Where To Watch The Case Study Of Vanitas?


Where To Watch The Case Study Of Vanitas
Watch The Case Study of Vanitas Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
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How can I watch The Case Study of Vanitas anime?

The Case Study of Vanitas – watch online: streaming, buy or rent – Currently you are able to watch “The Case Study of Vanitas” streaming on Crunchyroll or for free with ads on Crunchyroll.
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Is case study of Vanitas on Crunchyroll?

The Case Study of Vanitas Scars – Watch on Crunchyroll.
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Where can I watch The Case Study of Vanitas season 1?

Streaming, rent, or buy The Case Study of Vanitas – Season 1: – Currently you are able to watch “The Case Study of Vanitas – Season 1” streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation Now or for free with ads on Crunchyroll. It is also possible to buy “The Case Study of Vanitas – Season 1” as download on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies.
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Is The Case Study of Vanitas a bl?

If Noe and Vanitas Ended Up Together, It Wouldn’t Be Surprising – Where To Watch The Case Study Of Vanitas The anime wants the audience to believe that Vanitas and Jeanne will end up together, and that is probably what will happen. However, clues are hidden in off-hand comments and character traits that suggest other possibilities. For instance, Vanitas is very firm when he declares that he has no interest in someone who might love him; he also admits to not knowing what love is.

  • Nonetheless, he keeps making exuberant confessions to Jeanne at every turn, never stopping even when she seems to be reciprocating his feelings.
  • Does he actually love Jeanne? To a shrewd viewer, it might look like Vanitas is very fond of his own buffoonery but struggles when it comes to articulating honest feelings.

When he is worried about Noe or wants to give him his support, he always tries to avoid a direct approach. When it really matters, Vanitas is shy and awkward. If Noe and Vanitas were suddenly to pursue a romantic relationship and the anime had a homoerotic turn, it wouldn’t be all that strange.

After all, both Noe and Vanitas are quite inconsistent about their attitude toward Jeanne and Dominique. Noe refers to Dominique as a friend and often compares his relationship with her to what he had with her brother Louis. Vanitas, for his part, goes from extravagant declarations of love to utter coldness, with Jeanne having to navigate the rollercoaster of his moods as if he were a bratty child.

While The Case Study of Vanitas is not officially a BL – and won’t likely turn into one in the canon – one can see why many think that it could or should be one. Noe and Vanitas’ intense relationship shows more chemistry than that of many couples in other romance anime.
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Is Noé in love with Vanitas?

Vanitas – Noé has a very complicated relationship with Vanitas. He is interested in what Vanitas’s goal is and why he holds the Book of Vanitas, but at the same time has a deep dislike for some of his more emotionless actions (as well as his often immoral and annoying behavior) and doesn’t agree with his motives.

  1. Even though he behaves as if he doesn’t care for the human at all, Noé still defends Vanitas from harm from August Ruthven and the other threats they met, such as curse-bearers.
  2. Noé hates it when Vanitas puts himself into danger, and comments that Vanitas is simply a weak human who cannot defend himself.

Over time, Noé grows able to read Vanitas’ expressions more easily and is able to decipher the latter’s emotions, even when he seems determined to hide them. Noé is able to tell when Vanitas is upset and reacts very strongly to negative emotions from the human, often getting upset when Vanitas makes a dead- eyed face and when Vanitas snaps at him.

  • Despite Vanitas’ reluctance, the two of them grow quite close after their escape from Moreau ‘s laboratory.
  • After coming back from Gévaudan, Noé states that although he still dislikes Vanitas, he is happy that they have lived lives in which they ended up meeting as they have now.
  • Noé knows how to interact with Vanitas in a way that expresses trust and care without Vanitas becoming uncomfortable and pushing him away.

Although neither of them truly “likes” the other, Vanitas and Noé care for each other deeply. During their fight in the amusement park, Noé takes notice of how lonely Vanitas truly is, and how he believes loneliness means freedom. Despite the frantic situation they were pulled into, Noé is able to regain his senses and realizes that Vanitas was acting mostly out of fear instead of anger, and greatly blames himself for trying to force the human into giving him his blood.
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How old is Vanitas?

( ✿ ◕ 3◕)~♪ When Noe comments that Vanitas is a year younger than him, does Mochijun mean they are born different years or the time gap is a year? I’m bringing this up as 3 omakes speak about their ages. I don’t have the scans right now but if someone could link them to me that would be great.

