Describe A Teacher Who Influenced You In Your Education?


Describe A Teacher Who Influenced You In Your Education
Tips for answering this cue card question: – First, talk about a teacher you remember and whom you liked a lot. Then, say his/her name and the class/grade he/she taught you. Also, mention which subject she taught and what you have learned from him/her.

  • Following are some of the reasons a teacher becomes influential for a student that you can talk about: » This teacher’s way of teaching is very effective and interesting.
  • » He/she has a great personality and leads an exemplary life.
  • » He/she tells stories to make the subject and topic interesting.
  • » He/she is a famous teacher in your locality who also taught your elder brother, father etc.

» He/she has a great personality, and because of that, students like him/her very much. » He/she is successful in explaining difficult topics in an easy and intuitive way. » He/she behaves very politely with all, and never discriminates among students.
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Can you remember any teacher who has influenced you?

Sample Answer 1: – My school life was perhaps the golden period of my childhood, and I am thankful for the wonderful experience it was. My teachers were highly qualified people, who were great at what they did. I admire and respect them for the way she helped me shape my life.

  • I would like to mention one teacher in particular, Mrs. Uma.
  • She was our class teacher for the seventh grade and taught us computer science.
  • I remember Mrs.
  • Uma teaching us computer science during those years in my school.
  • We were lucky to have her as our teacher as she had a great way of teaching.
  • She was a very humble and down to earth person who taught us in an interactive manner to make the subject enjoyable.

We always paid attention in class and never felt bored as she used to carry out small games and narrate interesting incidents in between the class. Sometimes, she used to cancel the class and take us out to the lawns and gave us important life lessons that helped us inculcate many moral values.

  • She made a lot of effort, going out of the way to help us grasp the intricacies of the subject.
  • The way she gave individual attention to all the students, urged us to put more effort into our studies.
  • She was a patient listener and always asked the students to approach her for any sort of problems that we might face even apart from studies.

I used to stay back after school to take extra classes from her and she dedicatedly used to help me with the studies. She is a very noble person and I thank her for having such a positive influence on me. (310 words) Sample Answer 2: Teachers play a very important role in moulding the lives of a child.

I consider myself lucky to get several good teachers throughout my academic years. One of the teachers was, Mr Swatantra Gupta. He was our English and social science teacher in class VII and taught us English in subsequent classes. He was a really good mentor and guided all of us in the right direction.

Initially, we thought that he does not know how to teach but later on, I realised that not only was his way of teaching unique, it was also effective. In the social science class, he used to make everyone stand up and speak out the lesson. We thought, maybe he is lazy enough not to speak for himself, but after few months we realised that it was because of him that our pronunciation and style of speaking had improved.

  1. He used to particularly make me stand up and ask me to read the entire lesson.
  2. It was tiring but at the same time, very exciting.
  3. He even pushed to take part in different competitions and plays and suggested my name to the principal for the district debate competition.
  4. I think it was his faith in me that I actually started working on my strengths and become more confident.

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How your teacher has influenced your life?

Mrs. Gagnon: More Than Just a Teacher by Brandon – March 2013 Scholarship Essay Brandonof Martinez’s entry into Varsity Tutor’s March 2013 scholarship contest Congratulations to our scholarship winner! Describe A Teacher Who Influenced You In Your Education Brandon Boyd Martinez, CA March 2013 A good teacher can teach you something that you will remember for a day, but a great teacher will teach you something that you will remember for the rest of your life. A teacher can influence many important characteristics in a person’s life.

Teachers are much like a second parent, and you could say that they spend just as much, if not more time each day, with a child than parents do. They help mold and shape a child’s personality, and often times their future. They can teach you the importance of trust, and being trustworthy. A teacher should also be able to recognize each student as an individual.

I was lucky enough to find all of these qualities in my U.S. History teacher, Mrs. Gagnon. Mrs. Gagnon has influenced who I am as a person. She has taught me to work hard and always do my best. I would describe her as always being happy and cheerful. It doesn’t matter what my mood is before I walk into her classroom, because she will always bring a smile to my face.

  1. She demonstrates kindness and patience to each and every student in her class.
  2. Those are character traits that I feel I have improved upon because of her.
  3. Another important thing that she has taught me is to believe in myself.
  4. When a teacher believes in you, you cannot help but work even harder, which only leads to success.

I hope that throughout the rest of my life, I can demonstrate the same great qualities that I find in her. Having these characteristics would mean nothing if she weren’t also trustworthy. I can always go to her to seek advice, or just to have a friend to talk to.

