How To Become A Bottle Girl?


How To Become A Bottle Girl
If you think you have what it takes to be a bottle girl, then follow these steps:

  1. Research the requirements. To become a bottle girl, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID.
  2. Find a position.
  3. Submit an application.
  4. Attend an interview.
  5. Complete training.
  6. Start working!

How do I start working as a bottle service girl?

There are no formal education requirements to become a bottle server; most positions only require a high school diploma or equivalent. You must have extensive knowledge of a variety of wines, liquors, and cocktails and be able to answer customer questions.

Do bottle girls make money?

A ‘bottle girl’ is a cocktail server that works in a high-end nightclub and specializes in socializing and serving alcohol to clientele. The profession is known for its potential to bring in some serious cash.

Is a bottle girl a real job?

What Is A Bottle Girl? – A “Bottle Girl,” or a bottle server, is a cocktail server who works at expensive establishments to serve top-paying clientele. Bottle girl roles are expected to provide their clients with a top-tier level of services. People in this role usually serve bottles of alcohol to special guests in clubs and other high-end establishments.

The real challenge in this role is providing elevated service while establishing the client’s desired atmosphere. Providing exceptional service while knowing how to read the client is crucial to a bottle girl’s success. By mastering this position, bottle girls can earn a large sum of money throughout the night.

Although terms such as “cocktail waitress” have been replaced by gender-neutral terms such as “cocktail server,” the role of a “Bottle girl” has not seen progression within the industry. Bottle girls still face requirements on appearance, dress, and weight and are frequently the recipient of sexism and harassment in the workplace.

How much did you make as a bottle girl?

How much does a Bottle Service make in California? The salary range for a Bottle Service job is from $50,603 to $72,438 per year in California.

How do bottle girls get money?

Internet Culture Posted on May 20, 2022 Updated on May 23, 2022, 1:28 pm CDT People spend a lot of money on drinking at bars, clubs, and restaurants. Even during the pandemic, when many eateries and nightclubs were closed, the industry at large reportedly managed to rake in a whopping $20.04 billion in 2020.

  1. In 2021, even with many social distancing and COVID-safety protocols in place, that number jumped to $25.09 billion.
  2. It’s estimated that the average U.S.
  3. Drinker spends $579 on alcohol annually,
  4. But this is an average sum, and if you like to go out and party at various and sundry exclusive venues, then you know how easy it is to rack up a hefty bill that puts that $579 figure to shame.

And if you’re employed at one such exclusive location where big ballers like to flex their credit card balance limits, there’s a good chance you’re going to be able to walk away with a hefty tip after a single day’s work. This is something that TikToker Nina Angelina (@ninageruntho) demonstrates in a now-viral clip.

  • The video features a smash cut of her working as a bottle girl in her second week at a party venue in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Ninageruntho my day as a #bottlegirl in #scottsdale ♬ original sound – nina angelina Nina starts the video with a Red Bull can getting emptied into a cup and crushed, with a text overlay that reads “Bottle Girl vlog.” Nina dances to Taylor Swift in front of a pool and then reveals that she was assigned the “cabana section for the first time ever.” Viewers are then introduced to a section that looks like a VIP area.

Many clubs will typically require minimum bottle service purchases at these areas in order for individuals or groups to book a specific seating area. Minimum gratuities are often associated with these tables, so servers can expect to earn more when they’re stationed in these areas.

  • Scottsdale, along with Phoenix, are known as Arizona’s most active nightlife hotspots, according to Travel Triangle,
  • Trip Advisor also stated that Scottsdale is the place to be if you’re aiming to party hard while in Arizona.
  • This could explain the large tips Nina received on two specific tickets while working the cabana area in this particular TikTok.

The first bill she shows carries a subtotal of $9,291.55. The patrons left a $1,800 gratuity, bringing their total to $11,091.55. But the second gratuity that Nina shows off is even heftier: she banks a $3,000 tip for a $10,855.14 order, which came out to a grand total of $13,855.14.

