When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions?


When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions
Deadlines and Decisions All materials must then be postmarked by Feb.1 and decisions will be released by early April.
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What time do Michigan EA decisions come out?

2022-23 Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates – At IvyWise, we aim to relieve some of the stress commonly associated with the college admissions process, and that includes bringing you the most updated information on early decision release dates every year.

  • Our annual release date list is exceptionally comprehensive and updated daily as new information becomes available.
  • Be sure to check the links provided within the list for the most recent dates and information.
  • Here are the early decision application notification dates for the Class of 2027: Expect these dates to change as we draw closer to mid-December.

Check back regularly for updated dates and times – especially for those without specific dates and times or those labeled “TBD.” See a school we left out or an updated release date we haven’t included yet? Tell us in the comments below and we will add it to our list!

School Early Decision Notification Date
American University ED I: December 16
Amherst College ED: December 9 at 6:21pm ET
Babson College ED I: December 14 E A: December 16 ED II: TBA
Barnard College ED: December 14 at 6:30pm ET (confirmed via email)
Bates College ED I: By December 20
Boston College ED I: December 6 ED II: February 3
Boston University ED: December 13
Bowdoin College ED I: December 9 at 7pm ET (confirmed via Instagram stories) ED II: February 3 at 7pm ET
Brandeis University December 15
Brown University December 20 at 7pm ET
Bryn Mawr College ED I: December 16 at 5 pm ET
Bucknell University Mid-December
Caltech December 10 at 8:06am PT (confirmed via email)
Carleton College December 15
Carnegie Mellon University December 10 after 9am ET (confirmed via email)
Case Western Reserve University ED I : December 5 EA: December 21
Chapman University ED: December 16 EA: Late December, rolling through early February
Claremont McKenna College ED I: By December 15
Colby College On or before December 15
Colgate University ED I : Mid-December
Colorado College EDI: December 12 EA: December 19
Columbia University ED: December 15 after 7pm ET
Connecticut College December 9, 2022 at 7 pm ET
Cornell University ED : December 15 at 7pm ET
Dartmouth College ED: December 16 at 3pm ET
Davidson College ED I: December 15 at 9pm ET
DePaul University EA: By December 15
Drexel University ED I: Mid-December EA: Mid-December
Duke University ED: December 17 at 2pm ET (confirmed via phone)
Elon University ED I: December 1 E A: December 20
Emerson College ED I: Mid-December EA: Mid-December
Emory University ED I: December 15 after 6pm ET ED II: February 1 at 6pm ET
Fordham University ED: December 20 E A: December 20
Furman University ED I: December 1 EA: January 15
George Mason University EA: December 15
George Washington University ED I: December 15 ED II: February 14
Georgetown University EA: December 15
Georgia Tech EA I: December 9 E A II: January 27 at 7pm ET
Hamilton College ED I: December 15
Harvard University REA: December 15 at 7pm ET
Harvey Mudd College ED I: December 15 ED II: February 9 at 6pm PT
Haverford College ED I: December 15
Johns Hopkins University ED I: December 16
Lafayette College ED I: December 15 at 4pm ET
Lehigh University ED I: December 9
Loyola Marymount University ED I: November 23 EA: December 16
Middlebury College ED I: December 10
MIT EA: December 17 at 12:17pm ET
New York University ED I: December 15 E D II: February 15
Northeastern University ED I: December 8 E A: February 1 ED II: February 15
Northwestern University ED: December 16
Oberlin College December 15
Occidental College December 15
Parsons, The New School for Design EA: Week of December 19
Penn State University EA: December 24
Pomona College ED: December 15 at 5pm PT
Pratt Institute EA: November 28 rolling through Mid-December
Princeton University SCEA: December 15 at 7pm ET
Purdue University EA: January 15
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ED I: December 10 EA: January 28 B.S./M.D. Program: Early April
Rice University ED I: December 14 after 5pm CT (confirmed via email)
Rutgers University EA: January 31
Sarah Lawrence College ED I: Late December EA: Late December
Sewanee: The University of the South ED I: Early December EA: Late January
Skidmore College ED I: December 8 ED II: February 9
Stanford University REA: December 16 at 4pm PT
Swarthmore College Fall ED: December 13 at 7pm ET
Syracuse University ED: Late December rolling through January
Temple University EA: By January 10
Texas Christian University (TCU) EA: December 15 ED I: By January 1
Trinity College ED I: December 15
Tufts University ED I: December 13 at 7pm ET ED II: February 2
Tulane University ED I: December 1 at 4pm CT EA: January 15
University of Chicago ED I: December 21 E A: December 21 ED II: February 10, late afternoon
University of Colorado – Boulder EA: By February 1
University of Georgia November 18 at 4pm ET
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign EA: January 27
University of Massachusetts Amherst EA: By the end of January
University of Miami ED I: December 9 E A: By the end of January
University of Michigan EA: January 27 at 3pm ET
University of Minnesota EA I: By January 31
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill EA: January 31
University of Notre Dame REA: December 16 at 6:42pm ET
University of Pennsylvania ED: December 15 at 7pm ET (confirmed via phone)
University of Richmond ED I: December 9 EA: Around January 25
University of San Francisco ED: Mid-December E A: Late January
University of Southern California EA: January 20
University of South Carolina EA: December 14
University of Tennessee EA: December 20 at 7pm ET
University of Texas at Austin February 1
University of Vermont ED: Evening of December 20 EA: Evening of December 20
University of Virginia ED: December 13 at 5pm ET E A: February 10 after 5pm ET
Vanderbilt University ED I: December 14 at 5:30pm CT (confirmed via email)
Vassar University ED I: Mid-December ED II: February 1
Villanova University ED I: December 14 at 5pm ET E A: By January 20
Virginia Tech ED: December 9 at 5pm ET EA: Late February
Wake Forest University ED I: Rolling
Washington & Lee University ED I: December 16 at 8pm ET (confirmed via Instagram story)
Washington University in St. Louis ED: December 13
Wellesley College ED I: December 10
Wesleyan University ED I: December 10
William & Mary ED I: December 9
Williams College ED: Evening of December 9
Worcester Polytechnic Institute ED I: December 13 at 5pm ET EA: January 15
Yale University SCEA: December 15 after 5pm ET (confirmed via phone)

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Did Michigan release early action decisions?

Early Action: Nov. All required items must be received or postmarked by Nov.1, 2022. Decisions will be released no later than the end of January 2023.
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How does University of Michigan notify acceptance?

Checking Your Application Status – First, you will need to check the Common Application to see whether you have successfully submitted your application. Within 3-5 days of successful submission, you will receive an email with your U-M ID and login credentials for Enrollment Connect, an online portal for all your application needs: track your checklist and application status, receive important messages from your office, view your application decision, and more.

We take your application every bit as seriously as you do. To verify your application information, go to Enrollment Connect and choose the Application menu. Then, select the button that reads Verify Application Answers, which will show what you have on file with us. We appreciate your patience while we process your documents.

Please allow three days from the date you submitted your application materials for them to be marked as “Received” on Enrollment Connect. Exception: Processing your materials may take longer during certain times of the year. Please use the table below to guide when you would need to follow up on resubmitting your documents during these peak times.

Materials Submitted Processing Time
Aug.1-Oct.21 3 days
Oct.22-Nov.11 10 days
Dec.2-Jan.2 14 days
Jan.25-Feb.12 10 days

Documents to be resubmitted can be sent electronically through a document vendor (such as Naviance/SCOIR/Parchment), through the Common Application, or via email to [email protected], If you are requesting to have the documents sent via email, please make sure to include your full name, U-M ID, and date of birth in your message.
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Does Michigan defer everyone early action?

University of Michigan Early Action Deferral Rate – The University of Michigan does not share early action deferral rates, but according to rates released by other top-tier universities, the odds are high. The average overall early action deferral rate falls anywhere between thirty to fifty percent of applications, and for competitive schools such as this, it may be even closer to eighty percent ! Once being deferred– or “postponed,” as the University of Michigan classifies it– an application has around a ten to fifteen percent chance of being accepted.

However, any student receiving a deferral letter should not automatically give up hope. There is still much they can do to actively take advantage of this process to show their own dedication to joining this renowned university. After postponing a decision on any application, the University of Michigan allows students to complete an Expression of Continued Interest form.

This form simply reiterates the applicant’s dedication to joining the ranks of this university and allows them to update any grade information that may have changed. Though optional, this step is highly recommended as a way to update the staff on the progress of an applicant’s senior year, as the early action process often cuts off their grades in their moments of highest focus.
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What day do Michigan decisions come out?

If you are thinking about applying to UMich Ann Arbor, the deadline for Fall 2023 admissions is February 1 and the application fee costs $75. Students who submit their applications to UMich Ann Arbor for fall should receive an admissions decision no later than April 15,
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How long does it take to hear back from University of Michigan early action?

Deadlines and Decisions All materials must then be postmarked by Feb.1 and decisions will be released by early April.
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Does Early Action increase chances at University of Michigan?

6. Apply early action. – Although the University of Michigan does not have an early decision or “restrictive” early action plan, they do have a normal early action plan. The University of Michigan’s early action plan does not restrict you from applying to other early action plans at other schools.

However, applying by the early action deadline can significantly increase your chances of acceptance at the University of Michigan, especially if you’re applying as an out-of-state student. Typically, early action students are 4-6% more likely to be accepted than non-early action applicants. Although this may seem like an insignificant percentage, remember—only 26% of all applicants are accepted to the University of Michigan.

This advantage can be significant with such a competitive admissions rate.
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What GPA do you need to get into University of Michigan Ann Arbor?

