What Is The Difference Between Ignou And Distance Education?


What Is The Difference Between Ignou And Distance Education
IGNOU Vs NIOS: Which is Better? – IGNOU, or Indira Gandhi National Open University, is India’s largest distance university, offering 227 courses to students in rural locations. IGNOU is well-known for offering practically all courses via distance learning with the use of online instruction at low costs.

Distance education is well-known throughout the country, and students can pick from 227 different courses. NIOS is an “Open School” designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of students up to the pre-degree level. In 1979, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) began a project with built-in flexibility.

In 1986, the National Policy on Education recommended that the Open School System be strengthened in order to gradually expand open learning facilities at the secondary level throughout the country as an autonomous system with its own curriculum and test leading to certification.
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Is distance education and IGNOU same?

⭐ Is IGNOU a Recognized University? – Yes, IGNOU is a recognized university by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau for offering various distance and online courses.
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What is the difference between IGNOU online and distance education?

Definition – As per the University Grants Commission (Open and Distance Learning Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations, 2020 – “Online Mode” means a mode of providing flexible learning opportunities by overcoming separation of teacher and learner using the internet, e-Learning Materials and full-fledged programme delivery through the internet using technology assisted mechanisms and resources.

Open and Distance Learning Mode” means a mode of providing flexible learning opportunities by overcoming separation of teacher and learner using a variety of media, including print, electronic, online and occasional interactive face-to-face meetings with the learners or Learner Support Services to deliver teaching-learning experiences, including practical or work experiences.

You may like: The role of online degree programmes Distance learning Distance learning also known as a correspondence course is a type of education that does not require an individual to be physically present at the learning center (school, college, etc).

In this mode, the students receive their course materials and other resources by email or post. This type of learning places a heavy emphasis on independent study, with little teacher interaction. Students are expected to use the course materials to complete the curriculum on their own. Teachers and students rarely interact at places called study centers.

But it is important to follow the deadlines for exams and project submissions. There are some distance learning courses that demand a student’s actual presence in the classroom at certain times, such when attending workshops. These programmes, which combine regular classroom instruction with distant learning, are also known as hybrid, blended, or correspondence courses.

Online learning When it comes to education, online learning offers the student greater flexibility. The students are free to choose when and where they want to learn.This programme is designed for students who want to complete their education totally online without having to visit a traditional campus setting.

With the development of technology, students now have a wide range of alternatives, ranging from online master’s degree programmes to undergraduate degree programmes. Today, many reputable colleges offer some of the top online MBA programmes. Compared to distant learning, online learning is far more interactive.

  • In this form of learning, students get access to a vast e-learning content and online lectures (live and recorded).
  • Many discussions take place between teachers and students through an online digital platform.
  • Online education has become incredibly popular after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.
  • This medium has been widely adopted because schools and universities have no other method to educate students.

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Is IGNOU only for distance learning?

IGNOU Courses List 2022 – Indira Gandhi National Open University offered a lot of courses not only in India but including some overseas countries in the World. The university provides Online and Distance education to all candidates but the university is more focused on distance courses at the moment. You May Also Read:

About IGNOU University IGNOU Admission 2022 (Last Date) IGNOU Prospectus 2022 (PDF) IGNOU Syllabus 2022 IGNOU Fees Structure 2022

There are lakhs of candidates now enrolling in IGNOU every year and getting awarded for various degree certificates at IGNOU Convocation, Gradually, candidates are now joining IGNOU to complete the various degree and certificate courses via distance education.
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Why IGNOU degree is not valid?

Is IGNOU Degree Valuable? When a student plans for further studies from a distance learning education, it is not the course that creates confusion, but the credibility of degree does. Likewise, if your next target is studying in IGNOU, then we are certain, hundreds of questions might be trotting in your mind.

Say, will I be able to get a government job with a degree from IGNOU? Will IGNOU degree be able to lift my career? Will I get equal job opportunities with an IGNOU degree or not? Many more queries will be roaring around, but the moral of the entire scenario connects with one string – Is IGNOU Degree Valuable ? The answer to this question is YES, so, don’t go on the journey of stress, and instead, focus on the education program you have chosen from IGNOU.

