What To Do On The Last Day Of School?


What To Do On The Last Day Of School
100 Celebratory Last Day of School Activities

  • Hold an outdoor breakfast. Serve up breakfast for your children and invite a few neighborhood families.
  • Walk of Fame/Accomplishments.
  • Ice Cream Bar.
  • Oh the Places You’ll Go.
  • Scavenger Hunt.
  • Backyard Campout.
  • Summer Countdown Paper Chain.
  • Plant Sunflowers.

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What do you say on your last day of school?

May you find success and happiness in your lives. –

Leaving an educational institution is an emotional moment for every student. It’s a sensitive time for the students because they feel both happy and sad at the same time. As a teacher, you must comfort your students by giving them some words of inspiration.
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How do you say goodbye on the last day of school?

Short Farewell Message for Students – You have a bright future. Take a step forward and grab it. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Farewell. Goodbye, my dear student. Remember to value your dreams and chase after them. What To Do On The Last Day Of School I hope your journey forward leads you to prosperity in life. Good luck. May you all excel in the career and life you choose for yourself. Goodbye. I am extremely proud of your remarkable academic journey. Farewell to you all.
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Is it normal to feel sad on the last day of school?

Is it normal to feel a bit sad on the last day of the school year? Yes. You’re experiencing a transition from your daily life that have been happening for about a year. Even if you weren’t 100% happy at school, it was familiar.
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How do I stop being emotional on the last day of school?

Download Article Download Article Although crying is a perfectly normal human emotion that we all experience sometimes, it can be embarrassing to cry at school. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks that can help you to hide your tears at school if you are having a rough day but don’t want anyone else to know about it.

