  1. And this is not the case with just Allen.
  2. Institutes at other hubs that enjoy a monopoly also do things like this,” a student from Kota told Moneycontrol,
  3. Back in the day, these people used to threaten students by telling them that they won’t achieve a good rank, but the students started realising that wasn’t quite the case.

That’s when they started going after the educators.” The fight for a larger share in the offline education space comes as demand for online and remote educational services is falling, thanks to the pandemic situation normalising in most parts of the country.

  • Moneycontrol had reported how India’s edtech companies were struggling after the pandemic,
  • To be sure, India’s online edtech companies had two consecutive years of hypergrowth since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.
  • Investors bet heavily on online education, which was in huge demand since the start of the pandemic, after millions of students were locked indoors.

According to data from Tracxn Technologies, edtech companies in India received $9.5 billion in funding over the past two years, with six companies joining the coveted club of unicorns – startups valued at over $1 billion. This year, however, funding to the sector has slowed and companies such as Unacademy and PhysicsWallah are entering the offline segment by opening centres in some of the country’s famous education hubs including Kota.
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Are Kota students successful?

Out of the total number of students who made it to the IITs last year, nearly 2,500 of the selected ones were coached in Kota, which makes the success rate of Kota a double-digit 10% as against the national success rate of just about – Out of the total number of students who made it to the IITs last year, nearly 2,500 of the selected ones were coached in Kota, which makes the success rate of Kota a double-digit 10% as against the national success rate of just about 3%.

There is a very interesting anecdote about the emergence of Kota as the education destination of the country. In the late 80s, J K Synthetics Manufacturing plant, largely the lifeline of the city, and a major employment-provider, announced a lockout of its factory, owing to problems. It brought the township to a grinding halt, with no other employment alternatives as Kota in Rajasthan was neither a manufacturing hub, nor a tourist destination.

Necessity, as they say is the mother of invention and some enterprising locals decided that teaching, specifically coaching for competitive exams like IIT could be a good source of earning a living. One of them was V K Bansal, an engineer, who was also working at J K Synthetics but around the same time had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a disease that effected his physical movement, but it did not impede the sharpness of his mind.

With limited options to choose from, he took up teaching, at the residential colony that housed all JK employees. It was a small beginning, but in no time the success stories of students under his tutelage created the buzz. Thus, Bansal Classes was formally born in 1991, a pioneer brand that has made Kota what it is today — the highest producer of IIT successes from a single city.

“We consciously stay away from mega-spends on advertising and marketing. Our students do our marketing,” says Bansal. Bansal’s success spawned a slew of other coaching classes, Career Point, Resonance, Allen’s, Vibrant to name a few. And interestingly most of them were started by people who have been associated at some time with Bansal Classes.

  • As the number of institutes multiply, brand differentiation is becoming important.
  • We deploy print, outdoors and are also trying to create online buzz through search engine optimization and social media.
  • We also do below-the-line in a large way through school seminars, events and ground events,” says Manoj Sharma, VP-operations & business development, Resonance Eduventures.

Resonance recently received a PE infusion through Milestone-Religare and is looking at an IPO in the near future, says Sharma. Today, nearly 80,000 students at Kota have created an eco-system that supports an entire city. It’s not only the coaching classes, but ancillaries like accommodation, canteens, cybercafés, stationery shops etc., that earn revenues from students.

On an average, each student spends Rs 1.25 lakh every year, out of which 40% goes to the coaching classes. The rest goes into the local economy. Kota’s skyline today has brands, multiplexes and malls, all frequented by the student community. Gaurav Gupta, management trainee, training with the ITC group in Kota says the city has the largest sales for their stationery division in Rajasthan.

Wal-Mart has opened its fourth best-price brand outlet in Kota, the first outlet outside of Punjab, where it has three outlets. Good education sure pays in the long run. Kota is the best example. Download The Economic Times News App to get Daily Market Updates & Live Business News.
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How many hours do students in Kota study?