The first is when they reveal their ages. Vanitas is 18, Noe is 19, Domi is 20, and Dante is 18 which everyone is surprised by.The second is the celebrating holiday omake, where the cast’s birthday is revealed. Noe’s on Sept 28, Vani’s on Feb 7.The third is the blu-ray omake, where Noe asks Dante to listen to his thoughts about why he enjoys Vanitas’s company even though they clash. He comments Vanitas is ‘one-year younger than him’ if I recall correctly.

This is a really small thing, but I can’t help but wonder since Sept and Feb are just 4 months apart. That’s literally 33% of a year. If the current year is actually to be 1889 (no solid proof just a rumour at the moment). That means Noe was born in 1870 (if Noe is actually 19), but that makes Vanitas’s birth year debatable to be 1871 if the cast and Mochijun just mean different year or 1872 to actually account for the whole year included.

I checked the Lunar calendar, and regardless of the year, Vanitas would still be a Goat (lol). Because Feb 7, 1871 is the first few days of the Goat Year starts whereas Feb 7 1872 is the last few days when the Goat Year ends. I was trying to see if there was another thing that Mochijun wanted to consider for but it just seems that she’s influenced the characters birthdays on hanakotoba and a mix of western/japanese pop culture to help us understand her characters more.

Fun fact: Noe’s Lunar Year animal is the Horse, Domi/Louis is the snake. Idk what does everyone think? I personally believe that Noé would potentially be born in 1870 and Vanitas in 1871. First of all, because when you say someone is a year younger than you, it usually means they are born the following year regardless of the month.

And second, because I believe that VnC is happening around the end of autumn, which would be a nice setting to allow most of our characters to have the exact age they are supposed to be. Otherwise, it would be during the end of winter (especially because of the flower thing with Paris), but if that was the case, Vanitas would just have turned 18, and then Noé would actually be 2 years older than him if he was going on his 20.

So it’s not exactly the most likely scenario. There is another factor to take into consideration and it’s the Love Mission AU (under volume 7 cover) where they mention that Vanitas and Noé are classmates. Given the Japanese school system, it would definitely confirm that Vanitas is born the year following Noé’s birth.
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Is Vanitas a vampire?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Case Study of Vanitas character
Vanitas, as illustrated by Jun Mochizuki,
First appearance “Vanitas: In the Event of Rusty Hopes” (2015)
Created by Jun Mochizuki
Voiced by Natsuki Hanae (Japanese) Zeno Robinson, Cherami Leigh (young) (English)
In-universe information
Alias 69, Vincent
Family Mikhail (adoptive brother), Vanitas of the Blue Moon (guardian)

Vanitas ( Japanese : ヴァニタス, Hepburn : Vanitasu ) is the fictional protagonist and title character of the manga series The Case Study of Vanitas, which was written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki, The character was named Vanitas of the Blue Moon, making him part of the Blue Moon clan with some vampire abilities.

  • Vanitas possesses a grimoire called The Book of Vanitas ( ヴァニタスの書, Vanitasu no Sho ), which can restore vampires who have become “curse-bearers” with uncontrolled bloodlust due to the corruption of their names.
  • He enlists the vampire Noé Archiviste in his quest.
  • Mochizuki conceived Vanitas as a vampire character during a trip to France, but she changed her mind and made him human after talking with her editor.

The character was written to contrast with Noé’s personality while his actions are meant to highlight the series’ theme of identity due to how he heals vampires. In the anime adaptation, the character was voiced by Natsuki Hanae in the Japanese version.
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Is Vanitas anime done?

Anime – On March 28, 2021, it was announced at AnimeJapan that the series would be receiving an anime television series adaptation by Bones, It was directed by Tomoyuki Itamura, with scripts overseen by Deko Akao and character designs by Yoshiyuki Ito.

  1. Yuki Kajiura composed the series’ music.
  2. The series is a split-cour anime, with the first half airing from July 3 to September 18, 2021, on Tokyo MX and other channels.
  3. The second half aired from January 15 to April 2, 2022.
  4. The first opening theme is “Sora to Utsuro” by Sasanomaly, while the first ending theme is “0 (zero)” by LMYK.

The second opening theme is ” Your Name ” by Little Glee Monster, while the second ending theme is “salvation” by MONONKUL. Funimation licensed the series outside of Asia. On August 5, 2021, Funimation announced the series would receive an English dub, which premiered the following day.
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What type of anime is Vanitas?

