What To Wear To High School Reunion?


What To Wear To High School Reunion
5. Dark Denim – What To Wear To High School Reunion Dark denim paired with an elegant blouse, blazer, or sports coat is a refined, yet casual look for casual settings. Pair with cute flats or dress shoes for a trendy and laid-back attire. Our selection of sustainable denim,
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What do you wear to a high school class reunion?

Download Article Download Article Deciding what to wear to your class reunion can be fun. Before you decide on an outfit, take into consideration the weather forecast, where the event is being held, what time of day the reunion will take place. Once you’ve figured out these logistical parameters, choose an outfit that makes you feel fabulous and comfortable at the same time.

  1. 1 Consider the time of the event. When the event is happening will affect the outfit you choose to wear. An evening reunion might invite a cocktail dress, while a casual sundress and sandals might be more appropriate for a reunion in the late afternoon.
  2. 2 Think about the location. Before you choose an outfit for your class reunion, you should consider where the event is being held. A reunion at the local pub might lend itself to a more casual outfit, like jeans and a button down shirt. A reunion at a fancy restaurant, however, might mean donning a fancier, more refined getup. Advertisement
  3. 3 Don’t forget to check the weather. Make sure you look at the weather forecast before you choose an outfit to wear to your class reunion. This will help you plan an outfit that is suitable for the climate and season. You would not, for example, want to be stuck wearing a three piece suit in triple digit weather.
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  1. 1 Wear something in which you feel comfortable. If you want to have fun and project your best self at a class reunion, feeling comfortable in your clothing is an important. Choose an outfit that makes you feel great while keeping you comfortable at the same time.
  2. 2 Choose an outfit that makes you feel attractive. You want to look and feel your best at a high school reunion. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel attractive is important. If you feel frumpy in jeans and a nice top, but hot in a dress or suit, go for the dress or suit.
  3. 3 Stick to what you know. A high school reunion is usually not the best venue for trying out a new look. Instead, stick to your tried and true fashion hacks. For example, donning a new pair of stilettos at an outdoor reunion may not be the best idea if you don’t normally wear heels.
  4. 4 Go for an age-appropriate outfit. It is important that your outfit reflects your age and stage of life. An outfit appropriate for a 20-something attending their 10 year reunion could be questionable for someone attending their 30 year reunion. Don’t try to look like your younger self-show everyone who you have become.
  5. 5 Wear a business casual outfit. If you want to look put together in a chic, modern way, try wearing a business casual outfit to your high school reunion. Consider a tailored blazer with skinny pants or a skirt. A sport coat and slacks is a simple, yet refined choice.
  6. 6 Go for dark denim. Pairing dark denim with a nice blouse, a sport coat, or a blazer can result in a refined, yet casual look for your class reunion. Add a pair of nice shoes and some fun accessories, and you will be ready to socialize with your old classmates while looking stylish and laid back.
  7. 7 Don’t forget to accessorize. You can up the ante on a simple outfit with accessories. Try pairing a simple dress with a designer handbag or fine heirloom jewelry. For an understated, masculine look, add a simple chain bracelet or necklace.
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  • Question What should I do if I have no idea what to wear? Kalee Hewlett is a Celebrity Stylist & Confidence Coach with almost two decades of experience helping clients build confidence and ‘dress for success.’ She works with her clients to transform their sense of self ‘from the inside out’ by merging her expertise in image consulting with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Image Consultant Expert Answer Ask yourself what you feel the most comfortable wearing. Whether it’s trousers, skirts, or dresses, you want to be wearing something you’re comfy in. If you’re comfortable, you’re going to feel much more confident and that confidence is going to shine through!
  • Question Why does the weather and location matter? Kalee Hewlett is a Celebrity Stylist & Confidence Coach with almost two decades of experience helping clients build confidence and ‘dress for success.’ She works with her clients to transform their sense of self ‘from the inside out’ by merging her expertise in image consulting with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Image Consultant Expert Answer Well, if your class reunion is at a beer garden on a summer day, you’re going to get some weird looks showing up in a cashmere sweater. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or out of place.
  • Question What should I do if I feel like my outfit is missing something? Kalee Hewlett is a Celebrity Stylist & Confidence Coach with almost two decades of experience helping clients build confidence and ‘dress for success.’ She works with her clients to transform their sense of self ‘from the inside out’ by merging her expertise in image consulting with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Image Consultant Expert Answer Try adding a flair of personality with bold fun and playful accessories; bags, shoes, scarves and jewelry. One or two little visual flourishes can really make an outfit more interesting!

Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Advertisement Article Summary X When choosing an outfit for your class reunion, make sure to pick something that makes you feel confident and that’s age-appropriate.

A special event like a reunion isn’t the best time to try a radically new style since you might feel self-conscious, so stick with what you know. For a more formal reunion, go with a cocktail dress or suit and tie. However, if the event is more casual, then plan on a sundress and sandals or slacks and a polo.

You can also go with a business casual look, like a tailored blazer and skinny pants or a sports jacket and slacks. Or pairing dark denim with a nice blouse or blazer can give you a refined yet casual look. To learn how to dress for your reunion with the location in mind, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 108,839 times.
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What should I wear to a school reunion?

This week’s what to wear post topic comes to us via SnS reader Amelia: Hi Vanessa, I have a school reunion next week and I don’t know what to wear. I want to look good but not overdone. Can you help? PS It’s an evening affair to be held at the school. Thanks! Amelia x Well, thanks for such a great question Amelia.

I’m sure other readers have had the same dilemma. I had my twenty year school reunion two years ago and I was a bit stumped about what to wear too. Mine was held in a hip bar in the city on a cold Winter’s night. It was a challenge to find an outfit that was flattering, comfortable, warm enough and with shoes I could walk in from the car park to the venue.

