How To Study For The Hesi Exam?


How To Study For The Hesi Exam
Online Courses – Online courses are becoming a more popular choice to prepare for the HESI. They tend to offer much more material and depth than some books can offer. Online courses often provide more engaging material, including:

Video lessons Interactive exercises or quizzes, and Practice tests that give a more realistic experience similar to the actual exam

You’ll find multiple online courses available to you, like the HESI full online course from,
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How long should I study for the HESI?

How long should I study before taking the test? It is suggested that student(s) should dedicate about a month or two months to study for the exam. Will there be tutoring for the HESI exam? Students can gain tutoring for the HESI by calling (936) 261-2923 or (936) 261- 2921.
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What math is on the HESI?

The HESI Math test is intended to test students’ knowledge of essential 8th- and 9th-grade level math commonly needed for healthcare-related fields. Test takers will be tested over various types of math, including general math and pre-algebra. The exam may also assess some basic algebra skills.
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What is a good score on HESI A2?

How the HESI Exit Exam is Scored – The HESI exam is scored on a scale of 0-950. The following scores demonstrate how the HESI Exit Exam scores correlate to probability of passing the NCLEX.

  • >950 – OUTSTANDING probability of passing NCLEX
  • 900-940 – EXCELLENT probability of passing NCLEX
  • 850-899 – AVERAGE probability of passing NCLEX
  • 800-849 – BELOW AVERAGE probability of passing NCLEX
  • 750-799 – Additional preparation needed
  • 700-749 – Serious preparation needed
  • 650-699 – Grave danger of failing NCLEX
  • <649 – Poor performance expected.

Most Nursing Schools require students to take and pass the HESI exit exam prior to graduation. The passing score required to graduate varies from program to program, but generally speaking a score of 850 or higher is considered a good score.
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How many questions do you have to get right to pass the HESI?

HESI Score Calculator – Many students want to know how many questions they need to answer correctly to pass the exam. While every school has their own requirements, a score of 75%+ is a good starting point. We have calculated the minimum number of questions you would need to answer correctly for each subject to achieve a 75%.
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Does the HESI have a calculator?

Is there a calculator/can you bring your own? – Yes, there is a built-in onscreen basic calculator available throughout the entire exam for you. You are not allowed to bring your own.
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What is a perfect HESI score?

The highest possible score is 1500, with 850 as the minimum acceptable score and 900 as the recommended HESI passing score. However, individual schools set their own cutoff scores, so these scores are just recommendations from HESI.
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Is the HESI harder than NCLEX?

Is HESI Harder than NCLEX? – How To Study For The Hesi Exam In fact, there is no exact way to reply to this question. Both of these exams (HESI exam vs NCLEX exam) are reaching to be troublesome but in totally diverse ways. This means you’re planning to have some people who perform truly well within the HESI exam but still find difficulty in the NCLEX exam.

  • A few individuals find difficulty in the HES exam and perform truly well within the NCLEX exam.
  • Questions of the NCLEX and HESI exams are chosen in totally different ways.
  • NCLEX employs CAT (stands for the Computerized Adaptive Testing) innovation so that each understudy gets questions chosen based on their information level.

In the event that you reply to a question accurately, the NCLEX program will display you with a more troublesome address. In the event that you reply to a question erroneously, the NCLEX program will display you with a less demanding question. The HESI exam is well-known as a static exam, which suggests that the questions are preset (in spite of the fact that they are randomized so you won’t get the precise same questions each time you take it).

That means that in case you and your classmates are all taking the same adaptation of the HESI Exit Exam (there are a few distinctive forms accessible for your school to buy), at that point, you may all see the same correct questions, notwithstanding of how numerous you get right or wrong answers. The questions are as of now decided at the time you sit down to require the exam, which can be less demanding for a few.

Moreover, everybody who takes the exam at the same time will have the same questions. With the NCLEX, you’re getting a computer adaptive test. What this implies will reply to some preset questions that everybody will have, but at that point, you may get continuously more troublesome questions based on the way that you just reply to your questions.

In case you get more questions at that point, you may indeed get more challenging questions, which can be diverse from anybody else taking the test at the same time. The thought behind the NCLEX exam is to figure out how troublesome the questions can get in case you can just answer a maximum of 50% of the total questions correctly.

So, the test will proceed to urge harder and harder and is planned for you to eventually fall flat on the questions. But you’ll pass the exam depending on how distant you really get. What this all implies is that the HESI exam is getting to be harder than what it takes to pass the NCLEX.