Those two gratuities alone came out to $4,800. Naturally, there were tons of TikTok users who wanted to know how they could get in on that sweet income-earning potential, with many reconsidering their own employment choices. “How do you even get into this kind of work is the question,” one asked. “I’m in the wrong profession,” another said.

“Are you guys hiring? Asking for me,” a third quipped. Nina called it the “perfect job for your 20s” in the comments section. It’s unknown as to what the actual payout structure of the bills Nina showcases is, however. Bottle girls are encouraged to sell bottles to tables and will earn a “commission” (their gratuity).

Bottles are almost always much more expensive at nightclubs and party venues: Tableist noted that prices can range anywhere from $425 to $7,000 a bottle, but there really isn’t any limit (take the $500,000 New Year’s Bottle Service event at Hakkasan Las Vegas, for example). There are also several first-hand write-ups from bottle service workers on the internet.

One Atlantic City-based server said that it helped pay her way through college, and she learned quickly she was “great at forcing a smile and putting on an ever-so bubbly persona.” Another New York Post article interviewed a bottle service worker who echoed that the earning potential is “amazing” and that, during a particular point in time, she was making anywhere from $150,000-$160,000 a year.

How much do top bottle girls make?

Bottle Service Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $52,000 $25
75th Percentile $43,000 $21
Average $38,795 $19
25th Percentile $26,000 $12

Why do bottle girls dress like that?

How To Become A Bottle Girl By Albert Vargas Being a bottle girl has become a popular job for young women in New York City. Many young girls between the ages of 21-35 are working as bottle girls in the Big Apple, mostly Latinas. Club owners require them to dress provocatively to draw the attention of club clients.

  • Being a bottle girl — serving bottles of alcohol to tables — is one of the best ways for young women to make money working in night clubs.
  • Besides the provocative dress, they are told to be happy and authentic — to get big tips.
  • I hired these girls because I have proven that this is a good way to get clients,” said Joel Jimenez, the general manager from 27 Sports Bar at Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.
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Jimenez says the outfits don’t reflect their character. “I always make sure that our clients respect them,” he said. How To Become A Bottle Girl Bottle girls are controversial in the Latino community. Many people have portrayed this job as a platform for prostitution. Some say the flirtatious way the young women act makes them look bad. “Those girls use that job to get extra money in exchange for sex,” said Fior Encarnacion, a Dominican citizen in the Bronx.

“I do not like my husband to visit clubs because those girls flirt with men to conquer them, and they do not respect if they are married or not. It should be illegal.” Bottle girl Myelin at 27 Sports Bar says she has gotten many offers from clients. Myelin, 26, is a single mother. “Many clients believe that just because they spend a certain amount of money, they have the right to touch or ask me for sex,” she says.

The job isn’t easy because women have to deal with harassment and pressure. “I first respect myself and my son. I will never sell my body,” says Myelin. “Being a bottle girl does not mean I am a prostitute. This is a regular job like others.” “People in the Dominican Republic have a different mentality from New Yorkers,” says Guzman.

  1. I received a call from my aunt asking me if I dance in a strip club because of my dress.
  2. That hurt me because I was raised with good education and well-valued by my parents.
  3. A bottle girl gets better money than a businessman in the Dominican Republic.” She also says that the job with its negative stereotypes does not define her.

Many bottle girls pick the job to pay for their tuition and pursue a career in college. “I chose this job because it is good money and it is flexible,” said Eliza Leon, 25, a bottle girl at 27 Sports Bar. “I am an assistant medical student at ASAP College in Manhattan and this job helps me to pay for my tuition.

I feel comfortable being a bottle girl because I get good tips. I make $1000-$2000 weekly and other regular jobs do not pay that amount of money.” Bottle girls start to work at 10 pm or 11 pm and work until 4 am, according to Jimenez, manager at the sports bar. Many of these girls are overworked. Some locations are restaurants during the day and after 10 pm, they stop selling food and become night clubs.