So what to wear? I think there are a few things to consider when dressing for a school reunion, as I’ve set out below.1. The Venue – The first consideration is the venue. Is it being held in a bar, at school or at a function centre? If the reunion was being held at school like Amelia’s is, I’d opt for a very smart casual look, two examples of which are below. What To Wear To High School Reunion 1. New York City Stud, $19.95 from Sportsgirl; 2. Side Split Shirt, $89.95 from Sussan; 3. Walk on the Wild Side Clutch, $119 from Tiff Manuell; 4. Grace Slim 7/8th pants, $79.99 from Forever New; 4. Karina Point Heel, $179.95 from Country Road. Or, if you love a pop of colour and a printed pencil skirt, this outfit might be more up your alley: What To Wear To High School Reunion 1. Adeline Halo Stud Earrings, $9.99 from Forever New; 2. Garden of Eden Pencil Skirt, $189 from Gorman; 3. Tarnby Clutch, $140 from Elk Accessories; 4. Merino Blend Funnel Neck Top, $39.99 from Glassons; 5. Bella Two Part Heels, $69.99 from Forever New. What To Wear To High School Reunion 1. Pout About It Mudslide Lipstick, $9.95 from Sportsgirl; 2. Pixelated Floral Dress, $249 (currently $50 off if you spend over $200) from David Lawrence; 3. Bella Crystal Earrings, $79 from Peter Lang; 4. Beaded Clutch, $69.95 from Seed Heritage; 5. Maisie Pump, $149 from Witchery.2.

Dress for comfort – It’s also really important that you feel comfortable – steer away from anything that is too tight, too high or too low. If you are feeling a bit nervous, dressing comfortably will hopefully help you feel relaxed and enjoy your night.3. Dress in your own style but the best version – while you don’t need a style makeover or to impress anyone, school reunions are kind of like a job interview – you want to be yourself obviously but it’s also an opportunity to show yourself at your fabulous best.

Don’t feel like you need to buy a new outfit either – it’s a great opportunity to wear your favourite outfit as it’s unlikely that any of your school friends have seen it, unless you see them regularly or have posted it all over Facebook! 4. Great Hair, Yeah Yeah – If you have a regular hair appointment, book your appointment for the day of the reunion.

A good hair day is always a good thing and can give you that extra bit of confidence. The same goes for nails and anything else you do regularly. In addition to the what to wear dilemma, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit apprehensive about the whole reunion thing in general. The wardrobe crisis is only part of it.

I think it’s pretty normal to feel nervous in the lead up to a school reunion. Perhaps seeing your school friends can transport you straight back to your younger self – whether or not that’s a good or bad thing. How you feel may also depend on how many people you’ve kept in touch with and whether there is an ex or nemesis you’re hoping to avoid.

There will also inevitably be the “So, what have you been up to for the last *insert number* years?” conversation too, and the challenge of putting that in a nutshell. Generally speaking though, after the initial nervousness, school reunions are loads of fun – there is something about spending years together in an institutional setting that binds people together forever.

A couple of other tips that might make your night more enjoyable include sharing a ride to the venue with an old school friend or two or connecting with some old school friends on Facebook before the night. When you get there, look for friendly smiles and open circles.
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What do men wear to high school reunion?

The reunion is a perfect time to let the world know that you are *the man*. Chose the perfect outfit so the men are envious and the women are regretful. Like a fine wine, you have gotten better with age. The key is looking like you didn’t try too hard. – Aaron Marino of alpha m.

  1. Says the key to identify the outfit that will set you apart is to identify the type of function that the organizers had in mind.
  2. Functions can range from a pig roast in the park to a high-end evening of luxury dining.
  3. Typically, it’s somewhere in the middle so that everyone comes and is welcome.
  4. First, identify the level of the event such as time of day and location.

Then, use your *Style IQ* and dress to the level of the event Alpha discusses options for:

Outdoor summer event – fitting flat front shorts or cotton chinos, slip-on loafers, fitting button-up tucked in or left out Indoor summer event – dark jeans, great pair of shoes, button-up, great belt, sport coat, vest, tie If going with a suit, dress the suit down and lose the tie. Add a great pair of shoes, fun socks, and a fun patterned shirt. And a pocket square takes it up a notch.

Remember that the devil is the details. Keep it casual-ish by looking better than everyone else but make it look effortless. Make sure the outfit makes you feel amazing. It’s about centering yourself and getting back to your core. Yes, gentlemen, you have to shave your balls! Not only will shaving help reduce sweat and musky odor, which the spicy senoritas will appreciate, but it will also help Big Al and the Boys look bigger and stronger.
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What do you wear to a casual high school reunion?

How to Dress for Your Class Reunion — 10 Tips

    What To Wear To High School Reunion If you have to choose between “black makes me look thin” and “red” makes me look warm, approachable and upbeat” do you even have to ask? For some women though, wearing black is like having a security dog by your side and if that’s you, go with it. Otherwise, white or a vibrant color is flattering, makes you stand out in the crowd and is easily identifiable as in “you can’t miss her, she’s wearing a white pantsuit.” Generally, any bright — especially white, red, pink, yellow or orange — energizes your skin and overall look when you’re stressed out or tired. What To Wear To High School Reunion PHOTO BY: Getty Images (2), M. Brown; Paul Archuleta Laura Dern: rosy cheeks, lined eyes, rosy natural lips, wavy hair, white dress; Vanessa Bell Calloway: dewy skin, rosy cheeks, short reddish natural hair, hoops, natural makeup, defined eyes, liner, brows Check out celebs and note how their faces and any exposed skin (including neck, chest, arms, legs and hands) gleam with baby-like freshness.

    • They prep before a party at a fancy day spa, cosmetic dermatologist or facialist.
    • But you can pop into any drugstore and DIY.
    • Even if the reunion’s tomorrow, 20 minutes with a bunch of gentle exfoliating or brightening masks (use them on your chest too if your neckline is low) and a line-plumping hyaluronic acid cream or botanical oil restores a satiny pre-makeup glow.

