How To Ask A Girl To Homecoming?


How To Ask A Girl To Homecoming
Message Ideas: –

I might strike out asking, but will you go to homecoming with me? — (Baseball/Softball)Can I steal you for a date to homecoming? — (Baseball/Softball) Let me pitch you an idea — how about we go to homecoming together? — (Baseball/Softball) You’ve caught my attention, so let’s “swing” to “home”—coming together. — (Baseball/Softball) You strike me as the batter I want to take to homecoming. — (Baseball/Softball)Will you round the bases to homecoming with me? — (Baseball/Softball) Wanna go the extra yard and tackle homecoming with me? — (Football)You intercepted my heart — will you go to homecoming with me? — (Football)I think we would have a chil—LAX time if we went to HoCo together. — (Lacrosse) On your mark, get set, and go to homecoming with me? — (Track/Cross Country)Trade your running sneakers for dancing shoes at homecoming with me. — (Track/Cross Country) Scoring a date with you would be “pucking” awesome. Homecoming? — (Field Hockey/Ice Hockey)I would be so XCited if you would run to homecoming with me! — (Cross Country)Will you kick it with me at HoCo? — (Soccer)It’s my goal to go with you to homecoming. — (Soccer)No need to play the field — score a goal with me at homecoming. — (Soccer)You don’t need goggles to see that I want to go to homecoming with you. Wanna take the plunge with me? — (Swimming)I don’t know what to say, so I’ll “Freestyle” — want to go to homecoming with me? — (Swimming)Forget fly, back, breast, and free — will you go to homecoming with me? — (Swimming)When you’re done shooting 3’s, will you go to homecoming with me? — (Basketball)You’d be a real MVP if you’d go to homecoming with me. I’d rather not pass on a shot to score you. Homecoming? Let’s have a BALL at homecoming.My biggest goal is to get you to go to HoCo with me. How about giving it a shot?

How early should you ask a girl to homecoming?

You should ask someone to homecoming right after your school announces the date for it. You wouldn’t want to procrastinate because someone might take your potential date before you get to ask them. Try and give yourself a week in advance to figure out who your friends are taking and who you might want to ask.

Is it OK to ask a girl to homecoming?

Ask someone to homecoming—it’s not too late! October 14, 2017 The homecoming dance will be perfectly fine without a date—at least that’s what you’ve been telling yourself as the window of time for askings gradually shrink. Maybe you don’t mind at all: you can’t wait to fly solo or roll up with squad.

  • Or maybe you’re still holding onto that idea of going with someone, but feel doubtful.
  • If you think it’s too late to pull together a last-minute homecoming asking, I’m here to tell you it’s not.
  • So you’re afraid that things are gonna take a bad turn and nothing is going to go down as you hoped? Just remember that the worst thing that can stem from a well-intentioned asking is rejection and maybe some teasing from your friends.

You’ll get over it, and in a month, you’ll shake your head and laugh about it. After all, we’ve all had our fair share of embarrassing moments at one point or another. Rest assured, no one will remember in a few weeks anyway. Keep in mind that there are multiple askings per day as the dance draws near, so the spotlight will not be on you for that long.

  1. The ways to ask someone to homecoming are limitless, so there’s no pressure to do something you don’t feel comfortable with.
  2. For example, if big crowds make you nervous, you can ask them privately.) So now that you’re on board and have realized that your fears were unwarranted, you’re ready to prepare for the asking of the century.

But, who to ask? Personally, I would recommend you ask someone that you are friends (or more) with—or at least someone who’s not a total stranger. Homecoming can be an opportunity for a new relationship to bloom. If you’re on the more reserved side, it may be a good idea to indirectly ask before making big arrangements.

You could ask their friend to subtly inquire whether or not you would be turned down. Who you go with can play a big role in your night, so choose someone you’ll have a good time with. The truth is that this topic should be of concern to anyone, regardless of their interest in taking a special someone to the dance.

This is about not taking some things too seriously: not thinking “why?” but instead “why not?” Most of us only have four homecoming dances, which is why it is important to make the most out of each one — time’s ticking! When it comes to these things, you will never know unless you try.

  • Simply put, don’t be afraid to ask someone to the homecoming dance.
  • There’s no pressure to go with someone, and absolutely nothing wrong with going alone.
  • But, if you do have someone in mind, don’t allow any fears or self-doubt to get the better of you.
  • So, with that said, take a risk this October.
  • Don’t hold back! Have fun with it, and make this homecoming one for the ages.

: Ask someone to homecoming—it’s not too late!

How do guys ask girls to homecoming?

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl to Homecoming – Asking someone in a thoughtful way can make all the difference for them. Consider asking your potential date by:

Wear a custom t-shirt to school with the girl’s name on the front and “homecoming?” on the back. Approach her during lunch or while she’s at her locker and give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers after she responds. Be sure to ask her friends what her favorite flowers are so you can be extra prepared. If you’re asking your girlfriend or someone you’ve started dating, you can get her a small gift like a bracelet or necklace and write “Will you go to homecoming with me?” on the inside box’s lid as a special surprise. Ask your potential date out for dinner and see if the waiter can bring out a dessert that spells out “Homecoming?” on it.

How do you ask a girl out to homecoming over text?