Average GPA: 3.88 – The average GPA at University of Michigan is 3.88, This makes University of Michigan Extremely Competitive for GPAs. (Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. With a GPA of 3.88, University of Michigan requires you to be near the top of your class, and well above average. You’ll need mostly A’s, ideally with several AP or IB classes to help show your preparation at a college level.
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What is the easiest school to get into at University of Michigan?

Michigan Admission Strategy – Admissions Criteria: The most important factors in admissions are the rigor of high school coursework, and the student’s GPA. Also treated as important are standardized test scores, extracurriculars, application essays, recommendations, and character.

Criteria that are considered are legacy status, geographic origin, state residency, race/ethnicity, volunteer experience, and the level of an applicant’s interest. Talent is an incredibly important consideration for the schools where it is considered relevant, those studying performance or studio arts, or architecture.

For these schools, the demonstration of the student’s talent, through an audition or portfolio, accounts for half of the criteria considered when deciding on admissions. Applicants are rated on a scale of Outstanding, Excellent, Good, Average, Poor. The following aspects are directly rated in this manner when considering an application: academic performance, educational environment, essays, recommendations, and Awards, honors, leadership, involvement, and service.

Applications are reviewed by two readers before being forwarded to the Admissions Review Committee for the final decision. Ross applicants are supposed to only be reviewed after the Committee decides, but because Ross is inundated with applicants, they review the Ross Admissions Portfolio first and tell the committee whose portfolio they like.

This means that a great portfolio can drastically affect your chances of acceptance! What is UMich Looking For? UMich is looking for students who stand out in their extracurricular involvements, especially in a leadership capacity. The activities and extracurriculars are needed to set high achieving students apart from the crowd of their fellows.

  • Leadership is the key character trait UMich wants to see demonstrated in an application, either through activities or a student’s supplemental essays.
  • UMich is particularly receptive to students whose dissatisfaction with the status quo has led them to address problems to improve their community or environment.

Another key character trait the school looks for is a unique perspective, either in how a student views their intended major, or in how their background or experiences have shaped their outlook.They say “Show us how the combination of course work and related activities inspired original thinking on your part.what kind of person you are and how well you might do in a dynamic, multifaceted campus community.” This uniqueness should relate directly to Michigan; how will your approach to a major or interdisciplinary study add to the campus? How will your unique background and experiences contribute to the campus learning environment? Michigan aims for a 50/50 split of in state vs out of state students.

However, 75% of applicants come from out of state or internationally, so it’s more competitive. Thus it is not necessarily easier to get in as an in-state student, but there is less competition for the available number of slots. You are compared to the other students who are applying to UMich from your high school; the top of those will be admitted generally.

Determine how you measure up in your high school class, especially among those who may be applying to UMich. They are looking especially for students who want to go there specifically, rather than high achieving students using UMich as a target school in case they can’t get into an Ivy League school.

They want to see specifically how a student would benefit from the programs at UMich, and how their future plans for study and career fit in with what the school offers. This is especially relevant in the supplemental essay about why students want to go to UMich, as this is the essay with the most importance after the personal statement for admissions decisions.

They want intellectually curious and passionate students, eager to explore their interests with the resources Michigan provides. UMich Strategy: Students should determine which school they are applying to, as this will affect their strategy;. Students often consider the School of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) as easier to get into than the engineering program.

While this appears true based on raw percentages, the truth is more complicated. A strong student for Engineering looks different from LSA. Engineering wants students with high standardized test scores, a record of taking classes in chemistry, calculus, and physics, especially at AP level; with high scores on specialized tests in those areas, either SAT Subject or AP.

LSA wants students with more varied academic talents and interests, as they have broader core requirements. Students who may be competitive for Engineering are not necessarily competitive for LSA, and vice-versa, depending on the classes they excelled in, their standardized test scores, and their extracurriculars.

  • Students with a stronger preparation in math and science will have a much better time with Engineering, while students with more varied academic talents are better suited for LSA.
  • Ross accepts most of its students as first years; while it is possible to transfer in, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

More than most business schools, Ross wants to see past experience and interest in business, as represented in their specific supplemental essay questions. For example, students who have tried investing in the stock market, completed internships with major companies, or who have started their own businesses.

  • Students without these experiences will have a harder time gaining admission.
  • For the Ross supplement, they provide examples for what an artifact should look like, and what they liked about past examples.
  • They also give the rubric detailing how they judge the business case discussion.
  • Their overall guide to the portfolio gives much of the same advice: keep your answers personal, tie them to your own experience, and try to show the committee something they have not seen from your application thus far.

Transferring between colleges is difficult in most cases, but students in most of the colleges can take a second major in LSA, although this does not work the other way around. Thus, students interested in one of the subject oriented schools, such as Ross or performing arts, should apply directly to the school in question, rather than applying to LSA and then trying to transfer.

Changing majors within a school is far easier than changing between schools, so that selection matters less. Finally, students should clearly demonstrate why Michigan is the best fit for them in their essays, and display a real desire to attend if they are admitted. With a 41% yield (number of admitted students who attend), the school is eager to admit students who will actually come to the school.

Doing research on the specific programs and opportunities at the school and including them in the “Why Us” essay will go a long way.
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What is the highest acceptance rate for University of Michigan?

Affordable Michigan Colleges to Admit with Highest Acceptance Rate – The next table lists the most affordable (high acceptance rate) Michigan colleges and universities to admit. Those schools have been keeping the acceptance rate in high level in recent years.

Grace Christian University has the highest acceptance rate as of 100% for academic year 2021-2022 in Michigan. For the ranking, we only include 4-years colleges with at least 100 new students (freshmen). The following table shows the schools that have high acceptance rates with admission statistics and yield, also known as enrollment rate.

You may want to check colleges having the tightest acceptance rates in Michigan,

Affordable Michigan Colleges to Admit with Highest Acceptance Rate (2021-2022)

Name Acceptance Rate # of Applicants # of Admitted # of Enrolled Yield
1 Grace Christian University Private (not-for-profit), four-years Wyoming, MI 100% 713 713 105 14.73%
2 Davenport University Private (not-for-profit), four-years Grand Rapids, MI 98.27% 2,652 2,606 460 17.65%
3 Rochester University Private (not-for-profit), four-years Rochester Hills, MI 98.09% 628 616 162 26.30%
4 University of Detroit Mercy Private (not-for-profit), four-years Detroit, MI 93.24% 4,435 4,135 565 13.66%
5 Hope College Private (not-for-profit), four-years Holland, MI 92.38% 4,172 3,854 793 20.58%
6 Oakland University Public, four-years Rochester Hills, MI 92.09% 10,645 9,803 2,025 20.66%
7 Grand Valley State University Public, four-years Allendale, MI 91.65% 17,163 15,730 3,807 24.20%
8 Cornerstone University Private (not-for-profit), four-years Grand Rapids, MI 91.32% 1,923 1,756 376 21.41%
9 Aquinas College Private (not-for-profit), four-years Grand Rapids, MI 89.04% 1,432 1,275 218 17.10%
10 Olivet College Private (not-for-profit), four-years Olivet, MI 88.50% 1,200 1,062 218 20.53%

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Is University of Michigan a good school?

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor’s ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #25.
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Does Michigan consider legacy?

Does U Mich do legacy admissions? – The University of Michigan is often cited as part of a very small list of top schools that don’t use legacy as a preference. They say on their, “Legacy status is not a preference in the admissions process.” They also say, however, say it “does serve as context – outside of the admissions review – in understanding a student’s interest.

Most importantly, it helps us calculate the likelihood of enrollment.” This wording can be confusing. It seems like they are saying they both do and don’t consider legacy status. It’s important to note, that other schools that state that they don’t use legacy status as a preference, such as UC Berkeley, often don’t track legacy status.

Michigan, however, does. Students can self-report their parents’ and grandparents’ affiliation with the school. They do this because they say that “Information about a student’s status as a legacy can also be used to acknowledge their relationship to U-M in communications with families during both the application process and when it renders their admissions decisions.”
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Can you appeal college rejection from University of Michigan?

Is there an appeal process for students who are denied admission or offered a spot on the waitlist? Since each application goes through multiple comprehensive, holistic, and individualized reviews before an admission decision is released, we are confident in our decision and there is no appeal process.
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When did Michigan get rid of affirmative action?

Affirmative Action Was Banned at Two Top Universities. They Say They Need It. As a Supreme Court case on college admissions nears, the California and Michigan university systems say their efforts to build diverse classes have hardly worked.

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When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions The University of Michigan stated that despite “persistent, vigorous and varied efforts” to diversify its student body, the enrollment of underrepresented minority students has “fallen precipitously” at many of its schools. Credit. Joshua Lott for The New York Times Published Aug.26, 2022 Updated Oct.31, 2022

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  • It has been more than 15 years since two of the country’s top public university systems, the University of Michigan and the University of California, were forced to stop using affirmative action in admissions.
  • Since then, both systems have tried to build racially diverse student bodies through extensive outreach and major financial investment, well into the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Those efforts have fallen abysmally short, the universities admitted in two amicus briefs filed this month at the Supreme Court, which is set to consider the future of affirmative action in college admissions this fall.

Among the data points: In 2021, the entering freshman class at the University of California, Berkeley, included Black students and 27 Native American students out of a class of 6,931. That same year, Black enrollment at Michigan’s flagship campus in Ann Arbor was 4 percent, even as the university maintained a special admissions office in Detroit to recruit Black students.