    Make your last out-the-door touch a cream blush in a vibrant pink to keep it going all night. What To Wear To High School Reunion No big spontaneous changes, just a little boost. You might add bangs or some long layers for movement and the illusion of thicker hair, touch up your roots, get highlights (or refresh old ones) around the face. FYI: “lights” illuminate your skin and work for any shade of hair, including brown and gray. What To Wear To High School Reunion Most celebs over 50 have veneers or do professional whitening treatments that involve high-concentration peroxide gels and laser or light at the dentist. While a regimen of at-home teeth-whitening strips, gels, rinses, kits and pastes may subtly improve stains — especially if you’re a big coffee, tea or red wine fan — results are mild for mature teeth and require weeks, even months, of diligence. What To Wear To High School Reunion Don’t explain or apologize for your weight, gray hair, hearing aids or any other signs of change. You’re way cooler and smarter — and self-confident about your looks. Skip the extreme diet. You don’t have the same body you had in high school or college (and neither does anyone else there). You’ll just end up cranky and irritable and feeling deprived instead of peppy and up. But do lay off the alcohol and sodium in advance since the resulting bloating of tummy or breasts, puffy face and under-eye bags will not enhance your selfies. Eat healthy and skip the extra snacks — your clothes and social media photos (there will be plenty posted!) will thank you. Let the venue, time, place and general theme lead the way but don’t buy something new unless it fits your real lifestyle. Besides, most likely no one has seen your wardrobe so it’s all new! Being comfortable will boost your confidence. For a dressier night, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress like Mira Sorvino or Kylie Minogue, or black dress pants with a tux jacket or a sparkly top like Gloria Gaynor. You don’t need a tattooed vine running down your arm or blue streaks in your hair — but if that’s the real you, go for it! Add something that provides an opportunity for introverts to comment and a “friend me on Facebook” opener for everyone else. How about a zebra print dress, an oversize statement necklace, or “wow” earrings? Wear a scent that upgrades your mood and initiates a “you smell delicious, what is that perfume?” comment. Scent is a powerful people connector. Try an uplifting fragrance with summery notes like grapefruit, vanilla or coconut that transmit a feel-good vacation vibe throughout the festivities. PHOTO BY: Getty Images (3), John Wolfsohn; Dimitrios Kambouris; John Lamparski Jane Fonda in slim black pants, relaxed black boatneck poncho, full tousled bob, long gold chain necklace; Iman Abdelhamid in black jeans, purple ruched blouse, raspberry velvet blazer; Sandra Lee in sapphire blue velvet blazer, leggings, black ballet flats and white statement glasses More informal “dress casual” reunions call for day looks upgraded with accessories. Being overdressed comes across as trying too hard, especially if the get-together is at a cool bar or seaside bistro. Start with jeans (black, white, gray or blue) or everyday black pants and add a trendy transformational top. You can even sport faux leather jeans or leggings and just add a special jacket or blouse. Your brain and people skills are the catalyst, but do yourself a favor and show off something visible — still amazing legs and trim ankles, toned arms, great shoulders, shiny lustrous hair, mesmerizing eyes rimmed with liner, beautiful hands and elegant wrists stacked with rings and bracelets or fearless edgy style — whatever is your personal best. While ex-supermodels, dancers and actresses with a fitness obsession have this down cold, many real women don’t know how to “work it!” Don’t spend the party hunched over your mobile or slouched in a chair. In group shots, do the model cling — stand sideways and hug the person next to you, bend your near leg in (like you’re trying not to pee) and laugh. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and smile (with eyes and lips). Look like you’re having the time of your life and if you’re not, fake it until you make it.

: How to Dress for Your Class Reunion — 10 Tips
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What is dressy casual for a class reunion?

For him, it could be trousers and a sport coat, for her a dressy pants look. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts and other casual looks are not appropriate for Dressy Casual. Casual generally means anything goes (including jeans, sneakers, etc.)
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Do successful people go to high school reunions?

Why you should consider going to that high school reunion I have a high school reunion coming up in a few months. There is zero chance of my sharing the number, but the question is, should I go? Statistically, about 30 percent of a graduating class attend reunions.

And as you all know, there is a certain self-selecting relationship here, namely that the most successful people tend to be the ones that go to the most reunions. However, regardless of net worth, not going might be missing out on a valuable opportunity. on the subject of our need for partners, acquaintances, colleagues and friends Their thesis is that people need to think about investments in social relationships the same way they think about stocks and bonds — the importance of diversification.

Norton says that spending time with family members and close friends is “positively associated with well-being.” Save for the occasional maniac brother-in-law. On the other hand, he says that “interactions with random strangers can sometimes make us happier than interacting with our partner or spouse.” The reason for that is you already know the buttons not to push, and all is smooth.

Norton goes on, “The variety that being with strangers provides can push us to make more of an effort and can spark new connections.” At networking events, the tendency is to gravitate to those we already know, but the potential for real value is to reach out to strangers. You have to work at participating and by effort, increasing a more diverse “social portfolio.” There is a curmudgeonly and famous Stanford professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer, who says that “people to whom you are weakly connected are more valuable than those to whom you have strong connections.” He argues that we need to engage with “non-redundant information,” which is the kind you often get from strangers, and not from the usual suspects at the golf club or Rotary.

Now, to the crux of the matter of the reunion. Here is the story. Two members of my graduating class of 65 boys, (no girls, which explains everything, but that is for another column) decided to ask the members to recount their lives since high school, and they gathered about 50 mini autobiographies.

  1. They published them in a small book.
  2. New York Times best-seller list, fear not.) The distribution of stories was fascinating.
  3. As you would suspect, the guy who was the genius became a famous eye doctor, the guy who was a member of the lucky sperm club bought a baseball team, but the “road less traveled guys,” the ones who did not excel academically, who didn’t win any awards or notice during their stay, pleasantly surprised me.

Even the ones who had ignored or tormented me. When I read about their lives, many of them ended up successful and happy. Not Wall Street titans and not captains of industry, but fulfilled, with wives, partners, children. The stuff of life. Their stories had a balance of enough economic success with a wide diversity of life choices and experiences.

  • They were at peace with their journey.
  • At one of the earlier reunions, I spent a lot of time with a couple of these “not my gang” folks, and their thoughts on multiple topics fascinated me.
  • I was not listening in an echo chamber.
  • I was pushed out of my comfort zone.
  • I came away from the interactions surprisingly feeling better about the world and the people in it.

The point being made by both Norton and Pfeffer is that we need to create interactions that are both “old acquaintances” as well as the local barista, the person at the library, the construction worker on your street. Norton says, “an hour here or there” will surprise you and add some happiness.

  • Personally, I love the random interaction.
  • I can learn a person’s whole life story in a ride down an elevator (high rise), if I ask the right question and listen.
  • And as to that reunion, I am going.
  • There are a couple of jerks I am looking forward to seeing again and rubbing their nose in it.
  • When I was in junior high school, the teachers voted me the student most likely to end up in the electric chair,” — Sylvester Stallone.

Rule No.218: Grand passion and relentless pursuit will take you further than good grades. Senturia is a serial entrepreneur who invests in early stage technology companies. Please email ideas to Neil at [email protected]. : Why you should consider going to that high school reunion
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What time of year is best for high school reunion?

The following is meant to serve as a guide in planning your reunion. No two reunions are alike but every reunion requires upfront planning to be successful. How do we form a reunion committee? Every reunion begins with the formation of a reunion committee.