Download Article Download Article Looking for a surefire way to ask a girl out over text or WhatsApp? Whether you want to go on a date or ask her to be your girlfriend, asking a girl out over text can be anxiety-inducing. If you’re feeling nervous or need some ideas to get the conversation started, we can help! This wikiHow article will help you start a conversation with a girl you like with a text, and give you plenty of ideas and sample texts for landing that date.

  1. 1 Come up with an idea for a date, If you know the person well enough, then consider her interests when coming up with date ideas. The more appealing the date sounds, the more likely she’ll be to say yes. Furthermore, having a concrete plan with a place and time in mind makes you more decisive then if you said “Let’s hang out some time,” or, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Here are some date ideas you should consider before asking:
    • If you share similar tastes in music, then invite her to an upcoming show or concert.
    • Consider asking her to meet you for lunch or grabbing ice cream. If you enjoy cooking, then invite her over for a homemade dinner. Remember that dates don’t necessarily have to revolve around meals; go for a hike together or hit the bowling alley!
    • Try to think of an activity that involves talking and getting to know each other. Avoid asking her to the movies, where you will be sitting in silence and won’t get a chance to talk. However, if you’re set on going to the movies, take her to dinner beforehand or go out for ice cream after, so you get a chance to get to know each other.
  2. 2 Send her an opening text. Greet her first to get the conversation going. If you have just met her and are unsure of whether she has your number saved in your phone, then you may need to remind her who you are. Say something like “Hey, this is, we met the other day.” If you are positive she has your number, then text her something like “Hey, what’s up?” or “Hey, how’s your day going?”
    • Wait until she responds to your first text before asking her out. Remember that she may be occupied and not have her phone with her, so be patient.