Even from the earlier days, passed out of students from IGNOU has lured several jobs and is now working with top-notch companies. The same outline is being repeated even now. From teachers to businessmen, IGNOU has showered prestigious positions all over the world with its magnificent students.

Also Check: Is IGNOU tough than a Regular College? During Covid-19 pandemic in India, many of the student are now choosing IGNOU university for their further studies for its distance learning because students did not have to be physically present at IGNOU centre as they can join IGNOU online classes on various IGNOU channels and can prepare with the help of IGNOU Online Books.

Furthermore, the university also send their markshet and certificate to their home without personally submitting the application to IGNOU. You Can Also Read:

IGNOU Distance Courses 2022 IGNOU Placement 2022 IGNOU Scholarship 2022

Is IGNOU a Government University? To understand whether IGNOU is a government university or not, we need to go through some in-depth information. The name IGNOU is defined as Indira Gandhi National Open University that came into the formation under the Parliament Act 1985.

The motive behind the establishment of IGNOU is to impart high-level education to the deserving candidates from society. Its concept of teaching revolves around Open Distance Learning mode, also known as ODL, enabling the students to nurture their career with the best of efficacy. There is no doubt of IGNOU being a government university, as it is proven with its formation.

Plus, the mandate behind its creation is another rationale to demonstrate its integrity. Also Check: Is IGNOU Degree the same as Regular Degree? When summarised in a few sentences, IGNOU has come into existence not only to provide higher education to each and every segment of the society but to impart innovatively and need-based educational programs.

  • Where the fee structure and timing of the educational system are elevating, IGNOU has turned the table with affordability and flexibility programs giving valid degrees that can be accessible all over the globe.
  • How Can I get IGNOU Degree? Attainment of IGNOU degree will pose you to discharge some of the most elastic criteria along with credibility to exert a pull on your dream jobs.

Now, we will talk about what all you have to do in order to get a degree from this distance learning university. First Step – Decide on the course you are willing to take admission in IGNOU. After that, search for the eligibility criteria and requirements from the official website of IGNOU.

Once you are done will this task, jump on with the second one immediately. Also Check: IGNOU Admission 2022 (Check Last Date) Second Step – The filling of the admission form of IGNOU courses starts from here. It depends on you as to how do you want to submit the application form as both online and offline process is open.

Third Step – If all the measures are performed cautiously, you will surely get your seat, so pay the fees in one time or installment. Fourth Step – At this time, your focus should be on completing the course without getting into any kind of a mess. Depending on the course type, the duration will matter and seamlessly one fine day; you will reach the point of examinations.

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IGNOU Study Materials (Free) IGNOU Question Papers (Previous)

Final Step – The instance you have scored well in the examinations and have passed in all, you can obtain the mark sheet from IGNOU’s website. Remember, this mark sheet will be provisional. To get hold of the main degree, you are supposed to wait for few months for the IGNOU Convocation,

  1. Otherwise, it will be sent to your postal address.
  2. These were the five kind steps, via which you can easily grip a degree from IGNOU University without much ado.
  3. Is IGNOU Degree Valid in Overseas or Foreign Countries? As per the conversation we were having with reference to “Whether IGNOU is a government university or not,” it will suffice this answer.

The degree from IGNOU University is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign countries with ease. The robust reason behind IGNOU is a recognized university under UGC and is governmental too. Adding further, the degree from this university is approved by DEC and AICTE as well.

  1. Therefore, academically, no one will raise a question on this prospect.
  2. No matter which degree you are holding in your hand, say under graduation, graduation, post-graduation, Ph.D., etc., step up and live your dreams in any part of the world with IGNOU degrees.
  3. Also Read: Scope after Graduation from IGNOU? Is IGNOU Degree Valid to Join Employment Programs? The stature of a student only on the basis that his or her degree was obtained through a distance learning university was a question in the court in the year 2014.

The High Court of Allahabad passed the judgment in favor of the validity of IGNOU, stating; no such candidate can be restricted from employment on the specified condition. Doing this will upset the mandate of the Parliament Act under which IGNOU was actually formed.