  1. 1 Distract yourself. If you haven’t started crying yet, but think you might, try distracting yourself from your sad thoughts. Play a game on your phone, or try to joke around with a friend, or try engaging deeply in your math book, or listening carefully and fully to what your teacher is saying.
    • Doodling or drawing in your notebook can also help distract you from your sad feelings.
  2. 2 Do some deep breathing. Sometimes taking deep breaths can help you relax and refocus. To complete a square breathing cycle, breathe in for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 3 seconds, breathe out for 3 seconds, then rest for 3 seconds. Repeat this cycle for as long as you need. Advertisement
  3. 3 Create distance. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your feelings and you are about to cry, try creating some distance between yourself and your thoughts.
    • To gain distance, try imagining yourself as an outsider viewing the situation that is making you sad. You can also try referring to yourself in the third person when you think about your situation.
  4. 4 Be mindful. If you are sad about something that is not relevant to the present moment (e.g., something that happened in the past or will happen in the future), try focusing on only the present.
    • To be mindful, pay full attention to your bodily sensations, all the information coming in through your senses, and your thoughts about those perceptions and sensations.
  5. 5 Smile. You may be able to improve your mood by smiling, even if you don’t feel like it. This is called the facial feedback hypothesis and it suggests that the relationship between emotions and the face is a two way street: though we typically smile when we feel happy, some evidence suggests that smiling may cause us to feel happier or otherwise help us to be less sad.
    • If you have a pencil handy, try putting it in your mouth and biting it with your teeth. This will raise your cheeks and facilitate your smile.
  6. 6 Change your thoughts. Try to change your mood by thinking about something really funny or something that makes you really happy. You can also try thinking about what is making you sad in a different way.
    • For example, you could try thinking about something hilarious you saw on the internet or something nice that your significant other did for you.
    • To think differently about what is making you sad, consider this example. Say you are sad because you received a bad grade on an exam, and that you are upset because you think it means you are not smart. Try instead thinking about your bad grade as a challenge that you can surmount on the next exam by studying harder.
  7. 7 Get social support. When you can, find a friend or someone you can confide in and tell them what’s bothering you. This may help relieve your sadness and help you to avoid any further tears at school.
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  1. 1 Say you poked your eye. You could try saying that you do clumsy stuff sometimes and you accidentally poked your eye which made it all watery. Probably most people have done this at some point or another, so this is something that could very believably have happened to you.
  2. 2 Say you have bad allergies. Some allergies cause tears and puffy faces or eyes. You could say that you have an allergy that sometimes gives you these symptoms. To make it more believable, try following up with something about how it is for you to live with that allergy.
    • For example, to keep the conversation light, you could say that it is super annoying to have allergies that make you look like a puffer fish.
  3. 3 Say you are fighting off a cold. Sometimes when we get sick our eyes water. You could consider saying that you are getting over a cold that sometimes makes your eyes watery.
  4. 4 Say you are sensitive to changes in the air. You could try saying that your eyes dry up then tear up and are sensitive to gusts of wind or sudden changes in temperature.
  5. 5 Say you got something in your eye. Maybe it was some dust or an eyelash a bug or some eraser residue; whatever you decide to say, first look for something plausible in your environment you could have gotten in your eye and blame your tears on that.
    • Keep in mind that whatever you do, don’t lie and say that you got something dangerous in your eye, like a chemical. If you do this your teacher may rush you to the nurse, which is a waste of everyone’s time.
    • You will also cause people to needlessly worry and you may have to come clean about lying, which could get you into trouble.
  6. 6 Say you were laughing hysterically earlier. Sometimes we laugh so hard we cry. If you are wanting to hide your tears because you do not want someone to know that you were or are sad, and they weren’t around you a minute or two beforehand, you could say that you were laughing about something really funny.
    • Tell them a funny joke that you know or a funny situation that you encountered in the past to make it more convincing. Who knows, by recalling this funny situation, you may even cheer yourself up!
  7. 7 Say you tear up when you yawn. Do a fake yawn by opening your mouth wide and breathing in heavily. Rub your eyes together and if someone asks, tell her that you get tears sometimes when you yawn.
  8. 8 Say you are short on sleep. Whether or not it is actually true, some people think that our eyes water when we don’t get enough sleep. If you want to hide your tears from someone who asks about them, tell her that you were up late last night doing homework or something else that you might plausibly have been doing the night before.