  3. 3 Ask her out on a date. Once you have gotten the conversation going, it’s time to ask her out. You may want to start by asking her what her plans are on a given day/weekend. If she says that she is free, then ask her out. Send a text saying “Would you want to do activity with me?”
    • Don’t wait too long to ask her out. You don’t want the conversation to go on a tangent and make asking her out seem too awkward or unexpected. There’s no need to make too much small talk when you’re just texting each other.
    • Keep it short and simple. Just say something like, “Interested in a movie?” or “Want to go bowling this Friday evening?”
    • Have a concrete place and a time where you want to meet. If you just say, “Want to go see a movie some time?” then you’ll sound indecisive. It’s important to state a time so she knows you’re serious and you thought it out.
    • Give her an option to do something else. Maybe she wants to go out with you, but she’s a terrible bowler; maybe she wants to go to dinner, but she just went to the place you suggested last night. Make it clear that you have a plan, but that you’re open to doing something else, too.
  4. 4 Respond to her answer. If she says yes, then iron out the details; decide on where/when you will meet and make driving arrangements if necessary. Once you have decided on the date, casually end the conversation by saying something like “Great, see you on Saturday!” Don’t continue to text her too much afterward, or you may be coming on too strong.
    • Be sure to let her know that you are looking forward to the date if she says yes. This will make her feel special and have her looking forward to the date as well.
    • If she declines your offer, then let her know that there are no hard feelings and end the conversation. You want to keep your head up high and end things on a good note.
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  1. 1 Determine whether or not she is interested in you romantically. In most cases, you should only ask a girl to be your girlfriend after you have gone on several dates and know that she is interested in you as more than just a friend; if you’re younger and are used to asking girls to be your girlfriend before going on dates, then look for signs that she likes you, such as her blushing when you talk, or the fact that she waits for you after class.
    • If you have never spoken to her, don’t know her very well, or know that she is already romantically involved with somebody else, then don’t ask her out. There are plenty of other fish in the sea!
    • You don’t have to be 100% sure about whether or not she likes you, but try to read her body language and words the next time you’re together. Does she turn her body toward you, seem a bit nervous in your presence, or look excited to see you? If so, then these are pretty good signs that she might be interested.
  2. 2 Send an opening text. Start off by greeting her with something like “Hey you,” “Hey, how have you been?” or “Hey, how is your day going?” This will help ease into the conversation and prepare her for the question. Let the conversation flow naturally.
    • Though you may not know what every second of her day looks like, try to send it at a time when she is likely to not be too busy. For example, if you know she has soccer practice right after school, send it a few hours after that.
  3. 3 Let her know how you feel about her first. Tell her that you enjoy spending time with her, and compliment the qualities that make her unique, explaining why you like spending time with her so much. Try saying something like “I’ve really enjoyed spending these last few weeks with you,” or “You really make me feel special,” or “I’ve never felt this way about anybody before.” Whatever you choose to say, be honest and only say things that you really mean.
    • Wait for her to respond before asking her to be your girlfriend. How she responds to statements like these will help you determine whether or not she’s interested in a relationship with you without you having to ask her explicitly.
    • See if she reciprocates. If she says that she feels the same way about you, then go ahead and ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend. If she doesn’t respond, or simply says “thanks” without telling you how she feels, then she might not be interested.
    • Don’t smother her with compliments, as this can come across and insincere and overwhelming.
  4. 4 Ask her to be your girlfriend. There are several ways to phrase this question. You can ask her straight-out by saying something like “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” or “Can I call you my girlfriend?” or “Do you want to become an official couple?” Don’t wait too long to pop the question. The sooner you ask it, the sooner you can move forward.
    • Alternatively, you can leave her with a more open-ended question like “So where do you see this going?” or “Are you open to the idea of having a boyfriend?” Open-ended questions like these show her that you genuinely care about her wants and needs, and are willing to compromise to make her happy. This can take some of the pressure off, though you may not be getting the answer you want.
  5. 5 React appropriately. If she wants to be your girlfriend, then great! The first thing you can do is to suggest a fun, simple activity that you can do together, like going to a show or going bowling, and also pick a time and a place to meet. This can make her see that you’re really serious about her and have put a lot of thought into your potential relationship.
    • If she’s not interested, then be nice and thank her for talking to you. It’s best to leave things on a good note so you can feel proud of your mature reaction.
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  1. 1 Determine whether or not she already has a date, if possible. If she has a boyfriend, then you can safely assume that she is going to the dance with him. If you’re unsure of whether or not she has a date, then don’t worry; ask her out anyway! You can try to ask your friends if they know, or even to ask her friends if she has a date, but be aware that this makes it likely that it will get back to her; you may be better off just winging it.
    • Don’t ask a girl to ditch her current date if she already has one. It will be unfair to the other guy and will reflect poorly on you.
    • Make sure you do this early enough that you have higher chances of getting a favorable response. If we’re talking about the prom, then you should ask at least a month or two in advance, at the least. If it’s a more common school dance, then give it a few weeks to be safe.
  2. 2 Send her a friendly text first. Get the conversation started by texting her something like “Hey, how’s it going?” or “Hey, what are you up to?” Wait until she responds before asking her out, and let the conversation flow naturally. If she doesn’t have your number, let her know who you are and how you got her number; you don’t want her to be uncomfortable or to ignore the text because she doesn’t know who it’s coming from.
  3. 3 Ask her to the dance. You either do this by sending a straightforward text saying “Would you like to go to the dance with me?” or by first asking her whether or not she has plans for the dance. If she says no, then say something like “I’d love it if you came with me,” or “I think it’d be really fun if we went together.”
    • If you want to, you can even make a crack about your dancing skills or say something about how she can show you how to rock the dance floor. There’s no need to take yourself too seriously here!
  4. 4 Make the necessary plans. If she says yes, congratulations! Now you will have to set up a time and place to meet, coordinate outfits if applicable, and decide on transportation. Don’t be nervous about it—the hard part is over and now you can just relax and enjoy the ride.
    • Let her know that you are excited to go with her and that you think it’s going to be a great time. This will make her feel special and have her looking forward to going with you.
    • If she says no or already has plans, then let her know that there are no hard feelings and end the conversation. Try to play it cool and say something like “No worries, I hope you have fun anyway!”
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  • Question What should I text a girl I like? Joshua Pompey is a Relationship Expert with over 10 years of helping people navigate the online dating world. Joshua has run his own relationship consulting business since 2009 at a success rate of over 99%. His work has been featured in CNBC, Good Morning America, Wired, and Refinery29 and he has been referred to as the best online dater in the world. Relationship Expert Expert Answer Support wikiHow by unlocking this expert answer. If you have seen her recently, then try to come up with an excuse to start a conversation based on your last interaction. For example, if you were recently at a party together, text her something like “Hey, how was the rest of your night?” If you are in a class together, try something like “Are you ready for the test on Monday?”
  • Question When should I ask a girl out over text? Joshua Pompey is a Relationship Expert with over 10 years of helping people navigate the online dating world. Joshua has run his own relationship consulting business since 2009 at a success rate of over 99%. His work has been featured in CNBC, Good Morning America, Wired, and Refinery29 and he has been referred to as the best online dater in the world. Relationship Expert Expert Answer Support wikiHow by unlocking this expert answer. You may have heard advice that you need to wait 2-3 days so that you don’t come off as desperate. This is kind of outdated advice today. Since everyone is carrying their phone with them at all times, it’s perfectly fine to ask a girl on a date the day after you first met her or exchanged numbers. Don’t worry; it won’t make you seem desperate if you ask!
  • Question How do I know if a girl likes me? It’s not always easy to tell, but she might talk to you more than others, maintain eye contact, laugh a lot at your jokes, respond quickly to your texts, etc. You could also try casually touching her on the arm or leg during conversation and see how she responds. If she smiles, touches you back, etc. these are good signs.

See more answers Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Advertisement Article Summary X To ask a girl out over text, start by sending an opening message to get your conversation going, like, “Hey, how’s your day going?”.

  1. Once you’ve started texting, ask her out early in the conversation, which will make you seem decisive.
  2. When you ask her, try to have a concrete idea of what you could do, like going for lunch or attending a concert, since a specific activity will be more appealing than just saying “Let’s hang out.” For example, try writing, “Want to go bowling this Friday evening?”.

If she says yes, respond with a time and place to meet, and mention that you’re looking forward to your date, which will make her feel special. For tips on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend over text, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,912,939 times.

Is it OK to go to homecoming without a date?

Dateless for Homecoming – No Date? No problem! Here are a few tips to make being dateless a little less stressful.

Ask around! Not everyone has a date. Encourage your teen to use their networking skills! Whether they ask friends, friends of friends, or even someone from a different school, there is someone out there that doesn’t have a date and is just waiting to be asked.Encourage them to go with a group of friends! Dates are overrated and purely optional for homecoming. Have your teen grab a group of friends and go to the dance! This can be more fun anyway. They wouldn’t be tied down to any one person; they can mingle with other people at the dance, or just hang out with their friends all night. There is also no pressure to match their dress with their date’s outfit. There is no pressure to dance those awkward slow dances. They can just have fun, dance, and enjoy the night.Help them make some alternate plans! They may not want to ask just anyone and they don’t want to go solo to the dance. Help them make some plans. Take them to a restaurant they have wanted to go to or take a train ride to the city and go window-shopping. Take a drive to look at the changing leaves. Find something that will take their mind off of Homecoming and allow them to have a good story of why they couldn’t make the dance.