The usual routine they follow is 7-8 hours of study in coaching, followed by 1-2 hours in dummy schools, and then self-study.
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Who is the current king of Kota?

Biography – Singh was the only son of Sir Bhim Singh II, the last ruling Maharao of Kotah, He married Maharani Maheshwari Devi Baisa, daughter of Maharawat Sir Ram Singhji II Bahadur of Pratapgarh, on 5 December 1956; they divorced on 11 September 1963 in Bombay,

His second marriage was on 21 May 1963, to Maharani Uttara Devi Sahiba, daughter of Maharaj Kumar Indrajitendra Narayan of Cooch Behar, Singh served in various posts since 1958 including Chairman Board of Directors, Central Co-Operative Bank, Kotah, (1959–1961), MP (Lok Sabha) for Jhalawar 1962–1967, 1967–1970, and 1971–1977.

Singh was elected on the Indian National Congress ticket in 1962, and on the Bharatiya Jana Sangh ticket in 1967 and 1972. He died from a heart attack in Kotah on 29 January 2022, at the age of 85. Singh succeeded his father as the titular Maharao of Kotah in 1991, and was succeeded by his son Ijyaraj Singh upon his own death in 2022.
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Who is the present king of Kota?

Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel Brijraj Bhawan was built in 1830 by the East India Company (financed by Kotah state) for the British Political Agent to live in and was hence called the Agency Bungalow. The initial structure was smaller than what the building is today, and is primarily where the royal family resides currently.

In 1900, the seat of the Political Agent shifted to Bharatpur, and the building was taken over by the Kotah State. It became the State Guest House and was renamed Raj Bhawan, where all VIP guests were put up. Lord Curzon was the first VIP to stay here in 1902. After him the other Viceroys to who stayed here were Lord Reading and Lord Willingdon.

Her Majesty Queen Mary of Great Britain came and stayed here in December 1911. She observed Christmas here, complete with a Christmas tree and gave away presents to children – including young Maharaj Kumar Bhim Singh (the last ruler of Kotah), who was then 2 years old.

Many other distinguished guests along with Rulers of Indian States have stayed here. In 1909, an entire new wing facing the river was added. This forms the bulk of the hotel section today. The present Maharao of Kotah, Brijraj Singh, was given the building by his father when he came of age in 1956, and it was renamed Brijraj Bhawan.

He started living here with his family and opened it as a hotel in 1964. Why Kota Is Famous For Education Sitting Left to Right: The Countess of Shaftesbury (Lady of the Bedchamber), The Earl of Shaftesbury, KCSI, KCVO (Lord Chemberlain), anon, H.M. the Queen, The Duchess of Devonshire (Mistress of the Robes), Lt. Prince George of Battenburg, RN (Equerry) and anon.

Standing Left to Right: Kunwar Onkar Singh of Palaitha, Maharaja Madho Singh of Gaintha, Chaubey Sri Raghunath Das (Diwan of Kotah State), anon, Maj. Arhur Bannerman, CIE, CVO (Political Agent), Lt. Col.H.D. Watson, CIE, MVO (Extra Equerry), His Highness Maharao Sir Umed Singh II Bahadur, GCSI, GCIE, Lt.

Col.R.B. Berkeley (Political Agent), anon, Maj. Gen. Sri Stewart Beatson, GCB, KCSI, (Equerry and Private Secretary), anon, Munshi Sheo Pratap (PS to HH), Raj Bijey Singh of Kunadi and Apji Gobind Singh of Koela. : Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel
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What is Kota teacher salary?

Average salary for a Teacher in Kota is ₹2.2 Lakhs per year (₹18.3k per month). Salary estimates are based on 55 salaries received from various Teachers across industries.
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How many students clear IIT from Kota?

Resonance, the most trusted educational institute has given excellent result at All India Level in JEE Advanced 2020 with a total selection of 4416 which is the Highest number of Classroom selections from any Institute of Kota. Out of which 3406 are from the Regular Classroom Program and 1010 students are from the Distance Learning.