Nowing that there is someone there who will listen to you, makes all the difference in the world. Whether it’s a relationship problem, teenage drama, a bad grade, or something that you feel that your family just wouldn’t understand, Mrs. Gagnon is always there to listen or help in any way that she can.

I always know that I can trust her to keep our conversations private. However, trust with her is never a one-way street. On the first day of class, she invited us into her personal life by telling us everything there was to know about her. By the end of class we knew where she went to college, her professional experience, and many things about her family.

  1. Whether it was intended or not, she taught us that it was okay to let people into your life. Mrs.
  2. Gagnon takes her time to get to know each student as an individual.
  3. She takes pride in finding out how to help each student excel in their own way.
  4. She uses various teaching styles in effort to reach the needs of everyone in her class.

We often play games to study for a test, which is an exciting and easy way to review the information. She closely watches who works well together, and places them next to each other when we are doing work. This year, I am a teacher’s aide in her class, and this experience has given me insight into how well her teaching style helps her students succeed.

There are very few kids who don’t do well in her classes. Clearly, she has worked hard to figure out what is best for each person in her class. This has made me recognize that each person has their own individuality, and that they should be respected for who they are. The lessons that Mrs. Gagnon has taught me are invaluable.

Not only have they strengthened the foundation of my life, they are the building blocks of my future. She has been an exemplary role model, and has taught me to have many strong traits. I can be trustworthy and hard-working, while never losing sight of who I am as an individual.
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How a teacher can influence a student?

Role of a Teacher in a Student’s Life – There are many significant ways through which teachers have a remarkable impact on the student’s life. They not only are the role models but help the pupils with the right guidance to move their heads towards a better future.

  • Let’s dive into detail and discuss.
  • Provide Right Guidance Teachers evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their students and guide them to follow the best practices.
  • They not only bring out the best from the students but teach them valuable life skills too like communication, compassion, organization, and presentation.

Teachers are the ones who motivate the students to do better in every domain and help them achieve life goals. Through their guidance, the students know to differentiate between right and wrong.

Act as Role Models

Teachers are the ultimate role models in a student’s life. In their academic life, students come across different types of teachers. A great teacher is always supportive and compassionate towards his students and appreciates their achievements in every field.

Shape the Society

Teachers are dedicated learners who can not only teach but listen to the students problems and try mentoring them to the best of their ability. Skilled teachers handle things patiently and can shape the academic goals of the youths. They rarely do it for recognition rather they follow their heart! The concept of powerful education and teaching students valuable skills are directly proportional.

Change Lives for Better

Its not always the “good” students that teachers cross paths with. Rather there are many aimless pupils too who are careless about life and least bothered about academics. A brilliant teacher is equally compassionate to them and helps them change for the better.
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How do you describe a person who has influenced you?

Be as specific as possible. The best way to depict the influence someone had on you is to write about the situation that led to it. We recommend you also write about the traits and qualities of the person you consider valuable, but don’t get further off the topic because you’re the main subject of narration.
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How does your most admired teacher inspire you as a person?

3. Blow students’ minds – We all know that we have to be honest, patient and value our job and show this clearly in our words and attitudes. We also have to instil the culture of life-long learning in our students to inspire them to extend their learning beyond the classroom walls.

  • Still, what makes us more admired is when we blow students’ minds with new and meaningful learning experiences which go beyond the expected (the syllabus) to meet their diverse needs and prepare them for a world beyond the classroom.
  • If you create such a learning experience, your students are likely to feel that learning with you is different.

You are SPECIAL! Because your teaching is rich and personalized, So, the ordinary is negated, the challenge is expected and their minds are more engaged. It is true that catering for students’ needs and honing the necessary skills for them to strive for world change is a tough task for teachers.

  • But, it will pay off because our mission is not just instructing, but also making a difference to students’ learning and lives.
  • So, be innovative and invest in your students.
  • They will admire you and commit themselves to learn and develop.
  • Admired teachers are sources of motivation, inspiration and learning for their students.
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They not only contribute to their academic achievement but also to their personal and social development. Students remember them and how they made their learning interesting and fruitful. Yes, it makes a great difference when students like you. So, why not getting admired teachers!
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How do you describe your favorite teacher?

