Which Us Universities Accept 15 Years Of Education?


Which Us Universities Accept 15 Years Of Education
Unlike our Indian system, the USA education system follows a 4 years undergraduate curriculum for all the programs which is why the USA universities accept only 4 years of bachelor’s students in their master’s programs. If you are a student who is enrolled in a 3 years degree program like BBA, BCA, B.

Some universities need 16 years of undergraduate education and diplomas after 3 years of bachelor’s are accepted there. So you can pursue a one-year diploma program and can apply to those universities You may also consider taking a transfer to the USA universities to complete 16 years of education Well, if you do not want to utilize your time and money in the first two options, you still have the universities in the USA accepting 3 years bachelors degree

Now we know that the research to find these universities would be time-consuming which is why we have listed many of the universities accepting 15 years of education in the USA for their master’s programs. Below is the list of the US universities accepting 3 years bachelor’s degrees.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University accepts a three years bachelor’s degree for its Masters in Artificial Intelligence and MBA program. The university mentioned that they understand that the countries like India, the UK, etc offer a 3 years bachelor’s program and they accept students with 15 years of education from accredited universities.2.

Columbia University Columbia University accepts students with 3 years of bachelor’s degree for their programs offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Columbia Business School.3. Harvard University Harvard business school accepts 3 years bachelor’s degree equivalent to the 4 years bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution for their MBA program.4.

Yale University Yale University accepts students with 3 years of bachelor’s degrees for their Masters in Fine Arts programs, programs offered by the Arts and Science department and the International Development and Economics program. The university will evaluate the bachelor’s degree as per their standards and accordingly pass the decision.5.

University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School accepts 3 years of bachelor’s degree for the MBA program.6. Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business gives equal consideration to the students with 3 years bachelor’s degree.7. University of Texas Dallas The graduate school of the University of Texas Dallas accepts students with 3 years bachelor’s degree for most of their graduate programs.

They consider the applicant based on the overall profile. Their degree, institution, test scores, resume and recommendation letters.8. Northeastern University The Khoury College of Computer Science accepts 3 years of bachelor’s if the student has completed his degree program.

  • Just like the aforementioned universities, there are many other universities accepting 3 years bachelor’s degrees.
  • Below is the list: 9.
  • Wake Forest University 10.
  • Columbia University 11.
  • University of Pennsylvania 12.
  • University of Virginia 13.
  • University of Rochester 14.
  • Carnegie Mellon University 15.
  • New York University 16.

Kent State University 17. SUNY Buffalo 18. SUNY Binghamton 19. University of North Carolina, Charlotte 20. CUNY Baruch 21. University of Texas at Arlington 22. Syracuse University 23. Texas Tech University 24. Stevens Institute of Technology 25. Bentley University 26.
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Does US accept 15 years of education for MBA?

Home » Study in USA » Application Info » Do B-Schools in USA accept 15 year Education for MBA ? List of Schools I have seen many students ask questions like

I have BA / B.com from India, am I eligible for MBA in US ?Am I eligible for MBA in USA with 15 years of Education ?Do all schools in US accept 15 year education ?Do US schools consider 3 year Bachelors degree of MBA ?Can I get list of B-schools that accept 15 year education ?

In fact, many professionals and their spouses, who reside in US are in situations where they are not sure if their 3 year bachelors degree is eligible for applying to MBA schools Let me share some facts with references to help you clarify some of the above questions.

  1. What is exactly 15 years of education ? BA / B.com degree India / UK ? Some undergraduate degrees like Bachelors of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) in countries like India, UK are typically of 3 years duration.
  2. With 3 years bachelors degree the years of education adds up to 15 years ( 12 + 3 ).

Do Business schools in US accept 15 years of education for MBA ? It depends. There are some top 10 schools that accept the 15 years of education for MBA and some do notso there is nothing etched on rockFor instance, Tuck School of Business, which is an Ivy league B-school, explicitly states in their MBA Admission FAQs that they accept 3 year degree at University level.