Once again Resonance has proved the strength and credibility of its impeccable teaching methodology and expert faculty team with 5 Regular Classroom students securing a position in TOP 50. In the declared result of JEE Advanced 2020, a total of 250 Hindi Medium Students of Resonance have qualified and a total of 370 Female Candidates from Resonance qualified for IITs.

Resonance’s Tradition to achieve success has made it a pioneer coaching Institute in the field of JEE Advanced. And it intends to keep on performing this brilliantly in the future too. One Regular Classroom Student, Dhananjay Kejriwal secured AIR-2 in GEN-EWS Category.

Other than him, in the same category, a student of Resonance secured AIR-6. In ST Category, students of Resonance secured AIR-5, AIR-6 and AIR-9. The JEE Advanced 2020 Result was announced in the month of October (delayed due to COVID-19) by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. JEE Advanced is the second phase of IIT JEE that is conducted after JEE Main.

It is conducted every year by a different IIT under the supervision of IIT ? JAB (Joint Admission Board). Application Mode of JEE Advanced is Online. JEE Advanced 2020 Counselling is conducted by JoSAA (The Joint Seat Allocation Authority). It is a three-step procedure conducts- Registering, Filling and Locking Choices.

Result Break-up JEE Advanced 2020
Total Selections : 4505* All India Ranks in Top 100 : 06
Kota 2192 Jaipur 232 BASE 122 Lucknow 102
Mumbai 91 Agra 91 Nagpur 82 Udaipur 82
New Delhi 59 Surat 51 Ahmedabad 38 Jodhpur 35
Bhopal 27 Allahabad 25 Nashik 26 Indore 20
Kolkata 20 Rajkot 19 Nanded 19 Hyderabad 17
Gangapur City 13 Raipur 13 Jabalpur 9 Bhubaneswar 8
Warangal 7 Patna 7 Chandrapur 7 Visakhapatnam 6
Gwalior 5 Vadodara 4 Guwahati 3 Aurangabad 3
Thiruvananthapuram 4 Ranchi 2
From Classroom Contact Programmes : 3441 From Distance Learning & E-Learning Courses : 1064

Note: If you are a ResoNITE and could not found your Roll Number in the list of Selected students of Resonance in JEE Advanced 2020, please mail us at [email protected] List Of Students Selected in JEE Advanced 2020 Total Selection : 4505*

Classroom Students DLPD/ELPD Students

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Does Kota have dummy schools?

What is the difference between the dummy school and regular school? – The difference between Dummy schooling and open school or regular school is given in the below table:

Dummy School Regular School
Also known as Non-Attending School, where a student is not pressurized to maintain attendance. Also known as Open School, where students have to attend classes regularly.
1-2 hours of classes focusing on school and board exams. Students stay at school for 7 hours where the educator focuses on academic studies and extra-curricular activities.
Students get optimum time for NEET/JEE exam preparation. Don’t get much time after school for NEET and JEE preparations.
Attendance is not a must as dummy schools have tie-ups with To appear in final exams like boards, many schools made it compulsory to have atleast 75% attendance.
Kota, Chandigarh, Patna, Kanpur, and Visakhapatnam have the best dummy schools. Regular schools are found everywhere.

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What do people study in Kota?

This article is about the municipality in Rajasthan, India. For its namesake district, see Kota district,