My Favourite Teacher Essay in English –

I like all my teachers, but Shreya ma’am is my favourite among all. She is our class teacher. She takes our attendance daily in the morning. She teaches us Mathematics. I used to dislike Mathematics earlier. But Shreya ma’am teaches it in an interesting way. Now, I love the subject. She is the best teacher and is the favourite of most of my classmates too. She is a very sweet and kind person. She explains everything in an easy and fun way. Whenever we are not able to understand anything, she patiently teaches it again and again. She is very disciplined, punctual and sometimes strict too. She teaches us good habits and moral values. She is an ideal teacher.

Given above are sentences using which kids can write an essay on My Favourite Teacher. The same lines can be written under the title of My Best Teacher Essay in English as well. Teachers build the future of millions of students. They indirectly shape the future of a community, society and country.
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Why teacher is an inspiration?

How do Teachers Inspire Students – When a teacher is an inspiration for students, they challenge students to use their imagination, intellect, and expectations. They also form a bond of mutual trust and respect with their students. They invite the students to be a part of their learning journey too.

  • The must have teachers that inspire their students.
  • Here’s a list of things teachers can inspire students to do: ● Focus on goals: For teachers, often it is the destination that matters more than the journey.
  • They allow students to take their preferred methods to get to the end goal as long as they stay within prescribed methods.

● Strategising: Teachers implement a wide range of strategies to impart learning in different ways to different students in the same class. This is meant to make sure everyone is on the same page. Such result-oriented strategies can promote independent thinking and compassion among students.

  • Self-motivation : Teachers constantly keep updating and refining their systems as they continuously want to improve their knowledge as well as that of their students.
  • Such qualities among teachers can leave the most long-lasting impressions for self-growth among students.
  • It is often these quietly taught lessons that remain in the minds of students well beyond their academic years.

● Values : Teachers are true role models for students to learn from. They learn right and wrong, good and bad, correct and incorrect from their teacher. Beyond academics, students also learn a plethora of morals and values from their teachers as well. ● Hardwork and patience: Students learn to become leaders by observing how teachers apply themselves in the job at hand.

Working round the clock, being there for the student whenever he/she needs them, giving extra attention to those in need are all behaviours that show hard work. ● Integrity : Students observe the happenings inside a classroom. A teacher who displays honesty, loyalty to the job at hand and tenacity will reflect these values on students.

They learn how to work with others, gain confidence, take action, understand cooperation. Reflecting on the behavior they notice makes them practice the same for themselves. ● Passion : Students get inspired by seeing their teachers in work mode. Shared planning sessions and teaching classes make students see the importance of adjusting and cooperation.
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What do you mean by teachers influence?

What is Teacher-Efficacy? – Teacher-efficacy is a teacher’s confidence in their ability to help students to learn. Research shows that teacher-efficacy has an effect on his or her students’ academic performance. It is important that teachers believe in themselves and in their abilities as a role model and educator, because it plays an important role on their student’s self-perception and performance. It also helps a teacher influence and communicate more effectively with students as well as with the overall perception of their student’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers with self-efficacy have a positive impact on their students’ academic performance. It is something that all teachers need to build, because it is believed to have an important role on students’ academic performance. Student learning can be positively impacted by the encouragement of teachers to their students. A teacher’s influence, ideas, and expectations of his or her students’ capabilities have an effect on student academic performance and achievements. If teachers believe in their students, their students begin to believe in themselves. Students take into effect the beliefs their teachers have on them and accept it as part of who they are and their abilities. When students are viewed in a negative way by their teachers such as, being lazy, unmotivated and having no abilities, they take on those beliefs about themselves. Many teachers may not be aware of their actions towards particular students in the classroom but their students become aware of them. According to research finding, teachers’ beliefs translate into differential behavior toward their students. For example, teachers who see particular students as highly motivated and highly capable would often make eye contact, smile and lean toward them, and praise and call on them more frequently. Motivation in infants and young children is very high. Infants and young children have a big interest in their surroundings and environment. Unfortunately, as young children get older, they become less interested and enthusiastic about their surrounding and environment. Learning about their environment seems like an unwanted task and desire. Student motivation is the desire and interest that a student has to be involved in their learning environment. There are reasons that affect student motivation. For example, an intrinsically motivated student looks at the learning activity as an enjoyable process and gets great satisfaction through the process of learning. A student who is extrinsically motivated looks at the learning activity as something they have to do so that they can get a reward or not be punished. It is also believed that motivation to learn is determined or affected by modeled behavior and communication of parents and teachers, Children develop an idea about learning in their home setting. Children are given a particular message from their homes based on their parents’ encouragement of exploring their world compared to children who are given the encouragement to explore the world around them. Therefore, children without an encouraging and supportive home setting are less likely to deal with and handle failure, because of their feelings about no self-worth or competence. Older children have a harder time accepting failure and seeing the positive side of trying to accomplish a goal, whereas, younger children see failure as a positive step to finishing or reaching a goal. Teachers’ influence and expectations of students also play a big role in motivation of student. The rules and goals also play an important role on the thoughts and beliefs of the students. It is important for teachers to view themselves as being able to stimulate student motivation to learn. Tasks given to students can help increase motivation by being challenging and achievable, and showing students that the skills involved in a task can be used in the real world. Verbally providing the reasons for the tasks to students is also helpful. According to research there is a process called Attribution Retraining that includes modeling, socialization and practice exercises and is sometimes used with discouraged students. Attribution retraining provides students with focus on a task rather than the fear of failure. For more posts on education, you might enjoy reading about Learning Styles. Click on the links: The Kinesthetic Learner The Visual Learner The Auditory Learner If you are interested in an Orton-Gillingham reading, writing and comprehension program that is heavily scripted, super easy to use, affordable and no outside training necessary, please check out: >The PRIDE Reading Program<< Describe A Teacher Who Influenced You In Your Education
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Who is the person who has influenced you and why?

