What Is A High School Degree Called On Resume?


What Is A High School Degree Called On Resume
What to include in the education section of a resume – The information to include in your education section depends on your academic qualifications. Here are popular educational, academic and professional development credentials to include in the education section of a resume:

  • Secondary diploma, high school diploma, or GED
  • College diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, PhD or Doctorate degree
  • Professional degree or certification
  • Trade school diploma, certificate, or apprenticeship
  • Professional licenses or memberships
  • Online class or course
  • Name of schools and location
  • Discipline (including major and minor where applicable)
  • Year of graduation (optional)
  • GPA (include only if you are a current or a recent graduate with a strong GPA of at least 3.5)
  • Awards and honors including Latin honors, Dean’s List and others
  • Relevant coursework, research and other academic activities
  • Professional development courses and certification
  • Licenses (if you aren’t listing them in a separate section on your resume)
  • Membership of extracurricular clubs and organizations

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How do you list your degree on a resume?

Key Takeaways – Here’s how to list a degree on a resume:

Create the education section on your resume.Put it either before or after the experience section (depending on your experience).List all your degrees in the education section of your resume.Put your degrees on a resume in the reverse-chronological order.Consider adding extra information about your degree on a resume (e.g. GPA, Latin honors, coursework, etc.).Format the information on your degree on a resume consistently.You can list an incomplete degree on your resume, or a degree in progress. But never lie about your degree on a resume.

Do you have any questions about how to write your degree on a resume? Maybe you’ve got some advice you’d like to share with others? Give us a shout out in the comments below. We’d love to hear your voice.
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How do you list major and minor on resume?

You can choose to list your minor on the same line as your degree and major by simply separating your major and minor with a comma. Or you can choose to list your minor on its own separate line underneath the line with your degree and major.
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What do we call a high school graduate?

Usage – An alumnus or alumna is a former student and most often a graduate of an educational institution (school, college, university). According to the United States Department of Education, the term alumnae is used in conjunction with either women’s colleges or a female group of students.

The term alumni is used in conjunction with either men’s colleges, a male group of students, or a mixed group of students: In accordance with the rules of grammar governing the inflexion of nouns in the Romance languages, the masculine plural alumni is correctly used for groups composed of both sexes: the alumni of Princeton University,

The term is sometimes informally shortened to “alum” (optional plural “alums”). Alumni reunions are popular events at many institutions. They are usually organized by alumni associations and are often social occasions for fundraising, In British English, the terms ” Old Boys “, “Old Girls” or “Seniors” are often preferred.
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How do you say you have a degree?

Not using the correct style when listing your academic degree – When referring to a bachelor’s or master’s degree, there are two correct ways to write it. If you’re referring to a general degree, lowercase the name and use an apostrophe. When referencing the specific area of your degree, capitalize the name of the degree and don’t use an apostrophe. An associate degree never uses an apostrophe.

Correct: I have a bachelor’s degree. I have a master’s degree.Incorrect: I have a Bachelor’s degree. I have a masters degree.Correct: I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I have a Master of Arts in Education.Incorrect: I have a bachelors of science in business administration. I have a Master’s of Arts in Education.Correct: I have an associate degree.Incorrect: I have an associates degree. I have an associate’s degree.

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How do you say you don’t have a degree on a resume?

How to Put College on a Resume If You Didn’t Graduate – You don’t really want to include your college degree program and then write “incomplete” at the end. That doesn’t exactly look wonderful. Simply note down the school you attended (name, dates you attended, and amount of credit hours you finished).
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Is it BS or BS on resume?

While it’s acceptable to abbreviate the degree to B.A. or B.S., it looks more professional to spell out the full Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. (Note: Don’t add ‘s after ‘Bachelor’ when spelling out your degree.)
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What is academic in resume?

What’s the Best Academic CV Template? – The curriculum vitae (CV) is a formal document widely used by researchers and scholars when applying for academic jobs. An academic CV details your educational background, professional appointments, research and teaching experience, publications, grants, awards, fellowships, and other key achievements.
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What is academic CV or resume?

The CV presents a full history of your academic credentials, so the length of the document is variable. In contrast, a resume presents a concise picture of your skills and qualifications for a specific position, so length tends to be shorter and dictated by years of experience (generally 1-2 pages).
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How do you say major on a CV?

The correct way to communicate your degree to employers and others is by using the following formats: Degree – This is the academic degree you are receiving. Your major is in addition to the degree; it can be added to the phrase or written separately. Include the full name of your degree, major(s), minor(s), emphases, and certificates on your resume.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degree Bachelor of Arts Degree


Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology Bachelor of Arts Degree Major: English

Graduate Degrees

Master of Science Degree Master of Arts Degree Master of Education Degree Master of Business Administration


Master of Arts Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures Master of Education Degree Specialization: Secondary Education

Double Majors – You will not be receiving two bachelor’s degrees if you double major. Your primary major determines the degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science). If you’re not fully sure which of your majors is primary, check CheckMarq or call the registrar’s office.

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Example: Primary Major: Psychology ; Secondary Major: Marketing

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology & Marketing

Example: Primary Major: Marketing ; Secondary Major: Psychology

Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing & Psychology

In a letter, you may shorten your degree by writing it this way:

In May 20XX, I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs. In December 20XX, I will graduate with my Master’s degree in Counseling Education.