  1. In the briefs, lawyers for the universities argue that, without affirmative action, achieving racial diversity is virtually impossible at highly selective universities.
  2. “Despite persistent, vigorous and varied efforts to increase student body racial and ethnic diversity by race-neutral means,” the from Michigan stated, “the admission and enrollment of underrepresented minority students have fallen precipitously in many of U-M’s schools and colleges” since the end of affirmative action.
  3. Justin Driver, a professor at Yale Law School, said the stories of California and Michigan illustrate the fallout that can take place when affirmative action is banned in admissions.

“Despite incredibly valiant, sustained efforts to navigate the realities of a post-affirmative action world, the flagship campuses in California and Michigan have been unsuccessful in enrolling members of marginalized racial groups,” said Mr. Driver, who is considered an on the impact of the high court’s education decisions.

In California, racial preferences in admissions were banned in 1996. By the fall of 2006, there were 96 Black students in a freshman class of nearly 5,000 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Credit. Jim Wilson/The New York Times The Supreme Court is scheduled on Oct.31 to hear the lawsuits brought by the anti-affirmative action organization Students for Fair Admissions that challenge the race-conscious methods that Harvard and the University of North Carolina use to pick freshman classes.

The organization says that Harvard discriminates against Asian Americans and that North Carolina gives an admissions boost to underserved racial minorities. And the group argues in its own, filed this week, that ending affirmative action nationwide would help improve diversity at the University of California and the University of Michigan, “because they could better compete with universities who currently use race.” With the Supreme Court’s recent shift to the right, the affirmative action cases could upset 40 years of precedent that says race can be considered as one factor in determining university admission.

  1. Such a shift could have significant implications for universities, many of which have argued that diverse environments enhance learning by exposing students to a variety of perspectives.
  2. Affirmative action is banned by local edict in nine states, including Michigan and California.
  3. Some states without affirmative action programs, like Oklahoma, have taken the in briefs to the court, arguing that the University of Oklahoma “remains just as diverse today (if not more so) than it was when Oklahoma banned affirmative action in 2012.” Thirteen other states joined the Oklahoma brief.

Oklahoma’s freshman class in 2020, according to released by the university, was 61 percent white, 12 percent Hispanic, 3.7 percent Black and 2.1 percent American Indian. The state’s brief points out that a large number of students identified as “two or more races” and that the number of those who were part Black would increase the Black percentage to more than 6 percent.

  1. Black residents make up 7.8 percent of the state’s population.
  2. A brief filed by last year by Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, also takes the side of Students for Fair Admissions, arguing against race-conscious admissions, even though the University of Texas uses a form of them.
  3. The brief criticizes not only affirmative action, but diversity itself,, “Indeed, the very justifications for ‘diversity’ require invidious racial stereotyping.” Michigan and California are both known for highly rated schools that receive thousands of applications from across the country.

With admissions extremely competitive, applicants from underrepresented groups face higher obstacles to enrollment. At the University of Michigan, a voter referendum known as Proposal 2, Affirmative Action Initiative, was adopted in 2006, resulting in a state constitutional ban on race-conscious admissions.

That prompted sharp drops in enrollment of Black and Native American students. Since then, Michigan has worked to diversify its student body through outreach programs. They include a college advising corps of young Michigan alumni, as well as a recruitment office in nearby Detroit, a predominantly Black city.

Additional incentives include generous scholarships. Calling Proposal 2 an “involuntary experiment” imposed on the university and acknowledging that its diversity profile has since suffered, a Michigan spokesman, Rick Fitzgerald, said that the university’s experience should serve as a “cautionary tale that underscores the compelling need for selective universities to be able to consider race as one of many background factors about applicants.” Black undergraduate enrollment declined to 4 percent in 2021 from 7 percent in 2006, the brief said, even as the total percentage of college-age African Americans in Michigan increased to 19 percent from 16 percent.

  • At the same time, Native American enrollment, once as high as 1 percent, dropped to 0.11 percent in 2021, the brief said.
  • What’s more, fully one-quarter of underrepresented students surveyed felt they did not “belong” at Michigan, a 66 percent increase in a decade, the brief said.
  • At Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Rita Brooks was one of 74 Black students among the 2,421 undergraduates enrolled in 2021.

In 2006, affirmative action was banned at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Credit. Fabrizio Costantini for The New York Times “While I’m thankful for the incredible resources and the education, it’s difficult to ignore the isolation felt in classroom settings where you’re one of two Black students at the most,” said Ms.

  • Brooks, who is from the Detroit area.
  • Some prospective students have said they view the low undergraduate Black enrollment at Michigan as a reason to go elsewhere, illustrating how low numbers can further deter the enrollment of students of color.
  • Aniya Caldwell, of Jackson, Mich., was president of her high school’s National Honor Society in 2020, but she chose to attend Howard University, the historically Black college in Washington, D.C.

“The diversity at the University of Michigan is minuscule,” Ms. Caldwell said in a LinkedIn message. “Overall, I chose to go to Howard because I knew I’d be surrounded by people of color and not have to worry about additional racism and discrimination.” In California, Proposition 209 was adopted in 1996, banning racial preferences in admissions.

By the fall of 2006, there were 96 Black students in a freshman class of nearly 5,000 at the University of California, Los Angeles. The Black enrollment figure was so low that it shocked the U.C.L.A. community, resulting in the group’s nickname — the “.” Since then, enrollment of underserved minorities in the California system has partially recovered.

For example, U.C.L.A.’s Black enrollment, 7 percent before Proposition 209 was adopted, fell to 3.43 percent in 1998. By 2019, it had increased to 5.98 percent. California’s population is 6.5 percent Black. But lawyers for the University of California system describe an uphill battle to achieve diversity, particularly at the most highly selective schools.

While 52 percent of California’s public high school students identify as Hispanic, 15 percent of freshmen at Berkeley identified as Hispanic, with the figure at the system’s nine campuses overall standing at 25 percent. “Many students from underrepresented minority groups, particularly those at the U.C.’s most selective campuses, will often find themselves the sole student of their race in a class,” the brief said.

Olufemi Ogundele, dean of undergraduate admissions at Berkeley, said he was “incredibly proud” of the school’s progress in admissions despite the ban on considering race. But he added, “There’s no doubt in my mind that we would be making much more significant progress if we were able to consider the entire human or the entire student.” At another selective school in the system, the University of California, San Diego, 3 percent of undergraduate students are Black, and some of them have about racist incidents.

While the brief focuses only on the University of California system, diversity at other four-year public colleges in California also has declined, according to filed with the court by a group of California civil rights and legal organizations. By 2018, the percentage of Black students enrolled at any California State University was half that in 1997, dropping to 4 percent from 8 percent, the brief said.

Native American students enrolled in any campus of California State University’s system fell to 0.2 percent in 2018 from 1.23 percent in 1995. : Affirmative Action Was Banned at Two Top Universities. They Say They Need It.
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What is Michigan acceptance rate this year?

In recent years, the University of Michigan has opened its doors to more and more out-of-state and international students than at any point in the school’s history. Presently, roughly half of the undergraduate student population are non-Michigan residents; a decade ago, 64% were Michigan natives.

The 32,000+ current Wolverine undergrads are a more high-achieving bunch than ever before, typically earning near-perfect GPAs in high school and SAT/ACT scores in at least the 85th percentile. As we enter the 2022-23 cycle, the University of Michigan acceptance rate is now under 20%. If you aim to join this elite cohort, you’ll need to possess a solid understanding of how the Michigan admissions process works.

To guide you, this article will help provide:

  • Michigan’s Class of 2026 acceptance rate
  • SAT, ACT, GPA and class rank of accepted Michigan applicants
  • Admissions trends at the University of Michigan
  • The demographics of current Michigan undergraduates
  • Michigan’s yield rate
  • How Michigan’s admissions officers evaluate candidates
  • Tips for applying to Michigan
  • How to approach the UMich supplemental essays
  • How to assess whether applying to Michigan is even worth the $75 application fee (for you)

Many students applying to UMich may also find the following blogs to be of interest: How to Get Into:

  • Cornell University
  • UPenn
  • Northwestern University

Let’s begin with an examination of the most recent admissions data.
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How many students does Michigan admit?

There’s an easy trick that can more than double your chances of admission to the University of Michigan. It’s not about long lists of extracurriculars, rigorous classes or an uplifting application essay about triumph over adversity. It’s about geography, residency.

  • Put plainly, if you live in Michigan, you’ve got a heck of a leg up.
  • The University of Michigan offered admission to nearly 40 percent of undergraduate in-state applicants for the fall of 2022 and just 17 percent of applicants from other parts of the U.S.
  • Those numbers don’t include incomplete or withdrawn applications.

They were similar in the previous two years. Which makes UM an outlier among the public universities in the Big Ten. Most, but not all, offer admission to a slightly higher percentage of in-state applicants than out-of-state applicants. The Ohio State University, for instance, accepted 53.3 percent of Ohio applicants and 50.8 percent of applicants from other states.

The University of Iowa accepted 93 percent of Iowa applicants and just under 91 percent of out-of-state applicants. But the effect is largest at Michigan, in part because Michigan is the most selective to start with. “As a public institution, the University of Michigan is committed to supporting students from our state,” said Adele Brumfield, UM’s vice provost for enrollment management, “and our priority here is to have more than half of our undergraduate students come from Michigan and really working to provide access to these students to this fantastic institution.” Read more: With enrollments down, most of Michigan’s public universities admitted almost everybody – mlive.com The share of out-of-state and international undergraduates at UM is growing.