Hence, you are free to apply for any jobs in India and abroad, relying on your IGNOU degree. Explain further, the degree from IGNOU is equal to any accredited university in India. It connotes, you have the ultimate liberty in your hands. Also, we shall not wipe off the other reasons for which you should consider studying in IGNOU.

Until now, we were having a chat on the validity of the IGNOU degree, and you must have received it under the context. Even if you plan to sit and compare the credibility of IGNOU degree with the any other accredited university of India, nothing will fall short.

  1. Apart from this, IGNOU has been serving the country since long and now have opened arms globally.
  2. It plays its part in being a trusted education provider by helping the students in fulfilling their career dreams sitting in any corner.
  3. Plus, the study effectiveness, need-based programs, technological advancements, global tie-ups, availability of world-class course materials, etc.

have made it the largest open university. Today, IGNOU proudly teach over 3 million students, which is enough to accept the integrity of its educational programs.
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Is distance education certificate valid?

Are distance education degrees valid? – It is the most commonly asked question today. We will give you the final answer. Distance education degrees are 100% recognized. However, you need to confirm that your university is UGC-DEB-approved to make your distance degree course legitimate.
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Is distance education equal to regular degree?

Online degree on par with regular degree September 09, 2022 10:41 pm | Updated September 10, 2022 01:48 pm IST – NEW DELHI READ LATER Picture for representation. | Photo Credit: Freepik

The degrees obtained through distance and online learning from recognised institutions would be treated on par with those offered through conventional mode, according to the University Grants Commission (UGC).”The degrees at the undergraduate and the postgraduate level in conformity with the UGC notification on the Specification of Degrees, 2014 and, the post graduate diplomas awarded through Open and Distance learning or Online mode by Higher Educational Institutions, shall be treated as equivalent to the corresponding degrees and post graduate diploma offered through conventional mode,” UGC Secretary Rajnish Jain said.The decision was taken as per the Regulation 22 of the UGC (Open and Distance learning Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations.

: Online degree on par with regular degree
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Do distance education has value?

2. Course flexibility means learning whenever you have the time – Distance education has scored high on flexibility for students. Additionally, remote access to distance learning courses helps students worldwide to study from the comfort of their homes, or while on the move.
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Can I go regular college in IGNOU?

ignou is regular or corresponding ?

Hello Aspirant. Hope you are doing well. IGNOU is a Correspondence University means IGNOU is an university of distance education and the degree which you will get that will be of distance learning even there is no course available in which you’ll get the degree in regular mode but yes, you have many options to choose from. TO KNOW MORE PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK GIVEN BELOW; GOOD LUCK, STAY MOTIVATED AND HOPE THIS HELPS. Thankyou.

: ignou is regular or corresponding ?
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Is IGNOU degree difficult to pass?

Is IGNOU tough than a Regular College Degree? Students often think twice before getting enrolled in an IGNOU course because many consider it to be tougher than a regular college degree. But is it really so? IGNOU is one of the most recognized and reputed distance-learning universities in India.

  • The university offers a wide number of graduate and post-graduate degrees in diverse courses.
  • UGC and Allahabad court has also mentioned that IGNOU degrees will be considered as valid and legitimate as any other regular college degree.
  • But it is true that students need to toil a lot to secure great marks in the IGNOU exams.

Also Read: Is IGNOU Degree Valid? There are several reasons and factors that we can discuss to evaluate this topic. Why IGNOU is considered tough than a regular college degree? While some students pass the exams fluently, maximum students consider the IGNOU degree to be tough for a number of logical reasons.

Handwritten Assignments and Examinations:

While the whole world has adopted the digital mode of education, IGNOU still sticks to the traditional mode of handwritten scripts. Whether you are creating your assignments and projects or you are appearing for the exam, you have to present a handwritten script.

Most distance-learning universities design question papers with questions in which the students have to select the right answer from multiple answers. But IGNOU still designs question papers that consist of short and long answers that students need to write using pens. Of course, this requires more attention, effort, and time from the students.

Also Check: Detailed Instructions for IGNOU Assignment

Strict Checking:

Apart from handwritten assignments, projects, and answer sheets, another aspect of IGNOU is that the board indulges in strict checking. The students need to make sure that they are writing answers absolutely with proper points in order to gain marks on every question. This is one of the main reasons why scoring good marks become difficult in IGNOU.