Anime fans who love The Case Study of Vanitas should enjoy these other supernaturally-themed shows to keep them on the edge of their seats. The Case Study of Vanitas is another shonen anime that has recently made waves, with its first season allowing players to immerse themselves in a brilliant supernatural setting filled to the brim with vampire societies and massive taboos that are expanded upon quite deftly in the series.

Fans of dark fantasy will definitely find The Case Study of Vanitas to be pretty impressive and a great starting point for a series that shows a ton of promise. Given the allure of this anime, it goes without saying that fans would want to check out more shows in the same vein. Thankfully, given how diverse and enjoyable manga really is, viewers will find no shortage of supernatural anime that feels just like The Case Study of Vanitas in some form or other.

The following candidates are the cream of the crop in this context. GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAY Where To Watch The Case Study Of Vanitas SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT
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How many episodes will Vanitas have?

List of The Case Study of Vanitas episodes Season of television series The Case Study of Vanitas Cover art of the first English Blu-ray compilation, featuring Noé Archiviste, Vanitas (foreground), Dominique de Sade, Jeanne, and Lucius Oriflamme (background). Native name ヴァニタスの 手記 ( カルテ ) Vanitasu no Karute Country of originJapan No.

  • Of episodes24ReleaseOriginal network,,,,,,, Original releaseJuly 3, 2021 ( 2021-07-03 ) –April 2, 2022 ( 2022-04-02 ) The television series is based in on the series of the same name written and illustrated by,
  • On March 28, 2021, it was announced at that the series would be receiving an television series adaptation by,

It was directed by, with scripts overseen by and character designs by Yoshiyuki Ito. composed the series’ music. The story focuses on the young Vanitas who possesses the grimoire called The Book of Vanitas and uses it to heal cursed vampires. The vampire Noé Archiviste joins Vanitas in his quest to save cursed vampires.

  1. The series is a split-cour anime, with the first half airing from July 3 to September 18, 2021, on and other channels.
  2. The second half aired from January 15 to April 2, 2022.
  3. The first opening theme is “Sora to Utsuro” by Sasanomaly, while the first ending theme is “0 (zero)” by,
  4. The second opening theme is “” by, while the second ending theme is “salvation” by,

The series was collected into a total of eight blu-ray volumes. licensed the series outside of Asia. On August 5, 2021, Funimation announced the series would receive an English dub, which premiered the following day. has licensed the series in Southeast Asia and released it on,
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Is The Case Study of Vanitas age rating?

Product information

Language ‎English
ISBN-10 ‎031655281X
ISBN-13 ‎978-0316552813
Reading age ‎ 16 years and up
Best Sellers Rank 26,606 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 329 in Fantasy Mangas 1,549 in Teen & Young Adult

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Is Vanitas in love with Jeanne?

Jeanne – Vanitas initially seemed to be toying with Jeanne during their interactions, messing with her emotions and being intentionally abrasive to get a reaction. However, as time goes on Vanitas seems to display a more gentle side of himself around Jeanne.

During their night in Gévaudan, Vanitas tries to push Jeanne away by flirting with her, expecting her usual negative reaction. When Jeanne isn’t put off by this, Vanitas seems to get more and more upset as the night wears on. Vanitas began his relationship with Jeanne almost entirely due to her amusing reactions to him, and he becomes very upset when she starts to break this trend.

During their time in Gévaudan, Vanitas starts to genuinely fall in love with Jeanne when she displays a genuine cheerfulness and strength that he hadn’t seen in her before. He is exceptionally upset by his growing attraction, and truly believes that Jeanne could never fall for a person like him.
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Is Vanitas asexual?

Conversation. Vanitas from The Case Study of Vanitas is asexual!!
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Is Vanitas non binary?

Vanitas of the Blue Moon

The Case Study of Vanitas


Gender Identity Non-binary


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Gender Expression Genderless


Pronouns She/Her, He/Him, They/Them

Romi Park (Japanese)Natsumi Fujiwara (Japanese/Fairytale)Marissa Lenti (English) Xanthe Huynh (English/Fairytale) Vanitas of the Blue Moon is a non-binary character from The Case Study of Vanitas,
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Does Vanitas and Noe kiss?