Fifteen years ago, they made up just over a third of the undergraduate population. This fall, it’s 48 percent. That’s not unusual. Declines or slow growth in state appropriations and a shrinking population of 18-to-22-year-olds have led many high-profile public universities to enroll more students from beyond their states’ borders.

  1. Those students typically pay a premium for the opportunity.
  2. At UM, for instance, tuition and fees for in-state freshmen are $16,736 this year.
  3. For out-of-state freshmen, they’re $55,334.
  4. Because of their demand, they could probably shift to be almost all out-of-state,” said Bradley Curs, an associate professor of education, leadership and policy analysis at the University of Missouri who has studied the relationship between state appropriations and out-of-state enrollment.

If they don’t, it’s in part to keep state legislatures happy, he said, because “there’s still this push to make sure that they are serving in-state students because they’re being supported by the state.” Michigan State University started admitted increasing numbers of international students 15 years ago and, when their numbers began to fall in the mid-2010s, increases in students from other parts of the U.S.

  1. Made up the difference.
  2. But the acceptance rates aren’t so different.
  3. For this fall, MSU offered admission to 93.3 percent of Michigan applicants for this fall and to 90.8 percent of domestic out-of-state applicants.
  4. Again, those numbers don’t include incomplete or withdrawn applications, which many school do consider when calculating their acceptance rates.

“Our incoming cohorts have increased,” said John Ambrose, MSU’s executive director of admissions, “and that’s allowed us to keep steady for our Michigan residents in terms of being able to make sure we’re at that balance of about 70 to 75 percent in-state.

  1. I think the real message is, ‘We’re open for people,'” he said.
  2. Read more: Michigan’s public universities have lost 45,000 students since 2011.
  3. It’s about to get worse.
  4. Mlive.com Erica Sanders, the director of undergraduate admissions at UM, said they look at each applicant “holistically, meaning everything that’s included in the application: their talents, their interests, their passions.

“We start with the foundation of their academic record, meaning their grades, the courses, the trend in academics, academic performance, the rigor of their curriculum, but we also look at that in context, what was available to them in their high school, their home community,” she said.

But after the university determines which applicants would be a good fit for UM, there’s a separate process of building an incoming class based on a host of factors such as an applicant’s intended course of study – a whole class of would-be English majors would be lopsided – and residency, too. Data gleaned during the consideration of applications, “on the back end of the process, is used to help us determine how many students we need to populate the engineering college or (College of Literature, Science and the Arts) or kinesiology,” Brumfield said.

“And then, as I mentioned, we are striving to have more than 50 percent of our students come from in state. So there’s a lot of analysis.” If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation.
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Will I get accepted to University of Michigan?

Admission Statistics – The University of Michigan has a 26% acceptance rate, On average, successful applicants score between 1400 and 1540 on the SATs, or between 32 and 35 on the ACTs. The average GPA is 3.9. However, grades and test scores are not the only factors that the school considers.

  1. In addition to academic strength, U-M places high value on your extracurriculars.
  2. Its website asks : “How have you become a leader at your school and in your community? To what heights have you taken your training in music, art, or dance? What is your life like beyond your course of studies and how do you connect them?” U-M wants to admit a wide variety of students with diverse interests, passions, and ambitions.

The Admissions Committee evaluates applications holistically, with the goal of finding applicants who share a drive toward academic excellence and community orientation.
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Does University of Michigan rescind acceptance?

For what reasons does the U-M revoke admission? – Admitted first-year students: The University of Michigan expects all aspects of your academic performance and conduct in your senior year to be consistent with the record you presented upon admission.

  1. Any significant decline in your academic performance, such as three or more C’s, or any D’s, E’s, or F’s, may be cause for revoking admission.
  2. Declining grades or a significant change in curriculum may also be cause for revoking admission.
  3. Although senior year grades are reported directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and reviewed, it is your responsibility to advise our office of any serious decline in grades or changes in course selections previously entered on your application by emailing your admissions counselor.

You can find contact information for your admissions counselor on the Admissions website. Admitted transfer students: You are subject to admission revocation if the course work you complete before your intended term of enrollment at U-M does not meet our academic standards.
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Does Michigan have rolling admissions?

Deadlines are stressful—so why not get rid of them? Well, some colleges do just that. Rather than having a fixed application deadline, these schools open up a period of time for you to submit your application. Rolling admission doesn’t mean you won’t have any timeline, though.

This guide will go over what rolling admission means as you apply to college and also provide you with a complete list of colleges with rolling admissions. Rolling admission is an application option that allows you to apply within a window of time. This window usually opens up in the fall, commonly September 1, and lasts through the spring, or until all spots in the upcoming class have been filled.

That being said, the fact that rolling admission colleges will accept your application throughout the year doesn’t take the pressure off completely. As I mentioned above, the application window will be open until all spots have been filled. Admissions committees review applications as they roll in and send back a decision soon after.

  • Typically, you’ll hear back four to eight weeks after you apply.
  • In some cases, you might hear back just two weeks later! Additionally, some schools with rolling admissions still have deadlines.
  • For example, Michigan State University advises students to submit their applications by November 1 if they want maximum scholarship consideration.

Keep in mind that this is generally how rolling admissions work, but this process can vary from school to school. That’s why it’s very important you check with each school to see how their rolling admissions process works. (To see how rolling admissions can vary from school to school, be sure to read our write-ups on Michigan State’s and Penn State’s rolling application processes in the next section.) Doing a little research on each university’s policies can save you headache—and heartache—later. When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions Want to build the best possible college application? We can help. PrepScholar Admissions is the world’s best admissions consulting service. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies, We’ve overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schools, from state colleges to the Ivy League. Here are some popular universities with rolling admissions (listed alphabetically): While all of these schools have a rolling admissions process, it’s worth pointing out that Michigan State’s and Penn State’s rolling admissions work a little differently. Michigan State divides their admission process into three stages: early action, regular, and rolling. If you apply before November 1, you’re considered an early action applicant. If you apply after November 1 but before February 1, you’re applying with regular admission. Any application submitted after February 1 will be considered with rolling admission. Like Michigan State, Penn State handles their rolling admissions a little differently as well. Penn State uses what they call a “rolling admissions process.” Penn State begins accepting both Early Action and rolling admission applications on August 1, but rolling admission application deadlines extend past the Early Action deadline of November 1. Additionally, while Penn State accepts rolling admission applications as early as August 1, admissions decisions for this group of applicants will go out later than Early Action admissions decisions. And while rolling admissions applications can be submitted after December 1, Penn State highly recommends submitting applications before December 1 for the best chance of admission. Here’s the full list of schools with rolling admissions in alphabetical order. Just scroll down to find the ones you’re interested in or use ctrl + F to search for a school directly. We’ve also included the admission rate for each school so you can see how difficult it is to get in. If you’re interested in applying to any of these schools, make sure to set a deadline for yourself and stick to it! Also be sure to check the school’s website to see if there are any deadlines applied to scholarship or financial aid applications. If, however, these schools aren’t on your college list, they could be a good fallback option should your other schools not work out.