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  1. 1 Rest your head on your arms. If you are sitting at your desk, place your head down between your folded arms so that no one can see your eyes. Say that you’re tired or that your head hurts and you need a quick rest. Let out a few tears while you pretend that you are taking a rest.
    • Only do this if your teacher won’t get upset; she may call on you and draw the attention of the whole class on you.
  2. 2 Avoid talking. Sometimes our voices tremble when we are sad, which will give away your tears. Try avoiding talking while you are sad.
    • If it is not possible to avoid talking, try talking in a lower tone of voice than you normally do and speak extra forcefully. Because you are sad you will probably sound more normal even though you think you are talking extra loud and deep.
  3. 3 Blot your eyes. Find a reason to bend down, like dropping your pencil or getting something out of your backpack, and wipe your eyes with your shirt or a tissue if you have one on hand.
  4. 4 Get a tissue and ‘blow your nose’. If you don’t have one but are able to go get one, find a tissue. You can pretend that you have to blow your nose, but before you do, discreetly wipe your eyes of their tears.
    • Try to turn away from others when you pretend to blow your nose; they will probably think you are just being polite being by not blowing your nose in their directions.
  5. 5 Pretend to get something from your eye. Make it seem that you are trying to remove an eyelash or something else in your eye by blinking a lot or pulling your eyelid. While you are doing this, discreetly wipe away any tears that others may be able to see.
  6. 6 Pretend you have to sneeze. Do your best fake sneeze into your hands or the inside of your elbow and wipe away any tears that way. If anyone sees any tears remaining and asks about them, you could jokingly say that you sneezed so hard you must have blown a gasket (i.e., you sneezed so hard it caused you to tear up).
    • If you know that you are prone to crying, consider packing some tissues in your bag for when you need them. Or, if you don’t have a bag on you, put a few tissues in your pocket.
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  1. 1 Ask to be excused. If you are in class and you feel tears coming on, ask to use the bathroom. You are much more likely to be alone in the bathroom during a class period.
    • If you are at lunch or recess, move away from others. Try making an excuse by saying something about how you need to clear your thoughts or how you want to run around on your own.
  2. 2 Minimize the chance you will be heard. Once you are in the bathroom, make your way to a stall so that you can be alone. If you are worried about making crying noises, try running the faucet or flushing the toilet when you feel that you need to really let the tears out so people are less likely to hear you.
    • If you are at lunch or recess, by moving away from others you will be less likely to be heard or seen crying.
  3. 3 Let it all out. Once you are alone in the bathroom or you have flushed the toilet so no one can hear you, let yourself cry until you can’t cry anymore. After you have let out all your tears and you think you are over your sad spell, give yourself a minute to recover.
    • If you are at lunch or recess, look around and make sure no one is too close by, then let it all out.
    • Holding in your emotions can sometimes have negative consequences for your health, so consider letting out your feelings when you feel comfortable doing so.
  4. 4 Wait for your face to clear up. After crying, your face might be red or puffy. Before you head back to the classroom, wait a few minutes for evidence of your crying to disappear.
    • If you can without being seen, try speeding up the process by running cold water over your face.
    • If your face is still red and/or puffy when you head back to class, try placing your hand in front of your face and scratching the top of your forehead as you walk back into class and take your seat. This way you will cover up most of your face and it will just look like you had an itch.
    • When you enter the classroom, you can also do a fake yawn, which will scrunch up your face and help to hide that you were crying. You can try this alone or in combination with scratching your head.
    • To wait around while at lunch or recess, do your best to stay as far away from your classmates as you can.
  5. 5 Block others’ view of your face. If you are sitting on the left or rightmost side of the classroom, you can continue to hide your puffy face or any additional tears by resting a hand on your face in a way that will help to block others’ view of you.
    • If you are sitting on the leftmost side of the classroom, you can rest your right hand on your face, or if on the rightmost side, your left hand.
    • Be careful to not look like you are falling asleep when you do this otherwise your teacher may call on you and put unwanted attention on you.
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Question How can I convince myself not to cry at school? Katie Styzek is a Professional School Counselor for Chicago Public Schools. Katie earned a BS in Elementary Education with a Concentration in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She served as a middle school mathematics, science, and social studies teacher for three years prior to becoming a counselor.

She holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Counseling from DePaul University and an MA in Educational Leadership from Northeastern Illinois University. Katie holds an Illinois School Counselor Endorsement License (Type 73 Service Personnel), an Illinois Principal License (formerly Type 75), and an Illinois Elementary Education Teaching License (Type 03, K – 9).

She is also Nationally Board Certified in School Counseling from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Professional School Counselor Expert Answer

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  • If you cannot stop crying you could get a friend to distract everyone’s attention away from you while you wipe those tears.
  • If you have long hair and you are about to cry, put your head down, cover you face with your hair, and cross your arms until you have calmed down.

Show More Tips Advertisement Article Summary X Crying is a healthy way to deal with bad feelings, but sometimes you might not want to cry in front of people at school. If you start crying in class, pretend to get something out of your backpack so you can wipe your tears without anyone noticing.

Or, rest your head on your arms like you’re sleeping until you feel better. Don’t worry if someone sees you crying. You can just pretend something’s in your eye. Keep blinking and rubbing it to make it more convincing. Alternatively, make out like you poked your eye or you have an allergy that makes you tear up.

Then, go to the bathroom as soon as possible so you can clean up. For more tips, including how to distract yourself from crying with breathing exercises, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 256,589 times.
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What is fun day at school?

35 – Time Capsule – Here is another great craft and activity for students to complete during their fun Field Day! How about a Time Capsule? How cool would it be if you kept these in a marked container with their expected graduation year on it? Then once they are seniorsyou return them before their graduation?!? Seniors would LOVE that and so would families! Check out all three versions here: Kindergarten STEAM – Water Bottle Time Capsule First Grade STEAM – Water Bottle Time Capsule Second Grade STEAM – Water Bottle Time Capsule 35 Fun Field Day Activities not enough for you? Want to add to this list? Comment below with your Field Day must-haves! What were some of your favorites from this list that you are going to try out? Remember, they don’t have to be saved for JUST a fun Field Day! Use some of these on your next special day or celebration outdoors!
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How can I have a fun day at school?

Download Article Download Article Going to school day after day can get boring after a while. Sometimes you need some inspiration to make going to school fun again. By connecting to your school through clubs and activities, socializing with friends, and making sure you’re prepared every day, you can have fun at school again.

  1. 1 Join a club. Joining a club will help you connect with other students and give you something to look forward to when you go to school. Clubs give you opportunities to step into leadership roles and help you gain confidence. Find out from your teachers what clubs are available to join.
  2. 2 Pick a club that is focused on something you’re interested in.
    • Find out when the club meets to make sure you’ll be available for the meetings