Kissing The first time Vanitas and Noé kissed it was unplanned and awkward. It was also Noé’s first kiss, surprising given he had no qualms about getting intimate with other people particularly when sucking blood. The two of them had known each other for a while and been steadily growing closer.

  1. It was night time and they were sitting together on the roof of their building.
  2. They’d been talking for hours and suddenly Noé had blurted out ‘ Can I kiss you?’ Vanitas had agreed, closing his eyes and allowing Noé to take the lead.
  3. Vanitas wasn’t sure why he agreed, he hadn’t been planning to ever foster anything romantic between himself and Noé.

Noé had leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips. Barely touching him for a second. Neither Vanitas nor Noé were particularly satisfied with it. No great emotion welled up in either of them. Neither happiness nor disgust seemed an appropriate reaction. They could simply feel the slight lingering press of the other’s lips.

Vanitas turned away, not meeting Noé’s eyes, embarrassed by his lack of reaction or interest in the kiss. They started talking again and the kiss was mostly forgotten. The next kiss happened a few days later. Noé kissed Vanitas’s cheek quickly and although again neither felt much reaction it seemed less awkward.

Afterwards Vanitas turned his head, a silent invitation for Noé to kiss his lips again. Noé obliged but it felt nearly the same as the first kiss. Empty, boring, trite. An intimate show of affection that was unnecessary and much less fun than a hug. It simply didn’t mean anything and was not nearly as important as people tend to make kissing out to be.

Both wondered if there was something wrong with them. Particularly Vanitas. He was unsure if Noé felt similarly dissatisfied and ultimately assumed he didn’t because he initiated all the kisses. Vanitas thought that maybe it was being kissed that he disliked, not the act itself. And yet, he had no courage and no wish to lean in first especially after the failure of the previous ones.

Noé wondered if Vanitas even reciprocated his feelings at all. While he had consented to being kissed, Vanitas had let Noé initiate contact. It could have been that Vanitas just wasn’t physically affectionate but that didn’t seem right. He seemed very willing to throw himself at Jeanne in the past.

  • Noé considered that maybe he was kissing wrong or that he should let Vanitas lead instead.
  • Vanitas did always seem to like control.
  • When they were alone together the kisses hung over their heads.
  • Both wanted to either talk about it or try again but there was a wall of insecurities stopping either from directly addressing the issue.

In the end it took outside interference for them to move forward. “What’s with you two?” Dante asked in the middle of providing Vanitas and Noé with information. “You’re acting colder towards each other than on the airship.” “You need your eyes checked Baldy? We’ve never been anything but cold.

  • Now, give me what I pay you for.” “No, no, no. Hang on.
  • Are you guys fighting? What happened? It must be really bad since you were willing to let Noé off the hook when he asked for your blood that one time.” “Why do you look so happy about this, bastard?” “Come on, quack.
  • It’s kind of funny that despite being so close you two are obviously dancing around some topic or another.

Confirms you haven’t gone completely soft on him yet.” “Shut the hell up and just do your job.” Dante dropped the topic but even his small intervention had pushed it to the forefront of Noé and Vanitas’s minds. To the point where it couldn’t be ignored.

“I didn’t like the kisses either.””You didn’t?”Noé gave Vanitas a half-smile, “I’m not sure why. Being around you is great, when you’re not being a di-“”Noé,” Vanitas warned.

“I like being around you. I am romantically interested in you. Most forms of physical affection are fine. But we haven’t had much success with kissing.” “Should we give up then? Complicating our relationship isn’t a good idea anyway,” Vanitas flopped backwards on his bed.

“I don’t want to give up. Vanitas, I want to try kissing more times and find out if anything works for us. If not, I still want to try and be with you in ways that we are comfortable with.” “I guess if we’re both open about when we’re not enjoying it then it will be easier to work out how to do better.” “Exactly.

So, are you willing to let me. try again. now?” “Sure, why not?” Vanitas sat back up on his bed and leaned up as Noé bent down to his level. Their lips met for longer than the last few, though it was still short and uneventful. Vanitas broke away first, laughing.

  1. That one wasn’t much better.” Noé suppressed his own giggling, “I guess we aren’t very good at this.” “One step at a time, mon chéri.
  2. Whether we get the hang of it or not, I want to be by your side.” – You’re probably thinking that this is a bit weird.
  3. And you’re right because it’s based on my own dislike of my first few kisses.