Clockwise from top: Aerial view of Chambal River, Ghatotkachh Circle, Seven Wonders Park, Bansal Classes, Jagmandir Palace, Aerial view of a part of Kota, City Mall, Garh Palace, Aerodrome Circle.
Nickname: Coaching capital of India
Kota Show map of Rajasthan Show map of India Show all
Coordinates: 25°0′0″N 76°10′0″E  /  25.00000°N 76.16667°E Coordinates : 25°0′0″N 76°10′0″E  /  25.00000°N 76.16667°E
Country India
State Rajasthan
District Kota
Division Kota Division (Hadoti Region)
Named for Kotia Bhil
• Type Democratic
• Body Municipal Corporation
• Mayor Rajeev Agarwal(Kota South) Manju Mehra(Kota North)( Congress )
• Member of Parliament Kota-Bundi Om Birla ( BJP )
• Member of Legislative Assembly Kota South Sandeep Sharma ( BJP )
• Member of Legislative Assembly Kota North Shanti Kumar Dhariwal ( INC )
• Total 221.36 km 2 (85.47 sq mi)
Elevation 271 m (889 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 1,001,694
• Rank 46th
• Density 4,500/km 2 (12,000/sq mi)
• Official Hindi, English
• Native Rajasthani, Harauti
Time zone UTC+5:30 ( IST )
PIN 324001 to 324011 and 324022
Telephone code 0744
ISO 3166 code RJ-IN
Vehicle registration RJ-20
Sex ratio 895 ♀ / ♂
Website kotamc,org

Kota (), previously known as Kotah, is a city located in the southeast of northern Indian state of Rajasthan, It is located about 240 kilometres (149 mi) south of the state capital, Jaipur, situated on the banks of Chambal River, With a population of over 1.2 million, it is the third most populous city of Rajasthan after Jaipur and Jodhpur, 46th most populous city of India and 53rd most populous urban agglomeration of India,

  1. It serves as the administrative headquarters for Kota district and Kota division,
  2. Ota is a major coaching hub of the country for competitive examination preparations and has a number of engineering and medical coaching institutes.
  3. The city of Kota was once the part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi,

It became a separate princely state in the 16th century. Apart from the several monuments that reflect the glory of the town, Kota is also known for its palaces and gardens. Mahesh Vijay of Bhartiya Janta Party was the last mayor of Kota. As of now, the city is being divided into two different legislative bodies known as Kota North and Kota South.

The current mayor of Kota North is Manju Mehra from Indian National Congress and current mayor of Kota South is Rajeev Agarwal from Indian National Congress, The city was also included among 98 Indian cities for Smart Cities Mission initiated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 and was listed at 67th place after results of first round were released following which top 20 cities were further selected for funding in the immediate financial year.

It is popular among the youth of India for its coaching institutes for engineering and medical entrance examinations. Many students come to Kota to prepare for the JEE, NEET and many other competitive exams.
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Do Kota toppers get BMW?

Meet Tanmaya Shekhawat, the boy from Rajasthan’s Churu district who not only cracked the CBSE IIT JEE (Advance) entrance examination but also drove back home a BMW sedan. – Why Kota Is Famous For Education IIT JEE topper drives ( Image source: HT) home BMW By India Today Web Desk : Meet Tanmaya Shekhawat, the boy from Rajasthan’s Churu district who not only cracked the CBSE IIT JEE (Advance) entrance examination but also drove back home a BMW sedan. (Read: CBSE IIT JEE Advanced Results 2016: Declared at jeeadv.ac.in ) After Shekhawat, a student of Samarpan coaching institute situated in Rajasthan bagged the 11th rank in the examination, the institute’s director gave him the most expensive item one could ever receive.

The car is a German-made vehicle costing Rs 27.5 lakhs

It was bought two years ago by the director

The BMW has covered around 1,500 km

(Read: CBSE IIT JEE Advanced results declared, Aman Bansal secures first position ) As reported in HT, Shekhawat on the occasion of getting a car said, “The director (of the institute) had announced that whoever achieves a rank under 20 in the IIT-JEE Advanced, will get his BMW.