Difficult Syllabus:

Not just the checking is strict but also the syllabus of IGNOU is extremely different from any other university. The university has a syllabus with a detailed explanation of topics. Each topic comprises several details that you need to go through and write in the assignments as well as in the examinations.

Complete the Syllabus:

You never know which questions may come from which chapters. Also, as you will have to write answers, there is no chance of doing any kind of guesswork. Hence, it is always a better option to complete the whole syllabus so that you can answer all the questions in the exam.

Do not wait for the last moment:

IGNOU designs a huge syllabus for its courses. Thus, waiting for the last moment will not be a great idea. You should start preparing for the exams from day 1 and should just leave revision for the last moment before the exam.

Prepare Assignments to the best:

IGNOU has an elaborate assignment paper with many questions. The university designs the assignments in such a way that if you solve the assignments in the right way, half of your syllabus will get covered. This way, you will not have to invest much time separately in covering various parts of the syllabus.

Take Guidance from Previous Year’s Question Papers:

One of the ways that many students prefer to do this is to practice the question papers of the last few years. You can find question papers from the last 5 to 10 years and then can practice the questions after completing your syllabus. This helps you not just in knowing the types of questions that you can have but also will gain confidence for your exams.

Follow Guidance for Writing in Exam:

After you have prepared well for the exam, there are also a number of tips for writing your exam.

Maintain proper handwriting and space so that the person who is evaluating does not find it difficult to read through the lines. Make sure to highlight the main points in the answers. Attempt all the questions to ensure that you secure high marks. The answers should not be too long or too short.

Also Check: How To Get Good Marks in IGNOU Exam? If you are following all these tricks, then you will surely end up getting good scores in your IGNOU exam. IGNOU is tough but only when you have not prepared for the exams in the right way.
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Can I get job after studying from IGNOU?

Scope After Graduation from IGNOU – IGNOU is one of the largest distance learning universities, not just in the nation but also across the globe. Apart from being the largest, the university is also known to be one of the most recognized universities in different parts of the world.

But still, there are many students who have this question whether they can have a better career ahead after passing out graduation in distance learning from IGNOU or not. To answer this, there are several logics that can be discussed. Also Read: Is IGNOU Degree Valid? The Growing Worth of Distance Learning: Today, companies understand the fact that getting a distance learning degree from a recognized university makes a candidate as worthy as someone getting a degree from a regular university.

As IGNOU is one of the most recognized and prestigious universities in the country, many of the companies accept job applications from students with an IGNOU degree. Today, candidates who have a graduation degree from IGNOU are seen in different fields in not only India but also in many other parts of the world.

IGNOU Courses List 2022 with Fee IGNOU Admission 2022 (OPEN) IGNOU Fee Relaxation 2022

Not just in the private sector, candidates who have passed graduation from IGNOU can also participate in different competitive examinations taking place in the country such as UPSC, IBPS, and many others. The Study Module and Curriculum: The study modules and the syllabus at the university are designed very carefully by the experts.

The syllabus of graduation at IGNOU is similar to many of the competitive exams that take place in the country such as SBI PO, and others. Also, the curriculum designed for the students is such in which the students have to study the modules carefully and without which they cannot pass the exam. The completion of a project is also a must that helps them in learning practical aspects also apart from the theoretical elements offered in the modules.

Thus, the students passing out as a graduate from IGNOU have the same credential as that of the students passing out from a regular college. Also Read:

IGNOU Syllabus 2022 IGNOU Study Material 2022

Recruitment Drive: IGNOU does not just offer a graduation degree to the candidates so that they can appear for different competitive exams and can apply for different job vacancies. The university is also known to run a recruitment drive through which different candidates can apply in the operations of the university itself either for the headquarter of IGNOU or for the regional offices.

You May Read: IGNOU Placement 2022 Apart from this, several well-known companies such as Infosys, Barclays, Mahindra, Shopper’s Stop, Axis Bank, and many others arrive at the university from time to time to conduct a placement drive for the students studying in the university. Interested students can apply in such placement drives and can get selected in the right job options for them.