In 250 Words: Who Has Been Your Greatest Influence? In the 250 Words series, the RU Student Life writers are posed a question, and in 250 words they each offer their insights. Share yours with us, Robyn: You Become Who You Spend Your Time With The most influential people in my life have always been the people closest to me.

  1. My family is small but supportive.
  2. My parents taught me and my brother a strong work ethic – to aim high, work hard and value your relationships.
  3. My parents have nurtured me, guided me and comforted me.
  4. They hold the opinions I trust the most.
  5. They constantly inspire me to achieve.
  6. One of my earliest life lessons was that you become who you hang out with, and this doesn’t change when you get older.

I’ve always tried to be friendly to everyone I meet, but at the same time I’ve also become picker about who I spend the majority of my time with. I’ve learned to spot certain positive qualities in people, and seek these qualities out. I’ve also learned to avoid other characteristics.

The people closest to you will influence you in many ways so I think it’s important to be selective, especially at an important time in your life when you are building the foundation for your career and making other important life decisions. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you a better person.

Some friends come and go but the ones who have stayed have had a huge impact on my decisions and happiness. They have supported me and cheered me on and they have shaped me into the person I have become. Sunita: The Courageous Older Sister My biggest influence has always been my older sister.

  1. From the minute I was born she has always been my best friend, guiding me and teaching me, and giving me strength every step of the way.
  2. As as a shy introvert that is often afraid of so many things, I’m so often inspired by my sister who lives boldly and without any fear.
  3. I watch as her warm and kind personality can make any person her new best friend, and how her courage, determination and amazing work ethic can land her anywhere she wants to be.

I’ve seen life deal her some of the cruelest cards, yet with every adversary she remains the same loving and brave person she always has been. Growing up, she filled my life with books, music and TV shows that shaped my life and made me become the person I am today.

Despite how hard it was, when she left home by herself at 18 years old it was one of the bravest things I had seen someone do and it in turn inspired me to chase my dreams and follow my intuition no matter how wild it seemed. Even when there was so much distance between us, she remained a constant part of my everyday and would give me pep talks on the phone and write letters to me with advice to get me through my teenage years.

Now that we’re living together again, I’m so grateful that I have her here because I couldn’t get through my university years – or any stage of my life – without her. My relationship with my sister remains to be the most precious and cherished gift life has ever given me, and reminds me daily that the power of strong female relationships can get you through anything.

  1. Jessica: My Parents, The Hardest Working People I Know I have come to the realization that my parents are my greatest influence.
  2. Growing up a first generation Canadian, I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of my parent’s love.
  3. Influenced by media and what I saw around me, I was sometimes resentful I wasn’t given the opportunities and luxuries I saw other kids have.

Now that I’m older, I am incredibly appreciative of my parents. They are the hardest working people I know. As immigrants from Vietnam, my parents have shared with me stories of hardship and triumph. They have told me stories about being in the same room as Death, and what the value of family truly means.

  1. They have reminisced about simple times, and the loneliness that comes with separation.
  2. My parents left everything and everyone they knew to embark on a new life.
  3. In 2013, my parents took my family on a trip to China and Vietnam so that we could learn about our culture and roots.
  4. The experience was shockingly beautiful.
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It made me realize all the selfless sacrifices my parents made. My mom can be described as cunning and intelligent. She has a sharp tongue and wicked sense of style. She also holds inside of her a flame that never falters. Alternatively, my father is the most curious man I know.