  1. Unlike, at Hass School of Business, UC Berkley, they explicitly say in their admission FAQs that they do not accept 3 year degrees from India and give a full list of what university degrees from India that they accept and notThe conclusion from above examples is, it totally depends on school.
  2. Some B-schools may not mention these fine details about 3 year degrees in their FAQs.

What should one do before applying with 3 year Bachelors degree ? Well, first stop is to check the Admission FAQs. If they explicitly say like at Berkley MBA FAQs, then you do not need to check with anyone. If not, you should email the admissions coordinator at the Business school for clarification if they accept or not.

  1. Also, you may want to check with the Graduate school admissions office about your degree.
  2. It is up to Graduate school and Business school to decide.
  3. You can either email them or call them.
  4. I would personally email them because, you have it for record.
  5. If you are already in US, then you can plan to meet the admissions coordinator in person and clarify all the questions.

List of US Schools that accept 15 year education or 3 year bachelors degree for MBA ? You can directly visit the respective schools FAQs page by clicking on links next to school name below.

Dartmouth University, Tuck School of Business, – MBA FAQs Northwestern University, Kellog School of Management – 3 year Degree Columbia Business School 3 year Degree accepted Harvard Business School, MBA FAQ 3 year degree University of Chicago, Booth School of Business International degree Duke University, Fuqua School of Business International degree Requirement MIT, Sloan School of Management 3 year degree qualification UPenn, Wharton School of Business 3 year bachelor degree FAQ

This is NOT a comprehensive list, but I have tried to include some of the best B-schools that I know for sure with corresponding FAQs links. Please add more schools if you know for sure that accept 3 year degrees or 15 year education. Any personal experience applying to schools in US with 15 years education or 3 year bachelors ?
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Which countries accept 15 years of education for masters?

What do we understand by 15 years of Qualification? – For many students who aspire to study abroad, they need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Now, the Bachelor’s degree can be of 3 years or 4 years. If a student has done a 3 years course in its undergraduate level after 12th, then he possesses 15 years of qualification.

Or else, if the duration is of 4 years, then he has 16 years of qualification. In simple words, 12+3 = 15 (12 years of school+3 years of Bachelors) 12+4 = 16 (12 years of school+4 years of Bachelors). Most universities abroad ask for 16 years of qualification/education like in USA and Canada but countries like Australia, the UK, etc admit students on the basis of 15 years of qualification.

In India, most common Bachelor courses end in 3 years which makes it difficult for a student to get admission to top universities. But the UK is a country that admits international students to their master courses like MBA, M.Sc. by keeping in mind their 15 years qualification.

  • So, if you are having 12+3 years of education and you are not sure if you are eligible for admission, then you need not worry.
  • Almost every university in the UK from public to private accepts 15 years of qualification as eligibility for admission.
  • But if you are considering getting into a US college, then you first need to check with universities.
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USA and Canada do not usually allow students with 15 years of qualification to get admission to their universities. However, there must be some of them which give flexibility with the conditions.

Which Us Universities Accept 15 Years Of Education

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Is 16 years of education compulsory for masters in USA?

16 Years of Education – Majority of the universities in the USA require you to have 16 years of education as a criteria for eligibility for MS in the USA. These 16 years include only formal education from recognized schools and colleges. If we look at the Indian education system, a student completed their 10+2 which is 13 years of formal education and then move on to graduation which on average is a 3-year course, so the total adds up to 16 years.
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Can I go to Canada with 15 years of education?

Do Canadian institutions accept 15 years of education? – Higher education institutes in Canadian accept 15 (12+3) years of education for post-graduate diploma programs. For a master’s program, most universities accept 16 (12+4) years of education. However, there are universities that accept candidates with 15 years of education.

  1. In Canada, colleges and universities act as separate entities.
  2. Usually, colleges offer diplomas and universities offer degree/master’s programs.
  3. Some universities also offer diploma programs in addition to master’s courses.
  4. Students with professional degrees in engineering, medicine, and architecture have four-year degrees.

However, there are certain Canadian universities that accept 3-year bachelor’s degrees on a case-to-case basis. They monitor the skills and achievements of the candidate along with his academic performance.
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Can I study in USA with 15 years of education?