In 2015, around 10,000 students were selected for JEE advanced counselling from Kota

Also, approximately more 1.5 lakh students across India get themselves enrolled in the 40-odd coaching institutes in Kota

The coaching business helps in earning run hundreds of crores of rupees from students

These centres have also got all India toppers

In most of the competitive exams, these coaching institutes have produced many all-India toppers

Statements from institutes’ director: “For the first time, someone in the district has scored a rank under 100 in IIT-JEE Advanced. Nearly 1 lakh students appeared for the exams from Kota, which is the hub of coaching institutes in India, but our student has beaten them all.” Dreams of topper:

Tanmaya, coming from a small district wants to study at computer science programme at IIT Bombay

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After competing education, he wants to be a software engineer at top MNC

( Read: Super 30 sets record yet again with 28 students clearing JEE advance examination) Family background and statements from parents:

Rajeshwar Singh Shekhawat, Tanmaya’s father, is a Biology teacher in a government school

Tanmaya’s mother, who is also a school teacher, said, “He is extremely dedicated and has overcome a lot of hardships to achieve this rank.”

Lastly, as per an expert’s statements, this expensive gift could also be a marketing strategy of the institute. For more updates, follow India Today Education or you can write to us at [email protected], Published On: Jun 14, 2016
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Are all JEE toppers from Kota?

By Sharat Kumar : The JEE Main 2021 results which had been much awaited by over 7 lakh engineering aspirants was released late on Tuesday night, with 44 students scoring 100 percentile marks, out of whom 18 were given All India Rank (AIR) 1 based on the combined results of the four JEE Main sessions held this year.

Out of these 18 national JEE toppers, 6 are students of Allen Career Institute in Kota – Anshul Verma, Siddhant Mukherjee, Mridul Goyal, Kavya Chopra, Pulkit Goyal, and Gurmrit Singh scored 300 out of 300 in different JEE Main 2021 sessions. Around 2.5 lakh students will be declared eligible for JEE-Advanced in the results.

In which 1,01,250 students of general category, 25 thousand of general EWS, 67500 of OBC, 37500 of SC and 18750 of ST will be included. Aaj Tak got talking to these brilliant students who spoke about their preparation strategy and future plans. Why Kota Is Famous For Education JEE Main toppers 2021 Siddhant Mukherjee and Anshul Verma
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Do girls and boys study together in Kota?

can in allen kota does friend ( girls and boys ) can together study apart from classes ? Hi Diksha, Preparation for entrance exams requires doubt clearing and a perfect strategy. A perfect blend of doubt session clearing and number of questions makes everything perfect for preparation.

  1. Allen kota provides best mentorship to students for entrance exams like JEE and NEET.
  2. Studying together does not means anything wrong.
  3. Definitely allen allows boys and girls to study together.
  4. Even they have doubt clearing classes that provides opportunities to help other students as well.
  5. So donot worry about this.

Thank you and all the very best:) : can in allen kota does friend ( girls and boys ) can together study apart from classes ?
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Is phone allowed in Kota hostel?

There are best boys hostels in Kota and girls hostels in Kota where students are not allowed to use mobiles after 10 PM. Any failure to follow such rules can result in confiscating your mobile phones.
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At what age do students go to Kota?

About Kota Kota, the city is situated on the bank of Chambal River and is the 3rd most populous city of the state of Rajasthan. Kota is known for its perfect blend of Education with culture, where lacs of students in the age group 11 to 18 years are being polished through systematic coaching for IIT JEE (Advanced), JEE (Main), NEET-UG, KVPY, NTSE and National and International Olympiads (Classes 6 to 12).
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How much is Kota fee?