His thirst for knowledge is vast and unwavering. He is the type of person to sit with you to learn about religion despite being non-religious. In these ways, I find myself realizing the parts of me I love most about myself are heavily influenced by my parents. I am truly my parent’s child. Danielle: My Encouraging Significant Other The greatest influencer in my life has to be my significant other.

I hesitated a little when deciding to write about him. I was worried that it could seem as if I was saying that it’s okay if your boyfriend controls your life and makes all your decisions for you. I’m not saying that because that’s certainly not the situation.

What I want to make clear is that everyone has people in their lives who push them to be better, do better, and strive for what will make them happy in life. My boyfriend does that for me. He is such a hard worker and the work that I see him do inspires me to work harder as well and to explore more opportunities.

I know he’s going to be successful and I want us to be successful together. He’s made me realize I am allowed to want for more than what I might once have thought I was worthy of. He encourages me to go for the goals that I want to achieve, no matter how lofty (who do you think convinced me I was good enough to apply for this job?) and no matter how ridiculous (I am determined to become a mom to five dogs one day).
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How do you answer Tell me about a time you influenced someone?

Choose a specific example from your life with a clear beginning, middle and end. Try to select an example where the results are as objective as possible so that the employer can understand clearly your positive influence on the other individual or group.
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How would you describe a positive influence?

Get others to respond to you with excitement and eagerness What makes people happy? There is an ever-increasing epidemic of unhappiness in the world. There are 580,000,000 people Googling “How to be happy?” People complain, find fault, reject, criticize, and ridicule.

Often for no reason other than they have found this the best way to get attention. Or perhaps they believe this is their only option for action. But there is another way to get attention or to find additional options. You can get others to respond to you with excitement and eagerness. How? By using positive influence.

Let’s first start with the definition of positive psychology. Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. It is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful lives, to nurture what is best within themselves, and to increase their experiences of love, work, and play.

  • Perform at a higher level
  • Are more productive
  • Sell more
  • Find solutions more readily
  • Get along better with others
  • Live longer
  • Reconcile conflict more quickly
  • Come up with great ideas
  • Are less stressed
  • Give their best
  • AND happy people generate happiness in others

3 Top Practices of Positive Influence Positive influence means living your life as an example that will contribute to someone else’s success. Don’t be afraid to explore opportunities and engage in activities that keep you stretched beyond your comfort zones. Here are the top 3 ways you can instantly and positively influence other people, including yourself.

Inspire change, Point out how people can use a particular strength to build up a weakness. For example, a person may exhibit a strong tendency to take risks that are well thought-out and productive. They can use this strength to build up a weakness, such as fear of commitment. Commitment (weakness) can come easier when they realize that thinking through what is expected of them and what exactly they can contribute (risk taking) turns making a commitment into a strength.

Create a demand, Open the doors for people to realize that something is missing. Help people see and understand how what they have to offer will make a difference. For instance, bring to their attention a situation that demands their great communication skills, expert negotiation talent, or ability to be innovative in the midst of problems.

Motivate a sense of purpose, Appeal to a person’s desire to get involved in their passion. Show your confidence in a person to use their talents, abilities, and skill set to fulfill their sense of purpose. People will rise to the occasion when they find what they are passionate about or see as a need to fulfill, especially on a larger scale.

Bonus Positive Influence Practice: Encourage positive influence in others. Place an expectation that once you have demonstrated positive influence that they will pay it forward. Empower others to share positive influence in their daily lives with co-workers, friends and family.

All of the above Positive Influence Practices require positive interaction. Use words in your conversations that motivate not hinder. Show interest and compassion for another person’s struggles. Create a safe place for people to experiment with what they are learning. When you practice positive influence with others, you inspire them to realize a better future than they thought possible.

You challenge them to demand more of themselves, and you encourage and motivate them to discover their sense of purpose. _ Imagine what you could accomplish if you could become more influential to those around you! What would you do with that kind of power? What would you have if you could have anything? You’re not alone in wishing you had more influence in life.

An Amazon search shows there are 102,196 results of books with the word influence in the title. There are 823,000 global monthly searches on Google for the phrase ‘how to get what you want’. There are 165,000 searches for the phrase ‘change your life’. And there are 3.3 million global monthly searches for the word ‘influence’.