Application Requirements – Apart from the above-mentioned tests, there are other requirements for applying to educational institutes in the USA. Letter of Recommendation – Students also require a Letter of recommendation (LOR) while applying to different universities.

  1. The LOR should be from a faculty member from your previous education institute.
  2. Statement of Purpose – Apart from the LOR, students also need to submit a Statement of Purpose highlighting their achievements and learnings.
  3. Some universities demand Admission Essays in place of a Statement of Purpose.
  4. Essays are generally required for pursuing a specific course like MBA.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, students applying to undergraduate courses should have completed 10+2. Also, those who are applying to graduate courses must have completed 16 years of education, some schools also accept 15 years of education, you should check it while applying to the university.

In addition to all this, students also need to show proof of their finances to the universities in order to secure admission. Few universities give admission without asking for proof of funds, however, in the majority of cases, students need to show financials. Resume/CV – Universities/Institutions/Colleges require a CV of yours.

You need to prepare a professional Resume/CV and apply for admissions. It is required by most of the institutions except a few.
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Can I do masters with 15 years of education?

If you are planning to pursue masters in, you must be aware of the fact that most universities require 16 years of education (12+4) from the applicants as an eligibility criterion. But in India, the bachelors programs like BSc, BCom, BBA, BBM, BMM, BA, etc, are completed in 3 years.

And thus, by the time a student finishes their bachelor’s they have completed only 15 years of education (12+3). This can make transitioning into the post-graduate courses in international institutes with a 3-year bachelors a bit uncertain. So, the students in such a situation often wonder, “will 3 years of bachelors or 15 years of education could get them an admit for post-graduate in North America?” Well, the good news is there are several universities that accept 15 years of education for some of their post-graduate programs.

In this article, we have provided a list of the top universities in US and Canada accepting 3-years of bachelor’s for the master’s program. Suggested: Is PhD After B.Tech. or B.E. Possible?
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Does Germany accept 15 years of education for masters?

Other Important Points – 15 years of Education: German Universities accepts only when students hold 15 or 16 years of Indian education. Application: There is no central admission process (like in the case of undergraduate programs). Individual applications will have to be sent to each University.

  • Time to Apply: Best time to apply for MS or Master’s in Germany is Nov to Jan for an October start.
  • Different Universities have different deadlines.
  • Many Universities shut the application process by April.
  • Work During your Study in Germany: As a student you are permitted to work for a total of 120 full or 240 half days per year.8 hours normally constitute a full day in Germany, so 4 hours are one half day, though 10 and 5 are possible as well according to the law – if that is the normal working day in that company.

Work After Study in Germany: You could stay back in Germany for 18 months for job search after your MS or Master’s in Germany. You do not need a job offer in hand to stay back.
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Can I study in UK after 15 years of gap?

How much gap is accepted for the postgraduate degree in the UK? – For a postgraduate degree, you can apply to many UK universities with a gap of 5 years. The application rejection rate is comparatively low when your study gap is not more than 5 years.
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Does Australia accept 15 years of education?

You can study Master’s in Australia with your 15 years of education, ie. a BCom, BMS, BMM, BAF, BBI etc. will be sufficient to pursue your MS in Australia. Duration: Master’s in Australia is of 1.5 years and 2 years in duration. Some Masters can be of 1 year duration too eg.

  1. Master of Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Melbourne or the Masters of Engineering Science at the University of Queenland.
  2. Start Dates : Master’s in Australia begins in February and July.
  3. Some Universities have limited programmes running in November too.
  4. Work Experience : Work experience is not required for most Masters programs in Australia.

Fee Range: Most Australian Masters cost between A$20,000 to A$38,000 for one year. Most Masters are of 1.5 years or 2 years duration. English Language Requirement : Students must take the International English Language Testing System ( IELTS ) test. The IELTS test scores an applicant out of 9.0 band (scoring is always in multiples of 0.5).