Start by forming a core local team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a successful reunion. Appoint a reunion chair who will arrange and drive meeting agendas. Appoint a treasurer to oversee finances. Beyond these two key individuals, solicit classmate volunteers who can actively participate and be assigned to work on various reunion tasks.

Don’t underestimate the work involved. Share the work amongst as many who are willing to offer their help. There are many details and arrangements that have to be taken care of. Successful reunions are the result of successful committees. Committees that are active and well organized will be positioned for success.

Organizing a successful reunion can be a truly enriching and rewarding experience where old friendships are reestablished and new friendships formed. When do we start? Some reunion committees begin forming and start planning up to two years in advance of their reunion. The amount of lead time you need really depends on how elaborate of an event you are planning but generally speaking the more time you give yourselves the better! Whether you are planning a simple family picnic or a formal event you will minimally want to start planning at least 12 to 16 months in advance.

Don’t expect to pull off a successful reunion if you start planning just 6 months before the event as many of your classmates will need significant lead time in order to participate especially those living far away. Another consideration is that prime locations and other services you need for your reunion may require 1-2 year advance booking.

How often should we meet? Your reunion committee should plan to meet once a month either in person or via conference call. You may even consider augmenting some of your meetings by using an online chat room or message boards. This can be a convenient inexpensive way of discussing some of the finer details of the reunion and may make it easy for non-local classmates to participate and contribute.

What work items does the reunion committee need to consider? Consider dividing the work activities of your reunion committee into subcommittees or work groups. Here is a listing of some of the tasks you will need to consider:

date selection determine event venue and format event program (speakers, tributes, etc) event location / lodging selection financing classmate contact listing

postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers search for missing classmates

web site development / maintenance decorations entertainment photographer registration & name tags momentos

reunion / memories booklet novelties prizes / awards

marketing & communications

mailers, emailings newspaper and internet advertising

deceased classmates tribute additional reunion activities

school tours, pre & post reunion events

class gift to your school

What are some of the upfront expenses we might incur? Here is a listing of some expenses you might incur along the way. One thing to consider to avoid these expenses is to use a professional reunion planning service. Many of these services will handle all your upfront costs for you.

Deposits for additional activities (tours, etc) Timeline for success While it’s a good idea to begin planning your event as soon as you know you are going to have one, here is a timetable to consider for planning your event. Twenty-four months before Form a committee Recruit and appoint subcommittee members Survey classmates for ideas and venue preferences Determine event format – picnic, dinner-dance, etc – informal, formal – single day event, multi-day event Brainstorm additional activities (school tours, etc) Set date(s) Scout candidate reunion facilities and hotels Develop budget Start developing mailing list Eighteen months before Select and reserve reunion facility and hotels Arrange for and hire entertainment, caterer, photographer, etc.

Twelve months before Determine cost per ticket Send initial mailer announcing date and location of reunion Publicize reunion information – public web sites – newspapers Arrange for additional leisure activities (sightseeing tours, etc.) Pay deposits Six months before Mail reunion registration materials Confirm all reservations, caterer, entertainment, etc.

Select menu Meet with hotel and reunion venue staff Four months before Make payment arrangements with all suppliers for group functions – meals, tours, photographer, DJ, etc. One month before Finalize any last minute details When should we have our reunion? Certainly Friday or Saturday are the most desirable dates to consider for your reunion.

The most popular times of the year to have a class reunion are early summer through late fall. Thanksgiving weekend is also a fairly popular time as many classmates may be in your home area visiting family for the holiday. There are several factors you should consider when selecting a date.

Certainly the weather is more accommodating during these periods especially in areas of the country where the winters are cold. If your classmates are in the child rearing stages of life the summer months might be a more ideal time while children are out of school on summer vacation, especially for those classmates traveling from out of town.

Of course fall is also a wonderful time of year as it evokes memories of homecoming and football games. You may want to consider coordinating your event around your high school’s homecoming as it offers an opportunity for classmates to participate in additional activities on your reunion weekend.

  1. Should we have a single day or multi-day event? Some classes just have a one evening reunion event while other classes host multi-day reunions.
  2. Those classmates who have attended reunions repeatedly echo the same words after the reunion is over.’the evening went by too fast’.’there just wasn’t enough time to talk with everyone I wanted to’.

How do you pack 5, 10, 20, 30 years of each others lives inside of 5 hours? The answer is you can’t. Hosting a multi-day reunion however gives your classmates additional time to relax and get reacquainted. This is also a far more attractive venue for those traveling from afar to attend the reunion.

  1. It may involve a little more work to host a multi-day reunion but offers many advantages to your classmates.
  2. Following are some suggestions for the weekend should you choose to hold a multi-day reunion.
  3. Friday night Many classes kick off their reunion activities with an informal Friday night get together that are referred to as ‘Mixers’, ‘Warm Ups’ or ‘Icebreakers’.

As these names imply this event is intended to loosen classmates up in an informal, neutral and relaxed atmosphere prior to the grand event. Typically these are held at a local restaurant or bar. Usually light Hors d’houevres are served and classmates pay for their own cocktails at these gatherings.

Keep this event simple. Don’t put a lot of undo stress on yourselves as you need to direct most of your energies toward planning the big event. If such an event is not offered, consider getting together informally on your own with some classmates you were close with in high school. It gives you extra time with those you were closest with.

Saturday While the night is typically reserved for the big event, consider adding some daytime events. One of the most popular events you might want to consider arranging is a tour of your old high school. After 10, 20, 30. years this can be a wonderful rejuvenating experience to once again walk the hallowed halls of your youth.

  1. If your event happens to coincide with your school’s homecoming or a school football game, encourage classmate participation and try to organize special seating arrangements so your class can all sit together.
  2. Some classes also organize activities like a morning golf outing, local site seeing tour or a group shopping trip.

*No matter what pre-reunion events you plan, don’t underestimate their value in terms of making classmates more comfortable attending the reunion event. They all serve as relaxers or anxiety reducers so to speak that can help make the big event a smashing success.

  1. Sunday If your class isn’t already burned out from Friday and Saturday festivities you might want to consider a wind down event such as a Sunday picnic.
  2. This is a chance for any last minute catching up and to say your good byes in a less hectic atmosphere.
  3. For younger classes, make it a family event with spouses and children invited.

What kinds of activities should we provide at the reunion? If you are planning a more formal evening event, certainly the night will contain a sit down dinner and likely music entertainment. You can add some formality to the evening with an official opening welcome and a few brief speeches and awards before dinner.