Course Name Course Fee Duration Online Register
ANKUR (Classroom Program For Class VIII) Rs.40,536/- + GST(If Paid Once) 1 Year Register & Pay
Pre-Foundation (Classroom Program For Class IX) Rs.46,492/- + GST(If Paid Once) 1 Year Register & Pay
Foundation Plus (Two Year Classroom Program For IX & X) Rs.95,214/- + GST(If Paid Once) 2 Years Register & Pay
Foundation (One Year Classroom Program For X) Rs.50,622/- + GST(If Paid Once) 1 Year Register & Pay
Pinnacle (Two Years Integrated Program JEE-ADVANCED) Rs.1,70,000/- + GST(If Paid Once) 2 Years Register & Pay
Spark (One Year Classroom Program XII-For JEE(Advance) Rs.85,000/- + GST(If Paid Once) 1 Year Register & Pay
Target (One Year Classroom Program XII Passed for JEE Main & Advanced) Rs.85,000/- + GST(If Paid Once) 1 Year Register & Pay
Crash Course Program IIT-JEE & BITS Rs.18,000/- + GST(If Paid Once) 30-40 Days Register & Pay
Pinnacle Medical (Two Years Classroom PMT Program for class XI and XII) Rs.1,70,000/ + GST 2 Years Register & Pay
Spark Medical (One Year Integrated PMT Program for class XII) Rs.85,000/- + GST(If Paid Once) 1 Year Register & Pay
Target Medical (One Year Classroom PMT Program for XII Passed) Rs.85,000/- + GST(If Paid Once) 1 Year Register & Pay
Crash Course Medical Program NEET & AIIMS Rs.18,000/- + GST(If Paid Once) 30-40 Days Register & Pay
Rank Booster Test Series Program NEET & JEE For NEET-Rs.15,000/ + GST & For JEE-Rs.10,000/ + GST 20-40 Tests Register & Pay
Distance Learning Program Kota Classes @ HOME Register & Pay

2017 All Rights Reserved Kota Classes. | The Best Coaching for IIT, Medical & Foundations in Haridwar
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What is Kota best for?

Topic We Cover: Why Kota is Famous for IIT Coaching – A. These are the Top IIT Coaching in Kota 1. Bansal Classes 2. Allen Career 3. Nucleus Education 4. AskIITians 5. Resonance 6. Vibrant Academy 7. Aakash Institute 8. Career Point 9. Motion Academy 10. Rao IIT Academy 11.

Narayana IIT Academy 12. Gravity Orienting Intelligence 13. Aspire Career Academy 14. Sigma Institute 15. Ables Education B. Conclusion Are you one of those who strive to get into one of the IIT Colleges from your childhood? Those who stood erect to be a part of any IIT College ? Then this one is perfect for you! Ever since we were kids, we all had this vision in our eyes, to get selected in any IIT college and to work in the best companies around the globe.

You will coincide with me when I say, IIT exam is mentioned as one of the toughest and Most Influential Exams in India, For preparation, you have to study very hard. You need to take coaching or prepare through self-study. So, if you are seeking taking coaching institute then, to make this dream a reality Kota is the first place that comes in everyone’s mind. Why Kota Is Famous For Education One of the most prestigious top-grade pre-engineering examinations is IIT-JEE (Mains and advance) given by the aspirants. To get intelligent minds, every year IIT organizes Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) in two phases- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, It is tough for students to pass both the exams to get a seat in IITs.

It is one of the nation’s toughest undergraduate tests, and passing this exam successfully would lead you to a fruitful entrance in the Most Prestigious Engineering Colleges, research colleges, and scientific inst. in the country including IITs, NITs, IIITs, ISRO, IISERs, and all other prime institutes that consider its scorecard.

Now, when it comes to seeking the Best IIT-JEE Coaching Institute in Kota, students are having a lot of options. And, sometimes these options put the students in a dilemma. We all have a long list of IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes, and selecting the best among those is like “sailing in the ocean in search of Brink”.

  • After taking feedback from hundreds of students and various experts related to IIT fields we have sorted out that Kota is Best in IIT coaching,
  • You can select the Best Coaching Institute for IIT in Kota and prepare for JEE in the best possible way.
  • For writing the entrance exam, there are both JEE Main and JEE Advanced coaching centres in Kota that prepare students.

We also provide you all contact details including phone number and address of the Top IIT Coaching Institutes, So without wasting any more time, let’s just simply get ‘Which is the Best IIT JEE Coaching in Kota ?’
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Who made Kota famous?