School State Admission Rate Academy of Art University CA 100 Adams State University CO 99 Adelphi University NY 75 Adrian College MI 61 Adventist University of Health Sciences FL 51 Alabama A&M University AL 90 Alabama State University AL 99 Alaska Bible College AK 100 Alaska Pacific University AK 91 Albany State University GA 66 Albertus Magnus College CT 81 Albion College MI 75 Albright College PA 82 Alcorn State University MS 38 Alderson-Broaddus College WV 53 Alfred State College NY 72 Alfred University NY 64 Allen College IA N/A Alma College MI 61 Alvernia University PA 70 Alverno College WI 78 American Academy of Art IL 100 American Baptist College TN 100 American International College MA 69 American University of Puerto Rico PR 83 Amridge University AL 100 Anderson University SC 59 Andrews University MI 67 Angelo State University TX 76 Anna Maria College MA 74 Appalachian Bible College WV 37 Aquinas College TN 71 Arcadia University PA 74 Arizona State University AZ 88 Arkansas Baptist College AR 26 Arkansas State University AR 67 Arkansas Tech University AR 98 Arlington Baptist College TX 100 Art Academy of Cincinnati OH 31 Asbury University KY 98 Ashland University OH 74 Atlantic University College PR — Auburn University at Montgomery AL 96 Augsburg College MN 76 Augustana College IL 57 Augustana University SD 71 Aurora University IL 87 Austin Peay State University TN 91 Averett University VA 100 Azusa Pacific University CA 94 Bacone College OK 72 Baker College of Auburn Hills MI 93 Baker College of Cadillac MI 100 Baker College of Clinton Township MI 100 Baker College of Jackson MI 100 Baker College of Muskegon MI 100 Baker College of Owosso MI 100 Baker University KS 93 Baldwin Wallace University OH 70 Baptist Bible College MO 100 Baptist College of Florida FL 94 Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary TX 81 Barclay College KS 51 Bard College at Simon’s Rock MA 92 Barry University FL 66 Barton College NC 42 Beacon College FL 51 Becker College MA 70 Belhaven University MS 53 Bellevue University NE 100 Bellin College WI 100 Belmont Abbey University NC 80 Bemidji State University MN 69 Benedict College SC 73 Benedictine College KS 97 Benedictine University IL 61 Bennett College NC 59 Berry College GA 77 Bethany College KS 68 Bethany College WV 92 Bethel College KS 61 Bethel University IN 93 Bethesda University of California CA 100 Bethune-Cookman University FL 98 Beulah Heights University GA 84 Blackburn College IL 55 Blessing-Reiman College of Nursing IL 66 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania PA 89 Blue Mountain College MS 99 Bluffton University OH 61 Bob Jones University SC 84 Boise Bible College ID 95 Boricua College NY 100 Boston Architectural College MA — Boston Baptist College MA 78 Bradley University IL 73 Brenau University GA 67 Brescia University KY 48 Brevard College NC 49 Brewton-Parker College GA 98 Bridgewater State University MA 82 Brigham Young University–Hawaii HI 97 Brooklyn College (CUNY) NY 50 Bryan College TN 55 Bryn Athyn College PA 78 Buena Vista University IA 56 Buffalo State College NY 80 Cairn University PA 83 California Baptist University CA 80 California College of the Arts CA 85 California Institute of the Arts CA 25 California State University Long Beach CA 39 California State University San Bernardino CA 78 Calumet College of St. Joseph IN 26 Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary MO 78 Cambridge College MA N/A Cameron University OK 100 Campbell University NC 81 Campbellsville University KY 78 Canisius College NY 76 Capital University OH 74 Capitol College MD 83 Cardinal Stritch University WI 77 Caribbean University PR 100 Carlos Albizu University–Miami FL 56 Carlow University PA 94 Carroll University WI N/A Carson-Newman University TN 79 Carthage College WI 77 Castleton University VT 84 Catawba College NC 52 Cazenovia College NY 72 Cedar Crest College PA 70 Centenary College of Louisiana LA 60 Central Christian College of Kansas KS 100 Central Christian College of the Bible MO 99 Central Connecticut State University CT 66 Central Methodist University MO 93 Central Michigan University MI 69 Central State University OH 58 Central Washington University WA 85 Chadron State College NE — Chaminade University of Honolulu HI 88 Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science CA 25 Charleston Southern University SC 79 Chestnut Hill College PA 97 Cheyney University of Pennsylvania PA 100 Chicago State University IL 46 Chowan University NC 67 Christian Brothers University TN 50 City College of New York NY 51 City University of Seattle WA 100 Clarke University IA 57 Clarkson College NE 46 Clear Creek Baptist Bible College KY 100 Cleveland Institute of Art OH 70 Coastal Carolina University SC 70 Cogswell Polytechnical College CA 49 Coker University SC 63 Colby-Sawyer College NH 89 College at Old Westbury NY 78 College of Biblical Studies–Houston TX 100 College of Mount St. Vincent NY 93 College of Saint Mary NE 51 College of Saint Mary Magdalen NH — College of St. Scholastica MN 73 College of the Ozarks MO 14 Colorado Mesa University CO 75 Columbia College MO N/A Columbia College Hollywood CA N/A Columbia International University SC 50 Columbia Southern University AL 100 Columbia University, School of General Studies NY 35 Concord University WV 92 Concordia College MN 68 Concordia University Ann Arbor MI 49 Concordia University Chicago IL 79 Concordia University Irvine CA 71 Concordia University Nebraska NE 76 Concordia University St. Paul MN 98 Concordia University Texas TX 91 Concordia University Wisconsin WI 71 Coppin State University MD 40 Cornerstone University MI 87 Creighton University NE 77 Culinary Institute of America NY N/A Culver-Stockton College MO 98 Cumberland University TN 54 Curry College MA 82 Curtis Institute of Music PA — Daemen University NY 62 Dakota State University SD 83 Dakota Wesleyan University SD 64 Dallas Baptist University TX 99 Dallas Christian College TX 24 Dalton State College GA 100 Davenport University MI 93 Davis and Elkins College WV 69 Davis College NY 31 Defiance College OH 96 Delaware Valley College PA 92 Delta State University MS 100 Design Institute of San Diego CA 87 DeVry University–Westminster CO — Dickinson State University ND 99 Dillard University LA 65 Divine Word College IA 63 Doane College NE 69 Dominican College NY 75 Dominican University of California CA 86 Drake University IA 68 D’Youville College NY 84 East Carolina University NC 79 East Tennessee State University TN 86 East Texas Baptist University TX 59 Eastern Connecticut State University CT 70 Eastern Illinois University IL 53 Eastern Kentucky University KY 94 Eastern Mennonite University VA 72 Eastern Michigan University MI 75 Eastern Nazarene College MA 59 Eastern New Mexico University NM 58 East-West University IL 100 Eckerd College FL 69 Edinboro University of Pennsylvania PA 85 EDP University of Puerto Rico PR 70 Edward Waters College FL 61 Elizabethtown College PA 86 Elmhurst College IL 66 Elmira College NY 98 Elms College MA 70 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University–Daytona Beach FL 61 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University–Prescott AZ 67 Emory & Henry College VA 73 Emporia State University KS 80 Endicott College MA 86 Eureka College IL 62 Everglades University–Orlando FL 75 Evergreen State College WA 98 Excelsior College NY — Faulkner University AL 78 Fayetteville State University NC 69 Felician College NJ 86 Ferris State University MI 82 Ferrum College VA 76 Finlandia University MI 72 Fisk University TN 66 Fitchburg State University MA 88 Five Towns College NY 34 Florida Atlantic University FL 63 Florida Career College FL — Florida College FL 75 Florida Gulf Coast University FL 67 Florida Institute of Technology FL 70 Florida International University FL 58 Florida Memorial University FL 40 Florida Southern College FL 50 Fontbonne University MO 85 Framingham State University MA 79 Franciscan University of Steubenville OH 73 Franklin College IN 76 Franklin Pierce University NH 66 Freed-Hardeman University TN 81 Friends University KS N/A Frostburg State University MD 74 Full Sail University FL — Gallaudet University DC 63 Gannon University PA 79 Gardner-Webb University NC 67 Geneva College PA N/A George Fox University OR 91 Georgetown College KY 72 Georgian Court University NJ 81 Glenville State College WV 98 Global University MO — Goddard College VT 98 Golden Gate University CA 61 Graceland University IA 68 Grand Canyon University AZ — Granite State College NH 100 Grantham University KS — Greensboro College NC 40 Greenville College IL 57 Griggs University MI — Hamline University MN 69 Hanover College IN 69 Hardin-Simmons University TX 91 Harding University AR 55 Harrington College of Design IL 89 Harris-Stowe State University MO 52 Harrisburg University of Science and Technology PA — Hartwick College NY 84 Haskell Indian Nations University KS 93 Hawaii Pacific University HI 75 Hellenic College MA 64 Henderson State University AR 76 Heritage Christian University AL 100 Heritage University WA N/A Hilbert College NY 93 Hillsdale College MI 48 Hiram College OH 93 Hobe Sound Bible College FL 100 Hodges University FL 61 Hofstra University NY 69 Hollins University VA 81 Holy Apostles College and Seminary CT 100 Holy Family University PA 73 Holy Names University CA 89 Hope College MI 78 Hope International University CA 38 Houghton College NY 93 Houston Baptist University TX 72 Howard Payne University TX 49 Humphreys College CA — Husson University ME 85 Idaho State University ID 100 Illinois State University IL 82 Illinois Wesleyan University IL 57 Immaculata University PA 83 Indiana State University IN 90 Indiana University Bloomington IN 80 Indiana University East IN 67 Indiana University Kokomo IN 83 Indiana University Northwest IN 82 Indiana University of Pennsylvania PA 93 Indiana University South Bend IN 87 Indiana University Southeast IN 82 Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne IN 81 Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis IN 81 Inter American University of Puerto Rico–Arecibo Campus PR 39 Inter American University–Bayamon Campus PR 48 Inter American University of Puerto Rico–Fajardo Campus PR 53 Inter American University of Puerto Rico–San German Campus PR 44 Iowa State University IA 88 Iowa Wesleyan College IA 71 Jackson State University MS 68 Jacksonville State University AL 55 Jacksonville University FL 78 Jefferson College of Health Sciences VA 28 John Brown University AR N/A John Carroll University OH 88 John Jay College of Criminal Justice NY 37 Johnson & Wales University NC 82 Johnson & Wales University RI 87 Johnson C. Smith University NC 49 Johnson University Florida FL 31 Jones College FL — Judson College AL 37 Judson University IL 92 Kansas State University KS 95 Kansas Wesleyan University KS 62 Kendall College IL 98 Kent State University OH 86 Kentucky Christian University KY 40 Kentucky Mountain Bible College KY 48 Kentucky State University KY 84 Kentucky Wesleyan College KY 62 Kettering University MI 74 Keuka College NY 91 Keystone College PA 79 King University TN 60 King’s College PA 81 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania PA 93 Kuyper College MI 62 La Roche College PA 99 La Salle University PA 76 Laguna College of Art + Design CA 81 Lake Erie College OH 57 Lake Superior State University MI 69 Lakeland College WI 78 Lamar University TX 84 Lancaster Bible College PA 97 Lander University SC 57 Lane College TN 61 Langston University OK N/A Lasell College MA 84 Laurel University NC 69 Lawrence Technological University MI 82 Le Moyne College NY 75 Lebanon Valley College PA 80 Lees-McRae College NC 73 Lehman College (CUNY) NY 38 Lenoir-Rhyne University NC 77 Lesley University MA 75 LeTourneau University TX 56 Liberty University VA 50 Life Pacific College CA 93 Life University GA 96 LIM College NY 84 Lincoln Christian University IL 50 Lincoln Memorial University TN 69 Lincoln University MO 61 Lincoln University PA 83 Lindenwood University MO 92 Lindsey Wilson College KY N/A Lipscomb University TN 62 LIU Brooklyn NY 80 LIU Post NY 80 Livingstone College NC 69 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania PA 93 Loras College IA 58 Louisiana State University Shreveport LA 96 Lourdes University OH 69 Loyola University Chicago IL 71 Loyola University New Orleans LA 72 Lubbock Christian University TX 91 Luther College IA 64 Lycoming College PA 65 Lynchburg College VA 91 Lyndon State College VT 99 Lyon College AR 44 Machzikei Hadath Rabbinical College NY — Madonna University MI 68 Malone University OH 74 Manchester University IN 56 Manhattan Christian College KS 44 Manhattan College NY 78 Manhattanville College NY 90 Mansfield University of Pennsylvania PA 96 Maranatha Baptist Bible College WI 80 Marian University WI 68 Marietta College OH 74 Marlboro College VT 83 Mars Hill University NC 67 Marshall University WV 87 Martin University IN 96 Mary Baldwin College VA 87 Marymount Manhattan College NY 88 Marymount University VA 85 Maryville College TN 62 Marywood University PA 82 Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts MA 88 Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences MA 85 Mayville State University ND 70 McKendree University IL 70 McMurry University TX 46 McNeese State University LA 81 McPherson College KS 52 Medaille College NY 62 Medgar Evers College (CUNY) NY 79 Menlo College CA 63 Mercer University GA 74 Mercy College NY 82 Mercyhurst University PA 88 Meredith College NC 65 Merrimack College MA 82 Mesivta Torah Vodaath Seminary NY — Messiah College PA 76 Methodist University NC 63 Metropolitan College of New York NY 32 Metropolitan State University of Denver CO 61 Michigan State University MI 71 Michigan Technological University MI 74 Mid-America Christian University OK — MidAmerica Nazarene University KS 55 Mid-Atlantic Christian University NC 42 Middle Tennessee State University TN 94 Midland University NE 49 Midway College KY 60 Midwestern State University TX 79 Miles College AL 100 Millersville University of Pennsylvania PA 79 Milligan College TN 99 Millikin University IL 71 Millsaps College MS 69 Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design WI 68 Milwaukee School of Engineering WI 62 Minneapolis College of Art and Design MN 59 Minnesota State University Mankato MN 63 Minot State University ND 67 Misericordia University PA 86 Mississippi College MS 42 Mississippi State University MS 54 Mississippi University for Women MS 97 Mississippi Valley State University MS 65 Missouri Baptist University MO 61 Missouri Southern State University MO 94 Missouri University of Science and Technology MO 79 Missouri Valley College MO 53 Missouri Western State University MO 100 Mitchell College CT 78 Molloy College NY 78 Monmouth College IL 67 Monroe College NY 48 Montana State University MT 82 Montana State University–Billings MT 100 Montana State University–Northern MT 100 Montana Tech of the University of Montana MT 91 Montclair State University NJ 76 Montserrat College of Art MA 100 Moody Bible Institute IL 94 Moore College of Art and Design PA 47 Moravian College PA 75 Morehead State University KY 78 Morningside College IA 63 Morris College SC 100 Morrison University NV 84 Mount Aloysius College PA 95 Mount Angel Seminary OR 86 Mount Carmel College of Nursing OH 74 Mount Ida College MA 75 Mount Marty College SD 72 Mount Mary University WI 58 Mount Mercy University IA 66 Mount Olive College NC 59 Mount St. Mary College NY 94 Mount St. Mary’s University MD 75 Multnomah University OR 53 Murray State University KY 82 Muskingum University OH 81 Naropa University CO 99 National American University–Rapid City SD — National American University–Rio Rancho NM — National Louis University IL 98 National University CA 90 Nazarene Bible College CO 100 Nazareth College NY 65 Nebraska Methodist College NE 97 Nebraska Wesleyan University NE 68 Ner Israel Rabbinical College MD 78 Neumann University PA 62 Neumont University UT 91 New College of Florida FL 73 New England College NH 100 New England School of Communications ME 61 New Hope Christian College OR 98 New Jersey City University NJ 95 New Jersey Institute of Technology NJ 73 New Mexico Highlands University NM 65 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology NM 80 New Mexico State University NM 55 New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary–Leavell College LA — New York City College of Technology NY 88 New York Institute of Technology NY 68 Newberry College SC 63 Newman University KS 68 NewSchool of Architecture & Design CA 98 Niagara University NY 89 Nicholls State University LA 88 Nichols College MA 80 North Carolina A&T State University NC 58 North Carolina Central University NC 68 North Carolina Wesleyan College NC 62 North Central College IL 54 North Dakota State University ND 94 North Greenville University SC 63 North Park University IL 48 Northeastern State University OK 100 Northeastern University MA 18 Northern Arizona University AZ 85 Northern Illinois University IL 48 Northern Kentucky University KY 90 Northern Michigan University MI 66 Northern State University SD 85 Northland College WI 67 Northwest Christian University OR 66 Northwest Missouri State University MO 73 Northwest Nazarene University ID 86 Northwest University WA 93 Northwestern College IA 70 Northwestern Oklahoma State University OK 63 Northwestern Polytechnic University CA 25 Northwestern State University Louisiana LA 82 Northwood University MI 79 Northwood University TX 79 Norwich University VT 75 Notre Dame College OH 98 Notre Dame de Namur University CA 100 Notre Dame of Maryland University MD 62 Nova Southeastern University FL 80 Nyack College NY 98 Oak Hills Christian College MN 100 Oakland University MI 83 Oakwood University AL 65 Oglethorpe University GA 68 Ohio Christian University OH 100 Ohio Dominican University OH 84 Ohio Mid-Western College OH — Ohio Northern