Tbh I think I’m not big on kissing (specifically when I’m involved). So this was me, getting my feelings out through the boys. But I’m sure neither of them would ever have this particular problem. And I thought I’d leave it as hopeful, like they’re just finding what works for them and that they probably will enjoy it in the future.
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Who is Vanitas shipped with?

❝ This thing you’re attempting. I want to see it through to the end! So. Even if you push me away. “I’ll do as I please. And no matter what you want.” I’ve decided I’m staying with you. Vanitas. —Noé, to Vanitas. Vanoé is the slash ship between Vanitas and Noé Archiviste from The Case Study of Vanitas fandom.
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Do Domi and Noe end up together?

Noé Archiviste – Where To Watch The Case Study Of Vanitas Dominique and Noé as kids Dominique and Noé first met just after Noé came under his Teacher’s instruction. Unlike Louis, she lived with the rest of her family in Altus Paris, and thus only occasionally visited her grandfather’s home in the country. Though Louis spent more time with Noé, Noé and Dominique were still able to create an intimate friendship.

Her feelings of close friendship eventually developed into a crush, which were obvious to her brother Louis. However, Noé did not recognize or reciprocate these feelings. The two maintained their friendship nonetheless, and would send each other letters when away. When Louis began to grow distant from Dominique and Noé in anticipation of his death, Noé began to confide more frequently in Domi.

After Louis has an outburst regarding a village girl who’d been found a cursebearer, Dominique and Noé conspire together, with tragic results. Shortly after Dominique unintentionally reveals to Noé that Louis had long planned his own death, Noé collapses, causing Dominique to suffer a mental breakdown.

She becomes convinced Noé had cared more for Louis than he does for her and attempted to copy her brother’s appearance and mannerisms to earn his affections. While she originally went as far as to attack her maids to cut her own hair, Noé grows concerned and tells Dominique that long hair suits her better.

Before Dominique’s hair grew back, she spent time teaching Noé to dance. As an adult, Dominique still maintains romantic feelings for Noé. His refusal to acknowledge her feelings or show attraction to her causes her frustration, though the two are still good friends.

  • She attempts to be forward with him, nicknaming him ” mon cheri ” (my darling) and joking about their being engaged, though he quickly shoots down the latter.
  • The two are physically and emotionally intimate, leading Vanitas to assume their relationship is sexual, though both Noé and Dominique attempt to dispel this idea.
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Her protectiveness towards Noé engenders hostility towards Vanitas. While attempting to interrogate Vanitas, he blames her for Noé’s naivety and insists that to him she is only a “convenient female.” After coming to believe Noé harbors romantic feelings for Jeanne, she sought to tease him by flirting with Jeanne in turn, incidentally forming genuine feelings for her.
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Is Noe Vanitas brother?

SPOILER WARNING! This article contains plot and/or ending details for The Case Study of Vanitas, Read at your own risk.

I love you, Brother. I really do. I love you truly, deeply. And. I’ll never forgive you.
— Mémoire 51: Tempest

Mikhail (ミハイル, Mihairu ), also referred to by the pet name ” Misha ” (ミーシャ, Miisha ), is a character from Jun Mochizuki ‘s The Case Study of Vanitas, He is first referred to as No.71 (ナンバーナナイチ, Nanbaa Nanaichi ) by Doctor Moreau, revealed as one of his human test subjects in an attempt to create artificial Vampires,

  1. He was eventually revealed as Vanitas ‘s younger brother, though the two have no blood relation.
  2. Both were saved from Moreau by the Vampire of the Blue Moon, whom Mikhail referred to as “Father.” Born to a human prostitute, Mikhail was inducted into the Catholic Church as a potential Chasseur after his mother was killed by Vampires.

However, he was taken by an anti-Vampire extremist faction which had propagated within the Church, and became the test subject of the mad scientist Moreau, who wished to turn humans into Vampires. There he met Vanitas, whom he soon acknowledged as his elder brother.

Vanitas grew intensely protective of Mikhail as the two were subjected to inhumane experiments, despite his aloofness. After being conditioned to the Vampire of the Blue Moon’s blood, he and Vanitas became the Vampire’s “pseudo-Kin,” gaining bodies marginally beyond that of humans and becoming able to heal slightly faster.

The two were to be bound to the two Books of Vanitas in a procedure that would destroy their minds, but were rescued by the Vampire of the Blue Moon. While Vanitas remained continually hostile to the Vampire, Mikhail was quick to warm up to them, happy to have someone who would treat him kindly.