Vinod Kumar Bansal
Born Vinod Kumar Bansal 26 October 1949 Jhansi, United Provinces, India
Died 3 May 2021 (aged 71) Kota, Rajasthan, India
Nationality Indian
Other names Bansal Sir
Education Chemical Engineering ( B.Tech )
Alma mater Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University
Occupation Teacher
Known for Founder of Bansal Classes
Spouse Neelam Bansal
Children 3
  • Bisamber Dayal Agarwal
  • Anguri Devi
Relatives P.K. Bansal

Vinod Kumar Bansal or VK Bansal (26 October 1949 – 3 May 2021) was an Indian educationist and the founder of Bansal Classes in Kota, Rajasthan, He made Kota famous throughout India for IIT-JEE entrance exam preparation. He was also known as the ” Bhishma Pitamah ” of the India’s Entrance Examination Coaching industry.
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What is famous at Kota station?

Kota or Kotah is the industrial city situated in Rajasthan. The Kota Railway Station is a part of the West Central Railway network. It headquarters the Kota Division of the West Central Railway Zone. After Jaipur and Ajmer, it is the third major station of Rajasthan.

  • The station has been electrified.
  • Important trains shuttling through station are the Kerala Sampark Kranti Express, the Jaipur Duronto Express, the Goa Sampark Kranti Express, the Paschim Express, the Dehradun Express, the Golden Temple Mail and the Mumbai Rajdhani Express.
  • There are two lines; one which is the Delhi- Mumbai- Kota- Chittorgarh line and the other, the Kota- Bina line.

The two lines help in linking Kota to cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Patna, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. The Jan Shatabdi runs between Kota and New Delhi. There is a broad gauge railway facility between Kota and Jodhpur via Jaipur. Many trains emerge from this station including the Kota- Damoh Passenger connecting Kota to Damoh in Madhya Pradesh, Kota- Vadodara Passenger, Kota- Hanumangarh Passenger Express, Kota- Ajmer, Kota- Jabalpur and Kota- Bina Passenger.

Patna- Kota Express connects Kota to Patna via Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur and Varanasi. Historically gifted is the state of Rajasthan. Thus, the places of tourist attractions in Kota comprise of Jagmandir Palace, City Fort and Palace, Rana Pratap Sagar Dam, Haveli of Devtaji and Chambal Gardens, Kota Barrage, Kota Government Museum, Rao Madho Singh Museum, Baroli, Nahargarh Fort, Bundi, Bhawani Natya Shala, Kishor Sagar and Jag Mandir and Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary.

Facilities at Kota Railway Station (KOTA) – Provisions for the passengers at the Kota Railway Station include the reservation ticket refund from Station Master, telephonic reservation and computerised reservation. Platform No.1 stations an ATM of HDFC Bank.

There is a cloak room, retiring room and an STD PCO Booth. There are light refreshment stalls and a refreshment room providing vegetarian and non- vegetarian food. Parking facility is also available. The major attraction of this station is the Travel Executive Lounge at platform no.16. Also, the platforms have vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms and light refreshment stalls managed by IRCTC.

There are facilities for passengers waiting for connecting trains that include waiting rooms, chargeable cloak rooms, AC or non-AC retiring rooms and dormitories. Parking facility is available around the station. This is chargeable. Strict baggage checking and police personals keep at bay security threats.

  • Famous Food Available on Kota Stations – One must order from travelkhana.com, whenever passing through this station, they offer authentic north Indian Punjabi non veg food such as chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, achaari tikka,chicken adharki etc,
  • For those who are strict vegetarians se they could opt for the cuisine on offer in the menu such as Sev Tomato,Shahi Kofta,Kaju Curry etc.The food comes in disposable packing and comes with a handy meal kit consisting of a sturdy spoon, toothpick, napkin and a mouth freshner.

The average meal for two person is 350 rs. The order can be placed either by dialing the toll free number 8800313131 or through the website www.travelkhana.com or through the app by downloading the travelkhana app. Good discounts are also offered on order for group bookings.
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Which product is famous in Kota?

Kota Shopping – Kota, one of the principal city of Rajasthan is a famous shopping center for the tourists. Different Rajasthani products are available in the market of Kota, and has many shopping areas. Kota markets are popular for crafts goods and some impressive collection of diversified Rajasthani products.
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