How do you get started becoming a more influential person? Take the Keller Influence Indicator® (or KII®, pronounced “kay-two”). This is the first influence assessment designed to help you understand the exact influence traits it takes in order to create the change you want to see.
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How would you describe the best teacher?

Some qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching include an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love of learning.
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How do you thank a teacher for inspirational?

Thank-a-Prof Describe A Teacher Who Influenced You In Your Education Following the Fall of 2019, several Mizzou students took time to write thank you notes to faculty members as part of the “Thank-A-Prof” initiative. Here is just a small sampling of the notes sent from students to instructors. Thank you so much for making a subject I was worried about disliking, a class that I was excited to show up to.

  • You truly made my semester one of the best I’ve ever had.
  • Have a fantastic break! Thank you so much for making a big class feel small and super fun! Thank you for a great first semester at college! May the wisdom and well health goes long.
  • Thank you for your amazing lectures and feedbacks and thank you for being so supportive! Thank you for amazing lectures and discussions! I learned a lot and benefited from your course! Thank you! Thank you so much for facilitating such a positive learning environment! I really enjoyed this class and I’m excited to continue my education in the School of Health Professions.

This class solidified my decision to pursue PT! Thank you for all that you do for your students! I really enjoyed your class and was actually excited to come to class every day. I am very thankful for passionate professors like you! Thank you for a wonderful semester.

I appreciated your caring disposition and teaching style. As a senior, I have had my fair share of professors and the good ones stand out. Thank you for incorporating humor and even performances- I will remember those forever! Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful break with your family! Happy Holidays! I just wanted to say thank you for being a great instructor.

Our J1300 class was my favorite this past semester. I imagine it took you a while to grade our assignments, but I really appreciated all of your feedback! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for an adventurous semester! Go Tigers! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I can’t wait to work with you! Thanks for a hilarious semester! Thank you for being so passionate when finding opportunities for us and giving us honest feedback to help us improve our skills.

Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for caring about both what you’re teaching and how you teach it. Thanks for the reality checks and applications about the different topic areas. Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you do in the office to make all the students’ college journey go a little smoother. None of us would do quite as well without your support! Merry Christmas! I would like to thank you for this semester.

For your patience and for creating an environment where we aren’t only allowed to succeed but also to fail. For caring for the students and training them. For allowing us to question without judging and for having growth mindset with us. Students succeed when students feel the freedom to imagine and trust you give.

You are a very good mentor. Thank you for leading our discussion section. This class was challenging at times but there was value in being exposed to the material. Thank you for your efforts in grading communication and individual feedback. Thank you so much for your passion and all the depth and applications you go into with the topics.

Guts are cool! Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for all you do for your students, for taking the time you we need to understand things and giving us help and extra problems to learn when we don’t understand them. Merry Christmas! Thank you for being so creative and passionate about your teaching, subject, and how you communicate ideas and unique life lessons with us.

  • Merry Christmas! Thank you for welcoming our class to CS at Mizzou and for the valuable information you shared with us.
  • Thank you for teaching our public speaking class.
  • I appreciate your warmth and willingness to clarify information.
  • Thank you for teaching our class and helping us through the learning process.

Thank you for your care in looking at each student’s grade individually and your generosity. Thank you for doing those reviews before tests and making practice exams available, too. Thank you for teaching our discussion section for Calculus 1. I appreciate your working through the problems with us.

Thank you for leading our CS1050 lab and accepting lab submissions via email on occasion. Thanks for bearing with us throughout. You were pleasant, firm, and professional while teaching your class. I have learned important skills from you that will help me academically and personally. Thank you. Thank you so much for your time and patience.

You definitively love to teach. I am usually very very anxious about approaching professors, but you make things very simple and human. You are a great instructor: organized, responsive, patient and able to clearly explain complex topics and nuances. Words are powerless to express my gratitude to you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for never letting me down. My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and your time you spent helping me in many occasions. Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvelous sense of humor.

And please give my best regards to your laptop — I sincerely hope it has fully recovered! You are always very kind, patient, helpful and truly care about your profession and your students! Thank you for a fun semester! I always enjoy having you as a professor and I appreciate how approachable you are.

It means a lot to me that you check in with how things are going, because school can get pretty stressful. Thank you so much for keeping us engaged, learning and laughing. Thank you for your passion and for your willingness to share that passion with your students. Your excitement about statistics – of all things – is helpful.

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? Thank you so much for caring about us beyond what your job requires. Thank you for your steadfast diligence to teaching and for making us all comfortable with your approachable, personable demeanor. It is easy to take you for granted but it is difficult to forget your inspirational words.