Not having a date for Homecoming seems like a disaster to your teen, but it doesn’t have to be. Encourage them to get involved with the school spirit days and the rivalry Friday night football game. Remember, Homecoming isn’t just about the dance! Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned her master’s degree from The Ohio State University. She grew up in Libertyville and is thrilled to return to her hometown after 15 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, including home-based case management, schools, outpatient mental health, and hospitals.

  • Lisa has provided treatment in clinical settings for children, teens, adults, and families who struggle with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, stress, gender identity issues, self-esteem issues, impulsivity, defiance, and attention deficits.
  • Lisa has worked in the schools implementing programs and services to individual students and groups to enhance coping skills and academic performance and has worked in crisis teams assessing for suicidality as well as crisis management.

She uses CBT, DBT, Solution-focused therapy, play therapy (for younger clients) and EMDR to help her clients and their families reach their goals. Lisa is also trained to work with and assess adolescents for substance use, if this is a concern. She provides a non-judgmental, client-centered environment assisting clients to reach their personal goals of therapy.

Does homecoming require a date?

Are homecoming dates necessary? Seniors Lydia Hatfield and Robby Ross will attend homecoming together as dates. Seniors Lydia Hatfield and Robby Ross will attend homecoming together. There’s less than a month till homecoming and everyone’s having the same concerns: What do I wear? Who will I get ready with? Will I go out to eat beforehand? Is this too much? We all have worries when it comes to dances, especially when they’re notorious for a billion pictures that will be posted on Facebook for the world to see on the Sunday afterwards.

But there is one question that will forever go unanswered: Do I have to take a date? Traditionally it is thought that prom is the dance that requires a date and the basic, “let’s go all out!” attitude. Homecoming is where things get tricky. If you’re dating someone, you’re obviously going to want to take your boyfriend or girlfriend – understandable.

But what about the rest of us? “I think you should go with a date to homecoming,” senior Robby Ross said. Ross has gone with a date every year, even though he wasn’t ever dating the person he took. Senior Lydia Hatfield, Robby Ross’ date for homecoming this year, also agreed that you should go with a date.

It’s normal not to have a date at homecoming, going with a date is more of a prom thing,” senior Lydia Hatfield said. But Hatfield, having experienced both, has enjoyed herself more when she went with a date. “I’m going to go to homecoming, but I think that, as an underclassman, going with a group of friends is a good way to get the experience,” freshman Mary Hallet Culbreth said.

Culbreth’s opinion was echoed with another underclassman. “Absolutely don’t, I think it’s stupid. Why would you go with a date if you’re not dating anyone?” sophomore Tori Armentrout said. “It doesn’t matter, you’ll have fun either way,” senior Caitlin Kelley said.

There are a few people who have experienced both, but even they have conflicting opinions. Junior Jacob Byrd went with a date freshman year, but sophomore year he went with a group of friends. “It all depends. It’s nice to go with a date because you’ll always have someone to dance with, but then you should go with a date that’s a friend.

That way you can dance with other people, too. But sophomore year, when I went with friends, was more fun,” Byrd said. So whether you choose to go with a date, or friends, or a date that’s a friend, just make sure to enjoy yourself, and pick the option that’s best for you.

Do girls get guys anything for homecoming?

What happens at the Prom? – Traditionally, the boys give his date a wrist corsage or nosegay these days at pick-up time. At the same time, the girls give boutonniere that is pinned on the boy’s suit. Before these kids hit the dance party, they usually do a group photoshoot.

Do girls wear at homecoming?

The Do’s and Dont’s of Homecoming: What Not To Wear By, Staff Writer Oct 4, 2017 It’s homecoming season again! Spirit week has officially begun, and everyone is scrambling to get their homecoming plans and outfits in order. Here are some quick tips on what NOT to wear to homecoming. GUYS

Do not wear jeans. This is one of the only two dances during the school year, so do not show up in jeans. It’s not a regular school day or a hang out with your friends. It’s one of your only chances to dress up and look presentable. Do yourself a favor and trade in the jeans for a nice pair of pants. Don’t wear cut-off gym tanks or muscle tanks. I’ve seen people change from their nice clothes into muscle tank tops after they take their pictures. Yes, the gym gets hot, and yes, everyone gets gross and sweaty. But there is no need to change into workout clothes. You will look ridiculous. Do not wear sneakers. I understand that gym shoes are very comfortable, but beauty is pain, not comfort. Dress shoes look much nicer in pictures, and they make a person look cleaner and more put-together. Plus, it gives you some extra height, if you want it.

So, what should you wear? Homecoming is a semi-formal event. Guys do not need to wear full suits, but they also shouldn’t dress up in something they could wear to school. Typical homecoming attire for guys is a button up shirt with dress pants or khakis, a tie or bow-tie, dress shoes, and maybe even a vest.