University OH 70 Ohio State University OH 54 Ohio State University at Lima OH 100 Ohio State University at Mansfield OH 100 Ohio State University at Marion OH 100 Ohio State University at Newark OH 100 Ohio University OH 82 Ohio University Eastern OH — Ohio University Lancaster OH — Ohio University Southern OH 100 Ohio University Zanesville OH 94 Ohio Wesleyan University OH 67 Ohr Somayach/Joseph Tanenbaum Educational Center NY — Oklahoma Baptist University OK 58 Oklahoma Christian University OK 67 Oklahoma City University OK 75 Oklahoma Panhandle State University OK 90 Oklahoma State University OK 70 Oklahoma Wesleyan University OK 58 Old Dominion University VA 89 Olivet College MI 71 Olivet Nazarene University IL 58 Oregon Institute of Technology OR 97 Oregon State University OR 82 Otis College of Art and Design CA 78 Ottawa University KS 15 Otterbein University OH 80 Ouachita Baptist University AR 61 Our Lady of Holy Cross College LA 32 Our Lady of the Lake College LA 68 Pace University NY 79 Pacific Lutheran University WA 86 Pacific Northwest College of Art OR 89 Pacific States University CA — Pacific University OR 87 Paine College GA 65 Palm Beach Atlantic University FL 95 Park University MO 100 Patrick Henry College VA 95 Patten University CA 50 Paul Quinn College TX 79 Paul Smith’s College NY 70 Penn State Abington PA 85 Penn State Altoona PA 91 Penn State Beaver PA 64 Penn State Berks PA 87 Penn State Brandywine PA 87 Penn State DuBois PA 85 Penn State Erie, The Behrend College PA 84 Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus PA 80 Penn State Greater Allegheny PA 87 Penn State Harrisburg PA 84 Penn State Hazleton PA 86 Penn State Lehigh Valley PA 85 Penn State Mont Alto PA 76 Penn State New Kensington PA 80 Penn State Schuylkill PA 74 Penn State Shenango PA 75 Penn State University Park PA 55 Penn State Worthington Scranton PA 82 Penn State York PA 85 Pennsylvania College of Art & Design PA 43 Peru State College NE 100 Pfeiffer University NC 64 Philadelphia University PA 64 Piedmont College GA 54 Piedmont International University NC 29 Pine Manor College MA 45 Pittsburg State University KS 96 Platt College CO — Plymouth State University NH 85 Point Park University PA 73 Point University GA 29 Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico PR 93 Portland State University OR 96 Post University CT 97 Prescott College AZ 98 Presentation College SD 90 Principia College IL 91 Purchase College NY 52 Purdue University Calumet IN 29 Queens University of Charlotte NC 65 Quincy University IL 62 Rabbinical College of America NJ 86 Rasmussen College–Lake Elmo/Woodbury MN — Regent University VA 86 Regis College MA 79 Regis University CO 71 Reinhardt University GA 92 Rhode Island College RI 78 Rider University NJ 72 Ringling College of Art and Design FL 64 Ripon College WI 70 Rivier University NH 75 Robert Morris University IL 63 Robert Morris University PA 85 Roberts Wesleyan College NY 67 Rochester University MI 100 Rockford University IL 54 Rockhurst University MO 64 Rocky Mountain College MT 59 Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design CO — Roger Williams University RI 85 Rogers State University OK 89 Roosevelt University IL 67 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology IN 74 Rosemont College PA 92 Rowan University NJ 74 Rust College MS — Sacred Heart University CT 64 Saginaw Valley State University MI 73 Saint Francis University PA 75 Saint Joseph Seminary College LA — Saint Leo University FL 72 Saint Louis University MO 58 Saint Martin’s University WA 96 Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College IN 67 Saint Mary’s College IN 81 Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota MN 92 Saint Norbert College NY 80 Saint Peter’s University NJ 81 Saint Vincent College PA 68 Saint Xavier University IL 73 Salem College NC 80 Salem State University MA 86 Salish Kootenai College MT 100 Sam Houston State University TX 83 Samford University AL 83 San Diego Christian College CA 55 San Francisco Art Institute CA 90 San Jose State University CA 64 Savannah College of Art and Design GA 96 Schiller International University FL — School of the Art Institute of Chicago IL 57 School of the Museum of Fine Arts MA 86 School of Visual Arts NY 71 Schreiner University TX 93 Seattle University WA 79 Seton Hall University NJ 74 Seton Hill University PA 76 Shasta Bible College CA 100 Shaw University NC 63 Shawnee State University OH 99 Shenandoah University VA 74 Shepherd University WV 96 Shimer College IL 46 Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania PA 91 Shorter University GA 60 Siena Heights University MI 73 Sierra Nevada College NV 64 Simpson College IA 81 Simpson University CA 52 Sinte Gleska University SD — Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania PA 71 Sojourner-Douglass College MD — Sonoma State University CA 91 South Carolina State University SC 67 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology SD 77 South Dakota State University SD 90 Southeast Missouri State University MO 86 Southeastern Baptist College MS — Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary NC 93 Southeastern Louisiana University LA 90 Southeastern Oklahoma State University OK 74 Southern Adventist University TN 93 Southern California Institute of Architecture CA 100 Southern California Seminary CA 100 Southern Connecticut State University CT 69 Southern Illinois University Carbondale IL 66 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville IL 86 Southern Methodist University TX 47 Southern Nazarene University OK 82 Southern New Hampshire University NH 88 Southern Oregon University OR 78 Southern Polytechnic State University GA 74 Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College LA 35 Southern Utah University UT 78 Southern Wesleyan University SC 35 Southwest Baptist University MO 71 Southwest University of Visual Arts AZ — Southwestern Assemblies of God University TX 88 Southwestern Christian University OK — Southwestern College KS 52 Southwestern Oklahoma State University OK 91 Southwestern University TX 49 Spalding University KY 79 Spring Arbor University MI 66 Spring Hill College AL 50 Springfield College MA 68 St. Ambrose University IA 77 St. Andrews University NC 45 St. Augustine College IL — St. Augustine’s University NC 73 St. Bonaventure University NY 75 St. Catherine University MN 67 St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Overbrook PA 90 St. Cloud State University MN 81 St. Edward’s University TX 88 St. John Vianney College Seminary FL 100 St. John’s College MD 60 St. John’s College NM 66 St. John’s University NY 72 St. Joseph’s College IN 71 St. Joseph’s College–Brooklyn Campus NY 71 St. Joseph’s College–Long Island Campus NY 73 St. Joseph’s College of Maine ME 87 St. Louis Christian College MO 38 St. Mary’s University TX 79 St. Norbert College WI 80 St. Thomas Aquinas College NY 81 State University of New York at Fredonia NY 71 State University of New York at New Paltz NY 45 State University of New York at Oswego NY 54 State University of New York College at Cortland NY 46 State University of New York College at Oneonta NY 56 State University of New York College at Potsdam NY 68 State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill NY 54 State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry NY 70 State University of New York Institute of Technology NY 68 State University of New York Plattsburgh NY 59 Stephen F. Austin State University TX 68 Stephens College MO 56 Sterling College KS 40 Stetson University FL 70 Stevens-Henager College UT — Stevenson University MD 81 Stillman College AL 33 Stratford University–Woodbridge VA — Suffolk University MA 84 Sul Ross State University TX 100 Sullivan University KY 100 SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary CA 66 Sweet Briar College VA 79 Tabor College KS 56 Talladega College AL 63 Talmudic University FL 100 Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York NY 83 Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah NY 98 Taylor University IN 68 Tennessee State University TN 66 Tennessee Temple University TN — Tennessee Wesleyan College TN 62 Texas College TX — Texas State University TX 81 Texas Wesleyan University TX 42 Texas Woman’s University TX 93 The Citadel SC 75 The College of New Jersey NJ 49 The King’s College NY 42 Thiel College PA 79 Thomas Aquinas College CA 79 Thomas College ME 84 Thomas Edison State College NJ — Thomas Jefferson University PA — Thomas More College KY 91 Thomas More College of Liberal Arts NH 94 Thomas University GA — Tiffin University OH 69 Toccoa Falls College GA 60 Tougaloo College MS 71 Touro College NY 69 Towson University MD 76 Trevecca Nazarene University TN 62 Trident University International CA — Trinity Baptist College FL 69 Trinity Bible College ND 91 Trinity Christian College IL 69 Trinity College of Florida FL 82 Trinity International University IL 60 Troy University AL 88 Truman State University MO 63 Tusculum College TN 72 Union College KY 43 Union College NE 93 Union Institute & University OH — Union University TN 53 United States Air Force Academy CO 11 United States Coast Guard Academy CT 21 United States Merchant Marine Academy NY 25 United States Naval Academy MD 8 Unity College ME 98 Universidad del Turabo PR 100 University at Albany (SUNY) NY 54 University at Buffalo NY 61 University of Advancing Technology AZ — University of Alabama AL 83 University of Alabama at Birmingham AL 74 University of Alabama in Huntsville AL 83 University of Alaska Anchorage AK 83 University of Alaska Fairbanks AK 76 University of Alaska Southeast AK 61 University of Arizona AZ 85 University of Arkansas AR 77 University of Arkansas at Fort Smith AR 100 University of Arkansas at Little Rock AR 66 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff AR 44 University of Baltimore MD 78 University of Bridgeport CT 55 University of California Riverside CA 57 University of Central Arkansas AR 90 University of Central Florida FL 44 University of Central Missouri MO 65 University of Central Oklahoma OK 84 University of Charleston WV 50 University of Cincinnati OH 77 University of Colorado Colorado Springs CO 87 University of Colorado Denver CO 67 University of Dallas TX 45 University of Detroit Mercy MI 78 University of Dubuque IA 73 University of Evansville IN 71 University of Findlay OH 77 University of Great Falls MT 55 University of Hartford CT 76 University of Hawaii–West Oahu HI 84 University of Houston TX 65 University of Houston–Victoria TX 56 University of Idaho ID 78 University of Illinois at Chicago IL 73 University of Illinois at Springfield IL 77 University of Indianapolis IN 93 University of Iowa IA 83 University of Kansas KS 93 University of La Verne CA 55 University of Louisiana at Lafayette LA 68 University of Louisiana at Monroe LA 80 University of Louisville KY 69 University of Maine ME 90 University of Maine at Farmington ME 91 University of Maine at Fort Kent ME 99 University of Maine at Machias ME 99 University of Maine at Presque Isle ME 99 University of Mary ND 74 University of Mary Hardin-Baylor TX 87 University of Memphis TN 85 University of Michigan–Dearborn MI 62 University of Michigan–Flint MI 66 University of Minnesota, Crookston MN 68 University of Minnesota, Duluth MN 75 University of Minnesota, Morris MN 57 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities MN 57 University of Mississippi MS 88 University of Missouri–Columbia MO 81 University of Missouri–Kansas City MO 61 University of Missouri–St. Louis MO 73 University of Mobile AL 46 University of Montana MT 94 University of Montana Western MT 57 University of Mount Union OH 77 University of Nebraska–Kearney NE 85 University of Nebraska–Lincoln NE 78 University of Nebraska–Omaha NE 84 University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV 81 University of Nevada, Reno NV 88 University of New England ME 84 University of New Hampshire NH 84 University of New Hampshire at Manchester NH 91 University of New Haven CT 83 University of New Mexico NM 94 University of North Alabama AL 89 University of North Carolina at Asheville NC 84 University of North Carolina at Charlotte NC 65 University of North Carolina at Greensboro NC 83 University of North Carolina at Pembroke NC 85 University of North Florida FL 72 University of North Georgia GA 82 University of North Texas TX 74 University of Northern Colorado CO 91 University of Northwestern St. Paul MN 92 University of Oklahoma OK 80 University of Phoenix AZ — University of Pikeville KY 100 University of Pittsburgh PA 57 University of Pittsburgh at Bradford PA 73 University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg PA 84 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown PA 79 University of Portland OR 77 University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla PR 87 University of Puerto Rico at Cayey PR 88 University of Puerto Rico at Utuado PR 63 University of Redlands CA 76 University of Rio Grande OH 100 University of Saint Joseph CT 77 University of San Francisco CA 64 University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma OK 65 University of Scranton PA 76 University of Sioux Falls SD 91 University of South Alabama AL 79 University of South Carolina Aiken SC 56 University of South Carolina Beaufort SC 63 University of South Carolina Upstate SC 58 University of South Dakota SD 86 University of South Florida FL 48 University of Southern Maine ME 81 University of Southern Mississippi MS 97 University of St. Francis IL 46 University of St. Francis IN 96 University of St. Mary KS 84 University of St. Thomas MN 81 University of Tampa FL 45 University of Tennessee at Martin TN 65 University of Texas–Pan American TX 70 University of Texas at Arlington TX 83 University of Texas at Dallas TX 79 University of Texas at San Antonio TX 77 University of Texas of the Permian Basin TX 88 University of the Arts PA 73 University of the District of Columbia DC 74 University of the Incarnate Word TX 94 University of the Pacific CA 66 University of the Potomac DC 100 University of the Sciences PA 71 University of the Southwest NM 45 University of the Virgin Islands VI 98 University of Toledo OH 96 University of Tulsa OK 36 University of Utah UT 62 University of Washington Bothell WA 74 University of Washington Tacoma WA 87 University of West Alabama AL 35 University of West Florida FL 31 University of West Georgia GA 59 University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire WI 82 University of Wisconsin–Green Bay WI 85 University of Wisconsin–La Crosse WI 73 University of Wisconsin–Madison WI 54 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee WI 77 University of Wisconsin–Parkside WI 66 University of Wisconsin–River Falls WI 79 University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point WI 85 University of Wisconsin–Stout WI 91 University of Wisconsin–Superior WI 82 University of Wisconsin–Whitewater WI 79 University of Wyoming WY 96 Upper Iowa University IA 51 Urbana University OH 59 Ursuline College OH 85 Utah State University UT 91 Utica College NY 87 Valdosta State University GA 57 Valley City State University ND 76 Valley Forge Christian College PA 63 Valparaiso University IN 86 Vanguard University of Southern California CA 49 Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology NY 82 Vermont Technical College VT 67 Virginia Military Institute VA 60 Virginia State University VA 95 Virginia Union University VA 63 Virginia University of Lynchburg VA — Virginia Wesleyan College VA 77 Viterbo University WI 77 Voorhees College SC 64 Wabash College IN 64 Wake Forest University NC 30 Waldorf College IA 66 Walla Walla University WA 51 Walsh University OH 76 Warner Pacific College OR 97 Warner University FL 41 Warren Wilson College NC 85 Wartburg College IA 75 Washburn University KS 93 Washington Adventist University MD 59 Washington College MD 92 Washington State University WA 96 Watkins College of Art, Design and Film TN 58 Wayland Baptist University TX 98 Wayne State College NE 100 Wayne State University MI 73 Waynesburg University PA 89 Weber State University UT 93 Webster University MO 57 Welch College TN 66 Wentworth Institute of Technology MA 69 Wesley College DE 61 Wesleyan College GA 44 West Chester University of Pennsylvania PA 75 West Texas A&M University TX 69 West Virginia State University WV 95 West Virginia University WV 84 West Virginia University Institute of Technology WV 51 West Virginia Wesleyan College WV 64 Western Connecticut State University CT 76 Western Illinois University IL 57 Western Kentucky University KY 97 Western Michigan University MI 80 Western New England University MA 85 Western New Mexico University NM 100 Western Oregon University OR 85 Western State Colorado University CO 84 Westfield State University MA 87 Westminster College MO 96 Westminster College PA 67 Westminster College UT 92 Wheeling Jesuit University WV 68 Wheelock College MA 71 Whittier College CA 57 Whitworth University WA 91 Wichita State University KS 92 Widener University PA 72 Wilberforce University OH 39 Wiley College TX 100 Wilkes University PA 79 Willamette University OR 78 William Carey University MS 55 William Jessup University CA 65 William Jewell College MO 46 William Paterson University NJ 75 William Peace University NC 51 William Penn University IA 58 William Woods University MO 64 Williams Baptist College AR 59 Wilmington College OH 78 Wilmington University DE 100 Wilson College PA 93 Wingate University NC 89 Winona State University MN 68 Winthrop University SC 69 Wisconsin Lutheran College WI 89 Wittenberg University OH 91 Woodbury University CA 66 Wright State University OH 96 Xavier University OH 76 Xavier University of Louisiana LA 60 Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad/West Coast Talmudical Seminary CA 82 York College NE 57 York College NY 73 York College of Pennsylvania PA 69 Youngstown State University OH 67