  • Instead of leading me by holding my hands, you asked me to walk ahead while you caringly observed from behind.
  • Thank you for all you do for the cohort program.
  • You’re amazing and it is much appreciated in a job where I’m sure you get little thanks.
  • The program is life changing and you have helped shape and make it more valuable.

I don’t owe my professional success to my destiny, courage, luck, belief, confidence or fortune. I owe it to a wonderful scholar like you. Nothing can come close to the inspirational presence of an instructor like you in a student’s journey. You have no idea how important a role you play in shaping my research development, maybe we did not meet a lot, but those little encouragement words, means a lot to me.

As always you challenged me to push further and to learn more. I really enjoyed all of the readings and found they were diverse and inclusive. I learned a lot. Thank you for allowing us the space to not only have dialogue, but be creative within our assignments as well. Thank you for being so encouraging and doing everything you can to keep us motivated and supported throughout our program.

Your knowledge and leadership provides us with a priceless model for our own careers. I am so happy you are part of my education. You are gifted at explaining things multiple ways in an inordinately clear fashion to help students grasp concepts and theories.

Thanks for the hard work you put into the course. I would like to express my thankfulness to you, a great professor, for your wonderful lessons in the class. I also want to thank you so much for your kindness and your great assistance to an international student like me. Thank you for teaching me that emotion and logic exist best together.

I learned to truly care about diversity and inclusion through your classes, and I hopefully now spread that message in a passionate but thoughtful way. You’re awesome. ? Schools, colleges and universities don’t achieve acclaim because of their historical buildings, heavy funding or celebrity alumni.

  • They become great because they have outstanding faculty like you.
  • Thank you for all of your encouragement.
  • You’re an amazing person, and I want you to know you made a meaningful impact on my life.
  • I know this course was probably not “required” of you to teach, with your already quite busy schedule including out-of-country travel and lots of campus advising.

But, your insights will help those of us going on to teach to be mindful of the very important work this is in shaping student minds of the future. My thanks to you for going above and beyond! Your diligence and direction have inspired my inner confidence to climb like a Tiger until I reach the pinnacle of my ambitions.

  • I want to specially thank you for making research and its approach very ‘simple’ to me.
  • Your approach was excellent and made me appreciate research like never before.
  • My dream is to be a professor and when I become one, I want to be like you.
  • Thank you.
  • Your class and enthusiasm for the material made me genuinely excited to come to class.

It helped me to find what I truly want to do with my career and where I want to go in the next few years. For that, I thank you. Your passion comes through in your teaching and seems to be a part of what makes you an effective professor. I’m glad I took this course with you.

  1. Thank you! I came to you when I didn’t know what to do for my research, you provided advice and guidance.
  2. Then, you took me under your supervision; you showed me how research is done, and how a researcher should think.
  3. You gave me a fixed spot in your busy schedule and walked with me through every detail.

For all the above I am grateful and ever indebted to you. It is clear that you want us to learn and apply the knowledge we gain in your class. Throughout the course, you allowed us to freely express our experiences, thoughts and opinions, which helped me gain insight into many of the concepts we learned.

I am grateful to you for sharing your experience, expertise and wisdom in the hardest class I’ve had to date, yet one of my favorites. You challenged me to reach higher and further than I thought I could, while at the same time offering grace, kindness and compassion when my life was turned upside down.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for a great semester! I loved the books we read and the class meetings were always eye-opening. There was never a dull moment and you kept us on our toes. That is what learning should look like. Thank you for your advice and kindness.

You empowered me to make a difference in my life and the lives of people looking up to me. Thank you! Thank you for your great efforts in helping international students to improve our American accent. You are an outstanding professor and an excellent storyteller! It was a pleasure being in your class and getting to know you.

You are perhaps, the only teacher who could make DDOS attacks and ERDs fun! ? Thank you for all your hard work and patience last semester! I had heard you were teacher of the year one year and now I know why. I was honestly a bit intimidated by the course, but with your thorough teaching style, I was able to fully grasp everything you taught.

Moreover, I appreciated how you focused on what is relevant and actually important. So thank you for being a fabulous professor—one who I will always think highly of! Cheers! I had a fantastic time by taking your course. Thank you for your warm and welcoming nature, which invited us all to ask more questions.

Thank you for the wonderful and addictive course. I learned a lot of things from you. Your expertise and the way of teaching are quite fantastic and I will surely miss them. Thank you for giving some of your wisdom to me. Thank you for your passion and dedication to teaching what many people find to be some of the most challenging concepts in the accounting curriculum.