Don’t wear long prom dresses, but don’t wear dresses that are too short. Homecoming is not prom, so you’ll look silly if you show up in a floor length ball gown. Be attentive to the length of your dress. A dress that is too short can be inappropriate (and this is a school dance after-all). Be aware of the material of the dresses. If the fabric is see-through or mesh, that can cause some serious wardrobe malfunctions. Thick material like wool is not a good idea. It will cause complete overheating of your body. Light colors will result in visible marks on dresses, so pay attention to the color of your dress. Do not keep your heels on when you’re on the dance floor. Many girls take of their heels and change into socks as soon as they walk into homecoming. Don’t be that girl that punctures people’s feet because she feels tall in her heels. Yes, you look great, but the pain isn’t worth it.

What should girls wear? Traditionally, girls wear short dresses to homecoming because the long dresses are reserved for prom. The most important thing to remember, if you’re a girl, is know your body type. Not everybody looks good in the same dresses, so look for dresses that fit your body and that you are comfortable wearing.

Do boys get girls anything for homecoming?

Corsages – According to tradition, the boy is to buy a corsage for his homecoming date. The couple can go to the floral shop together to select a corsage to match her dress color and style. Homecoming corsages are often made of sweetheart roses, miniature carnations or alstromeria lilies and adorned with ribbons, pearls or rhinestones.

Can a girl ask a boy out to prom?

Reality teens wonder: Is it a big deal for a girl to prompose to a guy? There’s an unspoken rule that guys are supposed to make the first move in any “relationship” with a girl. Because that is stereotypically what is done, that is what society has accepted as normal, and it is unusual for anyone, or any girl, to break that mold. But some girl may have the courage to step outside her comfort zone and ask a guy to be her date to prom, and it could turn out really great or not so great. There are a lot of pieces involved in a girl-to-guy promposal. The perspective on a girl asking a guy to prom varies from person to person, as we found out when asking people about this topic. Some girls are more comfortable waiting because it is easier and safer than promposing; in addition, some girls may become “too nervous” to ask at all. Being promposed to is also usually a cherished experience for a girl. As Council Rock South junior Marisa Verdi describes it, “I think it’s nice to feel special, which is what happens when the girls get promposed to.” Another factor to take into account is if the girl and the guy go to the same school or not. Of the girls we talked to, many said they would wait to be asked if the guy went to their school but would ask the guy if he went to a different school. There is definitely a stigma that goes with a girl promposing to a guy. Some girls view promposing to a guy as “desperate,” and that the guy should be the one to ask because it is considered “more special that way and more romantic.” In addition, many girls who were asked thought it was considered “weird” socially for a girl to ask a guy to prom. While this social stigma can seem overpowering, it should not deter any girl from promposing if she really wants to. While receiving a promposal can be exciting and fun, a girl simply has more control over her prom experience if she promposes herself. According to Neshaminy High School junior Jessa Raab, “Deep down, every girl has that dream of flowers and a surprise, but the reality is that she has a better chance of having a good time with someone at prom if she goes for it and asks the guy that she wants to go with.” So, despite the stigma surrounding a girl promposing, nothing should stop her if it’s something she truly wants to do. “I think that girls asking guys to prom is risky, but I think it’s something we should start to see as normal, to break gender roles,” said reality panelist McKenna Samson of Lenape High School in New Jersey. “More power to the girls that do ask guys to prom.” While a rejected promposal is not desirable for anyone, rejection is often considered to be “worse in a girl’s case.” However, the concept of rejection is universal among guys and girls. Raab makes another good point in saying, “No matter who’s asking or being asked, whether it guy or girl, the fear lives in the back of the person’s head that they’ll say no.” This possibility, combined with the planning of the promposal, is unnerving after doing all of that work to put yourself out there. All kinds of fears can spur from the possibility of a failed promposal, like awkwardness and the spreading of rumors, especially if the two people go to the same school. These fears can become so powerful that it discourages the girl from promposing entirely. The fear of rejection constantly looms no matter who is asking, but hopefully the situation will go in the asker’s favor and he or she will receive a big, smiling “Yes!” Grant Versfeld, a male reality panelist who was asked to junior prom last year by a girl at a different school, didn’t think it was awkward. “I have no problem with a girl asking a guy to prom,” said Versfeld, a senior at the Hun School of Princeton. “It definitely doesn’t happen too often, but if the two people are friends, then I don’t think that a girl asking is a huge deal. If anything, it makes for a better story because it’s unique when a girl asks a guy.” Overall, the general consensus seemed to be that, despite certain concerns, it doesn’t matter who asks whom, as summed up by reality panelist Hailie Higgins of Central Bucks West: “It’s wholeheartedly unremarkable if a girl asks a guy to prom It’s no big deal who asks who anymore.” She could not be more right. Our generation has become extremely accepting, so don’t worry about stigmas or what others think. Don’t be afraid to ask whomever you want and don’t let fear of rejection get in your head. If the person you asks says no, there are plenty of other people who need a date, too, and you might just have a great time with them, instead. The important thing isn’t the promposal or what everybody else thinks. It’s that you pick a person you like and, when prom night rolls around, you have the time of your life. : Reality teens wonder: Is it a big deal for a girl to prompose to a guy?

How do you reject a girl to homecoming?