IGNOU has been always known for its recognition in distance learning education. With passing time, the university is enhancing its facilities, even more, to offer the best options and opportunities to the students studying here. Moreover, students who pass out with a graduation degree in hand from IGNOU have a much brighter scope in terms of Government job opportunities as well as a career in the private firms of different fields.
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What are the disadvantages of distance education?

The disadvantages of distance learning are: –

  • Lack of physical social interaction that is found in a typical, traditional classroom. Students can only engage and share opinions through virtual means in chatrooms or broadcasts, but are not able to physically interact with each other
  • It does not fit all types of learners, If you are someone who needs constant motivation and support from professors or instructors, then distance learning is not for you, since instructors are not always available to offer assistance in the same way that they would be in a traditional classroom
  • Some courses required to complete a degree may not be available online, Sometimes universities make many required courses online to give students a feel of their teaching methodologies, quality, and value. After you complete those courses, to get the degree you might be required to attend some classes in person. These classes will most likely be less affordable, or you will not be able to travel to the university to take them.
  • You need to be technologically savvy, If you are a person who is not as comfortable to working with technology, then distance learning will not suit you. Distance learning requires students to be able to operate with at least a minimum knowledge of different chat rooms, online examinations, and interaction, and many people do not feel comfortable if they do not even have physical material to study from.

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Is distance education degree valid for jobs?

Is Online/Distance Degree Valid for Government Jobs? – YES! Degrees obtained through the online or the open and distance learning (ODL) mode are completely valid if you are applying for government jobs. If you are applying for a job in the central government, then you must know that you have to appear for and clear an entrance examination to get the job.

  • However, there is an eligibility criteria for the aspirants.
  • Only the ones who fulfill these eligibility criteria are allowed to give the entrance examination.
  • Now, this eligibility criteria usually mentions the highest qualification that the aspirant needs to have.
  • For example, the eligibility requirement can be that the aspirant must have completed their bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Hence, since the online/distance degrees are considered equivalent to the regular degree, it makes you eligible to give the entrance exam for central government recruitment. Similar is the case with the jobs in the State Government. Any student with a relevant degree in either regular mode, online mode, or open and distance learning (ODL) mode can apply for state government recruitments.

  • There might be a few state government jobs wherein due to certain circumstances there might not be an entrance examination.
  • However, in this case, also degrees equivalent to regular ones are acceptable which means online/distance degrees are valid.) These government recruitments judge the aspirants mainly on the basis of the entrance examination, therefore they accept students with the required degree irrespective of the mode of learning.

Therefore, online/distance degrees are very much valid for the eligibility criteria, all you’ve got to do to get the job is ace the written exam and the interview (if any). What Is The Difference Between Ignou And Distance Education However, the university from which you pursue the online/distance degree must be approved by the government regulatory body- University Grants Commission (UGC) and Distance Education Bureau (DEB). This approval is a must! This is because without the approval of UGC and DEB the degrees will stand invalid.
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Is there any scope in distance learning?

What Is The Difference Between Ignou And Distance Education With the advancement in technologies, education is also advancing day by day. Now online certified courses are present all over the world and anyone can make the most out of it! This is the reason that distance education or distance learning is becoming popular nowadays, not just in India but all over the world.

  1. Why Distance Learning? Distance education becomes the boon for the ones who are currently doing jobs and don’t want to quit.
  2. They can get a higher degree while earning and can easily get promotions and hike in their salaries.
  3. Other aspects to choose distance learning can be lesser tuition fees, time-efficient, etc.


Low cost No age bar No need to commute Can be done while working Time-efficient No need to worry about the location of the college

There are a number of courses that are offered by distance education centers: UG Distance Courses:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

PG Distance Courses:

Master of Commerce ( Com ) Master of Arts (M.A.) Master of Science (M.Sc) Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Master in Interior Design Master of Business Administration (MBA), etc

Similarly, there are several dual degrees as well as diploma courses offered in a distance education program. Does it matter from which university you are completing your distance degree? Absolutely! When you go for a job or if you are already doing one, then your job profile or promotion or salary highly depends on the university, besides your projects and grades.