Your positive attitude and in-depth explanations for difficult concepts greatly enriches every class you teach. Just at dinner last night, a group of us first years were reflecting on the semester. We came to the conclusion that you’re one of the hardest working professors and your passion for teaching shows every single day.

From staying up late to grade last minute assignments to taking the time to make us breakfast for our final, you really have made an impact. So with that being said, thank you from the first year class! Thank you so so much for your passion for our profession and educating.

  • I feel so lucky to have a professor like you, finding the just-right-challenge between pushing us to be better, encouraging us, and inspiring us as future clinicians.
  • You are appreciated, and hope you feel encouraged as an educator and proud of the work you’ve done with our class.
  • Thank you so much!! Thanks for being a great adviser the last few years! Also, thanks for the constant supply of candy :).

You were/are someone I can always come to with questions, problems, etc. and I really appreciate that. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for our class. In the midst of this heart breaking time, you still placed our learning and experience as a top priority, and I am amazed at your ability to do so.

  1. We love your dedication and passion for this profession, and appreciate you so much! We have missed seeing you daily, but you have been in our constant thoughts and prayers.
  2. Thank you so much for being a professor that cares for each individual student.
  3. I have been so blessed by your encouragement and willingness to help me fully grasp course material.

You have made my transition into a professional program easier and I have never felt so supported by a professor. I look forward to having you as a professor again next semester! Thank you for loving your job so much! You are an amazing teacher. Thanks for everything you taught me last year as well as your support.

  • You have always gone above and beyond the expectations of a ‘great’ professor.
  • You are truly a treasure at Mizzou! Thanks for everything and best wishes for all your future endeavors.
  • There are two types of teachers, one who teach their students what the syllabus dictates and the other, who go beyond the coursework to teach their students things that life dictates.

Thank you for being the latter. I have learned from your silence more than your talk since you are one of the few who talk less, and say more. It is apparent that you put the student first and work to place us in positions to succeed. I also wanted to thank you for pushing me to engage my discomfort and reach for a more well-rounded view of the world of education.

There is more work to do but you have opened a window. Thank you! My biggest takeaway, apart from all the social theories, is that I lacked confidence while presenting. You have been so supportive and encouraging throughout the term, that for the first time in my life, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and I have gotten over my fear of presenting (hurray!).

Thank you for your time, thorough feedback and follow-up. I am glad that this course was one of my first courses in the program. I look up to you as a role model. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you in the future. There is not enough I can say about how much I thank heaven that you are my adviser and mentor.

  • Your patience and understanding are unsurpassed.
  • That you truly care about our work/life balance, but yet set the bar for rigor in learning, has influenced me as I lead others and will positively influence the nursing profession as your advisees influence others.
  • I am SO thankful I chose Mizzou for many reasons, with a main one that of the honor of getting to know you.

You are my hero. You continue to impress me more and more with your knowledge, creativity and engaging coursework. Some people brighten up the room with their presence–you are one of them and even manage to do so even from a distance. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and compassion as I continue this doctoral journey; you aren’t just helping me learn, you make me a better person.

It is with transcending gratitude that I tell you what an inspiration you have been throughout my experience, thus far, here at Mizzou. Your knowledge, understanding and genuine “care” for others is illuminated in everything you do! I’m grateful to know you. Thank you for you dedication, organization, enthusiasm and hard work.

You are an inspiring professor. Thanks for making me brave. We had 5 white-knuckle, terrifying assignments that turned out to be not so scary in the end. Thanks for pushing the limits and reassuring me that I could get through them. I learned so many new things! : Thank-a-Prof
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How do you describe a good teacher essay?

A Good Teacher Teachers have a lot of knowledge about everything, specifically in the subject they specialize in. A good teacher expands their knowledge continues to provide good answers to their students. Similarly, a good teacher is like a friend that helps us in all our troubles.
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What students remember most about teachers?

You may not remember all the teachers you’ve had, but I bet there were a few who made a lasting impression. They may even influence your own teaching today. So what makes a teacher memorable? Students often remember teachers who were kind or funny or brilliant or passionate.

They remember teachers who cared about them. They remember teachers who were supportive or encouraging or saw something in them no one else did. They remember teachers who challenged them and made them think. And truth be told, students also remember teachers who were maybe just a little quirky. After all, memorable teachers don’t have to be perfect.

Here are a few memorable educators who influenced me as a person and a teacher.
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