How to Tell Someone You Won’t Go to Prom with Them: 9 Steps

  1. 1 Talk to them alone. Rejecting them around others can sting, so find a way to talk to them one-on-one. Be gentle and tell them you’re sorry, but you can’t go to prom with them.
  2. 2 Be polite. Rejecting someone can be hard, but being rejected can hurt. Thank the person for asking you to prom, then let them down gently. “Thank you, but I have other plans,” or, “I’m flattered you asked, but I’m not interested in going to prom with you,” are both direct but polite ways of turning someone down.
    • Sometimes the other person can get annoyed or defensive after a rejection. Their feelings are important, but yours are, too. Stand your ground and don’t let them convince you to go with them anyway; coercion isn’t cool.


  3. 3 Give them an honest answer. Honesty is important, especially if you plan on going to prom still and don’t want to hurt their feelings. Tell them you have other plans. Saying you want to go with your friends or already have another date is fine, so long as those answers are true.
  4. 4 Use a ‘compliment sandwich’. Combining a negative with two positives is a great way to turn someone down and can be used in many ways. Give the person a compliment before you reject their offer, then follow the rejection with another compliment.
    • “It was really sweet of you to ask me, but I’m not interested in going to prom with you. You’re a great person, and I’d love to stay friends,” lets them know you are still happy they asked, but can’t accept their offer. It cuts through some of the sting and awkwardness of a rejection.
  5. 5 Tell them if you’ve changed your mind. Sometimes you accept a prom invitation quickly, or they asked you in public and you didn’t want to embarrass them. If you’ve changed your mind, make sure they know as soon as you do. Letting them know within a day or two of accepting gives them time to find a new date and takes the pressure off of you. Be gentle with your words.
    • One way to phrase it could be, “I wanted to talk to you about prom. I’m really flattered that you asked me, and I know I said yes to going with you, but I can’t anymore.” If they ask for an explanation, be honest. “I don’t want to go with a date anymore,” “I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of everyone by turning you down,” or, “I don’t want to go to prom,” are all fine.
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  1. 1 Offer to hang out with them at prom. Let them know that, while you don’t want to go to prom with them, you’re happy to take a picture together or dance with them if you bump into each other at the event.
  2. 2 Offer to help them find another date. Maybe you know someone else who would love to go with them, or they have someone else they were also thinking of asking. Ask them if they want you to put in a good word for them or find out if someone else is interested.
    • To offer them help with finding another date, you could say, “I’m sorry that I can’t go with you; is there anyone else you were thinking of asking? Maybe I can help set you two up!”
    • If you know someone else who is interested, try, “Thank you for asking, but I have to say no. I know someone else who would love for you to ask them, though!”
  3. 3 Say you’d love to hang out, just not at prom. If you aren’t going to prom, or want to go with someone else, let them know you aren’t against hanging out with them some other time. Offer to plan an outing where you can spend some time together away from prom.
    • For example, you could say, “I’m flattered you’ve asked me, but I already have other plans. How about we hang out some other time and maybe grab some pizza?”
  4. 4 Be kind. It’s hard to muster up the courage to ask someone to be your date to prom, so try not to hurt their feelings. Stay kind, polite, and empathetic: use a softer tone of voice, don’t laugh at them, and don’t gossip about them to others.
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  • Question How do you politely reject someone to homecoming? John Keegan is a dating coach and motivational speaker based in New York City. He runs The Awakened Lifestyle, where he uses his expertise in dating, attraction, and social dynamics to help people find love. He teaches and holds dating workshops internationally, from Los Angeles to London and from Rio de Janeiro to Prague. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Humans of New York, and Men’s Health. Acknowledge that the person feels highly of you! You could say “Wow, that’s really sweet. I’m so flattered that you thought of me to go to homecoming with you, but it’s not something I can do.” You could also say something like “I’m actually waiting for someone very specific to ask me” or “I already have another date.” As you end the conversation, say “I hope you find someone else who would love to go with you.”
  • Question How do I let down a guy that is sensitive and will cry himself to sleep? Be respectful about it, but don’t feel guilty. It’s up to you to go with who you want. It is also more unkind to lead him on than let him down.
  • Question How do I tell a guy I don’t want to go to prom with him because he was being disrespectful? I don’t want to be rude, but I want to be honest. It is perfectly reasonable of you to be honest in this situation, and with any luck this guy will amend his behavior after you talk to him. Just be direct. Say something like, “You’re a nice guy,, but I have to tell you, your behavior the other day really turned me off.” Then just tell him specifically what he did that you didn’t like.

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“A kid recently asked me to my high school prom, but I really don’t want to go with him. This article really helped me because it gave me ideas of how to politely reject his promposal.”,”

: How to Tell Someone You Won’t Go to Prom with Them: 9 Steps

How do you ask a girl to homecoming you barely know?

‘I think you’re really cute and was wondering if you would give me the honor of taking you to the homecoming dance.’ If hesitates, just re-assure her by saying, ‘ Hey, I’ve been really wanting to get to know you more outside of school and I think this would be a great opportunity. Would you give me the honor?’

What do I wear to homecoming?

1 Aug When it comes to dressing for homecoming, there are a few things that guys should keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to dress for the occasion. Homecoming is typically a more formal event than other school dances, so it’s best to go with something more dressed up than your everyday jeans and T-shirt combo.

Is homecoming just like prom?

Prom and homecoming are two popular events for high school students, but what’s the difference between them? Prom is typically seen as a more formal event, where homecoming is more casual. Prom usually involves a dinner or dance, while homecoming may involve a parade or football game.

Does homecoming always have a dance?