  3. 3 Participate in fine arts. Fine arts give you another way to stay connected to your school. Representing your school in a fine arts program will give you a sense of pride for your school and give you another purpose for school. Most programs accept everyone regardless of skill level.
    • Marching band and concert band
    • Orchestra
    • Chorus
    • Drama
    • Art
  4. 4 Play on a sports team. A great way to make school fun is to be a part of a sports team. When you play for a school sports team, you’ll have pride in your school and will look forward to representing the school. Developing pride in your school will connect you to your school and make it more fun to attend.
    • Attend games and sporting events. Whenever your school’s team is playing a game, go cheer them on. Many sports offer free admission to students. Consider going with a group of friends to make it a fun outing to connect with your friends.
    • Don’t limit yourself to only basketball or football games.
    • Support girl’s team sports as well and go to lacrosse and softball games.
  5. 5 Participate in school-sponsored activities. Schools have many different activities throughout the year that are available for any student to participate in. Check your school’s website or newsletter to find out when activities are available and how to participate. Most schools will have several to choose from.
    • School dances
    • Pep rallies
    • Homecoming parade
    • Festivals
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  1. 1 Write notes to a friend. Although you may get in trouble for texting on your cell phone during class, you can write an old school note to pass to a friend between classes. Writing notes to a friend on notebook paper is easily overlooked by a teacher because it looks like you are completing classwork or taking notes on the lesson.
  2. 2 Draw. A great way to pass the time in a boring class is to doodle or draw. You can stay engaged and learning by drawing your notes instead of writing them. This will wake up your brain and help you learn the material in a class you’re struggling to focus in.
    • Try drawing pictures with your notes. Make your notes into a graphic novel so you are learning while you draw.
  3. 3 Write a story. If you’re having trouble in a slow class, you can write your own short story. If you include information about the lesson in your short story, you’ll make class fun and learn the information at the same time.
  4. 4 Make a game up. When class gets boring or you’re assigned boring information to read, make up a game to play to entertain yourself. A fun mind game can engage you and bring your focus back.
    • Count the number of times the teacher says a particular word. If you are learning a lesson in math, count how many times the teacher says “add.” Ask friends to track other words, and keep score over several days. Have a prize for the person who picks the most used word for the week.
    • If you’ve been assigned reading material that is boring, try reading it as fast as you can and then write down everything you remember. Time yourself and then try to beat your fastest time.
  5. 5 Ask to go to the restroom. Taking a break to stand up and walk around when your mind has lost its focus is a great way to stop the boredom. Breaks actually help the brain retain information and make connections, so your bathroom break can help you learn the information better. Ask to go to the bathroom, and then take some time to walk around or do a few stretches before coming back into the class.
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  1. 1 Talk to friends between classes. You have a brief moment between each class to change your books, but you can use this time to socialize with your friends as well. Memorize where your friends will be after classes, and find a place you can meet with them to catch up before you have to catch the next class. If you don’t have enough time to meet them, send them a text to talk about the latest news.
  2. 2 Enjoy your lunch hour with friends. Find friends to eat lunch with during your lunch hour. The lunch hour is your break in the day to be able to hang out with your friends and enjoy yourself. Find a table to sit at every day so everyone knows where to meet.
    • If you’re allowed to go outside during lunch, consider finishing your lunch quickly to provide more outside time to play and socialize.
    • Play table games such as paper football with people at your table.
    • Challenge yourself to meet new people each lunch period if your group of friends is not in your lunch period.
  3. 3 Meet friends after school to leave together. As soon as the bell rings for the end of the day, it becomes your free time. Meet friends when school ends to walk or ride home together so you can hang out everyday. If you have after school activities, meet friends after school to have a snack together and hangout before the activity starts. Enjoy your time with cool students who have a good influence on you.
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  1. 1 Sign up for classes your friends are taking. Ask your friends what classes they are planning to take next semester. Talk to your counselor about signing up for the same classes so that you will have people you know in your classes.
  2. 2 Select interesting courses. Choose electives that are exciting and interesting. Make your schedule more fun by taking at least one class each semester that you’ll enjoy.
  3. 3 Get the right teachers. Each teacher has a different style of managing her classroom and teaching the material. Ask older students which teachers are fun and which ones are more strict. You may have options when you are registering for classes to ensure that you get teachers that have more fun in the classroom.
  4. 4 Take classes that require projects. Many courses require projects as a part of your grade. Signing up for classes where you will have a creative outlet to do a project with a group or on your own can help you have fun and enjoy the class. Project based learning can be a fun departure from just reading a book.
    • Observe the classes you will take next year to plan ahead.
    • Ask older friends or relatives which classes require projects.
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  1. 1 Get enough sleep. It’s important to get enough sleep at night to be able to have a great day at school. When you’re well rested, your mind is ready to learn and you’re able to keep your emotions in check. If you go to school tired, you will get stressed easily. School will definitely not be fun if you’re stressed.
    • Studies suggest that adolescents should get between 8.5 and 9.5 hours of sleep each night.
  2. 2 Finish homework on time. If you get your homework done and turned in on time, you will go to school each day without stressing. When you are late with a homework assignment, it’s easy to start stressing, and it can ruin your whole day. To make sure school stays fun, find time to do all of your homework and turn it in on time.
    • Keep track of your assignments in a planner or agenda to know when they are due.
    • Work on homework while you’re on the bus to and from school so you don’t have as much to complete at home.
    • Do your homework with a group of friends (without copying each other’s answers) to turn homework into a social activity.
  3. 3 Bring a water bottle to school. Staying hydrated is very important to your health. If you’re dehydrated, you can lose focus and become agitated easily, so if you want school to be fun, you need to stay hydrated. Bring a reusable water bottle to school to keep yourself hydrated all day long.
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  • If you’re finding it hard to have fun at school, talk to someone about it. Getting insight from someone else can help you find ways to have fun again. Try talking to a school counselor, your parents, or a close friend.
  • When you’re in a boring class, try not to keep checking the clock. Time will feel like it’s going slower if you continuously look to see what time it is.
  • Personalize your things to show your unique style at school. Decorate your locker, bookbag, pencil case, or pens and pencils.

Show More Tips Advertisement Article Summary X School can be a drag when you’re bored, but you can have more fun by distracting yourself and interacting with other kids. If you’re bored during class, get some spare paper and draw or write a story. You can also discreetly pass funny notes to your friends.

  1. Just make sure your teacher doesn’t catch you or you’ll get into trouble.
  2. Although it can be tempting to keep checking the time when you’re bored, try to avoid this, since it will only make the class feel slower.
  3. During breaks, talk to your friends and play games to make the most of your free time and refresh yourself between classes.

You can also join an after-school club or sports team to help you meet new people and give you something to look forward to during the day. For more tips, including how to choose fun classes at school, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 318,572 times.
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How do you thank a teacher who is leaving?