Perhaps a tribute to classmates who have passed away. One thing you need to remember is that people are coming to the reunion to catch up with old friends. You need to allocate the majority of the evening to free socializing. You might also want to consider setting up a continuously running slide show of old class photos in one corner of the room.this is always a great attraction.

Consider setting up a nostalgia table for classmates to view memorabilia and artifacts from your class past.this is a great way to jog faded memories and spark discussions amongst classmates. Ask each of your classmates to bring one piece of personal memorabilia for the nostalgia display.

  • If you want to encourage dancing make sure your music provider plays music form your era.
  • Staffing the event Unfortunately the reunion committee’s job isn’t over after all the plans and arrangements are complete.
  • On the day of the reunion there is still the work of registering guests as they enter.
  • You’ve worked hard and you too deserve to enjoy the reunion.

Some facilities may provide this service for you or you might want to consider asking friends or family members to handle this for you. You might even be able to make arrangements with volunteers from the class year ahead of you or behind you to provide this service in turn for providing this service at their reunion.
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Can you wear jeans to high school reunion?

3. Bright Hues And Flared Jeans – What To Wear To High School Reunion Everyone wants to look effortlessly sophisticated without appearing to be trying too hard or being too over-the-top. The easiest way to do this is to opt for flared jeans or wide-leg pants. This can be an ideal choice for you if you are not so fond of dresses and want to go for a casual but stylish look.
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Should I go to my school reunion?

Should You Go to Your High School Reunion? “Sure, I’d go to my high school reunion—if I could go as Carrie.” This quip often elicits a laugh, one that’s usually followed by a high school horror story that legitimizes the sentiment behind it. (This is not to say that high school was all-around toxic for everyone, but to recognize how fragile many people felt during those years).

  • As invitations to high school reunions begin appearing in inboxes, uncomfortable emotions may bubble to the surface.
  • Yet in 2022, the prospect of attending your reunion may feel different.
  • Our shared COVID crisis is a new common denominator, one with the potential to offer (re)connection with new dynamics in play.

More than a well-worn ice breaker, it offers the possibility of a genuine conversation. This possibility may give you pause before clicking “No, I will not attend.” As you hesitate before declining (knowing from Oprah and Ellen that you should be honest with yourself about any secret hopes you nurture), be wary of disguised aspirations.

Identify, before you go, what “having a good time” would look like. Getting up the nerve to chat with a former crush? Networking? Introducing your partner to your high school world? Or simply feeling secure (or adventurous) enough to attend just to sate your curiosity? How does s/he look all these years later, and who is doing (and wearing) what? Be honest with yourself. While COVID could help level the playing field, it does not promise instant new beginnings. Most people attend their high school reunions, first and foremost, to reconnect with their former friends. Expect that old cliques will re-cohere; that the in-crowd will hang out together and catch up with each other. (Won’t you be catching up with people you ate lunch with?) Having reconnected, some former classmates might peel off, mingle, and move beyond the old crowd. Might. Are you open to however this might play out? Acknowledge that there will always be curiosity (perhaps even ) about that certain someone. Not only gentle musings about the classmate who was popular and cute and “out of your league,” but snarky imaginings about the stuck-up classmate whose eyes rolled while his or her friends looked on and laughed. Briefly smile over these daydreams before moving on. Understand the nature of psychological safety, We usually assume that gatherings with adults will occur in a relatively ‘safe space,’ and may be thrown to discover that ‘safe’ can mean many things. For example, i nvisibility may be just as distressful and humiliating as over-visibility once was ( ‘ev eryone ‘ knew about your new acne and wrong clothing choices). This is because invisibility, no less than over-visibility, can deny dignity. It is a refusal of validation and can trigger feelings similar to the and insecurity that were common in high school. It is helpful to be aware of this possibility. Remember: High school reunions are not in the business of redemption. A surefire way to recall (and reinforce) feelings of inadequacy is to surreptitiously anticipate some form of redemption. Even a more level playing field does not necessarily offer the opportunity for recognition or respect (frequent proxies for atonement). Furtive hopes may masquerade as a tacit expectation to be seen (and in this manner redeemed). Be aware of this secret aspiration. With this in mind, look to connect with former classmates who were invisible to you throughout most of high school, and create a safe space with them. Realize that we all live in different psychological spaces, even if we share the same physical space. Insisting that the two intersect is a pitfall to keep in mind. Recognize that you may get caught up in an emotional flashback and find it challenging to connect with former peers—and the same may be true for them. Few people have no uncomfortable memories linked to high school. For many, the negative emotional experiences lodged themselves in our bodies, where they slumber until something (like a reunion) triggers them. Their “bubbling up” is what can access our inner Carrie. Remember that high school was, at that time, your whole world, and any negative experience rocked it. After the reunion, you will go home to a different world, a world in which these memories are only a part of your self-story. Keep this in mind. It will help keep any rising emotions in perspective. (And remember to breathe!) Recognize that any pain you suffered in high school could have affected your still-developing brain in particular ways. Rewiring it will take time, support, and an ability to trust—things rarely provided by a welcoming smile (or even recognition) from a former classmate as they make their way to the bar. Finally, be fully aware that attending your reunion may empower you. It could offer you the opportunity to affirm your inner growth and ongoing self-story. (And offering “” to particular peers may not be in your story.) What is critical here is a clear realization that your former classmates will have their own scripts. However, you need not continue to accept positioning in their narratives.

If you are clear about disguised hopes and potential pitfalls before attending a reunion, it is likely your inner-Carrie will stay home (and you might have an OK time). Yet many of us have simply moved on from high school, and feel no need to revisit the awkward hallways of our youth.

  1. Be wary of entertaining covert insecurity around this choice, or second-guessing whether it is rooted in,
  2. What is most important is that “shoulds,” self-expectations, and self-judgments are not the determining factors in choosing whether or not to attend.
  3. What is at stake is your own self-respect—only you can determine what is best for you.

Weigh the pros and cons, then own your choice. More from Psychology Today More from Psychology Today : Should You Go to Your High School Reunion?
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How to dress cool for guys in high school?

11. Add layers to your outfits – What To Wear To High School Reunion Add layers to your outfits to dress well as a teenage guy. Layers enhance the way you look. They make any casual outfit more fashionable and chic and are easy to style. Pick a handful of layers that you can throw on to craft unique, original, and individual outfits and look handsome in no time.