It involves a week of events, such as a parade and a football game. Most people see the main event of homecoming as the dance. Depending on the school, the student body can then put in nominations to vote for their peers. This results in a homecoming king and queen being crowned.

Can you go to HoCo with a friend?

September 12, 2018 As soon as the school year begins, it seems everyone is talking about Homecoming. The stir of anticipation is palpable, as many teens start making their plans for the big HoCo night. And as they think about homecoming dates, they wonder, ” Who will ask who to the dance?” Some couples are obvious with the extraordinary invites displayed for all to see.

  1. But for many girls who don’t have a date for the dance, it can be discouraging—especially for those who had their hopes up wanting a particular boy to ask them or others who had a recent break-up.
  2. Then, there are the girls who have no desire for romance in their lives or others who would love a date but have yet to find that special someone.

Whatever the reason, girls who don’t have dates often plan to go together as a group. This is a brilliant idea because going to any dance with your girlfriends will turn out to be an unequivocal blast!

How far in advance do you ask a girl to prom?

Ask the Girl – How To Ask A Girl To Homecoming Probably the most important step in this entire processand the one most fraught with pitfalls. Your enjoyment at prom will depend heavily on the person you take–choose the wrong gal and you and your friends will still be laughing about it 10 years later.

If you’re dating somebody, your choice is easy. Just take your girlfriend. If you’re not dating somebody, you can always take a girl that’s a friend. I did that for one of my proms and had a great time. Took away some of the romantic pressure that a lot of young people experience at prom. We were just interested in having a good time.

You can also ask a girl you’ve had your eye on for awhile, but never had the nerve to ask on a date. Be warned. There’s some risk in doing this. First, if you don’t know the girl too well you might end up having a bum time because she’s a bum date–just because sitting behind her in algebra class and smelling her apple-scented hair gives you butterflies, doesn’t mean you’ll connect once you have to, you know, actually have a conversation.

  • Second, girls can imbue a lot of meaning into an invite to prom from a guy.
  • Some might think that it’s the first step into a serious relationship.
  • If going steady (or whatever they call it these days) isn’t in your plans, you’ll have to navigate an emotional minefield when you let the gal know you’re just looking for a prom date.

Finally, she could say no. Being turned down by a gal you’re interested in is always hard, but keep your chin up and find somebody else. Whomever you ask to prom, make sure you do it about two months before the big shindig. Picking out a prom dress is a big deal for a girl and they’ll want plenty of time to make the right choice.

Asking two to one and a half months beforehand gives her time to prepare. How should you ask a girl to prom? I usually just pulled the girl aside during school and asked her straight up, “Would you like to go to prom with me?” Simple and got the job done. Some guys did some elaborate and creative invitations that rivaled wedding proposals.

Chalk writing on driveways, creating poster boards using candy bars to create a message, treasure hunts, serenading ElvisesKate tells me the ladies love this, so if that’s your style, then go for it. After you’ve secured a date, you’ll need to buy tickets to get into prom.

How early is too early to ask a girl to prom?

How soon is too soon or too late? How soon is too soon to ask someone to prom?. Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Digital Vision/Getty Images When is the right time to ask someone to prom (or any formal dance)? You don’t want to ask too soon, or at the last minute.

  1. Here’s how to tell when the time is right.
  2. When it comes to asking a date to prom or homecoming, timing can be everything! You’ll, of course, want to give your date enough time to prepare for the big night.
  3. Getting a dress, working out your prom transportation, picking up tickets, making after-prom plans and all the other little extra fun things that come with the big night take time to plan.

So, I’d say that no more than eight weeks and no less than six weeks before the big night is just the right amount of time. If you ask someone to prom with too much time in advance say three months or more, you’ll run the risk of losing interest in each other (trust me, I’ve seen this happen).

Couples who decide to go together as friends will suddenly find themselves having a crush on someone else who they’d rather go with. Couples who have mutual crushes will find one or the other falling out of interest (because let’s face it, teens can have short attention spans when it comes to the opposite sex).

One person could even decide that proms just aren’t for them and they don’t want to go at all (I’ve seen this happen, too sad but true). Usually, six to eight weeks is a sweet spot of time that will give you enough time to plan and enough time to remain interested.

Now at this point, your prom is about six months away. Since you already have an idea of who you want to take, here’s a thought: why don’t you flirt with them a little bit, then ask them out on a date right now? It will be a good way to test the waters to see if you two really get along and if there’s mutual interest for prom.

If the first date goes well, ask her out on another. Then another. That way you can build up a relationship with each other before you commit to going to prom together. If things go really well, she might even end up being your girlfriend, and then you know you’ll be going to prom together! On the other hand, if things don’t go well on your few dates, you can move on and consider asking another girl to prom.

How long before a dance should you ask a girl?

3 Ways to Ask a Girl to a Dance Are you a bit too shy to ask your favorite girl to the school dance? Making a plan and practicing what you’ll say can help you feel more confident. Asking a girl to a dance is all about destroying your fear of rejection and being the real you, because a guy with nothing to lose is a guy girls want to be around.

