How To Study While Working Full Time?


How To Study While Working Full Time
Chunk your time –

  • Plonking yourself down for 8 hours straight doesn’t always mean 8 hours of productive study.
  • Separate your study into smaller chunks, and work in short sharp bursts with breaks to use your mental energy more effectively.
  • Chunking your study time also helps you fit it into a busy schedule, allowing you to study when you only have a short window, say on your lunch break or first thing in the morning.

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Why am I so unmotivated to study?

Are you feeling unmotivated in school? You are not alone. Motivation can be hard to find, especially if you’ve been learning virtually or dealing with a hybrid of in-person and virtual learning. Students today, especially high school and college students, are so busy.

  • So if you’re unmotivated, you might just be overwhelmed.
  • You could be feeling the effects of difficulties in your family or the world at large.
  • Maybe you’re having a hard time focusing or feel like your goals are too far away.
  • It’s normal to feel unmotivated sometimes, and you’ll deal with that feeling off and on throughout your whole life.

But the good news? You can change that feeling! If you cultivate the tools to keep yourself motivated now, it’ll only get easier to change your state of mind as you practice using those tools. Here are five strategies you can try right now to help you re-motivate yourself in 2021:
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Why am I not motivated to study?

4 Secrets To Never Lose Motivation to Study Are you losing motivation to study for your exams? Or you have completely lost the interest to find your motivation to study? You might be thinking:

What if I can still score well for my exams, even if I am not motivated to study now?

I need to start studying now! But let me check my Facebook, Instagram, and 9GAG first. *Repeating every 5 minutes.

Here’s a fact: Everyone wants to do well in their exams. But not everyone knows how to excel in their papers. How To Study While Working Full Time As it turns out, anyone is actually capable of doing well for exams. In fact, the biggest problem actually lies in finding the motivation, or “reason”, to study. In this post, you’ll learn the secrets of not losing motivation to study and achieve your academic goals:

Why people lose motivation How to gain motivation more than you used to have Ways to maintain your motivation level at all times How to use motivation to score well for your exams?

Secret 1: Why you can’t find the motivation to study? Have you ever asked yourself: “Am I a lazy person?” Chances are, you answered, “not sure”. How about the days when you don’t feel like going to an outing you promised to go? Or, when your mum asked you to do the chores, and you don’t feel like moving at all? Now picture this again: What if you were given a free delicious dinner if you were to go for the outing? Or what if your mum gives you $500 if you were to complete the chores? How To Study While Working Full Time Now you are feeling energetic and ready to complete those tasks, aren’t you? Similarly, would you have started studying if there were to be an attractive reward for doing it? First, let’s understand what laziness is. It is avoiding doing an activity despite having the capability to complete the task. How To Study While Working Full Time Ok. So I am not lazy, I just need to find the “desire” in doing something that I should be doing, right? Not so fast, Turns out, it’s not as easy as we think.
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Should I force myself to study when tired?

You don’t have to force yourself to study when you don’t feel like it, when you are tired. You need to find out what is making you tired, and work on it. Whenever I was tired after a stressful day at school or coaching classes, I did not open my book.
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What is the 123 technique for studying?

Examples Of The 3-2-1 Strategy – It doesn’t even have to be about about teaching and learning. You might ask someone to name 3 of your favorite genres of music, 2 of your favorite songs, and 1 pattern you noticed making that list of genres and songs 3 cities you’ve visited, 2 of your favorite memories of those 3 cities, and 1 place you’d like to go next 3 causes of pollution, 2 solutions that could help address those causes, and 1 thing a person can do every day to help immediately/have an immediate effect You get the idea.
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