A long, well-fitting coat and a classic bomber jacket are effortless pieces that help teen guys dress well. Overcoats, blazers, gilets, puffers, vests, liners, and stylish denim jackets also help you stand out. Pair a blazer with well-fitting pants to achieve a perfectly fashionable look. A dark jacket or blazer can also improve your outfit by adding a traditional, dressy, and classy touch.

Buy layers in a neutral color like black, white, brown, or navy, and throw them over classic white shirts. Here is our selection of high-quality and affordable blazers that will help you improve your dressing style drastically.
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How do you dress nicely in high school?

Download Article Download Article Wearing the right clothes for school can have a major effect on your confidence. There is a lot of pressure to look good, but to also feel comfortable. If you take the time to find great fitting clothes, and prepare your look before you go to bed, you can wake up in the morning ready to put on an outfit that helps you feel great and ready for the day.

  1. 1 Take your shower in the evening. When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is wash your face. If you need your morning shower to help wake up, go ahead and take it, but try to just wash your body, and leave your hair dry to save time.
  2. 2 Plan what you are going to wear before you go to bed. Go through your wardrobe, and pull out the clothes you want to wear. Then, decide what accessories or shoes you want to pair with your outfit. This will save you from trying to decide what matches in the morning. Also, it will keep you from frantically searching for a certain top or missing shoe in the morning. Your outfit will look more put together, and you will have less stress in the morning. Advertisement
  3. 3 Leave yourself enough time to get ready. You may have stayed up late, but you need to avoid hitting the snooze button. The longer you stay in bed, the less time you have to get ready. It may be tempting, but you will regret it when you are trying to look good for the day.
    • Try to give yourself at least thirty minutes in the morning to get ready.
    • The best way to feel refreshed in the morning, and be ready to get out of bed, is to get plenty of sleep each night. Try to set a bedtime routine that allows you to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.
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  1. 1 Find great fitting jeans. Jeans are the perfect school staple that can be worn just about every day. Jeans come in a variety of different colors and washes so you never have to feel bored wearing them. Also, you can mix up the fit by having skinny jeans, boy-cut jeans, or flare jeans.
  2. 2 Wear a fun skirt. Longer skirts that hit the knee are a great way to stay casual, but step up your look. Wear flowing skirts that fall away from your body, and pair them with casual tops likes T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, or blouses. You can choose any pattern or color skirt that you want, just be sure the fit is not too tight or too short.
  3. 3 Choose classic tops. An easy way to look chic for school is to find simple tops you can wear repeatedly. Find classic cut tops such as crew necks, V-necks, and collared shirts. Buy neutral colors like black, white, navy, brown, and gray that are solid colors or have stripes. You can mix and match these tops with any style jean or skirt.
    • The majority of your tops should be neutral. You should only have a few special tops such as a shirt with rhinestones or words that you wear occasionally.
  4. 4 Wear complimentary colors. Modern fashion includes all sorts of styles and color combinations, but there are certain colors that clash together and should not be paired up. To create an outfit that is complimentary together, keep color in mind. Colors that are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel are considered complementary such as blue and orange, pink and green, and yellow and purple.
    • For example, you could wear a pink shirt with a green cardigan, or a blue skirt with an orange sweater. Keep the color wheel in mind, but do not be afraid to match other colors you think work well together.
  5. 5 Add versatile pieces to your wardrobe. Everyone needs to have essential pieces in their wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched to any outfit. Here is a list of pieces you should invest in and how to wear them:
    • A plain white T-shirt is great on its own or for layering. You can wear it under a sweater, over a tank top, paired with a cardigan, tucked into a skirt, or left free with a pair of jeans.
    • A striped shirt, in any color, looks great with a solid, floral, or plaid skirt or jeans. Add your favorite cardigan, and you will create a classic look.
    • Dark denim looks great on everyone. Whether the jeans are skinny, bootleg, or flare cut, they will pair perfectly with a striped shirt, floral blouse, or sweater.
    • Over-sized cardigans are a must have for current trends. You can never have too many cardigans to pair with your T-shirts, blouses, tank tops, or button downs. Start off with basic colors such as black, blue, and brown, and then accumulate more in brighter colors and designs that you can pair with just about any top.
  6. 6 Wear comfortable shoes. As the seasons change, and your outfits, your shoes should as well. It can be boring wearing the same flats, tennis shoes, or boots every day. Allow yourself several options for shoes, and just be sure they are all comfortable.
    • Ballet flats are the perfect shoe to dress up or dress down, and they are very comfortable.
    • Have a black and brown shoe option. This will help you always have a pair of shoes to match any outfit.
    • Steer away from wearing high heels to school. Unless you have a special school function, there is no need for a shoe over three inches. If you do wear a shoe like a stiletto, you might get other students questioning your shoe choice.
  7. 7 Complete your look with accessories. You can make your casual outfits more interesting by adding jewelry such as a bracelet, earrings, necklace, or ring. Do not go overboard with your look as it is better to keep it simple by just adding one or two pieces.
    • Statement jewelry, like larger necklaces, may not be the best way to go for a school look. Opt for more delicate pieces when you are trying to create a look that is school appropriate.
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  1. 1 Find the perfect blue jeans. Every guy needs to have a pair of great fitting jeans. The exact fit is up to you, but they should fit you properly. Pants that do not stay up, and sag down, are not appropriate or appealing for school.
    • Have several pairs of blue jeans in different washes such as light, medium, and dark wash.
    • Black jeans are also a great staple item for a guy’s closet.
  2. 2 Have a variety of tops. Try to have different colors, styles, and fits in your closet to enhance your overall style. Besides the plain white T, you should also have several polo shirts, a few lightweight long-sleeve shirts, and some other crew neck tops in various colors and designs.