  1. That’s the one way that you might utilize it to anticipate in the event that you were progressing to pass the NCLEX exam, after all.
  2. So, in case you scarcely pass the HESI exam, you’ll probably find that the NCLEX exam feels simpler to you.
  3. On the other hand, in case you pass the HESI exam with a high score, you’ll likely feel just like the NCLEX exam is harder.
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In general, the foremost thing that you can do is to ponder both exams. Don’t accept that just since you performed well on the HESI exam, you’re attending to do extraordinary on the NCLEX exam. And don’t accept that you know everything you wish to know just since you took the HESI exam.

  • Instead of that, it is recommended for you to look at the extra data for the NCLEX exam.
  • Ensure that you’re investing some time on the client parcels of the NCLEX exam, as well as the nursing fundamentals and other areas.
  • These are all things that merely won’t get considered for the HESI exam, but they’re things you should know in reality.

The information of HESI vs NCLEX examinations is provided above. We sincerely hope that reading this post will help you tremendously in your efforts to join the US nursing industry.
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How many physics questions are on the HESI?

How many questions are on the physics exam for the HESI? – There will be 25 total questions.
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What is the best way to study for the HESI A2 exam?

Practice Quizzes – Take some practice quizzes and try to re-create the testing environment as much as possible. For example, take the quizzes using a timer, and use only the materials allowed in the real exams. Use the textbooks above to review concepts that you missed when doing practice questions in the study guide.
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Do you have to memorize conversions for HESI?

Notice that the recommended time for each question is about 1 minute. This means that you should have memorized multiplication tables and other math facts, measurement conversions, and all basic knowledge.
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Is the HESI all multiple choice?

What is Covered? – There is a total of 10 possible sections in this exam. Eight of those are used for academic purposes. The other two, labeled as Learning Style and Personality Profile, are not used towards your score calculations. However, they are used by some schools and nursing programs to select the best candidates for admittance.

Each school and/or nursing program is allowed to pick and choose which sections of the HESI A2 are most compatible for their program and, therefore, may not use all eight of them. Be sure to check with the admission or nursing department at your school to understand which sections will be covered on your testing day.

The complete HESI A2 is made up of 169 multiple choice questions. You will be given about 5 hours and 15 minutes to complete this exam if all sections are used. Each section is typically timed separately. Below is a brief outline of all eight academic sections, including the number of questions in each and how much time is typically given.
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What kind of science is on the HESI exam?

The HP HESI A² exam consists of seven different sections covering the subject areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, basic math, chemistry, biology, and anatomy & physiology.
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How many grammar questions are on the HESI A2?

How many questions are on the Grammar section of the HESI A2? – There are 50 questions on the Grammar section of the HESI A2 exam.
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What is the lowest possible HESI score?

The HESI Exit Exam score range is between 0 to 1500. The acceptable HESI score is 850 while the recommended HESI score is 900. You need to earn a minimum score of 850 in order to be considered ready to take the NCLEX licensing exam.
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How can I improve my HESI score?

How to Prepare for the HESI – The best way to prepare for the HESI test is to start with a diagnostic practice test to create a baseline benchmark to measure your progress. Practice tests also help you divide and conquer individual subjects instead of looking at the test as a whole.

  • Your score on the practice test will tell you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • That way, you can tailor your studies based on your results.
  • A surefire way to improve your HESI score is to focus on weaker topics.
  • The more you study, the more confident you will feel in each subject, and the closer you will get to the time to take another practice test.

You can compare your new score to previous scores and see how much you have improved. Over time, you’ll likely see significant improvements in some areas and uncover other areas that need improvement. Continue this process until you feel confident enough to take the actual test.
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Is there physics on the HESI A2?

Prepare for your test with realistic questions. The HESI A2 Physics Test tests your knowledge of various physics concepts, such as Newton’s laws of motion, atomic structure, projectile motion, and universal gravitation. To help you prepare for this section of the HESI, this page contains everything you need to know, including what topics are covered, how many questions there are, and how you can study effectively.
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What subjects are on the HESI exam?

HESI A2 Exam Information – The HESI A2 is a computerized exam consisting of six (6) sections: grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, biology, chemistry, and math. You will have 4.5 hours to complete the exam. Results of the exam are good for one (1) year.

You are only allowed to take the test twice in any twelve month period. The second attempt must be a minimum of 45 days after the first attempt. The third attempt may be scheduled one year after the second attempt. Applicants should prepare for this exam. There are several kinds of study materials available.

The CNM Libraries have test prep materials available at no charge at, There are free resources as well as resources for CNM students with log-in. Please contact the CNM libraries for additional information. : HESI A2 Exam
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What is the average score for the HESI?

What are Considered Average Scores on HESI Exam? – So now to your main question: what is considered average and great scores? My university required that we scored at least a 85% on certain areas and if we didn’t we had to take remediation courses. So I would consider a 70-79% need some remediation, 80-85% a decent score (but could use some improvement), 85-90% great at the material (average), 90-100% excellent at the material (above average).
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