What Is The Need For Consumer Education?


What Is The Need For Consumer Education
Why is consumer education important – Consumer education has always been important to help consumers make informed decisions and purchases and communicate their rights. Educating customers helps make clear everything from fee structures to return policies on product purchases.

  • This, in turn, holds brands accountable for their business practices, product quality, and pricing.
  • Consumer education also makes it harder for scammers and bad actors to defraud consumers and steal their money and sensitive information.
  • This is one of the top reasons your brand needs to develop and implement a consumer education strategy focusing on consumer protection.

Online consumerism is still growing at staggering rates, and the changing market can be confusing, and even dangerous, for consumers to navigate. Uneducated customers may fall victim to online scams, which hurt them as well as your brand’s revenue and reputation, so you must educate your customers.
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Why is consumer education needed?

Consumer education can help develop critical thinking and raise awareness, thereby enabling consumers to become more pro-active. It is also an important vehicle for building the confidence that consumers need to operate in increasingly complex markets.
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What are the need for consumer education in Nigeria?

The Need For Consumer Education Consumer Education involves providing necessary and adequate information to consumers, in order to protect them from fraudulent trade practices, and exploitative market operations. Below are the reasons for the need for consumer education:

Protect them from low-quality products. To protect them from the sale of harmful food and drugs. To safeguard them from incorrect weight and measures. To help them enjoy fair prices and value for their money, as against exorbitant prices. To protect them from misleading and false advertisements. To help them safeguard against hoarding of goods. It will help them to be acquainted with the latest technology. They need to update their knowledge and skills. To help them improve their decision-making. To safeguard against impulse buying, as a result of misleading and unprofessional packaging and reselling.

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: The Need For Consumer Education
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Why is consumer education important class 10?

Consumer education provides the public with the information it needs on products and services so it can make well-informed decisions on what it is purchasing and from whom it purchases. It helps consumers understand their rights and become active participants in the buying process.
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What are the 4 main consumer needs?

Customer needs are the things that customers require when purchasing a product or service. Businesses must find out about their customer’s needs in order to be successful.

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In order for an entrepreneur or business to be successful, it is key for them to identify and fulfil customers’ needs. Most business ideas come from an entrepreneur spotting a need for a product or service. There are four main customer needs that an entrepreneur or small business must consider. These are price, quality, choice and convenience,
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What are 3 benefits of consumerism to our society?

List of the Pros of Consumerism – 1. Consumerism stimulates economic growth. When goods or services are demanded in a society, then businesses must work harder to produce those items. It creates a never-ending cycle of buying and selling which allows the economy to grow.

Increased production levels lead to more jobs. Additional employment leads to better wages in local communities. Higher wages lead to more spending. As the cycle continues to grow, the standard of living continually rises. That process creates more home, food, and job security for the average family.2. It also boosts creativity and innovation.

Businesses must continue to offer new goods or services to encourage ongoing sales. The only way to provide opportunities like this is to invest in research and development products. Consumers are always looking for the next product which solves their pain points better, cheaper, or both.

  1. That desire for something better places a lot of pressure on companies to continue producing better items.
  2. Then the cycle of economic growth continues.3.
  3. Cost reductions are encouraged because of consumerism.
  4. When a society focuses on consumerism, the goal is to create the best value promise possible for the consumer.
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To define value, companies must recognize the pain points of their targeted demographics. Then they must be innovative with their production techniques to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible. This combination keeps prices down, which then allows a consumer to purchase items without being overly indebted to the process.4.

  • It weeds out the poor performers naturally.
  • Companies are forced to stay innovative when managing consumerism.
  • There is no other way to be competitive.
  • Anyone can enter the market with relatively few barriers to entry.
  • The consumers will then have the final say as to who gets to stay and who leaves, based on their purchasing preferences.

Although that causes some companies to go out of business, which means fewer jobs the best and the brightest almost always stick around.5. Consumerism encourages freelancing, entrepreneurialism, and self-employment. People are encouraged to take risks in a society which encourages consumerism.

  • You’ll find more freelancers working on their own, securing contracts to work from home, in this type of society compared to others.
  • Entrepreneurs who run “lean and mean” organizations have an opportunity to strike it big.
  • Self-employment becomes an option because individuals provide high-quality services at prices much lower than the average competitor.

It is in these areas where real economic growth occurs.

99.9% of all businesses in the United States are classified as a small business.There are 8 million minority-owned small businesses currently operating in the U.S. right now.58.9 million people in the United States are currently employed because of the structure of consumerism.Over 20 million people are employed by agencies with 20 employees or fewer.

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6. It creates safer goods for consumers. When consumerism is the element driving society, then purchasers become familiar with their rights and responsibilities. They seek protection from faulty products or inadequate goods by holding companies to higher standards.

If those standards are not met, then the purchaser follows a process to be made whole – often through the court system. These standards may even include how the business treats their customers. If two companies sell a similar item at the same price, it is the customer service which will sway the value proposition.7.

Consumers are given more choices in this society. You can find more choices today than ever before in several product categories. New beverage flavors from Coca-Cola and Pepsi are introduced more often than ever before. You can find new potato chip flavors, mooncake flavors, and much more.
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What are the 3 types of consumers in economics?

Primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers or apex consumers are the different types of consumers.
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What are three 3 things that influence consumers?

Societal Factors – Situational factors, personal factors, and psychological factors influence what you buy, but only on a temporary basis. Societal factors are a bit different. They are more outward and have broad influences on your beliefs and the way you do things. They depend on the world around you and how it works.
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What are the 3 consumer health?

Consumer Health has three components: health information, health products, and health services. Health information plays a big role in the life of individuals. It gives details that people can use to make informed decisions about their health and of others.
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