These restaurants are typical in Hispanic neighborhoods. For example, La Casa del Mofongo, located at Saint Nicolas and Washington Heights and Salsa Con Fuego, located on Fordham in the Bronx, are popular lounge restaurants that hire waitresses and bottle girls.

  1. Some of those women work as a waitress during the day and at night they change their clothes and become a bottle girl, working 15 hours every weekend.
  2. I work 40-45 hours in three days from Friday to Sunday,” said Carina Garcia, a Dominican waitress in a popular lounge restaurant in Washington Heights.

“I start working at 3 pm on Friday as a food waitress, with regular clothes, all black, but at 10 pm I stop working as a waitress. I take one hour to change my clothes and get my makeup and at 11 pm, I start working as a bottle girl until 5 am,” said Garcia wearily.

I work hard because I am a single mother, and I want to give the best to my son. Although I do not see him on weekends, my mom takes care of him. I know he is in good hands every weekend.” Clary Guzman is better artistically known as Clary Doll. “People call me doll because of my body,” she says. Guzman got breast and buttock implants.

“I made my body two years ago. I made that decision because I wanted to improve my self-esteem, and as a bottle girl, that gives me an advantage.” Her family in the Dominican Republic are skeptical, says Guzman. “I received a call from my aunt asking me if I dance in a strip club because of my dress.

That hurt me because I was raised with good education and well-valued by my parents. A bottle girl gets better money than a businessman in the Dominican Republic.” Most of the bottle girls want to look very good because the better they look, the more tips they receive. Bottle girls dress like this because it’s the club policy, said Gloria Garcia, who works at 27 Sports Bar and who belongs to the LGBTQ community.

“I am an example that the stereotype about bottle girls is not true because I am not interested in men,” she says. “I am married to another girl. I work here because of the flexibility, and I have two more jobs.” Making the rent is one of the main challenges that New Yorkers face, and this has led people to work two and three jobs to support themselves.

What is a shot girl?

Job Summary: To up sell a variety of alcoholic beverages and products to the clients within the beach club in a happy, fun, positive and friendly manner, the main responsibility is to promote and sell products to maximize sales.

What is a door girl at a club?

Job Description of a Club Front Doorman By Steve McDonnell Updated December 21, 2021 Most nightclubs have a comprehensive security plan to help ensure the safety of club patrons and allow them to enjoy themselves at the club. “Doormen” or “door girls” are an important part of this security plan and they may be assigned bouncer duties.

Doormen and door girls are typically the first club employees you meet when entering and the last people you see when leaving a club. Their bouncer duties may include controlling access to the club and providing security for the crowd inside the establishment and outside the door. A doorman ensures that each patron is old enough to legally enter the club by checking each guest’s identification, according to the job site,

He may also collect tickets or an admission cover charge. A club security job description might also using portable metal detectors or patting down guests as they enter to prevent them from bringing weapons into the club. If a patron is clearly intoxicated, causing trouble while waiting in line or has caused trouble at the club in the past, the doorman can refuse to admit the troublemaker.

In their role as a bouncer, they are authorized to decide who gets in to the club and in what order. They track the number of people they admit and the number of people who leave the club to ensure that the number of people in the club doesn’t exceed the maximum safe occupancy allowed by law. A doorman might select people out of turn in line and grant them entrance to the club at his own discretion or might deny people entrance to the club because they are not dressed appropriately.

One of the more challening duties in a bouncer’s job description is dealing with difficult patrons. Skilled doormen interact with customers in a friendly, professional and courteous manner, notes, They use communication skills, rather than physical force, to interact with aggressive, intoxicated or obnoxious patrons.

When they refuse a patron entrance to the club, a doorman calmly and respectfully explains the reasons why. After listening to a customer’s protests, the doorman instructs the patron to leave the premises and may summon other doormen or bouncers to persuade the customer to leave. Doormen or door girl job descriptions include greeting new patrons and thanking departing customers for their business at the end of the night.