He thus dubbed them “Father” (とうさん, Tou-san ) and considered them and Vanitas to be his family. After some time had passed, Mikhail’s body began to break down. The Vampire explained to him and Vanitas that, due to the experiments performed on them, they would eventually perish. No other option was found, and thus, the Vampire offered to make Mikhail and Vanitas their “Kin” through a Mark of Possession, allowing their existences to stabilized and extending their lifespans.

Mikhail quickly agreed, but Vanitas harshly refused. This would eventually result in Vanitas killing the Vampire in an event which would lead Vanitas and Mikhail to believe Mikhail had died.
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When did Vanitas kiss Jeanne?

Fanon – VaniJeanne is a rather popular ship in The Case Study of Vanitas fandom. The ship is well liked due to the teasing relationship between the two. Fans of this ship also tend to ship Noénique, VaniJeanne first began getting recognition when Vanitas kissed Jeanne in Chapter 4, but some fans have interpreted that kiss as assault so the opinions on the ship were initially very controversial.

This ship received a significant increase in popularity when the two went on a “date” in Chapter 20 and Jeanne began to realize she might have genuine romantic feelings for Vanitas, followed by Vanitas who began to think that he himself might have genuine romantic feelings for Jeanne in Chapter 44. Some fans support VaniJeanne due to the slow burn relationship.

It’s main rival ship is Vanoé, Vanitas’ most popular ship throughout the whole series. It’s currently the third most written ship in the Vanitas no Cartes AO3 tag, as well the second most written ship for Vanitas after Vanoé, and the second most written one for Jeanne after DomiJeanne,

While VaniJeanne is the second most popular ship in the fandom, it is often surrounded by controversy. Some fans of the show claim that the relationship between the two is “toxic” (the hate also stems from their first kiss) and don’t want it to be canon. However, the relationship between Vanitas and Jeanne is often misinterpreted and a lot of fans point that out.

It’s a ship of two self-sacrificial individuals finding a common ground. The scene where Vanitas tells Jeanne that it has to be him who grants her wish was misinterpreted by some people as “abusive” and or “manipulative” whereas it was actually a scene that showed that it is only Vanitas who understands Jeanne the most.

  • He knows exactly what she feels.
  • He knows her guilt of wanting and possibly hurting another person as it’s consequence.
  • He’s the only one who can grant her wish.
  • It has to be him.” In the scene before Jeanne kisses Vanitas on the cheek, Vanitas says to himself “It’s cold.” while he’s in despair.
  • Jeanne coming to him right after that is meant to be shown as his salvation.

Jeanne saved him from despair and brought him warmth, and he realizes that he’s truly fallen in love with her.
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How old is Jeanne Vanitas?

Trivia –

Jeanne was named after the historical figure, better known as “Joan of Arc.” Jeanne was a 15th century French peasant considered a hero of the Hundred Years’ War. She was eventually put to death on charges of heresy at the age of nineteen.

: Jeanne (The Case Study of Vanitas)
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Will Vanitas marry Jeanne?

Both Vanitas and Jeanne show genuine romantic interest and affection, but they are not in an official relationship yet.
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How many episodes of case study Vanitas?

List of The Case Study of Vanitas episodes

The Case Study of Vanitas
No. of episodes 24
Original network Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, MBS, CBC, HBC, RKB
Original release July 3, 2021 – April 2, 2022

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How many episodes does the anime The Case Study of Vanitas have?

It started broadcasting on July 3, 2021. With a total of 24 episodes and 8 Blu-ray DVD volumes.
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Where can I watch The Case Study of Vanitas dub?

The Case Study of Vanitas (English Dub) In the Event of Rusty Hopes – Watch on Crunchyroll.
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Is episode 24 the last episode of The Case Study of Vanitas?

The Case Study of Vanitas episode 24 wraps up with quite an emotional and action-packed finale! If it’s one thing we’ve come to learn throughout the season, it’s that Vanitas is a difficult and complicated character to understand. At the same time though, he is also just as compelling.

  • These last developments in the story have made him more human than ever, making this finale very momentous.
  • It’s not just Vanitas – the friendship he’s grown to have with Noé is also finally acknowledged and appreciated.
  • All in all, the finale achieves in delivering a perfectly constructed episode and an even more powerful conclusion to the show.

I personally think it was awesome, and it hit right in the feels,
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