Sample Farewell Letter to a Teacher Thank you for all the help, support, and guidance you have given to us over the years. Your outstanding advice and efforts to bring out the best in us are immeasurable. Thank you for being passionate about teaching future business leaders everything they needed to know.
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Is it OK to cry in school?

What To Do If You Cry In Public (And Why It’s Okay) I’ve cried in plenty of public places, like on the train or in a long queue. It’s completely normal! We can’t always regulate our emotions, and I’m a firm believer that crying is really helpful. We should embrace the tears when they come, not try and hide them! Once I cried when I was at the bank.

  • It was really, really awkward.
  • The cashier was shocked.
  • I was shocked.
  • The people in the queue were shocked.
  • Why on earth was I crying? I needed to stop, quickly, but my body was LOVING releasing the tension and stress of the last few months and it wasn’t going to stop.
  • Instead I was ushered away, given a private side room and left to cry in peace as I counted the money I had brought with me to the bank.

Often, a really small thing triggers my tears. A staff member being a bit rude, something unexpected happening, overhearing something that brings back bad memories – they can all happen at any time! We can be embarrassed about crying about something so small, but of course it is not the real reason.
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Why do I cry at school?

So a student cried in class? Here are 11 approaches to take ‹ EF Teacher Zone If you have been teaching for some time now, you’ve likely seen a student cry in class. The reasons behind such tears are varied. The student might have had a hard day at work or school, be experiencing family conflict, a breakup, or even feel sad about the death of a loved one.

  1. However, for the sake of clarity, in this post, we are going to focus on students who’ve cried during class because of learning-related insecurities or struggles.
  2. When I was teaching English, I saw or were overwhelmed by how they much they still had to master.
  3. Once or twice, a student had an absolute breakdown for not wanting to read aloud in class.

So what can you do when a student cries in class? Here are 11 things to keep in mind.
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Is it normal to cry after school?

If your kid struggles to deal with big emotions after school or at bedtime, you’re certainly not alone. According to the experts, it’s a very common and natural response that children have when they’re trying to deal with the world around them. In fact, ever since he started school just over two years ago, I considered taking my own son to see a psychologist over what I saw was a constant string of intense emotional breakdowns.
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Why do I cry so easily?

– Crying is something that everyone does. But if you feel like you’re crying too much, you might be too easily overwhelmed by stress, or you may have another issue going on, such as a depressive disorder. You can begin by focusing on reducing the stress in your life to reduce your crying.

  • Identify what is causing your stress (and your crying): Is it a personal issue, your environment, the people around you, or something else?
  • Reduce the number of things you commit to. Overscheduling is a major cause of stress in many people’s lives. Look at your calendar and think about what activities, obligations, or events you could cut out to help reduce your overall stress.
  • Stay on top of your obligations. Tight deadlines and procrastination can increase stress. Prevent stress by staying on top of your work and setting more realistic goals for yourself if you feel pressed for time when trying to complete projects.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Determine which people in your life — friends, family, and coworkers —you can call on for help coping with your stress.
  • Find a hobby. Enjoyable activities such as art, music, or volunteering can help reduce your overall stress level. Noncompetitive activities such as reading, fishing, or gardening are often the best at relieving stress.
  • Use relaxation techniques. Deep breathing, stretching, visualizing a peaceful scene, and repeating a mantra can help calm your brain and body when you feel stressed.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can make it more likely that your emotions will get the better of you when you’re stressed. Most adults require seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

If you’re having trouble dealing with your stress, or you find yourself crying all the time, you might be dealing with a mental health condition such as major depression or bipolar disorder. These are serious mental health conditions that require medical treatment. If you’re concerned, see your mental healthcare provider right away for help.
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How do you hide crying in public?