They might help arrange for a taxi to pick up guests for their convenience and safety. Their goal is to project a positive image of the establishment and build customer loyalty. To help ensure that people don’t wait in line only to be denied admission, a doorman often makes announcements to the crowd about the club rules and the requirements for entering the club.

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What is a good tip for a bottle girl?

Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and it’s also a service economy. What does that mean? It means many workers in Las Vegas literally earn their living from the tips they earn. Whether it’s a dealer at the blackjack table or cocktail waitress serving you a drink, tips are how the Vegas world goes round.

Here at Vegas Girls Night Out we get a lot of questions about what do to, where to go and when is the best time to do those activities. However, one of the most asked questions is how do you tip and how much do you tip. No one wants to be thought of as stingy but at the same time, you may not know how much is enough.

Here’s a guide to how you should tip while in Sin City. Bottle Service Before we get down to how much you should tip for bottle service, let’s talk about what it is. When you get bottle service at the club, you’re paying for premium liquor bottles, mixers and the best part, table space.

This is the best way to experience a club in Vegas. Why, you ask? Well, you get to cut the lines at the club which is usually half the battle into getting into the club. You also entire the exclusive VIP area where you’ll have a place to sit and hang out away from the intense crowds of the dance floor.

It’s a luxury service that will make you feel VIP. So now let’s talk about tipping. typically a bottle is between $500 to $600; the automatic gratuity is usually 20% of $600. That means you’ll be tipping $120, now divide that between you and your squad, let’s say there are 6 of you that’s $20 each.

Keep this rule of thumb in mind whenever you’re planning a club night with bottle service. Cocktail Servers When you’re gambling drinks are free but if you want to keep those drinks coming, make sure you’re tipping your servers well. Servers rely on tips, so make sure to keep you set aside some of your gambling money to tip.

A good rule of thumb is giving your server $1 to $2 a drink and give her more if you’re asking for top shelf liquor or if you have a special request. Bartenders There are many ways to drink for free in Las Vegas, but just because it’s “free” doesn’t mean you don’t have to tip.

Vegas Girls Night Out offers VIP Club Hopper passes which include VIP entry into select nightclubs plus free drink(s) and/or open bar. It’s a great deal all bachelorettes should take advantage of, but getting that free drink doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. If you want to take full advantage of that open bar, then you better start tipping the person making those drinks or you might see your glass empty more often than not.

How To: Get a bottle girl job GUARANTEED tips & tricks| Shunty Ringfield

Plan on tipping your bartender $1 to $2 per drink or between 15 & 20 percent of your total end of the night tab. Remember the more you tip, the faster those drinks will be headed your way when in a crowd. Male Revue Another complaint we hear a lot is; “I went to Australia’s Thunder From Down Under with a hand full of $1s and the guys didn’t take my money or they throw the money on the ground.” The blokes aren’t trying to be mean or rude by not taking your money.

Believe it or not Australia’s Thunder From Down Under is a non-tipping show. You read that right, there is a policy in place that says the blokes can’t take your money during their performance. Remember ladies this is a Las Vegas show not a strip club, and by chance if a few bills do get stuck in their G-string that money is gathered and is later donated to a charity.

The best way to tip the blokes is to pay for a photo after the show where you’ll be able to get up close and personal. Transportation Drivers According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, you should try to follow the 15 to 20 percent rule on your fare when tipping your driver.

If you should have a driver who should “long-haul” you (which is illegal) or you have a complaint make sure you to report it. Click here to learn more. And don’t forget if you book a limo through the tip is already included in the price so you don’t have to worry about tipping at the end of the ride.

Valets The convenience of valet is something many visitors enjoy when visiting Las Vegas. But when do you tip? When you drop your car off or when you pick it up? The answer is when you pick your car up. In general, you should tip around $5 once they retrieve your car.

  • Eep in mind, that the days of free parking all over the Las Vegas Strip came to an end in April 2016 when MGM decided all its properties are now charging for self-park & valet,
  • The fee is dependent on what hotel you stay at and how long.
  • Click the here to check out how much each MGM property now charges for parking.