So, choose your college/university wisely. For starters, LPU is among the best and most reputed universities to provide distance education for various programs! Eligibility & Admission Any student who has attained the minimum age of 18 can apply for a distance learning program. Moreover; there is no other age bar for any course, just satisfy the minimum criteria and you are good to go! Talking about the admission procedure, it depends on the university norms, whether or not it goes for online admissions.

Other aspects like the selection/ eligibility for a particular course is the same as that for regular courses. Before you apply to any university or any institution for distance courses, make sure that it is recognized by the University Grants Commission- Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB).

Career & Jobs In a country like ours, distance learning has enormous scope and it has been increasing greatly over time. If taken seriously and from a well reputed and UGC recognized institute then distance learning can lead to better job opportunities. Many of you will be in a dilemma about the validity of your degree.

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No need for the confusion now as distance degrees, if completed through DEB recognized institute, are valid even for government jobs and services at all levels. To register for distance education visit: www.lpude.in
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What if a student fails in IGNOU?

IGNOU Re-Admission 2022 – IGNOU University has a facility to offer readmission for those students who fail to complete their program in maximum time duration. Candidates can take re-admission easily in any of the programs or remaining year in IGNOU and can complete their incomplete course.

  • IGNOU Admission Validity (Check Here)
  • IGNOU Fees Structure 2022
  • IGNOU Fresh Admission 2022
  • IGNOU Credit Transfer 2022

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Is it compulsory to attend classes in IGNOU?

Attending classes is not compulsory. Classes are held on weekends and holidays.
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Which grade is fail in IGNOU?

IGNOU Grading Chart 2022 –

Letter Grade Percentage Qualitative level Point Grade
A 80% and Above Excellent 5
B 60% to 79.9% Very Good 4
C 50% to 59.9% Good 3
D 40% to 49.9% Satisfactory 2
E Below 40% Unsatisfactory 1

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List of universities in India Top universities in India

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Which degree is best in IGNOU?

IGNOU Admissions 2022: Best course, part-time programmes, value of degree — answers to all FAQs Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Admission 2022: Be it getting admission for a course in the or credibility of the awarded degrees, there are a lot of questions that surround the open university.

What is the best course in IGNOU? Some of the best and most well-known courses in IGNOU are BAG, BA (Honours), BCOMG, BSCG, BCA, BLIS, MA, MCom, MCA, MBA, PGDRD, DECE, DNHE, DTS, CLIS, CTE, etc. Read | Is doing a language course from IGNOU useful?

Due to multiple practical applications in globalised business, the demand for foreign language experts has increased. Thus, the study of foreign languages is gaining lots of importance in academic studies, and the demand is growing continuously. IGNOU provides various diploma and certificate courses in languages such as DUL, DTG, CTE, CUL, CAL, CJL, CGL, CKLC, CPEL, etc.

  • These courses are helpful to develop human resources for a number of sectors, like science, technology, humanities, social sciences and commerce.
  • What is the value of an IGNOU degree? Is an IGNOU degree valid? IGNOU has a NAAC A++ accreditation which makes the degrees offered equivalent to regular universities.

The degree from IGNOU University is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign countries with ease. The sturdy reason behind IGNOU is a recognized university under UGC and is governmental too. Further, the degree from this university is approved by DEC and AICTE as well.

Also read | What are the cons and pros of doing an undergraduate degree from IGNOU? The biggest advantage of graduating from IGNOU is that you can work while completing your degree. You won’t need to attend the classes as in regular universities. Or you can say that IGNOU offers quality education to your doorstep whenever you need it.

Regional centres are available all over India and in other countries too, and they are ready to help at every possible step. Also, there is no age limit for pursuing any course in IGNOU. Whether you have a gap or you want to continue your study after a long time, IGNOU is the best and perfect place.

But there are also some disadvantages of doing graduation from IGNOU. If we compare IGNOU study with regular universities, going to college gives you more practical experience and a chance to practice your skills. To learn and understand something, practical work is the most important thing. It is hard to develop practical skills through distance learning.