  1. Recommended score in IELTS is 6.5 band overall with no less than 6.0 in all sections.2 to 3 test dates are available each month and the test can be taken at centres in mostly all cities in India.
  2. The test results arrive after about 13 days from the test date.
  3. Thus, register for the test early.
  4. To know all about IELTS, click the IELTS section of our website.

If you wish to register for IELTS and need information on test dates, etc., simply call us at +91 9820864001 (between 10am and 7pm) and we will help you for free.
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What is the age limit for MS in USA?

Other FAQs – 1. What is CPT for study abroad in US? Here, CPT stands for Curricular Practical Training that is directly related to your major area of study in the US. Occurring before the end date of the study program, the training should be an integral part of the curriculum.2.

  1. What is OPT for international students in the US? Optional Practical Training (OPT) is authorized by US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).
  2. A student eligible for an OPT is issued an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) by USCIS, allowing them to work for any US employer, provided the training is as per their major course of study.3.

How long can I stay back in the US on my OPT? A regular OPT allows a stay of one year in the US. With a STEM OPT, you can stay back in the US for up to three years.4. How can study abroad in US get me my H-1B? If you remain back in the US on OPT after completing your studies as an international student, your US employer might be able to sponsor you for a H-1B visa.

If otherwise eligible, you can get your US employer to sponsor you for a US Green Card during your stay in the US as H-1B.5. Is getting admission to MS in US hard? Getting a Master’s degree from the US is possible for a wide majority of international students, provided they have the right academic background and financial support.6.

What is the maximum age for MS in USA? As such, there is no upper age limit for seeking a Master’s degree from the US. To be able to apply for a US student visa, however, you must first secure admission into a SEVP-certified US university or college.7.

  1. Is job experience required for MS in USA? Generally, there is no requirement for prior work experience and you can apply for MS in the US as a fresher.
  2. Nevertheless, for some courses – such as MS in Business Analytics – work experience might be asked for by the US universities at the time of admission.8.
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Can I do MS after 30? Yes. You can do your MS in US after 30 years of age if you are able to meet the other eligibility requirements.9. Can I do MS after 2 years experience? Yes, you can do MS after two years of experience. You can also apply for MS in US as a fresher.10.

  1. Is internship necessary for MS? While not specifically required, an internship will be an added bonus.
  2. The experience letter from the concerned organization can be included in your US student visa application.11.
  3. What are assistantships in US universities? The US also allows you to assist your university in research or help with teaching while you pursue your own education.

There are three kinds of assistantships available –

  • Teaching Assistantships (TA)
  • Research Assistantships (RA)
  • Graduate Assistantships (GA)

An assistantship in a US university can help you in many ways. Along with gaining practical hands-on experience in your subject, you can also receive a fee waiver or stipend in lieu of the services offered by you.12. Which US universities have the highest graduate employability quotient? The Top 10 universities with the highest graduate employability quotient are –

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California, Los Angeles
  4. Harvard University
  5. Cornell University
  6. University of Chicago
  7. Yale University
  8. Princeton University
  9. New York University (NYU)
  10. Columbia University

Topics: Study, USA, Study-in-USA
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What is the age limit for student visa in USA?

Eligibility Criteria – Student Visa Age limit: 14 – 79 years. Applicants below or above are taken as special cases. Interview requirements is as decided by the US Consulate. Aspiring students need to follow the 6 stages of US Student Visa application: Which Us Universities Accept 15 Years Of Education

  1. Pass General Exam and Language Tests with high scores.
  2. Apply and obtain Acceptance Letter from Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-approved Educational Institutions in the US.
  3. Pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee.
  4. Complete the Visa Application Process.
  5. Pay Visa Application Fees and collect receipt and Applicants ID.
  6. Book and Clear your Visa Interview

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Can I study in USA after 10 years of gap?

Rules encapsulating the study gap can be scary for the students who aspired to study in the USA, The study gap for excelling in academics has become quite common these days, and the rising competition has changed the scenario. Students take a study gap, either to get high scores in entrance examinations to increase their chances of clearing the entrance or for personal reasons.