Not sure which degree you are graduating with? Here is a list of Undergraduate Majors and corresponding degrees:

College of Arts & Sciences College of Business Administration College of Communication College of Education College of Engineering College of Health Sciences College of Nursing

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What is an example of a major and minor degree?

What is a double major or joint honours? – In some programs, you can choose a double major or joint honours degree. This lets you really focus on two main areas of interest. Of the 40 or so courses needed to earn your degree, nearly all of them would be in your two majors.

  • You can choose two majors in the same faculty, e.g., Political Science and Spanish (both within the Faculty of Arts).
  • You can also choose majors in different faculties, e.g., Environment, Resources and Sustainability (Faculty of Environment) and Biology (Faculty of Science).
  • If you choose a minor, option, specialization, double major, or joint honours, it will appear on your university diploma when you graduate.

For example, you might graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English, a minor in biology, and a creative writing specialization. Minors, options, and specializations aren’t available in all programs. And in some programs, you can do a couple of minors, options, or specializations.
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What does major mean in a CV?

What is a ‘Major?’ The area of study you focus on while pursuing your degree is often referred to as your major. Majors consist of a group of core classes as well as any additional requirements determined by your degree program.
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What is the word for graduate of a school?

Where does alma mater come from? – The first records of the term alma mater come from the 1600s. The phrase is Latin and translates as “nourishing mother” ( alma can also be interpreted as “dear,” “kind,” or “bountiful”). The English word mother is derived from mater.

What does a nourishing mother have to do with the school you graduated from? The term Alma Mater was originally used in Ancient Rome as a way of referring to certain goddesses associated with nourishment, including Ceres and Cybele (Cybele was sometimes also referred to as Magna Mater, meaning “great mother”).

Later, the term alma mater was applied to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Eventually, it was applied to schools and universities, presumably in reference to their role as places of intellectual nourishment. Relatedly, the word alumnus, referring to a graduate of a specific school, comes from the Latin word alere, meaning “to nourish.”
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Is Baccalaureate the same as graduation?

Other forms: baccalaureates The noun baccalaureate means the same thing as a bachelor’s degree from college. It can also refer to a ” baccalaureate service,” which is a like a farewell ceremony for graduating seniors from high school or college. You can “receive a baccalaureate ” or you can “attend a baccalaureate,” If you receive a baccalaureate that means you have received a bachelor’s degree for undergraduate studies in college.

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noun an academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies synonyms: bachelor’s degree see more see less types: show 12 types. hide 12 types. AB, Artium Baccalaurens, BA, Bachelor of Arts a bachelor’s degree in arts and sciences ABLS, Bachelor of Arts in Library Science a bachelor’s degree in library science BAN, Bachelor of Arts in Nursing a bachelor’s degree in nursing BD, Bachelor of Divinity a bachelor’s degree in religion BLitt, Bachelor of Literature a bachelor’s degree in literature Bachelor of Medicine, MB (a British degree) a bachelor’s degree in medicine BMus, Bachelor of Music a bachelor’s degree in music BNS, Bachelor of Naval Science a bachelor’s degree in naval science BS, Bachelor of Science, SB a bachelor’s degree in science BSArch, Bachelor of Science in Architecture a bachelor’s degree in architecture Bachelor of Science in Engineering a bachelor’s degree in engineering Bachelor of Theology, ThB a bachelor’s degree in theology type of: academic degree, degree an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study noun a farewell sermon to a graduating class at their commencement ceremonies

DISCLAIMER: These example sentences appear in various news sources and books to reflect the usage of the word ‘baccalaureate’, Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Vocabulary.com or its editors. Send us feedback EDITOR’S CHOICE
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What is the correct way to say high school?

What Is A High School Degree Called On Resume If you’re wondering whether to write high school or highschool, you’re not alone. Many people spell this word incorrectly. So which spelling is correct? The correct spelling is high school, with a space separating these two words. Highschool isn’t a real word; it’s just a misspelling of high school,
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How do you describe fresh graduate on a resume?

Include grades and experiences Start the summary section by writing your field of study, degree, and GPA (if it’s above 3.0). Once this is done, include any part-time jobs, or internships related to the job you’re applying for. Add any relevant transferable skills you’ve acquired through your projects and work.
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What is a good objective for a resume for a high school graduate?

How to Create a Good Objective for a High School Graduate Resume – An objective in the resume states your goal or purpose of the career. The length of a well-written resume objective can range from 2-3 sentences. There are principal elements for crafting a successful career objective for a high school graduate in the resume:

Your traitsCareer goalsPersonalized statementsSpecified experiences

The following career objective examples for a high school graduate are provided for your reference. Example of objective in high school graduate resume with little work experience: Enthusiastic and self-motivated high school graduate, with 2-year experience in fashion retail.

  • Seeking a part-time sales assistant position in GU Company.
  • Example of objective in high school graduate resume with no work experience: Passionate and responsible high school fresh graduate, who is looking for an entry-level position in retail.
  • Looking forward to learning and improving marketing strategies and procedures while gaining customer service skills.

A resume summary, as the name suggests, summarizes the content and the important parts of the resume. For applicants, especially a recent high school graduate, a resume summary is crucial because it determines if the hiring manager will continue reading the rest of the resume.
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