Treat schools with rolling admissions as if they have a fall or winter deadline, but keep in mind there are some that will accept late applications if you need to send one off at the last minute. Because rolling admissions is done on a first come, first served basis, it’s a good idea to get your application in as early as you can. Not only will submitting early ensure available space, but it will also demonstrate your enthusiasm for the school to the admissions committee. If you’re really hoping to get in (which presumably you are for any school on your college list), then you should apply at least within the first half of the application window. Submitting by January should be a safe bet, but earlier in the fall could be even better if you’re ready. So much for rolling admission not having a deadline. If you really want to get in and your school has a priority deadline, you should take all necessary steps to meet it. Even if there’s no priority deadline, you should set one for yourself. Otherwise, it could be all too easy to keep putting it off. Not only could applying late in your senior year hurt your chances of admission, but you could also end up forgetting to complete certain key requirements. There are a few pieces of your application that take at least a few months of prepping and planning. The main ones are your SAT/ACT scores, recommendation letters, and personal essay(s). When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions Want to build the best possible college application? We can help. PrepScholar Admissions is the world’s best admissions consulting service. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies, We’ve overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schools, from state colleges to the Ivy League. Don’t be fooled by the lack of a deadline! There are still plenty of pieces to your application that require months of planning and preparation. The ones that especially call for forethought are your SAT/ACT, recommendation letters, and personal essay.