  • There may be other reasons students may have a study gap, as listed below.
  • Family issues or financial problems – Internship – Advanced courses – Non- avoidable medical condition Now, the main question is, ‘is a study gap acceptable in the USA?’ YES, it is! The gaps are acceptable in the American Education System, and a very long gap can be problematic as it may go against the university’s rules.

The American Education System prefers students to learn from every aspect of their lives. Practically, it encourages students to learn about the real world. Therefore, the American education system accepts the study gap and allows students to resume their studies comfortably.

However, a student enrolling in an American institution has to explain his gap years adequately. How much gap is acceptable in the USA? Usually, a year’s gap is acceptable in the USA. If a student has taken a gap of more than a year, he should be able to support it with sufficient evidence. If a student has dropped out of college or took a study gap because of medical conditions, they should present medical proof.

There may be some students who took a job or internship, should give their experience letters. Students who have taken up their hobbies or voluntary work should present relevant proof of their participation. What should be the motive for a gap? If you plan to take a study gap before applying to the USA, then make sure you plan it properly.

You can make your gap year productive in the following ways: – Try to develop your intellectual and personal skills – Contribute to society by volunteering – Develop innovativeness or be self-employed – Be committed and dedicated to the work However, to get a USA student VISA, the student needs the support and guidance of the student VISA experts.

They have the required knowledge and experience for turning the students aim to study in the USA into a reality. Student VISA experts at Canam Consultants will assist aspiring students throughout the USA student VISA procedure. It will also provide you with essential tips to explain your employment and study gap for the USA study VISA.
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Which country accepts 10 year study gap?

Gap Year Acceptance Rate Some universities in the UK accept even 10-12 years of gap when choosing a Master’s degree.
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Is 16 years of education required for masters in Canada?

PG Diploma vs Masters in Canada: – Masters in Canada typically requires a 16-year study for the enrolment. Therefore, students who have studied 12+3, usually opt for the PG Diploma or a pre-masters in Canada for International Students. The Colleges and Universities both offer the PG Diploma, whereas only universities award the Masters in Canada.

  1. Thesis-Based Masters in Canada, and
  2. Course-Based Masters in Canada

As mentioned, the Masters are more recognised and globally accepted courses. They have a duration of 1 to 2 years. After a 2 year masters, one can stay back up to 3 years in Canada. Here is a detailed comparison of them: Postgraduate Diploma vs Masters in Canada
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How many years of education is required in USA for masters?

The Master in Science (MS) is the perfect two-year graduate study program if you have a relevant bachelor’s degree in science and aspire to delve deep into the subject. The degree is a technically oriented program and is focused on developing analytical and problem-solving skills through lab work and research.
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Can a 40 year old study in USA?

Can I study in USA at the age of 40? NO! It’s never too late to study! It’s never too late to start a career!
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Can I complete my graduation after 15 years?

It is good that you want to complete your graduation after a long gap. Attest copy of gap certificate will be submiited where you want to take tha admission. In some couses colleges fixing the age limit for graduation. Other then, you can do graduation from distance learning.
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Can I do MBA after 15 years of experience?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – In theory, you should receive similar information from both EMBA and MBA coursework, so if you already have an MBA, pursuing an EMBA might be redundant. If you are eager to continue your business education after receiving your MBA, you might consider a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program, or look into that can sharpen your skills in new areas of business.‎ There are a number of organizations that rank EMBA programs based on areas such as academic offerings, admission standards, and career outcomes.

University of Chicago (Booth)University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)Northwestern University (Kellogg)Columbia UniversityUniversity of Michigan—Ann Arbor (Ross)

and also offer EMBA rankings, weighing criteria slightly differently. These rankings can be useful tools in comparing different programs, though ultimately, it’s important to choose the program that feels like the best fit for your needs. Some companies may look favorably upon job candidates who succeed in what’s considered a top EMBA program.

It’s important to note, however, that this distinction often comes with a higher tuition, and attending a moderately ranked university won’t necessarily exclude you from the benefits of an EMBA program. ‎ Both Executive MBA and part-time MBA programs cater to professionals balancing a full-time job with their education.

