What Can You Bring To The University?


What Can You Bring To The University
5. What can you bring to the university? – Avoid humorous or overly self-aggrandising answers here; instead, focus on selling yourself (modestly) to the interviewer and highlighting the key traits that make you a good person to have around. Support what you say with concrete examples of your experience.
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What do people bring to uni?

Bedroom – Your room will usually be kitted out with some basics, including a bed and mattress, a wardrobe, desk and chair. But you need to pack the things that make it feel like home. You should take:

duvet, duvet cover and sheets (take a few of each) mattress protector pillows and pillowcases things to spruce up your room, like a rug and some cushions decorations to make you feel more at home. Things that hang on door handles, photo frames, and fairy lights are some examples photos, posters, and Blu Tack stationery and books laptop, phone, chargers, and whatever other tech you need. A small speaker can be handy if you’re allowed one purse, cards, ID, passport, important documents etc. bags, including the essential clutch/bumbag for nights out and a bag big enough to fit your laptop and books in for uni clothes, shoes, and coat hangers a TV if you want one, but most people use their laptop or a PC monitor (remember to get your TV licence sorted) an airer and laundry basket medicine (paracetamol is a fresher’s must) a bedroom bin (double-check, as this might be provided)

Top tip: Try not to overpack. You’ll probably end up acquiring things while you’re there, and bear in mind you’ll need to move it all again next summer. If there’s anything key you’ve forgotten, you can order it or go to the shops once you’re settled. Check whether your accommodation is en suite or shared.

shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel toothbrush and toothpaste hand soap toilet cleaner, bleach, toilet brush towels and hand towels toilet rolls

Top tip: Read our before you go. Most halls provide a toaster and a kettle (in addition to your oven), but check what you get before you go. Many won’t provide things like microwaves, and you might want to club in together with your flatmates for this once you’re a bit more settled. The essentials you’ll need are:

a few mugs and glasses a couple of saucepans and frying pans a chopping board and some baking trays cutlery and some chopping knives plates and bowls bin bags, sandwich bags, foil, and cling film any utensils you need, like a wooden spoon, spatula, and pizza wheel tea towels Tupperware some cupboard essentials, like teabags, baked beans, and pasta, to get you through the first few days

Top tip: When you arrive, find a local shop to get some fresh essentials like milk and bread, It’s also a good way to get to know the local area.
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How should I pack for uni?

Don’t turn up to uni with all your clothes creased and wrinkled. Place heavy items on the bottom of your case, pack the lighter items on top and tucked in at the sides. Also roll as many clothes as you can, they’ll take up less space and you won’t need to get the iron out when you arrive.
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What do you put in a goodie bag for university students?

Merchandise can be useful, educational, fun, cost-effective and engaging. Student goody bags can have anything in them from sports bottles, biodegradable coffee mugs, socks, lanyard, keyring torch and t-shirts.
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Does it matter what you wear to uni?

What Should You Wear to University Graduation? – Your graduation is one occasion where it is important to dress smartly, Most women will wear dresses, skirts with a blouse whilst men will usually wear a suit. On this occasion, heeled shoes are also allowed. On top of your outfit, you will also wear your graduation gown and hat.
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How should I dress in university?

What to Wear to an Interview or Internship – Tran recommends that students visit their on-campus career services office not only for help with preparing for interviews and internships, but also to get a sense of what to wear to internships and career fairs.

They can help you determine what to wear based on the company’s culture. Typical outfits include either a pantsuit or skirt suit with a button-down shirt or blouse for women and a suit, dress shirt, and tie for men. Skirts and dresses should hit below the knee for women, even though you may see shorter styles in the classroom.

All students should avoid heavy perfumes or colognes and keep their hair tidy. Footwear is also an important consideration, particularly for women. “You can wear heels, but make sure you are comfortable wearing them,” Tran says, adding that flats are a fine option too.

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The biggest mistake Tran sees students make is borrowing clothes from a friend or parent that do not fit. Pantsuits that are too big or small, or a blazer with broken buttons, will not only look unprofessional, they will likely feel uncomfortable. “Try it on before the event. Present your elevator pitch in front of the mirror,” she suggests.

“You want to feel confident. If you feel confident, you will present well.” This advice applies to Zoom interviews as well. “You never know,” jokes Tran. “You may have to stand up and you do not want your recruiter to see your Christmas pajamas.” You do not need a briefcase, Tran notes, because they can be cumbersome when trying to talk with recruiters.

A binder to hold your resume is fine,” says Tran, plus sticky notes or another type of notepad for writing notes during conversations. In general, Tran emphasizes the importance of not waiting until the last minute. “This is your chance to impress recruiters,” she stresses. “Give yourself plenty of time.

And do not forget to iron your shirt.”
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Do I take all my clothes to uni?