Also keep in mind that gratuity is not included in the parking fee when you valet. Bellhops If you have a bellhop help you with your bags, count the number of bags they are bringing to your room. Tip him $2 per bag if you have six or more bags, or $1 per bag if you have five bags or less.

Dealers Though there’s no official rule on dealer tips, the logic is if you’re winning then so is the dealer. A dealer who produces winning hands for you deserves a little something for your enjoyment. According to USA Today, you should tip $5 for every $30 you’ve won and if you win a big hand tip the dealer 5 to 10 percent of your winnings.

You know what they say Karma goes around. Meals Tipping on meals is expected, but do you have to tip on pre-paid meals? How about at a Vegas buffet? What’s the etiquette? The answer to all these questions is yes, you should tip. For prepaid meals, you need to ask if the tip is already included in the price of the meal.

  1. Just because it’s prepaid doesn’t always mean the tip is included so make sure you ask.
  2. If you purchase a prepaid or prefix menu through the tip will be included in the total.
  3. However, if you do a prepaid meal that includes tip and you end up splurging on cocktails or wine with dinner then you have to tip on top of that.

Don’t skimp on the tip just because it was included in the meal. The general rule is between 15 & 20 percent, but you can adjust according to service. If you wind up at a buffet for dinner, it’s customary to tip the person serving you drinks & cleaning up your dishes.

What do bottle girls in Vegas make?

As of Apr 23, 2023, the average annual pay for a Bottle Service in Las Vegas is $33,329 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $16.02 an hour. This is the equivalent of $640/week or $2,777/month.

How much do bottle girls make in the UK?

I’m a bottle girl & make £800 a night thanks to routine that makes me look good A BOTTLE girl has claimed she can make £800 in just one night thanks to a special routine that she has. Kat Busch, 22, says her job can come with a sizeable six-figure salary, allowing her to live a flash jet-set lifestyle.

  • Her income has meant she has paid for her degree and travelled the world and allowed her to “change her life”.
  • The was just 17 when she first started working as a server at a high-end sushi restaurant but switched to work in bottle service – the sale of alcohol by the bottle in nightclubs.
  • While bottle girls are often only paid $2 an hour, the huge tips mean she can often make more in a weekend than some people do in their full-time jobs.
  • She claims she can now rake in around £800 a night.
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How To Become A Bottle Girl How To Become A Bottle Girl

  1. Kat told the : “You can make upwards of $1,000 consistently at night, sometimes $500 on the lower end.
  2. “I think it’s a great career and especially for people in college trying to get out of debt.
  3. “I literally paid for my entire degree with serving and bottle service because I was able to have that flexibility of just working weekends and was still able to go to school during the week but also make enough money that it’s like some people in a 40-hour week.”
  4. Kat added that the most she has made in one night was just over $2,000 (£1,600) and that was in a five-hour shift.
  • She said she had gained the nickname “Killer Kat” by her managers due to her “amazing service” and been handed tips as large as $1,200 (£962).
  • Thanks to her job, she was able to pay for her Computer Information Systems degree upfront, which cost $36,000 (£28,900) as well as travel the world.
  • She coughed up to take her mum to and for her 50th birthday which cost a couple of thousand dollars.
  • Kat has also travelled all over the US –,, with each one costing a couple of thousand dollars as well.
  • However, Kat revealed that to make the really big bucks in bottle service, you have to “put in the time to dedicate to your craft”.
  • She said that many people in the nightlife industry simply “half-ass” it, while they show up and look nice, she said they were just “order takers”
  • But she did say that appearance was a big part of the role and more important than simply serving.
  • Kat told the news outlet: “I would always make sure that I took a shower, I did my hair, whether that’s straightening, curling it, putting extensions in, making sure I do a full glam makeup.”
  • She added it was also “really important” to make sure bottle girls were “well-groomed” – wearing lipstick, eye shadow and fake eyelashes.
  • Kat said: “You shave, you pluck your eyebrows, whatever you’d like to do, brush your teeth and then also make sure the small things like make sure your nails are done.
  • “If people are buying a thousand-dollar bottle of champagne, they don’t want your nails to be all raggedy and gross, they want you to look nice.
  • “It’s really about presenting an amazing experience and also looking good is going to help you.
  • “You’re gonna only make more tips if you put in time to your appearance.”
  • The appearance of bottle girls though has led to some misconceptions about them, Kat said.
  • One false stereotype was that they are dumb and stupid with Kat saying many of them have college degrees and just choose to do the job because of the money they can make.
  • Kat has now started to help other women launch their own careers as bottle girls by giving out tips and advice on her and pages and has even launched her own Nightlife Hustle University to teach others how to become a VIP bottle girl or bartender.
  • She said that girls don’t have to be “pretty” to do the job, adding that anyone can polish themselves so that they look like “bottle girl material”.
  • Last year a bottle girl in a posh club revealed the when she’s working.