A Guide to Crying in Public What To Do On The Last Day Of School Unless you’re one of those lucky people who lives in the middle of nowhere and never has to leave your house, chances are at some point you’ve had a mini-breakdown in a public place. It happens to us all! Normally it’s not anything earth-shattering that brings it on — perhaps you’ve had a particularly crappy day at work, or maybe you’re feeling extra tired because you had one too many glasses of free wine at that happy hour thing last night and then stayed up until four in the morning worrying that you’re going to spend the rest of your life alone? But sometimes it is actually a more serious/horrible thing, like your boyfriend tells you he’s been cheating on you in the cereal aisle of a grocery store or the doctor calls you at the office and tells you to come in for some scary test.

No matter what puts you in a fragile state, once you’re there it doesn’t take much to push you over the edge. One micromanage-y email from your boss or a funny look from a stranger on the street or the wrong song popping up on your iPod and the camel’s back is broken. It doesn’t matter that you’re standing in full view of 200 other commuters, your tears (or full-on wracking sobs) cannot be stopped.

It feels terrible, but there’s no shame in it! You just have to ride it out and do what you can to minimize the damage. First things first: When you find yourself on the brink of one of these emotional tornados, the best thing to do is the same thing you should do during an actual tornado: seek shelter.

Never be shy about bolting from any kind of social situation if you feel tears welling up. Lie and say you’ve got an urgent phone call you have to take. Or, if you’re in some kind of professional meeting, excuse yourself by saying you don’t feel so well. I generally think it’s better for coworkers/clients to think you’ve got a stomach bug than to start guessing about what personal drama is making you cry.

Wherever you are, don’t worry about what people will think, just make something up and get out of there. Obviously heading to the nearest bathroom is the tried and true solution, but depending on where you are this might not be an option, in which case, get creative.

  1. If you’re at an office building or a hospital or other large corporate structure, go into the stairwell or duck into a supply closet.
  2. If you’re at a store (and who among us does not want to cry while shopping for clothes), go into the dressing room.
  3. If you’re in a restaurant or bar and the bathroom is taken, go out to the sidewalk and hide around the corner.

If you’re at work, crouch in a corner of your cubicle or under your desk — or run out to your car if you have to. Just get away from people as fast as possible so you can freak out in private. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably experienced yourself at some point, there are many instances where hiding just isn’t an option.

If you can’t get to a safe space in time, you’ll just have to ride out the storm in full view of everyone. At a certain point crying in public is a bit like throwing up, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. So you can either fight it and make yourself even more miserable or you can go with it and politely do your best not to get it on anyone around you.

Here are the three basic steps to surviving full loss of tear duct control in public: 1. Talk Yourself Down When you feel tears coming on and you have no escape path, it’s natural to panic. But in this case that’s only going to make it worse. You’re going to have to channel your best supportive friend voice and walk yourself through it.

It’s all right to cry Crying gets the sad out of you It’s all right to cry It might make you feel better

The sooner you can get it out of you, the faster you’ll be able to regain your dignity. So don’t fight the tears, just let them roll out of you, and focus on breathing deeply. This will calm you down, and also it’s the best way to stop yourself from making those weird hee-hee-heeaving sounds that I find way more embarrassing than the actual tears themselves.

  1. As you breathe in and out, you have to actively focus on not thinking about what’s upset you to begin with.
  2. Instead of digging deeper into your pit of despair, go to your happy place, as those annoying self-help people always say.
  3. I don’t care if you have to think about puppies licking your face, or put a cloyingly upbeat song on your iPod, or picture a deadly worm crawling into the ear of the person who has upset you, just do whatever it takes to distract yourself enough to stem the tide of tears.

Now is not the time to deal with your emotions, that’s better left for when you get home, where you can open your gaping wound back up and drink a glass of wine in the bathtub while you wallow in self pity and sob uncontrollably — you know, like sensible people do.2.

Play Dumb Yes, inside you’re a hot mess and there is liquid shooting from your eyes, but there’s no reason anyone else has to know. Managing your outward appearance requires some serious mental multitasking, but it will make it easier for you (it provides yet another distraction) and also make everyone around you a bit more comfortable and less likely to embarrass you by giving you an unsolicited hug.