  • If your school has a priority deadline in November, then your last chance to take the ACT or SAT would be in September or October of your senior year.
  • Ideally, you’d have your test scores all set by the end of your junior year.
  • This means you could take the test in the fall of junior year and again in the spring or summer before senior year, or even start as early as sophomore year for extra opportunities to test.

While your school might have rolling admission, you’ll still be prepping your application in your junior or even sophomore year. Another piece of your application that can’t be left last minute is your letters of recommendation, Try to ask your teachers and counselor at least a month before you apply.

You might also ask at the end of your junior year. Besides making the request, you also want to spend some time filling out a detailed “brag sheet” and reflecting on what would go into your ideal recommendation letter. Finally, you could work on your personal essay over the summer. Just taking the time to mull over topics for a few weeks is a key part of the writing process.

Even if it doesn’t feel as if you’re getting anywhere, your subconscious is turning over some good ideas! After, you’ll want to spend time drafting, revising, and getting feedback from others. Some students end up changing their topics, so you want to have time to switch tracks in case you’re struck with new inspiration.

The application itself also takes time, as well as requesting documents from your school, such as your official transcript, Setting a deadline for yourself will help you plan out each step and stay accountable. Remember, the sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll get an admissions decision! Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We’ve written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score.

How does University of Michigan notify you of acceptance?

Download it for free now:
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What are the chances of getting off the waitlist at University of Michigan?

When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions – Other Selective Private Schools At another category of schools, selective private, the use of waitlists also varies year to year. Their overall acceptance rates are greater than 10% but less than 40%. Lehigh ‘s waitlist can have either a lot of movement or very little.

From 2018-2020, the number of students on the waitlist declined steadily, while the number of students who accepted waitlist offers increased steadily – culminating in the surprising development for the Class of 2024, in which 90% of those who accepted a waitlist offer were admitted. Yet for the Class of 2025, that number fell to only 5%.

Over the past few years, some schools like Lehigh are making more offers of admission before turning to the waitlist after May 1. When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions Looking back the past four years, Miami has admitted as few as 13 waitlisted students and as many as 781. They fall into the general pattern of admitting many waitlisted students in 2020, when pandemic uncertainty was high, and admitting very few waitlisted students in 2021. When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions According to NYU’s Admissions office, “The number of students who have been admitted from the waitlist has varied widely in previous years. While during one recent year, we were not able to admit any students from the waitlist, in others we were able to admit hundreds of students.

Again, the number of admission offers we can extend is contingent on the number of responses we get to our initial offers of admission, and we will have a better idea of what space is available after the admitted student response deadline.” In contrast, some schools have not turned to their waitlist at all.

Tulane has been focused on increasing yield through its ED program. While they offer waitlist spots, the last time that someone was admitted from the waitlist was in 2018, when two people were admitted. So do not expect to get off the waitlist there! When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions Selective Public Universities Among prestigious public universities, there is also much variation in waitlist use each year. Last year, the number of students who accepted their waitlist offer at Michigan rose to over 13,000 (73% of offers were accepted) and only 68 students were admitted from the waitlist (1%). When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions At UC-Berkeley there has been a fairly steady use of the waitlist from 2018-2020, averaging around 1,400 admitted students. However, last year only 359 waitlisted students were admitted. For the Class of 2025, a larger class enrolled (6,931 students) compared to the prior year, when only 6,117 students enrolled. When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions Penn State provides yet another snapshot of how unpredictable waitlists can be. For the Class of 2024, when other schools were using their waitlists more heavily, Penn State had no waitlist. Then last year, when many schools were over-enrolled and being conservative in waitlist use, Penn State admitted 1,451 students, almost 96% of its waitlist! Overall Penn State’s yield has been falling (19% in 2021 compared to 27% in 2018) and its number of admits has been rising (45,269 students admitted in 2021 vs.29,793 students admitted in 2018), very possibly as a result of declining yield. When Does University Of Michigan Release Early Action Decisions If you want to get a sense of your chances, it is very important to look up waitlist information in the Common Data Sets for your top schools. If the number has been close to zero in the past (as with Tulane), it might be time to move on. If the number is in the hundreds or thousands, then reach out and show your interest!
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How many EA applicants did Michigan get?

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate – Class of 2026 – Michigan received just under 80,000 applications for a place in the 2021-22 freshman class and accepted 16,235 candidates for a 20% acceptance rate. This is lower than the mark for the Class of 2024 which saw 16,974 applicants offered admission from a pool of 65,021.
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What is the acceptance rate for EA Michigan?

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 20%. Half the applicants admitted to University of Michigan-Ann Arbor have an SAT score between 1360 and 1530 or an ACT score of 31 and 35. However, one quarter of admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges.

The application deadline is Feb.1 and the application fee at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is $75. Admissions officials at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor consider a student’s GPA a very important academic factor. An applicant’s high school class rank is not considered but letters of recommendation are considered important for admissions officials at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

To see additional academic factors along with other school data, learn more about College Compass,
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What is Michigan’s out of state acceptance rate EA?

The University of Michigan’s Out-of-State Acceptance Rate is about 22%.
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How long does it take to hear back from Michigan State University admissions?

How long does it take until I find out if I am admitted? – Normally about 2-3 weeks after we have received all of your information.
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