Kat says bottle girls get paid poorly but can make big money in tips Credit: instagram Kat says being a bottle girl was a great career and a way to earn lots of money Credit: instagram Kat thinks bottle girls don’t have to be beautiful but do have to be ‘polished’ Credit: instagram : I’m a bottle girl & make £800 a night thanks to routine that makes me look good

How much do bottle girls make in LA?

As of Apr 26, 2023, the average annual pay for a Bottle Server in Los Angeles is $41,211 a year.

How old do you have to be to be a bottle girl in NYC?

Can I be a Bartender at 18?

State Age Requirement for Bartending
New York (NY) 18
North Carolina (NC) 21
North Dakota (ND) 19
Ohio (OH) 21

How much do Miami bottle Girls make?

How much does a Bottle Service make in Miami, Florida? As of Apr 28, 2023, the average annual pay for a Bottle Service in Miami is $39,100 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $18.80 an hour. This is the equivalent of $751/week or $3,258/month.

What is the point of bottle service?

Guests Mix Their Own Drinks – Bottle service has an added bonus of freeing up your bartenders and cocktail servers because guests mix their own drinks. The bottle server provides the liquor, glassware, and mixers, but the guests serve themselves.

How much do Toronto bottle Girls make?

“It’s good as a part-time job, you probably make the most amount of money working here than any regular serving job. But it’s a lot more demanding and a lot more stressful” – Calabrese co-runs a company with his brother called UNCRWND Events, where they host local underground hip-hop concerts.

  1. They have hosted events with artists like French Montana, Tory Lanez and Baka Not Nice.
  2. Through successfully creating relationships with guests, being a long-time promoter has given Calabrese venue options for after-parties and other music events.
  3. Consequently, the clubs are also marketing and promoting his events, which gives the extra “push” he needs to have a great turnout.

For Calabrese, promoting was a way to make money for his personal business. This way, he can make enough money to live in Toronto by working just two days a week, which gives enough time to pursue independent business projects. Fiona Guest*, a third-year business management student, has been working as a bottle service girl for almost six months at Maison Mercer, on Mercer and John streets in the Entertainment District.

  • Her job is to sell bottles of alcohol and bring them to the booth, which is not as easy as it seems.
  • It’s good as a part-time job, you probably make the most amount of money working here than any regular serving job.
  • But it’s a lot more demanding and a lot more stressful,” said Guest.
  • Guest said that as a woman working around alcohol, you sometimes have to deal with harassment, like groping.

She said the nights can also be hectic because you’re expected to work in crowded venues and make sure everyone is happy. As a bottle service girl, Guest makes tips off of the bottles sold at a booth, which can range from $30 to $900 per night. However, it’s not just business students that work in the nightlife industry; there are other students who find their careers intersecting with Toronto clubs.

What is the job description of a bottle service girl?

The first duty of these girls is to walk around asking customers if they would like something to drink, and this is where most people ask for bottle service. At PlayBar, bottle service comes with unlimited energy drinks, juice and water. The table is set up with cups and ice.