    • Be sure to have cozy sweaters to wear come winter in several colors such as brown, black, blue, and green.
  3. 3 Wear collared shirts and button ups. Throughout the year, especially when the weather gets cooler, you will want to have a few button up shirts with a collar. Whether these are cotton or flannel, it will be a great way to enhance your style, and stay warm.
  4. 4 Have a simple hoodie. A hoodie is the perfect way to stay warm, and keep your look casual for school. Since your hoodie is meant to be worn almost everyday during cooler seasons, opt for a neutral color with either no design, or one that is simple so that your hoodie will match the rest of your wardrobe.
    • A lighter or thinner hoodie is a good way to layer with a button down shirt underneath.
  5. 5 Wear complimentary colors. Modern fashion includes all sorts of styles and color combinations, but there are certain colors that clash together and should not be paired up. To create an outfit that is complimentary together, keep color in mind. Colors that are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel are considered complementary such as blue and orange, pink and green, and yellow and purple.
    • For example, you could wear an orange shirt with a blue checkered button down, or a dark green hoodie with a purple polo. Keep the color wheel in mind, but do not be afraid to match other colors you think work well together.
  6. 6 Create classic looks. It can be easy to create a timeless, casual look for school by pairing staple wardrobe pieces together. It is all about layering. No matter what season it is, layering your tops together with a great pair of denim is always a great look. Here are some wardrobe ideas to follow:
    • Always start with a basic T-shirt. A white T-shirt is good for everyday, but you can mix up your look with a variety of colors in a crew neck or V-neck cut.
    • Add a polo or button down shirt over your plain T-shirt. If you are wearing a colored T-shirt, be sure that the shirt you wear over is complimentary. So if you are wearing a red T-shirt, try wearing a blue polo, or a blue checkered button down.
    • Wear a hoodie or cardigan. Depending on the season, you can add a third layer to keep your look interesting. Cardigans and hoodies are better to leave neutral so you can combine them with more pieces. Try a beige cardigan over your blue checkered button down, or a black hoodie.
  7. 7 Stick with comfortable shoes. Unless you are required to wear dress shoes, keep your footwear casual. Shoe styles such as sneakers, saddle shoes, or canvas options are a great way to keep your look school ready. Black shoes pair with everything, but you can try wearing brown shoes when your wardrobe has Earth tones such as browns, greens, and blues.
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  1. 1 Follow the school dress code. Every school has a different set of rules that outline what you are allowed to wear. Although these rules vary, most schools require you to dress on the conservative side, and never show your midriff. Check out your specific school rules in the school handbook, or by asking an administrator at the school.
  2. 2 Dress casually. Although you might be tempted to wear your best Friday night outfit to school, you have to remember that school is not a party. You are better off dressing comfortably. Regardless of the dress code, conservative outfits that are cute and casual are always the best option. If you show up to school too formally, others might think you are trying too hard.
    • Keep in mind, you want to dress in a way that allows your teachers to have respect for you and not be distracted by your revealing clothes.
  3. 3 Be sure your clothes fit well. Any attention you receive for your clothes should be positive, and not because your shirt is ultra low, or your pants are too tight. You do not want to find yourself breaking school rules and getting in trouble for inappropriate clothes.
    • Raise your arms in the air, and if your stomach shows, do not wear it to school.
    • Bend over and touch your toes to check your pants. If you find that your underwear sits higher than the top of your pants, it may be time to get rid of them.
    • Bend over, and check the top of your shirt. If you have a lot of cleavage showing, pick a shirt that is more conservative.
    • Do not wear a shirt that shows your bra strap. Many schools require you to have at least three fingers of coverage on your shoulders.
    • Check the length of your skirt, dress, or shorts by putting your arms straight down by your side. If the length is shorter than your finger tips, it is not appropriate for school.
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  • Question What should I wear if I want to look like I’m not trying super hard on the first day of school? Sheila A. Anderson Certified Image Consultant & International Branding Icon Sheila A. Anderson is a Certified Image Consultant, International Branding Icon, and the Founder of Image Power Play, an impression management and personal branding company. With over three decades of experience, she specializes in empowering corporate professionals to raise their personal image to meet the value of their brand. Certified Image Consultant & International Branding Icon Expert Answer If you’re looking to keep it casual and you don’t want to stand out, I’d recommend wearing neutral colors and keeping your outfit mostly monochromatic. If you don’t overdo it with the colors, your outfit won’t draw a ton of attention.
  • Question How can I make my school uniform more interesting? Sheila A. Anderson Certified Image Consultant & International Branding Icon Sheila A. Anderson is a Certified Image Consultant, International Branding Icon, and the Founder of Image Power Play, an impression management and personal branding company. With over three decades of experience, she specializes in empowering corporate professionals to raise their personal image to meet the value of their brand. Certified Image Consultant & International Branding Icon Expert Answer If your school has a dress code, you probably don’t have that much freedom in the clothing department. However, you’re probably allowed to wear some accessories! Scarves, belts, hats, and statement jewelry are all fun ways to play up a boring school uniform.
  • Question What’s a good way to reinvent my look for a new school year? Sheila A. Anderson Certified Image Consultant & International Branding Icon Sheila A. Anderson is a Certified Image Consultant, International Branding Icon, and the Founder of Image Power Play, an impression management and personal branding company. With over three decades of experience, she specializes in empowering corporate professionals to raise their personal image to meet the value of their brand. Certified Image Consultant & International Branding Icon Expert Answer Change your hairstyle! Getting a brand new hairstyle is one of the quickest and easiest ways to totally change your look without buying new clothing or going overboard with a brand new wardrobe.