However, whereas EMBA programs are designed for professionals with 10 to 15 years of experience, part-time MBA programs tend to attract students with less experience. The content and class experience in a part-time MBA program more closely resembles that of a full-time MBA program—just presented outside of normal business hours.
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Is there an age limit for MBA in USA?

There is no age limit to doing MBA. There are people in Harvard/Stanford with 2 years workex and 25 years workex as well. It is not difficult if you can convince them through your essays why you need an MBA and how the school will help you reach your goals.
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Can I do MBA after 10 years gap?

It does not matter if you had gap in the academic years or not. If you had completed your graduation as per the eligibility criteria of the university or its entrance exam and if you do good in the exam, it is enough.
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Do you need 16 years of education for MBA?

Case studies – Top of the league professionals with almost 6 years of techno-functional role with an MNC allied with a GMAT score of 660/800 brought him various scholarships from top Business schools for his MBA program, including Syracuse University.

His choice was clear when he went to Eller School of Business with in-state tuition, and it worked well as his University offered him to additionally take up an MS in Management Information Systems, making him a highly desirable candidate for many companies! A student with a 500/800 GMAT score was able to redirect his career by going studying his MBA at the University of Cincinnati worked as an IT and Business Data Analyst, and now is working with Paypal in a similar role.

A student who moved to become the Student Ambassador and Graduate Assistant while studying his MBA with University of North Carolina, Charlotte, with a score of 620/800 on his GMAT had also received an admit from University of California San Diego with a scholarship of $13500.

He is currently working with Deloitte in USA. After a brilliant 700/800 GMAT score, he decided to take up his MBA at the esteemed University of San Diego School of Business and is planning to grow beyond his initial profile of Consulting. With a brilliant profile, she worked her way to an MBA at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Leeds Business School, post which she has been working as a Product Manager at CUE marketplace.

For studying an MBA, a student must hold at least 3 years of work experience after 16 years of education. Relevant work experience is a must for getting to the right targeted business schools as well as to secure scholarships. With a 2 years program, students will be exposed to various disciplines of a business program in the first year and then specialize in the second year.

  1. The Universities provide specializations in various fields such as Human Resources, Marketing, Economics, Finance, etc.
  2. A few universities may even provide technical course based MBA, example, with Project Management, MBA with Pharma Management, etc.
  3. Since work experience is mandatory for MBA, for students looking forward to take up a management based program, a MS program can be taken with the specialization in mind.

For example, MS in Marketing, MS in Finance, etc. There are two modes through which an MBA can be done. The Regular Full-time MBA (2 years) and Executive MBA (1 year). The regular MBA in USA requires 0 to 5 years’ experience and has a summer or winter internship.

provided by GMAC. conducted by ETS Or IELTS by British Council/IDP

Graduate Management Admission Council is the body which administers the GMAT test which is used as the standard entry criteria into top MBA colleges in USA. More than 50% of the MBA graduates in USA are offered high paying managerial jobs in USA. Further, MBA from top business schools in USA add a strong brand value to your CV and open up opportunities across the globe.

  1. MBA in USA can be general or have specializations such as Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations.
  2. MBA Universities in USA have pioneered case-based studies wherein the student is given business scenarios and the entire class discusses the best solution for the enterprise.
  3. Top MBA programs in USA teach through case studies which deal with Cash flows (Finance), Marketing (Market dynamics), Competition Study (Porter five force model) and strategic level decisions.

Coursework for MBA in USA is quite rigorous and most of the students generally study for over 12 hours a day. MBA involves a lot of peer learning and a lot of group activities. Top MBA programs in USA ensure a healthy mix of students with different Ethnic and academic backgrounds.

  1. The Scope of topics and the diversity of discussion in top MBA colleges in USA emphasize class participation and in-depth exchange.
  2. MBA has need based scholarship where in a potential student is gauged based on his requirement.
  3. Hence MBA in USA for Indian students is a stepping stone to Successful global careers.