While doing graduation from IGNOU, you are studying from home, so you don’t get the same level of exposure that is vital for developing soft skills and interpersonal communication. Although the university is trying to offer the best facilities possible to all its students, yet it is hard to fulfill everyone’s needs.

  1. Are these degrees accepted in foreign countries for Masters? As already stated, IGNOU has a NAAC A++ accreditation and a recognized university under UGC, approved by DEC and AICTE as well.
  2. Thus, degree from IGNOU is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign.
  3. Also read | How do undergraduates at IGNOU manage to maintain a social life? As we know, IGNOU provides only weekend and holiday classes at study centres, where you can discuss your problems and issues with professors and meet with other students.

Some study centres are strict on attendance, and you will not be able to the hall ticket without attending any practical session. Maintaining a social life is not a problem for IGNOU students. They do many other things in parallel like jobs, family business, other courses from regular colleges, etc.

But there are also some students who are serious about their studies. They attend classes regularly, study regularly, and are not engaged in any other things except their course. They suffer in maintaining a social life. They keep themselves busy with their studies. In their spare time, they prepare for entrance examinations like UPSC, CAT, IBPS, SSC, etc.

Is IGNOU degree valid for all entrance exams? Big yes! As we know IGNOU is UGC recognized university, a degree from IGNOU is valid for all entrance exams. Can we pursue a course from IGNOU while doing a job at the same time? Of course, IGNOU provides classes on weekends and on holidays.

  1. There are lots of students who do their job at same time while doing their courses.
  2. How do I know that I have completed the prescribed minimum period of study of any course in IGNOU? One can know his/her prescribed minimum period of study from their programme guides which are available at the official website of IGNOU — ignou.ac.in,

Like minimum duration for Bachelor’s Degree is three years, the minimum duration for Master’s degree is two years, the minimum duration for PG and advanced diploma is one year, the minimum duration for PG and advanced certification is 6 months, the minimum duration for a certificate programme is six months.
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Is IGNOU valid for government job?

Simply put, IGNOU is a UGC recognized open university, so any degree you pursue in this university is valid. Thus, you are eligible to apply for Government jobs.
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What is the success rate of IGNOU?

98% of successful learners acknowledged that the study material of IGNOU helped them greatly in earning their degrees.
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What is the other name of IGNOU?

Indira Gandhi National Open University known as IGNOU, is a Central University located at New Delhi, India.
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Which type of education is called distance education?

Overview – Distance Education “is a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.” In other words, distance learning is the process of creating an educational experience of equal qualitative value for the learner to best suit their needs outside the classroom.

  1. Distance education courses that require a physical on-site presence for any reason including the taking of examinations is considered to be a hybR&D or blended course of study.
  2. This emerging technology is becoming widely used in universities and institutions around the globe.
  3. With the recent trend of technological advance, distance learning is becoming more recognized for its potential in providing individualized attention and communication with students internationally.

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Is distance education certificate valid?

Are distance education degrees valid? – It is the most commonly asked question today. We will give you the final answer. Distance education degrees are 100% recognized. However, you need to confirm that your university is UGC-DEB-approved to make your distance degree course legitimate.
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What are different names of distance education?

Distance education, also known as distance learning, is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school, or where the learner and the teacher are separated in both time and distance. Traditionally, this usually involved correspondence courses wherein the student corresponded with the school via mail,

  1. Distance education is a technology mediated modality and has evolved with the evolution of technologies such as video conferencing, TV, and internet.
  2. Today, it usually involves online education and the learning is usually mediated by some form of technology.
  3. A distance learning program can be completely distance learning, or a combination of distance learning and traditional classroom instruction (called hybrid or blended ).

Other modalities include distance learning with complementary virtual environment or teaching in virtual environment (e-learning). Massive open online courses (MOOCs), offering large-scale interactive participation and open access through the World Wide Web or other network technologies, are recent educational modes in distance education.

A number of other terms (distributed learning, e-learning, m-learning, online learning, virtual classroom etc.) are used roughly synonymously with distance education. E-learning has shown to be a useful educational tool. E-learning should be an interactive process with multiple learning modes for all learners at various levels of learning.

The distance learning environment is an exciting place to learn new things, collaborate with others, and retain self-discipline.
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