See more answers Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Advertisement Article Summary X To dress well for school, choose well-fitting, but comfortable clothes with colors that complement each other.

  • Whether you’re a boy or a girl, it’s tough to beat a pair of great-fitting jeans.
  • They can be worn just about every day and they go well with most shirts and tops.
  • Speaking of tops, choose simple ones that you can wear over and over again.
  • Neutral colors like black, white, and navy go well with most everything.

Plus, you can use accessories like earrings, watches, or other jewelry to add to your look. It’s also a good idea to have a simple hoodie that you can wear to stay warm and keep your look casual and relaxed. But be sure to follow your school’s dress code when you’re deciding what to wear.
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What do you wear on a high school date?

How to Dress for a Date (for Teen Girls): 13 Steps (with Pictures)

  1. 1 Check the weather. Is it going to be warm and sunny or cold and wet? Look at the hourly weather report for the time you expect to be gone on your date. This will help you know what kind of clothes to wear as well if you may need additional items, such as an umbrella or sunscreen.
    • For warm weather, wear something in a lightweight, natural fabric like wool, cotton, pima cotton, or silk. For instance, you might wear a cotton sundress with cute sandals or a pair of shorts and a flowy top.
    • For colder weather, you could choose a nice pair of jeans or dress pants. Adding a printed blouse and a nice jacket, such as a pea coat, would take your look from everyday to dressed up.
  2. 2 Wear layers. If you’re uncomfortable due to the weather or temperature, you won’t enjoy yourself. Whether it’s layered tank tops, a blouse over a long sleeved tee, or leggings under a short dress, layers always work. Bring a wrap or jacket in case you get chilly. Advertisement
  3. 3 Think about the activity. An active date requires clothing you can move around in. If you’re planning to go mini-golfing, choose a comfortable shoe rather than a high heel. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant consider a dress or pants with a nice blouse, rather than ripped jeans and sneakers.
    • For an active date, consider nice shorts, capris, or pants; a skirt or dress may make it more difficult for you to move around in. Pair your bottoms with a fun top; an off-the-shoulder blouse or a patterned tank top would work well.
    • For a date at the movies, a restaurant, etc. you could choose a skirt or dress. Consider pairing your skirt with a sparkly tee or ruffled blouse. Adding a fun jacket or shrug over your dress is also a nice idea. A romper would also work well for this type of date.
  4. 4 Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to choose your outfit. Think about what you might wear a few days before the date. You can even lay out your options and consider what you will feel the best in. That way, when the time comes, you’ll be comfortable and confident.
    • You could lay out several types of outfits: a maxi dress with a bold belt and sandals; fitted jeans with a ruched top and boots; capris and a wrap top with heels; a skirt paired with a graphic tee and flats; or a sundress with a jacket and wedges.
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  1. 1 Focus on fit. If you are constantly pulling down your top or tugging up your skirt, you won’t be comfortable. Choose an outfit that fits well, meaning there are no bulging seams, puckering necklines, or uneven hems. As a general rule, if you wear a tight skirt or pants, pair them with a loose-fitting top. If you choose a tight top, pair it with looser pants to balance your look.
    • If the weather is hot, avoid wearing tight clothes that will constrict you. Instead, wear something flowy and relaxed that will let you breathe and move.
  2. 2 Choose colors that complement you. To determine your skin tone, look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone and will look best in colors such as blue, lavender, rose, or gray. If they appear green, you have a warm skin tone, and will look best in honey, coral, olive, and cream. If it’s hard to tell one way or the other, you have a neutral skin tone, and will look best in jade, red, or white.
    • A neutral top could be paired with colorful or printed bottoms, or neutral bottoms with a bold or patterned top.
  3. 3 Dress your age. Don’t try to look like a thirty-something going out for cocktails. Wear clothes that are age-appropriate; nothing too tight or revealing. Consider classic styles, such as A-line dresses, fitted pants, and flowing tops.
  4. 4 Be yourself. Choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and that you consider awesome. Your date wants to spend time with you, not with you pretending to be someone you aren’t. Think about how you looked when you two made the date; start there and dress it up a bit.
    • If you normally wear jeans and tees, don’t opt for an evening gown unless the occasion calls for it (such as a black-tie affair).
    • If your style is usually bohemian, for example, your date may be disappointed to see you in a preppy outfit.
  5. 5 Smile! A smile is the best accessory there is. It tells your date that you’re ready to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Keep a positive attitude. This will also help you seem more confident, even if you feel nervous.
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  1. 1 Choose the right shoes. A pair of shoes can change the way an outfit looks. Dress your outfit up with a pair of heels or boots, or dress it down with flats or sandals. Remember to keep in mind what you’ll be doing on the date and pick shoes appropriate for the occasion.
    • There are tons of options out there: wedges, stilettos, booties, kitten heels, pumps, slingbacks, platforms, peep-toes, and mules, or ballet flats, sneakers, flat boots, moccasins, oxfords, etc.
  2. 2 Put on jewelry, a headband, or scarf. Don’t go overboard here, two or three accessories are enough. A fun necklace or a couple bangle bracelets can give an old outfit a whole new feel. A scarf can add a pop of color to a neutral outfit, and a cute headband will really jazz up your look.
    • Fashion designer Coco Chanel advises women to look in the mirror before leaving the house and to remove one accessory.
  3. 3 Spritz on perfume. Remember that less is more here! One, or at the most, two, spritzes of perfume will do. Too much perfume is off-putting. One spray, a few inches over your head, will give you a nice, mellow scent. If you want to add more, opt for a light spritz on the insides of your elbows.
  4. 4 Add a handbag. You’ll likely have a few items you’ll want to bring; keys, phone, cash, etc. Choose a clutch if you’ll have somewhere to set your bag, or a purse with straps if you won’t. Don’t worry about matching the bag to your outfit; you can coordinate them or choose a bag that contrasts.
    • Women tend to dress better than men for dates. Everyone should dress for it, but not overdress for the occasion.
    • A guy can wear a cool pair of jeans and a shirt that has been washed and not just pulled out of the laundry pile. You do not need to wear a tie.
    • A woman should not show off too much skin. You can wear a revealing top and jeans or slacks, or a short skirt and a top that covers you properly.
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What is the color of 40th reunion?

40th Anniversary: Ruby Red.45th Anniversary: Sapphire Red.50th Anniversary: Gold.55th Anniversary: Emerald Green.
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What should a guest wear to a 40th birthday party?

9 Different Cocktail Party Looks – What To Wear To High School Reunion Four of our college friends decided to throw a combined 40th birthday party at Brick x Mortar, in downton Minneapolis, which Mike and I were both excited to attend. After reviewing the invite and calling up my girls- the verdict was in, the look would be cocktail attire.

I love any chance I can get to trade in my leggings for a killer dress – it’s not too often that this mountain mama gets to get dressed up! So what does one wear to a 40th Birthday Cocktail Party? Well, there really isn’t any strict rules about what makes something cocktail-appropriate, but you do want to keep a few things in mind when planning your outfit.

Tip One: Choose a dress in an elegant fabric, The trick is to choose fabrics that look refined- like silk, chiffon, leather, or velvet. Amp things up with details like lace, sequins, florals or prints. The good news is, length doesn’t matter: rock a mini or floor skimming dress, you decide.

I would recommend avoiding a cotton sundress- save those for the daytime. Tip Two: It’s not just about the dress, Jumpsuits are fun too. You don’t have to wear a dress for a cocktail party when there are so many elegant jumpsuits to choose from. Again, same rules apply- no cotton or anything that looks too casual.

Instead opt for a style that accentuates your body and has elevated details- like a bold color or sequins. Tip Three: Go Big & Go Small with your Accessories. Here’s where you can really zhuzh up your look- Go BIG with a statment necklace, cocktail ring or a pair of earings and Go small when choosing your handbag. What To Wear To High School Reunion
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