Top MBA colleges in USA are among the best institutions in the world. Starting salaries and signing bonuses vary greatly among MBA graduates. Imperial Overseas has helped many students get admits from prestigious B-schools such as those mentioned below.

Name Of Universities Exam Admissible MBA Specialization
Harvard University TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, PTE

Entrepreneurship Finance Marketing

University of Pennsylvania TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT

Accounting Business Economics Business Analytics

University of Columbia TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT

Entrepreneurship Finance Economics

University of California Berkeley TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT

Global Management Finance Marketing

Northwestern university TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT

Economic Finance Marketing

Yale University TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT

Data Analytics Entrepreneurship Healthcare

New York University TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT

Brand Management Business Analytics

University of Michigan TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, PTE

Business Economics Accounting Marketing

Duke University TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, PTE

Finance Marketing Entrepreneurship

ul> 16 years of education meaning 10+2+4 or a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited University / Board Excellent CGPA for your Bachelors / Post-Graduate degree English Proficiency Requirement (TOEFL / IELTS) Work Experience is a requirement for the Top universities in USA, it can be for a minimum of 2 to 3 years, however few universities may not have it as a mandatory requirement. The average age to do an MBA in the US is around 28 Score / Score – Universities in USA generally ask for a GMAT score of 650+ and the extremely prestigious ones require 720+

Following documents are required while applying for an MBA in USA:

Degree Certificates Transcripts & Marksheets LOR – Letters of Recommendation SOP – Statement of Purpose Resume (Latest / Updated) Essays as required by the University TOEFL / IELTS Score Card Passport Copy Work Experience Letters

University Tuition Fee for 1 year in INR (Approx.)
Harvard University INR 80-82 Lakhs
University of Pennsylvania INR 76 Lakhs
University of Columbia INR 57- 72 Lakhs
University of California Berkeley INR 51 Lakhs
Northwestern university INR 54 – 79.44 Lakhs
Yale University INR 34 – 71.94 Lakhs
New York University INR 69 Lakhs
University of Michigan INR 52 Lakhs
Duke University INR 46 – 57 Lakhs

Some of the most world-renowned institutions are present in the US, especially for MBA. USA is generally more expensive for MBA compared to other countries, however the platform, networking and job opportunities provided by the Universities is second to none.

The Journey to get into TOP MBA schools in USA start by training students in GMAT. We have both online and offline classes for students to do their GMAT training. Our trainers are the best in the industry with cumulative experience of over 10000 students. We have recorded complete lectures for GMAT where the students can study at his pace. In the parallel side we start by understanding the profile of the student and work with the student on his MBA Essays. MBA Essays is a very critical part of the profile where we ideate with the student on showcasing his best skills to get him the Top MBA school in USA. We have a panel of Industry stalwarts who work with the student articulating their essays and life goals. Once his application is ready, we help students apply to various top MBA schools in USA. We completely hand hold the students so there is no error in terms of deadline, cost and entry criteria. Once student has submitted their application to TOP MBA Universities in USA, we help them arrange their finances. We have tied up with wherein we help them secure the most advantageous student loan. We have collateral, non-collateral and non-cosigner options. In case you get into TOP MBA schools like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Michigan etc. you are eligible for a loan without your parental support. Once the admission and finances are finalized, we completely guide students for the VISA purpose. We help students file the visa and guide them through the entire VISA process. Post visa guidance like accommodation, booking flights, planning travel, insurance is also assisted by Imperial.

Students need 16 years of education plus at least 2 years of work experience before they apply for a so that by the time they get to the university they can finish the required 3 years of Work Experience. The applications are available online from about 8-10 months in advance and have different rounds of deadlines. Meeting Hiren was a blessing in disguise. I met him when I thought my American Dream is over after getting a couple of rejects from the university. After talking with him, he made me realize that my dream is still on and we have time to correct things and head in the right direct.

  1. He helped me with all my processes and was available whenever I needed him.
  2. His help with the visa process helped me to get that approval nod from the VO.
  3. Right from the documentation process till the mock interviews.
  4. To make it short.
  5. He will guide you and boost your confidence to make sure you get what you want.

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