So basically, you need to turn on your inner theater geek and act like even though your eyes are leaking, everything is fine. The one exception here is if you are having a full-on Sobapalooza, in which case there is no way you’re going to pull this off.

You’ll just have to do your best to hide your face in your hands while you weep and moan like a dying hyena. (Hey, sometimes you just have to go for broke!) But assuming you’re having a run-of-the-mill woe-is-me moment, these are several ways to help yourself fake it ’til you make it. -Use props. Pretend like you’re reading a magazine or listening to a sad song.

Or you’re all broken up because you’re watching a wrenching drama on your tiny iPhone screen. Or you’re on the phone. (You could actually call someone, but sometimes talking about why you’re sad makes you even more teary, so do this at your own risk!) These things all make it look like there’s a method to your madness, and people tend to ignore you more readily.

Also, if you’ve just got a light teary eye, you can yawn a lot and rub your eyes in an effort to look like you’re exhausted and/or have allergies. -Stone face. If you have nothing to read/watch/listen to, adopt the classic “public space dead face.” Lock your eyes onto an imaginary object in the middle distance, grit your teeth just a tiny bit to give the illusion of a tough attitude, and look as bored with life as you can manage.

The less vulnerable you look, the better. Also, if you have sunglasses in your bag, put them on — even if it is the middle of the night. Better to look like a drunk badass than a soppy mess. If you’re outside, start walking in any direction as fast and with as much purpose as you can.

With any luck, you’ll eventually end up in front of a Starbucks and you can go in and use their bathroom. (It will probably be so gross that you’ll want to cry, but hey, too late, you already are!) -Keep interaction to a minimum. If a stranger (or even a well-meaning coworker) asks you what’s wrong, keep your answer simple.

Something like “Eh, just a lousy day” or “I just have a terrible headache” is perfect. Chances are they’re just asking to make sure you aren’t in some kind of real danger, and the last thing they want is a 20-minute long explanation of how your spouse is a manipulative narcissist.

Also, there is a chance that the person who asks if you’re okay is crazy or unpure of heart, and what you really don’t need in your fragile state is to pour your heart out to them and then have them say, “Shut up, you loser,” or worse, “Do you want to come back to my place?” (No, you do not!) If some well-meaning person offers you a tissue, take it, say “thanks,” and then go back to being stoic.3.

Pull Yourself Together Eventually, hopefully after just a few minutes, your tears will subside. At that point, you’ll want to work on erasing all evidence of your breakdown. If you’re one of those people who looks pretty when you cry (so unfair!), then you’ve got nothing to worry about — just dab your eyes and get on with your charmed life.

But if you’re like me, your eyes get all red and your face gets mottled-looking and you get congested and look like shit for at least half an hour after you’re done crying. In that case, you should find the nearest bathroom ASAP, blow your nose, and splash some cold water on your face. Pressing a cold, wet paper towel against your eyes is soothing, and take some deep breaths too, because, though I have no scientific proof, I feel like doing that makes you look more sane and confident.

Of course, sunglasses indoors can again be your friend. (Except if you’re at work where it’s probably not worth looking like an idiot.) Stay in the bathroom (or wherever you’ve ducked into) as long as you need to regain your composure. If you find yourself feeling better because you’ve released your negative emotions, then by all means carry on with your plans for the day.

  1. But if you’re still feeling raw or like another crying fit might be imminent, go right home and curl up in a ball if you can.
  2. If that’s not an option, just go as easy as you can on yourself.
  3. Have some tea, call a friend, or spend a few hours watching cute cat videos online instead of working.
  4. You deserve it! No matter how severe your eye showers were, it’s very important that you not waste a second beating yourself up or feeling embarrassed about it.

Sure, you lost it a little in front of some other people, but in the grand scheme of things it’s no big deal. Chances are you’ll never see any of them again, and even if you do they probably won’t be judging you. I mean, you’ve seen people cry in public, and you didn’t sit there thinking “what an asshole,” did you? No, you probably just felt bad for them for a second and then went back to thinking about your own depressing life.
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