Going to University – What NOT to Pack Even if you’re the most organised and efficient person, with the tiniest suitcase filled only with items you deem ‘essential’, at the end of the year when you’re packing up, you’ll be looking at certain things asking yourself “Why did I bring THIS?”.

  • So to help you keep your luggage as light as possible and avoid wasting precious space in your case, here is a handy list of things you absolutely do not need to bring to university.
  • Old School Books, Folders and Files
  • Image via wordpress

University isn’t like a continuation of school or college. When you get there you’ll realise you’re starting from scratch and most of your old notes will seem irrelevant. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll need all your old school books or folders, so just leave them at home. Image via popsugar When you start doing your own cleaning and laundry, ironing will soon seem like a complete waste of time and energy. Either you’ll simply stop caring about wrinkled clothes or you’ll find lazier ways to straighten them out – like bringing them into the bathroom whilst showering and letting the steam do the work, or placing them under your mattress at night to flatten under the weight of your body.

  1. All The Clothes You Own
  2. Image via tumblr
  3. It’s tempting to bring all of your clothes to uni but the reality is that you won’t wear half of them and they’ll just gather dust in your tiny halls wardrobe until the end of term.

To avoid bringing too many outfits, only pack items you can wear as part of three different outfits. And under no circumstances pack a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in over a year. At university, you’ll spend a lot of time in your room wearing pyjamas, loungewear and comfortable clothes. Image via If you’re living in uni halls, you won’t need to pack an iron, or microwave or toaster as these kinds of appliances will be provided for you. It’s also best to leave ‘luxury’ items like toasty makers or rice cookers or a full rack of the fanciest herbs and spices, as if you are sharing a kitchen, there could be a risk of damage or even theft. Having your own printer in your room can seem the height of convenience, but when your friends discover that you have one, they will get more use of it than you. If your course requires you to print a lot of pages, then your own device may be worthwhile, otherwise, the university’s own printers will be just as handy and more cost effective too; as you don’t have to fork out for new ink cartridges.

  • Image via
  • When you arrive at university and attend the Fresher’s fairs and events, you’ll be able to pick up enough free pens, USB sticks and notepads to last you a lifetime.
  • Your Car

Image via Your car might be as vital to your existence as your right arm at home, but you’ll find at university your car is more of a luxury than a necessity. This is especially true if you’re studying in a city where public transport is efficient. Parking can also be inconvenient and expensive at university – not to mention the constant requests for lifts.
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What to ask at the end of a university interview?

Key takeaways –

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The university interview helps you get more information about the institute while answering any of your questions about the school and the application process. Generally, the university interview is optional and evaluative; meant to measure your interests, strengths, and weaknesses. You can ask questions regarding accommodation, teaching methods, resources, scholarships, and curriculum. Make the most of those 30-60 mins and clear all your doubts with the Admissions Officer. Remember to ask these questions at the end of the internal interview. Most admissions representatives set aside time in the end for this.

Sign up with iSchoolConnect for free, and we can answer all these questions directly. Yes, it’s that simple. You can even reach out to us by dropping a comment below! Liked this blog? Read: US immigrant visa | 11 frequently asked interview questions!
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Why should they accept me?

1. Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. – You never know what other candidates offer to the company. But you know you: emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are fundamental to getting great things done on this position.
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What do students carry with them?

Related: The Ultimate Guide to Studying for an Exam – What Can You Bring To The University I cannot count how many times I have been in need of an extra outlet on campus, so carrying a travel/mini power strip has been a game changer! Plus, this strip has two extra USB ports so you don’t need to carry a phone charger. Just don’t forget to bring your charging cable. What Can You Bring To The University Headphones are great when you are listening to music, an audiobook, or even getting some homework done requiring videos on your computer! Of course, it is always important to stay hydrated throughout the day, so don’t forget to bring a water bottle (I am currently loving THESE waterbottles!) and a travel mug. What Can You Bring To The University Your school binder, paper, notebooks, and folders are the meat and potatoes of your school supplies. You will always need to carry them on campus! They hold all of your homework, notes, projects, and everything else you might need on campus. I am loving the Staples Better Binder, it has lasted me countless years and is a great deal! Tip: Always be sure to carry extra paper! And, depending on your classes, also bring extra graph and plain paper as well.
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What is bring anything but a school bag?

As the name suggests ‘Anything but a Backpack Day’ is a day when schools—from elementary to college—declare that you can bring anything but a backpack. Below, you will find 75+ fun, creative, and unusual things to bring instead of a backpack!
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How many clothes to bring to college?

How to Pack Your Clothes for College Let’s be honest, packing your clothes isn’t high on the list of the best parts of the college experience. However, it must be done, and you’ll have to do it multiple times through the years. The first couple of steps to packing for college is knowing how much to pack and what to pack.

is here to help you ace packing your clothes for college. We have supplies, techniques, and tips to make the process as easy as possible. Whether you’re going to a or renting your first apartment, the closet there isn’t very big. It’ll be impossible to bring your entire wardrobe from home to college with you.