  1. 1 Ask her a few weeks before the dance. Don’t wait to ask her on the day of the dance. She might already have a date by then, and there’s a chance that she’ll think she wasn’t your first choice. Ask her around two to three weeks before the dance. This also gives her time to figure out what to wear.
  2. 2 Practice what you’ll say. Spend a few minutes going over what you want to say so you don’t trip over your words when the time comes. You can even practice in front of the mirror until your question sounds casual and sincere. Make sure you have a go-with-the-flow attitude. Advertisement
  3. 3, You don’t have to go all out and wear something like a suit; save that for the dance. Just make sure you’ve showered, your hair looks nice, and that you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t look sloppy.
    • Use deodorant and brush your teeth beforehand.
    • Don’t overdo it on the cologne, as this might push her away.
  4. 4 Remember, no means no. If she says she doesn’t like you in that way or just says “no,” then back off. Nothing ticks a girl off more than an annoying guy that doesn’t leave her alone. Not only is it rude, but it can make her dislike you more.
    • If she says “no,” do not ask why. Say something like, “Oh, all right. No problem.”
    • If she says, “I’ll think about it,” don’t call her for a confirmed response. Wait until she calls you back. If she doesn’t call back three days before the date of the dance, take it as a no.
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  1. 1 Bring her a small gift. Pick up something simple like flowers or candy. Give the gift to her before you ask if she’ll be your date. There won’t be as much pressure on her to say yes if you stick with something simple, and she’ll appreciate the kind gesture.
  2. 2 Get romantic. Asking her in a romantic way will create a memory she won’t forget. One idea is to put a bunch of keys in a bucket and label one with the words “find the key to my heart.” Label it with your address, and hopefully she’ll follow cue and come over to your house where you can finally ask her to the dance.
  3. 3 Spell it out. Write your message on balloons and deliver them to her. Each balloon could have a different word on it (e.g. one balloon each for “Will” “you” “go” “to” “the” “dance” “with” “me” “?”). You could also spell out your message in candy, like jellybeans or lollipops. Get permission (from the principal or her parent) to put the candy message in her locker or her bedroom.
  4. 4 Write it in chalk. Get permission from her parents to decorate her driveway. Spell out your message, or simply put “Dance?” Get creative by using a variety or colors or illustrating your message.
  5. 5 Create a treasure hunt. Design a treasure hunt with a map that will lead her straight to you. For example, draw a map of your school and add a dotted line leading to the parking lot. Wait there for her to arrive, and present her with flowers or candy for completing the hunt. Then ask her to the dance.
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  1. 1 Start the conversation. Before asking a girl to a dance, you should start the conversation with something as generic as a simple hello. Try this method and you will come across her smoothly.
  2. 2 Ask her in person. Though you may be tempted to ask her over text message, she’ll appreciate it more if you ask her in person. You can text her to see if she can meet up with you, or find her before or after class.
  3. 3 Make sure that you two are alone. Find a private area at school (but not too private), and ask her there. If you ask her in public, she may feel pressured to say yes and this also puts her in an embarrassing situation. Asking her in public could also be embarrassing for you if she declines your invitation!
  4. 4, Take a deep breath before you approach her. Look her straight in the eyes and keep your head up during the conversation so you appear present and engaging. No matter how nervous you are, take your time.
  5. 5, Start the conversation by saying something like, “You look very nice today.” Hopefully, she’ll appreciate the compliment and it will make the “asking her out” part much easier.
  6. 6 Make your move. Be straightforward and explain that you want her to be your date. Say something like “Would you like to go to the dance with me?” or “I was hoping we could go to the dance together. What do you think?”
    • If she already has a date, you can say something like, “Oh, that’s a bummer. I was hoping we could go together. Maybe next time?”
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  • Question What is a cute way to ask a girl out? Eddy Baller is a Dating Coach and the Owner of a dating consulting and coaching service, Conquer and Win, based in Vancouver, Canada. Coaching since 2011, Eddy specializes in confidence building, advanced social skills, and relationships. Conquer and Win helps men worldwide have the love lives they deserve. His work has been featured in The Art of Manliness, LifeHack, and POF among others. Asking a girl to a dance in a creative way shows that you care, but make sure to focus on actually asking her and not coming up with a really elaborate plan. Whatever effort you put into it, she’ll appreciate.
  • Question My girl is in a different part of the school. What should I do? We only have pie and lunch to talk. Ask her out at lunch time, but in a secluded area like in an empty hallway.
  • Question What if you just want to ask her as a friend in junior high? Make it clear that you would like to go to the dance with her as friends. Do not lead her on!

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Categories: Before you ask a girl to a dance, try to find out if she already has a date. For example, you could ask her, “So who are you going to the dance with?”. If she says that she doesn’t have a date yet, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to ask her.

Although you may want to ask her via text message, try to do it in person, since she’ll appreciate your effort more. However, you could text her to arrange where to meet. Make sure that you ask her in a private place when you’re alone, since she may feel pressured if others are watching. During the conversation, keep your head up and maintain eye contact, which shows you’re confident and engaged.

Once you feel ready to ask, be direct by saying something like, “Will you go to the dance with me?”. You should also ask her several weeks before the dance, since she may already have a date or think she wasn’t your first choice. For tips on how to respond if she says no, read on!

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“I really like this girl at school and I figured there will be more dances, so I asked her if we could just go as friends. She said yes. Thanks a lot for this article.”,”

: 3 Ways to Ask a Girl to a Dance

How do you ask a girl to homecoming you barely know?

‘I think you’re really cute and was wondering if you would give me the honor of taking you to the homecoming dance.’ If hesitates, just re-assure her by saying, ‘ Hey, I’ve been really wanting to get to know you more outside of school and I think this would be a great opportunity. Would you give me the honor?’