But how much of it should you bring? We recommend bringing about 2-3 weeks’ worth of clothes to wear while at college. The versatility of your outfits will determine if you have more or fewer clothes. Are you shipping your clothes? You need to know how much fits into the box if you’re using services like Ship to School and Direct Shipping through Collegeboxes.

  1. We also have boxes available for you.
  2. You can fit a lot of clothes.
  3. Including a list of other things, you can fit five t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, one hoodie, and a winter coat.
  4. If you dedicate certain boxes to clothes only, you can probably fit everything in five boxes, which you can get and more in a supply fit.

What should you bring? That depends on a few circumstances. Where is your college? What are you going to be doing? What clothes do you love and can’t live without? It’s also important to know where you’re going. If your school is in Arizona, you’ll need more shorts.

  1. Heading up to the Midwest? Probably need to bring a few jackets and coats for the winter weather.
  2. Is the weather completely different in the fall than it is in the spring? A place like Colorado is snowier in the spring than it is in the fall.
  3. Don’t break out those warmer clothes only to be too cold.
  4. Remember, you’re likely to go home during semester break and can always switch out clothes.

Another item to consider is your routine during the school year. Are you planning on working during the semester? Will you try to be a part of a fraternity or sorority? If that’s the case, you’ll need a few classier outfits for a job or Greek Life interviews.

  • Even if you don’t plan on doing those two things, you should also pack one nice outfit.
  • College is about the experience; those experiences show up in a variety of ways.
  • An internship that relates to your dream job could open or you might have to put on your best look for a date.
  • It’s better to have it than rush around looking for it when you need it.
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Outside of that, your wardrobe is up to you. If you go to the gym a lot, you need multiple workout outfits. Enjoy wearing baggy sweatshirts to class, make sure you have two or three in case the shared laundry gets backed up, and it will. We encourage you to bring enough underwear for three weeks, and multiple pairs of shoes that have different uses.

Try to stay basic, the more a shirt or a pair of pants can be used for various outfits, the more outfits you can have without having too many clothes. Don’t worry, if you need a new piece for your closet that’s okay, everyone buys more clothes once they get to college too. Now to the actual packing. First, you’ll need,

Hopefully, you will have ordered the Collegeboxes Supply Kit, which also comes with tape, five zip ties, and 10 label pouches. If you don’t want to fold all your shirts and other items that hang, are a great option. The wrapping a trash bag around hangers trick is great until the bag breaks and makes life harder on you.

  1. Wardrobe boxes let you store clothes on hangers fast and simple.
  2. For non-hanging clothes, avoid over-stuffing the boxes you’re using.
  3. Using another box won’t hurt anyone.
  4. This keeps your boxes light and prevents the bottom of the box from falling out.
  5. Although a Collegebox can fit a lot of different items, that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything into one box.

Separate the boxes based on shoes, clothing, or other accessories to make them easier to unpack. If you need more help, don’t be afraid to ask your parents. Parents, here are, When you need to move to school, is the No.1 student storage and shipping provider, powered by U-Haul.
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How many towels should I bring to college?

Don’t skimp on the towels – It’s pretty much an established fact that college students aren’t great about doing their laundry on a regular basis. We get it, a lot of other stuff gets in the way, but you should at least be prepared. Bring at least three bath towels with you so that you’re not forced to use an old and grody one until you make it to the laundry room again.
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What size is a dorm bed?

What is the size of a Twin XL mattress? – Did you know that college dorm room Twin beds are longer than regular Twin beds? A Twin XL mattress is standard for most college dorm rooms and residence halls. Since Twin XL beds are made with saving space in mind, they do not offer any more width than a standard twin.

Size Dimensions
Twin 39 in. x 75 in.
Twin XL 39 in. x 80 in.‌
Full 54 in. x 75 in.
Queen 60 in. x 80 in.
King 76 in. x 80 in.
Cal King 72 in. x 84 in.

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Do you need a laptop for university?

University level education is very different to the stages before it. You will feel this in every way. From the increased amount of work to the increased amount of independence. Not to mention the fact that you may actually be living there. Due to this step up, you’re going to need to be prepared.

The question is how you get yourself prepared to study at university. You may wonder what resources you will need. This may be specific course materials, such as textbooks, or something more general. For example, you may be wondering if you need a laptop at university. In short, you will almost definitely need a laptop for university.

This is because a laptop is a useful resource that has many uses for students studying at university. This is especially as it can help them to stay organised and complete their assignments. On top of that, a laptop will help university students to adapt.

This is because university requires them to be more independent, especially as many live away from home, and they will also have more work to do. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of laptops for university study. In this article, you can learn more about why you may need a laptop and for what subjects they will be useful.

If you’re going to university, this article will point you in the right direction.
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